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Posted in: Tom Petty's family tells Trump not to use late rock star's songs for 'campaign of hate' See in context

The old dudes at the Trump event have not heard of Tom Petty. Wayne Newton is about the right age slot for the Fox news crowd. How about Danke Schoen. Foreign words so not good but German so OK. Also Newton has gone bankrupt so he shares that with Trump.


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Posted in: Bolton says Trump pleaded with China to help him get reelected See in context

More nonsense from another disaffected reject. Bolton has always been a loon and this is just him trying to make some money from his stint with Trump.

Yet Trump hired him as his National Security Advisor. I thought Trump only hired the best.

I have a very simple rule when it comes to management: hire the best people from your competitors, pay them more than they were earning, and give them bonuses and incentives based on their performance. That’s how you build a first-class operation.” 

― Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

How ridiculous. Obviously, the commenters and the idiot DCM at the US Embassy have not watched South Park in the US. As a native New Yorker, the two characters on the right are typical of what you would see as wall or building art in a black neighborhood in NYC. Indeed, the two images have that quasi-1930s Socialist Realism art look still painted by the usual left wing progressives (whether black, white or Latino) in the US.

South Park is not produced by a national government organization like the NHK. Maybe you can appreciate the difference. Also based on your comments about NYC maybe the last time you were there was in the 1930s?

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

Why should the Japanese prioritize foreign perspectives over their own? I just cannot understand why foreign people with a interest in Japan would be so intent to make it like their own.

There are black people living in Japan, maybe you have not noticed.

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Posted in: As U.S. reckons over race, Trump becomes a bystander See in context

He is racist. Learned it from his Dad who attended KKK events. That is all that needs to be said. He is bystander because he is a part of the legacy from slavery that allows and in most cases up to Floyd condones murder by police of black men and women. Only when Trump is in jail for all of his crimes will the country be able to move beyond overt racism in the police enforcement.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan: George Floyd's death 'sickened me' See in context


Best Dylan song. If you do not get it you do not get music. Keep to your Creed. And Nickelback.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan: George Floyd's death 'sickened me' See in context

Fizzbit and V Watts

Your posts are comparing criminal deaths to what happened to Floyd by a police officer? If so you both win the prize for accidentally discovering the truth. There is no difference between street murder and the police murder of Floyd. You guys are the like the proverbial stopped watch. Cannot wait for your next accidental insight.

Dylan is the man. Check out his Ballet of Emit Till, another senseless murder of a 14 year old black man back in 1950s. No phones to record this murder so both of the murderers were acquitted but later admitted they killed the boy. 2020, same story but this time it is recorded.


And Lamilly, Joan is great but she is not Dylan. Her covers of his songs are incredible however. Check out Any Day Now album.

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Posted in: New Zealand city removes statue of its 'murderous' namesake See in context

Taliban did the same thing with cultural history albeit with explosives, these statues commemorate what happened in a time when it was acceptable behaviour. 

Wow, once gain the spin points get repeated by the chattering classes. In what way is a statue honoring a USA traitor and murderer akin to art? Are the right wingers so shallow they actually believed this tripe? If the Vatican was being destroyed, then you have a case. But as it is this is simply the echo factory on fill tilt. It is rather pathetic defending slave owners and comparing them to cultural works of art.

You do not see statues of Hitler in Europe, but I am sure if there were some and they were going to be removed the same ditto head crowd would claim cancel culture as they are now for other mass murderers. I guess you guys know the game is up now. One more murder of a black man was one too many this time it seems. The world has had enough of the KKK and other similar hate organizations defending racism and racists.

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Posted in: North Korea says little reason to maintain Kim-Trump ties See in context

Trump was always lame but now he is lame duck. As with everything else he has touched the NK situation is worse thanks to his photo op driven chucklehead strategy for everything.

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Posted in: About 70 monkeys escape from zoo in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Are the monkeys self-isolating?

They have masks on no doubt. It is monkey peer pressure.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man stabbed while out for a walk See in context

Correction there PB, Amagasaki is in Hyogo prefecture.

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Posted in: Trump rejects removing names of Confederate leaders from U.S. bases See in context

Trump has been endorsed by the KKK from the beginning. That is because his father was a KKK

supporter. So it is no surprise that Trump wants to defend the traitors to the USA who were willing to

die to keep slaves. And no surprise as well is the shallow response from the rightwing hacks who everyday apologize for the immoral and irrational acts of the most incompetent President ever.

Steve Schmidt, long-time Republican strategist, just said on MSNBC that Trump is the second president of the Confederacy.

So funny and so true. Schmidt predicted the disaster the Trump WH would become from day one. He was so right to see that. Democrats of course saw it clearly but Schmidt is a Republican. He was honest enough to call out the obvious whereas most republicans and going to go down with the ship in the upcoming wipe out election in November. After embracing Trump the Republican Party deserves to die.

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Posted in: Shut up and dribble? No way. It's time to listen See in context


Count the number of Dixie flags at any NASCAR event today. Count the number of monuments to slave owners in the USA, in the thousands. Look at income rates of minorities versus whites. The signs are everywhere of the legacy of slavery in the USA today. KKK and proto-nazi membership in the USA is growing under Trump because he calls them good people. Look at voter suppression by the Republican Party targeting primarily black people. Read the quotes above, um, from black people on what they face today.

White nationalist hate groups have grown 55% in Trump era, report finds

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Posted in: Trump pushes conspiracy theory about Buffalo protester shoved by police See in context

Clear and frankly trite response of blame the victim. But your honor the rape victim was

wearing a dress and we all know what that means. The police could have restrained the

75 year old dude easily but they choose to just shove him and then walk past him like

he was invisible along with the blood coming from his head.

Right wing folks have always had to dig deep into their cesspool of lies to defend those

protesting for justice, case in point Colin Kaspernick. Of course now his actions and his words,

despite being pillared by the right wing echo chamber endlessly, have after the Floyd murder being

100% vindicated. It is the same playbook over and over again with Trump being the leader

and chief of fake news amidst a hailstorm of lies and distractions. This will never change. Truth and justice is totally lost on the rightwing Trump supporters.

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Posted in: Working at home offers a good opportunity to review household rules which have often been fixed. Men should face the fact that they rely too much on women in terms of housework. See in context

You can see the overt sexism in these responses. Shifting blame to institutions, oh that are run by men. And the reason women are unhappy with spouses is that they can see when they are forced to stay home and not have the work all the time excuse they continue to do nothing to help domestically. If women had read power in Japan then the situation would change. Men like the current situation so nothing changes.

And to the point about women depending on mens salary, the vast majority of women now work part-time because the men do not make enough money to support the family any longer. Those are the facts jack.

Not made up rationales based on 1970s conditions to justify sexist beliefs.

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Posted in: Australian minister calls anti-racism protests 'self-indulgent' See in context

It’s not self-indulgent to point out the disparate impact of the Lefts hypocrisy

Comical. Hope your usage of hydroxychloroquine as recommended by your bunker inspecting leader is going well. The right's well know consistency for being on the wrong side of history is again on display. And hypocrisy as well. It is fine for gun totting neanderthals to invade government offices using zero safety protocols but when peace loving citizens protest yet another murder by a white police officer of a helpless black American then the complaints stream in suddenly against free speech. It all mostly parroting their echo chamber talking point flaks as right wing folks are crippled from thinking on their own. No need to mention the racism undermining these comments as well. The white cop who murdered the Floyd, hey they are both good people, right. Except one is dead and one is being charged with murder.

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Posted in: Australian minister calls anti-racism protests 'self-indulgent' See in context

He is not wrong. I am living in morbid fear of the infection case numbers in the U.S. in the next 2 weeks.

Vote for better leadership of the country then so the USA does not again lead the world in infections and deaths for the next pandemic. Nearly 2 million Americans have become infected so far. What a total failure of leadership.

Vote for better leadership of the country to encourage the reduction of murders by police officers in the country.

Vote for better leadership of the country so that unemployment among minorities in the country does not again reach 17%.

You should be morbidly fearful of the outcome of the next election.

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Posted in: Japan's low virus mortality rate reflects social manners: Aso See in context

Taro Aso, the finance minister, said on Monday that the elderly should be allowed to "hurry up and die" to relieve pressure on the state to pay for their medical care.

"Heaven forbid if you are forced to live on when you want to die. I would wake up feeling increasingly bad knowing that [treatment] was all being paid for by the government," he said during a meeting of the national council on social security reforms. "The problem won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die."

Is this the same guy as the Taro Aso who is referenced in this article? If so, you would think he would tell

Japanese old people to go out and liberate the economy like Trump has insisted so they could hurry up and die. Most do not remember these Aso words of wisdom seven years ago.

No question USA is total failure on the COVID front. Waited too long to react, lifted stay in place orders too soon. Killed 100,000 plus Americans. Many of those who voted for Trump are now dead due to Trump. Japan has done much better but that cannot be linked to government policy which has also been nearly completely inept. Waited too long, may be lifted policies too soon as well. But regardless the people are all masked on the streets and using disinfectants all the time as they go about their tasks. Amazing to see. In USA people are shot if they ask others to wear a mask. It happens here in Japan as a matter of course and people obey. Social pressure, shame, is a powerful force in this country. USA could use more of it but that will not happen under current leadership.

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Posted in: JSA begins coronavirus testing for 900 wrestlers, stablemasters See in context

Every rule of preventing the virus infection is broken by the practice of Sumo. But in mid-May they start testing? Does anyone in Sumo management read the news?

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Posted in: Starbucks stores in Japan reopen as virus spread slows See in context

I forgot about all the pseudo hipsters who enjoy getting ripped off over crud coffee

Calendar check, it is not 1997. Check out third wave coffee for the hipsters, pseudo or otherwise.

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Posted in: In its battle with the coronavirus, Japan appears to be doing everything wrong. It has tested just 0.185 percent of its population, its social distancing has been halfhearted, and a majority of Japanese are critical of the government’s response. Yet with among the lowest death rates in the world, a medical system that has avoided an overloading crisis, and a declining number of cases, everything seems to be going weirdly right. See in context

Any government that let people off a cruise ship with hundreds of infected people to get on trains and cabs to go home is nothing but a failure. Doing nothing for two months was a failure. Only testing if someone clearly has the disease was a failure. Japan is recovering from COVID due to factors beyond the ability of the Abe government to screw up. But at least Abe is not recommending people drink bleach.

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Posted in: Police arrest 19 at London protest against social distancing See in context

Thank goodness such idiotic behavior does not exist in Japan. Japan does not have the bible thumping, gun hoarding, freedom fry loving, selfish loons that could think their right to make others sick is so important that they break rules and get arrested. People like this are why the USA is COVID-19 central right now with over 90.,000 deaths. So much winning . . .

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Posted in: Elderly people could carry a card saying, 'If I fall ill and am taken to hospital, treat young people first.' See in context

The health care and pension finances in Japan are in deficit and have been for decades. The payments made by old people when they were young went to old people then. Old people today live off the taxes of the workers today, some of them being young. It is a pay as you go system. So using your reasoning working people who pay for the healthcare system should get priority over old people who are coasting financially and are basically collecting welfare. This is how it works in reality. The problem today in Japan is that fewer people are working as the population goes down so for every old person being supported by the government there are only 3-4 workers paying for the him or her. And it goes without saying that old people consume a huge proportion of healhcare resources especially in their last year or so.

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Posted in: Trump abruptly ends briefing after contentious exchanges See in context

The con game is over and even Trump knows it now. Trump could lie his way out of political issues but not a pandemic which he massively failed to manage.

Are you Trump supporters still waiting for COVID-19 to magically disappear as your hero promised.

FEB 28

“It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 

— Donald Trump 

The whole world now feels sorry for the USA and we can thank Trump for that. 81,000 plus deaths, we can thank Trump for that. Depression coming soon in USA, thanks to Trump for that too.

If Obama were still President the USA would be over with the virus and recovering now. It will have to be Biden next January who cleans up the Trump total disaster.

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Posted in: Shinkansen, express train users drop 95% during Golden Week holidays See in context

Lets all look to the USA virus strategy failure where nothing was done for months and nail shops are now allowed to open. It is so stupid to put a public health crisis as opposed to economics. 3000 people dying a day in the USA, which will happen in June, affects the economy and how people behave. It is a false dichotomy and a stupid one as well.

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Posted in: Abe regrets having missed goal of amending Constitution by 2020 See in context

How about waiting two months before doing anything about coronavirus to try and keep the Olympics? Any regrets there? That decision costs lives now, changing the constitution will cost lives later if it happens.

Abe is way, way past his expiration date. Some other incompetent LDPer needs to take over. Not Aso, please, not that incompetent. He is Trump level incompetent.

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Posted in: Not all pachinko parlors in Tokyo shut; 600 still investigated See in context

NK will fire missiles just because of this. Maybe this is why Dear Leader is not feeling well lately.

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Posted in: Abe orders review of seal-stamping custom See in context

Just don't copy what Mizuho bank have implemented, it's essentially 1997 technology

That is ten years better than most places.

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Posted in: Trump says briefings not worth his time after disinfectant gaffe See in context

He is correct about that. The fake media are a disgrace.

Stop watching Fox Fake News then. They said COVID was no worse than the normal flu for months

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Posted in: Police thy neighbor: Virus fears fuel quarantine shaming See in context

In these times there is no defense for pure selfishness regarding minimizing the effect of the virus.


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