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Zushirezi comments

Posted in: Motorcyclist, 2 pedestrians killed in accident See in context

I live on a hill above the 134. Almost every night it sounds like bozos on big bikes using it as a speedway track until the early hours. Every weekend, too. Guess the cops don't like hanging out on coastal routes around midnight. Much easier to hide behind corners in the city during the day & bust car drivers that haven't properly stopped @ train crossings.

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Posted in: Japan rugby fans See in context

That was a brilliant game.

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Posted in: The Joy of Sake festival returns to Tokyo See in context

Uragasumi Daiginjo Shizukuzake from Miyagi is the best. Last Christmas some friends we invited for Christmas dinner presented me with a bottle. Quite difficult to get hold of I'm told.

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Posted in: Antiterror drill held in Tokyo ahead of Rugby World Cup, Olympics See in context

Having been fortunate enough to have attended a Rugby World Cup, I think you'll find that rugby fans are extremely friendly and good-natured. You really do not need to be worried about them "on a night out looking for a fight".

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Posted in: Japan's rugby team bank on business of winning See in context

Not very auspicious that the the IRB dropped Tokyo from the Sevens World Series this year in favour of Singapore. Last year the crowd & atmosphere was finally getting better although still a long way from the brilliant Hong Kong 7's.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules tattoo check on city employees illegal See in context

@ StormR Yes. Hopefully common sense will prevail and Hirai's dictatorial whims in Zushi will be ruled illegal and the Beach House Association win their ongoing court case against him.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

In HK Mainland Chinese are called 'locusts' for this kind of behaviour.

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Posted in: Japan wins place in 2016 Super Rugby See in context

Excellent. Need to grow support here in advance of RWC 2019.

Would be great if Japan beat NZ Maoris over the next couple of weekends. If you've not been to an international match at Chichibunomiya ~ check it out. Fantastic atmosphere.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context


"Drinking and swimming can be dangerous"

Then don't do them. Simple

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@ UK So no skin in the game, eh?

People living in Japan - please be aware that some of the posters here are not actually living in Japan even when writing they're going to Zushi Beach this weekend.

These sickos are just trolling.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@ Yongyangyong

Ah, 2 names = 2 votes. That's how you rig it, eh?

Zushi really does not need any (more) sad, narrow-minded, intolerant daytripper tourists. We have enough here already.

But you go get drunk on your 'lots' of G&T (not thinking about bringing your own down, are you? tut, tut) and pray to your god. Sounds like a pretty average Sunday outing, but keep your hymns down please (remember "No Sound").

We, the HAPPY people of Zushi (we know who we are) have plenty more beaches to enjoy around here, away from killjoys like yourself. Plus we enjoy them weekdays, too, not just at weekends.

You might also want to re-check your Japanese Children's Games.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@ UK(Sub)

You really should refrain from posting at 2:00am when you sound very confused.

Obviously that Rolls Royce body of yours doesn't get much night-time action : (

But then, you're so fond of blowing your own horn that "No Sound" doesn't bother you.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@ Yong the Cool

"Off to Zushi this weekend" ? It seems you do not live here in Zushi.

I, too, shall be at Zushi Beach on Saturday - working as volunteer staff for the NPO, BCN (Beach Club Network). We start with a beach clean from 10am, then have a programme of teaching marine sports (surfing/windsurfing/stand -up paddle/ kayaking/sailing/canoeing to young children along with other activities. Often we invite children from the Tohoku earthquake affected region. Parents, grandparents, teenager, adults -all are welcome to enjoy. We don't care about the colour(s) of your skin. And it's all free. We finish with Beesun Tobashi (Flipflop kicking) competitions for various age groups. Adding to the general ambiance we play a tape of Shonan kids' beach songs.

The "No Sound " restriction will prevent us from playing that now. Making things just a little less cheerful. Cool, eh?

But hey Yong, enjoy your 'NICE' time this weekend in your UV tent, drinking tepid Coca Cola and not listening to music before it's time to go home at 6:30pm : ) Watch out- the weather forecast is cloudy & rain.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@ sensei

At Zaimokuza Beach, next beach to the west and also at Yuigahama the signs are " Do not drink too much" and "Keep sound levels below 80db".

Definitely more reasonable and less draconian. Don't you think?

Same "Cover Tattoo" nonsense, though.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

@UK So wrong.

"banning tattoed people is the one thing that local people and councils can ban in order to ban yakuza, it's a weapon in their small collection of anti-gangster weaponary"

Far too many people getting hit by friendly fire is OK then.

Anyone who actually goes to Zushi Beach will see the % of people with tattoos who are yakusa is miniscule.

So the council forcing 'their social Norms' on society is COOl ?

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

Sharia Law arrives @ Zushi Beach.

ISIS are (literally) killing to achieve this kind of control ~ no music/dancing/alcohol/smoking and covering up of flesh (albeit female in their case).

I have been at the beach today, the first sunny day since the beach opened. Two obese, uniformed goons patrolling, asking some people with tattoos to cover up. But they have none of the sheets used for cover-up purposes with them, so one goes trundling up the beach to get some. Fashion Police or Beach Bouncers? Later, as I'm drinking a can of beer in a stubby he approaches me "O-sake" he says to his colleague, before he's halfway through 'Sumimasen......' I tell him to go away in strong terms. He doesn't bother me further.

I think many posters here do not visit the beach very often otherwise there would not be ridiculous comments like 'how about banning smoking' ~ smoking has been banned on Kanagawa beaches for several years now. That was the thin end of the wedge.

The report is wrong in saying 'Loud music' is banned - all music is banned, huge signs at the entrances to the beach say 'No Sound' (sic).

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Posted in: Japan rallies to beat Canada in Pacific Nations Cup rugby See in context

Excellent second half. This was Japan's 8th successive win. If they beat US in the next round, the home game against Six Nations side Italy on June 21st will see them going for 10-in-a-row.

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Posted in: Temperatures top 35 degrees for 2nd straight day See in context

The time is right for Dancing in the Streets.

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Posted in: Osaka court clears nightclub owner of violating dancing regulations See in context

Perhaps one day (hopefully soon) we can look forward to dancing on the beach rather than banning music there.

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Posted in: 23 people in Kanagawa face charges for allowing minors to smoke, drink alcohol See in context

This is police work? Suppose it beats practicing their golf swing at the station.

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Posted in: Zushi passes resolution banning alcohol, loud music on beach See in context

Happy, smiling people -that's what we had @ Zushi Kaigan. A friendly, laid-back, INTERNATIONAL vibe enjoyed by (almost) everyone who visited. However, I think, some of the comments here, including those attributed to officials, are from people who have never been to Zushi Beach. As a Zushi resident of 12 years+ and a mainichi beach goer, I have only ever seen one fist thrown in anger, and that missed. Children love it - show me a child who doesn't like to dance and I'll show you a parent with some serious issues. The real scary people are those concerned citizens who do the beach sweep around 7:00pm on weekends with their light sticks, like some 60's Hammer Horror peasants revolting scene, so they can walk their dogs along the beach to defecate freely.

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