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Posted in: Suu Kyi's image in shreds as Myanmar jails Reuters pair See in context

The Nobel committee said there were no rule to take back a prize for someone, but they should think about creating it ! Yes quickly and first one to be looked at is Obama for he never did anything for peace and presided over destruction of Libya and murders of thousands of civilians there.

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Posted in: Japan claims China escalating military actions See in context

Japan's only smart choice is to work on friendly sharing of the area and the resources with China and Russia. China has no choice but to be what it is, a super populated super power that has to assert its strong position in the region currently dominated and abused by an outsider from other side of the pacific. Russia being so big is always in danger of being attacked for it attract envy and desire for territory by all of the NATO countries. Japan is in a position where playing smart and cooperative is the only winning option. Siphoning money into the pockets of American warmongers and military industries is useless and dangerous, there is nothing in it for the average Japanese.

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Posted in: British reject May's Brexit plan; some turn to Boris Johnson and far right: poll See in context

Brits are most un-European Europeans, They have never been a real part of Europe and by refusing the Euro they have made sure they do not become real part of it, by refusing to use the Euro currency they have also weakened EU as a whole. I would say kick them out and close the door behind them.

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Posted in: Republican senators push sanctions to warn Putin not to meddle in U.S. elections See in context

it is so wein from USA to even mention the interference since the USA has interfered in Russian political life from bottom up since the Gorbachow coming to power. Besides Russia USA is interfering in just about every countries election and politico economic direction. They do not deserve any respect. USA is a foremost bully and most atrocious world wide oppressor. Putin saved Russia from American planed dismemberment and takeover but is not determined enough to tell them to step back in to their monkey cage and stay put there. Some most uncivilized people of developed world live in and run USA.

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Posted in: Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help See in context

If this pretend to be neutral group is neutral how come that they were always within the territory controlled by Daesh and other extremist groups and never helped save lives of wounded regular army men. They are really one sided interest rescue and propaganda group heavily controlled by USA-Israel cartel.

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

"Adopt policies that give them an incentive to actually invest themselves in this country long term and they'll do that - work hard, act appropriately, start businesses, pay taxes, support their communities."

It is that last part that overrides all the preceding; "support their communities" That is the problem. They do want to work and they do want to get rich bur most of them want to build their distinct community, a small country of their origin like environment, rather than be a part of the culture of the host country. Canada, USA and many European countries are full of ghettos and zones where none-members are unwelcome. It becomes like many little countries inside a country. Not to forget that religions are mor than half of the problem packed in the bag of every immigrant from third world country. Multiculturalism equals tribalism clanism and disintegration of social and cultural bonds of the country as a whole

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Posted in: Demand for foreign workers may soften Japan's immigration rules See in context

Importing temporary labor is fine but immigration is not something that Japan can do without creating social difficulty. This fear of shrinking population is unreasonable, look at the countries like Canad and Russia with huge territories and with small population in Canada and shrinking population in Russia. Both countries are managing well, Canada by slightly increasing, bat mainly replacing the natural population losses and Russia by making everyone work rather then having high unemployment like western countries. Japan has relative to its land mass a very dense population all concentrated in few overpopulated areas while most of the landmass is empty. If Japan brings in few millions of immigrants it will create a great pressure on its cultural and social order and as in all other countries Immigrants are unable or unwilling to settle in a rural areas, instead they will go to, or later move to big city where they can build their own cultural and religious enclaves and have their children get educated. Problem is the reluctance of foreigners to stop being foreigners and integrate not only in to the society economically but also in to the culture. Coming from Balkan Country fifty years ago I lost almost all differences between myself and my Canadian born compatriots, learned both languages quickly and worked all this time as an equal Canadian. Two important things, never wanted to be treated specially or different and never allowed to be treated different than my compatriots. Have one son living in Japan for I think sixteen years now. If it was not for the European stature and face one could not tell him different from his Japanese neighbors and friends. What makes a difference is the not simply willingness but having a pleasure in fully integrating with his surroundings. For those that want to integrate mixed marriage and bringing up a familly in the ways of local culture is a must. I would be really sorry to see Japan became like the western countries where loss of cultural and social integrity is appalling.

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Posted in: Another ward in Tokyo to recognize same-sex couples from August See in context

All countries should legally separate the common law couples and mixed sex with offspring couples as two different situations. For the tax purposes common law couples should pay more than singles living alone because they share expenses. Mixed couples should be in the same category and the word married should have no bearing on the tax and social benefits. Only those that have underage children should be called family and have supporting benefits to bring up their children. As for the private financial arrangements it should be same for anyone regardless of sex, it is simply a private matter. inheritance should be a private matter and one should be able to gift ones estate to anyone without government interference or taxation.

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Posted in: Trump says he is prepared to meet N Korea's Kim See in context

Maybe Trump should sen first the porn star Stormy Daniels as an ambasador to Kim and after she works him over he may be more open to agree with Dotard.

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Posted in: Porn star's lawyer says she had sexual relationship with Trump See in context

Poor little girl, she screved around with a married man, no one forced her so why did she do it, money? glory? fun? or all of the three. In a culture where most dream of doing some on the side sex this is a no story but when handy to use politically it becomes story of interest to the opponents. She should be ashamed not les him either but since he was not a president or even politician at the time it should have no bearing on his presidency. Other stories about his really inappropriate behavior are of much more concern but not this one.

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Posted in: World leaders welcome planned talks between Trump and N Korean leader See in context

to disarm would mean a suicide, look at American specially Trump camp, they all want to be armed to their teeth because as they say being disarmed is the guarantee to lose freedom. If NK does disarm they are toast. There will be an American/south Korean organized "uprising" by "civilians" and regime will be bombed to protect those "Civilians" Just like the Libya and Syria where the foreign mercenaries "civilians" started the insurrection. Since Kim is used to western ways and luxuries maybe he does not mind the surrender but he will not live long enough to be allowed any benefits of it. By the rules of the American imperial game top man and all of his family have to be killed as well as their close allies and friends.

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Posted in: Japan to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters See in context

Losers in the USA have the control of Japans politicians and they can force the Japanese to finance American financial blunders by buying crappy bad planes and other weapons they do not really need. Most of the local territorial tensions between the neighboring countries is American generated ar at least enhanced in order to create the need for this 'urgent' arming.

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Posted in: Kim vows to 'win victory in the showdown' with U.S. See in context

"They openly talk of nuking U.S. cities." If and only if they are attacked and have to defend themselves. Meanwhile Japan, south Korea and specially Americans play game of scaring NK and making them feel that they will be attacked any moment. after 50 or more years of continuous harassment and sanctions just because they are not capitalist, they have plenty of proven reasons for their phobia. Did anyone ever think of leaving them alone for a while or showing them that there is no desire to attack them, no instead they are purposely pushed around with the hope that they will be the first to pull the trigger and give the aggressors reason to invade them.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 N Korean fishing boat crew for theft See in context

why are they suspect of stealing? If they took anything to their boat it should be easily found there, they can't hide anything anywhere except on their boat, so or there is material proof of the theft or the locals are accusing them out of hatred.

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Posted in: U.S. experts urge Japan to get strike capability over N Korean threat See in context

Japan should stay neutral and take better care of its aging population, NK is only against japan for Japan siding to close to USA in intimidating NK. All this is pushed by the American military industry that does not talk to NK but rather intimidate them into developing more weapons so the Americans can sell more weapons to their pawns. They have such bad trade balance and want to force the only product they can offer to reduce the gap. So they take your good useful products and want to pay you by giving you their useless military garbage of mass destruction. Do you expect that from a real friend?

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Posted in: Brazil's President Rousseff ousted from office by Senate See in context

Americans and the extreme right wing Brazilian politicians succeeded in returning the control of the country to the oligarchs and foreign interests by annulling the democracy. All white all male mostly of non Latin origin government. Dilma didn't loose, people of Brazil lost.

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Posted in: Defense ministry seeks record Y5.168 tril budget to develop anti-ship missiles See in context

Just like in USA and most of the western NATO countries peoples taxes are stolen by the worlds military complex. Any excuse is good and in Japans case it is China and the islands that have no use to no one else but American interests thousands of miles from USA. As long each country wants an absolute ownership there will be no solution. Only solution is the joint ownership and joint investment and sharing of benefits with Americans completely out of picture. Same thing can be said for the dispute with Russia, Russians have the islands and possession is nine tents of the law, if Japan was willing to share the the Islands commercially Russians would agree but they will never let them go completely and see the Americans install their bases there in Russias backyard.

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Posted in: North Korea executes vice premier for education: Seoul See in context

up to now it seems that 90 percent of the executions reported by the south are rumors and nothing else. Some of those executed, even blown up by a canon fire have happily walked around months later.

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Posted in: US cannot confirm IS claim of responsibility in Dhaka attack See in context

As many as nine gunmen attacked the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka’s Gulshan area on Friday night. No word of what happened to them, Did the police do a good job of helping them to escape safely? For some Bangladeshis they are considered heroes.

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Posted in: Official: Istanbul airport attackers from Russia, Central Asia See in context

from three of them two are from Muslim countries and both have names that alphabetically precede the letter R. but one from Dagestan is listed first as Russian and others are not named. Did he also have a Putins picture in his passport.

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Posted in: Iranian commander threatens to close Strait of Hormuz to US See in context

"Wouldn't it be great if the U.S. didn't depend on Middle East oil and U.S. warships could just stay out of that region of the world?" Truth is the USA does not need any foreign oil for its own consumption, they want to control oil so they can control every country that needs it and they can extort the profits on other countries oil production and oil consumption. They are nor the world police they are world extortionist.

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Posted in: EU confident of Japan free trade deal by year-end See in context

until now all the trade deals were implemented to put the pressure on local labor and to facilitate the movement of large corporations to the countries with cheap labor. This in turn has created stage for the banks to take almost absolute control of world economy and they are doing a lousy job. in the very end the economy growth should be only proportional to the population growth and its buying power. But the buying power can't be increased by subsidies from the government since the government has no money of its own but rather prints the money against our taxes to be collected in the future. It is a nonstopable slide down in to the abyss. Banks have no money of their own, they get it from the government, government has no money so they counterfeit money against future tax extortion on our work, than the banks loan us that money, our money to pay of the burden of debts they enforced on us. And free trade is a highway that helps to loosen our control of our lives. What Japanese and other western countries consumers should take seriously is the philosophy of saving and cutting down on luxuries and unnecessary consumption of mostly useless products and consuming more of better quality linger lasting domestic necessities.

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe differ on how to fix world economy See in context

"debilitating decline in consumer prices that has suppressed spending for years" this does not make any sense. Decline in consumer prices is because the consumer goods are made cheaper in out of Japan relocated factories but that means the consumers can buy more with their money. The problem is that more import and less export as well as less quality employment decreases the buying power and in the country that depends more and more on distribution than production that is a cause of general living standard erosion. World economy is over regulated and run by the governments controlled by the banks instead of being driven naturally by the producers and consumers. Unlike manufacturing, goods transfer, distribution and public utilities, Banks are no value added entities, they are very aggressive leaches that thrive on nonexistent money manipulation and skim off the biggest part of the product of the actual producers and consumers. Getting rid of the banking system would free the world of the most negative element of world society.

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Posted in: Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill 34 See in context

It is all fault of the European and north American governments that are risking the lives of their own people for their political games. Daesh loudly and clearly told them what they are planing to do and how will they do it and yet this criminals playing politics are ignoring it and allowing infiltration of Daesh terrorists in to all of our countries. They are so obsessed with toppling Assad and with import of cheap labor that they will risk lives of their own citizens to satisfy their obsession.

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Posted in: Trump backs waterboarding and 'a lot more' after Brussels attacks See in context

Looks like most of commentators here do not care much about those killed by Daesh. European race in America and elsewhere is destroying it self by meekness, political correctness and competition for political power. Meanwhile Daesh can achieve its goals of expanding and eventually taking over not only middle east but all of north Africa and Europe as well.

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Posted in: Croatia overwhelmed by flood of migrants; EU calls summit See in context

what ever their problem in Their own country they have no god given right to illegally invade another country. If a japanese citizen comes here to Canada and stays beyond the visa date he will be deported so why should someone get different treatment just because he is a Muslim or from Syria. One third of this people are young able well dressed males, they should stay and fight for their freedom instead of going to foreign lands and live like a beggars. And in several cases they are already starting to cause the troubles and walk around the streets waving flags of IS (Daesh) If one in a hundred of this young man and women is pro Daesh there is enough of them to turn all of Europe into a slaughter house.

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Posted in: IS hangs 2 boys for eating during Ramadan See in context

Most of religions and cultures favor teaching while Muslims rather save time and effort and prefer killing. It is not only Daesh it is all over the Muslim world that capital punishment is measure of choice and very much enjoyed entertainment by crowds.

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Posted in: Child sex abuse claims shake U.N. as revelations continue See in context

And we are wasting our time chasing after FIFA.

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Posted in: Iraqi forces edge toward Ramadi See in context

As always Shia against Sunni and unhappy Shia and unhappy Sunni together against first two. And it goes for 1000 years and it will never end.

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Posted in: Japan says nations must behave responsibly in South China Sea See in context

since Japan has no claims in that area and USA is far on the other side of the ocean they should keep from interfering. USA presence and to some extend Japans involvement are prime reason for china getting stubborn and worried about its own rights in the region. Biggest problem Japan has with its own disputes, with China and Russia is that Japan is acting like the puppet of USA and USA is acting like a bully at everyone doorstep. Any country acting like a bridge for a threatening force is regarded as a part of that force.

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