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Posted in: 2 girls injured in hit-and-run; 70-year-old driver arrested See in context


Yeah, right. 70 year old guy will say he is sorry, pay a paltry amount to the families of the

victims and then go on his merry way. He may not even lose his license. 70 year old

He may have been drunk as well which is why he fled.

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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors name Trump in hush payments; detail Russian contacts See in context

Wow, the onslaught is coming. We all know Donny is corrupt to the core and while he could get away with it in his corrupt real estate industry not so with the federal government. He will end up in getting a jail term which he will not serve as Pence will pardon him or he will escape somehow. But finally, finally the bully boy that the rightwing echo bunnies have promoted and protected for the last two years is now finished. Done. And no fake news and diversion strategies by Fox News can escape this reality. The USA seems to have withstood the con man and his corrupt party. Tick tock, the indictments are coming.

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Posted in: Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs See in context

If the demos had not torpedoed Bernie in 2016 he would be President now. And what an incredible difference that would be compared to the loser we have now in the WH. Hard to do but Trump is acknowledged by all now to be the worst modern day President every, no need to say Republican President as the candidates are all Republicans. Trump pulled in front on Nixon in the last month or so.

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Posted in: Saudi prince gets chummy, stern receptions at G20 summit See in context

Putin: Oh yes, when I kill journalists I use plutonium. Hah.

Salmon: Very good, we just use bone saw.

Putin: Oh yes, we did that in my old days in the KGB.

Salmon: By the way, when you are getting Trump to invade Iran?

Putin: Oh, yes that is in plan. He does not want us to release sex tapes! When I say jump he says how high . . .

Salmon: Oh Puti, you are so good.

Putin: I know, lets raise oil prices this week!

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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

And no you don't hear about Koreans forcing Japanese women to be comfort women, but you do hear about Koreans forcing Korean girls to do this!

When you are facing starvation because an occupying army wants to destroy your country and turn it into Japan light you do what you have to do. In normal circumstances parents do not sell their kids. Koreans are not selling their kids today to the Japanese army. And furthermore if Japan was not buying child slaves back then the Koreans would not be sellers.

The flimsy arguments of the Japan nationalist rightwing trolls are pathetic. And proves the point that many Japanese cannot honestly discuss their history. Hence the reaction of the victims of the Japanese acts of terror and cruelty. Germany, which of course did much worse, has moved on. Japan is trapped in its own self pity and denial like a mental patient stuck within its own delusions.

Grow up you down voting trolls. Reality is not so bad as you may think.

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Posted in: S Korea's surviving 'comfort women' spend final years seeking atonement from Japan See in context

will be finally willing to face up to the idea that Koreans as well as the Japanese were responsible for this? 

Um, who occupied who prior and through the war period? The whole power dynamic was pretty one sided. You do not hear about Japanese women forced into sex slavery by the Koreans. Sorry, the above statement was so dumb it had to be called out. The 500,000 men who were forced to leave Korea to work as slaves basically for Japanese firms in Japan is another example. And how many Japanese men were shipped off to Korea to work as slaves basically, that would be zero.

This is why Japan has not been forgiven for its war crimes like Germany. Germans would not blame the Jews for what the Germans did to them, but Japanese do (or their apologists) blame the Koreans for their crimes.

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Posted in: Fire truck arrived at burning home without water, fire department says See in context

Wow, clearly they do not take their job seriously. Of course there is a gauge that shows the water level

in the tank. No one bothered to look at it. They are lucky no one burned to death due to their error.

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Posted in: An increasing number of companies in Japan have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their smoking breaks. Do you agree with this policy? See in context

Of course productivity is lowered by smoke breaks. Normal non-addicted workers actually work much

harder than the losers who much go outside and smoke every couple of hours or so. The company is paying

them for making health care costs higher for all of us.

One solution is to lower the salaries of smokers as they are such a drag, no pun, on productivity. 20% cut in salary seems about right for wasting so much company time. And of course they should pay higher healthcare costs. It is time for the 80% of us who are not slaves to nicotine to stop subsidizing the losers who do smoke.

Regarding "responsible" smoking, that is ridiculous. Smoking is slow suicide and everyone knows this. There is no such thing as responsible suicide.

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Posted in: Fabrication allegation rocks popular Japanese TV variety show See in context

Why is so much garbage coming out lately?

It is all garbage. NHK of course is the worse. Only sports on TV can be trusted, but even that

is suspect like with Sumo matches being thrown.

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Posted in: Spat over WWII brothels shows Japan's trouble in facing past See in context

Why is this even being discussed? This happened and can be added to the long list of horrible things Japan did during the lead up to the war and during the war itself. The right wing nuts might as well say Pearl Harbor was an attack by the USA on Japan.

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Posted in: Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions See in context

So easy to write according to the Failed Trump but took a year to do. Add another lie to add to the thousands told by Failed Trump in the last two years.

It keeps the libs busy posting "the noose is tightening" comments while we continue to govern.

Did you miss the news last next? Google House and Blue Wave. Guess the election was not reported on Fox News. Or perhaps they are telling the sheep who follow Fox News that the House is not a part of the US

government any longer.

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

The creeps on the train are like yaki-soba shops in Japan. They will always be here. Most woman, bordering on nearly all women in Japan, have been molested by the goons. Japan has a sickness here and it is not going away, so segregation is the only solution. Men who complain about this are sad. Men only car idea is ridiculous. Cars are basically now men only, other than the segregated cars.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man pleads not guilty to reckless driving causing death and injury See in context

He is too old to walk let alone drive. HIs family was too weak to stop him from murdering, which is what this is. It is murder. All old drivers are dangerous. They drive too slow and often stop in the middle of the road as they are confused.

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Posted in: 2 women in their 80s hit and killed by car; driver arrested See in context

Was rear-ended by driver, same situation. Pulling night shift he fell asleep and car swerved and hit

the back left side of my car. He looked wiped out. This is why we need driverless cars. There will

be less accidents once the software is sufficiently programmed.

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Posted in: Former ‘Mr Todai’ participant arrested for allegedly raping woman See in context

Is rape a category in the Mr Todai contest? He may have been confused about this.

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Posted in: Geoffrey Rush tells court he was 'numb' after misconduct allegation published See in context

Loved him as Casanova Frankenstein.

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Posted in: Me and my (porn) shadow: 'Spycam' epidemic hits S Korea See in context

Soon to come to Japan if not already here now.

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

Simply amazing that the company would do this for something as important as earthquake safety. Japan is corrupt, there is no other way to explain all these admissions by major companies. They care only about profits and not about people potentially dying due to the fake product safety.

So the question is why does the government let companies test their own products? The government is equally at fault in this case.

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Posted in: Trump says it looks like Saudi journalist Khashoggi is dead See in context

Trump wants some of that sweet oil money that for decades went to the Bush family.

No accident that Trump is repeating Putin. He got the memo and is following his orders.

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Posted in: Built for young families, minicars attract a huge following among elderly drivers See in context

Driving behind a Kei Car, torture. Yes the owners are ancient and yes the left turn light is on most of the time. If they have the old person sticker on the car then you know you will be late for where you are planning to go. For sure. Interesting fact about the cause of the majority of accidents in Japan.

That has led to an increase in traffic accidents involving drivers older than 65, even as the overall number of accidents has decreased. Last year, older drivers were involved in 55 percent of the country's accidents, up from about 47 percent 10 years ago.

There you go. Many posters on this topic state incorrectly that young people are the cause of most accidents in Japan. How wrong that turns out to be. Its the 80 year old in the Kei car that is most likely to run you over.

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Posted in: Four Seasons of Tiffany celebration See in context

I would be happy with two out of those four seasons.

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Posted in: Accuser of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh agrees to testify to Senate committee See in context

These sexual deviant Republicans must have some kind of secret handshake so they recognize each other? How could it be an immoral self admitted p**sy grabber like Trump randomly pick a rapist for the SCOTUS.

The hypocrisy of the usual crowd of braying partisan loons stinks to high heaven. For consensual sex Clinton was impeached, for rape Kavanaugh gets a pass to the SCOTUS. The republicans use to claim they held the moral high ground with their self-righteous zealotry but after voting for the morally empty Trump and now pushing a rapist on they show the world what they truly are, that is as ethically empty as their dear leader.

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Posted in: Japan uneasy over Trump pressure on auto as summit, trade talks loom See in context

Abe, please assume get the position. You have no choice. Trump is not your friend no matter how many times you carry his golf clubs for him.

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

Abe's attempt to put clear justification in the constitution about the existence and roles of SDF, if successful, will help attract more applicants in the long run. For long time, SDF has been a shadowy existence in Japanese society. Many still hesitate to say they are members of SDF.

Sure, when Abe decides to invade a country after the constitution is changed the popularity of the SDF will just skyrocket. Parents want their kids in harm way. No, Japan should do what the USA military does and allow recruits with jail and/or with drug records to join. It is a big part of the overall USA recruiting. Some come directly from prison. SDF could recruit at prisons in Japan.

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Posted in: 5 foreign chambers of commerce in Japan urge gov't to legalize same-sex marriage See in context

Yes, those pesky foreigners and their strange ways. Like Democracy and giving the vote to women. Terrible things they are. Wish they would mind their own business.

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Posted in: Japanese schools losing their pools due to rising maintenance costs and aging facilities See in context

It is a great experience for the kids to have all of them have fun in the water. Japan built and maintained these pools for decade. Why now is there is no money for the pools to be repaired or rebuilt? Abe diverting money to the military perhaps?

In the US schools open their pools to the public on the weekends. Such a simple idea that could work here as well. Where we live we have a municipal pool but it is often closed for various classes. The schools pools could be opened for recreation during the summer months and or course charge for admission. Some local hotels have pools and do this but cost is very high.

Japanese kids are getting fat and closing down exercise programs is one of the reasons why.

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Posted in: Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI investigation before she will testify See in context

Did Kavanaugh lie during his hearing?

Yes, three times at least so far. The rape attempt denial will be number four.

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Posted in: Kavanaugh accuser wants FBI investigation before she will testify See in context

The GOP will try to approve a rapist for the SCOTUS. They do not care. Of course this happened. Ford has taken a lie detector test and it proved that she was telling the truth. Kavanaugh will not do that as he knows he he will fail. She has taken a lie detector test and Kavanaugh has not. She spoke about the attempted rape years and years ago for personal reasons not for political reasons. This happened and everyone knows it to be true. But the Republicans will vote for a rapist anyway. They voted for a deviant for President and of course they knew it when they voted for him, the Access Hollywood sexual harassment tapes were public before the election. Did not matter.

Yes the decent thing here to do is to withdraw the nomination. Not gonna happen. The word decent and Republican do not have any linkage. That is why they will lose so badly in a few weeks. 70% of Americans know the President and his party are total conmen.

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Posted in: Woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct comes forward See in context

I think 90% of the boys in my high school were guilty of something similar.

Then 90% of your friends should have gone to jail. Sexual assault was not put on

the books in 2018.

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