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Posted in: 45% of Japanese living abroad feel lonely: gov't study See in context

Another government propaganda puff piece.

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Posted in: Swiatek crushes Paolini to win third French Open title in row See in context

Becoming a true great of the game. Well done to her indeed.

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Posted in: Apollo 8 astronaut dies in small plane crash at age 90 See in context


A life well lived.

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Posted in: Pepper out of pep See in context

Think that is a microcosm of the general malaise that has fallen on Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese chef stabbed to death on street in Vancouver See in context

RIP, young man.

Didn't know Vancouver was like that.

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Posted in: Japan enacts childcare law to tackle declining birthrate See in context

The clueless LDP enacts another law where they take even more money from the voters in their hope that it promotes childbirth. Genius!

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Posted in: Djokovic out of French Open with knee injury See in context

A shame.

But it is time for the next generation to finally step in.

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Posted in: Gov't inspects Toyota HQ over improper vehicle quality tests See in context


Cursory at best.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter pleads guilty in sports betting case See in context

One still has to question how this interpreter managed to get access to 17 million dollars without Ohtani and or others not noticing sooner.


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Posted in: Doctor convicted over girl's death in high-speed driving crash See in context

Why was the sentence suspended?

Probably paid a lot of cash to the family.

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Posted in: Apple to allow iPhones to function as My Number cards See in context

Big Brother is rapidly becoming a reality. What a visionary George Orwell was.

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Posted in: Crossbow arrow fired at truck on Joban Expressway in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Glad he/she missed.

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Posted in: Osaka in tears after epic Swiatek defeat but admits: 'I've felt worse' See in context

Mentally fragile.

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Posted in: Japan's 2023 net external assets hit record ¥471 tril on weak yen See in context

Does this mean we don't need to pay tax, pension or health insurance anymore or have the LDP found other ways to squander such a fortune?

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Posted in: When I saw the name tag ‘Wife of Fumio Kishida,’ I thought what is going on with Japanese society’s awareness of human rights? Didn’t anyone think something was wrong while preparing for the garden party? See in context

And she probably had to help with the washing-up after the party as well. Japan hasn't changed much since the Jomon period when it comes to women's rights.


Great post.

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Posted in: Maybe it’s high time 'majime' Japan turned 'wagamama' (Part 1) See in context


Top remarks once again.

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Posted in: Nadal loses in first round of French Open See in context

Great champion.

played a season too long.

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Posted in: Record 29.79 million found items reported to Japanese police in 2023 See in context

I guess as more and more people become senile it is to be expected.

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Posted in: Gov’t honors war dead at Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

Such a better place than the one at Kudanshita.

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

Good luck, Renho.

Much prefer you over Koike.

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Posted in: 88-year-old man with dementia arrested over death of 84-year-old wife See in context

The plight of the elderly is not all the government's fault.

Where's the government gonna get the money from to improve services to the elderly at a time when Japan is already saddled with massive debt? 

A whole generation didn't have enough children to invest in the future and is now paying the price.

Japan must reproduce or continue to pay the consequences.

It is the elderly's children who didn't have kids.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 buried alive in Papua New Guinea landslide See in context


Horrible way to go.

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Posted in: Will AI-generated songs be the death knell for music producers, song writers and composers? See in context

J-Pop as always sounded like AI music to me.

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Posted in: Rally for Gaza in Nagoya See in context

Doesn't look like many were there.

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Posted in: Al Ain beat Yokohama 5-1 to win Asian Champions League See in context

It always amazed me how Kewell got this job. His CV managing in the UK is one of consistent failure right down to managing semi-professional as he went from smaller club to smaller club who took a chance on him. 

He failed at literally every club he managed and was fired at all of them. Didn't Yokohama do their homework?

Hired for his name.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike plans to run for third term: source See in context

Another dead loss.

Often went missing during the pandemic and only popped up when the Olympics started.

Same old, same old as usual in Japan.

The same old useless faces getting the top jobs for their name not substance.

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Posted in: Ten Hag defiant on his future after Man United stuns Man City in FA Cup final See in context

Excellent win.

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Posted in: Al Ain beat Yokohama 5-1 to win Asian Champions League See in context

Jewel showing his real colors.

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Posted in: I’m so angry that I want to punch the thieves if they come here again. But more than that, I want the trees returned unharmed because bonsai is a work of art that takes time. See in context

How times have changed.

I remember when unscrupulous pet breeders from Japan went overseas to third world countries to pillage exotic pets to sell back in Japan.

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