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Posted in: Photo of man dressed as Tojo at LDP conference causes stir online See in context

This was not an LDP conference. Can we get a correction on this?

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Posted in: How would you define "otaku" and does the word convey a negative impression to you? See in context

Definitely negative. Beta males who follow instead of lead. You'll never seen a toned guy who looks sharp in a suit described as an otaku. Otakus are easy suckers for the products we market to them. They don't have much in the way of independent thought.

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Posted in: When big companies look like they are going under, should governments use tax money to bail them out? See in context

Absolutely yes. There are jobs involved, but more importantly, also investor/shareholder interests. Once a government fails to bail firms out, it sends a message to potential investors: Our economy is riskier than the one next door. The investors then are more wary to put their money into that economy. Money runs the world, and without investment we won't have jobs. Keeping investors happy and having a free market (with risk socialised out to the middle and lower classes as much as possible) will attract more investment and ultimately make a country richer.

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Posted in: Women, money and time: Behind the scenes with Japan’s 'King of Hosts' See in context

I have a lot of respect for this guy. He's paved his own way and he isn't looking for approval from anyone.

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Posted in: 23 people in Kanagawa face charges for allowing minors to smoke, drink alcohol See in context

If the government wants to enforce laws, it should do so. Passing the burden to parents and shops is unfair. Parents and shops did not make the laws. These age restrictions are also a violation of free market principles which harm shareholder interests. Parents can watch out for their own children's safety without a nanny state telling them what to feed their children and what to allow their children to drink.

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Posted in: How do you feel about workplace romances? See in context

I've never had any trouble with them, but I ban them amongst my staff.

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Posted in: NHK tags house of man who refuses to pay fees See in context

Not agreeing with a law does not give one the right to break it. If you disagree with a law, work through official channels to have it revised. Contribute to politicians who agree with you. Fund the elections of others. But breaking the law means you are criminally liable, and I think NHK should be able to pursue punishment in these cases.

That said, marking someone's home is vandalism.

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Posted in: Japan lifts self-imposed ban on weapons exports See in context

toshiko, the US wants Japan in this business. In fact, it's the US that put it on Abe's agenda.

And for anyone to say it's undemocratic, may I remind you that Abe's party was elected, and they elected him. That's as democratic as it gets. Now listen for the protests of the people.

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Posted in: Japan moves to expand controversial foreign worker scheme See in context

No matter what system is set up, there are going to be some bad apples who break laws. The fact is that they have been found and punished in these cases, so the law is working. It;s regrettable that there was an increase, but that's due to more firms overall taking part in the scheme. I have no doubt this will be properly policed, because Japan needs this system in place to continue the influx of some more affordable labour. But there should be a 3-5 year cap on time in country, and no ability to bring over family from overseas, or switch to a spouse visa.

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Posted in: What changes are needed in Japanese society to stem the falling birthrate? See in context

Increased immigration is not a magic bullet solution. There are huge costs to society involved with this. As the number of workers declines, more and more work can be shifted to lower cost overseas locations. This also helps companies cut costs and unlock shareholder value.

The best way to improve the birth is to have another massive war and a baby boom afterwards. But this isn't exactly something the government can propose.

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Posted in: How do you think the losing side will react after The Hague-based International Court of Justice rules on the legality of Japan's whaling program on Monday? See in context

Japan will never stop. This is an issue of cultural identity, food security and marine mammal management. I will continue donating all the money I can to politicians who support whaling.

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Posted in: No. of foreigners arrested for crimes in Japan up by 8% in 2013 See in context

What percentage were visa violations?

Are visa violations not crimes?

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Posted in: Watanabe says he spent some of Y800 mil on lucky charm See in context

I see no issues with this. People take out loans all the time, and the reasons for taking out those loans are between them, their loan officer and their God. It's not for us to speculate on.

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Posted in: Even if viewers threaten to cancel payment because of my remarks, they still have to pay if they own TVs. See in context

To be perfectly honest, I think I'm in love with this fellow.

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Posted in: Crimea moves to join Russia as West prepares sanctions See in context

Obama refused to stand up to Putin, and China is taking notice.

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Posted in: Yoshinori Sato - the man behind the Japanese arms race See in context

My bet is on Darvish winning the Cy Young this year.

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Posted in: 'Japanese only' banner scandal hits J-League See in context

It seemed to me the sign was ironic.

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Posted in: Japan puts two reactors on shortlist for restart screening See in context

This is excellent news and great for the economy. Japan needs to reduce its dependence on foreign carbon based energy and focus on nuclear power - the clean, safe and environmentally friendly power source of the future.

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Posted in: Europe wants its Parmesan back; seeks name change See in context

Yet another example of why Europe is failing. Get the government OUT of the market and let the CONSUMER decide!

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Posted in: Is Shinzo Abe doing a good job as prime minister of Japan? See in context

Honest Abe has brought a windfall to me, my company, my clients and my family. He basically announced the market opportunity in domestic equities when he telegraphed certain moves in the markets. He has won the Olympics for Japan, which is huge, and shows the world believes in his earnest efforts to rebuild Tohoku. There are also a lot of contracts in the works for this. Abe is also the first Prime Minister in a long time to FIGHT for the middle class and secure wage increases. Still, some people will follow the superficial trend and say they don't like him. Sounds like some petty jealousy to me.

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Posted in: If this situation continues, the community will end up declining more even before being revitalized. See in context

Reckless, I'm not sure what you mean by that. There is risk everywhere one lives. These people have left land where their ancestors lived for generations, if not centuries. An important tie to the land and kami is being lost. Common sense would be for the government to secure funds for rebuilding and then get out of the way so industry can do what it does best: Hire people, put people to work, pay them wages and get the business of life going again as shareholder value is unlocked for international investors.

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Posted in: Thousands protest in Tokyo ahead of Fukushima anniversary See in context

There may be a few protesters at these rallies, but the anti-nuclear movement does not represent the majority opinion of the Japanese people. Time and again, pro-nuclear politicians are elected, and in a democracy it's elections that count. The vast majority of Japanese are practical minded and aware that there is a dangerous agenda behind the well-funded anti-nuclear movement. The interests of the nation will prevail; nuclear power is the safe, clean and environmentally friendly energy source of the future.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

This is why Obama needs to stand up to Russia. China is watching as America fails to come to the aid of a nation in need. Japan may be an ally, but with Obama in power can Japan count on the US to help it? China sees a short window of opportunity - it knows the US people will smarten up and elect a Republican in 2016. At the same time, Chinese money is pouring into SuperPACS to help Democrat candidates, as they know such politicians weaken the US, and thus Japan.

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Posted in: Instagram signs deal with major ad agency See in context

There goes the cool.

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Posted in: Mt Gox faced 150,000 attacks per second, media report See in context


As was huge portions of their customer database. Major media doesn't report on dox dumps to pastebins, but it will all surface eventually.

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Posted in: Are Japan’s efforts at internationalization succeeding or not? See in context

Only the elite need to truly be able to function on a global level. The average person will work an hourly job in retail or food services and have very little chance of being part of the global economy, let alone having friends from overseas. For Japan to continue functioning, many of the insular ways must remain. For example, Japanese should not adopt a western sense of personal rights and freedoms due to the excesses they lead to. It is better that they devote their lives to working for the good of their country and company. This helps unlock shareholder value for the international investors.

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Posted in: Revelry See in context

Cultural exchange is a wonderful thing.

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Posted in: Japan considers bitcoin tax after Mt Gox failure See in context

The dox are online now. Get in the BitCoin IRC and look for nanashi____, he has the pastebin links.

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Posted in: Husbands aghast at wives' infatuation with rightwing causes See in context

‘Don’t listen to K-POP.’

Not bad advice, actually.

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Posted in: Gov't considers revision of 'comfort women' apology See in context

South Korea: Japan didn't apologise! Japan: Ok, we'll revise the apology South Korea: No! don't revise the apology!

Oh, so there was an apology after all.

And this:

up to 200,000 women, mostly from Korea but also from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan

And Japan.

The truth is that Korea does not want these women's statements to be re-examined because of what was held back by Japan in the 1993 statement: They were sold off as comfort women by their Korean families and by Korean recruiters/collaborators. This is not going to make Korea look good.

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