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Posted in: Shutdowns are a uniquely American drama − in the UK, it's just not Parliament's cup of tea See in context

Gee, it's almost like the writer doesn't understand that the U.S. has a constitutional republic system with divided branches of government that are supposed to serve as checks and balances.

Unlike parliamentary systems where the ruling party in Parliament has the right to select the Prime Minister, and, thus, ram through whatever bills it wants to, unless such bills are too controversial for even its own party.

I mean, you would think the write would understand this very basic point. And while he acknowledges it, it is almost as though he considers it a bad thing

But this is where he betrays his politics.

I promise you that if it were rightists / conservatives in power and the leftists / liberals were using the powers of Congress to prevent the passage of bills they didn't like, he would be extolling the virtues of American government's system of checks and balances.

The truth is that this writer, most academics and most journalists love democracy so long as it further their ideological goals. But the moment they have control of government, they will brook no opposition and demand the right to do whatever they want.

In the end, leftists / liberals are totalitarians. They want it their way and they want the right to crush anyone that is in opposition to them.

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Posted in: Ukrainian missile strikes headquarters of Russia's Black Sea Fleet See in context

Russia will prevail. Ukraine knows this, NATO knows this, the U.S. knows this.

This is about degrading Russia's capabilities and about about ensuring monies spent on supporting Ukraine make it into the bank accounts of Zelensky, his cohorts and all of the corrupt grifters in the U.S. and European governments.

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Posted in: Hearings in $1 billion lawsuit filed by Carlos Ghosn against Nissan start in Beirut See in context

I hope Ghosn takes Nissan for everything he can and bankrupts Nissan in Lebanon.

And then enforces the judgment outside of Lebanon.

The foreigner-hating executives and bureaucrats in Japan need to be completely destroyed!!

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Posted in: Japanese woman on Malaysia death row to appeal for leniency under new law See in context

I know that JT doesn't generally allow the posting of links to external websites, but in this case, I hope it is allowed..

Here is a great piece that provides some perspective on the case,

This is one of those stories / one of those cases where no one should form an opinion without being thoroughly familiar with the details.

There are times when mercy is called for. Someone making a stupid decision is very different from someone knowingly making a calculated decision.

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Posted in: Tigers win 1st Central League title in 18 years as police mobilize for crowd control See in context

Awesome, of course! Especially sweeping the hated Giants!

But the real goal is winning the Japan Series!! If that happens, more than a few fans will be jumping into the Dotonbori "River"! Despite police warnings!

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Posted in: How has travel on international flights changed the most in the past 20 years? See in context

Biggest change, by far, has been the in-fllight entertainment options, especially for coach / economy class.

Far more options now to occupy your time, whether through the systems the airline provide or through hookups / connections for your own devices.

Now, if the time frame were 25 years instead of 20 years, then, of course, that would take us to pre-9/11. And EVERYTHING was different then!

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Posted in: Ukrainian attack damages 2 ships, injures 24 people and sets port on fire in Russia-annexed Crimea See in context

The CIA would be proud of everyone spouting their talking points.

To set the record straight...

Following the color revolution in 2014, the CIA / Victoria Nuland installed Ukranian government started bombing the heck out of eastern Ukraine. The portion of Ukraine with ethnic Russians.

THIS is what caused Russia to "invade".

But, of course, those parroting the CIA talking points choose to ignore this,

Never in my life did I think that so-called leftists and liberals would be on the same side as the war-mongering CIA.

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Posted in: Ukrainian attack damages 2 ships, injures 24 people and sets port on fire in Russia-annexed Crimea See in context

The Western warmongers are happy!

Because Russia WILL retaliate overwhelmingly!

The Western warmongers crave war! Because they profit off of it. Doesn't matter how many are killed.

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Posted in: Man gets 8 years in prison for beating wife to death, keeping corpse at home for 20 months See in context

I still don't understand how a legal system can sentence a man to life in prison for killing a child and then turn around and sentence another man to only 8 years in prison for beating his wife to death.

Only 8 years?!?!

What a travesty!!

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Posted in: Russian missile strike on Ukrainian market kills 17 as Blinken announces new $1 bil aid package See in context

Biden and the Pentagon, however, have said repeatedly they will support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

Translation: Hey, we're going to make sure that the military contractors and the politicians get their money. And we will spend taxpayer dollars for a 100 year war if necessary.

Amazing the lengths that the U.S. government will go to protect the corrupt regime in Ukraine and the corrupt politicians in the U.S., not to mention all of the bio labs operating in Ukraine for the benefit of the DoD and the NIH.

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Posted in: Ukraine war brings surge in global use of cluster bombs See in context

The U.S. is supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions.

But I guess it's OK.

Because Russia bad...

Or something....

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Posted in: Gov't may seek to dissolve Unification Church: source See in context

If they do this, they will then have to ban Sokka Gakkai, given their heavy involvement in Japanese politics.

But THAT will never happen.

Which means this is religious bigotry, banning some but not others.

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Posted in: Producer bemoans no buyers for Polanski film in France, U.S. and UK See in context

"And we ask ourselves why there are wars. The Anglo-Saxon world has to respect artists like the rest of the world does," he said, adding: "There is no moral judgement on art."

Are you kidding me???

This is utterly depraved thinking!!

Polanski committed statutory rape!! Period! If ANY other person had done what he had done, they would have gone to prison.

But because he is an 'artist'. we should..... what?! Celebrate his work?? Hand him awards?!

This is a complete and utter indictment of the moral depravity of this man and so many in the entertainment world. They would excuse the acts of Polanski and then turn around and lecture the world on things like #MeToo!!

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Posted in: What makes conspiracy theorists tick and what is the best way to deal with their beliefs? See in context

"Conspiracy theorists" tick because, in many cases, they know what is true long before it is proven to be true for the rest of the world.

For those who honestly want to deal with them, disprove their theories. Don't just dismiss them as "conspiracy theorists" and not try to disprove their theories.

If you believe you are right and they are engaged in "conspiracy theories", prove them wrong.

There is a good chance they will cause you to question your beliefts.

Which is why the masses have been trained to dismiss "conspiracy theorists" without actually having to debate their ideas.

Which is exactly what the CIA intended when they invented the term "conspiracy theory" to dismiss those who questioned the JFK assassination narrative.

BTW, it is now known that the CIA WAS involved in JFK's assassination. The ultimate "conspiracy theory" now shown to be true....

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Posted in: Kremlin denies role in plane crash believed to have killed Russian mercenary leader Prigozhin See in context

Silly Ruskies!

Of course they did it!

Just like they colluded with Trump to steal the 2016 election, even though we're not allowed to question election results.

Just like they blew up the Nordstream pipeline, even though the evidence seems to indicate the US or UK.

And just like them assassinating JFK, even though evidence now shows the CIA was involved.

But of course the Ruskies did it!! Because the U.S. intelligence says so.

You know, the same U.S. intelligence that said Saddam had WMDs.

Just saying....

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Posted in: How do you feel when you speak fluent or reasonably good Japanese to a Japanese person and they insist on answering you in English? See in context

It depends.

Some Japanese sincerely want to practice their English and their speaking English has nothing to do with your English.

Others, however, do it because they think their English is better than your Japanese. In which case, you decide whether to let it slide or call them on it.

However, regardless, I am confident in my Japanese abilities and don't need to "prove" to anyone how good my Japanesr is.

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Posted in: Hawaii wildfires stoke climate denial, conspiracy theories See in context

There are 2 simple reasons for this.

First, over the last 5 years, the "conspiracy theorists" have been proven right far more often than the "journalists". In fact, the "journalists" have been shockingly wrong time and time again, forcing to admit their error only long after the fact.

Second, "conspiracy theorists" question the narrative and pose fact-based questions. What do the "journalists" do in response? Dismiss them as "conspiracy theorists" out of hand, refusing to actually answer the substance of their questions. Meaning that the questions remain unanswered,

In the case of Maui, there are numerous questions that have yet to be answered:

-- Why were the estates of the rich mainland billionaires untouched, but the homes of natives / locals left untouched?

-- Why was metal melted but trees left untouched?

-- Why were the sirens silent?

-- Why was the fire department told to stand down?

-- Why are insurance companies denying claims for properties affected while major investment funds are busy trying to buy properties on the cheap?

-- Why were hundreds of kids sent home that day, but the government still unwilling to account for them?

-- What happened to all of the water in the fire hydrants??

-- Why is Biden willing to send billions to Ukraine, but only a few hundred dollars to Maui victims, seemingly encouraging them to sell out.

But, instead of answering these questions, the "journalists" scream "conspiracy theorists"!!

And people wonder why so many have no faith in the media, who have become nothing more than propagandists!!

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Posted in: Fires and others disasters increasing in Hawaii, according to data analysis See in context

Climate change!

It must be climate change!!

The fires haven't even been extinguished and we know for sure it is climate change!!

"Trust the science" they say! We haven't examined any facts, the basis for science, but....

"Trust the science"!!!

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Posted in: Biden to visit Hawaii as first wildfire victims named See in context

Biden's visit is meaningless.

Unless he offers more than a token $700 payment.

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Posted in: Russia hits Ukrainian grain depots again as a foreign ship tries out Kyiv's new Black Sea corridor See in context

Since the West has declared war against Russia, why should they be surprised if Russia acts like this is a....


And the whole point of war is to....


Hey, NATO / U.S. / CIA / NWO warmongers, if you crave war, which you clearly do, don't be surprised if Russia decides to play for keeps!

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Posted in: Muslim mobs attack churches in Pakistan after accusing Christians of desecrating Koran See in context

The "religion of peace" strikes again.

There is NO other religion in modern times that is responsible for these sort of violent terroristic attacks in the sheer numbers across multiple countries like the "religion of peace".


And that is a factual statement. It isn't religious bigotry, it is a statement of fact.

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Posted in: Will Trump show up at next week's presidential debate? GOP rivals preparing for it See in context

Trump will overwhelmingly be chosen by the primary voters. Without question.

Unless the Republican Party tries to disqualify him.

And if they do, the Republican Party will commit suicide. The base will never vote for them and their candidates again.

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Posted in: Hawaii fire death toll may double or triple, warns governor See in context

The death toll will eventually exceed 500, according to some on the ground. And this will include a huge number of children. Who were sent home from school. But, of course, their parents weren't there.

Then there is the issue of the emergency sirens. Why didn't they sound?!?! They ALWAYS sound.

And let's not forget the firefighters. Where were they?! Reports say they were sent home in the a.m. and were not activated when things escalated.

Keep an eye on the properties that were destroyed. It seems the properties of wealthy landowners were spared, amazingly. Watch to see if the rich try to buy the land of the ordinary residents on the cheap!!

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Posted in: How did Hawaii wildfires start? What to know about Maui and Big Island blazes See in context

According to Climate Change Fanatics:

Maui burned b/c Americans use too CARS!!

According to Conspiracy Theorists:

It was b/c of a directed energy beam from HAARP or some other American weapon.

According to Average People:

It was dry, the winds kicked up and really bad things happened!

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Posted in: Number of Americans applying for jobless aid rises See in context

Biden economics working just as planned.

Deprive 5he working class and force them to depend on the government.

While the connected elites prosper and the politicians and bureaucrats pocket money from corruption.

Led by The Big Man Himself, with his millions from Ukraine and #CCPChina!!

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Posted in: Record heat waves illuminate plight of poorest Americans who suffer without air conditioning See in context

USD100 billion sent to Ukraine by the U.S. and pocketed by corrupt politicians there, in Europe, and the U.S. sure could have bought a bunch of A/C units for poor Americans!

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Posted in: Over 140 Japan-born foreign minors to get special permission to stay See in context

A small step in the right direction.

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Posted in: Organization of Islamic Cooperation mulls proposals to deal with Koran burning at emergency meeting See in context

If you think the burning of a book should be punishable by death, you do not belong in the civilized world!!

There is NO justification for punishment of free speech, regardless of the nature of the free speech!

Anyone that defends ANY restriction on free speech doe not believe in free speech. At all.

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Posted in: Russian ballistic missile strikes kill at least 6 people in Zelenskyy's hometown See in context

What do you expect if you launch drone attacks on Russia?!

War is war... and paybacks are a b**ch!

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Posted in: Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner dies at 77 See in context

The Eagles were not The Eagles without Randy Meisner and Don Felder.

Those arrogant POS control freaks, Don Henley & Glenn Frey, forced them out because they were domineering a-holes!

Meisner and Felder were better off without having to deal with those losers.

RIP, Randy Meisner! You were a legend!!

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