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Posted in: Toyama woman in her 70s loses ¥50 mil in gold investment scam See in context

Some of my neighbors got scammed when they were in their 70s. One for almost $300,000, one lost all of her bank savings, and another lost over $30,000. Those are just the ones I know about. People are constantly, almost daily, trying to scam us seniors.

I am very sorry for the woman in Japan who was so badly scammed. She probably would have preferred to help her family, friends, or a charity. To lose it to a scumbag is disheartening.

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Posted in: Honda revs up on EVs, aiming for lucrative U.S., China markets See in context

Looking forward to the new batteries that are supposed to be coming out in a few years. They are talking about 1000 km range with very fast charging, maybe 20 minutes to get hundreds of miles of range, and cheaper than the current batteries. We will see.

Saw an article that said we have reached max petroleum usage, and it may start going down.

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Posted in: Xi lauds China-Russia ties as he meets with Putin See in context

In the 19th century Russia conquered large parts of northern China, including what they now call Vladivostok, formerly Haishenwai. Seems to me Haishenwai would be easier for Xi to conquer than Taiwan.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits solo home run, RBI double as Dodgers pound Giants 10-2 See in context

With their overwhelming strength in pitching and hitting, it is not surprising when there are 10 - 2 blowouts, like this one. The problem is, can they do it in the playoffs?

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context

On the subject of independence referendums; I think most Kanak realize that without the French to protect them, another less beneficent national power would immediately invade and take them over. It may go against the principles of French corporate governance, but if the wealth of the islands could be shared somehow with the Kanak, there might be far less strife.

Seems to me that a small fraction of the nickel ore's value would pay for state of the art hospitals and schools for everyone on the islands. A system that ensured that Kanak could go to university anywhere in the world with government aid would be popular, perhaps. The total number of Kanak is only slightly more than 110,000, and not all of them are of school age.

On the face of it the Kanak insisting that only old time residents can vote seems undemocratic, but I think I can see where they are coming from. Why should they live in poverty, when so much wealth is flowing out of the islands?

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context

What a coincidence. I started watching a French crime procedural last week, "Pacific Criminal" in English, "Pacifique Sud" in French, shot in New Caledonia. They spend a lot of time showing the Kanak people, and the special relationship the French government has with the Kanak tribes. It is always fun to watch how different the police forces of other nations are from what I am used to. (For instance French police officers demonstrate very lax security with their pistols.) The photography of New Caledonia is stunningly beautiful. It is a bit hard to see how a place with only a quarter million people can have so much strife. Perhaps because of the hugely valuable nickel ore on the islands?

Some of the largest nickel deposits in the world are found on New Caledonia. If the Kanak leaders can claim sovereignty over the nickel, they could make themselves immensely rich. Currently the wealth from the ore does not appear to benefit the indigenous people. Not sure if that would improve under the system of government demanded by some of the Kanak. Perhaps if the French central government found a way to ensure that the islanders benefitted from the natural wealth of the islands, there would be less political strife. Who would want to see billions and billions of francs leave the island in the form of nickel ore, while the Kanak live in primitive conditions? Certainly not the Kanak.

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Posted in: Ex-interpreter for MLB star Shohei Ohtani pleads not guilty to bank and tax fraud See in context

With a haircut like that, he has to be guilty of something, if no more than awful fashion sense.

Seriously, he deserves his day in court if he so chooses, but if knows he is guilty he is better off confessing and making a deal now, rather than getting sentenced after losing in court.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing two commuters off station platform in Kawasaki See in context

Some commuter stations have new two-tiered sliding entrance doors that making it very difficult to intentionally or accidentally fall onto the tracks. Can't be cheap, but good for public safety and peace of mind. Do they not use that system in Japan?

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

The effort expended in attempting to cheat, if redirected toward actually studying, might have achieved the desired results. Some people, maybe most of us, enjoy cheating if we can get away with it, but the thrill is in the planning and execution of the scam. The end results can be anticlimactic.

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Posted in: Army whistleblower who exposed alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan is sentenced to prison See in context

When someone in the military causes a commotion, the two standard reactions are either 1.) court martial him, or, 2.) give him a medal.

If the person who revealed the actions of the Australian military in Afghanistan had been a well known general, he probably would have been given a medal and a promotion. Those in the lower ranks are usually not so lucky.

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Posted in: Brazil's catastrophic weather spawns spate of conspiracy theories See in context

"Con-trails" is a shortened form of "condensation trails." The first known use of the term is from 1943, to describe the visible trails left behind by high flying aircraft. Jet fuel exhaust is not required to form a condensation trail. Rather, the change in pressure in the atmosphere as air is forced to go around an aircraft flying at high altitude causes a human formed cloud. Usually the cloud behind an airplane does not last long, as it often quickly dissipates back into the air, depending on local humidity.

Contrails are not called "chem trails" because there almost no chemicals in the contrails. In the case of airplanes with internal combustion engines, the only chemicals are the normal exhaust that one would expect from an internal combustion engine.

It is easy to see how those who do not know how contrails are formed, and dissipate, might be suspicious of nefarious activity, but if one reflects on the reality behind the phenomena of contrails, it is easy to see how they are a benign byproduct of an object creating a localized pressure ridge as it travels through the upper atmosphere at high speed.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

The way unfair competition works is that with the Chinese government subsidizing the manufacturing, their EVs can be made for far less than they would be otherwise. If they are allowed to put the foreign competition out of business, with their unfairly low prices, they can then raise their prices, knowing that the consumers no longer have any choices.

The article also says that the cars made in China do not have the safety features that are mandated in the States, saving thousands of dollars for Chinese buyers who are fortunate enough not to get into an accident.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

And how much would it cost without Chinese government support, and artificially low labor costs?

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Posted in: Enjoy the hydrangeas, birds and more at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

It is a shame the hydrangeas bloom for such a short time.

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Posted in: 'Words matter:' Titles, Trump and what to call a former president See in context

By any definition, he is the former Con-Man in Chief.

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

Doesn't make any sense. Protesting because the plant is too small would make more sense.

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Posted in: As hip-hop grows in China, its performers seek a voice that reflects their lived experiences See in context

"Hip-hop" and "music," two words that should never be used in the same sentence.

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Posted in: Nearly 200 Japanese to attend Taiwan president's inauguration See in context

Xi has been rattling his saber over Taiwan, but why hasn't he complained about the Chinese lands seized by Russia in the late 1800s, such as Vladivostok? Why is Putin Xi's buddy, and Taiwan an enemy? Hong Kong was ruled by the British for longer than Vladivostok has been part of Russia.

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Posted in: Yamamoto goes 8 innings, Muncy hits early slam as Dodgers beat Marlins 8-2 for 6th straight win See in context

Will the Dodgers make it to the World Series this year? No doubt they'll make it to the playoffs, but how far will they go?

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Posted in: Coppola and Trump biopic lead star-packed Cannes film fest See in context

I keep thinking about how Hitler and Mussolini were considered laughing stocks, until they became tragedies.

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Posted in: Heatwave swells Asia's appetite for air-conditioning See in context

We are supposed to have a high of 77 F today, and that is 7 degrees hotter than normal. I can't imagine 104 F this time of year.

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Posted in: Nature and human nature mingle in beguiling Japanese film 'Evil Does Not Exist' See in context

Watched "Drive My Car" because of praise here in JapanToday, but while beautifully shot, it did not live up to my expectations. After that experience, I am tempted to give "Evil Does Not Exist" a pass, unless I hear from people whose opinions I value that it is good.

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Posted in: Electric vehicles usually safer for their occupants – but not necessarily for everyone else See in context

A lot of anti-science comments today.

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Posted in: Toyota opens vehicle assembly factory in Cambodia See in context

Is it too much to hope that the vehicles will be low emission types?

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Posted in: Food delivery services facing hard times in post-pandemic environment See in context

A lot of businesses went into decline with the onset of the pandemic. Those that managed to adapt now have to face another massive change, the end of the pandemic.

My son-in-law did very well during the pandemic, but has seen a big decline in business revenue recently. Still, he knew this was coming, and put away a lot of savings as a cushion.

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Posted in: African farmers look to the past and the future to address climate change See in context

According to a google search, there was still a large river system in the Western Sahara 5,000 years ago, about the time that the first of the great pyramids was built. The ecosystem in the Sahara went into decline starting about 5,500 years ago, and the oldest pyramid is about 4,700 years old. I mention this as a way to say that people have been adapting to changing climes in Africa for a long time.

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Posted in: From spring offensive to charm offensive: Taliban working to woo tourists to Afghanistan See in context

It sounds like a good idea to me......a path forward. Progress has to start somewhere.

At this point in time, Afghanistan may be safer than Israel.

Still, there may be lots of danger. Will a female tourist face the danger of stoning for doing something the Taliban find offensive? What if someone tries to smuggle in a beer, or a sake, and gets caught?

On balance, I think it is a good sign.

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Posted in: Japan’s diplomatic charm offensive in U.S. aims to keep Washington in committed relationship See in context

We spent trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, and much of that went into Swiss bank accounts. Our alliances with Japan and Ukraine do not compare.

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Posted in: Google, Apple now threatened by U.S. antitrust laws that helped build their technology empires See in context

We have "Apple TV," and I think the remote control is terrible. I waste a lot of time trying to get it to do what I want done. Not much that I know to do about it.

I purchased a Mac computer on the recommendation of a friend. It has its good points, but some of the apps that I used to run on my pc are not available. I can't even do my checking on the Mac, and the stock lookup feature is, IMO, much inferior. Also, the keyboard is too small. My big fingers are constantly hitting the wrong key, which was not a problem with the bigger keyboard that I used with the PC. I do like that the iPhone and the Mac and the iPad sync up so well.

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Posted in: Google, Apple now threatened by U.S. antitrust laws that helped build their technology empires See in context

Apple would be even better if they were forced to compete. As things stand now, they just impose their ideas onto the consumer.

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