Restaurants, pubs in Tokyo and Osaka flouting emergency regulations for sheer survival


“Where are you drinking tonight? Why not here!”  Osaka, Saturday night, May 29. Young touts appeal to thronging passersby: “We serve alcohol!” “We’re open to 5 a.m.!” “Come on in!” “Welcome!” Very friendly, very inviting – and the passersby respond eagerly, reports Weekly Playboy (June 21). You’d never know that… Read


Osaka to Fukuoka for less than ¥4,000? It’s possible with Japan’s overnight ferry


For long-distance travel in Japan, most people’s default choice is to take the Shinkansen, since Japan’s bullet train network is often faster and more convenient than flying. By land and by air aren’t the only options, though, as Japan also has a network of long-distance ferries, like the one operated by Meimon… Read


Brownie specialty store Côte Cour adds Orangette Brownie to their summer lineup


If there ever was a place that created the most perfect of treats, it would be located somewhere in Japan. With bakeries, patisseries, smoothie parlors and sweet buffets all thoughtfully and artistically run by artisans and masters of sugar craft, it’s easy to see why this country can be a… Read


De-stress and breathe easy with handy tip from Japanese vocal technique specialist


With so much going on in the world right now, more and more people are becoming more and more stressed. And while relaxation techniques and tips for creating calm abound online, not all these ideas work for everyone, which is why Japanese Twitter user Shima (@shimadakengo911) attracted attention recently when he… Read


Pandemic shows risk of obesity, and challenge of weight loss


Jennifer Bergin was already obese and pre-diabetic before the pandemic, and learning she also had high blood pressure made her worry about how sick she might get with COVID-19. She began walking three hours a day, eventually losing 60 pounds. “I just knew I was a prime candidate for getting… Read


Is tax avoidance ethical? Asking on behalf of a few billionaire friends


Some of the U.S.‘s wealthiest individuals reportedly pay just a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars added annually to their fortunes in federal income tax – sometimes they pay nothing at all. Investigative journalism outlet ProPublica says it has obtained a “vast cache” of information from the Internal Revenue… Read

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Mintal launches White Noise Machine for healthier sleep


Mintal, an emerging wellness and lifestyle brand whose goal is to help users achieve healthier sleep and improve their overall well-being, today launched its flagship Mintal White Noise Machine. The device is specifically geared toward improving quality of sleep and offers unparalleled personalization options for users to create their ideal… Read


How virus detectives trace the origins of an outbreak – and why it's so tricky


Every time there is a major disease outbreak, one of the first questions scientists and the public ask is: “Where did this come from?” In order to predict and prevent future pandemics like COVID-19, researchers need to find the origin of the viruses that cause them. This is not a… Read

New Products

Orion tackles Japan’s food waste problem with new WATTA Keitts Mango chuhai


Currently, Japanese food waste averages at around 25.5 million tons per year, with edible waste – that can and should be eaten in a sustainable world – accounting for 6.12 million tons of that alone. This is one of Japan’s major social problems that needs to be tackled in order for the… Read


COVID-19 turnabout—pandemic in Japan unexpectedly revives, instead of exterminates, a dying art


Unsurprisingly, a pandemic is no good time for anyone or anything. From shuttered factory doors to cultural traditions ambling on their last legs, COVID-19 has done its work, in fact, even inspiring a new and now commonly used phrase for the worldwide turmoil it has caused: koronaka, or literally in English, “corona damage.”… Read

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