Student touts rake in big money in Kabukicho by steering customers to overpriced izakaya


Part-time jobs for university students are not generally known for their lavish wages. Which is why some students are willing to bend the rules for more lucrative opportunities. Recently, reported J-Cast News (Nov 6), the blogosphere was buzzing over the arrest of a senior at Meiji University, who was arrested… Read


Living alone becoming a way of life for many, but that's not necessarily for worse


What a lonely country Japan is – for better and for worse. For better, say many – more than ever before. To be alone is to be free – free to do what you want when you want; free of the nuisance of having to take others into account; free… Read


Eating like a Buddhist priest will add years to your life


It was around the 1980s that international longevity statistics established Japanese males and females as the world's top. They have since continued their strong showing. According to World Health Organization statistics for 2018, Japan ranked second among 228 countries and regions in the world, at 85.52 years, after Monaco, with (89.37… Read


Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come?


"This enclave, with its 70 years of proud history, is being by wasted by foreign tourists," claims Friday (Nov 6). Shinjuku's "Golden Gai" (gai can refer to a street, or a town built around a street), despite its glitzy name, is a rabbit's warren of over 100 tiny two-story drinking… Read


Foreign workers, investors in Japan span economic and social spectrum


In April this year Japan opened its gates to foreign workers en masse. It’s a dramatic about-face for a nation long jealous of its cultural exclusivity. The exclusivity is no longer affordable. Aging rapidly, Japan needs workers. With so few children being born, where will they come from, if not… Read


Cranky old guys becoming a regular part of national landscape


"On a weekday evening, I was taking supper in a Western-style restaurant when a heated exchange broke out between a married couple and an employee two tables from where I was seating. At first I couldn't tell what it was about, but apparently the male customer, a man in his… Read


Japan suddenly finds itself on the 'nuclear missile Ginza'


On August 2, U.S. President Trump notified Russia that it would withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) -- initially signed between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, which had expired earlier this year. This set the stage for development of new intermediate range ballistic missiles and… Read


'Rich people's illnesses' and 'poor people's illnesses' - they differ, but you lose either way


Junk food is easy, cheap, and not good for you. Vegetables are good for you and, increasingly, expensive. Does money buy health? Let’s put it this way, says Josei Seven (Oct 31): Yes – but the rich have their characteristic health problems too, and as to the shrinking middle class,… Read


Kansai police pursue manic minicar driver in a not-so-merry 45-kilometer chase


On Oct 14, police in Hyogo Prefecture arrested Keiichi Ito, a 52-year-old unemployed man from Chiba Prefecture, on suspicion of violation of the traffic law. Police had earlier received a telephone call to its 110 emergency number, reporting a car "moving erratically" near Wakihama on the Hanshin Expressway. About 23… Read


What's wrong with having a mother complex?


Mazakon! Even without its meaning, it sounds like a deadly insult. The much-maligned “mother complex.” “What’s wrong with a mother complex?” asks Spa! (Oct 8). What’s wrong, in other words, with being fond of one’s mother? Let’s hear what some wives and girlfriends have to say. “My husband loves fried… Read

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