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Posted in: Microsoft unveils Windows 11; first major update in 6 years See in context

Wondering if Microsoft is planning something, so it can get Windows 11 to the mobile phone market. Something beyond Surface Duo. Surely the plan can't be to let Android apps slowly begin to dominate the Windows Store.

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Posted in: IOC president Bach to arrive in Japan on July 9 See in context

Wasn't quarantine supposed to be 14 days? What happened to that?

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Posted in: CrypTokyo to showcase history of NFTs, digital art See in context

The subject and history of NFTs are fascinating. Freedom is to be cherished.

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Posted in: As Japan reboots 44-year-old nuclear reactor, experts sound alarm See in context

But what about solar power?

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Posted in: The first mobile phone call was 75 years ago – what it takes for technologies to go from breakthrough to big time See in context

Very good read. There is so much that we take for granted these days. Life without mobile phones was just a bit harder and less convenient. The benefits and convenience of technology continues to add up over time.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccination rollout reaches daily rate of 1 mil See in context

At the very least, it's progress and more protected.

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Posted in: Lego makes experimental brick from recycled plastic bottles See in context

Promising, but the world needs truly viable options when it comes to dealing with plastic waste. Hopefully this really pans out to becoming something actually used in the industry.

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Posted in: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison See in context

Wow, no one could have imagined that it would end like this for the creator of McAfee antivirus.

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Posted in: Panasonic signs Naomi Osaka as brand ambassador See in context

This signing speaks volumes at the strides that are being made to appear more progressive. But, another aspect of this is the pressure is even greater on Naomi to deliver gold.

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