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China's government can't take a joke, so comedians living abroad censor themselves


Comedian Xi Diao says he knows he should avoid talking politics on stage, but sharing a family name with Chinese President Xi Jinping makes it hard to resist. Even his name is politically sensitive, the Melbourne-based amateur comedian tells audiences, setting up a joke about a group chat on the… Read


When is St Nicholas Day? And how did this Christian saint inspire the Santa Claus legend?


The white-bearded Christian saint whose acts of generosity inspired America’s secular Santa Claus figure is known worldwide — but Saint Nicholas' origin story is not. The legends surrounding jolly old St Nicholas — celebrated annually on Dec 6 — go way beyond delivering candy and toys to children. St Nicholas… Read


Marriage-centered dating apps in Japan: Finding your partner for life


We’re mid-cuffing season now, and people seem to be pairing up left, right and center, even in Japan. Living in Japan can be lonely at times, there are language and culture barriers to contend with, and if you’re not the casual dating sort, then clubs or casual dating apps aren’t for you.… Read


In Mexico, a Japanese traditional dancer shows how body movement speaks beyond culture and religion


When music requires her to cry, Japanese traditional dancer Naoko Kihara barely alters her expression. It’s her arms and torso that move like a slow-motion wave. “Expression is minimal because we cry with our body,” said Kihara, wrapped in her white and navy kimono, on a recent day at her… Read


Six recycling innovations that could change fashion


The fashion industry's enormous waste problem is pushing governments, particularly in Europe, towards ambitious recycling targets. The problem is that recycling textiles is a highly complex task and technical solutions are still in their infancy. NGOs warn the real problem is over-production, and that tech innovations may just provide cover… Read


Why are bullies so mean? A youth psychology expert explains what's behind their harmful behavior


Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to Why are bullies so mean? – Daisy, age 9, Lake Oswego, Oregon Being bullied can make your life miserable, and decades of research prove it:… Read


South Korean city turns to matchmaking to boost low birthrates


Against the backdrop of Christmas songs, 100 South Korean men and women gathered at a hotel near Seoul dressed in their best with name tags hanging on their clothes, hoping to find love. The government hopes they make babies. They were participants at a mass blind-dating event hosted by Seongnam… Read


Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel adds kotatsu and hot sake service for a warm way to chill in the sky


The Osaka Wheel, located in the city of Suita, Osaka Prefecture, is Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel. 123 meters off the ground at its highest point, the Osaka Wheel provides stunning views of the surrounding scenery, and soon it’ll provide something even more wonderful: the warmth of kotatsu and hot sake. Next month the… Read


Poems, paintings and puppet shows: Making the arts accessible in Japan

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Art is transformative, changing the lives of people all around the world. It nurtures self-expression, builds communication skills and fuels learning through imagination. In Japan, there’s a growing number of organizations dedicated to making the arts more accessible. From poetry exhibitions to puppet theater productions, these projects amplify the voices… Read


How to deal with your Japanese neighbors


Moving to Japan can be an exciting adventure. One thing that many foreigners don’t realize, however, is how important it is to get along with their Japanese neighbors. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a big city or a quiet town; understanding the local customs and how to build good relationships with your neighbors… Read

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