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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested over hit-and-run while driving without license See in context

Another ancient driver runs someone over, when will this stop? Police should randomly pull over old people and check them for driving ability, not to mention if they have a license. This carnage the roads at the hands of the ancient in Japan has to stop. It is so easy to spot the incompetent driver out there on the road and nearly all of them, other than the BMW drivers, are old like this criminal.

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Posted in: All U.S. forces in Japan exempted from virus tests since Sept: Hayashi See in context

Just treat the USA Military like Olympic athletes and everything will go beautifully, those were some good times last August. For the virus that is.

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Posted in: A 'gold' year for some but not for many See in context

Gold Metal Disaster is much more accurate.

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Posted in: Springsteen sells music catalog to Sony for $500 million See in context

Wow, that is some cheese. Guess from artist POV better to have money up front for himself and his family.

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Posted in: UK police contacted over report of cocaine use in Parliament See in context

Boris, keep that stuff at home.

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Posted in: City living vs country living in Japan: Which is better? See in context

More empty houses than occupied ones in rural areas, that tells you everything you need to know.

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Posted in: Barbados will spur others to ditch the queen: experts See in context

These new tiny countries may find it tough going alone

They will not miss being exploited by GB and the atrocity of slavery forced on the island under GB ownership.

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Posted in: 2 women waiting at bus stop die after being hit by car driven by 71-year-old man See in context

He could have been many things but one thing he was for sure was too old to drive. Most driving deaths now are caused by older drivers. All of you see them every day on the road, stopping at green lights, driving half the speed limit, weaving into other lanes and hitting other cars-I have seen directly myself. Old guy just drifted out of his lane right into another car. He was clearly both physically and mentally impaired. And there are tens of thousands of them on the roads in Japan too stubborn to stop driving, and the government does really nothing cause old people vote. Results, people get run over by old folks like in this story. Mostly men too Iit seems are the murders.

The government should put the kids of this coger in jail as well. That would put an end to these needless deaths.

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Posted in: CDPJ leadership contenders remain committed to opposition alliance See in context

Junya looks like a character out of Star Trek, the original series.

They should run the woman as that is the only way to stand out. However when I read that Ozawa was still involved in this party after all these years I knew that this party remains doomed.

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Posted in: Wages in Japan, alone among OECD countries, have been stagnant over 30 years See in context

And yet the Japanese people recently voted into power once again the government that has robbed them over the last 30 years while transferring massive funds to the nuclear, construction and military industries.

When will people wake up in this country and put new leaders in place to address income inequality in Japan which is accelerating year by year.


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Posted in: Young people not going to ballot stations means decision-making will be done by elderly people, leading to a society with little consideration towards youth -- which is scary. See in context

Young people in Japan vote the same as older people anyway unfortunately. That is why the LDP opened up voting to 18 year olds.

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Posted in: In the middle of a crisis, Facebook Inc renames itself Meta See in context

Meta World Peace should sue Facebook. For those that do not remember, look up the former Ron Artest.

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Posted in: We want to help create an environment where female researchers can work comfortably by increasing the number of women in leadership positions. See in context


As a male you have that already, 90% of Professors are male in Japan. You know who does not have equal opportunity, women. Period.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor urges Halloween revelers to stay away See in context

and asked them to instead enjoy Halloween at home.

Would someone explain to the Mayor what Halloween is.

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Posted in: Police crackdowns fast making hot-rodder spectacles a fading memory See in context

These idiots use to ride in the hills behind Kobe but then they woke up the big Yak boss in Ashiya one night and he said yamare. Next day no more riding in the hills in Kobe and have been none since. They still do occasionally show up in Sannomiya and other locations but 1/10 of what it use to be.

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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context

Most if not all of these clowns are evangelical christian types, Trump has 90% plus support in that group, so they believe God is on their side. Hence the delusion legal defense strategy and desire to charge the court for their crimes against the USA. Another example of how religion poisons everything as the late great Hitch expounded.

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Posted in: First and foremost, politicians must abandon the unrealistic and optimistic premise of Abenomics that Japan can cure all ills just by reflating nominal growth. See in context

Abe three arrows:

 (i) aggressive monetary policy

did carry out resulting in J government owning 40% of the Nikkei winners, stock owners, losers everyone else. Japan still experiencing deflation.

(ii) fiscal consolidation

Bah hah hah, nothing done here at all. Zero. Total failure.

(iii) growth strategy

Bah hah hah, Japan still striking economically.

And Womanomics, another failure. Japan gender ratings worse now than ten years ago. 30% goal of women managers by 2020 huge failure. More women in poverty now than ten years ago.

So yes Abe failed and more Abenomics will result in more failure.

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Posted in: I made an inappropriate remark. I retract the remark and offer an apology to all family members of the abduction victims as well as related people. See in context

They are dead. What is not dead is the cruel and cynical cheap politics by Abe and the LDP who lied to the families for decades now with absolutely zero results. Abe created a fake issue taking advantage of the hopes of the families and used it to become Prime Minister, so big win for him and after 20 years big nothing for the families and the country. Eventually this issue will go away when everyone directly related to it has died. Including Abe. Historians will call this issue a shameful political exploitation of cheap emotion. The fake wall issue is exactly the same in the USA as manipulated by Trump for many gullible Americans.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

As widely reported the Olympics was clearly a superspreader event and now with it being over the numbers are dropping dramatically. This is obvious. One factor that is hard to measure is the behavior of local people during the Olympics when they see tens of thousands of foreigners let into the country and not monitored for six weeks leading to the conclusion that the Tokyo and national governments were not following science, so why should individuals in Japan follow science either. The Olympics gave non-compliers an huge excuse to not care about safety protocols. Now we are back to normal and the ever present peer pressure in Japan is in full effect. The Olympics were a gold metal disaster for the country.

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Posted in: Pop diva Adele breaks silence and bares pain in return interview See in context

"I realized that when I was working out, I didn't have any anxiety."

Words to live by there . . .

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Posted in: Pulitzer-winning scholar Sherwin, who challenged support for U.S. bombing of Japan, dead at 84 See in context

He was a true Academic, his work was about the truth of the nuclear age as introduced here in Japan unfortunately for political reasons.

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Posted in: In Japan, parents still must single-handedly shoulder all responsibility for raising children. Our country’s philosophy and basic approach toward child rearing are wrong. See in context

Japan spends among the lowest amount on education among OECD countries, sometimes ranking last. Teachers are overworked and underpaid in this country. And class sizes are too big at most levels. Japan could do a lot better as Edano points out to support the eduction of students in the country, not just in school but regarding the affiliated costs like food and after school programs. Will never happen under the LDP as they hate teachers and always underfund education. Bridges and tollways yes, education no.

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Posted in: Masterful Webb pitches Giants past Dodgers in playoff opener See in context

The best team won.

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Posted in: N Korea says abduction issue already resolved See in context

Abe used this fake issue to become PM the first time in a cynical political hack. Nothing has been accomplished by this matter being endlessly flogged by the NHK on orders from Abe. It is sad how the LDP have misled the parents and the nation as a whole on a political trick. The addictions occurred 50 years ago. And as always Japan has never really come to terms with the 500,000 Koreans who were abducted during the colonization of Korea to become slaves in Japan for Japanese companies.

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Posted in: Ohtani wins Baseball Digest player of year See in context

He has my vote.

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Posted in: Trump to invoke executive privilege in Jan 6 House probe See in context

Why the lost right wing folks still worship this immoral and throughly corrupt loser is just amazing. Of course he potted the coop, he was there and told the crowds to march on the Capital but then disappeared after saying to the MAGA traitors he would be at the Capital with them to take back the government. He is not smart enough to hide his plan to overthrow the US government.

This is the perfect example of what saps the Trump followers are, they are like the WWE followers who think the matches are real. So sad as their Dear Leader would so often say.

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Posted in: Yankees limp into offseason following tumultuous season See in context

Dodgers next to fall.

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Posted in: Ohtani open to long-term talks with Angels in offseason See in context

Otani will get a huge salary, 40 million plus, no matter where he plays after he dumps the Angels for a better team. DH would be better fit true, but NL will adopt DH next year anyway, at long last. So AL and NL regarding DH is not a differentiating factor any longer. Try to keep up with how the MLB is evolving guys, slow as it is

West Coast teams are best for Otani's Japan coverage as his agent fully understands no doubt. .

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Posted in: Ohtani open to long-term talks with Angels in offseason See in context

The Angels are a disappointing team and have been for years. They are lucky Otani picked them out of all the other MLB teams that wanted him. But now, now that he has proved his two way credentials, he needs to go to a team that can win the World Series. Nothing else matters in baseball. That team sadly in not the Angels. The resurgent Mariners are a possible choice or SF. Otherwise he needs to be in major market, not the backwater of Anaheim playing with AAA talent in some positions.

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Posted in: Employer vaccine mandates convert some workers, but not all See in context


Totally illogical. if you are not vaccinated you are 11x more likely to get COVID. COVID will ruin your desire for purity as you struggle to breath in an intensive care unit.

Your analogy is flawed as well, no one chooses to get COVID like someone can choose to smoke or not. Your analogy does hold in that smokers inflict their disease on others as do infected COVID people do as well to those around them.

Millions of people all over the world have been vaccinated and the data is irrefutable at this point. Vaccines for COVID are safe and effective. It is the non-vaccinated that are getting sick for the more part and are the ones dying from the virus. This is a clear case where the government has to force people to do the right thing for themselves and others as they are too stupid to do so on their own, like wearing safety belts in cars for example. Many purity lovers objected to that when the law was introduced forcing people to comply. That law saved thousands of lives.

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