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geronimo2006 comments

Posted in: N Korea fires barrage of missiles toward eastern waters See in context

Deflect attention away from their own failure.

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Posted in: Japan personal data leaks hit record high 13,000 cases in FY2023 See in context

Funny but floppy disks are probably more secure than usb etc, because nobody else has a drive. Hard copies blowing in the wind story was my favorite. As for my number data not being very secure - scary. No wonder there is low trust by the public.

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Posted in: Boeing shareholders approve CEO's compensation as company faces investigations, possible prosecution See in context

Must be good to be CEO of a large American company. Doesn't matter if your company is losing money as well as its reputation, you'll still get paid a ton. I have to wonder in the name profits how much cost cutting in design and production has now led to serious safety issues. Might not be long before China catches up.

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Posted in: Russia presses offensive into Ukraine but holds off on taking key city See in context

Not much of an offensive. Is Russia out of steam, or are they going to try somewhere else? They have taken very high casualties for almost no ground taken. Not even close to Kharkiv. And they've just sacked a bunch of generals. We will know if Russia doesn't have gas left in the tank if they starts making noises about negotiating. I suspect Putin visit to China was a cry for help. I'd say Western supplies might already be arriving, and it's turning the tables.

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Posted in: Xi lauds China-Russia ties as he meets with Putin See in context

work together to uphold fairness and justice in the world

Work together to dominate or invade neighbours, undermine democratic countries and take their jobs.

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

Very surprised exports are down given the yen. And there should be a boost from 3m tourists. Domestic consumption/demand must be very weak which is not all that surprising given falling real wages. Nice one J-govt/BOJ.

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Posted in: Auroras illuminate night skies across world, parts of Japan See in context

NZ got it good. can't see anything in Tokyo. Bah


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Posted in: Russia claims gains in Ukraine's Kharkiv region See in context

Ukraine knew this was coming and will have prepared defensive lines. Sounds like the Russians are making their move before Ukraine is fully resupplied and dug in. They'll be hoping to stretch Ukraine so they can advance in other areas, even if it comes at high cost in terms of men and materials. Russians are taking 1000+ caualties daily.

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Posted in: Kremlin brands comments on Ukraine by France's Macron and Britain's Cameron as 'dangerous' See in context

Russia has been trying very hard to scare away Western support for Ukraine. It nearly succeeded with Moscow Marjorie. Yes, the Kremlin is correct about the comments of support being dangerous. They are dangerous for Putin in particular because Russia can't win strategic victories on the battlefield while Ukraine has support. Their recent advances have come at huge costs of men and equipment. They are struggling to replace equipment and are increasingly relying on aging tanks and IFVs. Russia has put its economy on a war footing and now inflation is rising. It will bankrupt itself trying to compete with the combined industrial might of the West - if the will to support Ukraine remains.

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Posted in: Kishida to stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting See in context

More of the usual waste of money nonsense by Kishida in a futile attempt to improve his ratings before elections. And they only follow the rules when it suits them.

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Posted in: U.S., China butt heads over bilateral, regional and global issues See in context

China wants to do whatever it likes, including take over Taiwan and threaten neighbors. While at the same time it wants all the benefits from trading with the West. I think the US and Europe are slowly waking up to this and beginning to put tariffs and trade barriers on China. This is why China is complaining, which is a good thing IMO.

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Posted in: Trump meets former Japanese PM Aso; criticizes strong dollar against yen See in context

Those two are only good for a good laugh.

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Posted in: Taiwan says it will discuss with U.S. how to use new funding See in context

They should make a few nukes.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package; sends to Senate See in context

Over half of Republicans voted against it. Puts Trump in a tough position after backing Johnson. Huge divide between Moscow-Marjorie and MAGA-Mike.

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Posted in: Average price of Tokyo area condo up 9.5% to record high in FY2023 See in context

NZ halted it several years ago but is now going to relax foreign property ownership law but only at the top end of the market. Seems reasonable but there is still a shortage of housing at the lower end which is driving rents up.

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Posted in: Ukraine, Israel aid advances in rare House vote as Democrats help Republicans push it forward See in context

Very good IMO. But I don't think it's enough for Ukraine to win. And I'm sure Trump won't support it if he wins. Meanwhile Russia's oil exports allow them to fund the war indefinitely. This is temporary relief. And the US is against Ukraine attacking Russia's enery infrastructure, which I think is self-centered.

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Posted in: China summons Japanese, Philippine diplomats over negative comments See in context

How dare you try to speak up. How dare you try to get together to protect yourselves. How dare you try to oppose our incursions and threatening behaviour in the South China Seas. It all belongs to us. And while we are at it don't say anything about our support Russia.

Start strengthening alliances and impose sanctions on China whenever China behaves like this. Keep in mind China very much relies on trade. Most of it is with the very democracies it theatens.

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. support for Philippines, Japan defense 'ironclad' amid growing China provocations See in context

Biden shouldn't make claims he can't back, and other countries know it. After seeing what's happening with Ukraine it's clear the US will be unable or unwilling (hobotora).

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Enough of Russia and China's threatening rhetoric towards peaceful nations. Japan should increase defense spending, and start exporting arms and munitions to help the free world defend itself from these thugs. Yes. Russia is the enemy.

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Posted in: China conducts 'combat patrols' as U.S. holds drills with allies in disputed waters See in context

China illegally claims the whole of the South China Sea and is willing to enforce this through millitary force. All the more reason why there needs to be an strong alliance against China, much like NATO is against Russia.

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Posted in: Kishida, Zelenskyy pledge to maintain close cooperation in phone talks See in context

Good job Japan. Doing the right thing.

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Posted in: LDP eyes punishing 39 members over scandal, but leaves out Kishida See in context

Exactly. Now bow deeply before you leave for your next well-paid do-next-to-nothing job where you'll have ample time to reflect on your crimes and feel remorse. Poor you.

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Posted in: Putin says he won't start war with NATO, but Western bases hosting Ukraine F-16s would be targets See in context

NATO bases won't be hosting F-16s that take any part in the war. This is just fear mongering by Putin which I think shows he really fears F-16s shooting down his airforce and neutralizing the threat of glide bombs, which is one strong advantage he has. Upgraded F-16s will outmatch most of Russia's airforce of which Russia has limited stocks of. One more reason to get them and more Patriots there fast. I see Russia lost another SU-35 this morning.

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Posted in: House Speaker Johnson committed to advancing Ukraine aid, but it will be difficult task See in context

We'll turn our attention to it and we won't delay on that.

That is very much like a Japanese politician saying they are going to consider something. I very much doubt anything will happen before November. It is clearly Trump/MAGA strategy to make things go as bad as possible to improve Trump's chances of winning the election, and the hard-right have already said they are against supporting Ukraine. It's a big win for Putin and it seems he is winning the war in the information space.

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Posted in: China's President Xi meets U.S. executives, academics in Beijing See in context

He must think they are complete idiots, especially after having had their technology stolen over so many years. And those executives must realize he plans to invade Taiwan. And when he does their investments will be hostage, just like in Russia.

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Posted in: Tired of AI doomsday tropes, Cohere CEO says his goal is technology that's 'additive to humanity' See in context

Even ChatGPT, in all its knowledge and wisdom, agrees

Yes, there are undoubtedly many potential benefits to be gained from AI technology. However, to claim that all developers are diligently working to mitigate the risks is both disingenuous and dangerous. The reality is that the pursuit of profit and technological advancement often takes precedence over ethical considerations and long-term consequences.

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Posted in: Tired of AI doomsday tropes, Cohere CEO says his goal is technology that's 'additive to humanity' See in context

Well of course he's going to sound upbeat. But like most addictions, it won't end well for some while a few will profit out of it. Companies, CEOs and investors are drooling over how AI will allow them to cut staffing and costs.

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Posted in: Russia persists in blaming Ukraine for concert attack despite its denial and Islamic State's claim See in context

The more Russia tries to pin the blame on Ukraine the more it makes me think this is a smoking gun operation, which is something Putin used before to secure power in the 1990s. It seems very very strange to me how a group of terrorists first managed to get weapons into the hall unnoticed especially given their appearance. Then leisurely murder 139 people and injure many more firing over 500 rounds as well as have time to set fire to the building without police or special forces arriving to stop them. And then drive off unhindered to be miraculously captured a couple of hours later in the direction of Ukraine. All this just after Putin's election.

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Posted in: Putin says Islamic extremists raided concert hall but attack masterminds yet to be found See in context

They literally have the guys that did it, the organization behind it has admitted doing it, provided evidence to back that claim up, and everything about it is completely consistent with them having done it.

Yes. It is very clear ISIS or IS-K is responsible. But many Russians don't have access to free press and get their news from national tv, which gives Putin control over the narrtive that somehow Ukraine and the wicked West is responsible. And, rather than seeing Putin as the incompetent sociopathic buffoon he is, they will see him as some kind of defender. I doubt if many Russians will be able to see through the propaganda. Furthermore, the Kremlin through troll farms will export this narrative through SNS and right-wing media to weaken support for Ukraine. They have been very successful at doing this, and I'm sure this is Putin's goal. He doesn't care about the lives of the concert goers any more than the lives of soldiers he sends to their deaths. He is very smart and skillful at turning a threat into an opportunity.

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Posted in: N Korea v Japan World Cup qualifier off over 'unforeseen circumstances' See in context

A shame for the fans. From the pic I'd say they were genuinely enthusiastic. Probably not much else in NK to get too excited by.

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