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Posted in: Trump denounced after insulting tweet about woman TV host See in context

You want to play Psycho Analyst? Here it is - two children in a sand box one in red one in blue playing together sometimes then the sand flys - finger pointing , he/it threw sand at me !!!! What a bunch of cry babies. Every 4 to 8 years the sand thrower switches to the other side. In 10 years no one will care because they'll all not be around in politics any more and it will be the then current President you can throw sand at from your sand bunker!!Get a freakn life ya all. Moving on.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for illegally reselling Arashi concert tickets See in context

This is called SCALPING in the US. Look at stupidbowl tickets and basically any sporting event, very common place but everyone does it, just don't get caught. They call the added cost markup FEES. Folks in Colorado pay the bums to stand in line all night to get cheap seats to give to the scalpers to resell for a markup...goes on every popular game.

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Posted in: Drones meant to show U.S. commitment to security in Asia See in context

All this advanced talk about how cool these are but I don't see any looking for girls in Africa ? We have all that spy stuff in Australia anyway spying on the entire south pacific ! put them to work elsewhere I say !

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Posted in: Japan's new rocket blasts off in laptop-controlled launch See in context

Lovely rocket and great mission. Glad to see your finally using computers !

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Posted in: Actor-director Kevin Smith ejected from plane for being oversized See in context

These articles are subjective - they have google flash adds but wont provide any pictures with their commentary's which is sad in this techno age ,because its very easy ....I believe he's a large dude lets see a pic.

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Posted in: Google to build ultra-fast broadband networks See in context

4G,802.11/N, sat com,FDDI,IP6 - I get bad news pretty fast these days. Google thinks we all love Information overload, like the cell phone they make you believe you need it, oh and now with apps.

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Posted in: Microsoft to pull Facebook, MySpace into Outlook See in context

OH boy, another million lines of code with holes to hack / patch and generally cause disruption and end user confusion. I like it entropy favored OS, work environment wont use it as it is another bad_hack vector into your privacy / businesses DB? . I have all the same info in 3 tabs of my browser ( which is not IE ). So what.

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