What did Japanese curry taste like 150 years ago? This instant curry pack lets you find out


Something that makes curry unique among staple foods in Japan is that it’s pretty easy to determine, more or less, when people here ate it for the first time. As a culinary cultural import, curry was introduced to Japan during the Meiji period, when Japan finally resumed regular relations with other countries following… Read


A cosy atmosphere created by the harmony of light and design

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Serviced apartments are gaining attention these days as we move through the transformation of lifestyles caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Serviced apartments have become spaces that meet a wide variety of needs for those who travel between city and suburbs, or for those looking to be refreshed from working at… Read


New shinkansen design revealed for Nagasaki extension


For many years, Japan’s high-speed shinkansen rail system could only take you as far from Tokyo as Fukuoka, on Japan’s southwest island of Kyushu. The line eventually got extended to south to Kagoshima, but people traveling to or from western Kyushu, including Nagasaki, still have no bullet train service in the region. That’s… Read


Soccer defenders more at risk of dementia in later life says new research


Defenders are more likely than their teammates to suffer dementia caused by heading the ball, according to new research into neurological disease in former players. The latest data from the University of Glasgow's study has been labelled the "missing link" between soccer and the risk of degenerative brain disorders. Results… Read

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Baskin Robbins Japan’s summer Pokemon lineup includes Pikachu ice cream and Poke Ball cake


Japan’s branches of Baskin Robbins often turn their delicious and icy expertise to collaborations with beloved pop culture institutions. We’ve seen their sweet takes on Disney characters, and even classic anime character Doraemon made his Baskin Robbins debut. But one of their most popular team efforts is surely their awesome Pokemon offerings.… Read


What is 'wabi sabi'?


Wabi sabi 侘び寂び is a Japanese concept that often has foreigners scratching their heads in bafflement. The first part of the expression - wabi - refers to the bitter-sweet pleasure of being alone. It refers to the serenity that comes from detaching yourself from society, and its endless striving for… Read


From gray to green: World cities uprooting the urban jungle


From lettuces farmed on New York's skyline to thick corridors of trees occupying once desolate Colombian roadsides, green initiatives are running wild in cities around the world. At a time when coronavirus lockdowns have amplified the need for nature in urban areas, AFP has gathered images and footage of projects… Read


New Harajuku-themed hotel room promises to surround you in pink and zany kawaii-ness


If you’ve heard anything about Japan, you’ve probably heard about Harajuku, the Tokyo fashion hub for anything cute and zany. Characterized by bright colors and kawaii characters, like singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s style or the decorations at the famous Harajuku Kawaii Monster Cafe, the Harajuku aesthetic is considered a genre all its own.… Read

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Whoever said 'the best thing since sliced bread' should have bought this foolproof Japanese slicer


Those who really enjoy bread may have a bread machine at home. Especially in Japan, where small apartments often prevent the installation of proper ovens, bread machines (known in Japan as "home bakery" machines) are sometimes the only way to make homemade bread. Although enjoying freshly baked bread from a… Read


Sex trafficking isn't what you think


The idea that sex trafficking is an urgent social problem is woven into American media stories, from reports of Republican U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz’s alleged trafficking of teenage girls to debunked QAnon conspiracy theories about a sexual slavery ring run through online retailer Wayfair. The common perception of sex trafficking… Read

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