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To be honest, this time, the right-wings are really lying and control the media to mislead the citizens, and make the citizens to give huge pressure on the goverment, it is a good opportunity for the right-wings to regain more authorities since WW2 surrender. I don't want to search any evidence indicating who the island belongs to, we just launch google-map and see by ourselves, it belongs to Taiwan obviously, the reason why China didn't administrate it is just that they thought the island consists of useless rocks, but even so, we should never grab anything that is useless for the owner but still belongs to them.

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The portrait on Chinese currency is the largest mass murder known to history???? Which history book did you get it from? Mao Zedong is the greatest politician in China, he's so famous all over the world. I suggest you read some foreign history books which are more objective.

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The disputed island belongs to Taiwan island definitely, no matter from historical perspective or geographical perspective, launch google map, you would see it's so close to Taiwan, try to imgine how possible it is that Taiwan doesn't find the island and rule it? Japan just got it from America's hand privately, which belongs to Taiwan before war-time.

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