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Aly Rustom comments

Posted in: Smoking diners to take it outside as Tokyo ban kicks in See in context

Activists say second-hand smoke kills around 15,000 people a year in Japan, many of them women and children.

Sounds to me like we should fear second hand smoke more than this virus. Also, remember one thing, the LDP and their paymasters at Nippon Kaigi own shares of JT, so the deaths of 15,000 people a year in, many of which are women and children, THEY OWN THAT. Their deaths are on the LDP's hands. Remember THAT the next time one of the LDP trolls comes screaming at you about how we are "Japan haters". The LDP is funding an industry that is killing 15,000 women and children a year.

The WHO has said tobacco users are likely to be more vulnerable to being infected by the virus, but for smokers like Ryo Okumura, that's not enough of an incentive to quit.

Well, go ahead. It's no skin off my back. You just can't teach an old dog new tricks. I guess this is all part of evolution.

exactly! if this virus ends up killing a ton of smokers, this might be the kick in the butt the LDP needs to put proper anti smoking legislation into place.

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Posted in: Parents get virus jitters as their child-care leave nears end See in context

So far, nothing else left to say except that I agree with all of you. 100%

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Posted in: Mother kills 1-year-old daughter, then tries to kill herself See in context

Yua’s grandmother was crying and carrying the baby, who was bleeding from several stab wounds to her chest and stomach.

This is absolutely heartbreaking

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

"If it is difficult to hold the Games in a complete way, we have to decide to postpone it, giving top priority to (the health of the) athletes," Abe said.

> Hosting a "complete" Games mean there will be spectators as usual and no downsizing involved, according to the prime minister.

Well then you're going to have to postpone it mate, because its not difficult to hold the games in a "complete way"- its going to be downright impossible.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

That mental stress is likely from being free to think, learn and create for the first time in many years. It happens to many kids who are pulled out of the boot camps called schools in Japan. It's difficult for many to adjust to freedom, as they have been programmed to obey and do what they are told. If there is stress, it's a good kind of stress - the kind associated with growing.

That's really scary. But I agree. In this way, the virus has had a positive effect.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Parenthood is all about giving up almost everything for the well being of kids.

well said!

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Posted in: Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike See in context

Wouldn't be surprised if they are coming out of Russia, China or N.Korea.

> Time to drive them back to where they belong!!!

Bingo! Couldn't agree more!

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Posted in: All signs point to Tokyo Olympics being postponed See in context

All signs point to Tokyo Olympics being postponed

DUH!!! Took them long enough.

NOW can we please see the real numbers of infected people by getting down to some real testing??

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Posted in: When you first heard about the coronavirus, did you think it would escalate into the crisis the world is currently facing? See in context

I knew it was serious and I was sure it was going to turn into an international disaster after the Wuhan quarantine.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

first she says she wants the olympics to go as planned and now she says a total shutdown of Tokyo.. This kind of flip floping and knee jerk reaction is exactly what is most stressful about the situation- the politicians here are running around like decapitated chickens. No real leadership.

There won't be an explosive rise in numbers. They are making it almost impossible for anyone to get tested so the numbers remain low and they don't have to put in place any real contingency plan. They also want to avoid an America like situation where people are storming testing centers and overwhelming the system.

That's it right there.

Koike has been invisible for the last six weeks but with the impending Olympic cancellation she's suddenly reappeared, playing Tough Mama. GTF, as they say in Glasgow.

> Where was the leadership two weeks ago? These politicians are an utter joke.


We are definitely going to get shut down. This city is NYC and/or Italy waiting to happen

Hit the nail on the head!

Even with the pathetic rate of testing, there is plenty of evidence of community transmission for months now.

> Of the 19 cases in Tokyo announced last night, 4 were confirmed as origin unknown.

> Things are compounded by the fact that Japan has a highly mobile population with Tokyo being the centre of that. Millions and millions pour in and out each day from all over the country. As any epidemiologist will tell you, this is a recipe for disaster.

> Tokyo is not an isolated island and ALL of Japan needed to have be closed down weeks ago.

> Its already too late

Unfortunately, you're right.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

I am pretty sure this stress is from the parent's side more so than the children.


we take our kids to the park several times a week, but we find parks that are sparsely populated and practice social distancing from others. Kids just need an open space to run around. But I suppose its easier said than done in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to proceed as planned See in context

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike said: "The IOC clearly stated that cancellation will not happen, and I am glad to share that view. There are lots of issues, but I would like to discuss possible scenarios over the next four weeks with the IOC and the organizing committee."

stupid is as stupid does.

"The Tokyo Games now have another goal, to defeat the novel coronavirus," she said.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! YOU IDIOT! the Tokyo Games will do the EXACT opposite, which is to empower the virus and allow it to spread even more!! What kind of INSANE manner of thinking is THIS?? And she's the gov of Tokyo! OMG!! You defeat the virus with social distancing and avoiding large crowds, NOT by holding the olympics where tons of people gather. MUPPET!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

ModeratorToday  01:11 pm JST

Readers, please note that it is not Abe's decision to make and refrain from making snide remarks. This is a serious topic and we wish all readers to engage in meaningful discussion. That means no Japan-bashing, please.

> Not surprised, you couldn't resist the urge to show your true colors of stifling discussion. Why not just moderate instead of acting as a mole of who knows what.

> You hold posters to some arbitrary subjective standard while holding yourself to no standard. It is called dictatorship. Get off your high horse of thinking JT is doing posters a tremendous service on the contrary it is we the posters doing JT a tremendous service.

> Jumping into a thread and rubbishing a posters thread and then deleting the thread is outright dictatorship and something to expect from a country like NK.

> If you think it is rubbish you should join the discussion and state your position. You cannot be the prosecutor, judge and jury at the same time.

> Pointing out the obvious is not necessarily Japan bashing and doesn't mean hatred of Japan as you seem to think.

> Why not make it clear to posters that only pro Japan discussions are

> Tolerated here on JT.

> I know you will delete this as fast as you see it. I am Writing this to let you know you are causing tremendous damage to JT and if you don't tone down, a time will come there will no one here on JT for you to bully or threads to delete.

> There is a saying that a word to the wish is sufficient.

> Thanks for reading.

excellent excellent post!

I would also like to expand on it:

Readers, please note that it is not Abe's decision to make and refrain from making snide remarks.

We all understand that it is ultimately IOC who decides whether or not the Olympics will be cancelled, BUT Abe is the PM of the Host nation and he could and should have shown leadership by asking the IOC to postpone it. He didn't. In the end, the canadians just said well we are not coming. That took leadership, and it did have an effect on the IOC as they are now in serious discussions since you now have countries that have elected not to come at all. You're right that it isn't Abe's call at the end, BUT its not as if he didn't have ANY sway neither.

This is a serious topic and we wish all readers to engage in meaningful discussion. That means no Japan-bashing, please.

Ok lets get one thing straight: Abe bashing is not Japan bashing. I bash Japan's leadership the same way I bash my own country's leadership under Boris Johnson. Doesn't mean I hate my country. I also LOVE Canada with a passion, but I continually bashed its former PM Steven Harper as much as I do Abe now.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl’s dress See in context

Nara prefectural police said the officer had been on extended leave since last December due to psychological problems.

I'll say


For a long time, I've lobbied for JT to include a section for crimes committed by police officers.

I agree. JT are you listening?

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Posted in: 2 police officers turn 'koban' into their own little love hotel See in context


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Posted in: Canada won't send Olympic team in July; urges postponement See in context

Canada won't send Olympic team in July; urges postponement

Great country with great people and a great leader who is leading.

For goodness sake IOC, grow a pair

And a BRAIN...

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

Well...looks like Canada just pulled out of the Tokyo Olympics.

because canada has excellent leadership while we're stuck with...the LDP.

Dragged kicked and screaming to finally state the blindly obvious. Unsurprisingly , strong gaikoku pressure is the only thing Shinzo grudgingly responds to.

Exactly! Abe could have showed strong leadership and postponed them himself by telling Bach that holding them in the summer would not be prudent. However, he chose to drag his feet and then put his foot down and insist on the olympics still to be held in summer. It took other world leaders to make the decision for Japan, and Abe is still going to look like a jackass on the international stage and only offer meely mouthed replies as to why he didn' t cancel them himself.

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Posted in: What is herd immunity and will it affect the pandemic? See in context

2 medical experts discuss the virus. Some real interesting stuff here

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Posted in: As governments around the world apply strict measures to contain the coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and companies are facing bankruptcy. Do you think the economic fallout is worse than the health impact? See in context

We can all rebuild later when this is all over. It's harder to rebuild an economy if your workforce is decimated by the virus. I just hope that decision makers value human lives more than money

Excellent post! Agree with Toshihiro.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested for beating man to death with concrete block See in context


Why people are so violent?

Morning brother.

well, he's a psychiatric patient, so that's my guess as to why.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan may not have enough new virus test kits See in context

"In the first place, we believe there is not so much need for testing in Japan (as in other countries)," Takuma Kato, deputy director of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's infectious diseases control division, said on March 11.


I honestly think the best thing to do is to semi-quarantine the elderly and let the virus runs its course through the population so we all get immunity to it.

Anybody under 60 has very little risk from this virus.

> This is really dangerous talk and is a quick way to cause many, many unneeded deaths. Almost every expert has tried to stop people talking like this.

> Please read qualified news before propagating nonsense.


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Posted in: IOC to start 4 weeks of discussions on Tokyo Olympics See in context

The longer they delay the postponement the more the IOC looks like the incompetant bureaucrats they are.

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Posted in: Will coronavirus slow the world's conflicts -- or intensify them? See in context


that's exactly what I'm thinking

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

Some serious natto haters here! LOL! Yeah some of my best friends hate it but I LOVE it with a passion!

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Posted in: Out and about See in context

only a matter of time..

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Posted in: New Zealand, Australia shut borders to all non-citizens, non-residents See in context

Same as Canada

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics chief Mori attended meeting with official who now has coronavirus See in context

Mori, 82, has not been tested because he has no symptoms of the virus and does not meet testing requirements, an official from Mori's office said.

WTF???? He doesn't meet the requirements for testing?? He was in close contact with someone who tested postive!! How on earth does he not meet the requirements?

"He goes to hospital three times a week for dialysis, so if he develops fever or has other symptoms, a doctor will be able to test for it," the official from Mori's office said

AND he will infect TONS of people who will be at the hospital. STUPID!! Test him!! What did the WHO say?? Test test test!!

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Posted in: Vegan hamburger steak rice bowls added to over 1,900 convenience stores in Tokyo See in context

good on them. But instead of that I would like to see more promotion of traditional Buddhist cuisine shōjin ryōri 精進料理. In spite of being an ardent meat eater, I find that shōjin ryōri appealing as well.

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Posted in: How has the coronavirus affected your travel plans so far and in the near future? See in context

We go to canada every summer to visit family and escape the Tokyo heat. Not this year.

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Posted in: Aso calls Tokyo 2020 the 'cursed Olympics' See in context

Aso is known for his staying power despite his penchant for gaffes that have insulted people, including doctors, women and Alzheimer's patients, over the decades.

He's done ALOT more than that...

In 2001, as economics minister, he was quoted as saying he wanted to make Japan a country where "rich Jews" would like to live.[31]

On 15 October 2005, during the opening ceremony of the Kyushu National Museum which also displays how other Asian cultures have influenced Japanese cultural heritage, he praised Japan for having "one culture, one civilization, one language, and one ethnic group", and stated that it was the only such country in the world.[32]

At a lecture in Nagasaki Prefecture, Asō referred to a Japanese peace initiative on the Middle East, stating, "The Japanese were trusted because they had never been involved in exploitation there, or been involved in fights or fired machine guns. Japan is doing what the Americans can't do. It would probably be no good to have blue eyes and blond hair. Luckily, we Japanese have yellow faces."[31]

4 February 2006, "our predecessors did a good thing" regarding compulsory education implemented during Japan's colonization of Taiwan.[33]

On 21 December 2005, he said China was "a neighbour with one billion people equipped with nuclear bombs and has expanded its military outlays by double digits for 17 years in a row, and it is unclear as to what this is being used for. It is beginning to be a considerable threat".[34] On 28 January 2006, he called for the emperor to visit the controversial Yasukuni shrine. He later backtracked on the comment, but stated that he hoped such a visit would be possible in the future.[35]

*Mainichi Daily News*** reported that on 9 March 2006 he referred to Taiwan as a "law-abiding country", which drew strong protest from Beijing, which considers the island a part of China.[36]**

On 23 September 2008, **Akahata, the daily newspaper published by Japanese Communist Party released a compiled list of these and other statements as the front-page article criticizing Asō.[37] This compilation as well as similar lists of blunders have been frequently cited in the Japanese media.**

*Yahoo! News*** reported that he had said on 9 January 2009, "To work is good. It's completely different thinking from the Old Testament."[38]**

While speaking at a meeting of the National Council on Social Security Reform, in 2013, Asō referred to patients suffering from serious illness as "tube persons" and remarked that they should be "allowed to die quickly" if they desired it. "Heaven forbid I should be kept alive if I want to die", he is quoted as saying. "You cannot sleep well when you think it's all paid by the government. This won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die."[39]

In 2014, while campaigning in Sapporo for the general election, Asō said that rising social welfare costs were not solely due to an aging population. He said, "There are many people who are creating the image that (the increasing number of) elderly people is bad, but more problematic is people who don't give birth",. The comment was labeled as insensitive to those who are not able to have children for biological or economic reasons.[40]

*The Guardian*** reported on 30 August 2017, that he said, "Hitler, who killed millions of people, was no good even if his motive was right." **

Aso caused a stir in June 2018 when he boasted that the large support towards the LDP among voters under 35 in the 2017 general election was due to the demographics being illiterate about the news and current affairs.

In May 2018, Aso downplayed alleged sexual harassment charges against his ministry's top bureaucrat by saying that “there is no such thing as a sexual harassment charge”.[43] When asked to comment on a formal complaint submitted to his ministry on the alleged sexual harassment, Aso-san's remarked that his “only thought was that it would have been easier to read if they used a bigger font”

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