As Trump attacks mail ballots, Republicans see their own prospects damaged


With less than 90 days until Election Day, Republicans are scrambling to counter the effects of Donald Trump's verbal war on mail ballots amid growing evidence that it has helped Democrats heading into the crucial Nov 3 contest. The U.S. president's unsubstantiated attacks on mail voting as vulnerable to fraud… Read


YouTuber Paolo documents a typical day of a Japanese office worker and other employees


As we’ve noted before, Japanese people work hard ... although they may not exactly be working smart. According to OECD data, Japanese firms are surprisingly underproductive. Indeed, the country ranks lowest in labor productivity among G7 nations, placing it 21st among the 37 OECD nations. Nevertheless, there may be a silver lining to… Read


Is breastfeeding safe during the coronavirus pandemic?


Some mothers are worried about transmitting the novel coronavirus to their newborns during nursing, after it was reported in Japan that a mother's breastmilk tested positive for the virus causing COVID-19. Medical organizations differ on how to tackle the issue, although at least one doctor is urging calm, arguing that… Read


A low-prep recipe for a delicious regional snack made from sweet potato

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At first glance, *oni-manju *(鬼まんじゅう)* seems like an odd choice for the name of a simple dish featuring the star ingredient of sweet potato. After all, oni means “demon/ogre” and manju is a kind of Japanese confection. However, it’s actually a familiar and beloved sweet treat in the Tokai region of Japan, southwest of Tokyo, that was… Read


Looking ahead: A weekend getaway to Fukuoka City

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Maybe you’re not quite ready to leave Tokyo over the weekend just yet—we do recommend to keep staying at home. But, while daydreaming about your future endeavors, why not consider a weekend getaway to Fukuoka City? You are sure to find lots of fun for the whole family in Kyushu’s largest urban… Read

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Junji Ito’s 'Uzumaki' horror series gets its own eye-popping fashion merchandise


For more than 30 years, horror master Junji Ito has been terrifying people through manga. His distinctive art style and dark imagery have inspired TV and film adaptations, and just last year, he released his first art book, which he talked about--amongst many other topics -- in an interview with grape Japan.… Read


Even with nearly empty flights, airport quarantine stations stretched to the limit


According to data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, arrivals at Japanese international airports who tested positive for the coronavirus numbered 124, of whom 93, or about 70%, were holders of foreign passports. "Thinking that the spread of the virus in Japan has declined, more foreigners have been… Read


Pre-orders of COVID-19 vaccine top 5 billion


Although none of the coronavirus vaccines under development has proved its efficacy yet in clinical trials, at least 5.7 billion doses have been pre-ordered around the world. First shipments of a COVID-19 vaccine created by Western laboratories have often been snapped up by the United States. Five vaccines -- three… Read


Tokyo area received more new foreign residents than Japanese ones last year


Though the population of Japan has been in decline for quite some time now, the population of Japan’s capital continues to grow. And it’s not just Tokyo, either, as the city and the three prefectures that border it, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, saw an increase to their collective number of residents last year. According… Read

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'Lupin the Third' unisex reversible sukajan souvenir jackets; hoodies and tees


Fans of "Lupin The Third" and the internationally beloved franchise spanning half a century which carries his name may be interested in a new apparel series on sale from TMS Entertainment. The lineup features stylish unisex reversible sukajan souvenir bomber jackets, hoodies and T-shirts featuring the iconic gentleman thief, femme… Read

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