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Posted in: Excess savings not helping consumers in Japan as inflation rises See in context

The statement Excessive Savings are like a mirage. It's like saying I have $100 in savings, but I will also have $200 owing on my credit card and the interest rates will be going up. I think most Japanese understand they need to keep savings in order to offset lower future income (pension/higher taxes etc) and higher costs of living. And those Excessive Savings are not held by all Japanese, but rather a minority.

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Posted in: China says political trust with Russia has deepened See in context

mutual political trust with Russia has continued to deepen ... do they really expect anyone to believe that??? Realpolitik and money talks. If anything China is hedging by reopening to the West. They know fully well things aren't going to plan in Ukraine and Putin could fall. China wants the flow of cheap Russian gas and oil to continue as well as access to Western markets.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's largest national security trial to begin with 47 pro-democracy figures in dock See in context

Makes a total farce of the one country, two systems. HK was duped into believing it could be possible. Taiwan certainly won't.

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Posted in: Putin draws parallels between World War II and Ukraine conflict See in context

Come back to reality Vlad. Look out your window. German tanks are not at the gates of Moscow. It's not like WW2 at all. And Russia didn't threaten to use nukes in WW2 either. How long will it take for Russians to come to their senses and overthrow the deranged daydreaming dictator.

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Posted in: Ukraine pushes for Western fighter jets after tank deals See in context

Training on F-16 takes too long and logistically too difficult. Better solution is to sell/give F-16 to countries that can ex-Soviet/Russian planes to Ukraine. And give them a ton of anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down Russian planes.

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

Yesterday: Scare people with talk of collapse

Today: lay the groundwork for raising consumption tax

Tomorrow: Do the same for raising pension age to 70

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Posted in: Kishida weighs Ukraine visit in February to hold talks with Zelenskyy: report See in context

Fly to Ukraine and with vague offers of economic aid. Or maybe just an offer to consider it in the future. Get good photo ops all footed by public money and return with slightly higher ratings. Mission accomplished.

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Posted in: German leader Scholz plans to visit Japan in March See in context

Knows what the German govt will or wont do (tanks for Ukraine etc.), but wont say anything or pretend he doesnt know. Like in Hogans Heroes... I know nothiiiiiinnngg. That's what his look is.

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Posted in: College student admits he robbed taxi driver; denies in court that he was rude about it See in context

Taxis will install cameras with microphones next.

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Posted in: Ukraine strike deaths hit 40; Russia seen preparing long war See in context

Long war will cause the Ruzzian economy to tank. Oil/Gas prices too low. Ukraine will make it if Western support doesn't falter. Send tanks now.

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Posted in: Russian ex-President Medvedev says Kishida should disembowel himself See in context

Kishida should respond by increasing aid to Ukraine. Putin may not like that, and Medvedev might have a little accident.

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Posted in: Zelensky promises 'everything necesary' to defend Soledar from Russia See in context

Think I've figured out why the Kremlin long-term strategy and why it wants Soledar, aside from being a PR victory. Wagner will clear out Russia's prisons of criminals and use them as cannon fodder. Putin will fill up those prisons with political prisoners. After taking Soledar, it will send those prisoners to Soledar to work in the salt mines (like in the Soviet days). Then the empty prisons will be empty for the next batch of criminals. And so on...

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Posted in: Japan-bound Mo'unga warns of All Blacks talent drain See in context

At some point southern hemisphere countries like Australia and New Zealand will have to get real and allow players to play for foreign clubs and also the national team when available. Too much lost talent .

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

Average monthly wages for full-time workers increased 0.2 percent to 368,358 yen, while those of part-time workers rose 2.2 percent to 101,888 yen.

Given most full-time workers negotiate/get pay rises in spring it is not surprising it is low.

Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years

This just means inflation was fastest. What will be important is how workers react to the real fall in wages. Given how relatively weak unions are in Japan in most industries I would expect a very moderate rise, if any.

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Posted in: New Zealand won't require travelers from China to show COVID-19 test See in context

I don't think this is in any way politically motivated. Chinese travellers are unlikely to have any variants that NZ does not already have. Hence low risk. US travellers pose a bigger risk with XBB.1.5.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 10-month low on BOJ tightening fears See in context

Kurodas term is up in a few months, and who knows how long Kishida will last. Market is starting to bet against low interest rates / easy monetary policy lasting much longer. Nikkei wont like that much at all.

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Posted in: Pain, few gains for investors as markets slumped in 2022 See in context

Stocks may be the first to recovet if profits hold up IMO

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Posted in: Pain, few gains for investors as markets slumped in 2022 See in context

stocks .ay be

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Posted in: Taiwan mulls WTO case after latest Chinese import bans See in context

China uses trade as a means of retaliation (despite WTO rules) against any country who opposes their ideals or speaks out against them, especially against smaller nations. In short - bullying. The West should retaliate as a whole as they are doing with Russia. Enough already.

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Posted in: Kishida negative about gov't bonds to finance defense spending hike See in context

Raising taxes is a non-starter. If he does, he'll be gone fast. And pretty much nobody except the BOJ will buy bonds with zero interest these days. Not even Japanese banks or pension funds. He (or whoever is next) may as well print the money himself and hope for the best. Expect a weaker yen and higher inflation.

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Posted in: Sony says it has technology for humanoid robots if it can just find use for them See in context

Robot. Go to work for me.

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Posted in: Russia rejects $60-a-barrel cap on its oil; warns of cutoffs See in context

Not going to work while China and India are not on board. While Russia can export to those and other countries it can thumb its' nose at the West as well as afford to continue the war in Ukraine. Time for realpolitik.

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Posted in: U.S. excludes oil for Japan from Russia's Sakhalin-2 from price cap See in context

The price cap along with other efforts to squeeze Moscow's revenue have been, and will be, in vain. The western sanctioning of Russian oil and gas has resulted in a massive increase in imports by China sold to them by Russia at a discount. India also continues to buy Russian oil. Sanctions have not seriously limited Russia's ability to sell oil in large quantities and fund it's war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Europe and UK will likely slide into recession in 2023 as a result of higher inflation and interest rates.

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Posted in: Kishida, Xi meet as tensions grow over Taiwan, East China Sea See in context

Chinas policy is very simple. There is no contested territory because it is all ours. As such, we can do anything we like and you can not interfere. And, our propaganda will paint you as at fault.

Only a matter of time before there is armed conflict with China.

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Posted in: Cambodian PM tests positive for COVID after hosting summit See in context

Lucky there aren't holding this in China. Would be in lockdown. They really should have done elbow bumps. Think of poor Pooh Bear. He might have a tough time getting back home.

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Posted in: Kishida tells Asian leaders China infringing on Japan's sovereignty See in context

Expect a hissy fit from China. They will no doubt say something like - Don't interfere in our affairs (while we do it to others in the region).

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Posted in: Japan reports 79,486 new coronavirus cases See in context

Would be good if they could give some information on variants. If there is a new wave coming, what is causing it? Would be good to know, especially if the new variants are milder. Sounds like they might be preparing to ask people again to refrain from large indoor gatherings. Seems a bit pointless since many people take crowded trains etc.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque shooter files appeal against life sentence See in context

Never in a million years.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

Someone's head is gonna roll.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 23 missiles, prompting air-raid alert in South See in context

Surprised Kim hasn't given Putin some missiles to test. Maybe he's on Putin's shopping list after Iran.

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