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Posted in: What do you think will replace email as a form of communication in the future? See in context

These days I get the most emails from JT

Me too! Mostly from the moderator :)

I think it's largely dead as a social form of communication, although I did get a formal invitation to an event over email.

It still forms the bulk of business communication, but a lot of companies are using things internally such as Slack. Teams has also added a new way of communicating.

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Posted in: Case involving teenage cyclist accused of reckless riding sent to prosecutors See in context

The correct way to ride a bike in Japan is to do it while simultaneously holding an umbrella, smoking, sending a text message and walking the dog.

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Posted in: Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state See in context

A bunch of teens wearing Halloween masks and baggy costumes? Maybe a forklift with the driver wearing a Donald Trump mask? Can facial recognition see through that?

It would be a very pyrrhic victory. Try that more than once and they will catch up with you - you have to take the mask off somewhere. And then your bottom will wish it had never been born.

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Posted in: As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film? See in context

Like most here, Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.

Sean Connery's bond was probably closest to the original image of the books set in a post-war world, but Craig bought it into the modern era. Moore and Brosnan's Bonds were just too theatrical.

For the sake of trivia, a shoutout to the forgotten Bond - Bob Holness, who those of a certain age might remember from Blockbusters.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested for stealing money from man hit by train See in context

That's low. So very low.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

Suzuki-san needs to face reality. It doesn't matter what she considers herself to be, she has a female body, her gender is female.

No. Her sex is female and her gender is male.

Even the article above can't understand the difference between sex and gender and so ends up as a confused mess.

As far as I'm concerned, someone can identify as the male gender all they want, and have my support. But you can't claim the sex of male unless they have been though a sex change.

I appreciate almost everyone will disagree with me here, from the legion arch conservatives to those who are part of the transgender community.

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Posted in: Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the COVID-19 vaccine? See in context

The VAERS figures for the experimental mRNA/viral vector "vaccines" speak for themselves. More deaths from these than for all traditional vaccines combined and then some.

I am amused by how anti-vaxxers pick which bits of medical evidence they trust. The tested and effective vaccine is untrustworthy, but the database on monitoring vaccines is not only trusted, but taken completely out of context to suggest it shows something entirely different from what the medical community understands it to mean.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Cry us a river. This is an article about billionaires NOT being taxed on their income, NOT being taxes on their businesses, NOT being taxed on the growth of their investments, NOT being taxed during the sale of each new investment and NOT being taxed on death.

Excellently put.

And these people get rich because they are based in countries with educated workers and good infrastructure. These things cost money and it is paid for with tax.

It seems only logical that those who were able to benefit the most from this should be prepared to pay more.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

Give the choice between greedy people and lazy people, I'll choose greedy every time. At least they will do something.

A very large number of those named in the papers are politicians with very hazy sources of wealth.

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Posted in: Who will be the next Bond? See in context

The luvvies won't be satisfied until Bond is a transgender, Liberal, cross-dressing vegan who hates guns.


Personally, I'd like to see a disabled Black lesbian.

As expected, such discussions bring out the gammon-faced reactionaries.

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Posted in: Who will be the next Bond? See in context

As another black man I also think he should stay white. Rather than it being progressive I find it kinda lazy and honestly a little patronising to just turn him into a black guy instead of taking the time to build an interesting and equally cool character from scratch

As a white guy, I both have to respect what you say, but do disagree on the subject of race. However, the character is a man - everything about him is masculine and that's the whole point. A female spin-off might be fun (take a leaf out of the Star Wars book), but I don't see him as being fundamentally white.

The original James Bond (half Scottish, half Swiss, IIRC) would have been born in Britain in about 1910. At the time there was almost no one of a different race in the country. However, we are not on the look out for a 110 year old to play the role.

A Bond of today would have been born in the early 1980s and could have been black. The biggest problem with Eldra for me is his age - he is nearly 50 and that's too late to be starting a Bond career. Roger Moore nearly killed the franchise by being so old when he finally quit.

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Posted in: Who will be the next Bond? See in context

Idris Elba would be an excellent choice.

It will also drive a certain type of person red with anger.

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

I've certainly done all of those, and when in a light Kei, was master of the 'Ibaraki dash' manoeuvre. Round the corner while the other cars were still taking their foot of the brake.

It sounds dangerous, but at the right junction it works. I think it has something to do with the layout of Japanese roads - I have never done this on UK roads.

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Posted in: UK Labour politician defends calling government 'scum' See in context

She was right about Boris Johnson, though.

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Posted in: Swiss voters say big 'yes' to same-sex marriage See in context

For a country that didn't give women the vote until the 1970s, this isn't bad going

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Posted in: Japanese curry shop pleasing palates of New Delhi residents See in context

For food in India, that is very expensive, but it obviously has some novelty value.

As for the "coals to Newcastle" argument (is this a well-understood expression out of Britain?), Indian and Japanese curries are totally different, so it's more like "gas to Newcastle".

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Posted in: Ginza night trip See in context

The Routemaster bus was a remarkably efficient shape and size for the city and attempts to replace it in the UK have not been very successful. Despite the retro look, it does seem at home on the streets of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Under ordinary circumstances, monkeys don't go near people. If it is the same one monkey (that was involved in all the incidents), it's possible that it was given food from people and now it thinks that it can get food from human beings if it gets close enough. See in context


@ Mick: one was named Charlie and the other was named Micky

Mick was referring to an old joke related to Michael Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles.

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Posted in: Afghan women outraged by new Taliban restrictions on work See in context

The taliban won't last long and hopefully neither will the people who back them.

They'll be there for a generation. Saudi Arabia is barely any better.

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Posted in: FIFA sets talks with soccer leaders on biennial World Cup See in context

This idea is ridiculous and needs to be opposed.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context

Why did "garymalmgren" think that "Itai-itai disease" and "Minamata disease" were the same disease?

You've really got a bee in your bonnet on this topic.

And while your question is insincere, I am happy to have a go at answering it.

The cases are typically covered together in literature about Japan that covers the great industrial pollution cases in Japan, so it is hardly surprising that people might confuse the two.

I am not sure why you are making such a big deal about this.

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Posted in: Unknown Lennon recording to be auctioned in Denmark See in context

I think that's probably on the cheap side if it has an unknown Lennon song on it.

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Posted in: Providers urge U.S. Supreme Court to reject 15-week abortion ban See in context

The Supreme Court should remember that religion has no role in forming law in the USA.

Not that the Bible has any views on abortion.

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Posted in: Britain's Raducanu, 18, beats Fernandez, 19, to win U.S. Open See in context

I guess Raducanu don't be made to pay on the qualification tournaments for future grand slam tournaments.

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Posted in: Britain's Raducanu, 18, beats Fernandez, 19, to win U.S. Open See in context

And she'd taken time off to concentrate on studying and ended up getting grades any applicant to a Russell group university would be proud of.

Both her grades were excellent, and in another life would have gone to a top university. Back in April and May she was a relative unknown, at her high school taking exams.

It's a stunning achievement, and great to see such a likeable person do so well. Pity her parents couldn't make it. They must have been freaking out watching the coverage on TV.

Fernandez was great too - highly talented and will get even better.

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Posted in: Lemonade by Lemonica tackles food waste with lemon peel jam See in context

It's just the same as marmalade, only made with lemons instead of oranges!!

I once found orange jam for sale in Japan and assumed it was marmalade. Sadly it wasn't.

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Posted in: 18 cases of Eta coronavirus variant confirmed in Japan See in context

The best way to win this game is not to play. Be healthy and fit, don’t get tested, and don’t destroy your natural immune response with the faux “vaccines.”

I am not sure how this looks like a "victory". Taking an anti-science anti-vax approach until catch, and possibly die of COVID-19 doesn't look like winning to me. A death bed "wish I'd taken the vaccine" sounds a lot like losing.

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

I'm rarely genuinely excited about a tennis match, but I am this one. It's great to see talent come in and upset the established order. It always was the case, but this time, two unknowns make the final together.

And both were still high schoolers until a few months ago, with Raducanu having barely played for 18 months.

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Posted in: Raducanu, 18, 1st qualifier to reach in U.S. Open semis; Zverev, Djokovic win See in context

Also good to see her choose to represent the country she grew up in and decide to finish and do excellent in her school-leaving exams. What a refreshing change to some of the antics we've been seeing lately.

It is amazing to think that she was in a perfectly ordinary UK high school until a few months ago, unaware that she was about to get a wildcard to Wimbledon.

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Posted in: Japanese chain CoCoIchi making inroads in curry's toughest market See in context

Coals to Newcastle for Brits.

Not at all, because Japanese curry does not taste anything like Indian curry.

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