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Video game maker Capcom promises to increase worker salaries by 30%

Since April is the start of the business year in Japan, it’s also when companies announce many of their major policy changes, and video game developer Capcom just made one announcement that’s going to make a lot of people happy; its workers are going to get paid more. The Osaka-based company,… Read

Osaka man arrested for smearing poo on teen’s backpack

At about 8:40 p.m. on July 29, a 17-year-old young woman was walking through the streets of Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, when she began to notice an odd and horrible smell. After walking some more it began to feel as if the smell was following her, so she stopped and checked the… Read

Japonais Double Matcha Condensed Milk and Brown Sugar Syrup ice cream

Häagen-Dazs has been serving up traditional Japanese flavours as part of their exclusive Japonais range of limited-edition ice creams since 2013, and now for their latest release they’re showcasing one of the country’s most popular ingredients: powdered green tea. Called the Japonais Double Matcha – Condensed Milk Brown Sugar Syrup, this is the eighth Japonais release for… Read

Turn a glass of beer into an exquisite Mt Fuji scene with this Awakumo glass

This unique Awakumo glass will let you recreate your very own view of Mt Fuji in miniature while enjoying a frothy glass of beer. That’s right, metal accessory manufacturer Nagae’s interior product brand Ginga-do has just released a delightful beer glass with a Mt Fuji theme that will not only let you enjoy a nice drink (or… Read

Man arrested after urinating in drink bottle of woman coworker because 'he liked her'

During the hot summer, Japan’s wide variety of drinks from vending machines is a godsend. They have everything, whether you’re craving a can of dashi fish broth, or drinking something out of a mayonnaise jar. One drink that you will not find in Japan’s vending machines, however, is urine. Unfortunately that’s what nearly happened to one woman… Read

Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session

Schools in Japan aren’t entirely free of misbehaving students, ranging from sleepers to delusional ranters. These are mild when compared to the horror stories of schools from some other countries. Which is why a particular video that recently surfaced on the Internet has Japanese netizens in a furious uproar. Tablets were being used during… Read

Brand-new Pokemon manhole covers coming to Hokkaido

One of the secrets to the sustained popularity of the Pokemon franchise is how every couple of years, the designers populate another region of the games’ world with a slew of new Pocket Monsters to find. But that’s not something that’s happening just in the Pokemon games and anime, but in real-life Japan too.… Read

Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18

Men who grope women on crowded trains, known as chikan in Japanese, are a serious problem. There have been a variety of strategies taken to help protect against chikan, from women-only trains to stickers of shame that are impossible to wash off, which women can stamp on their attacker’s hand. Kumi Sasaki is one such victim of chikan, and… Read

Japan has mint chocolate butter

Japan has been on a serious mint chocolate kick for the past few summers, with so many amazing snacks and desserts that we had to make a chart to keep track of our favorites. But now the country is ready to extend the mint chocolate frontier even further with mint chocolate butter. The latest creation… Read

Japanese company creates 'business card masks' that put your name and workplace on your face

There’s been remarkably little resistance towards wearing masks in Japan during the pandemic. With masks already a common sight during Japan’s winter flu and spring hay fever seasons, strapping one on to help prevent the spread of modern history’s most devastating breath-spread disease isn’t something that anyone is going to… Read

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