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In U.N. speech, Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' North Korea


President Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to "totally destroy North Korea" if the U.S. is forced to defend itself or its allies against the renegade nation's nuclear weapons program, making his case in a combative debut speech to the U.N. that laid out a stark, good-vs-evil view of a globe riven… Read


To shoot down or not? N Korean launch brings up intercept issues


North Korea's latest missile launch over Japan set sirens blaring and triggered alerts telling people to seek shelter -- yet neither Tokyo nor Washington tried to shoot the rocket down. The test follows one in August that saw another rocket soar over Hokkaido. In that case too, much-vaunted Japanese and… Read


Trump, in new dig, mocks N Korean leader as 'Rocket Man'


U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday mocked the leader of nuclear-armed North Korea as "Rocket Man" while White House advisers said the isolated nation would face destruction unless it shelves its weapons programs and bellicose threats. Trump's chief diplomat held out hope the North would return to the bargaining table,… Read


Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled


Was it a bluff? A warning that Washington would shoot down North Korea's next missile test? A simple restatement of past policy? Officials and pundits across Asia struggled Wednesday to parse U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to "totally destroy North Korea" if provoked. Amid the speculation, the focus of Trump's belligerence, North… Read


Antimissile battery deployed in Hakodate after N Korean missile tests


Japan deployed an antimissile battery Tuesday in Hakodate, a major city on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido near the flight paths of ballistic missiles recently launched by North Korea. The battery was moved to a Ground Self-Defense Force camp in the city from an Air Self-Defense Force base about… Read


Money dispute said to have led wife to break husband's 54 violins


The estranged wife of a former violin maker broke into his house and destroyed 54 violins and 70 bows after they fought over payments for child support, prosecutors said Tuesday. In the opening session of the trial of Qin Yue at the Nagoya District Court, the prosecutors said Qin had… Read


Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat


Take cover in a sturdy building or get underground. That's the emergency advice given to the Japanese people in the event of a North Korean missile strike. But there are two big problems: most Japanese homes are made of wood and lack a basement. In the countryside, there is often… Read


'SNL,''Big Little Lies,' 'Handmaid's Tale' rule at Trump-flavored Emmys


"The Handmaid's Tale" and political comedy "Veep" won the top prizes at the Emmy awards on Sunday, but satirical sketch show "Saturday Night Live" won the most Emmys overall on the back of a season of Donald Trump spoofs. The new U.S. president, who never won an Emmy despite his… Read


17 delicatessens in eastern Japan closed down over E. coli poisoning


An operator of delicatessens in eastern Japan said Wednesday it has closed all 17 of its stores after some of them were hit by an E. coli bacteria outbreak that has killed a 3-year-old girl and sickened 21 others. The 17 Delicious stores in Gunma, Saitama and Tochigi prefectures ended… Read


Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido


North Korea fired a missile that flew over Hokkaido far out into the Pacific Ocean on Friday, South Korean and Japanese officials said, further ratcheting up tensions after Pyongyang's recent test of its most powerful nuclear bomb. The missile flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific about 2,000 km… Read

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