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Posted in: Suga asks Pfizer CEO to bring forward COVID-19 delivery amid shortage See in context

When he made his request I hope he used the magic word...yen

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Posted in: Emperor tells Bach holding Olympics amid pandemic 'not easy' See in context

chotto muzukashi... Wow! If he'd said that a month ago it would have been a big no-go

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Posted in: Asian shares fall on virus variant worries, Wall St retreat See in context


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Posted in: Bach urges Japanese to support Olympics See in context

Dear People of Japan

There is no need to worry. Mr. Suga has assured you all these Olympics will be a safe. Please support the Olympics by continuing to put your heads in the sand and blindly follow our leadership over the next few weeks so that I, and those around me, can make as much money as possible before we make our fast exit.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context

No big surprise the 'Lets all wear masks and hope for the best' approach isn't quite going to plan. I just wonder if the Delta variant, originating in India, is better able to survive the summer heat. Normally flu-like virus don't do well in hot humid conditions. Would be interesting to get a breakdown of variant numbers.

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Posted in: 9 arrested over alleged plot to plant bombs around Hong Kong See in context

Seems pretty extreme but this is what happens when freedom of speech is suppressed. Plays nicely into the the authorities hand.

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Posted in: Chinese people vexed by Communist Party's image among Japanese See in context

The CCP is dictatorial and lies to the world, and makes China greedy and rude. What do you expect?

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Posted in: Japan's May jobless rate highest in 5 months See in context

If unemployment was really that low then there would be a tight labor market leading to increasing wages, inflationary pressure, a strong housing market, high retail spending and a high tax take. Of course, it's not. But the number looks great on paper.

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Posted in: Ex-trade minister Sugawara fined ¥400,000 over gift scandal See in context

For a sec there I forgot which country I was in and thought I saw $400,000.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 388 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,520 See in context

A predictable slight decrease along with lower average testing numbers. If both trends continue the number will most likely be less than 100 when the Olympics kicks off. Draw your own conclusions.

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Posted in: Hong Kong pro-democracy media executives appear in court See in context

Welcome to One Country, Two systems CCP style. It's goodbye to democracy and prison time for any dissenters.

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Posted in: New Zealand economy back to pre-pandemic levels See in context

With property values doubling over the past seven years it's no wonder people are out spending. No better time to travel while the tourists are still away as well. And with strong commodity prices and exports, a high dollar, a bouyant stock market, a place where lots of rich folk want to move/invest and a good image (thx Ardern) things aren't looking too bad. Oh, and no Covid either.

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Posted in: China criticizes Western brands' toys, clothes as unsafe See in context

It's unbelievable how much China criticizes things foreign, blocks foreign companies (Google, foreign movies etc.), places punitive taxes (Aus wines etc.) and restrictions on foreign products and services, and completely GETS AWAY WITH IT. Their trade balance is so lopsided (roughly 200 billion). Meanwhile they bully smaller nations in Southeast Asia and strip the seas of fish. Time for the world to wake up and put tariffs on made in China.

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Posted in: Osaka hospitals buckle under COVID-19 onslaught See in context

Not really Akula. Number of reported infections is falling because they are testing fewer people. Number of tests is down about 20% this week and lower in May than April for some reason. If they allowed convenient and free testing for example at drive throughs then they might get a number closer to the real number. And that real number are stating to show up at hospitals now.

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Posted in: Bitcoin down almost 50% from year's high See in context

With a lot of the mining going on in China, China officials can crack down at anytime and make the price fall. Would be good to have some Chinese friends in high places. Easy money. No such thing as insider trading in Bitcoin.

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Posted in: Bitcoin down almost 50% from year's high See in context


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Posted in: IOC chief Bach to visit Japan on July 12, 11 days before Olympics begin See in context

Come and see the sights, get wined and dined, bump elbows and have photos taken. All this and more at other peoples expense when you become IOC chief. No conscience or morals required. Apply now for the 2024 games.

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Posted in: Most Japanese medical workers still not fully vaccinated See in context

And just how can the government promise a safe Olympics when even the medical staff aren't fully vaccinated?

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Posted in: Japan may let pharmacists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

consider = more meetings = more delays as the LDP oyajis dilly-dally

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ pledges net zero emissions in finance portfolio by 2050 See in context

By 2050 much of the natural environment will be destroyed. Many species in the wild will be extinct, large areas of the earth will be uninhabitable and the seas will be largely empty of fish. So, by making it 2050 which, for most current investors who are probably mostly 50+, is just fine because they won't be around.

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Posted in: Israel fires artillery into Gaza, Palestinian rocket attacks persist See in context

Only one fair way to resolve this never-ending conflict swiftly and without more loss of life. Jan ken pon.

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Posted in: With 8 mil Americans out of work, why are more companies not filling jobs? See in context

Many of those low-paying service sector jobs are not, unsurprisingly, all that appealing to local workers. And it is unlikely those kinds of jobs will ever, without government intervention, pay a living wage. If history is anything to go by they will eventually be filled by recent migrants. The previous administrations policies have put a dent in those numbers which is now more apparent especially in the service sector industry.

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Posted in: 5 injured in stabbing rampage at New Zealand market See in context

Must've had some kind of motivation to walk into a supermarket with two knives. My guess is it was someone with mental health issues who didn't like one of the staff there. Scary.

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Posted in: Wages in Japan see 1st rise in 13 months due to less part-timers See in context

Wow. It's like they really don't care about part-timers. And nominal wages for both full-time and part-time fell. Nothing good about that. But, somebody from the Ministry of Truth managed to come up with this whopper of a headline. Misleading.

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Posted in: Power up like Godzilla with new limited-edition Godzilla Energy Drink See in context

Gotta love this can. Thank you Cheerio. Power up with lots of caffeine and sugar and defeat your hangover/back-to work blues monster. But does it have that drinkable water from Fukushima to give it that extra special something? Made in Japan so you never know! Just looking at the can is giving me palpitations (I have one now). I know I really shouldn't but I can't resist. I'll down it faster that a JT moderator can delete a post. Too late - it's done. Now, time to test my atomic breath on my sleeping beauty.

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Posted in: Up to 300 people per day breaking self-quarantine pledge in Japan See in context

Considering there are around 5000 cases a day in Japan, it seems hardly worth asking people who have been tested twice to self-quarantine. Here is a much better idea. Test a LOT more people in Japan, vaccinate more people FASTER, and stop pretending it's a foreign problem.

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Posted in: Even among Japanese convenience stores, the Daily Hot makes this chain especially awesome See in context

It's a long way to the shop if you wanna sausage roll. Or a meat pie.

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Posted in: Some foreign residents in Japan consider traveling to other countries for vaccines See in context

visit, vaccinate, and vacation in the Maldives - very tempting. Anyone know which shot they are offering?

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Posted in: Teacher disciplined for drinking alcohol during class in Okinawa See in context

He just couldn't wait for remote work. Or maybe that was the cause?

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Posted in: New Zealand awards Amazon extra $116 million subsidy for 'Lord of the Rings' TV series See in context

Agreed. Totally ridiculous. Subsidizing Bezos whose net worth is nearly $200 billion for filming a series that, unless they totally stuff it up, will be a moneymaker. At the same time filming anywhere else on earth is probably a non-starter anyway.

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