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Zybster comments

Posted in: 6 university cuties to face off at Miss Science beauty pageant See in context

To those criticizing the contest: it's just for fun. If any of those women objected "objectifying," they would simply not enter the competition. Since none of them complain, why should any of you jump into either "defending" them or putting them down in any way?

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Posted in: Has Facebook caused relationship problems for you or somebody you know? See in context

Is it the "Facebook" that caused the problems? Or maybe Facebook just brought up something that was there long before? Say, somebody cheated on so somebody and now the Facebook gets the blame?

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Posted in: Record high 5,467 people taken to hospital for heatstroke July 16-22 See in context

What were the numbers in the years before the earthquake? Can the "electricity savings" be attributed to these numbers or is it just the high temperatures?

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Posted in: Otsu school principal apologizes for not taking action over bullying See in context

And what now will happen to the bullies themselves? Will they face any, any kind of punishment for their behavior? And what kind of family did they grow up in?

There is lots of responsibility on the school, and this time it seems the school screw it big time. But hey, the school didn't bully the boy, it was some kids. Should this be forgotten?

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Posted in: Typhoon heads toward Okinawa See in context

The "roof climbing" thing is happening because the wind sometimes damages the roof and the rainwater gets directly into the house. Some people think "I'll fix it before it gets serious" and get up there, to fix the small hole. The problems start when they get on the slippery roof and the wind gets stronger...

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Posted in: Japan declined U.S. offer to station nuclear experts in Kan's office: Edano See in context

Easy to blame everybody and everything AFTER the fact. Kathrina anybody?

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Posted in: 73-year-old Japanese woman scales Mount Everest See in context

It's interesting to see that when she successfully scaled the peak she is "great", but if because of the weather she had died, she would have been accused of "overestimating her abilities." So, is it OK for old people to climb mountains? To drive cars? To be CEOs of companies?

JT readers, next time when an old person has some problems, please don't give comments "Old people should not be allowed..." because it seems that the age is NOT a limit for some.

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Posted in: Elderly man attacked by bear in Yamanashi See in context

Bear was surprised? And the farmer was not surprised? I don't know if there is a need to kill the animal, but if it posses even a slight risk, it should be killed. Everybody talks about safety precautions, and this incident also requires safety precautions. First people, then any animals.

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Posted in: 8 elderly climbers perish on 3 mountains in Northern Alps See in context

Hiking is a pretty popular activity here, even for the old folks, I can see them on many peaks. They just miscalculated many things. First of all, just because in Tokyo it's 25 degrees, it does NOT mean that they'll have the same temperature on the peaks. Go up to 1000 meters and you'll still feel comfortable in a t-shirt, but go over 1500 and you'll feel cold, and go to 3,000m and, well, you die. Second, on Friday the weather was just bad. We went to Hakyougatake in Nara Pref, and on Friday the wind and the rain were just terrible, so we gave up hiking on that day. Saturday was great! But some of them just know they are stronger than the wind and the rain... Sad, but they won't be convinced otherwise.

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Posted in: Ozawa found not guilty in fund scandal See in context

This trial was done in front of the lay judges, so I think taking about the "corruption of the system" would be premature here. The fact that he was found innocent shows not so much how "bad" or "corrupt" he is, but that the prosecutors did not do their job right. the statement "It's unthinkable that he didn't know it" is NOT the proof that he actually did it.

There is a hope for me that the next time some lady calls "chikan" after me, she will need to give some proof that I actually did it and it will not be my responsibility to prove it that I'm innocent. How am I supposed to prove my innocence? Why should I prove my innocence? They need to prove my guilt! The prosecutors did not do their job right, so obviously he is innocent. Regardless whether he is crooked or not.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric calls on customers to conserve power See in context

And Japan is too poor to make more electricity? Yeah, let's go back to Stone Age! If one company can't meet the demand, this system should be rethought first!

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Posted in: Koyuki to dub Charlize Theron's evil queen in Japanese version of 'Snow White' See in context

@ AquArin: this is a movie for kids, not all of them want to study English from the age of 3, so there is a clear need to dub them into Japanese. And if you go to movie theaters or if you rent a DVD, in most cases you have a choice of subtitles or dubbing.

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Posted in: Kagoshima woman held over murder of her 3 children See in context

And what do all of you know about her that you are so quick to judge her? Do you know what made her commit suicide? Do you know why she thought it would be better for her to kill her children? Do you think that she just woke up one morning and decided her daily schedule: breakfast, laundry, killing children, suicide?

I don't know what happened to her and why she decided to end it all for herself and for her children, but I would suspect that she was at a point when she couldn't bear anything anymore. I don't know what pushed her to that point, so I can't judge her. Maybe she is as much the victim as the children?

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Posted in: The education ministry is concerned at the falling aptitude of high school students for mathematics. Is this a big problem and what can be done about it? See in context

My own math knowledge and understanding stopped expanding after say, multiplications? And I have successfully (in my own opinion) reached adulthood. Different people will need different skills in their lives. For some it will be English, for others math, for other P.E. If the kids can't reach the standards, is it the problem with the kids, the teachers, or maybe the standards?

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Posted in: Japan planning to give IMF $50 bil to ease Europe's debt crisis See in context

Oh, that's why they want to raise my taxes?

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Posted in: Former gang member shot dead in Denny's restaurant in Chiba See in context

Again it shows that the biggest danger in this country does not come from strangers but from people with whom you have some relationship. The guy had thought the relationship was over, but the other apparently didn't think so.

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Posted in: Japan 'should watch' China's naval reach: report See in context

But Vietnam and India were border wars and the Chinese withdrew of their own accord both times, despite having the upper hand.

In Vietnam they got squarely kicked out, no question about it. In India they were winning during the governmental confusion. They moved out "of their own accord", once they realized the Indians reorganized and were ready to move in. There was NO good will in either case.

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Posted in: Japan 'should watch' China's naval reach: report See in context

@Kokuchihai: Tibet, Vietnam or India may beg to differ with your "In history china never invade any other countries".

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Posted in: New justice minister vague on whether he'll issue orders to resume executions See in context

As long as Japan has death penalty, his job is to get it done. Once they abolish it the problem will be over, but for now his job is to make sure the penalty they were given is finalized.

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Posted in: Flotsam from March 11 tsunami reaches U.S. West Coast See in context

MaboDofu, and that would be because...?

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

Nicky, I'd say it's not important whether the school did "nothing" or "something." Whatever they might have had done was certainly not enough to stop the bullying of the girl.

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

There is this statement at the end, "the victim was not directly involved in the bullying". That strongly implies that the boy might have been involved indirectly, so that would confirm the bullying itself.

Nobody did anything to protect the daughter, so the dad decided to do the protecting. Too strong? Certainly, but I wonder why nobody did anything to help the daughter. This is still in the elementary school!

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Posted in: Veganism has some stylish new spokespeople: Celebs See in context

Get any fad or trend and you'll always get some celebrities who are into. Does this make it any more valid? Not really. If you wanna do it, go for it, but saying "Some famous guy/gal are doing it so it must be good" makes no sense: I'll show you zillions of other, more famous people who are not doing it.

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Posted in: Companies that don’t give women leading roles will be left behind. See in context

How easy the world is: for just one reason the company will succeed or fail! Too bad my world isn't as simple as that.

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Posted in: Woman sustains burns after Halloween costume catches fire See in context

And of course, today when I was talking with a Japanese woman about Halloween, her first reaction was "The accident!" She will remember from now on that it's a "dangerous" holiday. It took me for ever to explain that it was just an accident, and the fact that it happened during a Halloween party does not mean that "Halloween is a dangerous custom."

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Posted in: Who is your favorite comic book, movie or TV superhero? See in context

Harry Potter. Got the abilities not many other heroes have. :-)

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Posted in: In memory See in context

USNinJapan, I have been using Apple computers since 1989 and I have never owned a Windows machine. During all this time when I was laughed at and ridiculed, I wanted to use what I wanted to use. For me all of the Macs were not just computers, it was a life style. And this life style was created thanks to this one person, so i actually feel very personally about him and his passing. Would you understand that? I don't know, maybe you would, maybe not. While I have been getting ready for this day, it still came as a shock. For many people the hoopla over his death may seem like a melodrama, but for others it is the end of an era.

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Posted in: Is the ongoing chaos in the global financial and stock markets having a negative effect on your livelihood? See in context

What's the difference between the answer 2 and 3?

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Posted in: Why do some people mock others' taste in music and dismiss groups that they don't like as being crap and having no talent, etc, as if they were some great authority or arbiter on musical excellence? See in context

Why? Because it gives them the sense of superiority. They can't understand that for each person music has a different meaning, so they need to compare and put down things that don't appeal to them.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for making bogus money with color copier See in context

There is lots of other software, besides APS, that will allow you to copy notes. Besides, she would not have enough money to buy APS.

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