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Thailand Singapore Flight

What is in-flight turbulence, and when does it become dangerous for passengers and crews?


The death of a British man and injuries impacting dozens of other people aboard a Singapore Airlines flight that hit severe turbulence Tuesday highlighted the potential dangers of flying through unstable air. The exact cause of the 73-year-old man’s death is under investigation. Authorities said he may have suffered a… Read


Japan ranks 3rd among top world travel destinations after U.S., Spain: report


Japan ranked third in a list of destinations in a travel and tourism development report by the World Economic Forum released Tuesday, scoring highly for its natural and cultural resources and transport infrastructure. The United States topped the list, with Spain coming second. Japan was the highest-ranking country in the… Read


'Ametora': How American style changed Japanese fashion forever


Ametora should be considered one of the most prominent fashion subcultures as it has inspired Japanese designers, manufacturing practices and many generations. Ametora, short for “American Traditional”, is best defined as being Japan’s own take on the fashion worn by American Ivy League College students and the British elite in… Read


Krispy Kreme Japan unveils new doughnuts filled with…cheese?


Krispy Kreme has changed its strategy in Japan in recent years, focussing more on sweet releases that appeal to local tastes, and judging by this latest release, local customers love cheese. The new lineup coming to stores is called “Cheerful Cheese!” and as the name suggests, cheese is the main ingredient. They’re not… Read


Yes, adults can develop food allergies. Here are 4 types you need to know about


If you didn’t have food allergies as a child, is it possible to develop them as an adult? The short answer is yes. But the reasons why are much more complicated. Preschoolers are about four times more likely to have a food allergy than adults and are more likely to grow out… Read

New Products

Long lines aren’t a problem with Thanko Back Pack Chair


Japan is undergoing a wave of overtourism brought about by the weakening yen. With over 3 milli0n visitors in March (as reported by the Japan National Tourism Organization), it’s no wonder long, winding lines in front of restaurants and retailers have become an everyday occurrence. Standing for hours and walking… Read


For birdwatchers and nature lovers, Lake Hyoko is one of the top spots in Niigata Prefecture


Attracting thousands each year to its natural beauty and wildlife, Lake Hyoko in Niigata Prefecture makes for a great weekend getaway. From birds to cherry blossoms, not to mention the lake, this site has plenty to soak up all year round. Despite its name, Lake Hyoko is not a natural lake. The site… Read


For sale: Unique piece of land in strategic Arctic archipelago


The last piece of privately owned land in the strategic Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic is up for grabs, a property likely to entice China but which Norway does not intend to let go without a fight. The archipelago is located halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, in… Read


Plaza Premium to open City Terminal lounge in Osaka


A City Terminal by Plaza Premium Lounge will open this summer in Osaka’s Umeda district, one of the busiest travel hubs in Japan. City Terminal will join the company's portfolio of Plaza Premium Lounges, Aerotel airport hotels, airport dining brands, ALLWAYS airport concierge services, and the global rewards program, Smart… Read


Wars cause widespread pollution and environmental damage − here’s how to address it in peace accords


As wars grind on in Ukraine and Gaza, another location ravaged by conflict is taking steps to implement a historic peace agreement. From the mid-1960s through 2016, Colombia was torn by conflict between the government, leftist guerrilla movements and right-wing paramilitary groups. Now the government and rebels are working to… Read

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