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@RealCDN it's incorrect, according to Wiki, 1000+ journalists, media, diplomats, and UN Security Chief + 90% OIC members already visited the site over past years, and in Mar 2021, again 30+ diplomats from 30 countries were in Xinjiang. All applauded to China de-radicalization program and vocational training facilities, a program already proven successful as since 2016 zero terrorist attacks. Well done China!! 

IOC & host country know some regimes + NGO's are bound to create some issues to boycott the Olympic as what they did in 2008 with Tibet issues. They're using Xinjiang issues with Uighur Genocide, Blood Cotton, and forced labours as their highlight. please do read other side of the stories.

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The US & western allies invaded, bombed and killed 11 million innocent civilians and their children in 9 middle eastern countries are not called genocide?? not crime against humanity?? What's wrong with this world.

you seriously think there's genocide of Uighurs?? their population was 5.5 million 30 years ago to 12.1 millions last census. Ignoramus Canadian MPs who voted yes should really take a visit to Xinjiang. the world is laughing at our MP's IQ and EQ. I just wish the west could lie more intelligently, after spending millions in demonizing China. 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and google put it at 3.0 million Uighurs detained?? LOL half the population in Metro Toronto got lock up. No sane persons or govts could fathom that.

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The hypocrite west + chihuahua has long planned its strategy of sabotage/boycott whenever China is hosting an international event. Same as in 2008, using Tibet to undermine, this time close to winter Olympic 2022 using Xinjiang, Uighurs genocide, Blood Cotton, forced /slave labours. Hey the IOC knows all your dirty tricks.

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Japan should return Senkaku/ Diaoyutai to original owner Taiwan whom you have illegally annexed to Ryukyu in 1898. this island is 170 miles from Taiwan shore, 330 miles from China Zhejiang shore, 1000 miles from nearest Japan main 4 islands. Japan under its imperialist army had destroyed all title ownership during its occupation in Taiwan.

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Xinjiang has seen growth and developed over 30 years, don't you feel strange the US and its 5-Lies Alliance calling for boycott as it's closer to the 2022 winter olympics?? same thing in 2008 Beijing olympics. Handful disgruntled exiled Uighurs sponsored by western regimes, NGO's, media to slander China, but the hypocrite west ignored the facts that 11.99 million uighurs residents have enjoyed an improved living standard.

There's no genocides in Xinjiang, except massive de-radicalization program, China does not generate Uighur refugees, and the past years enjoyed 6% GDP growth. Uighurs population was 5.5 million 30 years ago, and last censor shown at 12.1 millions. Xinjiang birthrate ranked #2 in China at 1.588% after Tibet 1.6%, well over the national average of 1.043%, an independent study done by National University of Singapore.

I really wish the west and its minions could lie more intelligently. By saying 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and google put it at 3.0 million of Uighurs being detained. No sane persons nor govt authorities would ever believe this lies of centuries. Just tell me how much building facilities needed to house, feed them?? How many wardens needed to guard 1.0 million?? What's wrong with this world??

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last decade, Vietnam and Japan siphoned US$250 billions worth of natural gas and oil from South China Sea, while other Asean and China sitting idly watching in vain. SCS belongs to all, China advocated international Freedom of Navigation, and the resources should be shared among its stakeholders but not Japan, US, UK, India or Russia. China should negotiate with individual stakeholder on jointly develop its resources include fishery.

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Thanks for sharing the talking points of the Chinese Communist Party propaganda machine.

yup truth hurts!! if that is the only word you know.....call me wumao

I wish the west lie more intelligently, if you say about 100,000 being detained, I see it may be true, but no sane persons nor govt authorities would believe some sky falling numbers 1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 millions out of a 12 millions Uighurs were detained?? just let me know how many building facilities needed to house, feed and what's the budget in billions to run over say 10 years ?? how many wardens need to guard them, considering the US prisons population now passed 2+ millions

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Trudeau and Canadian MP’s are doing disservice to some Canadians and disrespectful for even call it a genocide. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1) there is no genocide in Xinjiang, it’s a large scale de radicalization program and vocational training funded by Chinese govt. No one get killed (except die hard jihadists, separatists, terrorists) in Xinjiang,

2) China did not generate any refugees, and those Uighurs fled Xinjiang are ETIM sympathizers, and sponsored by the western media & NGO’s, in US and Turkey to exaggerate their torture stories in the hand of Chinese.

3) many of its training facilities are winding down and closed since there’s no terrorist attacks since 2016. 4th Xinjiang recorded 6% GDP growth and boom in domestic tourism. A proven success its program works!!

4) Xinjiang birthrate is #2 in China at 1.588% with Tibet #1 at 1.6% from mere 5.5 millions 40 years ago to 12.2 millions at last censor, surpassing the national average birthrate of 1.043% an independent study conducted by National University of Singapore.

let’s get it clear, the world refugees problems today are mainly caused by the US and its western allies, a relentless bombing and intervention in 9 of the middle eastern and Latin American countries in the name of WMD, abused human rights, freedom/liberty, The west foolish geopolitical interest and their unending corporate greed. The west should be held accountable for all these heinous crimes against humanity and genocides. NOT CHINA!!

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media is biased, it's not lacking test data nor transparency. it's the fact they don't bother to get it translated.

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What's wrong with the world today??

When the US under 3 US presidents and western allies invaded and bombed 9 middle eastern countries, resulted in the death of 11 million muslims and their children. After 911 US displaced 37 millions in the middle east!! Since WW2, US intervened, bombed 57 countries and 34 regimes changed. This is the greatest crime against humanity and genocides committed at grande scale.

China displaced no one, killed no one in Xinjiang, except Uighur terrorists and separatists. Xinjiang birthrate is the highest in China at 1.6% Tibet - 1.588% versus national average at 1.044% , Xinjiang clocked in a 6% GDP growth rate, thanks to the stringent de radicalization program, and since 2016, no terrorist attacks. Domestic tourism is booming.

You folks must be completely blinded and whitewashed.

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you're just blindly reading the slanderous western media and Japanese + India media all laced poisonously with political agenda. care to read the Chinese media?? like CGTN?? or RT ? western quora forum? Al Jazeera?? BBC has been a gutter tabloid and lost its credibility. See the other side of the stories, and I beg 90% of those China haters never even been to Xinjiang or Tibet, but unfortunately, the world media are in English and understood by more than half of the world population, and 80% are western controlled in worldwide web. There has been tremendous bias about China on something trivial and even non existence.

I'm not fan of commies not I'm a Chinese national.

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@how do you explain away the pictures of the 380 Uighurs prison camps?

sir, glad you only list 380 uighurs here than the most western media listed 0.5 million, 1.0 million, 2.0 million by the Guardian, and hilariously, google listed 3.0 millions being detained. Can you imagine how on earth to detain, round up 100,000 in a facilities?? or camps?? It's utter lies, with all those satellite images LOL western style warehouses located in New Mexico, USA.

I'm not saying there aren't detained Uighurs, but these are hardcore muslim fanatics returned from ISIS, by estimation, China has the highest numbers up to 20,000+ IS returnees. So a de radicalization program is appropriate knowing there're 27 uighur terrorist attacks across China over the past years. What's US or EU going to do if this happened in their own land. Just leave China alone to tackle their own internal affairs, and stop your lies and exaggerations!!!

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I expect to receive many thumbs down for telling the truth, while not fan of commies, but just bewilder by the western regimes that go such extends to demonize, slander, smearing without true facts nor evidences. China has tons of its own problems, far from perfect, but 5-Lies alliances are using all these thuggish, bullying tactics iis beyond me.

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lol, Xinjiang has the highest birth rate in China @ 1.6, Tibet #2 at 1.588 all other minorities area of Guangxi, Hainan are top versus China overall 1.048 birth rate. below are link by Singapore NUS


I keep hearing 1.0 mil, 1.5 mil, and even 2.0 mil Uighurs detainees. LoL 1 in 10 of Uighurs being detained? This is utterly gross exaggeration without verifiable sources, Just imagine how many camps needed to house 1 million?? and how many billions the Chinese govt need to spend on this program. There is also loud outcry of forced eating pork, no maghrib prayer, “asalamallaikum” greetings were banned, Uighurs so fearful of not learning mandarin….a free birth control program is described as forced sterilization, forced abortions, rapes……organ harvest, you name it. All phoney baloney of the slanderous western media who has nothing to do. Alas, many Uighurs still able to get exit visa from China authority, shuttling Xinjiang / Beijing / US/ EU to spread their lies. 

https://qr.ae/pNHX HYPERLINK "https://qr.ae/pNHX9f" HYPERLINK "https://qr.ae/pNHX

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@ Zichi Untrue. Watched a report today including from Uyghurs who had escaped to Turkey. Rape of women. Birthdate down 88%. Women raped in the camps.

there are thousands of reports being published, 90% are western lies, fabrications and exaggerations. They are paid NGO's, a hosts of " uighur refugees" got exit visa, and travel freely beijing/xinjiang/EU/US to spread their lies. 54 countries + 90% OIC members in UN are for China Xinjiang de radicalization program versus 22 mainly western hypocrites. there's are no doubts jailed uighurs separatists, fanatics, extremists, who carried out 27 terrorist attacks across China. here're some good link; and do read other side of stories, don't be fooled by Japan uyoku, extremists and those slanderous western media.



and many others. stop the lies!! western regimes have their agenda to bring /contain China. but China is not Russia, Western regimes include Japan must accept and live with another giant.

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sports events are supposedly apolitical, many paid NGO's, rights groups have different agenda and working for their paymaster. I think IOC should stay away from it as each country have their own solutions to its internal problems, and that may ultimately curtail some civilian rights.

Concerning the Uyghurs, 1000+ delegations include UN security chief, OIC, western media, journalists that have visited Xinjiang have confirmed that there is no genocide there. The Uyghurs are very well looked after by China with subsidized vocational training camps, job skill upgrade, free mandarin class to promote intra cultural communication, cultural social nights etc.

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besides she could continue to receive her mother pension cheques and lived in the municipal subsidized flat, this is clearly not the first case in Japan. It's also the failure of the Social Welfare Dept and its workers for their lax rules/checks.

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I support female throne, but to void the constant debates in parliament and waste of taxpayers money to upkeep this antiquated feudal system. it's good that Japan to consider the abolishment of their imperial household.

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Japan needs to face up the reality of its aggression during WW2, and to pay its price for the lesson, I don't think Russian will ever return this islands and probably it'll be Russianized eventually. Personally I would not return none of the islands, as I do not ever want to see US or Japan to build military base in my backyard. The likelihood of returning 2 islands seems possible if and when US completely withdraw its troops from Japan.

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Diaoyu/ Senkaku is 170km from Taiwan coast, more than 1000 km from Japanese main island, no counting illegally annexed Ryukiu islands. Diaoyu / Senkaku has been administered and fall under jurisdiction of Yilan county, Taiwan for centuries. It's best that Japan return this island to Taiwan authority.

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Where is Mike Pompeo??

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Japan society should stop being a "busybody" and gossip / report at each others how they dress, how the conform, how individual behave....starting at workplace, neighbors, just mind yourself and be more individualistic, stop creating a "pressure cooker" without your own self. WHO CARES, WHY BORDERS attitude should prevail.

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there's no concentration camps in Xinjiang, it's just vocational schools. China taking the preventive approach of De radicalization program for IS returnees. These are all blatant lies fabricated from Turkey Ughyurs terrorists with support from American NGO's

Uyghurs are non native to Xinjiang, but Kazakh, Ubek, Kyrgry, Turkiskh were, Uyghurs were late comer from Anatolia region of Turkey to Xinjiang and they were given a refuge land called YiLi in Xinjiang.

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Diaoyu /Senkaku island is 170 km from Taiwan but more than 1000 km from Japan main island. Taiwan Yilan county administered Diaoyu island for ages, clearly Japan snatched the island from Taiwan during their colonization.

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oldman_13Apr. 16  06:41 am JST

Legalize drugs, that is the only way to fight this problem

Does not seem so.......there's no end to it, marijuana is already legalized in some western countries, but the junkies are now talking of legalize cocaine, next will be heroin, next will be crystal meth.....bla bla blah.

Marijuana /ganja/ weeds are past tense, for recreation purposes only, after legalization, it costs twice the black market, drug junkies have no interest in this honestly, they want something cheap and potent, and drug dealers resort in mixing them with fentanyl or carfentanyl.

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Vancouver is world #2 exporter of stimulant drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth, glad the Japanese custom can confiscate such big load, of which may only represent 10% of the drugs being sneaked into Japan. North America has been world's #1 drug junkies with overdose death easily surpassed 30,000 per year. Hope Japan will take strict measure.

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someone got drunk.

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putting aside animosity of the West & Commie China, HK frustrations run deep way in the British era, a colony

with no universal suffrage but a governor appointed from far away UK, a colony dictated by real estate moguls, property tycoons and run by puppet, the run away housing prices make affordability a distant dream for many youngsters. An almost 20+ years stagnant wages for many new graduates, a functional democratic runned by malfunctioned constituents who opposed or malevolent-in-nature to anything commies. China did provide best opportunities in priority to HK, but it's the HK who turn their back and stab them. SAD

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They are (some) notorious even in their home country.

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Folks, I'm not fan of commies, but realistically, China has its concern with its humongous population base,

it has to be strictly controlled /censored in every sense from the start, otherwise, it'll spread like a wild fires and that spell disaster or wars that many of you in the west / Japan wish to see. We are lucky that China do not export its revolution ideas, nor does China export refugees, poverty to the free world. Stop instigating or collaborating all these craps for peace sake.

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