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Posted in: Ohtani wins Baseball Digest player of year See in context

He has my vote.

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Posted in: Trump to invoke executive privilege in Jan 6 House probe See in context

Why the lost right wing folks still worship this immoral and throughly corrupt loser is just amazing. Of course he potted the coop, he was there and told the crowds to march on the Capital but then disappeared after saying to the MAGA traitors he would be at the Capital with them to take back the government. He is not smart enough to hide his plan to overthrow the US government.

This is the perfect example of what saps the Trump followers are, they are like the WWE followers who think the matches are real. So sad as their Dear Leader would so often say.

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Posted in: Yankees limp into offseason following tumultuous season See in context

Dodgers next to fall.

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Posted in: Ohtani open to long-term talks with Angels in offseason See in context

Otani will get a huge salary, 40 million plus, no matter where he plays after he dumps the Angels for a better team. DH would be better fit true, but NL will adopt DH next year anyway, at long last. So AL and NL regarding DH is not a differentiating factor any longer. Try to keep up with how the MLB is evolving guys, slow as it is

West Coast teams are best for Otani's Japan coverage as his agent fully understands no doubt. .

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Posted in: Ohtani open to long-term talks with Angels in offseason See in context

The Angels are a disappointing team and have been for years. They are lucky Otani picked them out of all the other MLB teams that wanted him. But now, now that he has proved his two way credentials, he needs to go to a team that can win the World Series. Nothing else matters in baseball. That team sadly in not the Angels. The resurgent Mariners are a possible choice or SF. Otherwise he needs to be in major market, not the backwater of Anaheim playing with AAA talent in some positions.

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Posted in: Employer vaccine mandates convert some workers, but not all See in context


Totally illogical. if you are not vaccinated you are 11x more likely to get COVID. COVID will ruin your desire for purity as you struggle to breath in an intensive care unit.

Your analogy is flawed as well, no one chooses to get COVID like someone can choose to smoke or not. Your analogy does hold in that smokers inflict their disease on others as do infected COVID people do as well to those around them.

Millions of people all over the world have been vaccinated and the data is irrefutable at this point. Vaccines for COVID are safe and effective. It is the non-vaccinated that are getting sick for the more part and are the ones dying from the virus. This is a clear case where the government has to force people to do the right thing for themselves and others as they are too stupid to do so on their own, like wearing safety belts in cars for example. Many purity lovers objected to that when the law was introduced forcing people to comply. That law saved thousands of lives.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context

Old people should be pulled over periodically by the police to check on their license and ability to drive, starting at age 60. They are unsafe and sometimes illegal at any speed unless checked.

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Posted in: Japan to fully lift state of emergency measures this week See in context

Olympics run and infections go up 20x, Olympics over rate drops by 20x. The super spreader event is over and things are returning to a manageable situation once again. How many additional COVID deaths did the Olympics cause, probably in the hundreds.

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Posted in: Elton John kicks off world-spanning gigs for climate, vaccines See in context

Elton John is a hero.

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Posted in: 'We've been expecting you, Mr Bond...': 007 back after virus delay See in context

Sean Connery was the best Bond without question, but this film looks fun.

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Posted in: Mariners walk Ohtani in 9th; hold off Angels to keep pace See in context

Fear of Shotime it is.

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Posted in: Suga tells U.N. Olympics were symbol of global unity See in context

Yes, Japan was unified with other countries that also had a huge spike in COVID infections and related deaths. Other than that there was nothing to speak of really. Oh, it did result in another person being fired from his job, Suga, to join the millions of others worldwide.

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Posted in: The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them. See in context

Incredibly stupid idea, they must be really suffering with low ticket sales to come up with this disgusting idea.

Pet owners are delusional to begin with turning fido into their son. Put that combination with the pet, and maybe the owner also, unable to control their functions and you have a disgusting unsanitary combination. It is bad enough that pets crap all over parks where kids play but put them on a plane to foul the air and the area they are in? Stupid. Hope the airline does run the program and they lose even more passengers avoiding having to see dog excrement in the aisles or have some cat yowling for hours during the flight.

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Posted in: 5-year jail term finalized for 90-year-old over fatal crash See in context

He will not serve a day of his prison term.

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Posted in: Feeding time See in context

Disgusting, flying rats they are. Defecate over everything. Too may senile old people doing this and increasing the pigeon population.

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Posted in: What are some first-date mistakes to avoid? See in context

Try not to lock your keys in the car, heard this from a friend . . .

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Posted in: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers See in context

As the Delta variant became dominant in the U.S. this summer, data showed that unvaccinated Americans were 4.6 times as likely to be infected, 10 times as likely to be hospitalized and 11 times as likely to die from Covid-19 than vaccinated people.

Fact, not opinion. Anti-vaxers are the ones dying from their own delusions and conspiracy theory nuttiness. They need to be protected from their own stupidity like helmet laws for motorcycle drivers who want bodily autonomy. But non-helmeted riders only kill themselves usually, the anti-vaxers kill themselves and others as well.

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Posted in: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers See in context

Like those brave nurses who quit rather than give up their rights to bodily autonomy, a sizeable chunk of citizens simply won't budge.

Being dead is permanent loss of bodily autonomy. These sadly misinformed losers probably have inoculations for many other diseases like MMR but the COVID vaccination is a no go for these 3000. Hey, some people still believe the earth is flat too. There is no end to the impact of stupidity in society but when it comes to a pandemic stupid people have no right to kill others.

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Posted in: People in the disaster zone feel strongly that recovery efforts were used as a pretext to bring the Olympics to Tokyo. See in context

I am sure that just the opposite occurred, constructions was diverted from Tohoku to Tokyo. Another example of the Gold Metal disaster the Tokyo Olympics were with the biggest damage to Japan of course being the superspreader aspect of the Olympic flop.

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Posted in: Tips for smokers in 21st century Japan See in context

diesel exhaust contains even more serious carcinogens than vegetable smoke in greater concentration including Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is given off when cigarettes are burned. Diesel engines are not run in restaurants or other indoor locations.

Some of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke include:

Nicotine (the addictive drug that produces the effects in the brain that people are looking for)

Hydrogen cyanide.





Radioactive elements, such as polonium-210 (see below)


The weak "see what cars are doing" retort by smokers does nothing to reduce second hand smoke deaths caused by the sadly addicted to nicotine crowd. It is a red herring logical fallacy.

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Posted in: Tips for smokers in 21st century Japan See in context

Lung cancer is your reward for lifelong smoking Mr Lloyd, the number killer of males in Japan. That will be the last chapter of your whimsical story, and not a happy one.

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Posted in: Employees will be allowed to smoke during lunch and other breaks. But they will be asked to take some time before getting back to work after smoking as the risk of causing passive smoking is believed to linger for about 45 minutes after smoking. See in context

Yes smokers you do stink. Sometimes on the trains the stench is horrible. And those around you are taking in the thousands of toxics that are in your clothes after you smoke. They do not magically disappear.

Disgusting anti-social habit that needs to be severely taxed to capture all the external costs created by toxic smoke. Also raising the price is the only way the addicted losers who still smoke will eventually quit. Getting cancer is not enough as is clear now to all.

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Posted in: Lack of TV time spoils Tokyo Paralympics' big opportunity See in context

No interest whatsoever, and that was true for the proceeding superspreader event as well. Zero interest.

So many of the apologists for the Paralympics said this would help Japan accept the disabled, even though that was not the case the last time it was held in Japan. Well, we can say that it failed to move the needle on this social cause once again. People choose not to watch at all.

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Posted in: Japanese police struggling with growing number of 'CAN invaders' used to steal luxury cars See in context

Yes, my Lexus was hacked just the other day. Fortunately my backup vehicle, a Maserati which goes 185, was not touched. But I lost my license so now I don't drive.

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Posted in: ABBA announces comeback album, London show after decades apart See in context

Money, money, money

Must be funny

In the rich man's world

Money, money, money

Always sunny

In the rich man's world

A-ha, ah

All the things I could do

If I had a little money

It's a rich man's world

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Posted in: 90-year-old ex-elite bureaucrat gets 5-year jail term over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

"I hope you will acknowledge your responsibility and negligence, and sincerely apologize to the bereaved family,"

The judge asked Iizuka to do the right think and I am sure he still refused as he continues to believe he is not at fault for killing the victims. Sad but not surprising. So many needless deaths caused by letting incapacitated seniors drive in this country. And since Japan continues to age this will only get worse. Nothing impactful will change as old people vote for the LDP.

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Posted in: 1st Tokyo Paralympic Games athlete hospitalized due to COVID See in context

These numbers are just the athletes. The true number of the superspreader Olympic events is in the tens of thousands. August 9th the government will suddenly declare the infection rates are serious.

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Posted in: Last U.S. troops exit Afghanistan, ending America's longest war See in context

20 year disaster. Eventually OBL was found and killed but in another country. Total and complete waste brought to you by the twin war criminals Bush Jr and Cheney. $2.3 trillion wasted on nothing. Biden did the right thing to finally end the catastrophe this invasion turned out to be. Iraq was even worse, creating ISIS.

But all the normal suspects at the time cheered on this invasion and also the Iraq invasion based on lies. Maybe they will learn something for once. Maybe not. Being totally wrong again changes nothing.

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Posted in: Difficult to end state of emergency as planned: health minister See in context

Captain Obvious strikes again.

What does the country expect after the mismanagement of the last year and half. How can Koike say stay home and let 100,000 blue into the country for a sporting event/super spreader event?

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