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Posted in: Putin: Russians, Ukrainians are 'one people' See in context

close cousin would be more kindred

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Posted in: Who pays Trump's tariffs: China and other exporters or U.S. customers? See in context

gone are those days of cheap goods from China, American consumers end up paying higher

prices on every items they enjoyed.

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Posted in: Anti-imperial system See in context

Finally some conscientious Japanese woke up to this obsolete system. For some they knew that the Imperial system had been ruining their lives.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context

What a ignorant mule? good for him, he should be in Japan for a good long years.

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Posted in: Hate daylight saving time? You may have a point, researchers say See in context

DST is a medieval outdated rather foolish system, only santa claus still continued to practise this todate. sigh

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Posted in: Anti-Russian protest See in context

Russia should not and will not return these islands, cos the moment they return, it'll become another US base with all missile defense system station at Russia backyard. Russia has its own security concern, moreover it's theirs to keep.

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Posted in: Trading houses curb investment in coal power See in context

Obviously Marubeni declined to comment as they have dislodged their Canada's asset of 40% Grande Cache Coal bought for US$1bil at the peak of coal prices, and sold to Up Energy of HK for US$1.00 in 2015. Brilliant investment ??

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Posted in: Here’s why you’ll never want to hit a hole-in-one in Japan See in context

a colleague of mine has a hole-in-one, he's happy and brought food/party for all the guests on that day, as for overseas friends, I received a golf ball with his name engraved.

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Posted in: Abe has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor; Obama offers condolences over Okinawan woman's murder See in context

The American is falling into the trap of the victim mentality. Obama is the loser.

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Posted in: Taiwan's Tsai takes office as hostile Beijing looks on See in context

LOL, under the DPP, Taiwan will move closer to Japan, once declare independence, under current Abe newly self-proclaimed "Collective Self Defense" will enable Abe san to send its troop to protect its allies, and Taiwan will be annexed to become Taiwan-Ken, a vassal state of greater Japan. Under the guidance of Nippon Kaigi, Japan will repeat itself to its pre-1895 notion of annexing Taiwan. Ring a bell??

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

How about this; 1) Thank you Obama for visiting Hiroshima. 2) Thank you for USoA for ending the war 3) Thank you for USoA making us No. 2 (until 2010) 4) Thank you Obama for reminding Abe it's time to go to Nanjing

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Posted in: Modern etiquette: Proper protocol when leaving a job See in context

sometimes it's not your wish of a "grateful exit", but the employer or immediate supervisor will try to tarnish you. I have a case where the company withdrawn its project after 15 plus years, causing a big budget shortfall, however, they shift the blame to employee, ie by giving absolute bad, poor performance appraisal without its consent. The employer also shutting its door for any redress citing it's already discussed. Employer can play thuggery and resort to intimidating act too, it's by way to shut your mouth. by the way, it's one of the top 5 trading houses in Japan go by circle of red??

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Posted in: Author Murakami chides Japan over WWII, Fukushima responsibility See in context

many Japanese still Harbour the notion like @ Noidall but when they visited Nanjing massacre museum, did we do all these actrocities? or to some with conscience like Mr Murakami - we truly owe an apology to the victims ! good work Murakami san!

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Posted in: Can you drink too much milk? Study raises questions See in context

you are what you eat/drink!! cow milks are meant for calves. for centuries, Caucasian diets are mainly cow-based diet, (like milk, cheese etc) comparing to most Asian diets are soya-based, thus you wouldn't be surprised to see super abnormal obesity only appear in Caucasian population especially white and Hispanic American. it may take generations to ballon your body weight like Caucasian when I see the new Asian immigrants in America. Stop drinking milk everyday (even 2%1%) like drinking water, soya based like tofu is still the best to achieve calcium intake.

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Posted in: U.S. nurse quarantined over Ebola criticizes her treatment See in context

the nurse should know being American....if and when an elementary school boy flashing his new Swiss Army knife in front of others, he cud invite not just the police, fire ambulance, even tactical SWAT team or worst army to the school! this is America wat do u think!

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

Some Chinese joined as jihadist I cud understand due to their Muslim Uighur background, but 9 Japanese joining is beyond me? When did Islam come to Japan?

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

@tmtmsnb Agreed majority of the Proto Han now lived in the south eastern coastal region of Yangtze River, and their origin of Yellow and Luo Rivers (河洛)see the complete wipe out Min or Wu languages, replacing them is today Mandarin.

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

@tmtmsnb Your Hu = 胡/ 匈奴 barbarians? Yes, Great influx of refugees from Mainland to Japan during Spring Autumn period via Korea peninsula, remember also 徐福? brought along 500 children to Japan? They are the Proto Han who brought along their archaic Han languages like Min & Wu, which Japonic shared and recorded during Sui's southern Dynasty tonals, Chosun Japonic Wu Min and Viet do not contain the /f/ eg 佛/fo/ /fu/ 福 consonant and replacing it with /h/(Min/Wu) /bu/(Japonic)/bo/ (chosun), /ph/(Viet) which modern Han greatly differ with these Proto Han tonals.

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context


the proto-Han or aborigines of Central Plain are like Min(Fukkien), Wu(Shanghai), Japonic, Chosun, together with Jin, Gan(Hakka), Xiang, Yue/Viet (Cantonese), Hui fled the continuous on slaughtering of 5 northern barbarians for centuries. Most of these aborigines/proto-Han are now settled in Korean Peninsula, Japan, Coastal Eastern and Southern China and Northern Vietnam. A large group of ethnicity today called themselves Hoklo people and using mainly Hoklo languages (河洛語) comprising mainly of Min, Wu and Gan languages, colloquially called 中原音韵 sharing many similar tonal /etymology with those of Japonic and Chosun.

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

for those who argue Hanja and Hangul. What's done cannot be undone, but only to "re-educate" oneself. just for your info, Samsung wants all their management who're seeking senior level promotion or overseas assignment (especially China) or new recruit to have at least proficient in at least 2-3,000 Hanja/Hanzi for such position. Korean language, like kanji, especially its Hanja pronounciation, are also sinitic in nature from Central Plain(中原), shared quite large numbers of archaic tonals with those of Min (a kind of Fukkien) or Wu languages. It's not a matter of choice of pride, but historical fact. Hanzi / Kanji/ Hanja / Chu Nom are by and large sinitic tonal.

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

@wolfpack You are very Eurocentric can I say the use of Roman alphabet is a huge waste of time? Do you expect the original Hanzi user like Taiwan HK China to convert romanized alphabet just to suit easy learning for the Laowai (foreigners?) it's ridiculous!! Hanzi/Hanja/Kanji script is so beautiful in form of calligraphy, it's no wonder Japan Korea China want to claim it as their UN cultural heritage. Do have some appreciation of eastern writing format before you bark your Europe supremacy!!

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

@songwillem2011 some kanji can be pronounced in a number of ways which probably throws us back to where we started.

As matter of fact, Japonic language preserved the 5/6th century old of various archaic Han tonals particularly of those "Go-onyomi"(Wu呉音) thus Japonic tonals are more closely linked to Fukkien(Min), or Shanghai (Wu) languages, which in linguistic terms are from the same root. the confusion arises from it To-on唐音, Go-on呉音, Kan-on漢音, Kun-on訓読, etc. Japonic should be proud of their Kanji Kokubun (漢字国文), as it preserves a lot more than the modern day Chinese. Japan will not or ever abandon its Kanji system, just like telling them to replace its culture of Chopstick (御著, which by way, is archaic word sharing with Min & Wu) with fork and knife??

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Posted in: The fuzzy logic behind Japanese attachment to kanji See in context

If Japanese language leaves Kanji/ Hanzi system, it'll render the whole language soul-less, 1 kanji character can clear all doubts /meaning of the whole sentence. Japonic so it's called, original text and many tonals are basically sinitic in nature, it branches out from Tibeto Sinitic millennium ago, however, many of archaic Han tonals like Min, Wu, even some Cantonese or Hakka languages are sharing similar tonals with Japonica. Don't make the same Hangul mistake. Hanzi / Kanji / Hanja does not monopolies by the Chinese alone!

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Posted in: Why do Japanese cleaning crews bow at trains? See in context

Bowing and kneeling are origin from Old feudalistic China centuries ago, but the modern Chinese discard this etiquette and only bow to the deceased showing respect, or showing appreciation to an audience. The Japanese still keeping such tradition which to certain extend feudalistic and irrelevant like in the case of train cleaning crews.

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Posted in: China starts publishing daily Japanese war crimes 'confession' See in context

Nobel peace president Obama and its military cohorts must be happy to see all these arguments. See my tactic of using their stupidity of face saving is effective! America is still great in controlling them. Soon will have some skirmish.....wait a minute! We don't want a war between my great economic partner and my lapdog !

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

it should be a day of mourning for Japan! one wonder if and how a idiotic PM and his cabinet can easily pass such a resolution without seeking the public in referendum. Japan claim itself a democratic country? or just proxy and front runner for the American Asia Pivot? a conspiracy of all begin with Shintaro Tsuji ?

it also a sad day for Japanese whose young soldiers will need to die for none of their business in East and South seas, it's also sad to see Chinese one-child parents need to bury their only son ALL because of Abe San and his American military cohorts...... when is Asian going to wake up ? as these 2 countries are carefully manipulated by the US using its famous stupid culture of face saving?

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Posted in: Japan blasts Chinese bid for U.N. recognition of Nanjing massacre See in context

China should have submitted such Nanjing massacre and Comfort Women in the 90's when UNESCO set up such agency, for some reasons, China had been giving face to Japan about these negative issues, but not nowadays with Some right wing politicians keep on denying such being happened, if Japan deny and keep playing its victim role in Hiroshima, it's better for Korean & Chinese to remind the world such atrocities existed. Japan's Abe asked for all these!!

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Posted in: Abe to meet pope at Vatican on June 6 See in context

Mr Abe is going to confess his sins to the Holy See for all what he started when he took office. I hope the Pope will give him a lesson of what not to visit the Yasukuni shrine and change of article 9 of the peaceful constitution.

@ Jay Que Since when did Vatican become a democratic country? Since when US with all it's Christian denominations, has turned into a peaceful nation when it "invaded" so many countries in the name of democracy and human rights?

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

Abe San and it's cohorts r the one who opened the can of worm. China government (only) may have renounced its war reparation but does not stop individual Citizen for filing legal sue. In the past for sake of Sino Japan good relation China discourages such legal pursue, but tit for tat, I think Japan govt and it corp companies will face more good time from million if not thousand such actions, blame it on some selfish brainless politician. And the Japanese private companies who did this ought to pay now. Also expect more from Korean citizens too!

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