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Moderation policy for Japan Today discussion board


This Moderation Policy covers policy for online discussions at Japan Today.

Moderation aims

Our public forums include many differing opinions and experiences. You are certain to find opinions that you disagree with and some that you may find offensive. Our aim at all times is to provide a place where the maximum discussion can take place, even if it offends some people.

We try to be as fair as we can when moderating but in a large community of users, with many different viewpoints, there will always be some people who will not be happy with our moderation policies. While we regret that this happens, please realize that we cannot suit all of the people all of the time and have to make decisions based on what is best for the forum overall.

Who sets this policy?

This policy is a collaborative document set by GPlusMedia management and IT teams in consultation with moderators and users. No single moderator or administrator is wholly responsible for this policy.

GPlusMedia stance

GPlusMedia is neutral politically. We do not favor one political viewpoint over another. We allow both positive and negative opinions about any subject. The views expressed on this forum do not necessarily reflect the views of GPlusMedia, its staff or owners.

How to report abuse:

Please use the contact form.

Libelous content

If you feel you have been defamed or libeled in the forum, please use the contact form to request the offending post be removed.

What to do if your post is edited or deleted:

You should not:

1. Advertising:

2. Spam:

Any member spamming through email or PMs will result in a ban and the account being deleted.

3. Personal insults:

Do not post insults or offensive terms, or send insults to GPlusMedia via email. To do so will result in a warning. If it continues, it could result in your post being edited / deleted, or your account being banned.

4. Banned words:

Some banned words are racist in nature and the others unacceptable expletives. They will be automatically blocked.

5. Racial slurs:

We do not allow racial slurs. They will be edited from posts or the post could be deleted. A permanent ban will be considered for repeat offenders.

6. Off topic posts/thread jacking:

Please stay on topic in the thread you are posting on. Some straying can be expected. In such cases, members will be requested to get back on topic. If off topic posting or thread jacking continues, then the post will be edited, deleted or the member banned.

7. Trolls:

8. Harassment, threats, stalking:

Harassment, threats of violence, or stalking of members in posts on the discussion board will result in an immediate termination of your account.

9. Attacks against the discussion board, moderators or GPlusMedia:

An attack against the discussion board will result in an immediate termination of your account. Taunting/attacking a Moderator or GPlusMedia staff may result in a permanent ban.

10. Hit and run posts:

“Hit and Run” posts will be deleted. If the member continues, further action will be taken.

11. Links to adult or offensive content:

Links to pornographic sites will be prohibited. Links to sites which incite illegal behavior, violence, sex with humans/animals, beheadings, etc are not allowed

12. Venting about previous employers:

The discussion board is not for members to seek revenge on previous employers. Doing so may result in a ban. We will edit or delete any post that is an attack on corporations and individuals in those corporations. You are free to discuss past experiences with employers that meet the “purpose” of exchanging ideas and/or information, as long as names, addresses, and other personal information are not posted.

13. Revealing user identities or JT staff names:

Posting private information about another poster (including a poster’s name or place of work) or referring to Japan Today staff by name is strictly forbidden and may result in a ban.

14. Inappropriate user IDs:

Offensive user IDs will not be allowed. Email addresses will not be allowed as a user ID. The words Japan Today may not be used as part of user handles. Moderator IDs are not to be used as part of another ID.

15. Sign-offs:

Sign-offs will not be allowed.

16. Quoting external articles:

If you wish to quote from another source, please post a single paragraph and a link to the article. Posting a full article will result in the post being edited to size.

17. Email/private message excerpts:

For copyright and privacy issues, email and private message excerpts are not allowed in posts or sign-offs. Posting an excerpt may result in the post being edited or deleted.

18. Posting images:

The maximum pixel width is 800. The maximum pixel length is 1,100. Any images over that size must be made into a link. No more than 3 images per post, to include any images a member places in quote boxes. Three images per post only. Any more than that will become links and if a member continues to post more than 3 images per post, a member will be placed on post moderation. The following rules apply to photos, illustrations, avatars, anime and mannequins.

19. Unreadable/illegible posts:

If you include foreign language text, then please provide an English translation. If no English translation is in the post, then the post will be edited or deleted until the translation is provided. The English should be understandable.

20. No all caps posting:

Messages posted in all caps (upper case) is hard to read. It may result in a post being edited or deleted.

21. Quoted posts/one line messages:

Please do not quote long posts (including posts with photos) and add only a one line message underneath.

22. Leaving the discussion board

If you decide to leave the discussion board, we will not delete your old posts as it makes the discussions difficult to follow for the remaining readers.

23. Timelines

We cannot guarantee that we will moderate any post or topic immediately. There may be some time delays.

24. The final word:

The Moderator’s decision is final on the discussion board.

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