Coco’s gets into Japanese summer spirit with kakigori shaved ice desserts


If you visit Japan in the summer you may, nay, will come across a flag that looks like this. This sign is a promise to you, weary traveler, that inside this establishment you may purchase some kakigori— a shaved ice dessert drizzled in syrup and often sweetened with condensed milk that is the highlight of… Read


Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics


While traditional Japanese foods like sushi and tempura are well-known around the world, once you get here, you’ll find there’s a wide range of Western foods to tantalise your taste buds as well. A lot of them are a little different to what you’d find in Western countries, though, with one example being sandwiches,… Read


Forget kaiten-zushi, how about conveyor belt yakiniku instead?


While we all have our varying differences in preference and taste, it would be unfortunate if a visitor came and left Japan without trying one of the country's best inventions: conveyor belt restaurants. Although incredibly popular in Japan amongst both locals and tourists, conveyor belt sushi restaurants aren’t for everyone,… Read


Lawson now giving customers who bring their own tumblers an even better discount on coffee drinks


If you’re someone who always has to stop and get coffee on the way to work, take note. Lawson’s budget-friendly convenience store coffee shop “Machi Cafe”–whose staff insist on handing you your coffee even if you don’t want them to–is now even more wallet-friendly, because they’re offering customers who bring their own travel… Read


What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking?


I like Japanese food as much as the next person, but when I first heard someone say that it has a taste all its own, one so distinct it warrants its very own adjective, I was pretty skeptical. While Japanese cuisine is certainly delicious, surely it can't claim to reach… Read


Yokohama cafe’s summer latte impressively recreates Hawaii’s beautiful beach colors


Summers are meant to be spent surrounded by the sound of ocean waves and with your feet buried firmly in the sand. However, for those who are having a beachless summer this year, one Yokohama cafe has decided to bring the beach to you. The Yokohama Lumine branch of café… Read


Where 'grilled chicken' doesn’t always mean 'chicken'


Japanese can be a tricky language in certain ways, but in others it’s pretty straightforward. For instance, once you know that yaki, means ”grill,” and tori means “bird”/”chicken,” it’s pretty easy to understand that combining the two as yakitori gives you the word for those delicious grilled chicken skewers you can find at Japanese restaurants and food stalls.… Read


You can find green tea ice creams all across Japan, but it’s extra special when you make it yourself


Matcha, the unbeatable boss of all Japanese teas, is also a tremendously popular ice cream flavor that has won the hearts of many in and out of Japan. From matcha-only ice cream stores to extra rich flavors from popular ice cream brands, the green flavor is not only healthy but… Read


Black American chefs want credit for legacy of innovation


Black Americans have played a crucial role in shaping the nation's cuisine and yet they have rarely been given credit for their contributions -- some of which are considered among the country's most iconic dishes. As conversations over racial injustice prompt a reexamination of the nation's cultural record, Black chefs… Read


140-year-old sukiyaki restaurant in Tokyo closing due to coronavirus pandemic


If you’re in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood and in the mood for sukiyaki, the staff at Chinya is waiting to satisfy that craving. That’s true today, it was true yesterday, and it was true over a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be true much longer. ▼ Chinya’s entrance The restaurant started serving meals… Read

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