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Posted in: Cherry blossom forecast 2021 released: Sakura set to bloom early in Tokyo again this year See in context

it will not be too much longer when the Cherries will bloom in February. Thanks to Exxon and the coal industry which has many government in their pockets, like Japan.

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Many posters are saying all politicians have morality challenges, that is wrong. There are some but just not in the Republican party any longer. Look to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the best example of moral and strongly ethical politicians. Doubt this, look at their records each supporting you folks and not the money interests in politics. Recently it was Bernie who drove the $2000 figure for USA family support for example, no one else initially did that. Warrens record is amazing as well.

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'vote of conscience?' If the republicans has a conscience they would not have elected Trump to start as it was so clear from 2015 what a immoral loser Trump is and will be till he leaves planet Earth. No this vote is about power, that is all the McConnell understands and cares about. If the republicans turn on Trump in enough numbers in the Senate it will be the bow on the box of Trump failures over the last four years and those of the republican party as well. Trump Jr, that incredible idiot, will run in 2024 if Dad cannot run himself. They would win the slave states just like Wallace did in 1968. That would assure a Democratic victory or the WH.

Anyway the long nightmare of the Trump Presidency is finally over. Once again liberals were right all along on how horrible the last four years would be, not due to partisian politics, due to the ability to see reality as it is. The Trump voters, as all can clearly see now, live in a make believe world where 74 is more that 81 and lies are regarded as truth.

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The death cult that the Republican Party has become will and is forcing its own demise. If the Republicans do indeed vote for impeachment in the Senate Trump will go third party and split the vote. If not Trump will run and lose again in 2024 by driving the admittedly low numbers of sane Republicans out of the party to Ind or Democratic alliance. Eventually the Republican Party will die which is what it deserves for electing Trump and enabling him for four years. We liberals predicted this in 2016, that Trump would destroy the Republican Party. It was so obvious for those that can see reality for what it is and are not deluded by the Fox News/Trump bubble of lies and propaganda. Reality has a liberal bias as is well understood, especially now.

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Biden's Presidency will be all about Trump, not Biden. It's already happening.

Not if Trump is in jail for being a traitor to his country. And also bankrupt again due to his horrible business ability.

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if you studied American history you'd know from 1776 that one man's "insurrectionist" is another man's freedom fighter.

I did not know that the current Senate and House of Reps are occupied by British chaps and that we still have colonies, very interesting. Are the Brits hangers on from 1812 when the Capital was last invaded? Was the Queen Mother also involved in counting the legitimate electoral votes?

For the sane non-delusion folks who read JT you see now how lies are promoted so easily by the Trump supporters. This is how we end up with sedition in todays America. For them the lies make sense and are true, for the rest of a lie is just a lie. Nothing to kill a policeman about or run over pedestrians and kill again as happened in Charlottesville.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Lets not forget the seditious invasion of the capital by the maganutters was based on a big lie. They were there trying to hang Pence based on a lie that Trump repeated over and over again. BLM protests were based on black people being murdered by the police, not a totally fake lie by Trump. This is a perfect example of white privilege of the maganutters, they expect to being able to kill cops without consequence for fake reasons but when black people are murdered and protests ensue, it a tragedy. There you go. This is why normal Americans are ashamed of the maga crowd, they frankly are delusional and have been for many years under Trump. It started with the Obama fake birth certificate issue lied about by Trump starting in 2011.

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Posted in: Pelosi says House will impeach Trump unless Pence, cabinet force him out See in context

Exactly. Progressives have killed MLK’s dream.

Wow, is unhinged too weak a word for this. Sad the derangement of the MAGA crowd is so deep it can lead to stating they want to hang Mike Pence and then lead to statements like this as well. It is not a different reality the MAGA seditionist rioters and their supporters on this website live in, it is pure non-reality.

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Trump is the republican party, death and destruction cult that it is, but he owns the party. Remains at 90% support amount the MAGA republican crowd. What happened this week will make no difference. If you are republican and can see the huge mistake your party made selecting him in 2016 your only choice is to leave the party like many smart republicans have already done, Steve Schmidt for example. Only one party in the USA supports Democracy and the Constitution. And can balance the federal budget. And not destroy the economy.


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I think a lot of Republicans will skip Biden’s inauguration. What comes around goes around.

So wolfpack, not attending the inauguration is similar to invading the Capital building, planting bombs in it, vandalizing the entire building, killing a police officer and stealing PCs from representatives offices and also urinating in them? Is that what you mean?

Can the maga crowd get any worse than this? Of course they can and will.

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I'd worry about the quality of the US military if people like her are serving for 14 years.

No need to worry about this, it is a fact that the quality of the military has suffered tremendously since the Iraq invasion lie. That many military folks were a part of the terrorist mob this week is no surprise at all. They are traitors to their country even though they wear the military uniform or had done so. You can thank them for their service to overthrow Democracy this week and murder a police officer.


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So what will BLM, Antifa and trolls do now..there use case is over.

Make the USA better now even for the loser terrorists who invaded the Capital, at least the ones not in jail for their crimes. Trump and his followers have given the Democrats the WH, Senate and House to repair the incredible damage done in the last four years by Trump and his deplorable MAGA mob.

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I've been a miner for a heart of gold, and I am growing old.

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But the neoliberals that I knew and loved wanted a smaller government rather than a paternalistic, big one that the LDP resembles.

Oh, would that be the neoliberals in the USA? Debt there has ballooned by $7 trillion in the last few years, under Trump. It is all the same worldwide, massive increases in government debt by so called conservatives.

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Started under Kolzumi when he adopted the supply side economic fairy tale used in the USA to screw the middle class and the poor. Koizumi called it the winner dogs, loser dogs strategy. Yes the GINI coefficient for Japan is .32 and rising indicating concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. So Koizumi was successful. It would take bold leadership to change this long term trend in Japan and you can be sure that will not come from the LDP under Suga or the next PM after him.

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If Trump cared one bit for our military, he wouldn’t have vetoed the bill.

Here is what Trump thinks of the military members who died for their country. Remember Trump dodged the draft with fake injuries.

Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa's offices raided over money scandal See in context

Pay to play is the LDP way.

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Posted in: Gov't shuns different surnames for married couples See in context

Zoroto, how right you are . . .

Burning Bush, it does not make any difference which single name families are forced to adopt. The point is that the married individuals cannot keep their original names if they choose to do so. Wow, this is pretty basic to understand.

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Posted in: Trump golfs in Florida as COVID relief hangs in the balance See in context

And on top of his malfeasance he is a golf cheat as validated by sports columnist Rick Reilly


No surprise he cheats playing golf.

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"sufficient attention should be paid to opinions that (the different surname system) may have an impact on family unity as well as children."

This is insane. As if name usage influences the divorce rate in Japan or parents love of their children. Case in point why Japan is the lowest in the developed world on gender fairness. Wow. just stunning. And you would think that women would now never vote for the LDP now but unfortunately they will in the next election. What a massive failure the LDP is to women and to Japan.

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Posted in: Trump pardons former campaign chairman Manafort, associate Roger Stone See in context

Well, I’m just happy, they were pardoned. That’s all I have to say to that, great jo, Mr. President.

Is this a new low among the Trump worshipers? Probably not but wow this is just outright sad.

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Posted in: Suga denies need for state of emergency as cumulative infections top 200,000 See in context

If I want a lockdown, I am free to do that by my own. I can lockdown myself in my home as long as I want. I don't need the government to tell me that.

Yes you do if you decide to go out and make others sick. Try running red lights next time your drive and see how far you get before you end up in jail. People are not rational and put others at risk all the time. Smokers for example killing 15,000 a year in Japan due to second hand smoke. They know better but still kill others. They can stop smoking but they do not. So laws restricting smoking are passed to protect otter's from stupid behavior.

All these faux-libertarian "let me be free" posts are juvenile. There is more at stake during a pandemic that selfishness.

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

Our society is heading back down the road of expecting governments to do their thinking for them and providing protection at whatever cost. That hasn't worked out well throughout history, and won't do so in the future either.

This is exactly the attitude that has made the pandemics so much worse than it needed to be. The fact is the government needs to protect society against the idiots who behave in such a way as to negatively impact all because they are selfish or stupid or both. Do not think this is true, check the numbers of smokers in Japan and the 15,000 deaths they cause per year with second hand smoke. Same point for those people in Japan who believe that COVID is a hoax and then spread the disease to others who get sick and in some cases die. The whole libertarian argument, juvenile as it so clearly is anyway, has been been utterly destroyed by the pandemic. We are all at risk together facing this disease and the government is the only entity that can address society as a whole to fight it. Clearly some governments, like China and NZ, have done a better job than Japan but leaving a pandemic to individuals to respond to person by person is a recipe for disaster and greater numbers of deaths. Where that has been the national policy like in Brazil and the USA the results speak for themselves.

As Orwell said we need to face unpleasant facts and deal with them. Not hide behind an adolescent fantasy that is destroyed by even a casual understanding of realty.

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Trump is a traitor to his country and clearly in the pocket of Putin. Four years of sucking up to Putin as the POTUS says it all. Putin must have the goods on Trump, probably based on financing the failing Trump financial mirage.

Amazing that rightwing posters support the USA being attached by a foreign country in a weak attempt to cover for the crimes of Trump. Trump for so many reasons should end up in jail.

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Women who do report rape are the very few and the brave. They know the whole patriarchy in Japan will align against them. No doubt the Mayor has tried this with others and it has gone unreported.

In court when Arai-san can identify body marks or other personal data about the alleged rapist that will be tough to dispute.

Wow, so much blaming the victim now. Of course many reading this have endured the same thing themselves, both men and women.

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Here is the list of states with cases per 1m population rates

1 ND

2 SD

3 Iowa

4 Neb

5 WI

6 Utah

7 RI

8 TN

9 ID

10 Montana

Other that RI all republican states. CA is at 37th on this list. There is a direct relationship between Trump states and COVID infections. And remember that in CA 6 million ill-informed residents voted for Trump. Just a guess but the infections in CA are probably mostly from this group-those that were told and believed that COVID was a hoax. Last do not compare Newton who had dinner without wearing a mask to Trump who said do not use them over and over again. False equivalency yet again.

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Posted in: Japanese beauty firm under fire over CEO comments on Koreans See in context

Racism is a fundamental aspect of human culture, there are very few places I have been that have a minimal amount of it. Perhaps Hawaii is one such example. But Japan and the rest of the USA are not. The current President of the USA based his 2016 and 2020 campaign on overt racism and the proposition that whites are the superior people over people of color. And he was elected once, the racists think twice. Many posts above reflect the white supremacist belief which is pure racism, leading to them to claim that it is whites who suffer racism in the USA. Just crazy stuff. Japan racism is deeply embedded in a fabric of delusion about purity which is total joke from a genetic scientific perspective. Racism is illogical, not supported by science but is very, very human. We collectively have various weaknesses and racism is one of them. The anti-Korean attitudes in Japan are a sad example. If I used DHC products I would dump them today. Another company run by an overt racist in Japan is the CEO Toshio Motoya of APA Hotels.

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Posted in: Lawyer for 89-year-old driver of car that killed woman, 3-year-old daughter blames faulty brake See in context

The car was examined by mechanics after the accident and it checked out fine. Do not know why the article did not mention that fact. The guy is senile most likely and does believe he did not run over the mother and child while pressing on the accelerator rather than the break. But that is exactly what he did do.

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Posted in: Why has the wearing of masks as a means of coping with the coronavirus become more politicized in the U.S. than in any other country? See in context

Stupid is as stupid does. Trump is mighty stupid. Therefore the republican party that told people not to wear masks are murderers. Death rate in USA would be 50,000 today not 300,000 if HRC had won in 2016 instead of Trump.

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That would be never Peter.

The USA has two parties now, the Democratic party and the Anti-Democracy party. The latter are traitors to their country as is their leader Trump. They want the USA to become like Russia, just like their leader Trump.

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