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It should be very clear, but you keep making up words when it turns out the facts are against your non medical opinion.

Can you prove anyone here is or not a medical professional? of course not, that means this is not an argument, it is just an excuse you keep trying to use to get your comments moderated.

First the name is World Health *Organization***.**

So is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia, and that is obviously a scientific institution.

The WHO does not fall under any of these.

The WHO works by producing, curating, organizing and disseminating scientific information, and it is considered a scientific authority, it is a scientific institution.

Just because you refuse to accept it, that does not make it less true. Can you mention any other scientific authorities that are not scientific institututions?

So, you are completely wrong, which is understandable as you are not a medical professional.

Again, can you prove this? or is it just again baseless accusations you use to get your comments removed?

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Posted in: We are not intelligence operatives. Checking resumes and academic records - that should be the extent of our job as a university. See in context

The problem is that if the government wants universities to stop accepting students from some countries into some programs, as you say, then they should be setting explicit rules to that effect rather than just giving universities vague admonitions to do something they know admissions offices aren't capable of doing.

Is this the first time you see the Japanese government doing something to force actions without directly opposing them?

The thing is that this straightforward solution can't be taken, so they do as they always do and make up something that will have the same effect while still giving them the excuse of never actually forcing universities to stop accepting students from certain countries.

I'm not sure where the line is and this type of question isn't something that should be just decided by admissions offices under vague pressure from the government to "do something", rather it should be the product of carefully formulated government policy.

A lot of things should be, but in Japan they are not, and instead are regulated by badly defined regulations to be interpreted towards the government benefit without actually solving the problem in the first place.

Another question being: what about the national / friendly nation students, graduates and established researchers?

It is still the same, since the government shifts the responsibility to the universities it leave it all to them, if nothing happens then it is fine, but if the student leaks information to other countries (or their nations stops being considered friendly) then once again the universities will be punished by not doing things "properly"

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The only question is why did it take so long for this to be put in order?

There have been already options to do similar things for other kind of products for years, and most of the difficult issues can be solved by not allowing controlled drugs to be received this way, that would not stop a lot of people from being able to quickly and easily receive their medication, specially in parts of the country where a family mart is minutes away while a pharmacy is not.

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The coast guard intends to launch a full-fledged investigation into the cause of the accident at the port of Abashiri, hoping to find clues about the fate of the 12 people unaccounted for.

The reasons are already crystal clear, criminal negligence from the operator of the boat and a failure of the authorities to enforce proper safety rules to the companies doing this business.

Unfortunately I expect all the blame to be shifted to the operator without anything being done to solve the other half of the cause.

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But not a scientific institution as you originally claimed, right?

Yes, it is a scientific institution, else it could not become a scientific authority. This should be very clear.

As my sources show, you are wrong.

Your sources do not demonstrate this is wrong, it is completely true.

If the condition to keep the projected growth is to abandon the zero covid policy it is clear this will not be kept.

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The disaster may not be the cause of their cancers, the understandable extra vigilance may be why it was found in the first place, but they should be allowed to seek damages and get them because this possibility is completely part of the consequences of the whole mess up.

The operators acted negligently and now people may have been affected, it is time to assume part of this responsibility.

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The best scientific recommendations for preventing covid infections would be to not get infected.

But if that causes more deaths (directly and indirectly) that still means the best scientific recommendations to avoid deaths would be to allow some infections while supporting the treatment and prevention of complications, as proved by countries that have controlled very successfully the pandemic without making people die because of lack of access to hospitals.

But contrary to your opinion, we see those stringent measures working in China to keep infections low. How are the measures to combat covid working in the US?

This is not a personal opinion but what has been repeatedly expressed by experts around the world.

Lots of speculation in your unsubstantiated opinion.

The moment the countries with the lowest death rates are not following the outdated counterproductive zero covid policy this is demonstrated. And that is even against the underreported Chinese numbers well described to report only a fraction of all the actual covid deaths happening in the country.

As the article clearly includes

China is vowing to stick to a “zero-COVID” policy despite the fact that the WHO describes the policy as “unsustainable,” given the infectious nature of Omicron and its subvariants.

Can you demonstrate a world class scientific authority as the WHO is wrong?

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Posted in: Theories emerge for mysterious liver illnesses in children See in context

The age of the kids is not stated.

this is not the only report about the problem, in many others (including some in the comments) the children are in most of the case too young to be vaccinated.

Noooo, according to the statistical data it means they were of an age that could be vaccinated but were not vaccinated; very simple concept. 

That is false, most of them are too young to be included in the age for them to be vaccinated

This is not a medical opinion of course. Because to think that not being vaccinated leads to liver illnesses is just...well, oh geesh.

How would you know? you have no basis to qualify any opinion as medical or not without knowing the occupation of who says it. Do you have any evidence of that?

Also, lack of vaccination against hepatitis viruses do lead to liver illness, that is the whole concept of vaccinating against them.

In the case of COVID the cases are more related to not being vaccinated, that means if anybody has to force a conclusion about it it would be easier to justify the relationship with not being vaccinated, that should be easy to understand.

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Risk? LOL Life is full of risks, I'm not going to let a virus dictate how I live my life.

Liu Jianlun-ism is not considered a positive way of living, at least in comparison with having a minimum of consideration for others and being rational about the risk you represent for yourself and others.

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Posted in: WHO: COVID-19 cases mostly drop, except for the Americas See in context

hina is vowing to stick to a “zero-COVID” policy despite the fact that the WHO describes the policy as “unsustainable,” given the infectious nature of Omicron and its subvariants.

That is the problem with acting against the best scientific recommendations, the most stringent measures against covid were never meant to be a permanent fixture for its control, just a way to gain time so effective vaccines and treatments were developed and put to use to limit the damage. The world is already at this point and whole countries are now decreasing the measures while closely monitoring the effect, infection cases are decreasing, the rates those infections become disease cases even more, and the rates the disease complicates and require hospitalizations or are fatal are nowhere near last year. The world has an exit strategy for covid, and some countries are following it with great success. China on the other hand is stuck in 2020 and depends on underreporting deaths in order to appear in control.

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Posted in: It's impossible to determine your personal COVID-19 risks and frustrating to try See in context

You are not safe in anything.

Common sense allows people to understand the question is aimed to evaluate the degree of risk of a situation according to what experts know about it. Why would anybody ask it if there is no situation ever where the answer is yes?

What does it mean for Covid to reduce the risks?

This is up to each person and each person should decide by themselves.

The problem is when people decide based on false or misleading information being propagated by people that have a hidden interest in others acting with unnecessarily high risks, or by people that fail to understand the facts and push this misunderstanding on others, for example by thinking covid vaccines are not effective because they are not 100% effective like the other vaccines (a falsehood).

Everybody should decide by themselves and evaluate by themselves what is the best acceptable personal action to reduce the risk.

For this to be actually positive it is necessary to have veridic information to make those decisions, this means giving to the experts (and the evidence they present) a much higher degree of trust than what people without the expertise (or that have presented false, misleading information).

The person asking about wearing masks with their grandchild is obviously suffering from expert-induced crippling hypochondria though, which is really sad to see.

Experts simply issue recommendations and advice based on objective evidence, that do not induce by itself "crippling hypochondria", the question itself is not prolematic either, a responsible person looking for personalized guidance to asses the risk on a specific situation is something positive, she may already have an idea about how safe is to do something, but being something important asking an expert for confirmation is not wrong or negative.

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Posted in: We are not intelligence operatives. Checking resumes and academic records - that should be the extent of our job as a university. See in context

Correct me if I am wrong, but ultimately it is the university which accepts students (possibly with input from the staff in charge of the course).

But here, asking the staff to sign pledges does not seem to make much sense, it's like the university (who ultimately accepts the student) is forwarding the buck (and the responsibility/accountability) to their own staff.

That would still be the same for practical purposes. Since they would be teaching according to a university approved program to university approved students then their excuse is that they are doing only what the university considered safe for them to do.

Of course a different thing would be if the staff went to teach things outside of the syllabus to students they brought by themselves but I don't think that would be common. So if the pledge was directed only to the staff it would help preventing something that is not happening anyway.

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"Such prizes, including carbon purchases made by Stripe and Microsoft, are important but insufficient first steps to building out a robust carbon removal ecosystem," he said.

The consequences of climate change would justify much more important efforts but at least something is being done, from all the different things billionaires could be using with their money this is at least something positive. Of course, nothing guarantees that this will bring a solution.

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Funny how they aggressively push these expensive drugs, while equally aggressively blocking or discouraging the cheap ones....

That is false, cheap drugs that are effective treating or preventing the complications of covid are being used routinedy, like dexamethasone.

The ones being blocked are those that bring no benefit at all for the patients, and instead increase their risk.

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Posted in: U.S. moves to make antiviral drug more available against COVID See in context

An increase certainly doesn't make it easier.

Again, if the measures responsible for the increase are also responsible for a decrease of the burden for the health services the result is less risk for the population.

The WHO is NOT a scientific institution. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations. HUGE difference.

An agenicy of the United Nations specialized in public health and based on scientific knowledge.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is widely regarded as the preeminent international authority on health and scientific matters

So yes, it is a scientific authority.

In the US, GDP decreased at an annual rate of 1.5% in the first quarter of this year, a drop from the previously expected decrease of 1.4% in the advanced estimate,

And it is not alone in this since the situation in the world have done the same for many other countries, this of course is not an argument that demonstrate an inefficient, widely criticized policy against covid would prevent this, on the opposite all the countries that have tried it have seen a reduction in growth.

China's economy slowed down very importantly thanks to the zero covid policy, the expected growth at the beginning of the year have been revised severely down thanks to what happened in Shanghai, thinking that this effect would be the opposite in other countries is not supported by the evidence. The media just reports what happens and what happened was a deep deceleration of the economy thanks to this ineffective policy.

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Posted in: We are not intelligence operatives. Checking resumes and academic records - that should be the extent of our job as a university. See in context

The Japanese government is not asking university personnel to become intelligence operatives, the whole thing is just trying to pressure the universities into reducing the acceptance of foreign nationals of some countries under the excuse of sensitive information being leaked.

Since universities can't actually confirm if a student is or not linked to foreign governments (unless the student declares it) that means the only solution is to refuse to accept people from those countries or be held responsible by the government if anything happens.

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Posted in: Ex-minister convicted for receiving bribery from egg producer See in context

Not surprisingly those saying he would only get a suspended sentence same as Akita were proved right.

The judge criticized the former minister for "lacking remorse for his actions as a lawmaker," calling his assertion that the money was a political donation "irrational and far removed from common sense."

But even so Yoshikawa will not go to prison, it does not feel like he was made an example at all, people caught doing the same in the future now know there is not even need to show any remorse to get a mild sentence.

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Posted in: Sunken Hokkaido tourist boat salvaged, arrives at port See in context

Hopefully this will help families of the victims to get a small degree of closure, specially because some of the victims remains may never be recovered.

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An increase in cases do not necessarily means an extra burden on the health services if it is balanced with appropiate protection of the vulnerable patients with effective and safe vaccination while also supporting the sytmpomatic cases with new treatments as the article mentions. Depending on the country this can be done with better or worse efficacy but it is the approach that scientific institutions like the WHO support as the only scientifically sound response while omicron is the prevalent variant.

There are many reasons why the world economies are shrinking or experience deceleration of their growth (this applies not only to the US but also to China for example), a policy that destroy local economies is not going to improve that, specially if other approaches can reach similar or even better results without this extra burden.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese die in Shanghai during COVID lockdown; causes unknown See in context

Yet, this source does not mention anything about deaths.

It does prove there access to medical services is interrupted, and that necessarily causes extra deaths, there is no health system in the world that can be interrupted without them.

The chinese government is the one originating the information, they were the ones saying hospitals must close.

This clearly supports the conclusion that deahts have been produced because of the policy in Shanghai, this cause is therefore a possibility for the deaths reported here unless you can prove nobody has ever died for lack of medical services in Shanghai during the lockdowns.

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It is quite common because you say so? Let's see verifiable data.

Widely reported by multiple sources including the own chinese government.

While local authorities have increased the number of hospitals, beds and isolation facilities, existing medical institutions have suspended outpatient services and non-urgent surgeries. Reports indicate that the local healthcare system is under pressure, with overwhelmed bed capacities, long queues and waiting times, and patients being turned away. More than 26 hospitals in Shanghai were ordered to enforce the ‘Zero COVID’ policy and prioritise COVID-19 containment.

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As proved the vast majority of the patients were not of an age that could be vaccinated, and that is confirmed with the lack of vaccination reported on them, that means it is not wrong, nothing in your own comment disproves this so to say this is wrong you need references that say most of the cases were in vaccinated people. At this point lack of vaccination would be more validly related to the liver illnesses.

And no, a partial comparison is a perfectly valid way to make an analogy, you have not refuted the explanation that make thinking about purposeful spreading of viruses unnecessary and illogical when compared with frequent natural occurrences.

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Posted in: Children can climb a handrail in just 10 seconds, and even quicker if there’s something to stand on. The central government should consider taking measures, including a review of the present standards. See in context

but the government is not capable of enforcing safety standards everywhere 

That would be a terribly bad excuse because that would mean there would be no use in putting any safety standard since it is always possible they will not be enforced somewhere.

The current standards still puts children at risk, and parents can't be putting attention 100% of the time, relying on this all but ensures accidents will happen. As said before, the reason why better standards are not in place right now is because of the popularity of the measure and the important people that would lose a lot of money to fulfill the new standards.

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Posted in: 2nd attempt to salvage sunken Hokkaido tourist boat begins See in context

Salvages are terribly complicated and can even be dangerous, on top of that I can't imagine the amount of pressure the salvaging company is under because of the attention of the public. Of course bringing something that could ease the pain of the families is of importance, but I think is would be much more important that the authorities make sure this thing can't happen in the future.

If the regulations and inspections are are lax as this incident seem to indicate this would mean a serious reform is badly needed.

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Posted in: Scientists baffled by monkeypox cases in Europe, U.S. See in context

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of how the immunity works in relation to infections would not even consider making such statement. But try and present evidence to support otherwise if you can.

Why not? it is true, the simple fact that no evidence have been presented is what support the argument that there is no evidence of it. That is the whole point.

If you read carefully instead of trying to promote your opinion then you would easily understand.

If your comment is on topic so is responding to it to correct it, if you think it should not be discussed then you are wrong by making it, no other consideration is possible.

Present evidence for this because those are broad generalizations with no underlying medical basis to support.

Trying to guess the qualifications of other posters is not an argument, actually is the opposite. Once again the point is that there is no evidence about any immune problem being related to the patients, so not presenting evidence supports this criticism.

There is no evidence vero cells are not in the Covid vaccines mentioned here; show data proving otherwise.

Of course there is evidence the inserts on the vaccines do not mention the cells, that means the burden of proof would be on the part of the person making that statement. The same would apply for anybody saying the vaccines have vitamins, bugs or anything else they could imagine.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese die in Shanghai during COVID lockdown; causes unknown See in context

Japanese die of Covid in Japan too; is this because of the way the Japanese government deals with the pandemic? How about Australians who die with Covid in Australia? Blame the Australia government?

If there are demonstrable better policies to deal with the pandemic that the government has refused to even consider that can be sadi, in the case of Shanghai this is true.

Since the causes of death are unknown, any non-medical professional can speculate as to how they died. 

Anybody can speculate, the point is that lack of access to proper medical attention should not be a reason for death but unfortunately in Shanghai it is quite common because of the inefficient and unjustified way to deal with the pandemic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying this is possible and that it should not be.

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Posted in: Theories emerge for mysterious liver illnesses in children See in context

Bizarre attempt at an analogy as rain is not spread through or by humans.

Analogies do not share every aspect with the situation they illustrate, the point is that both things happen naturally with high frequency.

Children 5 years of age are eligible to be vaccinated in most of the countries in which this liver damage is being found. In fact, the ages of those children range from one month to 16 years old.

And still the vast majority of the patients are not eligible for vaccination, exactly as I wrote. As other posters have also contributed vaccination is absent from the studied cases much more often than not.

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Posted in: Theories emerge for mysterious liver illnesses in children See in context

Possibly they are coming into contact with spike protein exuded from others

You linked a wrong source, people infected with SARS-CoV-2 exude much more spike protein than the indetectable amounts coming from vaccines, that is the whole point of viruses being infective.

Someone may need to examine the possibility that persons unknown are deliberately spreading rare, novel or tweaked viruses around the world.

That would be as necessary as examining the possibility of people secretly making puddles of water after every rain. This is how viruses survive and the appearance of novel diseases is the rule, not the exception, human expansion and climate change have been predicted to produce more and more zoonoses from decades ago.

This may seem a little farfetched but no mention of the COVID vaccine status of the children is mentioned.

Well, the vast majority are from an age where they can't be vaccinated, so that may be the reason, a little of attention lets anybody notice this since the first reports.

COVID is an Adenovirus

COVID is a coronavirus and completely different, beginning with being single stranded RNA viruses while Adenoviruses genomes are of double stranded DNA. ADE is always a possibility but obviously not because of the vaccine because it is not given to infants (ADE is also not common in infants either) so other reasons are much more likely, like directly an effect of infection.

Yes, I would like to know their vaccination status, considering that the vaccine components have been shown to accumulate in some organs.

Only on animal experiments conducted completely differently from human vaccination on massive doses, if you think those results can be extrapolated to humans it would also be valid to say that unvaccinated individuals died 100% of the time so that must be also true for humans.

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

Then the vaccine waiver form every individual must sign when you get the vaccine administered is meaningless? 

No, but companies are still liable of many things that are not included in the waiver, for example if a company gets approval by using false data, or if the vaccine is contaminated for lack of expected control, if the vaccine loses efficacy for being kept improperly by mistake, etc. etc.

There are many kinds of liabilities that companies are still completely subjected to, the one the goverment assumed works much better for public health and the particulars because it no longer requires a trial that claimants have a very real risk of losing because it can be extremely difficult to prove any negative outcome was not waived or happened without doubt from the vaccine.

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

This source shows deaths are higher this year than last year.

It shows a descent preceding the current relaxation of the measures, thus proving why the virus is becoming less relevant than in January-February where much more stringent measures were in place. So yes it has been dropping lately.

There are more people infected. And the source doesn't show the positivity rate, which is increasing. So, more people infected, more people at risk.

And the more people vaccinated and the less virulent the variant the less people at risk, focusing in cases is also irrelevant because the rates have been decreasing and this includes the positivity rate, contrary to what you said it is NOT increasing.

As an example Tokyo

No, it is you who does not understand. Your "claim" is based entirely on your unfounded non-medical opinion.

The examples used speak for themselves, if your only argument is trying to guess what other people qualification may or not be you are recognizing it is baseles.

This is a strange statement and a failed analogy, as a vaccine is not medical treatment.

Yes it is, a vaccine is a preventive treatment, the same as giving vitamin supplements or prescribing a diet to prevent future health problems. Is now your argument that most people do not want to live long productive lifes?

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