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Posted in: Biden to launch vaccine push for millions of federal workers See in context

I was expecting a story about the January 6 commission. Strangely absent

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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

I hope they do the same for skateboarding. It was not that great and most of the athletes are not really professional like other athletes!

I guess you never heard of the amateur ethos of the Olympic games.

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@spitfire Baseball is a lot more popular then cricket and cricket is a terrible sport.

Totally incorrect. Cricket has far more players around the world than baseball. It is the world's number 2 team sport.

How's the international Baseball world cup doing? Is there one? It's basically a game played in the USA. to a serious level. Even Japan can only manage to rustle up 12 professional baseball teams. One for every ten million people. Lol.

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It’s a worldwide sport. It’s played really well in multiple continents and areas of the world,”

Softball is a joke sport. Netball has more of a case to be in the games than softball

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

I'm impressed that the Japanese are doing more to ignore the snake oil unscientific approach than Western countries https://academic.oup.com/cesifo/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cesifo/ifab003/6199605

Plenty of research has different conclusions:



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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

Given the description in the story, I presume that the miso soup contained ebi. I expect that he was put on the vegetarian option diet (this is normally the default option when dealing with Muslims), but the soup got in by mistake.

I have actually discussed with Muslim friends about travelling to Japan in holiday and normally advise against it if they are strict. To eat widely and avoid food that has not been near mirin, prawn, or meat stock of pork or non halal meat is very hard. Vegetarians have a hard enough time living in Japan.

Personally I dislike religion and the shadow that iron age Mediterranean and desert cultures still have on humanity, but you have to respect it.

But what I do see above is a frankly unpleasant glee among some posters at seeing a Muslim being served food that runs counter to their religious beliefs.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

It would pay for these Euro guys to do their research before they come, and not try to hold other people responsible for the weather.

Perhaps her made the mistake of trusting the Japanese authorities who claimed that the weather was suitable for paying sports in July.

It probably would be easier if it were officially recognised that the Japanese authorities tell lies that could cause the death of elite athletes. After all, honesty is not always a priority in Japan.

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

US women's beach volleyball team doesn't seem to have a problem wearing bikinis.

Yet the men wear shorts...are men not affected by sand in the same way?

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

Advice includes “do not focus unnecessarily on looks, clothing or intimate body parts” and reframing or deleting a “wardrobe malfunction ... to respect the integrity of the athlete.”

Precisely. No one wants to see a camel toe.

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It's not a performance enhancing drug so shouldn't be on the list of banned drugs. Its legality or otherwise makes no difference - if Saudi Arabia ever get the Olympics hardly anyone who has had a sip of alcohol would be allowed to participate.

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Posted in: Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential bout with Israeli See in context

He's basically being punished for a thought crime. 

If he went to the Olympics not prepared to compete against all other competitors, he should not have taken a place on the team. There would have been plenty of others prepared to take his place.

If he was really consistent, he would boycott all Chinese competitors because if its occupation of Tibet, but no, he is focused on one particular country.

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Posted in: Lawson Japan serves up carbs on carbs with their new French Fry Bread See in context

Whether it's chip butty or yakisoba on plain unhealthy white bread, no, no and NO!

Just try it

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Posted in: Whither thou goest, 'terebi'? See in context

While Japanese TV is awful, this is a worldwide phenomenon. However, it has more to do with choice, from YouTube to Netflix and more. There are more alternatives and they can watch what they want, not what a TV executive wants.

For many Japanese, TV is nothing more than colourful, moving wallpaper.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

They knowingly took a risk and broke the law - imprisonment was always a risk and like all criminals, it is a balance or risk/reward. They were pure mercenaries, so this was a professional risk they knowingly took on.

But Nirei said the time they were held before and during trial would not count as time served, saying they were not directly related and should be treated differently

Utterly absurd. The Japanese police can lock you up for absurdly long periods of time if you are innocent or guilty. If you are innocent, you can't recover the time lost, and if guilty, it doesn't even count against your sentence.

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Posted in: Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus? See in context

So all those ultra-fit young athletes who pick up the virus in the Village (and surrounding environs, if the word on the street is to be believed) and float off back home symptom-free, are not going to spread it to their over-50 friends, family and neighbours?

Exactly. It's weird that after all this time people still forget the most basic things about contagious diseases.

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Posted in: Knowing how heat and humidity affect your body can help you stay safe during heat waves See in context

Give me the slightly hotter dry heat over the slightly cooler humid variety any day.

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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

"Probably real estate developers just pulled it out of a Japanese-English dictionary," he writes. "At the time, the English word 'apartment' was already being applied to wood-frame rental units, so manshon was coined in order to differentiate the type of structure, with little understanding of the correct meaning of the term."  

It is obvious that the word some from the British English "mansion flats", which describe apartments/flats for the well-off, typically in London. I imagine that they originally got the name "mansion" because they were luxurious and aimed at the British upper and upper-middle classes. Please do some research, JT!



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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

And 20 of 4 am wake up for these games here I finally went back to bed happy.

My first game in Japan was 1998 at 4am. England lost to Argentinian

Let's hope we win.

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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

Schmeichel threw himself at everything. My humble opinion Schmeichel.

> He denied England on numerous occasions.

True. He was excellent.

But overall England were the stronger team.

Dare I say... football's coming home

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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

An own goal and a dive... the Italians must be bricking their pants!

A forced own goal, and the penalty was marginal, but it was reviewed.

Overall, England were the stronger team. And it was only the first time England have conceded a goal.

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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

Pretty solid performance from England, but they'll need everything they'll need everything they've got against Italy.

Denmark were playing for penalties from quite early on and that decision cost them in the end.

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Posted in: Man being chased by police jumps from elevated bridge at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station See in context

The man was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

No Jason Bourne, then

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Posted in: Johnson says UK must live with virus as he eases restrictions See in context

and watch UK fatalities rise again. What a buffoon

Because of the widespread vaccination numbers in the UK they have not seen the increase in hospitalisation associated with previous waves. Pretty much everyone over 40 has had both jabs and only a small number have not had one. Quite a few of the unvaccinated will have had the illness previously.

It is still a decision that will result in more infections and some more deaths, but there is a balance to be set between restricting the freedom of a large number of people and protecting a small number of people who are generally very old already.

It might sound a bit callous, but deaths from COVID-19 are running at a bit over a 500 a month, which is about 1% of the deaths you would normally see in the UK (about 600,000 die a year anyway).

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Posted in: Governor: Heatwave death toll at least 95 in Oregon alone See in context

Cool temperatures on the East Coast yesterday.

Global cooling.

Are you one of those people who can't tell the difference between weather and climate?

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Posted in: Federer advances into last 16 at Wimbledon; Barty polishes up her act See in context

Raducanu -- the world number 338 at the start of the Championships -- only sat her school leaving exams in April.

Fantastic display - a future star

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Posted in: Richardson will miss Olympic 100 after marijuana test See in context

A legal (in the US), non-performance enhancing drug.

Why aren't they testing for traces of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine?


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Posted in: Hashimoto, Koike say no fans at Olympics still an option See in context

Low case numbers, low mortality. Really not a case to go for zero fans.

The European football finals are on at the moment and the stadiums are half full, and even fuller in places.

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Posted in: Over 6 million EU citizens apply to settle in post-Brexit UK See in context

In other words, more Brits live in the EU than the other way around.

I'm not sure your logic is sound.

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Posted in: Japanese internet falls in love with 'dirty coffee,' so let’s make some of our own See in context

I'll have an espresso anytime

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Posted in: Trump Organization, CFO indicted on tax fraud charges See in context

This type of “crime” is almost never prosecuted nor are suspects perp walked. But this one is different.

To get to the moon boss you sometimes need to target his aides. This is all too whet our appetite for the main event when they get Donald, probably for tax evasion too.

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