Sustainable vegan cheese brand introduces ‘faux-mage’ lineup


Tokyo VEG LIFE Faux-mage is a 100% vegan cheese that launched back in April of this year. The cheese is made using completely naturally derived, domestic or organically imported ingredients, and the brand behind it is fully committed to sustainable production and delivery. Since the brand’s launch earlier this year,… Read


El Nino puts millions of children into malnutrition: study


Changing rain patterns caused by the El Nino warming phenomenon frequently drives millions of children into malnutrition and saddles them with life-long health issues, researchers say, calling for action against the "predictable" impact. El Nino is a periodic event that affects global weather patterns, occurring every few years when eastern… Read


If you want to support the health and wellness of kids, stop focusing on their weight


Since the pandemic started, people of all ages have gained weight. At the same time, the rate at which youth and young adults are seeking treatment for eating disorders, particularly anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder, has increased. While the reasons for these changes are complex, pandemic-related stress and weight… Read

New Products

Kotatsu specially built for card, board games


After living in Japan, I have stood steadfastly by my thinking that there are no better inventions in human history than GPS and the kotatsu.  Whether we’re talking about ordinary ones, ginormous futon versions, or pet-sized ones, it’s a disgrace that the Japanese kotatsu, a table with a heater on its underside to keep… Read


Growing American football on Japanese turf


How do you grow a sport in a nontraditional market? On a cool and rainy October afternoon at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki, the ball is snapped and pitched out wide. Two lines of enormous men collide: some trying to clear pathways, and their opponents trying to seal them. The ball carrier… Read


Chase and Hyatt launch first World of Hyatt Business Credit card


Chase Card Services and Hyatt Hotels Corp have announced the launch of the new World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, designed to reward small business owners and Hyatt customers for how they do business. This first business credit card offered by Hyatt features an adaptive rewards accelerator that allows business… Read


Webinar: How to get a business startup visa, permanent residency and invest in Japanese real estate

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The next installment in our popular series of webinars or foreigners who want to learn about the benefits of getting permanent residency (PR) or a long-term visa in Japan, will also be covering the business start-up visa and how to invest in Japanese real estate. The seminar will be held… Read

New Products

Every mistake you make reveals Mt Fuji with these clever transforming erasers


Japan's PLUS Stationery had many looking forward to making mistakes, for once, when they released a special Mt Fuji edition version of their "Air-in" range of erasers. The fun-to-use erasers look fairly standard at first, but as you use them, they wear down revealing your very own personal snow-capped Mt Fuji. Now with fall… Read


Climate justice: Rich nations dodge finance pledge


A hundred billion dollars every year –- that's the aid promised more than a decade ago to help developing nations curb their carbon pollution and adapt to devastating climate impacts. But rich countries have not delivered on that pledge, a failure that could undermine a critical COP26 climate summit in… Read


U.S. college student learns the hard way to get your Japanese kanji tattoo checked by an expert


When choosing a design for a tattoo, most people want something that’s not just cool or beautiful, but meaningful as well. And since you’re going to have the thing forever, an aesthetic that’s already stood the test of time is preferable to some trendy symbol that might feel played out in… Read

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