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Posted in: South Korean chat room operator gets 40 years for blackmail See in context

For those who denounced Japan's judicial system, I recommend you to live in South Korea.

How about Japan just gets its act together?

40 years is a just sentence for the untold misery he has caused others.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to shut schools despite surge in virus cases See in context

2000 cases is not that many among a nation of 130m.

Japan shut its schools quite unecessarily back in the spring even in prefectures that didn't have a single case of COVID-19. Very hard to do it again.

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Posted in: Hello Work, Go To Travel, My Number Card; the English used for government programs is strange and doesn't make sense to native speakers. See in context

Now I have come to love 'Engrish', it's as reassuringly Japanese as unnecessary traffic lights.

Totally agree - ultimately it is harmless, but quite endearing.

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Posted in: General Services Administration allows Biden transition funds to begin See in context

I guess that's it. Game over for Trump.

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Posted in: White House still planning holiday parties, despite warnings See in context

He has refused to concede, lodging baseless allegations of voter fraud in an attempt to subvert the results.

I love the way AP slip this in at the end.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca says its COVID-19 vaccine effective and cheaper See in context

It's great news at the end of a very bleak year. The 70% immunity should be enough to provide basic herd immunity, although those most at risk can take over of the others.

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Posted in: Ex-Dempagumi.inc idol Moga Mogami deflects criticism of decision to have child out of wedlock See in context

Good for her. It's her life and none of the public's business.

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

I think the time for anger over Trump is over. It is s time for pity. He is not a well man and not mentality stable.

He should be hospitalised for his own good until he overcomes his delusions.

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Posted in: Michigan Republicans, after meeting Trump, say there is nothing that would change election outcome See in context

That's so sad. Poor Donald.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

Not him, but seeing the videos and seeing all those “sworn” affidavits should be looked at, taken seriously and scrutinized, 

Me too, Bass. Bring 'em on! That weird robot lady that the Trump campaign is rolling out seems to have a lot of them.

But the walls are closing in on Trump. There is a window, but it has bars on.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

Oh, is that the problem? Thanks Sherlock. Case solved.

Generally that's how things work. You claim something exists or has happened, provide the evidence.

If you claimed you owned a dog, I probably wouldn't demand the evidence. If you claimed that that there had been a massive conspiracy to change an election, I need some pretty good evidence. As we stand, there is none. Therefore, we can assume that the elected victor is Biden. End of.

(I am answering as though you are not being sarcastic, but you quite likely are).

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

The election is playing out just liked I hoped, with Trump being dragged from the White House like an infant having a tantrum.

I need to order some more popcorn while the cultist babble about 'Dominion' and any other meaningless scraps that have been thrown their way.

But let's face it, they weren't all wrong - some were calling "landslide" a couple of weeks ago. In that sense they were correct, but just had the wrong party.

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Posted in: Trump's vaccine team will not brief Biden administration See in context

So why wouldn’t the Democrats open the cities and allow people in the service industry to work? They could have done it safely and they...

Butwhatabout, butwhatabout, butwhatabout....

Perhaps you should ask why doesn't the actual President of the USA take a lead in stopping the spread of the virus and also help the incoming President prepare rather than moaning about what people are spending on dinner.

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

I never want this comedy to end. Had this been in a comedy it would have been dismissed as being to absurd. What a bunch of clowns.

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Posted in: Elementary school group rescued from sinking ship in western Japan See in context

[Translation] The vessel sank after it crashed violently into a floating navigational buoy which is clearly marked on all nautical charts. The captain is now attempting to place the blame on a surfacing whale which disappeared after the accident.

There is all kinds of stuff floating in the ocean. A navigation buoy is not going to sink that and I am sure the captain knew the waters well.

It is great to hear that this had a happy outcome but those on board must have been terrified.

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Posted in: Wisconsin to hold partial vote recount as fuming Trump denies defeat See in context

He knows this and is merely stalling at this point.

You mean that Trump is knowingly trying to overturn the election result and you support him?

Fortunately for America, Trump does not have enough delaying tactics left to make it to January without the electoral college agreeing. It will meet and Biden will be elected.

Trump will go down in history as a bad president and one without the grace and humility to accept defeat. He brings shame on himself and all those he has fooled into supporting him.

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Posted in: Wisconsin to hold partial vote recount as fuming Trump denies defeat See in context

A wise stalling tactic by Trump.

Trump only needs to delay the certification of 37 electoral votes by January 6th

Do you really think that American democracy is so fragile that it wouldn't survive Trump's attempts to override it?

In many countries democracy is not strong - like Russia where a weak democracy was fairly quickly turned into a pathetic fascist dictatorship with a leader who preens like a latter day Mussolini. However, despite Trump and America's enemies' best attempts, there will be no stopping the electoral college.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases reported in Japan for 1st time See in context

There are X amount of harmful viruses out there, yet for some reason the entire world went into a tailspin for this particular one.

@Christopher Glen - because this is a new virus, it is extremely contagious and kills enough of those that it infects. It has already killed over twice the number that influenza kills every year.

Given the "amount of harmful viruses out there" could you name any that are equally contagious and dangerous? Ebola is actually not - its spread have been very limited. Malaria kills about 400,000 a year and is quite hard to stamp out.

Unchecked, we would easily have reached double the number of deaths that we have already by this stage and the only reason we are not pushing ten million is because of the improved medicine that we have available.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases reported in Japan for 1st time See in context

Cases cases cases,,,, of an infectioni that kills almost noone and that most people dont even know they have.

Almost noone [sic]?

Over 1.25mn dead in the last 6 months and only limited to such low numbers because of extreme preventative measures that people have been taking.

I suppose that you are trying to make some debunked "death with COVD" argument, but that's like saying "death with AIDS" because the victims normally die of pneumonia. People are dying years early because they have a pre-existing, but otherwise perfectly manageable health conditions.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases reported in Japan for 1st time See in context

1300 tests with 500 positive results? That’s 45% of tests returned positive. Does this mean that nearly half of Tokyo are carrying the virus?

No. It means that of the 1,292 tests of people showing the symptoms of COVID-19, nearly 500 were confirmed to be carrying the virus.

I imagine that the 1,292 contains a significant proportion of those in Tokyo that had newly developed symptoms.

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Posted in: More than 2,000 daily coronavirus cases reported in Japan for 1st time See in context

They are manipulating numbers. It's impossible to have over 300 infected from 1000tests and than pretty similar number (plus minus 70 is nothing in population of millions) from from 5000 or 6000test. It's simple impossible.

@Takara - I think that you have a rather different definition of the word "impossible" to the one I have. It clearly is not impossible. Only a positive rate higher than 100% is impossible.

What you are left with is plenty of scope to explain the variability, such as who gets tested and whether they are displaying symptoms at the time of testing.

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Posted in: Doctors, nurses urge Trump to share COVID-19 data with Biden as states tighten restrictions See in context

Trump's busy - he's got golf to play and frivolous law suits to launch.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to recognize users of donated eggs, sperm as parents See in context

It stipulates that a woman who gave birth is the mother of the child when she used a donated egg, and that a husband cannot deny he is the father after he consented to his wife using sperm donated from a third person.

Very sensible and about time.

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Posted in: Singer 'Matchy' Kondo suspended from work after admitting to affair See in context

This is one of the things that I hate about Japan. And I don't just mean interfering in celebrities' personal lives, but the whole set of cultural drivers that allow this sort of thing to materialize and it be acceptable to interfere in people's personal lives and restrict their ability to earn because of legal decisions they make.

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Posted in: Almost 90,000 sexual abuse claims expected against U.S. Boy Scouts See in context

Waits 20 years and see how much abuse is uncovered with the new Scouts mixing boys and girls. Think of all the new targets for the heterosexual pedophiles. Not to mention older boys abusing the girls.

Older boys in the same place as younger girls...like a school.

Adults with children of both sexes...like a school.

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Posted in: Kyoto sightseeing livestream for Chinese viewers becomes controversial; sparks ire in locals See in context

What - all tourists? As a four-time visitor to Kyoto, I've seen the numbers increase from perfectly manageable (2012) to nightmarish (2019). 

I haven't been since 2008 and it was completely different to my first visits in the 1990s. It was definitely manageable, but back in the 90s most tourists were Japanese. By 2008 Chinese seemed to dominate. Given your description, I won't be going back anytime soon.

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Posted in: English mistake makes Kyoto the enemy of the world See in context

in Japan you can meet very proud English native speakers who are so "sad" that your English is not perfect. Usually if you ask them how many languages do they speak, the answer is always the same: one- my mother tongue. Splendid.

I am not sure that I recognise this. Why would they be sad? I think that pretty much everyone recognises that it is particularly hard for Japanese to learn English and that this situation is made even worse by the education system.

This does not give an excuse for butchering English on posters and advertising. I actually find it quite funny, but I still think that people should treat other's language with respect. The same applies to those who adorn things with kanji but don't care what they say or mean (Superdry clothing I'm talking about you!).

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Posted in: Biden solidifies U.S. election win; Trump says 'time will tell' if he stays in power See in context

Trump is not only finished, the electoral college is a humiliation for him. He's finished and everyone knows it. Including him.

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Posted in: Republicans urge Trump to allow Biden briefings as election challenges sputter See in context

Trump has no sense of shame, decency or honour.

The rest of the Party know full well he is toast but are frightened of breaking ranks in case they upset the evangelical wing of the support base, exemplified by Trump's need to bring in the insane preacher Paula White to bolster his otherwise non-existent religious credentials.

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Posted in: Hong Kong legislature sits without democrats after exodus See in context

Surprised it took 20 years to start the democratic crackdown. Or perhaps that was always the plan.

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