Japanese frantically gearing up for civil defense


Shades of the Cuban missile crisis. Weekly Playboy (May 15) reports that all of a sudden, Japanese have begun snatching up nuclear fallout shelters and air purifiers in unprecedented numbers. Seiichiro Nishimoto, president of the Habikino City-based Shelter, tells the magazine his business has been booming. The reason is simple:… Read


Land of rising temperatures: The cultural effects of climate change in Japan


With contrasts being such a notable feature of life in Japan, it is no surprise that – like in most countries – opinions of older and younger generations on climate change are so different. However, in almost all developed nations, it is younger people who are most concerned about the… Read

New Products

Fujitsu releases 6 new PC and tablet models

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Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited have released six new enterprise models across six product series. In its Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab series of tablets, Fujitsu is offering the new 10.1" ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP tablet, featuring Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Slide Passport, the world's first tablet to incorporate Fujitsu's slide-style… Read


Confessions & Confusions: What we did to lead our foster daughter into enjoying school


A family does not become a family in a day. But holding onto each other through the good times and the bad times, is the key to making it all work out well. March 26 marked one year since Natsumi moved in with us. Recently, she was playing with friends… Read


Medication, money and maps: How to fight a debilitating eye disease


In some of the world's remotest corners, health workers armed with smartphones, digital maps and medication are making steady progress in eliminating trachoma, the world's leading infectious cause of blindness, a leading expert said. Better living conditions have wiped out trachoma in many countries but some 200 million people are… Read


Beyond a place to dine, The Restaurant By Aman Tokyo is a destination


Maneuvering through Tokyo’s financial district in the rampant rain, The Otemachi Tower glowed like a beacon as I fervently approached the 38-story high-rise — home to the first urban venue of the ultra-luxe Aman Resorts, Aman Tokyo. The five-star boutique hotel (a self-styled “urban retreat”) occupies the top six floors… Read


Philippine Airlines to enhance passenger experience


Philippine Airlines (PAL) and SITAOnAir are co-developing a new CrewTab designed to enhance inflight service delivery. PAL information will be delivered and stored in tablets provided to flight pursers, enabling them to digitally view operational data, from general passenger profiles and company service bulletins, to the latest products and service… Read

Executive Impact

Quentin O’Mahony is wheels down with CAE and its joint venture with JAL


Though he’s Canadian, it pleases Quentin O’Mahony to say that he was born in Ireland —Kilkenny City to be precise, home to the famous cream ale. He was also a world traveler even as a child. His family emigrated to Terrace, British Columbia when he was 5-years-old and before his… Read


Japan Brickfest 2017: Asia’s largest international LEGO fan event


Japan Brickfest , Asia’s Largest International LEGO fan event, will be held  June 10-11 at Canadian Academy in Rokko Island Kobe. Japan Brickfest is now in its third year and as of this year is the Official Fan Hub Event for Asia. Around 270 LEGO fan builders from 11 countries… Read


A Mother's Day treat: Mini mocha Baked Alaskas


Let's say you dream of wanting to make a very special dessert for mom on Mother's Day but don't really have the time or the expertise. Here's a cheating version of Baked Alaska. Sure it's antique — is there any other two-word phrase in English as capable of teleporting us in an instant to the dining room of a cruise ship in the 1950s? — but it's also delicious. We're talking about ice cream surrounded by cake, frosted with meringue and baked until golden. Back in… Read