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I think this is just going a bit overboard.

Japan would never so something like this for China or Korea.

For America yes, For Europe Maybe.

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"Because wind farms take up HUGE amounts of space, something Japan doesn't have. Same with solar power. Unless Japan develops some kind of ocean current power, they're stuck with either coal or nuclear."

They can harness the waves or tides.

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They look like KKK space hoods.

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"Yes, but also inefficient to the degree it is almost ridiculous. Sorry, but there is no easy, politically correct alternative to the know energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear."

Total rubbish and propaganda.

I have solar panels and there's nothing "inefficient" about it. The reason why governments won't push solar energy is because it's not "economic" which means free energy would put the power mafia out of business.

Not to mention there's also Geothermal and Wave which are far safer and cleaner.

It is pure propaganda because there's too much money that would be lost if energy was free.

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"But as ole Churchill said, we have not found a better way to govern."

Total rubbish

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Disagree with your comments on Japan zstar sorry You can say the same for the US that it has reached its maximum potential even for all the G-8 nations!

Saying the G-8 developed countries can`t advance and develop is wrong man! It all comes down to whether one wants to be better or not! Win or lose dude choose one

I didn't say the G-8 nations won't develop technologically. In fact the technology will accelerate in the next century however this has nothing to do with capitalist economics.

GDP is nothing more than the amount of money that circulates in the economy good or bad so it is hardly a good measure of progress.

The rapid growth of China is merely the result of increased demand and ability to meet those demands thus the huge GDP growth in China.

The U.S and Japan face different problems. America does not have the severe population decline problems as Japan due to high rates of immigration however it has skyrocketing debts and a shrinking manufacturing sector.

These problems have nothing to do with if "one wants to become better on not". They are the result of contradictions within the capitalist system.

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Second or third doesn't surprise me. What's surprising is that Japan is only about the same size of California but ranked second in the worlds economy for the longest time. If Japan can grap the number two spot again in the near future, that would be awesome....again.

Japan has reached the peak of its potential. It will suffer from contractions for 2 reasons. Population decline resulting in a smaller market and higher efficiency in industry meaning loss of jobs in manufacturing. This is a capitalist phenomena and a trend that will continue.

But think about how many millions in China are dirt poor. Look at the inflation going on too. China will break up soon enough.

The inflation problem is not a Chinese problem it is coming from the Chinese central bank having to print ever more RMB to keep the USD peg which the Federal Reserve is putting the printing presses 24/7. Which means sooner or later this arrangement will end and China will witness tremendous increase in living standards due to a stronger currency while Made in China goods will no longer be that cheap anymore and America will witness huge declines in living standards. It is more likely that the U.S will break up because of this.

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