Aviation chiefs warn of prolonged ticket price pain


Aviation industry leaders warned this week that travelers must brace for even higher ticket prices as the sector battles fallout from the COVID pandemic, high oil prices and conflict fears. International Air Transport Association director general Willie Walsh also said that airlines' recovery would be delayed if China maintains its… Read


Stressed out, burned out and dropping out: Why U.S. teachers are leaving the classroom


Many school districts across the United States are in the midst of a crisis: a teacher shortage. Part of the problem is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are other reasons why teachers are leaving their jobs at higher rates than before. On Aug 29, SciLine interviewed Tuan Nguyen,… Read


More kids showing signs of premature aging


Myopia. Fatty liver. Lumbago. High blood pressure due to obesity. Skeletal problems. Yes, as the petals are plucked from our flower of youth, these are among the multitude of complaints of encroaching middle age. The problem, says Spa (Sept 20-27), is that they're occurring with increasing frequency among young children.… Read


Hotel develops new 'shokupan' bread with white crusts to curb food waste


Many Japanese people enjoy eating fluffy, soft, and chewy white milk bread, known as 食パン shokupan, baked into square loaves. Whether it's in delicious egg sandwiches or "Lunch Pack" sealed sandwich pockets, almost all shokupan sandwiches sold in Japan have their crusts removed. Crusted bread lovers do exist but the prevailing perception is that crusts aren't… Read


Frenchman, Japanese rewarded for research into narcolepsy

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Emmanuel Mignot is one of the world's leading experts on narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that he finds both "strange" and "fascinating." The French-born Mignot has dedicated his life to studying the causes of narcolepsy and shedding light on one of the great biological mysteries -- sleep. His discovery of the… Read


Why is Japan called ‘Japan’ and not ‘Nihon?’


For sports fans, when the Japanese women’s volleyball team played their Chinese rivals for the bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics, it culminated in an amazing Olympics for volleyball in Asia. However, for language fans like myself, the one thing that was as exciting as the game was the outfit worn by the Japanese… Read


Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests 'rampant': study

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A commercial plane photoshopped with the tail of a shark, hashtags that misleadingly evoke sustainability, tokenistic use of minorities to distract and to signal virtue: a Harvard report published highlights rampant greenwashing by leading companies on social media. The investigation, commissioned by Greenpeace Netherlands, involved analyzing the text and images… Read

New Products

One-person fryer is game-changer for tonkatsu, tempura, and all your favorite izakaya fried foods


Akihabara-based retailer Thanko has a reputation for making practical appliances, but recently they've been shifting their focus to helping out solo-diners with devices that help deliver some tasty treats for those who need to only cook for themselves. The Japanese maker recently released a personal rice cooker and bento combo that… Read


Hiroshima bombing recalled in Oregon 'peace trees' campaign


Hideko Tamura Snider was a 10-year-old girl in Hiroshima, Japan, when the United States detonated an atomic bomb over the city on Aug. 6, 1945, during World War II. On Wednesday, she described the horrors of that day as the guest of honor in a ceremony marking the culmination of… Read


Is it OK to order pizza delivery during a typhoon? We ask Japan’s big three pizza chains


Every time there’s a typhoon in Japan, it’s accompanied by a debate on social media. The topic: whether or not it’s OK to order a pizza and have it delivered during a typhoon. On one side of the debate are those who think it’s totally acceptable to get a pizza delivered… Read

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