Trump's presidency not just a blip in U.S. foreign policy


President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to scrap President Donald Trump’s vision of “America First” in favor of “diplomacy first” will depend on whether he's able to regain the trust of allies and convince them that Trumpism is just a blip in the annals of U.S. foreign policy. It could be a… Read


First Kitchen releases its biggest ever All-Star Burger topped with fried chicken


Japan has seen some very large burgers has seen some very large burgers recently, including McDonald's monstrous Giga Big Mac and Burger King's all-you-can-eat Super One Pound Beef Burger challenge. Now Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen (sometimes called "Fakkin" for short--yes, it's quite the nickname) is adding a massive burger of their… Read


COVID-19 infection gives some immunity for at least 5 months, UK study finds

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People who have had COVID-19 are highly likely to have immunity to it for at least five months but there is evidence that those with antibodies may still be able to carry and spread the virus, a UK study of healthcare workers has found. Preliminary findings by scientists at Public… Read

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Sapporo decides to sell new beer with English mistake on label


It was a sad day for beer lovers across Japan on Jan 8, when Sapporo Breweries put the lid on an exclusive new brew release just four days before it was due to go on sale. According to the company, the new beer, called Kaitakushi Beer Tailored, used the same traditional manufacturing methods as Japan’s first… Read


WHO stops short of advising proof of COVID-19 shots for travel


The World Health Organization has refrained from advising proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity as a condition for international travel, citing "critical unknowns" regarding their efficacy in reducing transmission and limited availability. The WHO's Emergency Committee, composed of 19 independent experts, held its sixth meeting in a year on Friday… Read


Generation COVID: How the young are working round pandemic-hit job market


Adesola Akerele had just landed an internship at a television production company in London when the coronavirus hit and her dream job was gone. But as the pandemic halted studies and wiped out employment opportunities for millions of young people around the world, the 23-year-old graduate found a silver lining… Read


Singapore Airlines extends PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses


Singapore Airlines (SIA) has confirmed that it is automatically extending all existing PPS Club and KrisFlyer Elite statuses, for memberships that will expire between March 2021 and February 2022, by another year. For PPS Club members, any Reserve Value that expires between March 2021 and February 2023 will also have… Read


The more exercise the better, heart health study finds


When it comes to matters of heart health, no amount of exercise is too much, scientists said this week in research that debunks the myth that high levels of vigorous physical activity might not always be beneficial. The research found "every move counts" toward improving cardiovascular health, the scientists said,… Read


Top recommendations for heat-and-eat curry in Japan


When you think of curry, the Indian subcontinent, where it originated, surely pops into your mind. However, did you know that curry is also one of the most popular foods in Japan? Millions of families in Japan cook curry for dinner, and it is a dish loved by all generations,… Read

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7-Eleven Japan now has plant-based vegetarian steamed 'meat buns'


One very cool thing about Japanese convenience stores is that they’re not just a place to grab snacks like chips and cookies. They’re also stocked with all sorts of tasty food that you could eat as a meal. Craving a pork cutlet sandwich, beef bowl, or plate of meat sauce pasta? The… Read

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