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Posted in: Asia-Pacific leaders voice concern over S China Sea amid tensions See in context

ASEAN is indirectly headed by USA which has more military presence in east China sea than China. Meanwhile China, most populous and largest country in the area is considered an outsider by the group.

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Posted in: Lake Biwa and the creatures inside: Fishing in the largest lake of Japan See in context

Biwa lake is also known for Biwa Pearl, or at least here in North America some pearls are sold under that name

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Posted in: Lake Biwa and the creatures inside: Fishing in the largest lake of Japan See in context

Interesting how expats always know more about countries they invade then the local residents.

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Posted in: France reacts after Erdogan questions Macron's mental health See in context

You can’t accuse someone of mental faculty dysfunction just because he is is a racist Islamophobic.

reacting strongly to a viscous crime of murder and decapitation of one of his citizens does not make him racist or Islamophobic. I would have one terrorist hanging by every tree growing in vicinity of every mosque if I was president of France. As a good christian that poor teacher was suppose to turn the other cheek but how could he do it without the head.

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Posted in: France reacts after Erdogan questions Macron's mental health See in context

Erdogan is not a hypocrite, he could not offer condolences and rejoice at the same time. He is one of main driving force behind Islamism and Islamic terrorism. Very dangerous expansionist. But he has Americans and Russians in check. Americans do not like him but they can't do nothing short of pushing him Russian way and while Putin hates him he has to pretend otherwise.

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Posted in: U.N. says nuclear weapons ban treaty to enter into force See in context

It does not mean anything, There would have to be many more that would not only sign up but be willing to cut business and even diplomatic ties with nuclear armed countries and that will never happen. The nuke owners like the non proliferation as long they can keep and even increase their stocks. despite the talk of unity world is more and more divided and no big united deals will be made or respected.

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Posted in: Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials of COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Japan See in context

None of the vaccines listed in this article pass my acceptance requirement. Remember how Hydroxychloroquine, a drug successfully used for 70 years was successfully pushed out by health business using claims of minor side effects and claims that although it is widely used it was not gone through enough trials to be safe. Real reason, it is so cheap there was no money to be made so we were prevented from even finding if it was of any use in the early stages of infection. They have purposely given it only to some dieing patience knowing that at that stage it was too late to make difference. So I am saying this to compare now with the Vaccines being rushed in regardless of incomplete trials and major side effects. Russians have done much more research, explained in detail why and how their Vaccine should work, did reasonable pre trials and trials and yet every cat and mouse are screaming that they are going to fast and since there are no side effects there are also no effects. I think I will gladly keep my distancing and mask for now and let the suckers help Pharmas to get rich.

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Posted in: UK researchers aim to infect volunteers to study COVID exposure See in context

"Our number one priority is the safety of the volunteers," Tell me about it, your real number one priority

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Dept files landmark antitrust case against Google See in context

I don't know if this is google fault but what turns me off is when I google search for a product and my first page is filled with six or more lines of Amazon adds for the same product. That is an act of violence of preventing me to see other sources. There are some other big advertiser with similar multiple adds. There should be only one lead per vendor until all are shown.

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Posted in: LGBT groups in Japan launch petition seeking equality law See in context

Marriage in the name itself means moral and legal union of two different sexes, in the early writings we find the name of women as Mar, Mara and later Mary. So when a man got himself a Mary he become Married. In slavic languages it is even clearer; Ozeniti se = getting a woman and udati se = give itself (to a man). If one understands that before the sex became the strictly for pleasure and time filler idea of Marriage was about procreation and family not like an amusement park. So probably the best way would be to separate the Family laws concerning couples with child or children as Marriage and all other childless unions not be considered Marriage but common law partnerships. In other words any two or more adults sharing a common place of living should be same in front of the law, have same rights and obligations regardless of their sex or their reason for cohabitation. Their reason for cohabitation should not be enforced to other peoples or government's attention and they should not have any benefits higher than single residing individuals. Calling it a marriage should be reserved only for Families with at least one child.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

From nine houses on my small peninsula three are occupied by homosequal people. It is not noticable in any way, we are all just people. But it is not the same everywhere, I saw many cases where someone was talking in a fashion like; "your a one of us or you are nothing", and on several occasion I was told; "poor you you are straight" Why am I poor? I brought up children and spent product of my work to raise them, I didn't spend on buying extravagant close to stick out, didn't spend my time to do any stupid thing just to be different or ask for any special attention or respect. I leave the kids to be kids. So why am I poor straight, whatever that means.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward assemblyman under fire over remarks against LGBT rights See in context

I wonder is any Japanese have any opinion or if there is any space left for them to post it.

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Posted in: Coronavirus vaccination to be made free in Japan See in context

Instead of chasing away Russian Red Cross choppers why not take a Russian Vaccine. It is safe and it even seem to do the job. One Japan is choosing is not proven to be safe and only speculated to work.

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Posted in: Canada forms own probe into Iran downing of Ukraine plane See in context

Boeing 737-800 went down after being hit by two Iranian missiles. Iranian troops were bracing for a U.S. strike and appear to have mistaken the plane for a missile. One can call it a mistake or one can call it gross negligence but any further spending of money on confirming obvious will not help the dead or their families.

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context

Both schools should swallow their stiff thongs and let this two young men continue their education, bet they both will do well.

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Posted in: Top Japanese chef in France killed himself after false sex claims, say family See in context

lately it became a fashion super feminism and unlimited man bashing. Women now create the the name, fame and winn the place in positions where men get displaced and destroyed by false or exaggerated accusations. What men have to learn is to respect and value their own lives and rights and instead of letting the evil winn they should fight back and ridicule the vishfull liers. Problem is that while women stand together in this while men are divided by their natural tendency of male competition, two males always compete while females make a compact herd.

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Posted in: Turkey rebuffs Russia, France and U.S. over Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire moves See in context

Time to kick Turkey out of NATO and out of Europe. Time to change a major error of history.

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

China is a big and most populous country, it is a Capitalist economy with a single party government labeled as Communist for the convenience of China bashing justification. Compare the China with the next in size population India and see the misery the co called, oligarch controlled, democracy delivers to its people. Most of the Chinese live better and safer lives than average Americans while the average Indian lives in poverty.

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Posted in: Envelope with deadly poison ricin addressed to White House intercepted See in context

more details on Ricin would be helpful, while it is known to be extracted from a Ricinus plant beans and used in form of oil, already in that form a small quantity will have a strong effect and result in a painful diarrhea within minutes. I just wonder if the deadly product is simply a highly concentrated oil or is it some chemically enhanced substance. There was some mentioning as Ricin being one of many naturally occurring elements in field production of Novick group of poisons.

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Posted in: Johnson accuses EU of plotting food 'blockade' against UK See in context

Great plan that only a clever fool would expect to work; UK gets out of EU, relieve itself from any obligation and trade compliance towards EU but trough the North Ireland keeps all the membership advantages as if it never left EU.

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Posted in: War's end meant years of pain for Japanese girl in China See in context

It sounds like a Joke, War's end meant YEARS of pain for Japanese girl in China!

Aug 15, 1945

In 1948, they were finally allowed to evacuate.

After the YEARS of Suffering?

What suffering?

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

Anything to gain attention and maybe a little money or political gain. It is also copying of trend in the les civilized countries as USA and other anarchys

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Posted in: War's end meant years of pain for Japanese girl in China See in context

"she wants her children to know the suffering she went through after the war". Suffering she went through?

Suffering of millions Chinese, Koreans Russians and many others her father was part of making.

Unlike Germans and Italians Japan newer used their intelligence to admit to themselves; They did wrong, they did Stupid and they know it. Stories of their suffering should be shown as suffering caused by their own doing, not the fault of those they abused and made suffer.

It is sad that Japanese, today some of the friendliest and most civilized people in the world can't get out of their guilt closet and see it written in the history books rather than carry it on their shoulders every day of their lives.

It is so simple, Just say once; We did Wrong, we did Stupid and we regret for everyone affected including ourselves.

Than go on and let your children live free.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

There was absolutely no reason to drop either bomb on Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Any line of reasoning to the contrary is a justification and intended to give shelter to the guilty. It was a war crime.

There was absolutely no reason for pearl harbour, even less reason for senseless murders of Koreans and Chinese civilians and children, Japanese are recognizing genocide of Jews as a war crime but showed no remorse for the genocide they committed in China and Korea.

They should commemorate the Bombings, but as a reminder of something they brought upon themselves and use it as a lesson to their young, never start a war and never commit a war crimes.

Japan is such a beautiful country, populated by world's most civilized people, it only misses the truth of its near history to be taken out of the closet.

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Posted in: Japan plans to buy AstraZeneca's experimental COVID-19 vaccine See in context


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Posted in: Pfizer, BioNTech to supply 120 mil doses of experimental coronavirus vaccine to Japan See in context

do not use it, it my kill you.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Each humans rights are limited by the right of other humans Only one living alone in the bush can have unlimited human rights. One wears the mask to protect others and that means respecting the human rights of others. Any other discussion is absurd stupid and arrogant use of free speech.

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

to get any rough idea of how many infections are walking around one can take the number of all tested by now and see the percentage that is of the total population, then see the total of positive results and se what percentage of the total rests it is. out of that one can extrapolate the possible total infections in the country.

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Like all or almost all heads of states Abe has procrastrinated for the sake of saving money and now like all others he will be handing money out to buy the forgiveness of the people whose health and prosperity he ruined. Until a week ago he was still busy refusing to do anything but money and bailout talk, every one of the last thirty days of doing nothing increased the need for this money handouts by making the spread of the virus unchecked. Is this a part of some kind of conspiracy? It is interesting to note the almost identical pattern within all major economical powers and it is interesting to note that most of the untreated deaths are people that are considered as financial liability of the treasuries.

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Posted in: Hit by virus, Pentagon warns enemies: Don't test us See in context

now cut with their pants down they are being "transparent" if we are to believe their lies. Besides statistically if there 2000 tested cases than there are at least twenty time more yet to be confirmed and that grows daily.

Russia is talking quiet loudly about their situation on their media and so is China and Iran is out of concern with better things to do then plan a military attack.

USA is to watch for its own cronies such as Daesh (ISIS) and Taliban, this kind of groups would be more likely to act during the time of any weakness.

Because of the problems in most big militaries conventional armies would be having attack by any country on any of the nuclear powers would be a suicide, it would almost surely result in a all out nuclear strike.

However Only USA is still rattling their sabres, right now trying to use the COVID19 to increase pressure on Iran and also to invade Venezuela.

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