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Zurg comments

Posted in: Should the abductee issue be part of the agenda for the six-nation talks on North Korea’s nuclear program? See in context

The North Korean people are scared mal-nourished people. It is the government that don't care. When the leader is fanatical there will not be a change.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

China would never give up its numbers of how much they spend on their military. That is a foolish thing to even ask, however one must ask in order to get a responce. China will be the next soviet union to fall.

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Posted in: China takes propaganda war with Japan to United Nations See in context

Japans Prime Minister's visit is to respect the ones who had given their lives in war. It is respect of ones ancestors. It meant no disrespect to others. One must respect that. oh ... wait ... china has no ancestors ... they don't exist.

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Posted in: Should doping in sport be a crime? See in context

It is not a sport anymore when you use drugs. It is a sign of desperation to compete and win. With drugs no one wins.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

No. The question is more likley to sture up hatred to the USA. It wasnt the USA that raped and pillaged Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia etc. Even the Japanese people didn't know of the atrocities that their military was doing. Even today they do not talk about it in their history books. Because they are living in shame..... There is no more room for hatred at this time.

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Posted in: Snails face: Beauty treatment offers slime power See in context

I heard that the Oregon slugs have the same slim

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Posted in: Anger mounts in tsunami-hit areas over political power games See in context

Mr. Kan is a coward. When so may people have died and who have given their lives in the nuculear power plants, how can a leader quit. A leader leads not run away!

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Posted in: Questions raised over Unification Church's involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic venue See in context

Sioux Choof : For that statement to say that 'Rev. Monn is not the 2nd coming' is a little naieve on your account. You can't take every thing as truth as YOU see it then proclaim to others that it is. What you reguard as truth can, to some, be a lie or just misleading which you have been or just becoming a spokesman for such retoric. Everyone has their own course and does not need another christain to belittle others who don't believe in what you call truth. Since the bilble has been translated a good 40 times as well as interpreted another 1000 times it would be misleading to say what you call truth, is. .... thank you for you attention

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Posted in: At this point in time, who has the best claim to the disputed four Russian-administered islands off Hokkaido? See in context

Japanese army lossed it after the war. The posession can be viewed as a victory trophy since they were at war with each other. The Japanese army did occupy into Russia during that time. In addition, the Japanese army didn't think twice of the occupancy of Korea and of the brutality it did to the innocents. So, without further adue, Japan would have to wait for another 10 years or so. Good luck !!

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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Barack Obama is a good choice for the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

NO !! He hasn't done anything to deserve it. He's caused a turbulence of troubles in the US and will do the same to the rest of the world. He is on the top of HIS world only. That's it.

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Posted in: Which conspiracy theory would you most like to find out the truth about? See in context

What does it matter? What is more important to me is how are we going to stop tyranny around the world? This is why people are starving. Save the hungry and leave his wife at home. Some thug tries to control the masses all the while living it up in a white mansion in wash DC. Arrogance has once again reached a new low. All of the men and women in congress must be forced to pay taxes on their nine different homes like everybody else. Isn't ALL the American Congress in the top 10% of wealth?

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

So, it's OK for NK to shoot a missle over Japan huh? Dosen't Japan has the right to defend itself? If Japan were to launch a missle over NK for 'testing purposes' then what ?? If NK shoots it down, will Japan call that an 'act of war' ?

The leaders of NK are so stupid. Japan must stand its ground. Anything that even threatens Japan, then they must shoot it down. NK cannot bully anyone just to get attention.

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Posted in: Which office jerk bothers you the most? See in context

I agree with telecasterplayer. The schemer is one who hates you and coerces management of your, so-called, bad habits. He/she will be sure you and others like you are out of the way while their brown nose starts to smell.

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Posted in: Which side is more insulting to the other: pro-whalers or anti-whalers? See in context

Weather the whales have feelings or not, Japan eats fish. This is their life and tradition.

It is not for us to interfere into THEIR (Japanese) affairs.

Who is it to say that whales are off limits? Japanese have rights too!

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Posted in: What do you use the Internet for the most? See in context

Education - I get alot of info everywhere I go. My for fathers would have loved this!

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Posted in: Israeli military completes Gaza pullout See in context

The Palestinians along with the HAMAS should give up the 'GAZA'. They ALL should leave! The war will never be finished until they leave. This way there is no suspicion, no anger, and no depletion of populations. They can go to Syria or Iran. Be done with it!

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Posted in: What do you think President Barack Obama's first priority should be? See in context

The economy. tax cutz

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Posted in: Ford to slash Mazda stake to raise cash See in context

I like Fords. For me, Chevys are not good. Ford is good. Dodge is OK. But Toyota is better. Mazda has been riding high because of ford.

Some Union workers are they death of honest Union workers who just want to live a simple life. There are Union employees that retire at 55, receive their full pension, at the same time work at another job. Thus receiving full pay and benefits from both. They own 3 homes, six cars, a boat, a chopper (motorcycle) and travel to Europe 1st class every year on their 2 month paid vacation. Isn't this the American DREAM? Those employees either be cut back or should be dropped all together.

Those auto workers have sucked their industries dry. Lee Iacocca was one of the big dudes allowing this. Like all of us, they need to cut the fat and reduce the waste.

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Posted in: Is Barack Obama's election as U.S. president good news for Japan? See in context

hopefully he will see the evil north korea and the determination for them to destroy japan. we shall see if he is another carter. another clinton trying to love thy nieghbor for campain contributions.

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

When Rush Limbaugh said McCain must win this if we have to drag him accross the finish line, shows us that Mccain did not have the Reagan spirit. And the results show this.

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Posted in: Obama sweeps to victory, says change has come to America See in context

Congratulations, President Elect Barack Hussein Obama II

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

blackflig - It's a spoonful of surgar. and it will be a pill that is swwet! it will be more like 47% Obama and 49% McCain. and It is the undecided that will save the day. And don't forget, of course, with all the Accorns questionable ballot 'technics' I see Lawsuites. Lots of them !! And with 107 diffrent factions of the Accorn movement, there will be fingerpointing and Lawsuites. Alright, let's hear it for the rightous and the Supreme court. (:^D)

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

When MR.obama comes into office, you will see how the puppeteers will control his and your life.

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Posted in: Prince Charles says global warming more important than financial crisis See in context

Since when did the Prince have to worry about money? This has not been a subject that affects him or his family. He can goo any where, do anything and say what he wants. Boy, he does have something, oh hum, to talk about. The weather ! !

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

McCain and Palin are for me. Some worry that Palin will be an asset if MaCain were to pass. It is Biden you need to worry about if Obama were to die. Biden has iching to be the prez for some time now. Palin is a more a real person then Biden. Deleware was a slave state and Biden, the racist, looks like one that could have been an owner. What a couple they would make. I bet Michelle was angry when Biden was chosen. Alaska is, at least, 10 times bigger then Delaware. In addition, you MUST be aware that with all the liberials pulling Obama's strings,( Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Schumar, Frank, Dodd ) the country WILL go down the toilet. It will take MANY Joe the Plumber's to fix this one.

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Posted in: Which side is doing the most mud-slinging in the U.S. presidential campaign? See in context

It has been the dems' who have been instigating the 'mud-slinging' and at times very violent. And since the media is in the left wing pocket then you will not see balanced reporting.

If the Dems' walk through the street in front of the reps', then they will get the respect that they deserve. This is not reported.

When the reps' walk through the street in front of the dems' they shove the middle finger at them and tell them to go off and die. This is also not reported.

The dems' allow rape to support their abortion agenda. They support financial chaos in order to change the 'status quo'. Their goal is to fill their left wing, communistic, agenda.

The dems' are the decedents of slave owners. That is why they, historically, do not endorse blacks. Mr. Obama is a blessed one that will, one day, see how narrow they really are and he will CHANGE.

When George Washington was leading men into battle, hundreds of Thomas Jefferson supporters ran west so not to participate. When the war was won, they came back and shouted down the 'patriots'. So was the birth of the dems'.

The reps' are not so innocent. Frustration does enter the good men’s' mind, however it is easy to see that THEY are the mudslingers because the left wing media says it is so. Is It True? Look again ... but harder this time.

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Posted in: John Lennon Super Live to be held on Dec 8 at Budokan See in context

She's a real money woman, sitting in her Dakota house, Man. Isn't it really all about the MONEY, man.

Where's Sean and his band? Is it On the Run?, man?

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Posted in: Do you think reading newspapers will become a thing of the past in the Internet era? See in context

not everybody likes computers, you know. However, even newspaper companies need computers. very fast ones.

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Posted in: What do you think of American swimmer Michael Phelps' long victory yell after he wins a race? See in context

I T's G R E A T !

E X U B E R A N T !

F A N T A S T I C O !

K O H U M S H I M A S !

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Posted in: Who would be the best U.S. president from Japan's perspective? See in context

It seems that not much people of THIS blogg are not in agreement with the 'Poll Numbers'.

Mr. McCain is more mature and experienced in worldly decisions.

Most People in the USA can see through the charade of Mr. OhBama.

All of his talking points are in line with the Liberal democratic party of the US.

Most of the Middle America will not let this go by. It's the large cities that could steel this election.

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