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Posted in: Sunak, Truss ready for battle to be Britain's next PM See in context

I wouldn’t make Liz Truss responsible for a single brand of cheese, let alone a whole country. A truly awful candidate. Dishonest, disingenuous, and a complete and utter charlatan.

Hey, you are describing the outgoing PM and he was in power for three years.

Many Conservative party members' will find something a little off putting about Mr. Sunak. They will say it is his policies but it's something else... Can you guess?

The ties he wears?

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Posted in: Opinions are divided over the government's decision to hold a state funeral for slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. What's your stance? See in context

All the budget for Abe focused events was used up for his Cherry Blossom festival paid for by taxpayers.


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Posted in: Kin of Japanese abducted by N Korea shocked over death of Abe See in context

Sadly the abductee political issue created by Abe will make the same progress going forward now as it had while Abe was alive and was championing it for decades. He used the issue cynically to become PM even though he knew it was a closed matter from the NK side and nothing would change. Not a complementary aspect of his legacy.

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Posted in: Whale meat is still not recognized as an ordinary food product. I want to spread the word about delicious ways to eat whale meat, even to people who have never tried it before. See in context

Whale meat tastes absolutely horrible and the industry only survives based on massive government subsidies due to its wacky rightwing appeal. You might as well suck on the open end of an old fashion mercury-in-glass thermometer as you will get the same amount of mercury from either the thermometer or the whale meat.

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Posted in: The thinking that homosexuality is some sort of illness was rejected years ago, so the clear inclusion of such a passage is, to me, an expression of prejudice and animosity. See in context

The only reason homosexuality was removed from the psychological disorder list is that political correctness arrived on the scene; the science did not change in the slightest.

Tell that to Tim Cook who runs Apple Computers. The only psychological disorder regarding homosexuality is the sexual repression buried in the homophobic crowd.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of Sydney residents told to evacuate flooded suburbs See in context

The current PM knows CC is real and is not in the pocket of the coal industry as the former PM clearly was. Australia is so vulnerable to climate disruptions but due to a decade of backward conservative leadership has done nothing to prepare or prevent it. This flooding is due to that abject failure.

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Posted in: Randy Bachman to perform at Tokyo American Club after being reunited with stolen guitar See in context

You ain't seen nothin' yet

B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-n-nothin' yet

Here's something that you're never gonna forget

B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-n-nothin' yet

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Posted in: Less than 3% of Japanese firms exiting Russia; lowest among G7: survey See in context

Abe and Trump both sucked up to Putin during their terms in power. Like petting a cobra.

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Posted in: Jan 6 panel focuses on how Trump pressured Pence See in context

Trump is a criminal, he was before he became President, was during his Presidency and continues to be the same today. The evidence is overwhelming that he is a traitor to his country. But the deluded follows of the Big Lie take no mind of facts. If they did they would not have voted for the traitor in the first place.

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Posted in: However it ends, these NBA Finals may be a classic See in context

Warriors in 6. Could be a blowout tomorrow as Boston tends to fall apart at times against the Warrior pressure. No way Steph goes 0fer tomorrow from 3 land. Expect Wigs to come up big again as Boston has no answer for him. He is the best two way wingman on the floor in the finals.

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Posted in: Ruling lawmaker quits party over allegations of drinking with teen See in context

He was married. Wife will forgive him no doubt.

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' stays aloft with $86 mil in its 2nd weekend See in context

Only a idiot would turn a movie review into cancel culture.

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Posted in: Japan is responsible for resolving the abduction issue, not the United States or the international community. See in context

The abduction issue is pure domestic political theater. Abe used it to become PM the first time. There has been zero progress in over 20 years of using the families of the abducted as a political football. It is not 1970 any longer, fifty years gone now. Abe's exploitation of this issue is criminal.

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Posted in: Jennifer Lopez announces engagement to Ben Affleck (again) See in context

What happened to A-Rod? I guess I just do not keep up to date on the J-Lo.

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

If you investigate more closely, you will find that under 25s are more likely to have an accident than over 75s. Should all under 25s be banned from driving, full stop?

This factually incorrect for Japan. Most accidents are caused by the elderly in Japan and it has been that way for years now. Part of the issue is that there are fewer young people in Japan now and also many of them do not want to drive. But the physically and mentally impaired mostly male but not exclusively so geriatrics in Japan continue to drive and Japan lets them do so. So other posters are correct, over 75 drivers should not be allowed behind the wheel unless they can rigorously prove their fitness to drive. Otherwise more and more people will get mowed down, in many instances kids, by these ancient impaired drivers.

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Posted in: Reds tell Akiyama he won't make opening day roster See in context

Another huge bust for a NPB star in the Majors. Reds to pay $8 million to Akiyama to not play for the 2022 season. Basically Akiyama could not hit MLB pitching. A $21 million bust. His best bet is to return to NPB this year.

Anyway lets see how Suzuki does, his form and body size is better suited to the MLB.

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Posted in: 2 drivers arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Chiba See in context

81, once again an ancient driver kills someone and denies it.

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Posted in: Low-cost sterilization of dogs, cats curbs killing of strays See in context

And then we have the mentally unbalanced cat ladies in Japan who feed the wild cats thereby multiplying their numbers. Stray cats end up fouling local parks where kids play. And of the course the cats are in the park after being dumped by their owners when the novelty wears off with Fluffy. Pet ownership is strongly linked to mental deficiencies and cruelty. Pet owners need to be regulated for their own benefit and the rest of society and of course for the animal's sake as well. The article indicates one owner had a hundred cats.

Inagaki operated on more than 100 animals in one case involving a cat owner.

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Posted in: Trump calls Putin smart; indicates he'll run again for president See in context

The secret behind the republican support of Putin and the invasion is like most of what explains the Republican Party, racism. David Duke himself said Russia is the white mans savior.

"Based on quotations from white nationalists and racists like Matthew Heimbach and Pat Buchanan," Stroop added, "I'd say they've certainly looked to Putin as the savior of Christian civilization."

Russian is a white theocracy nation that is anti-gay and anti-abortion which is what Trump and his KKK friends want the USA to become. That is the main message of MAGA.

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Posted in: Trump calls Putin smart; indicates he'll run again for president See in context

The GOP need to get away from this mentally unfit person as soon as possible. They do not need him nor his deranged supporters to get back in the game. The sooner Republicans understand and face this reality the sooner the GOP will have any future.

Nice to pretend there is a road back but Trump is the symptom of a dysfunctional party and not the cause. The Republican Party went off the rails in the 80s under Reagan when he sold out the party to Falwell and the religious right. Once religion and politics were merged the party became unhinged from reality. Whoever follows Trump will be similar or probably worse, for example an outright racist and conman type as Trump is and will always be. If you do not get this sign up for Trump University.

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Posted in: Trump calls Putin smart; indicates he'll run again for president See in context

Trump is no different from those lunatics who attacked the Capital last year, of course Trump asked them to attack America and Democracy. Now he praises the enemy of the USA as being smart. If he were alive in the late 1930s he would have praised Hitler for being smart too for invading Poland.

Trump is exactly what the train wreck Republican Party deserves, a shallow, craven, greedy, immoral idiot. When he loses in 2024 his followers can all move to Russia and join Putin in that disaster of a country, exactly what Trump wants to turn the USA into as well. It is sad to see so many people so deluded and frankly masochistic.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated Djokovic says he is prepared to skip French Open, Wimbledon See in context

He has won 20 tournaments but is now more famous for being an idiot. He was one before of course but now the whole world knows it. Why does he not also start driving through red lights also because red lights are a form of tyranny as well by his goofy definition? He could run over people just as he may have infected others with COVID who possibly have died so he can escape from tyranny. What a sap. And he is willing to pass up other tournaments to carry on his insanity. It is so much like the anti-vaxxers who die from COVID denying COVID exists.

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Posted in: Sexual abuse victims condemn Australian PM's response to claims See in context

Bible thumping low brow backward tot. What an incredible disaster he has been from the fires to the pandemic and on and on.

1 in 3 harassed. Oz is a sexist society that is for sure.

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Posted in: Dog trainer installs 'poop posts' to make city more pet friendly See in context

Dogs are a healthy past time for most owners and thus have a positive public health input ,keeping older people mobile/agile, kids happy etc

True, unless they attack and maim their owners or the unlucky who may be nonchalantly walking past the hounds.


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Posted in: Kobayashi wins ski jumping gold on the normal hill See in context

China is using the Olympics for propaganda purposes so just stop watching it unless your cousin is a snowboarder in the event. Agree with Thomas, the Winter Olympics are boring anyway. Curling? Any sport using a broom is suspect.

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Posted in: Dog trainer installs 'poop posts' to make city more pet friendly See in context

Dog owners turn parks into toilets basically so should be banned entirely. Even if they clean up there is residue excrement on the grass or ground of the park that can be then transferred over to kids who are playing in the park, on their clothes or their hands. Its disgusting and unsanitary. And yes many pet owners do nothing when their lovely Fifi leaves her deposit on the sidewalk or other locations so that others can step in it later. Japan is better than other countries regarding cleaning up after their dogs but still there should be huge fines for letting their dogs defecate where kids play. It seems many do owners are mentally off-balanced when it comes to their pets and therefore totally irresponsible. Example are the numerous cat ladies who feed stray cats in the parks. Bonkers that is for sure.

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Posted in: New Zealand will not fully reopen its borders until October, says PM See in context

Life has risk. Let people make their own assessment about how much risk they are willing to endure in order to go about their business. But no. Politicians, once they give themselves power, are extremely reluctant to let it go. They ALWAYS use the same excuse- "it's for your own good", which is a polite way of saying "shut up, slave".

The hundreds of thousands for anti-vaxxer loons who have died from COVID show how they miscalculated their own risk of death. People smoke, same story. Do not pretend that people know what they are doing and why. Science has flushed that fake theory down the toilet. If you want to be a heroin junky do ahead, if you want to spread death to others get a grip on reality. Look up the word public as in public health.

These sorry libertarians who are still stuck in puberty need to grow up.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is not considering COVID state of emergency for Tokyo See in context

Kitty, please do not confuse the antivaxxer crowd with facts. They know Omicron is less virulent than Delta but they forget way more people are getting infected. Simple math is all that is needed to figure this out but that is beyond the flat earth society types. In Japan the deaths per day are climbing now as well.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson cancels planned visit to Japan: gov't sources See in context

Cheese. Whisky. Cheese. Clotted cream. Cheese. Crumpets. Cheese.

Cleo, you forgot cheese. But good that you mentioned whiskey. What about Kilkenny, oh sorry that is Irish.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson plans to visit Japan in mid-February See in context

Is he bringing his girlfriend on the trip and charging the governmeny like he has done before?

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