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Posted in: Zelenskyy plans to visit Washington as Congress debates $24 billion in aid for Ukraine See in context

Many people are opposed because they mistakenly think that the money is given to Ukraine. By and large it is not. It is being spent in the US. Much of the military aid will be spent mostly on replacing older equipment (and giving it to Ukraine - F16s etc) thereby strengthening US defense. While the US and Western Europe is getting rid of old kit, it is at the same time massively degrading the Russian army, which is no longer a viable threat (other than nuclear) to other countries . And at the same time, and perhaps more importantly, it gives China real pause to thought of trying to take Taiwan by force, which would probably involve US forces directly. This is helping to prevent a potential WW3 (China/Russia vs West). That's why it is in fact very bang for the buck .

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Posted in: Putin signals he expects long war in Ukraine; says Trump prosecution shows U.S. political system 'rotten' See in context

He's wrong and like other past dictators he is making a fatal miscalculation mainly because he's being fed a lot of disinformation by his generals who paint a rosy picture (to save their own necks). With Western support the Ukrainians have taken the initiative away from Russia. The Russian army is experiencing huge losses of equipment it cannot replace (it can replace cannon fodder). It is being ground down and stretched along a long battlefront, morale is low and collapse may not be far off. Putin's only hope was if Western support wavers and I would say it is now too late for that. China won't support Russia with arms and NK supply will make little difference. Simply put, the Russian army is now incapable of defeating Ukraine on the battlefield. I'd say he has up to 1 year tops. My prediction is 3-6 months. The next uprising will be by someone who will not make Pregozhin's mistake.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia See in context

The deal will be something like this. NK ammunition and artillery shells for Russian food and weapons technology. Probably not much the West can do about it since both these countries are already under heavy sanctions. But why is Kim going into Russia? PR stunt for his people? He likes to ride the train? I'm guessing he'll come back with a bit money in his pocket and a few kilos heavier.

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Posted in: China's youth worry about tough job market See in context

Their system is mostly to blame for the overly high expectations held by youth in China. For years the CCP promised a prosperous future. In reality, their autocratic system of government is very expensive to run, and is prone to gargantuan mistakes and imbalances such as their response to Covid and their housing market implosion. No doubt they will increase repression, especially among the education youth in order to maintain control. The youth of China have two things two worry about.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes country-wide missile barrage on Ukraine as Putin addresses security conference See in context

It is clear that Russia will eventually lose by either being pushed out or giving up. This will lead to the fall of Putin and the probable break up of the Russian Federation. Hopefully a less hostile government will emerge from all this.

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Posted in: Saudi dives into Ukraine peace push with Jeddah talks See in context

Hypocrites. The Saudis could threaten to flood the market and crash oil prices thereby defunding Russia's war machine anytime, but that's not going to happen. Instead there will be lavish meetings followed by a peace proposal that neither side can accept, and a continuation of high oil prices.

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Posted in: Tips for managing disruptive behavior in English classes See in context

I think many Japanese teachers just carry on with their chalk and talk regardless of what students are doing in the room.

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Posted in: Putin tells Poland any aggression against Belarus is attack on Russia See in context

Putin is dreaming up ways to deflect attention away from his war in Ukraine and rally the support of nationalist. The country he really needs to worry about is Turkey, who are increasingly siding with Ukraine and eyeing up territory in Syria controlled by Assad/Wagner as well as other wider interests in the region and Black Sea. Worsened relations between Russia and Turkey resulting from the end of the grain deal and the threat to commercial shipping could widen the conflict.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia has sufficient stockpile of cluster bombs See in context

Total bluff. Russia has already used cluster munitions, and it is unclear how much remains. Russia is increasingly relying on older stocks of munitions and equipment, some of which were not stored indoors and are mostly unusable. Russian rate of artillery fire is down 75% and they are using 40-year old shells. Meanwhile, Ukraine, with its new Western made equipment can target Russian artillery at a relatively safe distance and are taking out Russian artillery and munitions. The tide has turned and many Russian commanders know this, and is why there is increasing dissent among their ranks as they realize the war is unwinnable. If the Russian MOD fractures it will spell disaster for Putin and an opportunity for others like Pregozhin. Just a question of when.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan adds flavor of okonomiyaki to menu for limited time See in context

Must be something in the secret sauce that makes me wanna go back. Or is it the fries? I'm gonna do A then B and then C. MD is crap back home and more expensive so enjoy while I can.

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Posted in: Man fatally shot in Tokyo coffee shop; one of 2 suspects turns himself in See in context

I would say he turned himself in because his boss told him to, and probably would have faced worse if he hadn't. The other one might missing a few fingers or worse.

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Posted in: Quad leaders vow to pursue region without 'intimidation and coercion' See in context

Bet China isnt too happry but not surprising given how China behaves. Im sure more countries will join with the exception of those already heavily indebted to China (which can't disclose)

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Posted in: Ukrainian finance minister to join G7 session online See in context

We wants it. We needs it. Must have my precious sanctions tightened.

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Posted in: Japan faces uphill battle to ensure food security See in context

Scare the public with the very remote chance of food shortages. Then crank up the subsidies to LDP supporting farmers.

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Posted in: ¥10 million in cash found in garbage; now belongs to city of Sapporo See in context

Ohayoo darling. Darling, have you seen a brown bag? I'm sure I put it right here last night? Oh, thanks for taking the gomi out.

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Posted in: Russia's Wagner boss threatens Bakhmut pullout in Ukraine See in context

Would not be half surprised if he winds up poisoned or something. If not Putin hinself someone in the army. Read somewhere he's setting himself up as a potential candidate against Putin if the expected Ukraine counter offensive succeeds. He is popular amongst the hardcore ultranationalists. And an even worse human being, if that's possible.

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Posted in: Russia claims Ukraine tried to hit Kremlin; Kyiv denies it See in context

Russia doesn't care if people in the West don't believe it. They know they won't. But it will be reported quite differently in other countries like China and India. That's their target audience and, unfortunately, many of them do believe Russian propaganda. Their continued support for Russia by buying Russian oil and gas is critical to Putin. And he the need Russians who are more skeptical of his war to believe they are being threatened by a Western proxy.

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Posted in: Philippines reports 'confrontation' with Chinese vessels in South China Sea See in context

China's bullying tactics are a far cry from it's call to respect national integrity as in its' proposed peace plan for Ukraine. Basically, China is two faced when it comes to its' own interests.

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Posted in: NATO: Ukraine allies have sent 1,550 combat vehicles, 230 tanks See in context

Hopefully the Ukrainians will be able to reclaim their lost territory. Otherwise they may have to accept a negotiated settlement. I'm hoping they won't need China who are clearly on Russia's side and in my opinion have low moral standards when it comes to human rights and respecting others.

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Posted in: Tsuruga reactor operator required to correct document errors by August See in context

WOW! Over 1,000 inaccuracies. That is some serious number fudging. Even the regulator wasn't very accurate. What's the real number I wonder? 10,000? All of them? Who knows! But it seems they didn't have good enough connections to get away with just a few deep bows like TEPCO.

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Posted in: Japan to launch new visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Applies to virtually no one but looks good on paper and in reality isn't going to work, as they well know. Total fluff by politicians who have no intention of making serious change but want to be seen to be doing something.

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Posted in: Warren Buffett's firm increases stakes in 5 Japanese trading houses See in context

Japanese firms are making money and are relatively cheap to invest in with the weak yen. He sounds quite bullish on corporate Japan which is probably relative true compared to UK/US at the moment where rising wage costs and higher interest rates will push down profits.

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Posted in: New BOJ head says banks stable; rules out major policy shift See in context

Funny how many comments are based on his old and conservative appearance. He does look that way but Mr. Ueda, who comes from an academic background, has a reputation of being more open to risk and change than the other candidates were. He was chosen to lead the BOJ away from its' current easy- monetary policy, and is Kishida's pick for putting Abenomics to bed. But how fast will he tighten the screws and how much higher will interest rates go is the big question.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus See in context

Sabre-rattling is about all Putin seems able to do after his compete failure in Ukraine.

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Posted in: New Zealand tells China its concern on lethal aid to Russia See in context

Good on her for standing up to China and sticking to the morally right thing to do. Yes, it is an Illegal invasion, and China should not be supporting Russia on this, especially with arms.

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Posted in: 'Winnie the Pooh' film pulled from Hong Kong cinemas See in context

After gouging on honey in Moscow, Winnie the Pooh goes on a rampage in East Asia.

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Posted in: Kishida, in Ukraine, assures Zelenskyy of continued support See in context

I bet China is really pissed with Kishida's timing and for stating Ukraine's fight for sovereignty has similarities with that of Taiwan, and he is absolutely right.

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Posted in: China's Xi hopes to play peacemaker on Russia visit See in context

Wrong BertieWooster. Don't imagine for a moment China has suddenly become peace loving. They are not. Xi sees this as an opportunity for China to gain. He wants to see Putin survive so Russia will continue to sell China cheap oil and tech with which he can build up China's economic and military strength for it's own aims, which are not peaceful if you live in Taiwan.

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