ANA getting rid of large flight info monitors at security lines at Haneda's Terminal 2


For some passengers flying out of Haneda Airport later this month, the terminal is going to look a little different. Specifically, if you’re in Terminal 2 and planning to look up at the big monitors above the pre-boarding security line to check your flight into, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. All Nippon… Read


Why a new Alzheimer's drug is having a slow U.S. debut


The first drug to show that it slows Alzheimer’s is on sale, but treatment for most patients is still several months away. Two big factors behind the slow debut, experts say, are scant insurance coverage and a long setup time needed by many health systems. Patients who surmount those challenges… Read

New Products

Never oversleep again under stern supervision of Threatening Red Panda Nap Cushion


Have you ever wanted to take a nap, but at the same time be in imminent peril of an impossibly cute pounce? If so, gift and novelty maker You+More, a sub-brand of Felissimo, has something for you. The Threatening Red Panda Nap Cushion is now available for sale for 6,700 yen. This adorably dangerous… Read


Cat-shaped slices of delicious Japanese bread become Disney cats for limited time


Cat-shaped bread is an idea we already love. But now, for a limited time only, they’re made even better by drawing popular Disney cat faces on them. The cat-shaped bread loaves known as Neko Neko Shokupan, sold by Neko Neko bakeries across Japan, are teaming up with Disney to sell limited-edition cat-shaped bread… Read


Manga artist wants Japanese teachers to feel how dumb their girls’ dress code is


Manga creator Masayuki Ishikawa is best known for his series "Moyashimon." Also known as "Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture," the story follows a freshman at an agricultural university who has the ability to communicate with microorganisms, all of which are rendered as cute Pokemon-like characters. With its scientific references and in-jokes, Moyashimon is considered a treat for… Read


Seeing is believing? Global scramble to tackle deepfakes


Chatbots spouting falsehoods, face-swapping apps crafting porn videos and cloned voices defrauding companies of millions -- the scramble is on to rein in AI deepfakes that have become a misinformation super spreader. Artificial intelligence is redefining the proverb "seeing is believing," with a deluge of images created out of thin… Read


U.S. climate subsidies unsettle Europe's green industry plans


An empty field near Heide in a corner of Germany known more for its cabbage farming is the chosen site for a huge battery factory and potential pillar of the country's future green economy. Manufacturer Northvolt chose the location in the northern region of Schleswig-Holstein primarily for the abundance of… Read


Peach to start Nagoya-Taipei service; resume Osaka-Kaohsiung flights


Peach Aviation Ltd has announced that starting March 27, it will start operating the Nagoya (Chubu) - Taipei (Taoyuan) route, its first international route at Nagoya (Chubu) Airport. Also, starting August 1, the Osaka (Kansai) - Kaohsiung route, which had been suspended for about three and a half years, will… Read


Politics, cash, fame: What motivates climate change deniers


Right-wing ideologues funded by fossil fuels, fame-seeking narcissists and doubt mongers monetizing their content are pushing climate disinformation that undermines the fight against global warming, researchers say. Experts interviewed by AFP outlined six key things that motivate people to deny climate change or seek to delay action. Oil money Studies… Read


Is it the end of Japan’s conveyor belt sushi as we know it?


Much like how a bluebird heralds the beginning of spring, it seems the late winter months in Japan are often greeted by someone doing something horribly disgusting in a revolving sushi restaurant. Whether it’s putting cameras on the belt to peek into everyone’s booth or intentionally dropping fish in the garbage, it seems there… Read

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