Japanese journalist witnessed the death of Malcolm X


On Feb 21, 1965, Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X was assassinated by a group of gunmen while speaking in front of a crowd at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York. Malcolm’s death was flagrantly misreported, and as the 2020 Netflix documentary, "Who Killed Malcolm X," shows… Read


Some helpful tips on Japanese etiquette


As an expat, I can confirm that life in Japan takes some getting used to. Several customs are unique to the island nation, and there are more than enough social nuances and contexts to follow. Home life also takes some adjusting as apartments are arranged somewhat differently than back home.… Read


Nigaoe: Caricature culture in Japan and a peek inside So Watanabe’s work


Whenever I travel to a new place, I like getting something that will make me remember my trip and one thing I fall for (besides the magnets that I usually end up on my fridge) are caricatures. Caricatures are such a lovely souvenir and not only will make you laugh… Read


'The Call of Japan: A Continuing Story - 1950 to the Present Day'


Imagine the biggest lecture theater at the University of X. The distinguished lecturer is holding forth on the standard history of postwar Japan and then asks for any questions.  From the back of the audience a lone hand is raised. The brave gent then proceeds to give his own, first-hand, version of… Read


New Pantene commercial interviews Japanese trans individuals about difficulties of job hunting


From the same company that brought us the world’s first two-in-one conditioner and shampoo formula, and also questioned Japan’s strict rules on job hunting attire, a new commercial recently produced by Pantene has been making the rounds on social media. Featuring an interview with two transgender individuals and their experiences job hunting in Japan, it is… Read


Tokyo temple holds funeral for personal seals


Religion in Japan is a mix of Buddhist and Shinto traditions, so there’s some overlap between going to temples and shrines to offer prayers and ask for blessings. One clear division, though, is that Buddhist temples handle funerals, and so on Oct 19, a memorial service was held at Zenkokuji Temple in… Read


'Workation' program at the foothills of Mount Fuji offers fresh air and a welcome change of pace


As the Japanese government promotes the idea of "workation" in a bid to revitalize the virus-hit tourism industry, various initiatives are emerging to support the concept, which was largely unheard of in Japan before then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga mentioned it during a tourism strategy meeting earlier this year. SHIGOTABI One such initiative… Read


Japanese beauty parlor chain offering cute and scary Halloween makeup packages

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Halloween is coming up soon, and between Japan’s recent embrace of the spooky celebration and its preexisting cosplay culture, a lot of people are looking to transform themselves for a special night this month. To help them, makeup salon chain Atelier Haruka, which has over a dozen locations in Tokyo and others… Read


How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first


Urban planners and local authorities must improve walkability in cities to tackle poor health and social inequality, researchers say, after the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to walk easily and safely. The cities of Paris, London, Bogota and Hong Kong are among the most walkable in the… Read


Internet trolls may not be the type of people you think they are, according to Japanese research


Have you ever come across a person on the internet who has been so riled up about something, so ready to pick a fight about something, so ready to die on a hill for something that you thought to yourself “What’s wrong with this person?!” Maybe they took umbrage with a girl… Read

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