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Looks delicious - great winter food.

Does anyone know where to get parsnips from in Japan? I guess there are plenty of alternative root vegetables to substitute if you can't get them.

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Meat consumption rise of 500% in Japan attributed to increases in Alzheimer's as noted here by Japanese scientists:

I don't need to read some random blog to know that the main cause of increased Alzheimer's in Japan is increased longevity. Like cancer, the longer you live the more likely you are to succumb.

The two biggest contributory factors are obesity and lack of exercise.

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 a new tradition

Traditions aren't new.

ButChristmas trees are best when they are real.

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Posted in: U.S. Interior Secretary Zinke resigning; cites 'vicious' attacks See in context

Almost 2 years in the job - must be some kind of record under Trump.

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When a friend explained that drugs were sold at her hospital where she worked in the US at a 3,000% mark-up, I knew the system was broken.

Hardly surprising that the USA has the worst health outcomes of any developed nation and costs more.

If Trump has his way, it will get worse.

No one who has lived under the healthcare systems of most other developed nations would want to exchange it for the USA's.

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Which specific part of the ruling do you disagree with and on what legal basis?

Let's wait for the ruling if a more senor court then we can read to our hearts content. In the meantime this is nothing significant.

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The developed world's worst healthcare system is about to get even worse.

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At least the diplomats for now don't have to leave the pleasant city of Tel Aviv for the awful hole that is Jerusalem.

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Yes, and Home Depot has great deals on ladders. 

But you'd have to be in the US in the first place to buy one.

Unless the wall is to stop Americans escaping

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Do taxes make countries?

Better beware next year.

I'm not sure if a tax can make a country, but I suspect you missed an adjective like "better " or "happier".

In that case, the answer is apparently "yes".

Finland is top of the world for happiness, according to the World Happiness Report 2018, closely followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Nordic countries take four out of the five top spots, and are well known to be stable, safe and socially progressive. There is very little corruption, and the police and politicians are trusted.


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If he did, you guys would be howling about it, lol.

Serrano - are you suggesting that Trump is allowing the Mueller investigation to continue just to pacify Trump-hating liberals? That's very big of him.

But of course we would howl - if an elected head of state shut down or obstructed an investigation into himself, particularly one that relates to the very validity of his own election, then it would be highly concerning and a threat to constitutional basis of his office.

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Cohen is lying. The hush payments were not illegal. Hush payments are made all the time. If the payments were made from a political campaign fund and there is incontrovertible evidence, they would be violations. Violations result in fines. In other words, no jail time.

Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion and lying to Congress. The anti-Trumpers want you to believe that the hush money payments were a crime.

You'll have to make this a bit simpler for me - Cohen was convicted of 2 counts of violating campaign financing laws. If what he did was illegal, how does this differ from the non-crimes that you identify?

And if he acted in concert with Trump, how is Trump not guilty of the same?

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The case that they have is weak, flimsy at best, proving that Trump committed a campaign finance fraud knowingly is going to prove to be an extremely challenging act for Mueller.

Perhaps that's the case but do you honestly believe that Trump did not ask Cohen to make the payment? Whether it can be proved or not is a different matter to whether he did it or not.

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So, by people's logic here - it's OK to put up the swastika, or something that approximates it, as art? The world really has been dumbed down to dangerous levels if the majority cannot understand why this is not OK.

Actually the swatika is used all over Asia has a symbol for temple. It is the reverse of the Nazi one, but it looks pretty much the same. So yes, it is OK.

Whereas this looks nothing like the Japanese rising sun flag.

What this does resemble is the national flag of Tibet:


Even Macedonia has a rising sun flag:


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And for the younger folks that wants to avoid the “3 Ks”, where are you going to find someone to play infantry soldier?

Being in the military is not a 3K job, but a respected one.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

The news is sure to set off warnings of nepotism

I'm sure that Trump's son-in-law just happens to be the best if 300m+ Americans. After all, a daughter of Trump would only marry the best.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats to seek Trump tax returns See in context

Well, I'm going to need a very big bag of popcorn for this.

I expect that his declared income is about a million a year, a little below his boasted $300m. Hiding income is something in sure he's very good at.

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authorities say he was known to have developed radical religious views while behind bars.

Not for the first time. Radicalists need to be separated from the ordinary prison population.

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There plenty of multi- millionaires who will want this for years to come.

Unfortunately I'm not one of them.

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Posted in: British PM May survives party confidence vote but Brexit deal still teetering See in context

DDefinitely time for a second referendum so that the British people can confirm their decision to leave (our not).

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! still wonder how the foreign born, no Japanese speaking or writing CEO of Nissan could do all this evil financial manipulation all by himself, and totally without any Japanese person being involved.

A Japanese person would have to be involved, but given Ghosn's position in the firm, those undertaken the actions would have been following the orders of a superior.

Almost definitely it could not have been done without the co-operation of the CFO, normally the number 2 in any organisation, and an accountable individual.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

Plead guilty to things that aren’t even crimes

Blacklabel - one thing that you may not understand about the American criminal justice system is that you can only be charged with things that are crimes. You cannot plead guilty to something that is not a crime.

I do not see how you could be confused about this. Surely even a child would understand this logic.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

Love how liberals are prematurely calling the President a criminal without any evidence or tangible evidence.

Are you talking about the unidicted co-conspirator?

It seems to me, and just about everyone else who is watching this unfold, that quite a lot of evidence is mounting.

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Posted in: Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached; defends payments to women See in context

And his Pop will pardon him, should that happen.

Like a third world tinpot dictatorship - nice.

What disturbs me is the willingness of Trump fans to willingly embrace anti-democratic corrupt practices if it helps their man. Morals clearly have to be left at the door when you board the Trump bus.

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THOU SHALL NOT COVENANT THY NEIGHBOURS WIFE. That's Gods take on this. Presidential fornicatian cash over morals. Didn't Bill get impeached for less?

In Trump's defence, I want aware that Daniels was married. But I am not sure that Trump had any interest in religion whatsoever.

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"I haven't heard this, but I can only tell you this: Hillary Clinton - her husband got money, she got money, she paid money, why doesn't somebody talk about that?" Trump said.

This sounds like a totally incorent ramble to me. Anyone who starts a sentence, 'I haven't heard this, but I can only tell you this' clearly has nothing worth listening to.

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If Cohen is going to prison for making the payments, then Trump is guilty of the same offence, if he directed Cohen to do so.

His repayment of the money suggests he did.

Best chance for Trump is to win the next election and stay in office until he dies.

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Posted in: What do you think are the pros and cons of accepting more foreign blue-collar workers into Japan? See in context

Not many people from First World countries will come; the working conditions are not good, and salaries are low. 

Salaries that were pretty decent 20 years for posts like English teacher when converted to foreign currencies (e.g. USD, GBP), are now pitifully low in comparison and the salaries have not increased. By contrast, the purchase tax has gone from a nominal 3% to a mighty 10%.

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This is not the only vacancy - Trump has still not got round to filling a lot of positions in his administration. He lacks the attention span to consider such trivial matters.

Of course he will fill the chief of staff position eventually, but finding someone who is both capable and wants to be permanently tarnished by a soiled president may be a big ask. A talented 36 year old would do well to stay away and think of the future.

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Let's see, Trump payed off a couple of "women of ill repute" to shut up so that they didn't ruin his life or what was left of his tattered reputation.

He paid them off so as not to damage his chances of winning the Presidential election. This is a different matter. Given the narrowness of the election, it may have been decisive.

But hey, this is nothing compared to the storm that would have arisen if he had gone ahead with the Moscow tower and actually paid a $50m bribe of Putin.

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