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Posted in: Outdoor smokers on the rise as April law set to take effect See in context

But if I were a still a smoker, the higher mortality rate for smokers with this coronavirus would have me considering an attempt at quitting.

Smokers know they are going to die early and probably of lung cancer which is a horrible way to die. If they were rational they would have stopped smoking long ago. They are addicts, just like heroin junkies, and cannot stop even though they know smoking will kill them. Of course JT knows this too.

Second had smoke is killing 10,000 people a year in Japan. All smoking in public should be banned and

only allowed in smoke pens that are completed isolated from others. Also the tax on tobacco should be tripled, that is the only proven way to get smokers to quit in significant numbers. Japan is so far behind the ROW on this issue. It is sad. The MOF and their client JT is killing its own people for profit.

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Posted in: Ferries, airports swamped as Kiwis rush home for 4-week virus lockdown See in context

CA is in lockdown mode as well and number of infections is skyrocketing. You son is better off in NZ

despite the risk of flying. USA has 2000 new cases just yesterday. NZ has 155 total yesterday.

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Posted in: 11-month-old boy dies after being bitten by two dogs See in context

In any case, things are not black&white with animals, and I wouldn't blame only the dogs.

Dogs are like guns and should be licensed. Some 50 year old geezer cannot control two Great Danes. Dog owners need to be registered also to make sure they can control their pets.

There is no black or white about the baby being dead. This guy should not have owned these dogs but 100 percent the dogs were the killers and need to be put down immediately.

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Posted in: 83-year-old man killed after crashing car into house in Kobe See in context

Lucky some kids were not plowed over and killed by some old great grandpa type who

should not be driving at all. Take away the licenses of these people. They can barely walk

let alone attempt to drive without causing harm.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern calls national election for Sept 19 See in context

 not all the Western world is electing idiots and buffoons like Trump, Johnson, and Morrison.

Dopey, Mopey and No Hopey. Wow, what an indictment of Democracy those three are.

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Posted in: Japan classifies new-virus pneumonia as designated infectious disease See in context

Good to the see the government be proactive about this health scare. People in Japan who have this virus need to be separated from the rest so the virus just runs out of steam and fades away. Like SARS did nearly 20 years ago.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for neglecting their four children, resulting in one death See in context

Sad. Many posters on this board glorify family and extoll the virtuous mothers in Japan who take care of their kids often on a full-time basis. These stories just dump that theory into the toilet. Perhaps parents should be interviewed before they have kids. Question one, do you have a gambling addition? Question two, do you really want to have kids? Question three, would you ever leave your kids alone at home for eight hours?

At pachinko places they have signs in the elevator warning parents to not leave their kids in the car. Again, so sad.

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Posted in: Japan confirms 2nd new coronavirus infection See in context

Was just in Costco and the Chinese couple before me in line bought 20 boxes of facial masks. Sure prices are super high back in China now for such products, especially Japanese ones that actually may work.

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Posted in: Apologetic ex-ministers, lawmakers keep quiet on details of scandals See in context

Generic apologies. Wow. I am saying I did anything wrong but I will just apologize anyway. So when it comes out I broke the law, hey, presto flasho, no worries as I have already apologized for my crimes.

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

Why so negative, if the building sinks into the Bay the fish can just swim in and be sold. No fuss no muss.

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Posted in: 52-year-old striker Miura extends contract for 35th season See in context

Transparent PR stunt that impresses no one.

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Posted in: Automakers display 800 modified cars at Tokyo Auto Salon See in context

Using women as props, when they can show off their driving skills

For many if not most the car is the prop.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa giving away ¥1 bil in 'social experiment' See in context

With "universal income" will come universal inflation

If this would happen the Japanese government would be so grateful as the BOJ has been trying now for a decade to create inflation in Japan. Has not worked despite spending billions to do so. The reasons for this are complex, but based on that fact even if Japan did set a universal income level it would not be inflationary. It would however increase Japan's GDP which has been languishing for decades.

This is an old idea, first came from Milton Friedman as far as I know, the very famous Chicago economist who is a hero of the far right conservatives in the USA and worldwide.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to plan to deploy SDF to Middle East See in context

Last time Abe messed around in the ME a Japanese journalist was beheaded. Guess he thinks people have forgotten about that. He goes through with this when war is breaking out some Japanese somewhere is going to be kidnapped as retaliation. Trump and Abe are so dumb, they forget history.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls up reservists as fire threats escalate See in context

Democracies are electing the most useless, clueless, fantasy based losers. It is incredible. And when the crisis hits this one in Australia goes on vacation. The one in the USA usually just plays golf on his resort getting the US taxpayers to pay for his lazy hind quarters. Trump with CA was burning said leaves were not raked properly. Wonder if Scomo will dare to say the same thing.

48 degrees C. Wow, asphalt melts at that temperature. Thanks Exxon and the coal industry for climate change.

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Posted in: NHK's annual 'Kohaku' music show sees rating fall to record low See in context

Takeshi could not carry the song at all. I did see his performance, if you can call it that. Kiss was awful as well but they always are so that is no surprise. Wonder how much NHK paid Kiss to be on the show on December 31st. That is your money being wasted if you donate to the NHK. Most of the viewers of Kohaku do not know who Kiss is I am sure.

The whole program was horrible, embarrassing really. How many boy or girl bands can one person stand? And way too much enka. wow, that music is for those aged over 85 or in the Yakuza or both basically. I was with the in-laws and the TV was on if you are wondering.

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Posted in: Australia orders mass evacuation of fire-ravaged towns before heatwave See in context

Well, this is terrible but not unexpected if you follow science. Of course if you follow the bible to the exclusion of science you get prayers for rain while mass destruction occurs in the country. Nothing will change as the PM is in the pocket of the coal industry and believes the world will end anyway so why bother. Only way for Australia to change is to flush the climate science deniers down the toilet and elect people who live in reality, not a Bronze Age fantasy world with talking snakes and mass floods survived by one boat. This is tragic and shows how religion plus the PR from the coal industry is ruining the world.

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Posted in: Former Trump adviser Bolton warns of 'imminent' North Korea risk See in context

this dude is a paranoid schizophrenic and a war monger... why is he given a media voice at all

Because Trump appointed him as his Security Advisor. Not hard to understand.

the US is left with no choice but to take them down despite China or Russia intrusion. 

Where do people come up with stuff? NK is a nuclear power now due to Trump letting them become just that. They are untouchable. It is one thing to invade Afghanistan and quite another a nuclear power.. Wow, no wonder people like Trump get elected.

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Posted in: Gov't proposes Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant water release into sea or air See in context

Drinking water for TEPCO management would be my suggestion. All those guys should be in jail

now but are not because they are protected by the LDP.

Nuclear power is such a huge mistake.

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Posted in: Australian PM apologizes for family vacation during wildfire crisis See in context

Being Christian does not mean he should have acted better in this case, most often Christians

make the wrong decision. Like supporting the invasion of Iraq. 100% wrong and nearly at 100%

support by Christians. Christians support Trump at 80% plus today. A man who pays off prostitutes.

No, being Christians leads to immoral behavior and stupid decisions like this one to leave

his home country during a massive natural disaster to sip tropical drinks and get sand between

his toes. Perhaps God told him to go on holiday, in his mind.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't heads to court to seize private land for Trump's border wall in Texas See in context

I thought Mexico was going to pay for wall, not the local landowners having their land stolen

by the Trumpster.

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Posted in: Japan loses last public holiday of the year, even though it’s still on the calendar See in context

Official Notice: take the day off. You are welcome.

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Posted in: GOP embraces Trump after impeachment See in context

The President commits multiple crimes against his own country, playing politics with foreign states for his own gain and the Republican Party says may I have another. Republicans disconnected from reality many, many years ago, from truth decades ago and have become the party of pure insanity. So clear in this latest response to facts, facts that republicans just cannot understand. If they had any sense of shame they should show that now but of course that will not happen as they have been dumbed down to such a low level they now only do and feel what Fox News tells them to do and feel.

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Posted in: Yoshiki, KISS to perform together again on New Year’s Eve 'Kohaku' music program See in context

This performance will lower the average age for the show from 83 to 81.

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Posted in: Japan drops to 121st in 2019 gender equality ranking See in context

I'll get slated for this, but Japan needs more solidarity between women, particularly between stay-at-home mothers and those working full time. 

Wake up, those stay at home women morph into helicopter moms and ruin the lives of their kids. I see them at sports practice all the time. It's embarrassing that they have nothing else in their lives but to hover over their kids and kill their spirits. Especially their boys. No, big difference between full time workers and the bon-bon tossing crowd of parasites who hide their laziness behind obsessive motherhood.

Are you feeling slated?

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Posted in: Japan to make automatic brakes mandatory for new cars from Nov 2021 See in context

 or if a driver stamps (sic) on the gas pedal, the ministry said.

Which is what the old folks do. So more kids will get run over. Solution is to stop old

folks from driving, period. If 80% of cars have the equipment already and still there

are so many deaths caused by old men mostly then clearly the automatic breaks is not

the solution.

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Posted in: Japan drops to 121st in 2019 gender equality ranking See in context

Wow, dropping in the ratings with Abe pushing Womanomics? All nice speeches by him but in the end nothing changes, no, it actually gets worse.

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Posted in: Busty Japanese YouTuber chef sells ad space on her chest See in context

They say more that a mouthful is not necessary but I tend to disagree in this case.

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Posted in: Activists push to halt sexual harassment of job-seeking students See in context

So easy to just say get up and leave. The act itself is criminal and is preventing a woman from getting a job she may want, This exploration will not stop until some of the creeps are in jail.

This is equivalent to telling women do not ride trains as they are filled with chikan. It is the chikan that need to be punished, not the women who ride the trains.

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Posted in: 80-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, killed in head-on collision See in context

No suicide. Unless you consider driving at 80 suicide. At least this oldster did not plow over some kids No driving over 65 in Japan will solve this problem.

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