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JW Albright comments

Posted in: 2024 Grammys preview: Five big questions ahead of Sunday’s award show See in context

Snore! Lots of self congratulation and bragging.

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Posted in: ANA plane taxiing for departure clips Delta aircraft at Chicago airport See in context

...... And another factor could be the windy -4 F weather. Those guys standing out there directing the plane, watching the wingtips, must have been extremely cold. ........... A pilot has a very poor angle to the back to see the wingtips. On this plane may not be able to see them.

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Posted in: Hate salad or veggies? Just keep eating them. Here’s how our tastebuds adapt to what we eat See in context

I am 68 years old and those kinds of salad vegetables still taste quite bitter to me. How soon till I get to like them? Usually just dunk them in high calorie dressing and eat fast. Or pass altogether. Nori tastes delicious.

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Posted in: Half of bus drivers in Japan greet each other via hand wave, defying rules See in context

The topic of this article is the rules for bus drivers in Japan, by the government of Japan. Rules banning gestures by the antique government. A dumb rule, as someone already said.

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Posted in: Scientists say human-caused global warming is exacerbating natural disasters such as fires and floods around the world, making them both more likely and more deadly. Do you agree? See in context

If consensus was totally the way science was run, we'd be making big mistakes. Science is not consensus, it is sifting through the facts. ..... For example, for a long time stomach ulcers were, by consensus, the result of spicy food, alcohol, worry, etc.. We now know they are the bacteria H. Pylori. The consensus was WRONG! Globally the climate changes over history. The behavior or our sun far, far, has more effect than our puny efforts. Do not ruin the world's economy chasing our tail!

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