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Posted in: Cautious cuddling? England to OK hugs as lockdown eases See in context

Japan never issued guidelines to not hug, so I’m not sure how your post is relevant. Unless you’re now claiming it live in the UK and not Japan.

I don't think he lives in either, or ever has done.

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context


Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban...

Sounds like the opposite of a concession.

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Posted in: U.S. restores transgender health protections denied by Trump See in context

Doctors should not be forced to remove healthy, functioning and natural organs from a 9 year-old's body simply because the 9 year-old wants to live in a different body.

The article says nothing about removing the sex organs of children. You should comment on the article not what you would like to be in it.

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Posted in: Cautious cuddling? England to OK hugs as lockdown eases See in context

My family, friends and I have been ignoring the Covid overlords from the start and have been hugging each other this whole time.

You never struck me as the hugging type.

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Posted in: Cautious cuddling? England to OK hugs as lockdown eases See in context

How was the hugging ban enforced?

As far as I'm aware, it wasn't. I'm not even sure there was ever a legal requirement, just a guideline.

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Posted in: House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job See in context

It shows how the Republican Party is still enslaved to Trump. Those that do not follow the ludicrous narrative that he spun, and date to say that the Emperor has no clothes, is hounded out.

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context

The worst mass shooting in almost two whole months!

This sums it up. Not even in the whole country - just in one state.

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Posted in: Facebook board upholds Trump ban, but not indefinitely See in context

Facebook is a better place without the likes of Trump. He can stay in his own purpose built echo chamber where his Qult can shower him with adoration.

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Posted in: Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban See in context

Now flame away and give all those thumbs down I probably have coming. I am honestly torn on the subject. The way the French are posing the question appears racist and ugly. For me it's just that I don't want to see progress in woman's rights undone. I could care less what religion someone is. It is of no consequence to me.

I fully agree, Desert Tortoise. Banning items of clothing is highly offensive, and as someone observed above, we never worried when it was just nuns wearing all of this.

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Posted in: Hands off my hijab! Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban See in context

For a huge number of girls who wear them "willingly" they are often under enormous family and social pressure to do so. They are warned against being a bad Muslim and dressing like the loose good for nothing French girls.

I am all for free choice, but often that choice is far from free.

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Posted in: Japan's child population hits record low after 40 years of decline See in context

Too many people on this planet. I'm really not too bothered . If anything, more countries should do something about this population explosion. Countries like India, Pakistan and Nigeria are like a ticking time bombs.

Over time it would be great to reduce the population, but it is going to cause significant problems in Japan over the next twenty years as baby boomers continue to retire and fewer and fewer people of working age being available to pay for them.

And while I should avoid any whataboutery, developing countries are adding a hundred million a year to the earth's population. We should try and focus on reducing the birth rate in developing countries and tackle the cultural and religious practices that encourage large families.

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Posted in: If you have been working remotely since the pandemic began, what kind of work style would you prefer after (if) the pandemic has been eliminated? See in context

Once or twice a week, perhaps. I think my wife works like me out of her hair a bit more.

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Posted in: Pentagon to cancel Trump border wall projects using military funds See in context

I don't think it was why Trump lost. But he failed to build a wall. And even the wall he did build is apparently quite easy to get over.

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Posted in: Beyond the pandemic: London votes for a mayor during crisis See in context

Not even that many people in London care about this. It is hardly no 1 in the world news.

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Posted in: Panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves See in context

Probably the most bizarre headline I've read for a long time.

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Posted in: India tops 200,000 dead as virus surge breaks health system See in context

Is there really a "huge disaster" in India? On what numbers are you basing that claim?

Yes. Based on the massive increase in the numbers being cremated, the fact that the hospotals are full and are not admitting new patients, and that they have run out of oxygen.

The scenes in India are very inconvenient for the COVID sceptics, but they still find a way to play down what is happening.

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Posted in: India tops 200,000 dead as virus surge breaks health system See in context

Crematoriums have spilled over into parking lots, lighting up night skies in some cities.

In India, an additional 2000 deaths a day is a pretty small rounding error. To lead to the type of scenes we are seeing and the reports coming out, the death toll must be significantly higher.

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Posted in: Do you really need 8 glasses of water a day? Your kidneys say 'no' See in context

There was a huge media thing over ten years ago telling everyone to drink more water, something heavily promoted by bottled water companies.

It was complete nonsense - we have a sense of thirst that regulates our need for fluids. Any excess just means more time with TOTO.

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

Please target speed of light first.

Distance depends on speed of ligth by definition that is not supposed to be changing sooner or later.

Maths and physics are two different things. First one is a tool used for the latter.

As far as we know, it is impossible for anything to go faster than the speed of light, so we are unlikely to ever achieve this.

However, distance depends on space, and space can expand (and therefore presumably shrink) faster than the speed of light. The Big Bang was an expansion of space and time, not an explosion from a single point, as we often see it.

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

Good sci-fi stuff and maybe this research can be used in other applications but speed of light travel will never happen for humans as we are now. After earthly death or after Judgement Day, maybe.

As the article makes clear, speed if light travel is not possible with our current understanding of physics. The warp drive idea gets round that by changing the space between objects.

As far as we know, after death the atoms that make up our bodies return to the environment.

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Posted in: India records world's biggest single-day rise in coronavirus cases See in context

The US in its peak had 297K. Compare the proportion of the population. If you really want to compare India with any other country compare with entire Europe.

The US peaked at that number, whereas India is still rising, and rising fast.

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Posted in: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants in Japan double in a week See in context

Adding to the 255 cases reported in the previous week, the total number of people in Japan infected with variants of the virus now stands at 1,880......multiply it by 10 times at least to be more realistic.

I'm pretty sure that the infection rate is significantly higher in Japan than we realise - not just because of those without symptoms, but that who hide their symptoms.

However, there is no evidence of a high mortality rate, and those numbers are hard to hide. About 100,000 people die on average every month in Japan and less than 1% are from COVID in the middle of a global pandemic.

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Posted in: Super League breakaway in tatters after 6 English clubs quit See in context

This is a real loss to the global soccer market (including USA, Asia, Africa, etc). It's a shame they'll be denied what would've been a magnificent spectacle to pacify a few UK based so called fans!

English fans of English clubs. The reaction of fans in Spain was similar too.

The spectacle of weekly mega matches would have severely damaged the game. After all, in Japan you have two professional baseball leagues of 6 teams who play each other over and over again - so dull.

The big spectacles at the time of the Champions League will still be there - enjoy them when they happen as a special event.

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Posted in: New Zealand to consolidate healthcare into national service similar to Britain's See in context

A national health care system is ethically a good idea but by definition it will be expensive and not offer top of the line treatment.

I don't understand that definition. Care to explain? As Cleo says above, big can afford economics of scale.

The evidence shows that the UK provides an excellent value for money system. The difficulty comes from its funding - there is pressure to keep taxes low and this can mean underfunding for certain areas. The UK has pretty poor statistics for cancer survival, for example.

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Posted in: Super League breakaway in tatters after 6 English clubs quit See in context

Fantastic news.

No one in the game wanted it except the greedy owners of the clubs.

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Posted in: Minneapolis ex-policeman Chauvin convicted of murder in Floyd case See in context

Justice has been done. The jury made the right decision and we are saved the violence that would follow an innocent verdict.

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Posted in: Fully vaccinated NZ airport worker tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Boris Johnson got Covid,then the 2 jabs and he still cancelled going to India.Clearly he questions the efficacy of the vaccine.Because as we know, it doesn't stop you getting Covid.The experimental vaccine just makes your condition supposedly better.Unless you catch yourself a blood clot.

Because the Prime Minister will still be travelling with a huge entourage of people, many of whom would not be vaccinated, and would be going to a city that has just itself entered lockdown. we also know that the vaccine is about 95% efficient, so he would still have a chance of catching it.

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Posted in: Murder case against ex-cop in Floyd's death goes to the jury See in context

Ah, the justice system of Papa Doc, Mussolini, Stalin, Trujillo, Hitler, Kim Jung Un, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro... just beacons of justice. Too

Don't be ridiculous. We have a video of a man being murdered, crying out to breathe as his wind-pipe is crushed by a man's knee, while ignoring his pleas. It is one of the most open and shut murder cases I've ever seen.

I hope it is guilty, not just for justice, but to prevent the awful consequences of an innocent verdict.

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Posted in: Leaders of Proud Boys ordered jailed on Capitol riot charges See in context

What's become clear is how much planning was involved in this. The storming of the Capitol building was planned well in advance, and not a spur of the moment mob response to Trump's words. He asked them to "stand by" - in retrospect, the meaning of those words is clear, at least in how they interpreted them.

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