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Posted in: Hit by virus, Pentagon warns enemies: Don't test us See in context

now cut with their pants down they are being "transparent" if we are to believe their lies. Besides statistically if there 2000 tested cases than there are at least twenty time more yet to be confirmed and that grows daily.

Russia is talking quiet loudly about their situation on their media and so is China and Iran is out of concern with better things to do then plan a military attack.

USA is to watch for its own cronies such as Daesh (ISIS) and Taliban, this kind of groups would be more likely to act during the time of any weakness.

Because of the problems in most big militaries conventional armies would be having attack by any country on any of the nuclear powers would be a suicide, it would almost surely result in a all out nuclear strike.

However Only USA is still rattling their sabres, right now trying to use the COVID19 to increase pressure on Iran and also to invade Venezuela.

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Seen how many are jumping on the China hate bandwagon is appalling. Every time there is a bad news of any kind in any country there is always delay in recognition of the facts because no one wants to be the first to announce the bad news. China was not exception, they got shocked in to confusion but not for the long time. What followed was the same kind of refusal to believe them and the obvious and to act in time, by just about every government in the most populated and most traveled countries. India and Canada almost as slow as Japan. So where China slipped by few days others procrastinated for up to a month. China is least to blame.

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Posted in: Staying at home in Tokyo's small apartments isn't easy See in context

there are many people in Canadian cities that live in a rooming houses, small bachelor apartments and one room condos right next to the ones that own a 4000 sq Ft. chateau style houses.

In the USA in Tucson Arizona I saw hundreds of small dilapidated bungalows converted into rooming houses, totally unkempt, filthy with one person per room sharing the one kitchen and two bathrooms.

At least in Japan I never saw something dirty and unkempt.

But if you are used to socialize does not mather where, lockdown is not a pleasure, it is a necessary evil but necessary and should be respected for our own good.

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Posted in: Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home See in context

for every person tested positive there are at least other ten that are infected but not tested and unaware of their condition. Because it takes an average 9 days for the first symptoms untested carriers do not know that they are infected. That is why everyone have to wear a mask , to protect others from getting infected which in turn protects everyone, it is much easier to keep one's own germs to themselves then to protect one self from others. In the first case any mask and goggles will do while when protecting oneself real hi quality mask is required and even that is not sufficient. You best defence is defending others.

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Posted in: Japan coronavirus cases pass 5,000 as state of emergency fails to keep people home See in context

Just think of billions of dollars the governments are now going to give to businesses and the rich as bailouts, That is the money your kids will have to work for to pay it back.

Now by waiting longer and making sure the virus gets spread like in Italy, France, Spain UK and USA, Canada and in Japan they will save billions of dollars by killing off thousands of us old pensions and benefits receiving people.

We have to be culled.

It is not only direct pensions but medical costs and various senior benefits and privileges and the old folks homes. This sawings will make a part of bailouts going to the business and the rich.

So why would the governments want to act faster against their own interests.

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

If Abe and others didn't drag their rears for so long they could have prevented the major outbreak. Now thanks to this unjustifiable lack of leadership it will be just like Canada or worse with packed hospitals and hundreds most likely thousands of deaths. Aside from China and Korea all major economies are putting the money ahead of their people and by doing so spending even more money, killing thousands and ruining their economies.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

Months of turmoil will follow the delaying tactics. Get tough, shot down everything all movement and contact that is not absolutely necessary for twenty one days, and do some serious spot check testing especially around the current hotspots, if needed keep it shot one extra week. By then almost all infected will get out of it, few will die but everything will be seen and registered. That would be the only workable and health and economy saving way. One month is better then six months and billions of bailouts.

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By wearing a mask one protects others from infectious breath and spit and if everyone keeps one's own face covered then every one is protected. Of course touching ones face will leave virus on everything one touches there after.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

For every recorded case there are at least ten unrecorded cases.

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Posted in: Experts warn of health care collapse in Japan if virus keeps spreading See in context

Months of turmoil will follow the delaying tactics. Get tough, shot down everything all movement and contact that is not absolutely necessary for twenty one days, and do some serious spot check testing especially around the current hotspots, if needed keep it shot one extra week. By then almost all infected will get out of it, few will die but everything will be seen and registered. That would be the only workable and health and economy saving way. One month is better then six months and billions of bailouts.

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The government is already late in their response. It is never to soon but longer wait for the strong preventive measures will result in exponentially more infections, highest cost to the health care and higher delay to return to normal. With a few initial hotspots it was easier to contain the spread and compile the contact information, by now that chance has been wasted. For every case recorded there is tenfold of unrecorded cases made trough contacts and it grows daily because most of those infected do not know that they are infected. It seems as if there is a plot by big countries governments, all of them reacting in a same fashion, as soon there if first cases thy start talking about economy and refuse to do anything practical. Instead they start talking financial intervention and which big business will get what, while letting the virus spread to the extent to where bailout packages are now not only justified but even insufficient. Instead of burdening your population with yet another wave of long term debt why not jump on the problem and make it short lived, Save lives and that will save the economy.

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Posted in: 'Contagion' movie stars tell fans coronavirus is 'real life' See in context

Scientists are employees and as all employees it is their owners that decide what they work on and how the product of their science is used, abused or suppressed. Rember governments are run by big money not by scientists.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Same error as made by USA, Canada and European Countries, instead of acting fast and stopping the Pandemic from happening they procrastinate changing lives for saving economy and that way created the need for more money to be spent and economy to be ruined. Typical management by crises by the Elected Dictatorships controlled by business from the background. Billions of working persons future earnings being wasted to patch up the problem created by negligence, or is there a plan behind all this?

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Abe is doing no better than his boss in Washington. Instead of closing the door to the Virus he is preparing the money to patch up the damage that lack of prevention will cause. in two weeks from now Japan will catching up with other worst cases.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

My message to the Japanese and the French, the Nisan and the Renault employers and Unions; You should be ashamed! You all ate out of this guys hands, he took your business out of the mud and made them strong and fed you for 17 years he took much lesser remuneration than his equals in the industry and now instead of thank you, you are biting the hands that fed you. SHAME! SHAME!

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Tokyo officials have previously said the system is not inhumane and that Ghosn has been treated like any other suspect. In the other words he was badly treated as any other suspect. Medieval enforcement of admission of guilt, the physical torture replaced by psychological torture and mutilation. It is sad that otherwise such homogenous socially and culturally advanced society can be so backward when it comes to courts and justice. Problem is that in Japan everyday life is like ritual with no tolerance for deviation from rules, logical thinking is unnecessary because nothing ever changes, that is destroying the ability to think and make adaptive or innovative decisions.

In this case we are looking at the case where opposite of decent logic is applied.

In the west they say "do not bite the hand that feeds you." while here Japan said "bite off the hand that fed you" because you do not need it any more. They should have said; Thank You for the services well rendered, Keep the extra change and farewell on your next assignment. That would be a honourable discharge more inline with Japanese pride.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

After what he did for Nisan and Japan and all that for a fraction of remuneration similar executives received from their companies he deserved respect instead of a coup and enslavement by Japanese consortium of competing business man and sleazy inhuman justice system. They, Japanese employees of Nisan and affiliated companies benefited more than he did although to a regular man on the street, ilke myself money received by him sounds enormous, it is small compared against other automakers executives remunerations. Insteads of sticking to the law there should be some logical view of things applied here.

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Posted in: 'Little Miss Period' tackles Japan's menstruation taboos with a punch See in context

before claiming the right of Japan to this menstruation tabu inquire about the similarities in other cultures, be ready for surprise, you are not alone, contrary this dirty women notion is all over the national and religious spectrum. Some even separate the women from man during intercourse because woman is "dirty".

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Posted in: China, Japan defense ministers agree to work together on N Korea See in context

"While Japan wants the NK regime to change, China does not. So where is the agreement?"

There can't be any agreement based on the forcible regime change effort, NK is not trying to change the regime in Japan, so what is the Japan's right to change regime in NK or anywhere else. If there was no push by USA and few others for the regime change NK would not need to Nuclearise or even have such big military. By threatening them since the armistice the haters are forcing them to militarize for the fear of invasion like in Libya, Irak and so many others.

Kono said he urged China to create a "good environment" for Xi's planned visit while also conveying that the current unrest in Hong Kong should be resolved through peaceful dialogue.

How can one resolve peacefully when confronted by terror practicing violent hooligans with illogical demands and intention to split the country for the sake of foreign interests.

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Posted in: Putin calls Japan-U.S. security alliance a threat See in context

Since the end of the WWII USA has been aggressor number one and Russia has a good reason to resent it and defend its security. Just the size and richness of the country is enough to make it a target for American and the axes of evil empires hungry for easy gold rush type bonancas. Japan has nothing to fear from Russia and while Russia does not really need the four disputed islands they would be absolutely stupid to give it to japanese territorial control, it would be like giving them to the USA military for the nuclear WMD's at the Russia's doorstep. The right way to do is use the islands for the good of both countries, build the trust and friendship and keep the Americans out of the area since it is far from American land and they should go home.

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Posted in: China carrier fleet passes near rival Taiwan See in context

Taiwan and its native population are occupied hostages of the Chiang Kai-shek’s mainland Chinese.

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Posted in: One year after arrest, Ghosn seeks to throw out case against him See in context

To save the face of Japan and its justice system Japan government should step in and examine the case on its business merits; See what Gosens contribution to Nisan and Japan was and compare his remuneration with the others in similar positions and same industries world wide, faced with similar challenge and the same positive final success. If Gosen grabbed more than most of the other top executives than he should be judged for his excesses, if he is within the average or lower than they should override the judiciary and thank him instead. I know that so called justice don't work that way but that is the logical human way and definitely just way.

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Posted in: 2 dead, 3 wounded in California school attack; gunman shoots himself See in context

Similar incident took place in Russian Siberia two days ago and none of the western media reported it.

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Posted in: Emperor completes secretive key succession ritual See in context

Using a word God when talking about shinto does not make much sense since shinto is about many different Kami or spirits and notion of god as in the religions originating in the middle east has no place in shinto.

Also this: "He is just a man whose contribution to the world is actually very small. He isn't an engineer, he isn't a scientist, he isn't a doctor, he isn't a philosopher, he isn't a writer, he is just a boring man." this sound as a perfect description of every "majesty" starting with entire British Royal Family and all across Europe and Middle east. Still the Japans Royals are more humble and more subjective to the people of the land than most of the other royals.

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Posted in: Hong Kong mall clash ends in bloody knife attack and bitten off ear See in context

To all of the China haters here I would say that hate hurts the hater more than the heated. And if I was responsible for a billion and a half peaceful people no external pressure would stop me from eradicating small band of spoiled terrorist and hooligans. It is about time China corrects the error of the history and removes the special status of that foreign interest on its territory. Lease on HK expired and when it was started no provision for a special status was included,that was imposed by the Anglo American alliance under threats. Been to China and met a lot of happy people, they understand that freedom is complicated and can't be unlimited as is in the USA and other exploiting evil empires where the unlimited freedom is a right of the few to exploit majority, majority so brainwashed that while hungry, homeless, in debt over their ears they believe that they are free.

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Posted in: Cartel gunmen terrorize Mexican city, free El Chapo's son See in context

Only way is the Dutertes way.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says Tokyo prosecutors lack impartiality See in context

Gosun took the loser of a business and turned it into gold. He was paid less then any of the CEO's in Car industry. Japanese should be ashamed for biting the hand that feed them. But this is not only the Japan story, There are so many examples of executives being pushed out of the way after they built the empires that others want to take over. Remember Steve Jobs or George Zimmer and dozens of others.

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All the countries surrounding NK have attacked someone at least once, NK never attacked anyone. All of this neighboring potential attackers have missiles and weapons of mass distraction, it is crazy for NK not to want to have them to. Is like a room full of teenagers with everyone having a hammer except the smallest weakest one.

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Posted in: Japan says N Korea developing warheads to penetrate missile defenses See in context

Like the Chinese, he mistakenly thinks Western powers have designs on his country, when in fact nobody would want it.

> When was it last time that the western countries did not want to take over physically or economically every other country in the world. South Korea and Japan are part of this western slave driving and exploiting "west" .

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Posted in: Tillerson says Kushner conducted foreign policy without him See in context

Kushner = Israel = Control of the USA. Nothing new since that control was around waning and waxing since the time of Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright.

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