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Posted in: Japan's lower house chief says he will explain links to Unification Church See in context

So much for freedom of religion. Nobody is forcing you to worship as a Mooney and by the same token you have no right to deny anyone else the right to worship as they please. This is about as fundamental a human right as exists, no less important than the right to free speech. There are a lot of religions I personally consider cultish and kooky, but I no right to demand those religion be banned. None. Period. Full stop. Nor do you.

The Moonie church is no more a religion than any other corporate fraud that appears periodically. Like Enron for example. A cursory examination of its origins and management over the years of this fake church clearly show that it is basically a criminal organization that uses its members at ATMs to fund worldwide rightwing political activities. All religions are at heart fraudulent but in some cases, as with the Moonies, they are criminal as well.

Many countries have banned the Moonies as they have learned what this fake church is really about. Singapore is one example.

The above comments are naive.

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Posted in: Sweeteners may be linked to heart disease risk, study suggests See in context

Soda of any kind is a poison. The artificial sweeteners have been proven to be even more poisonous than sugar and do not assist with weight control at all as studies have proven over and over again. If everyone just drank water the whole world who experience a huge health boom.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

The money should be used to pay back families that were extorted by the Moonies while getting political cover from Abe and 100 plus other members of the LDP. Once again it is clear for all to see how deeply corrupt the LDP is and will always be. And yet they win election after election in this country making Japan a one party state, no different from China.

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

This also includes any religious, popular or unpopular, believer to participate in politial activities, supporting any politicians or ppolitical parties.

Amazing how USA religious people do not even know their own constitution, which many of them believe was written by Jesus. Look up the Establishment Clause in the first amendment. The fact is if a church gets involved in politics then it is no longer a real church, just another political action committee corrupting politics. Like the Moonies in Japan and all over the world if you know this fake church's history.

Separation of Church and State is a phrase that refers to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The phrase dates back to the early days of U.S. history, and Thomas Jefferson referred to the First Amendment as creating a “wall of separation” between church and state as the third president of the U.S. The term is also often employed in court cases. For example, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black famously stated in Everson v. Board of Education that “[t]he First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state,” and “[t]hat wall must be kept high and impregnable.”

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Posted in: Gary Busey charged with sex offenses at Monster-Mania Con See in context

He was involved in a horrible motorcycle crash a number of years ago and has not really recovered physically or mentally. Hence doing a show at a Doubletree Hotel.

the Doubletree Hotel on Aug 12-14 in Cherry Hill, a Philadelphia suburb

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

The Moonie religion is a scam and was designed to be one from the very beginning in 1954. It is a fraud and those above in the picture are victims. Perfect example of how religion poisons everything.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister tells S Korean president to 'shut his mouth' after offer of aid See in context

NK would no more give up its nukes than the USA would. Not gonna happen. So the SK President is either delusional or just plain stupid.

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Posted in: South Korea pardons Samsung boss 'to help the economy' See in context

Basically this clearly demonstrates the deep corruption between the Chaebols and the Korean government. There is no way one company should represent 1/5 of any GDP anywhere. It is anti-competitive and incredibly corrupting of the government at all levels.

The Korean people know this has nothing to do with economic renewal and everything to do with corruption.

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Posted in: Over 100 Japan lawmakers had links with Unification Church: survey See in context

Of course there are lots of religious groups like that but plenty of others hold fairly moderate views

Sure, the analogy would be there are lots of criminals but some are less terrible than others. A petty thief is not the same as a murderer. So with all religions, once they based their beliefs on imaginary principles or beings they have crossed over to fantasy land. The Moonies aggressively exploit human weakness to make money. But so do all other churches to some degree. No difference.

Once former PM Kishi embraced the Moonies in the 1950s he allowed the rank and file LDP to all sign up for the free money and free labor from the Moonie cult members. Even though it is a Korean organization, amazing. Politics makes strange bedfellows and there are none stranger that the LDP and the Moonies.

Of course the 600,000, if that number is right, members of the Moonie cult will continue with the church despite their church being dragged through the mud right now and exposed as a complete and total fraud.

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Posted in: Unification Church says Japan members received death threats See in context

The Moonie operation is an extortion racket parading as a church. The founder of the church made that clear from the beginning of the organization being founded. That is not propaganda, that is fact. As a result families are ruined and lives lost. One of those that lost his future life to the greed of the Moonie cult struck back, immorally and illegally obviously, but his motivation was clear. To pretend otherwise is naive at best and an outright lie otherwise.

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Posted in: U.S. attorney general says he 'personally approved' Trump home search See in context

Trump is a criminal and finally legal agencies are acting on this crimes. If he didn't steal government property to hide his crimes he would not have had his home searched. And regarding the illegal activity of this company as being exposed by the NY AG what does Trump do in response, pleads the 5th because as he admits if he told the truth it would confirm his crimes. Trump has said it before himself, if you are innocent you do not plead the 5th. You plead the 5th if you know you are guilty of the crimes.

Trump belongs in jail for hundreds of crimes he has committed, the most horrible his being a traitor to his country and responsible for the deaths of cops on January 6th last year.

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Posted in: Unification Church says Japan members received death threats See in context

Well, if you're into the business of hurting people, threatening their livelihood, destroying families and driving people to social alienation, financial collapse and possibly suicide, you have to expect some kind of "backlash" from said people, their families, friends or acquaintances.

This can be said of all organized religions to some degree. Think of the child molestation issue recently in many churches. Granted the Moonies are out there in terms of their criminal activity. The fact is if you know the history of the Moonie Church it is simply a business hiding behind a religious facade. The goal of the church originally was world dominance. The list of crimes committed by the Church in that pursuit all over the world are innumerable now. But again take a look at any major church and you find similar horrible examples.

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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

Trump has lied and weaseled his way out of crimes before but not this time. You know, everyone knows, he is a criminal and traitor to his country. The blood of the dead police from Jan 6th is on his hands. The insurrection by the loons that follow him is due to his instruction. There are so many crimes committed by Trump the DOJ can pick among them all. The people who voted for Trump, welcome to reality. You voted for a criminal and a fraud. Not for first time in some cases and probably not for the last time either.

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Posted in: U.S. House Speaker Pelosi lands in Japan, final stop on Asia trip See in context

Pelosi has move juevos than the entire leadership of the Republican party. Can you imagine Mitch standing up to China? No way. Good on her.

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Posted in: Elon Musk's tech allies miffed about Twitter subpoenas See in context

Everyone mentioned in the article are complete asses. Credit only to them for using money to make money. Exception is Andreessen who created Mosaic which did indeed change the world, once again a huge innovation funded by the government. Good to see them all hit the wall supporting the incredible stupidity of Musk making a novelty purchase of something he is totally clueless about and furthermore did not even bother to do his homework before committing $44 billion. Only the insane and/or incredibly rich are that stupid.

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Posted in: 69-year-old Tokyo man arrested for driving without a license for over 50 years See in context

99.99% of accidents are caused by licensed drivers, so what exactly does having a license do? Money, money, money and control, control, control.

Could you imagine being told that you had to get a license to ride a horse? A samurai would have lopped someone’s head off for being told that.

A horse does not weigh two tons and go 120 kph. What a dopey thing to say.

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Posted in: BOJ members stick to monetary easing amid lack of wage growth See in context

Japan has been doing monetary easing for over 30 years. Company profits are huge but wage growth has been negative over those decades. So in 2022 easing is going to magically raise wages? No, companies use

free money to increase profits but not raise wages. The late PM Abe begged companies to pay higher wages but they refused. The government has to force industry to pay more wages, they will not do it otherwise. Meanwhile more Japanese fall into the poverty category and the middle class get screwed over. This all comes from Koizumi adopting trickle down economics from the Republicans in the USA.

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Posted in: Japanese police raid home of Tokyo Olympics executive See in context

Corrupt to the core. The whole thing.

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Posted in: As recruiters struggle, Air Force seeks lift from 'Top Gun' See in context

When the military became voluntary is when the recruit quality began to drop like prices at the fair in the last 30 minutes of the day. A draft is what the USA needs but the rich do not want their kids fighting the wars that they start to make money for themselves. The people who volunteer in the enlisted ranks are not from the rich, again unless there is a family tradition of some sort like the late Senator John McCain.

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Posted in: One year after Tokyo Olympics See in context

The one thing not to forget is how the government undercounted COVID infections to create the illusion that the game could be done safely for months and months. Results, needless deaths of Japanese for the sake of Dentsu and its clients to make up their lost investments in the failed Games.

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Posted in: As recruiters struggle, Air Force seeks lift from 'Top Gun' See in context

Anyone who voluntarily joins the military now is suspect to begin with given all the other opportunities out there today for young people. Since the failed Iraq invasion under Bush the standards have been dropping every year dramatically to join up as so few with ability want to do so. Maybe if there is a family tradition of some sort going on it makes sense but most recruits into the Armed Forces today are simply not the shiniest of pennies. Some comments above clearly bear that out.

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Posted in: Japanese firm shifts copper foil plans from South Carolina to Georgia See in context


You are right. And the internet which JT uses as its platform, would not have existing with DOD investment and public and private university support. The IT industry back in the day hated the open internet like HP, IBM, Digital, NTT, ATT and on and on. But they lost and consumers won with a government project that was improved by Universities getting public funding for advanced research. Taxpayers in the USA own the internet but received no royalties from Google, Apple, Amazon, Uber and so forth.

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Posted in: JAL to reassign 3,000 employees as international air travel struggles See in context

JAL and Ana should amalgamate. Kushida should only have on jumbo jet.

The government has proposed this as it bailed out JAL years ago while ANA continued to operate without a government bailout. JAL should have been let go and just disappear. Then ANA, by far the better run airline, would be the single Japan carrier and everyone would be happier. But nationalism reared its ugly head once again in Japan and JAL was saved by investing billions of taxpayer money into the airline, which had gone bankrupt before many times. JAL was originally a government airline, that may be why it seems to not run profitably. ANA started up as a private airline. Seems to be a big difference between the two over the years and even today.

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Posted in: Sunak, Truss ready for battle to be Britain's next PM See in context

I wouldn’t make Liz Truss responsible for a single brand of cheese, let alone a whole country. A truly awful candidate. Dishonest, disingenuous, and a complete and utter charlatan.

Hey, you are describing the outgoing PM and he was in power for three years.

Many Conservative party members' will find something a little off putting about Mr. Sunak. They will say it is his policies but it's something else... Can you guess?

The ties he wears?

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Posted in: Opinions are divided over the government's decision to hold a state funeral for slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. What's your stance? See in context

All the budget for Abe focused events was used up for his Cherry Blossom festival paid for by taxpayers.


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Posted in: Kin of Japanese abducted by N Korea shocked over death of Abe See in context

Sadly the abductee political issue created by Abe will make the same progress going forward now as it had while Abe was alive and was championing it for decades. He used the issue cynically to become PM even though he knew it was a closed matter from the NK side and nothing would change. Not a complementary aspect of his legacy.

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Posted in: Whale meat is still not recognized as an ordinary food product. I want to spread the word about delicious ways to eat whale meat, even to people who have never tried it before. See in context

Whale meat tastes absolutely horrible and the industry only survives based on massive government subsidies due to its wacky rightwing appeal. You might as well suck on the open end of an old fashion mercury-in-glass thermometer as you will get the same amount of mercury from either the thermometer or the whale meat.

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Posted in: The thinking that homosexuality is some sort of illness was rejected years ago, so the clear inclusion of such a passage is, to me, an expression of prejudice and animosity. See in context

The only reason homosexuality was removed from the psychological disorder list is that political correctness arrived on the scene; the science did not change in the slightest.

Tell that to Tim Cook who runs Apple Computers. The only psychological disorder regarding homosexuality is the sexual repression buried in the homophobic crowd.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of Sydney residents told to evacuate flooded suburbs See in context

The current PM knows CC is real and is not in the pocket of the coal industry as the former PM clearly was. Australia is so vulnerable to climate disruptions but due to a decade of backward conservative leadership has done nothing to prepare or prevent it. This flooding is due to that abject failure.

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Posted in: Randy Bachman to perform at Tokyo American Club after being reunited with stolen guitar See in context

You ain't seen nothin' yet

B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-n-nothin' yet

Here's something that you're never gonna forget

B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-n-nothin' yet

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