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I can remember when we had electric city trains here in South Cal, when I was just a kid. That was before Standard Oil and General Motors bought them, piled the trains in piles and burned them, and tore the tracks up. Aint unbridled capitalism grand?

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And what, pray tell, is wrong with the American model of customer service? You know, punch a passenger in the face until he passes out, bleeding, and then literally drag him off the plane, unconscious? It works for the American airlines, apparently.

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Trying to have a talk with someone who rejects facts and lives in a fantasy world of his own making is going to be a real challenge, to say the least.

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I do not doubt that Trump is capable of ordering attacks on North Korea, but I do doubt that he is capable of doing so in a way that is at all competent. The nature of the Trump presidency has been one show of incompetency after another. To believe that he will suddenly become a skillful international strategist amounts to self-delusion.

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There seems to be a rise in ultra-nationalism all around the world, and that saddens me.

As others have commented, the democratic state has as its purpose to serve the people. People can choose to work for the common good, but to swear blind loyalty to a supreme leader is not just undemocratic, but ultimately, suicidal. As others have suggested, it would be very helpful for the current Emperor to renounce this edict.

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The most corrupt president in the history of the United States, still in his first 100 days, is warning another head of state to "behave." Oh yeah, that is going to end well. If the North Korean dictator would just buy a Maralago membership, he could suddenly be best buds with Trump.

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It isn't just Trump, Republican presidents in general take a liking to dictators who kidnap, torture, and murder their own citizens. It is an ideological thing.

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There are many downsides to having a racist, psychopathic con-man in the White House.

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The auto-sign-in feature has not been working, at least for me, with the redesign. Otherwise, no complaints. Of more interest to me is to get a Japanese view of things, and that worked with both the old and the new format.

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The subject of the bombing of North Korea in the Korean War has been brought up. It is interesting to compare how the US bombed in World War II, and how it bombed in the Korean War.

In WWII, only German and Japanese cities were bombed, on the justification that they had committed the same acts when they were the aggressors in WWII. For the most part we did not attack Italian cities, even when they were a part of the Axis. Perhaps the justification was that they had used poison gas and carpet bombing only against third world peoples. The fact remains that carpet bombing was used against NK cities, resulting in the killing of about 20% of the NK population, and the pretty much total destruction of their infrastructure. While there is no doubt that NK attacked South Korea in 1950, starting the war, killing 20% of the population of NK, at the same time that so many of them were trying to escape from the brutal dictatorship by moving to SK, makes no sense, militarily or morally.

BTW, MacArthur tried to force Truman to use nuclear weapons against the Chinese and NK forces, and that is largely why he was removed from power. Political leadership would put up with carpet bombing, but not the use of nuclear weapons.

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Solar power is cheap enough now that I can recover my investment within 10 years, and then continue to make a profit for the remaining lifetime of the PV cells, up to 35 years. I reckon I can get about 10% a year return on my solar investment, a lot more than what a bank pays in interest. On top of that, the way the solar panels are installed, they will help to cool down the house in our Southern California summers, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

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If the rate of change of temperature and acidity were not so rapid, there would be a much better chance for the coral to adapt. The way things are going, we may see a huge decline in the amount of animal life supported by the ocean. By the end of the century, most people may be forced to eating food produced in a laboratory.

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The psychopathic American is telling the psychopathic North Korean to behave. Oh, this may not end well.

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This technology was asserted in the first Star Wars movie, on the fictional desert planet, Tatooine. Luke Skywalker's adopted parents had a homestead at which these hypothetical devices could be seen.

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IMO, the USA should not conduct any military actions without first consulting at least South Korea. If a military strike is made against NK, it is not much of a stretch to expect their artillery to intentionally kill many SK civilians. If SK OKs that scenario, then so be it, but I do not think that that is what they want. I think that the South is willing to wait, and hope the day comes when the North Koreans themselves overthrow the dictator making their lives miserable.

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If I may share my thoughts:

It is indeed an important story. More than just British soldiers were evacuated, but those Brits were essential for Britain being able to carry on the war. Many of them, after a period of rehabilitation, were sent to North Africa to fight. If they had been captured they would not have been able to do that, and the Africa Korps might have captured or negated the Suez Canal.

In his series of books about World War II, Churchill wrote at length and authoritatively about the Dunkirk evacuation. One of the things that stuck with me from his writing was his list of how many were evacuated from different nations. There were even a few thousand Germans evacuated.

The responsibility for the failure of the German armed forces to stop the evacuation rests squarely with Hitler himself. He made the decision to stop the army from quickly crushing the hapless Allied forces with their blitzkrieg, and gave the job to the Luftwaffe. The Luftwaffe worked best when it was working in coordination with the panzers. By itself, it was incapable of destroying an army.

There have already been some excellent documentaries made about this subject. While I hope for the best, it is easy to doubt that any new projects will be better than the efforts that have already dealt with the Dunkirk evacuation.

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If one coughs or sneezes, they could reduce the amount of bacteria and viruses carried on particles of saliva, and they could help to filter out dust, but to think that they are able to stop airborne viruses shows a lack of knowledge.

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Not an expert on this subject, but I think that only Japan and Norway (Norway averages over 700 whales killed per year) still hunt whales in large numbers. It is not something that I understand, but on the whole, I respect the mores of both countries.

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North Korea is the obvious problem. China has been said to be very unhappy with North Korea, but does not want 20 million Koreans trying to escape into its country, and does not want American troops in North Korea. Perhaps China would give permission for Japan and South Korea to defeat the North Korean armed forces, if America promised to withdraw from the Korean peninsula? With no threat from North Korea, there would be no reason for American troops to stay stationed in the South.

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Here in Cali we have reduced the amount of our electricity coming from coal fired steam plants close to zero. We generate more than half of all of the nation's solar power, and we generate over 80% of the nation's geothermal power. Without California, the USA would be behind Japan in the total amount of green energy generated.

We have a GDP larger than Canada's, Australia's, or South Korea's, and since 1987 we have sent more in taxes to Washington than we have gotten back, to the tune of over half a trillion dollars. Oh, and in California, Hillary beat The Chump by a 2 to 1 margin, cause we don't vote for psychopathic con men here in the Golden State.

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I have given up trying to pretend that Trump is not really the President.

I have given in to wondering how bad it would be to go four years without a president.

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I am not a fan of the Idiot-in-Chief, but I would welcome efforts to preside from the center of the political spectrum, rather than from the far right. Still, The Chump seems to be stuck permanently in fantasy land, so it might be very difficult to find common ground.

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The advances in medicine are stunning.

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Who could have known that putting a socio-pathic con-man in the White House would have a detrimental effect on everything?

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Makes me proud to live in California.

My state currently produces about half of all the solar power for the entire USA, and over 80% of all the geothermal energy for the nation. Without California and the other Blue states, the USA would be a third world country.

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Ryan rushed to the White House to help Trump come up with a title for his new ghost-written book: "The Art of Failing."

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Unions aren't perfect, but the alternative is usually even worse. Much worse.

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Thank goodness he didn't have an assault rifle, equipped with a banana clip.

It is impossible to prevent all crazy people from carrying out their fantasies of causing mayhem. Best wishes to those suffering.

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I was given intravenous medicine in the ambulance after a stroke, and my doctor told me that it probably helped to prevent worse brain damage. I don't remember the name of the drug, and I still suffered some permanent damage, but it could have been much worse. Modern medicine is amazing.

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Not cheap, but they have a reputation for good food.

I remember as a youth being able to go into any mom-and-pop lunch counter and getting a wonderful burger, with fries and a shake, for under a dollar. Forget about the prices, there are no more mom-and-pop lunch counters. Seems like everything today is corporate owned, and the bean-counters won't allow good food on the menus. Corporate policy seems to be to serve the worst food that the public will tolerate.

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