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Posted in: Another flight delayed after pilot exceeds alcohol limit See in context

Varnes-san he didn't consume 4 liters of alcohol, he consumed 4 liters of water containing about 400 ml of alcohol. That is still a lots, almost half a liter but over a long time. He was partly drunk because of the last bottle of wine considering it was probably 13% .

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Here is the proof that immigration is a complicated thing; Over the years I read this news and comments and I see that most of the nonnative residents of Japan are almost always bashing Japan. So far for adapting to the ways and culture of the country they live in and enjoy the benefits of living in. Now look at the very amplified version of the same disrespectful attitude of the migrants and guest workers in any of the countries where the Europeans are the Majority and one easily gets to became phobic, meaning concerned, scared, but unlike the immigrants themselves, not hateful. There is the big difference between phobia (fear) and hate.

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Posted in: No survivors as Ethiopian Airlines plane crashes with 157 aboard See in context

look back at the history of DC10's It took several crashes before they admitted and acted upon the facts.

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Posted in: Nerves fray, tempers flare as Venezuela blackout hits fourth day See in context

We all know but pretend not to know the truth about Venezuela, fifty years of huge amounts of wealth pouring in top the country stolen by the few rich and foreign interests brought the country to a despair where only one willing to try to fix it was pro socialist Chavez. If the country was not already going down the tubes he would never get elected. His socialism started off in good direction but it also encouraged few other indigenous politician in surrounding countries to get elected then the good old USA stepped in first by embargoes and financing of the opposition and by organizing industrial sabotage and then by causing global oil crisis, mainly to choke Russia and Iran but Venezuela was included in the plan.

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Posted in: Safety of Boeing's MAX 8 in question after Ethiopian Airlines plane crashes, killing 157 See in context

for now it looks as the plane programing fault. If this pilot and co pilot had several takeoffs and landings of the same model it is unlikely they caused the crash. If the pilots are not properly informed of the possible surprise malfunction of the robotics on the plane there is very little they can be expected to do to bypass the faulty system.

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Posted in: Trump says he would be 'very disappointed' in Kim if reports about N Korea launch site true See in context

for Trump, Abe, Israel and main NATO players Kim is the blessing they do not want to stop. He is the main enabler of their military expansion and unlimited amounts of the public money stolen and put in to the fortunes of the military complex. They know he is not a danger but they provoke him and make him look like a menace and by no means will they make a real deal with him, they are even preventing any further rapprochement between the SK and NK because the SK is the only country with genuine interest in peace and normalization between the two Koreas. To the contrary American and Japanese governments and militaries are in a great fear of this actually happening.

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Posted in: N Korea, Trump give conflicting accounts of summit collapse See in context

Trump was not allowed to give up anything and Kim was too smart to give up anything. Without Nukes Kim is on the road to Libya, he knows that trasting USA is worst then suicide and while NK survived over 50 Years under pressure and sanctions few more years will not change anything. Meanwhile USA needs as many excuses as they can get so the military industrial gangsters can keep their robbery of the American taxpayers and their theft of freedom and resources all over the world, yes of course including Japan.

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Posted in: Venezuela's Guaido plans to go home despite safety concerns See in context

Venezuela's economy was destroyed by venezuela's elite and industrialists that closed factories and moved their business out of the country, they created big unemployment crises and that is what brought Chavez to pover. Chavez nationalized failed businesses and left them to the employees but because he was a native and a socialist USA embargoed Venezuela and made all attempts to bring the country on its knees economically and by financing opposition that sabotaged economy from inside. Then came the USA engineered oil crises that was arranged mainly to crash Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan economies. Maduro didn't create the Venezuelan crisis he just is not able to solve it, not under the Sanctions and domestic sabotage. USA wants to create another Libya or Iraq out of Venezuela and at the same time hurt the Russian and Chinese interests there.

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Posted in: High risk of powerful quake in northeastern Japan within 30 years: panel See in context

"The science book that says building nuclear power plants on a very active part of the Ring of Fire is a monumentally stupid idea."

The truth that all anti nuke freaks ignore is that there are safer reactors such as "candu" heavy water type, but also that even the Dai-ichi and all antique Japan's reactors could be secured from security failures such as the last one. Water towers and above ground backup systems, just two of the many things that are missing. Safer reactors are more expensive but only in the short term. Japan can, if willing, do the things right.

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Posted in: Japan's defense chief calls for space, cyber cooperation with U.S. See in context

And he thinks that Russians will be stupid enough to hand over the strategic Island and their security to a country that is willing puppet of USA. Japan is being brought back to the pre WWII war seeking philosophy

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

No way can Russia give up this islands to a country controlled by USA. Before the ink would dry Americans would have their base there and threaten Russian security. Japan is playing a prostitute in this game and does not deserve any sympathy.

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Posted in: Number of new adults up slightly to 1.25 mil on New Year's Day See in context

Considering its size Japan with its population of 126 million should stop complaining about the population shrinkage, It should instead adopt to the trend and find the way to reduce the dependance on the manual labor and rely more on the robots and Artificial Intelligence. Russian population is slightly higher than that of Japan spread over the 45 times larger area and even if half of it is consider to cold it is stil 25 times more land for the almost same population. Russian population is also ageing so if the can do without importing foreign labor Japan can do it to. Another country to look at is Canada, with barely over 30 million on a land 26 times of Japan.

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Posted in: N Korean leader calls for more talks with South in new year See in context

Not sure that Japan is eager to see them reunite, while there is a very small chance of NK actually striking Japan there is more chance that Japan would suffer economically of united and powerful Korea. Considering the current animosity and strong competition by ROK united Korea would be more than Japan is hoping for. Besides for the Abe NK is a blessing, all excuses he need to militarise.

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Posted in: Costs for scrapping 79 nuclear facilities estimated at ¥1.9 tril See in context

Candu reactors are safe but no one wants to by them because the startup price is high. in the long run the are safer and cheaper because of lower maintenance and operating costs. CANada Deuterium Uranium, because it was invented in Canada, uses deuterium oxide (also known as heavy water) as a moderator, and uranium as a fuel. ... CANDU reactors can be refueled while operating at full power, while most other designs must be shut down for refueling.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

It is probably because Citizens of Japan in the past were all Japanese nationality compare with many other countries like say Canada, USA and most of Europe where citizenship and nationality are often two different things. To modernize its immigration and citizenship policy Japan should separate the two, Anyone that lives in Japan or was born in Japan after certain time and conditions are met should be a Citizen and have a right to a passport and all rights and obligation provided by law. The nationality is a genetic issue and one can't become Japanese or stop being Japanese because of change of Citizenship or place of living. Native people of Hokkaido are Japanese citizens but they do not see themselves as Japanese. In Canada everyone is something besides being a Canadian citizen, in reality here we all feel very Canadian while having a lesser attachment to a second thing, a national origine. Yuki Shiraishi was born and raised in switzerland and she is swiss by culture, so I see no reason that she should expect anything from Japan simply because of her genetics. She rightfully holds a swiss passport but why should she expect to have a right to a Japanese one? All other cases mentioned are opposite in nature and merit the attention.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

I am not in favor of killing wales but at least as far as I am informed all of the poor creature is used and nothing goes to waste. What bothers me to madness is the fact that we can't prevent the Shark fin hunting, a gruesome practice of cutting off the living creatures fins and dumping the Shark back in to the sea to die slow painful death. At least if the Complete animal is taken and consumed that can be justified by saying that we are naturally created top of the feeding chain but this finn cutting practice has no justification and should be banned. Any establishment that offers any Shark or Whale based meals will not get any of my money for sure.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

USA and Japan should concentrate on their own people and their own social and material infrastructures.

Building a stronger military only forces China and Russia build more of their military. Up to now they keep catching up and not surpassing. Considering that they have never been aggressors and have been aggressed and are under constant political and military threat by USA, its puppet NATO with SK and Japan closely sticking by, it is a normal trend for those two to be frightened and ready for a preemptive defensive strike. It does not matter how much Japan robs the mouths of its people to please the warmongers and USA , If the Chinese or Russians are provoked in too a war it will be an all out war, a quick all buttons pressed war and while they well be hit back hard there will be no winners. If China goes for more land it is Russia, not Japan to be concerned however this is not happening any time soon. Free independent highly populated Japan is better for China as a commercial partner and consumer. China's dominance around its borders and shores is natural and justifiable while USA presence on everyone's borders and shores is an aggression and international injustice and cause tensions everywhere. And ironically Japan and USA are more afraid than happy with any rapprochement between two Koreas, specially the military warmongers would lose part of their reasoning for heavier militarization.

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Posted in: Canada defends arrest of Huawei exec as markets wobble See in context

it matters not if they are called communist or not. They allowed to be forced by the westen evil empires in to becoming de facto capitalist and they do it all as requested by propaganda and pressure from the west requested. American way is to have dead bodies of the opponents found in the parks and closets while Russians have them die in jail of loneliness and remorse, Chinese keep the locked up and make no sekret of it. But our Canadian politicians keep licking the American derrieres and definitely do not execute the wishes of majority of Canadians. Arresting one person after another and accusing countries by blindly repeating USA opinions and demands is not the real Canadian way. And here we see only the comments of China haters who probably have hard time walking through their homes without tripping over their hoardings of cheap Chinese products.

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

Most important thing to note here is that those that benefited greatly of this guys work and dedications are now paying him back with mistreatment and removal of his rights to personal health and dignity. His income was not a secret and government could easily know if what he declared was truth or not. Why did they wait for the time they think he delivered all they needed and now is the time to get rid of him.

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Posted in: Trump shifts focus to Japan after trade truce with China See in context

Japan just like Canada, Mexico and even China is being screwed by the Trump all of nothing principle. He is smart and they are stupid not realizing that his demands and threats are totally empty. If they all said no to his advances he would pool back with his tail between his legs but they are scared idiots that know how to be dictators but not how to do business so they are throwing their countries interests under his feet. Sad Sad Sad!

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

Trump is literally bullying countries in to buying American trash just because Americans need money. All they have to do is stop spending and buying so there debt will decrease. No one is forcing them to buy anything, it is their own choosing.

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Posted in: Trump faces China trade showdown, Russia, Saudi tensions at G20 See in context

"Putin is going to annex the Ukraine." It would be best for Ukraine but I doubt he will do that, only if the really force him to do so. Ukraine would be a big sinkhole for Russian economy and dead ballast for Russian people.

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Posted in: Gene-editing scientist under scrutiny by Chinese officials See in context

what did he influence or modify, was it to correct some genetic disorder ?

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Posted in: Ruling bloc pushes bill to expand foreign labor through lower house See in context

Japan needs better governance and better labour management, it also needs to cut down on shopping and consumerism as a main raison d'etre, there are better things in life than working hard to be able to waste hard.

Importing labour is a tool to keep the salaries down and make more profit for the corporations, there is a net loss to the society as a whole. While the part of the cost of foreign labor is born by the employers additional cost of administration and management of their stay in the country is paid by the taxpayers. In every country with hi number of foreign labourers there is multiple problems and increased unemployment and homelessness.

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Posted in: Japan mulling purchase of 100 U.S. stealth fighters: report See in context

Jaspan is losing its direction and its Japanese character, its politicians do not care about people only about their own positions. China is not the threat the threat is from within. America is sinking and japan is wolountering to sink with it.

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Posted in: Putin to meet with Abe next week in Singapore: report See in context

Southern Kurils, that is the way to go. Economic cooperation is what is all that matters and all that can be easily achieved. Japan need land, space, Russia does not but strategically Russia can't possibly consider giving those island to Japan, not now and not as long the USA is around bullying and threatening everyone. No Russian statesman would surender the security of the entire region by giving the gate to their territory to a country that is under political and military control of USA. USA bases on this islands or even just USA presence there is the reason it is unthinkable. But it is good to economy of both countries and for the regional and world peace that they use the islands to their mutual benefits. Takes two to tango don't let the third one spoil the dance.

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Posted in: Trump says Japan treats U.S. unfairly on trade by not taking more American cars See in context

If Japan wants to please Trump, allow American business to set up car dealerships with their money and bring the cars in but by no means try to encourage Japanese to buy those cars. No one should be forced directly or otherwise to buy anything and fracly after being in Japan many times I do not see much reason why would Japanese buy American cars. Most of American models are inferior in their class or simply are not suitable for the Japanese conditions and applications. It is actually many cars made and used in Japan that would be advantageous for our north american use but are not available here.

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Posted in: Trump warns that migrants who throw stones at U.S. military may be shot See in context

this is really mind blowing; so many here think that it is finest of action for someone to throw large chunks of rocks, seriously injure, maim or even kill man on duty while it is a crime to prevent that kind of attack or fight back. And what is your reasoning for the approval of this rock throwers even being at the border of any foreign country with intention to enter it forcibly. And when the known fact is that they refused offers to stay and work for a living in the country of illegal trespass for preference of invading the one where they would collect welfare instead of working, I just can't see how anyone can oppose the rightful announcement of intent to self defense.

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

This article is very biased against the Japanese half of the divorced parents. In Americas it is a common practice for the parents trying to block each other from custody and visitation rights. Due to their dislike or hatred for each other and exaggerated financial financial demands children are often used as a bargaining chips. Women in most of the cases get the upper hand and both use the numerous false accusations against each other, Lawyer use their best of imagination to invent the false scenarios to win their clients case and walk away with the lions share of their clients money. I talk form my own and from experience of many of my friends of both sexes. So this situation with Japanese, mostly women is not so much draconian, problem is that they have a right to return to live in Japan and that other parent has to travel there to see the child and if the love has turned in to hate and Japanese party has no financial means to travel then there is a problem specially if the ex husband is not willing to pay the support. It is probably much more complicated then what this article says. When it comes to emotions laws and conventions mean very little. Maybe educating both sides in seeing the interests of the children first is what would help more than lawyers and enforcement.

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Posted in: Suu Kyi's image in shreds as Myanmar jails Reuters pair See in context

The Nobel committee said there were no rule to take back a prize for someone, but they should think about creating it ! Yes quickly and first one to be looked at is Obama for he never did anything for peace and presided over destruction of Libya and murders of thousands of civilians there.

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