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Posted in: New York Times defends decision not to run McCain's op-ed article See in context


It is quite or quiet clear that your points are well rehearsed or you would not be defending it so.

As you may already know, the New York Times 2Q profit had dropped to 82 percent.

Keep up the good work. We expect high marks from this. I’m sure we'll be hearing from you again.

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Posted in: New York Times defends decision not to run McCain's op-ed article See in context

H O W E V E R,

It is NOT the place of the New York Times to dictate a Presidential Candidate of what he should or can not say ! !

It's very clear that, once again, the NYT is a left wing paper that is dictating of what Senator McCain will say.

And even suggesting to follow Obama ! ! That's totally absurd! !

They might as well suggest that he should include some notes from Karl Marx.

Middle America will not listen to such 'high-nose crap'. It exposes, once again, the crap that the NYT will put out.

Since it is the Clinton's paper, the left-wing propaganda is spewing out. They will not survive because the USA is better than that ! !


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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book superhero and why? See in context


Spiderman's family will rule the cities.

His kids will make a mess and Spidey will have to clean it up.

The cities all over the world will be tangled in webs galore.

However, his kids will be sure all of the evil become entangled.

And the liberals will be stuck on how to be rid of this web-menace.

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Posted in: Should world leaders attend the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony? See in context

Even though we, or they have differences, every Leader will be proud for the effort and honor of their Athletes from their country.

They should attend. I know, I would.

Free ticket for me anyone??

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Posted in: School teacher arrested for peeping up student's skirt in Oita See in context

What do they do with people like that?

Do they go to jail?

Reformed Teachers school?

Go to 'How to NOT peek under skirts' club?

Peekers anonymous anyone?

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Posted in: Clinton urges her backers to support Obama See in context

It's the MONEY, Man!

Who paid her to get out of the race?

Who is paying her to support him?

What man has his testicles in a lock box?

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. should lead drive to force fair elections in Zimbabwe or unseat Mugabe See in context

Ohbama wants to run the world affairs before he can take care of his own country. Again, it shows that he shoots from the mouth too much.

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Posted in: Japanese missing out on orgasms, Durex survey shows See in context

I don't think that this survey is accurate. I believe there are allot of quiet ones who do have great orgasms but don't need to talk publicly.

( Is this the top of the Japanese disscussions today? )

What happened the the NK kidnapping?

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Posted in: Cop arrested over sex with woman involved in crime investigation See in context

He did not kill her. He did not commit suicide with her. He did not steal her car. He did not rob her of her possesions. Obviously, there was allotting of pressure with the job. Moreover, I bet, even at thirty, she is very pretty.

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Posted in: International Tokyo Toy Show 2008 kicks off See in context

Bring on Totoro, Jejimaru, and the rat! Let's not for get Astroboy

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Posted in: Would you like to see Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's running mate? See in context

Me too. However, this is an international forum, is it not? Not just for the Japanese, ehhh?

Who wants to keep the former President and his wife, the first Lady alive anyway? You know, we've never heard the last of them. They are certainly in the history books.

You'll never keep them away, even after they pass. For, as you all know, there is still ..........>> Chelsea?

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Posted in: Would you like to see Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's running mate? See in context

One word, one name, one man will keep Hillary away from all this!!

IT IS ... Taaaa Daaaa

the Come back kid, Slick-Willie, the Schlick Mister!!

That's right. It's Monica's favorite man....

William Jefferson Clinton

Thank you very much

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Posted in: Obama criticizes McCain for hiring lobbyists; Clinton may carry fight to convention floor See in context

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World of Liberals. Off we go into the vicious spew called rhetoric.

When did any of them, McCain, Clinton and Obama govern anything? None of them haven't even been a Mayor for God's sake. Nevertheless, whoever becomes the president, the liberals still hold the house and the senate and only garbadge will come of this. Who was in charge of the house and the senate when we went into WW2? Demo's. Who was in charge of the house and the senate when we went into Vietnam? Demo's. Who is now in charge when we now? Demo's. Expect higher taxes, dependant on Government, all your rights gone. This is NOT Bush who did this.

The Demo's, stupid, the Demo's!!!

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Posted in: Clinton vows to stay in race; lends her campaign $6.4 million See in context

Stay in. Keep up the pressure. Don't give up. Look at Huckabee. He stayed in, but was pressured to get out. How 'bout Ron Paul? I heard he's still in.

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Posted in: From Cutie Honey to sexy nurse See in context

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I wonder? Do I have to logged on to NHK? I'd love to hear her voice.

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