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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

Abe visits typhoon-hit areas;

Haven't those poor people suffered enough??

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Posted in: Abe promises special support to rebuild from Typhoon Hagibis See in context

Abe promises

You can stop reading right about here...

the government will take steps under a special law to fully support people living in areas affected by Typhoon Hagibis.

You need a special law for that?

Total BS, just like Fukushima.... people are still living in temp housing.

exactly. more than 8 years later.. people should take his words not with a pinch of salt but with the whole damn salt mine.

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Posted in: What's wrong with having a mother complex? See in context

My own mother passed away two years ago in Florida and we were not able to be there for her.

I too am very sorry for your loss. But both our wives had a great relationship with their mothers in law. We can take that away I guess.

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Posted in: Christian Dior criticized over China map, apologizes, upholds 'one China' See in context

If China is going to pull this crap then lets just have a global ban on their products. The free world needs to work together to destroy this disgusting regime with its Winnie the Pooh leader

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Posted in: What's wrong with having a mother complex? See in context

My mother passed away 2 weeks ago today from brain cancer. I took my wife and kids to my aunt's in Vancouver where she was staying and for 7 weeks all we did was visit my invalid mother every day and spent as much time with her as we could. My brothers did the same. None of us have a mother complex. We just loved her and appreciated her. That time spent with her made her passing a lot easier to deal with.

We have to be careful in differenciating between those who respect and love their mothers and those who are simply spoiled brats.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

I'd rather like to see this dude with the flag to help the needed ones, now suffering as victims of that typhoon passed by that region...Where is the good image of this picture while the other pictures are most people fighting to live normal life again after the that enormous disasters around.

You're mistakening him for someone who truly cares about Japan. This is political BS.

I wonder why they can't visit the shrine without making a big announcement to the press. Then again, I guess they WANT the voting public to know.

Of course. This is about stoking a reaction from the neighbors which in turn gets the Japanese fired up and these idiots reelected.

It's always entertaining to watch some fat ugly dudes playing the tough guys. Lol.

Or the short skinny runts..

Repugnant. Visit the national cemetery to pay your respects.

> How hysterical would Japanese people be if American politicians visited the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima and waved American flags?

Now THAT'S an idea! Everyone, start writing to your local congressman (woman) back home

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Posted in: Flooded out See in context

Lol, maybe I’m just desensitized to mannequins and other human likenesses from my father who would hang his uniform on a mannequin because it “preserved the shape” better. Then later from the designer neighbor I mentioned earlier, who’s mannequins were visible through the lace curtains all the time.

Nah bro its all good. Do you remember that Twilight Zone episode about the lady who gets trapped in a mall only to have the mannequins surround her and the twist is she finds out she's one of them at the end? I think that really turned me off mannequins as a kid. LOL!

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Posted in: Former care worker gets 19 years for murder of 89-year-old nursing home resident See in context

Life sentence would have been more appropriate in my humble opinion..

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context

If the Japanese are smart they won't take the bait. China is not to be trusted.

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Posted in: Flooded out See in context

As for how, its because it actually looks more realistic than most mannequins

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Posted in: Flooded out See in context

How? My neighbor was a hat and clothing designer and had multiple mannequin heads and busts. And yes, sometimes she threw out the old ones in the common garbage dump. If that creeps you out, stay away from PARCO.

I do stay away from PARCO

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

The question is how much cooler is Sapporo than Tokyo? I distinctly remember a few days last year when Sapporo was hotter than Naha. It was in the news.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

Simon Foston and Jeff Lee-

Excellent posts.

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Posted in: Flooded out of their homes See in context

Nagano got it in the neck. The birth place of my wife. Those Shinkansen trains shown flooded cost about $30 billion each.

Yeah I just read that. Sorry to hear that my friend.

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Posted in: Flooded out See in context

That's really creepy

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context

wow! I didn't realize Nagano was hit that hard

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Posted in: Abe promises action after 2 homeless men denied typhoon refuge See in context

doesn't give a crap anyway Yubaru.... just more two-faced empty words.... tatemae rules! Abe and Japan certainly don't have a monopoly on that though.

VERY true!!

Well if the government local and national in the 3rd largest economy in the world can't provide shelter in normal times it's a streach to expect them to provide shelter in times of disaster.

Good point

How many promises he made so far?


So, he will make the mayor take a deep bow and apologise. End of action.

If that...

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested for abandoning corpse of newborn son See in context

You know, I was shocked by the frequency of these kinds of deaths when I first came to Japan. Babies being put in the trash, boxes, wardrobes and train lockers or just cast onto a riverbank. However, after nearly two decades living in Japan it no longer shocks me. Of course it disgusts me, but my only comment is, "Another one?" These women have many options, but the stresses of the society will not allow them to break the 'wa' and take the appropriate action. Disgusting!

I agree.

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Posted in: How difficult is it for you to avoid to looking at work-related emails on your days off? See in context

I only have sundays off usually so not hard to tune everything out for a day. I need to give my family time too

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Posted in: 5 classic Japanese horror movies to watch See in context

no one does horror like Japan. They are truly masters of the craft.

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Posted in: Train operators, airlines to suspend services as typhoon on course to strike eastern Japan See in context

This storm looks like its going to be massive. Sitting here in the office hoping that they'll cancel tomorrow so we don't have to come in...

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman as she walked home in Tokyo See in context

Police quoted Tsuchiya, who was identified through street surveillance camera footage, as saying the woman was his type and he wanted to embrace her.

wow! at least he's honest

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Posted in: Freedom of speech has its consequences for NBA See in context

If China is going to continue bullying companies that criticize it then we need to support more sanctions and trade wars against it. Bullies only wake up when they have a bloody nose.

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Posted in: Women's office fashion: 4 tips for 'wearing it right' at a Japanese workplace See in context

walking barefoot on other people’s tatami is considered rude.

wow. I didn't know that

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Posted in: 'South Park' creators issue mock apology over China censorship See in context

Good. We must all take a stand against china.

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Posted in: Missing part of oldest 'Tale of Genji' manuscript discovered See in context

agree with chip

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Posted in: Mother arrested for murder after 4-month-old son dies in attempted murder-suicide leap See in context

This is both awful and tragic.

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Posted in: Yamanashi police end 16-day search for missing 7-year-old girl See in context

It seems the authority’s made a massive effort to find her. Hoping for a miracle for the child’s sake.

agree. Kudos to the japanese authorities for a huge search and rescue endeavor

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