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Posted in: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles See in context

@MissingCylonModel. You are still the intended audience, go see it, you will enjoy the film. I too was skeptical, but was quite surprised how fun it was. Yea, its way over the top, but you should expect that from 2 meter tall, talking, fighting turtles. Recently talked a group of friends and family into watching it, all of them were hesitant. They all enjoyed it.

Cowabunga, Dude!

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Posted in: Japan offers compromise on rice in Asia-Pacific trade talks: Nikkei See in context

@Pukey and @SenseNotSoCommon.

This is a bit off topic, but just incase some people don't know. Wild rice is not actually rice or directly related to the rice discussed in this article. It is type of grass seed. If you are having trouble cooking it, most modern rice cookers in Japan do a good job preparing it using the brown rice setting.

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Posted in: Japan offers compromise on rice in Asia-Pacific trade talks: Nikkei See in context

The US is a big place, but here are some prices in a US grocery store.

Imported Jasmine white rice. 10kg for ~ ¥1700 California grown medium grain white rice 10kg for ~ ¥1900 California grown short grain white rice 10kg for ~ ¥2300

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Posted in: Netflix eyes global empire as Internet TV battle heats up See in context

The question(s) is, will Japan let Netflix in? Should they?

Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix was quoted late last year saying: "An interesting thing about Japan is the fact that the largest markets in the world for Japanese animation is Japan, France and America, all the places where we have very big footprints, or we hope to..."

Be nice to access subscribed to content when outside the licensing country without using a VPN or Proxy.

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Posted in: Cool Japan at USJ See in context

Say Ahhh ...

Thats an impressive set of perfectly straight teeth.

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Posted in: What the color of your car says about you See in context

Isn't white paint technically considered all colors because it reflects then entire visible spectrum while absorbing none. :-) Or does that make it absent of color.

With nearly 60% of all cars white, black, silver or gray, seems most people just don't want to stand out and actually choose a real color. Picking an uncolored car is probably the safe bet when looking at resale value.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' most anticipated movie for 2015: survey See in context

"...the reboot of George Lucas’ sci-fi universe..."

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is NOT a reboot. It is a continuation of the story told by the previous 6 movies. That makes it a sequel.

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Posted in: New malware can infect iPhones via Mac computers See in context

@scipantheist, Although no system is impenetrable, it is actually the 'broken' prison that allows most malware to run. It starts with the jailbroken devices and unauthorized app distribution systems, then travels through the devices whose operators have chosen to run as admin, and/or disable app verification systems.

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Posted in: Brits go nuts over squirrel burgers See in context

Interesting idea, normally squirrel is made into stew.

You'll want to make sure they are fully cooked, you can get trichinosis from eating undercooked squirrel.

Probably get 2 to 3 patties out of a squirrel but it would be a lot of work to debone it.

Squirrel is a managed resource in the US with controlled hunting seasons. Millions are harvested every year.

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Posted in: Windows 10 tries blending new with familiar See in context

Let hope they don't pull another page from Apple's play book and call every future major release of Windows a subset of 10. Windows 10.1 10.2 10.3 ..... 10.10. Apple's upcoming OS is actually Mac OS 20 under any standard numbering scheme.

This creative numbering of software versions is nothing short of confusing. Take Adobe's suite, CS CS1 CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5 CS5.5 CS6 CC CC2014

Then there is Microsoft's crazy names for their consoles XBOX - XBOX 360 - XBOX One

At least Sony hasn't lost their minds yet. PS PS2 PS3 PS4

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

You can find the CD player next to the fax machine. :-)

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Posted in: Are women Japan’s saviours? See in context

"Germany who put in 1,400 hours to the typical Japanese 1,700+ hours"

Not sure what time frame that is referring to, the numbers seem far short of a year. In the US what is considered the normal 40 hour work week equates to 2080 hours. And even considering vacation time, the vast majority of private corporate business employees work well over 2200 hours a year in the US.

This article starts out talking about robots, I would argue they are the ticket, maybe not as an export commodity but as a tool to make businesses and governments more efficient. We may all fear for our jobs when they arrive but unless something knocks us all back to the stone age, more an more automation is coming, we can not avoid it.

Efficiencies should allow salaries of employees to rise so the spouse does not have to work. Kids can be raised as they were, with a parent who is around rather than missing both parents. The trick here is getting the business to raise the salary of the employees rather than the share holders.

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Posted in: Apple core See in context

Thats actually the iPhone 7 plus plus. 1 Meter version.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan has two new burgers with jet-black buns and black cheese See in context

They may sell well on Halloween, wonder if eating it turns your tongue black like a zombie? Maybe eating it turns you into one :-)

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Posted in: Tech giants bet on 'smart home' revolution See in context

The smart home, smart phone and nearly every other smart technology had lots of promise. Then we were struck with the unwanted spying and tracking that is now attached to these devices by tech giants, governments and hackers.

I’m not so sure the internet attached smart home is all that appealing anymore. I’ll purchase my milk at the local grocery, adjust the temperature in my home myself, and lock my doors with a key. All without Google tracking when I come and go, then sharing that data with others. Or hackers stealing all this personal information from the central ‘cloud’ data stores like they have some major US retailers recently.

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Posted in: Field trip See in context

@CH3CHO, Sweet corn fields in the US look the same as those in Japan.

Sweet corn is planted ever .3m, in rows about a 1m apart, so 3 to 4 plans per sq meter. Its usually gown without a lot of herbicides or pesticides. Field corn (pictured above) is genetically modified and matched with exacting amounts and types of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Making it possible for the plant density to be apx. 10x higher. My dad, having grown up on a farm that grew field corn for animal feed, choose to not follow the planting instructions for sweet corn and set his plants and rows the same as field corn. He harvested nothing that year. The following year he poked the seeds in the ground per the instructions and ended up with more sweet corn than he could eat.

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Posted in: Field trip See in context


Field corn is grown in massive blocks of land and used for processed foods like cereal and corn syrup, its also used to make ethanol. The latter arguably the driving force behind the massive fields of corn in the mid west US. Sweet corn is eaten unprocessed, an although grown by farmers too, it is a very popular garden vegetable. I've tried field corn raw, and its not awful, but it is nothing like sweet corn.

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Posted in: Field trip See in context

I love the camera angle, makes the guy on the left look 2.5m tall.

@Abhorsenaube, Hard to compare sweet corn to field corn. They may look the same but don't taste anything like each other. There is a lot of really good sweet corn grown all over the US in home gardens.

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Posted in: Business is bad See in context

Just checked the hours for the mall near where I live. On Sundays it opens at 11AM closes 6PM. As Alex points out, it would be good to see this same photo taken at 4PM.

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Posted in: Selfie See in context

Thanks! We agree again, and you answered your own query at the same time.

"Looks to me like a 3rd party took a picture of two ladies looking at a camera."


"the real owner who took a photo of them is AP photographer Shizuoka Kamabayashi"

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Posted in: Selfie See in context

I was actually agreeing with you in a round a bout way. ""real selfie" it would have to be shot with a mobile phone" But you are correct, her mobile phone or another camera could have been on a secondary tripod.

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Posted in: Selfie See in context

These ladies are truly talented. If we are looking at a selfie, how was she able to take a picture of herself taking a picture of herself? Looks to me like a 3rd party took a picture of two ladies looking at a camera.

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Posted in: The top 10 manga to live-action adaptations See in context

So many to choose from, must have been hard finding someone who has seen them all so they could choose the top 10. Gantz, The Guyver, Old Boy (loosely based), Blood: The Last Vampire.

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Posted in: Lucky bags See in context

They seem to be looking inside them, doesn't that remove the mystery and luck?

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Posted in: How to make good use of flat, left-over beer See in context

Nope, never had the problem of undrunk beer sitting round.

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Posted in: 'Omotenashi Bras' See in context

Those are two extremely beautiful women.

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Posted in: Mikimoto Christmas See in context

Those are some big rings, or some very weird head bands.

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Posted in: 10 things Japan gets awesomely right See in context

No. 11 - Anime

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Posted in: In U.S., is it rude to ask guests to remove shoes? See in context

I live in the US, and think its rude to just walk right in without taking your shoes off, at least ask what the host would prefer. So no, its not rude of the host to ask that you remove your shoes.

Some people prefer shoes not be worn in their homes, some people prefer you keep your shoes on, others don't care. Its simple, be friendly and communicate your wishes.

Besides keeping clean slippers for your guests, since some americans are a bit overweight, it may be necessary to have a chair available too. :-)

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Posted in: Japan Expo Belgium See in context

Here, please accept this gift, a plastic water bottle.

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