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Wars cause widespread pollution and environmental damage − here’s how to address it in peace accords


As wars grind on in Ukraine and Gaza, another location ravaged by conflict is taking steps to implement a historic peace agreement. From the mid-1960s through 2016, Colombia was torn by conflict between the government, leftist guerrilla movements and right-wing paramilitary groups. Now the government and rebels are working to… Read


Trump, allies are laying groundwork to contest potential election loss


Donald Trump and his allies are laying the groundwork to contest a potential loss in November, stoking doubts about the election's legitimacy even as opinion polls show the Republican presidential candidate leading in battleground states. In recent interviews, Trump has refused to commit to accepting the election results. At his… Read


Wars are raging around the world, so why are young people so passionate about Gaza?


University campuses around the world have become the site of tiny tent cities in recent weeks, with student activists protesting the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Though the protests on Australian campuses have been largely peaceful, tensions are starting to rise. There have been allegations of hate speech and clashes between student groups… Read


The price of rebuilding Ukraine goes up each day − but shirking the bill will cost even more


U.S. military assistance is finally on its way to Ukraine after months of being held up in Congress. Reactions to the $61 billion spending package, signed into law by President Joe Biden on April 24, have ranged from applause to indignation. While few people could deny it includes ammunition and… Read


Term limits aren’t the answer to dysfunction in U.S. Congress


There’s no denying that the current U.S. Congress has been one of the most chaotic in recent memory. The paralysis in 2023 and 2024 over the selection of the speaker of the House helped lead to one of Congress’ most unproductive years in history. And although House Speaker Mike Johnson,… Read


What's the history of 'outside agitators'? Here's what to know about the label and campus protests


Historically, when students at American universities and colleges protest — from the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter — there's a common refrain that “outside agitators” are to blame. College administrators and elected officials have often pointed to community members joining protests to dismiss the demands of student protesters.… Read


Medicine doesn’t just have ‘conscientious objectors’ − there are ‘conscientious providers,’ too


When we think about harm, we typically think of physical or psychological suffering. But ethicists point out that we can also suffer “moral injury” when forced to do something at odds with our deeply held values. Moral injury is often associated with military veterans. It can also occur in health… Read


Sports gambling creates a windfall, but raises questions of integrity

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Sports betting is having a big moment across the United States. While gambling on sports has been legal for decades in countries such as the U.K., it wasn’t until 2018 that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could legalize sports betting. Before then, sports betting had been permitted only… Read


'Words matter:' Titles, Trump and what to call a former president


He's a criminal defendant, a businessman and a politician. But to his most loyal supporters, Donald Trump will always be Mr. President. As for the guy currently serving in the White House, they call him Biden, or maybe just Joe. That's the conclusion from research that did a deep dive… Read


On your mark, get set, gold: World Athletics stirs Olympic pot with prize money


World Athletics has caused an Olympic-size stir by promising to pay prize money to medalists at the Olympic Games. Track and Field’s governing body will pay gold medalists $50,000 at the upcoming Paris Olympics and will add payments for silver and bronze medalists at the 2028 Los Angeles Games. Why… Read

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