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Posted in: Water decontamination system resumes at Fukushima plant See in context

Was thinking the same... I suspect their periodic announcement of finding leaks are just intentional dumping to get rid of mounting contaminated water.

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

Funny, last time I checked, you don't have to initiate to go to war... and I thought that is why this topic is being debated.

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Posted in: Casey Kasem, king of the Top 40 countdown, dies at 82 See in context

FEN... brings back memories of the 80's when things were still vinyl and Tower records began to boom in Japan. RIP Casey, I certainly enjoyed listening to your show every Saturday back then.

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Posted in: 2 quakes strike off coast near Fukushima See in context

But thanks to strict building codes, even powerful quakes that might wreak havoc in other countries frequently pass without causing much damage.

While that may be true, let's also make clear that building codes before 1971 (and some percentages before 1981) were proven by Kobe earthquake that it is prone to fail.

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Posted in: Foreign interns pay the price for Japan's labor shortage See in context

He intends to counsel partner factories that employ interns "so what Kameda is experiencing won't happen again."

I can't force myself to think his intention is of a good nature...

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Posted in: Brazil beats Croatia 3-1 as World Cup kicks off amid protests See in context

Diving was surely one to argue but that obstruction call against Olic with the keeper denying Croatian the equalizer was the worst call of the game.

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

Sigh... it's not like both fighters' don't have thing called radar... and don't rely just on visual.

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Posted in: 79-yr-old driver who lost control of car due to heatstroke indicted over fatal accident See in context

I don't understand those that fail to comprehend what 'negligence' means. A motorized vehicle obviously can be a dangerous weapon; it has lots of horsepower, can be fast, and things can go wrong in a split second. It requires the person to be fully aware and in control at all time to drive, failure to understand that, is simply called negligence.

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Posted in: Obokata agrees to retract stem cell papers: RIKEN See in context

There were couple dozen... and I'm more curious as to why you want to know the names... the most important factor was that this was supposedly an "easy path" to stem cells and when many have trouble replicating including one of the senior author Dr. Wakayama, nothing else really matters imo.

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Posted in: 1-yr-old girl dies after being hit by car in Iwate supermarket car park See in context

Guessing the car was parked and made a left turn as it proceeded to get out hitting the poor girl which only means the girl was being unprotected walking on the left side of her mom and was out of sight from the old lady's point of view... at least that's the only theory I can think of mentioning about "turning left"

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Posted in: Work begins on underground ice wall around Fukushima plant See in context

Seems the mass in Japan are following the "three wise monkey"... and this project is to make it easier to follow; unfortunately the problem is real and won't just go away.

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Posted in: 2 die in water-related accidents in Gifu See in context

And there are modern life jackets that aren't as ugly and cumbersome to wear; and it does save lives...

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Posted in: Google to build prototype of truly driverless car See in context

A car that finally makes sense being called a "jidousha"

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator OKs plan to build underground ice wall at Fukushima plant See in context

What an expensive project for something to be a temporally solution... it's like building a motor to move a fan so it can cool the motor

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