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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

Many thanks, albaleo my phones battery is on life support!

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

I understand the Tuesday commons vote has been postponed?

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

Interdependence, forty or so years worth, there's the rub

Parliament views the 2016 referendum purely in terms as advisory .

Parliament sovereignty can simply negate, ignore its practical effects by nullifying, smothering the vote.

Hence a withdrawal agreement so reprehensible that a 2nd referendum, under the guise of a preferential voting methodology will seem glorious in comparison and would guarantee a return to the status quo.

May's deal is postponed or defeated, May attends December 13-14 EU summit, May returns with a offer to extend or even suspend Article 50, abracadabra, now you bexiit, now you don't.

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Posted in: Paris under siege: Tear gas, fury on the Champs-Elysees See in context

Could it be that President of France, Emmanuel Macron, his La République En Marche! has finally been called to account?...

Well, would it be disingenuous to suggest that Emmanuel Macron is and has always been the opposite of an political stated quantity, the anyone but Le Pen vote?.

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Posted in: Survivors gather at Pearl Harbor for attack remembrance See in context

Lest we forget......

How can any culture, country reconcile the past ?

There could be with hindsight, from a political, educational respective the direction, historically, the axis powers, the Tripartite Pact signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan, coercively provided the false belief of territory gain led to their defeat ?

Appeasement, deterrence can be construed as one of the same thing.

The resultant apoplectic conclusion, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, is that deterrence relies on public belief that superior overwhelming force will prevail .

The question remain can the international community as a whole avoid war ?

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Posted in: As Brexit crunch nears, campaign for new referendum gathers pace See in context

This whole Brexit debacle is a failure of Parliament. Certainly in respect to both Government and Opposition Parties

There is no singe element, politically or economically that can countenance this situation.

It is abundantly clear that Parliaments reticence justification, cumulatively, to anything other than the status quo will suffice.

So, without prejudice, it would be beneficial to have at least a understanding, perception, of James McGrory motivations politically.

Basically an introduction to James McGregory is a starting point.

A perusal of James McGregory linkedin profile would be helpful.

Former Deputy Director of Communications (Special Adviser) at Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg)

Also James McGregory, was a leading advisor to Britain Stronger in Europe unsuccessful UK-EU referendum reamin strategy.

Relaunching as Open Britain James McGregory is currenty a Co-Executive Director......

BBC Sunday Politics - Andrew Neil interviews James McGrory, Co-Executive Director of Open Britain

Whether one is an advocate of leave or remain, it is beneficial to review Andrew Neil exchange ias from, my opinion, a second referendum, is a pantomime democratic charade.

James McGregory, second referendum/people vote only valid when the electorate provide the correct answer.

Peace, power, democracy is and will never be the same

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Posted in: Rejecting suggestions of delay, May says Brexit vote will go ahead See in context

May's Brexit withdrawal agreement has been an deceptive contrivance.

A manipulative ploy to manoeuvre a reversal of the 23 June 2016 UK EU membership referendum result.

From beginning to end, every step of the way, the UK electorate have been blitzed with doom laden predictions, in comparison to the blue sky scenario of remaining a member of the EU.

In reality there has never been an attempt at a negotiation.

Just a staged managed coercive subterfuge, a ruse, an act of political trickery by a Government/Parliament that had no intention of honouring a democratic plebiscite/ballot.

The blatant conniving dishonesty could have, at present, serious unseen political consequences.

May's incompetence was explicit, 8th June 2017, manifest in the General Election, recklessly throwing away a parliamentary majority, then to lurch way, clinging to power indentured by a wrenched faustian pact with DUP......."Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"

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Posted in: May suffers setbacks as Brexit debate starts in British parliament See in context

Policy paper

Exiting the EU: Publication of Legal Advice

“In international law, the protocol would endure indefinitely until a superseding arrangement took its place, in the absence of a right of termination, there is a legal risk that the United Kingdom might become subject to protracted and repeating rounds of negotiations,”

“This risk must be weighed against the political and economic imperative on both sides to reach an agreement that constitutes a politically stable and permanent basis for their future relationship. This is a political decision for the government.”

There is no legal exit route. The UK would become trapped permanently in the single market and customs union. The membership costs would remain without a seat at the table to have any influence on future change.

This is the depths of May's Government incompetence.

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Posted in: Britain-EU deal lacks clarity for nervous Japanese investors: analysts See in context

For the first time Toyota Duty Managing Director Tony Walker giving evidence to the parliamentary businesses select committee admitted less that 20% of Toyota vehicle part are manufactured in the UK.

Literality Toyota supply chain is utilizing UK roads as a pseudo mobile warehousing facility, with between 50 to 80 heavy goods vehicles moving in sequence pounding through channel ports daily. The damage to the environment is incalculable. This is a race to the bottom.

Countries outside of the EU single market, through trade deals would insist at the very least 50% of the vehicle originate from the country of import.

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Posted in: May suffers setbacks as Brexit debate starts in British parliament See in context

At 11:30am today GMT, May's Government will be obliged to publish/release fully final legal advice on the Brexit deal. under direct orders from Parliament.

Whatever Attorney General Geoffrey Cox legal assessment contains the Government has moved heaven and earth to keep the advice secret.

Never historically has any Britain Government found to be in contempt of Parliament.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko turns 17 See in context

Many happy returns to Princess Aiko, and congratulations on successfully completing the English language and cultural course at Eton Collage.

I understand there is an assessment process on arrival and departure.

English Language and Cultural Course for Japanese Student.......

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

As a matter of interest,

Code of Criminal Procedure (Part I and Part II)

Also the question of judiciary interpretation as well as statutory guidelines is a tad vague.

If former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn, admittedly not a participially subtle or likeable fellow is found to be a greedy fraudulent thief, then by all mean hang him from the nearest proverbial lamppost.

However due process must prevail.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office should refrain from briefing certain media elements as justification for Ghosn continued incarceration.

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Posted in: Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit See in context

Many thanks M3 it's always a pleasure, fingers crossed. It only money

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

There is one predominant inescapable factor, the Conservative Governments confidence-and-supply agreement with the DUP.

Likely to melt away like ice cream, on or if Parliament was to endorse May's humiliating withdrawal agreement.

Thus collapsing May's Government and prompting a General Election that could make the War of the Roses pale in comparison.

A 2nd referendum, will emerge if there is any hint to extend Article 50 beyond March next year.

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

I am reading that Jeremy Corbyn has accepted Theresa May's challenge to a live debate on national television.

I hope Theresa May doesn't make the mistake on treating Corbyn with the same similar dismissive manner present during May's 2017 election champaign.

Corbyn will turn the debate away from Brexit and focus on May's failure of leadership in governmant.

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Posted in: EU finally seals Brexit deal; urges Britons to back PM May See in context

Certainly a clean break/no deal would provoke rapid seismic change. The resultant outcome dependent on how Government prepare for such an event.

In a recent interview by a German weekly, Jeremy Corbyn asked if Brexit could be stopped replied

"We can't stop it. The referendum took place. Article 50 has been triggered. What we can do is recognise the reasons why people voted Leave." Corbyn suggested the reason behind UK rejection was “the total anger communities felt in the way had be left behind”........Its a valid comment.

Listen/read the threats, demands. The warnings if the British Parliament reject it.

French President Emmanuel Macron, threatening to weaponise the Irish backstop as leverage to retain access to UK fishing waters.

Is this the true nature of the European Union view on UK people democratic right to my a choice? Rightly or wrongly?

The transition period is another political economic midfield, as the UK will continue having to apply EU rules, regulations etc etc, continue contributing to EU budget, but have no seat at the top table. The withdrawal agreement is a legally binding document. The Political Declaration on future EU-UK relations is meaningless drivel. The document has no basis in law.

The electorate, need politicians that are credible and able, qualified to represent there communities.

Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, are political panto......

The reality is the appalling deal May negotiated. The warning signs of May's incompetence were present in the conservative 2017 General election campaign.

If a 2nd referendum emerges. Don't let politicians recant they never were forewarned that joining the

then common market would have implications beyond a trading relationship...........

The two documents below, one an original copy of FCO 30/1048, the other Richard North annotated review prove otherwise.

Sovereignty and the European Communities

FCO 30/1048 Annotated by: Richard North 17 February 2002

Foreign and Commonwealth Office confidential document FCO 30/1048 . Released through the 30 year rule.

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Posted in: Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit See in context

Hi juminRhee, I remember the official ceremony, handing over sovereignty of the Honk Hong/New Territories to China. The diplomatic and/or political significance an irrelevance for my nine year old intellect.

Mother and Father viewed the spectacle rather differently.

I understand the New Territories and Lantau make up a consequential majority under British rule/influence. Practically is one divisible from the other both politically and economically? Did the then Government of China ever view Britain presence in any way as legitimate?

The loss of face would Britain have called an independence referendum, and the possible outcome, a naval blockade and air blockade could have led to a devastating military confrontation.

Which choice would you have made? I have only ever stopped over on a visit so my opinions are as any other armchair diplomat.

As a comparison to the present situation in Gibraltar and the UK withdrawal from the European Union, Gibraltar is much closer to UK, geopolitically.

Hi M3, actually I don't agree with the learned Professor (second link) either. My intention is to highlight how politically volatile this whole sorry situation has become and the shameful, shockingly incompetentence Theresa May's government has handled these negotiations.

Both links are opinionated view and cannot/must not be taken prima facie

I have to follow the whole sorry EU/UK saga, the UK business, over 50% the employees migrated for within the European Union. The value of sterling business critical.

If everything goes south so to speak, I will have to move a huge proportion to Nagoya. I am finalizing the methodology in Nagoya this week.

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Posted in: Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit See in context

Hi M3, If I may I would like to concentrate my comments, opinions and focus on the political reasoning behind the The Government of Spain motivation in demanding essentially a veto for the Gibraltar inclusion in any future UK-EU trade deal.

I believe at this point in the negotiation the question of Gibraltar legal status and right to self determination are a political red herring, a smoke screen to leverage a future negotiating strategy for some form of joint sovereignty.

The two document below, the first explains in full, the legal interpretation of sovereignty to the disputed Isthmus.

The second is a detailed explanation as to why the EU is politically changing tact over the disputed region.

One should view Great Britain withdrawal from the Union, inclusive of/to political and economic effects, not only to one (UK) economy but all twenty eight. Also in terms of the current political/backdrop.

A huge economic inequitable single currency. Brought about because of a failure to institute full monetary fiscal union. Manifested in the southern member states. The continuing European budget negotiations in Italy, about to explode into a showdown. The continuing rise of populism especially the Afd in Germany. And finally how this will effect next years European Parliament Elections.

A no deal Brexit, would be catastrophic as much for the EU as the UK. Those red lines have boxed all twenty eight into a corner. Without any escape.

The Legal Status of Gibraltar: Whose Rock is it Anyway?........Simon J. Lincoln

Explaining the European Union’s Changing Position towards the Gibraltar Question after the Brexit Referendum........

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Posted in: Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit See in context

Hi M3, I believe there are a number UN resolutions pertaining to decolonization. it is safe to declare the right to self-determination is paramount and safeguarded when viewing all three resolutions.

Quite correctly there has been a proposal that the restitution of the Spanish territorial integrity is above that of the principle to self-determination. However this is a frivolous suggestion within UN process of decolonization.

That has no base in international law, an interpretation that would need to be tested at ICJ.

In all honesty neither the Governments Great Britain or Spain can just ignore the expressed wishes of the Gibraltarians, respecting fully the signed Treaty, refraining from deliberate misinterpretation.

I believe stipulations within the treaty, Hong Kong had to be return. So a referendum would have been a breach to that treaty.

Hi goldorak, Certainly Gibraltarians expressed a overwhelming desire to remain within the EU, however I have doubts they would choose to relinquish there British citizenship to do so

Would any JT commentator support a second referendum?

Some government cabinet minster have suggested remaining within the EU would be more advantageous than leaving under May's deal

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Posted in: Gibraltar deal clears way for Sunday Brexit summit See in context

The Utrecht Treaty of 1713 is clear, the King of Spain ceded sovereignty of the Rock of Gibraltar to the British in the War of Spanish Succession. Also Great Britain given a legal commitment written into the 1969 Gibraltar constitution

"Her Majesty's Government will never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another state against their freely and democratically expressed wishes."

The people of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islanders have had referenda that fully determine where sovereignty lies and will remain until both peoples choose, democratically, otherwise.

Theresa May government could well have to call a General Election, if/when this shocker of a deal is voted down in parliament in early December. Somewhere, somehow I feel by slide of hand, smoke and mirrors, a second referendum will raise its politically poisonous toxic head above the parapet.

As a pertinent Queen hit, I suggest another one bites the dust, around early December

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context


The TR article clearly states.......

Nissan said its board dismissed Ghosn and fellow representative director Greg Kelly, an alleged co-conspirator,"after reviewing a detailed report of the internal investigation" - the first time Renault had seen key findings.

With Ghosn and Kelly still in custody, neither man has been able to defend himself publicly against the allegations.

The article also suggests/implies that, allegedly, the Tokyo prosecutor office have been leaking/briefing details of the there investigation to the media.....

Japanese newspapers have been awash with leaked details of the Tokyo prosecutor's investigation into Ghosn. Asahi Shimbun reported on Thursday he had emailed Kelly orders to make false statements about his remuneration.

The Yomiuri, Japan's biggest-circulation daily, said Nissan had been paying Ghosn's elder sister $100,000 a year since 2002 for a non-existent advisory role. She lived in a luxury Rio de Janeiro apartment funded by a Nissan subsidiary, according the report, which cited unidentified sources.

These are all uninstantiated, hearsay, without being subject to the scrutiny of cross examination in a court of law.

No legal council would contemplate advice suggesting answer accusations leaked to the media, risking prejudicing there client defence in court.

This is why due process is essential to maintain the integrity of the court system

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

Valid point Ex_Res, I understand the Japan criminal justice system re introduced a trial by jury in 2009. A quasi system......

Trial by jury returns to Japan

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

Hi CH3CHO, So many checks and balances within directors' remuneration auditing process even for small medium sized businesses with subsidiaries abroad.

I am flummoxed as to how all this alleged criminality was missed.

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

These are serious allegations indeed.

I am struggling to interpret how the protocols and audit procedures failed to be flagged by both the auditing and compensation committees

Corporate governance and directors' duties in Japan: overview

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Posted in: Nissan paid chairman Carlos Ghosn ¥1.098 billion for the financial year ended March 2017, his highest salary during his 19 years with the company. In general, do you think remuneration for top company execs is too high, even if the company is doing well? See in context

I am not a fan of Carlos le cost killer Ghosn crude ruthless restructuring by axing one on six staff.

His consolidation of the businesses and supply chain were certainly visionary.

Is Ghosn worth ¥1.098 billion for the financial year ended March 2017, I think not.

Build a business from scratch, spend sleepless nights worrying about debt risk, failure and the inevitable damage to ones reputation.

I suggest success as much equal helpings of luck and judgement.

Without doubt your employees will ultimately determine whether your business is successful or not.

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

There has to be due process, a presumption of innocence.

How can any potential Jury act impartially, with media briefing of/to unsubstantiated assumptions/accusations without any recourse to a fair trial?

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Posted in: S Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation See in context

My last comment could be lacking in clarity.

I do not believe that the present Government or the people of Japan are in any way responsible for the actions of The Imperial Japanese Army or Government.

I do believe there is a learning process, to reflect historically, pertaining to Japanese imperialism and colonialism of the period.

Especially within the education system. This should handled politically, with dignity, diplomacy, not harassment and attrition.

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Posted in: Nissan ends Ghosn's two-decade reign with last-minute Renault backing See in context

Any G7 nation boasting the fundamental institutions of a free society, following the principles of a democracy, and rule of law. To brief the media on details of an on going criminal investigation would be a act of sub judice. This is trial by media in any other name.

Ghosn and Kelly have no means to defend themselves. Allegations are being briefed to the media that remain unproven in a court. Its outrageous.

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Posted in: May to return to Brussels on Saturday in bid to seal Brexit deal See in context

The UK media with the exception of the Daily Express and certain Daily Telegraph columnists seems to be making a concerted attempt to asphyxiate a clean break exit from the European Union.

May's withdrawal deal is an unworkable stinker.

I am of the opinion, destined at present to voted down in Parliament. If not then within the text is a method to extend the transition period, and the suggestion to also prolong Article 50. Sooner or later a second referendum will come into play.

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Posted in: S Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation See in context

Kono apology is unequivocal......

Having endless conversations and debates about whether these comfort women were exploited or not, just adds insult to injury

However there is no question the present day government and people of Japan are culpable.

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