Iriomote idyll – enjoying a remote island paradise


Who doesn’t love the idea of chillaxing on a remote tropical island, especially as winter approaches? How about one that is remote, yet relatively easy to reach, offers blue water, white sand beaches, deep green jungles and dark, star-filled night skies? You want Iriomote, the second largest island in Okinawa… Read

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Disney Japan releases Peter Pan holiday collection that’s full of gold and glitter


Disney Japan is taking inspiration from Tinker Bell and her magical pixie dust for their recently released holiday collection. Aptly named “Sprinkle a Little Magic”, the collection features characters and scenes from 1953’s Peter Pan movie. The collection is a mix of home decor, jewelry, and other everyday products. Most… Read


Carbon pricing rises as world's weapon of choice in climate fight


Can you put a price on pollution? Some of the world's biggest economies are doing just that as they wrestle with how to make good on grand pledges to tame planet-warming emissions. Matters are coming to a head. China, Japan and South Korea have all followed the European Union in… Read


The story of Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s trip to Shuri Castle in 1853


At 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 24, 1852, 58-year-old Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, aboard the coal-powered steam warship Mississippi, began his journey to Japan. With Perry were 382 other men, most of whom were experienced sailors able to endure a roughly  12,000-kilometer (8,000-mile) trip starting in Norfolk, Virginia. Other men —… Read


Mos Burger’s new luxury burger contains 0.18% alcohol


There are a lot of burger joints in Japan, but home-grown fast food chain Mos Burger is always one of our firm favorites. We love the fact that they source fresh ingredients from local farmers, and we’re continually impressed by their special range of “Tobikiri” (“extraordinary”) burgers, which contain oversized patties made with a… Read


Tales from telework hell


“Teleworking is hell,” say some – not all. Positive thinkers value it for its freedom from office commuting and office routine. There are those who see it as the wave of the future, outliving the deadly pandemic that is forcing it on us now. Its survival would mean an unprecedented… Read


Are dining tents a safe way to eat out during the pandemic?


Health experts say outdoor dining tents are generally safer than dining inside, but caution that they’re not all equal. Many restaurants are erecting individual tents, igloos and other outdoor structures that let people who are dining together avoid being indoors, where the coronavirus spreads more easily. Experts say the structures… Read


Tofuku-Ji : Inspiring gardens and autumn madness at Kyoto’s oldest Zen temple


Tofuku-ji Temple is arguably the spot for viewing the changing colors of the autumn leaves. The main garden’s path takes you through a forest of maple trees and then up above it – via the famous Tsuten-kyo Bridge – so that you peer down on a blanket of red. It’s a breathtaking… Read


After thousands of years in homes, traditional Japanese flooring goes modern


Tatami is the flooring used in traditional Japanese architecture as far back as the Heian period (794–1185). It’s made from rice straw, compressed wood or, more recently, even synthetic materials. It’s durable, practically fireproof and grants excellent insulation. It also feels pretty great on your feet.  Once considered an item… Read


This delicious pudding made solely with persimmons and milk is trending in Japan


Autumn is the season for persimmons in Japan. When properly ripened (but not too ripe), you can enjoy them as they are, diced and mixed into salads, or even sliced and baked with cheese. Although they may be harder to find in some countries, either the Fuyu or the Hachiya… Read

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