How should a guy say 'I' in Japanese? Japanese women give their opinions


Japan often gets called a conformist society, and while that label is unfairly harsh, it is true that people in Japan are more likely, compared to many other nations, to choose fitting in over standing out. So it’s kind of ironic that when you want to say “I” in Japanese, it… Read


Letters from Japan: 'Ghosted in Portugal'


Savvy Tokyo's resident "Love in Japan" columnist, Hilary Keyes, answers anonymous questions from readers on everything from dating in Japan to women’s health issues. Got a question you’d like to ask Hilary? Email it to with the subject "Ask Hilary". Hi Hilary, I’m writing from Portugal and I was… Read


What do Japanese kids want to be when they grow up? For 30% of boys, YouTubers, survey says


There are a lot of jobs out there in the world, but a recent survey by insurance provider Sony Life shows that there are a few that sound especially good to kids in Japan. The company recently asked 200 junior high students and 800 high school students (split evenly between boys… Read


High-end rebrand makes life sweet for Japan's 'ice farmers'


In a mountainous area north of Tokyo, a priest blows a conch shell as Yuichiro Yamamoto bows and thanks the nature gods for this year's "good harvest": natural ice. Yamamoto is one of Japan's few remaining "ice farmers", eschewing the ease of refrigeration for open-air pools to create a product… Read


The #KimOhNo conversation: How do Japanese people feel about it now?


In late June, reality television star, Kim Kardashian West, announced a new shapewear collection called “Kimono.” The backlash was instant. With Japanese people at its forefront, a #KimOhNo Twitter campaign was launched against West, as well as a petition via with as many as 120,000 signatures just days after her… Read


Sprinting to the future: Robo-shorts that help runners get ahead

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Once confined to comic books, wearable exosuits that enhance a person's physical abilities took a leap forward last Thursday as researchers at Harvard University unveiled a pair of robotic shorts that assist in walking and running. The entire get-up, which includes a battery that straps around the waist and a… Read


Body paint artist shows off surreal animal-human creations at new exhibit


Japanese artist Hikaru Cho has made quite the creative reputation for herself with surreal artwork, most notably her reality bending body painting that sometimes looks more real than real. Her captivating artwork and talent for using the human body as a canvas has translated into teaming up with Samsung, Amnesty… Read


Kyoto temple puts faith in robot priest


A 400-year-old temple in Japan is attempting to hot-wire interest in Buddhism with a robotic priest it believes will change the face of the religion -- despite critics comparing the android to "Frankenstein's monster." The android Kannon, based on the Buddhist deity of mercy, preaches sermons at Kodaiji temple in… Read


Sail training ship Nippon Maru: A must-add to your Yokohama itinerary


Yokohama, Tokyo’s bayside sibling city, is technically the second biggest city in Japan and is filled with countless attractions. From the Cup Noodles Museum, Minato Mirai, and Chinatown, there’s so much to see and do in Yokohama. The Nippon Maru and Yokohama Port Museum is another stop to add to your… Read


Four frustrating attitudes women in Japan run into when interviewing for jobs, grouped by age


The competitive nature of job hunting can be stressful for anyone, but there’s an especially trying aspect of looking for employment that women often face in Japan. While social norms are gradually changing, women still take on the majority of child rearing and other domestic duties in Japanese households, and it’s… Read

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