2 more nuclear reactors in Japan clear regulator's safety review


The Nuclear Regulation Authority formally confirmed Wednesday that two reactors on the Sea of Japan have met the country's post-Fukushima safety standards, paving the way for their restart possibly this fall. The authority gave its final approval to a screening report submitted by Kansai Electric Power Co on the Nos.… Read


Abandoned railroads in spotlight as tourist attractions


Abandoned railroads once serving as a lifeline for local industry are recapturing attention as tourist attractions. Last month, 15 groups from 12 of Japan's 47 prefectures inaugurated an association of regional promoters hoping that their railway legacies will attract visitors and help revitalize their aging rural communities. Still, financing and… Read


Gov't considers splitting school holidays to ease travel congestion


The Japanese government is considering splitting up schools' long summer holidays, the government's top spokesman said Monday, in a move hoped to lessen crowds and shorten queues in peak times at family tourism destinations. The government also plans to encourage companies to make it easier for parents to seek time… Read


Man's charred remains found in Kyoto park


Police in Kyoto said Tuesday they are investigating the death of a man whose charred corpse was found Monday in a park. According to police, at around 4:25 a.m. on Monday, a man taking a stroll through Arashiyama Higashi Park in Nishikyo Ward found the grisly remains and called 110,… Read


Kyoto University gets billed for using Bob Dylan lyrics in speech


During a commencement ceremony for students of Kyoto University, president Juichi Yamagiwa delivered a speech that dealt with the song “Blown’ in the Wind” by folk artist and Nobel laureate Bob Dylan. The speech was an astute interpretation of the song which he used to inspire the new students to not look… Read


Man spends wife’s inheritance from her mother on mobile games


Japanese mobile game players are known to spend more money on in-game currency than their North American or Chinese counterparts. That’s not really surprising, given that a lot of Japanese mobile games rely heavily on a gacha system, where in-game purchases don’t necessarily yield a rare character or powerful weapon every time.… Read


After 9 months in space, mouse sperm yield healthy mice, say Japanese scientists

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After nine months in space, mouse sperm has yielded healthy mice, Japanese scientists reported Monday. The freeze-dried sperm samples were launched in 2013 to the International Space Station and returned to Earth in 2014. The intense radiation of space caused slight DNA damage to the sperm. Yet, following in vitro… Read


Hate speech rallies nearly halved 1 year after law's enactment


The number of rallies in which Japanese far-right groups have hurled racist abuse has nearly halved in the 11 months since parliament enacted a law to deter hate speech, the National Police Agency said. While statistics show some positive impact from the legislation, legal experts point out the limitations of… Read


Tokyo police urge go-kart tour companies to improve safety measures


Tokyo police requested Monday companies hosting go-kart city tours on public roads improve safety measures due to the increasing popularity of the attraction among foreign tourists. The Metropolitan Police Department said it asked five go-kart rental companies in Tokyo to encourage patrons to wear helmets and protective gear while driving.… Read


Chicks of slain stork to be raised at facility


Four stork chicks whose mother was shot dead by a hunter in Shimane Prefecture will be raised at a specialist breeding facility, a local education board said Sunday. The storks, a species designated as a special national treasure, will be raised at the facility in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, until they… Read

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