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No need to apologise M3, I understand your reasoning. My view is practicality, and legislation written in haste. I have refrained from directly commenting about this tragedy because of the lack of details.

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Rationality and sound mind, is where reasonable doubt will take on a significance all of its own.

Especially for loved ones who will be left to pick up the pieces, with the possibility of resorting to proportioning blame. There is no dignify in death, when the devastating effects sudden shock brings if a family member takes a decision without any prior discussion. All in the mistaken belief the action will relieve their family of an unnecessary burden.

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It is very paternalistic attitude. M3, no disagreement there.

At this moment in time, I can visualize a full on disagreement with a senior family member, cross hurtful words are exchanged in the heat of the moment that cannot be retracted. Doubt linger and fester away until actions are taken and minds are made up. 'I am a burden' etc etc.

I not stifling debate, it was a comment on the timing.

Also I am opinionating, no more, no less on a subject that for once, was unanimously rejected in a UK house of commons debate. If pernicious saves lives and cups of warm soup can dissuade a needless death, I can live with that.

Where I am at a crossroads is euthanasia. However, in the hands of a lawyer, the very definition can be bent well out of shape

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The only group that will ultimately benefit from assisted suicide (a veritable legal minefield to define) will be the ambulance chasing underbelly of a legal profession whose lawyers and attorneys along with human rights barristers the means to line their pockets at will. Insurance companies will inevitably find, then take aim at, mental health conflict loopholes that will tear families apart.

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The solution is to create a loving, caring environment, that the elderly in the twilight years of their lives can enjoy the warm embrace and support of their family and/or community. Simply providing the care and kindness they deserve. Then there will be no need for barriers other than an additional safety measure.

Assisted suicide for these despairing and desolate sisters is a sign of societies indifference to even an iota of compassion or concern for humanity.         

I do understand medical assistance to end life, where the quality of that life is affected in such a negative manner as to render its continuance an extreme act of cruelty. Even then how and where would safe guards be implemented? Maybe not appropriate debate so soon, in the light of these tragic deaths.

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Posted in: I was moved to tears by the U.S. armed forces’ support during Operation Tomodachi (after the March 11, 2011 disaster). They did so much to help Japan in its time of need. See in context

All credit to Shumi Kaufman, who clearly feels a genuine need to fulfill valuable a role on the base as a act of gratitude.

Paying a debt to U.S. forces who helped Japan in time of disaster....

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Many thanks loggediin, when visiting Lyon I saw a municipal housing project in Caluire, a northeastern suburb. 7000 plus in these concrete high-rises, 90% on social benefits, without work, of north African decent. It was a very depressing sight. Similar to the Kidbrooke's Ferrier estate. (South London).

A bleak breeding ground for crime. Macron if elected will follow in a long line of Presidents that will no doubt pledge to tackle these monstrosity social housing projects.

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Hi loggediin, may I ask where your campus was located? Just for curiosity sake. I have spent time Lyon and Paris.

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Emmanuel Macron seems a dead cert , politically doesn't frighten the horses, has EU embossed on his soul. Emmanuel Macron can also genuinely speak from the heart about all the issues around the need to support and improve life for elderly. Nothing one can really grumble at.

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Define the populist? or populism? Could it be a political analogy dreamt up by a ruling established elite. All to counter a electorate/populous unwilling to tolerate an ideology, that views by divine right a ruling class can continue to insist policies and government have to kowtow to a globalist agenda.

It is a ironic or fortunate that Le Pen et alia, are so politically un-electable right wing isolationists.

As French finance minster Macron was ineffective and unconvincing in putting across any reform package to change a system so heavily dependent on the state intervention. Its predictable the day after winning the first stage, the leadership of EU member states falling over each other breathing sighs of relief congratulating Macron, a figure with little or no experience of office or political leadership. 

What remains is the short term consolation prise of any political alternative to Le Pen.

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Here's a fact, the absence of any effective coherent functioning opposition leads to poor ineffective ruling government. What does the opposing parties to Abe LDP government actually stand for? Where are they?

They pop up every so often to ask the odd probing question, nod approvingly and pat each other on back, to signal they tripped up the government then go back to sleep. They're like the political eloquent of Dracula, only come out at night when the Diet building is closed

This survey proves, is no matter how inept, incompetent or hapless Abe cabinet becomes. No matter who lines up nest to blurt out any excruciating embarrassment or offense, the populous will approve mindlessly, then obediently queue up like lemmings marching to their fate.

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latest interior ministry figures, with 81% counted, Macron 23.3%, Le Pen 22.65%, the error margin in proportion to a 14 day time window between the accuracy of projection polling and the actual election results is error of ±3.72 percent. Observation variable i.e. race, age, geographical region, ethnicity, socio-economic level, party loyalty, gender, reveal using statistical concept modelling show Macron securing 69% to 75 % of the vote in the 2nd round, intrusive sampling a 29 points win margin. That is a big nut for Le Pen to crack over the next 14 days.  

Betting odds on a Macron mid 2016 win was a cool 28/1. paying the gambling tax upfront, that a nice number. Bookmakers were shortening Le Pen odds to 6/4 an implied probability of near 41%. Proves the bookies always come up smelling of roses.

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I guess those medals are for fearlessness, gallantry, and valour, yet fully merited, against the imaginary enemies of a paranoiac delusional  dictator.

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Japan output per hour is truly shocking, yet automation is almost 22 percent higher than the nearest competitor. Measured by over 270,000 robotic processes in thirty diverse sector. Seriously  Japan is a digital system response global phenomenon.

So where are the wobbly wheels? I have forty of them, legacy middle management from business investments.

They profess to be the sharp end of skill engineering achievement. Yet these disciplines have been replaced by sophisticated software system development. They ceased being skilled engineers when deciding to delegate every task given to them , then justifying their salary by moving paper from one tray across to the other.  

Worst of all they refuse to re-skill or adapt to change, and are contractually superglued to their desks. The only way to dislodged these managers is to rubber room them, which is inhuman. So the way forward is for this government instate/enact the promised reforms.

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The undecided's, wavers and doubters without conscious political ties or allegiances could well decide who succeed  Francois Hollande. Troubling is between 30 and 40 percent of the French electorate could well remain politically comatose right up until they pick up the pencil.

Ironically, Francois Holland legacy could well play a part......  From one extreme to the other?.... Hopefully not

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"None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see."

And this statement proves the point.....

"Coming on top of labour shortages, Abe's plan will cause declines in sales and profits. We have done what we can in terms of streamlining,".....Says the manager.

If he took the time to turn to his left or right, would view a long row of unproductive managers promoted similarly through the same seniority based entitlement regime.  All sitting comfortably on bloated remuneration packages, at the expense of the hard work and innovation of the forty percent struggling on a pittance masquerading as a living wage

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Condolences to the family Yoshiko Ichikawa, 53.

Many senior citizens are entirely dependent on their cars, especially in rural areas. What measures can practically be provided to replace this dependence, so to prevent the grief that Yoshiko Ichikawa loved ones must be going through, happening again.

I listen to elderly family members in a state of denial, refusing to acknowledge their reaction times and eye sight are crucial for an ability to drive safely. The only option is for family members to take it in turns twice weekly to shuttle them around. A step in the right direction if buses and trams were more pensioner friendly.

The steps on the trams in Kochi are a nightmare for the elderly.

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Macron is a political cloth horse, an anything fits centralist, carries the minimum risk, pro EU. There is little or nothing disagreeable about the man. As former French finance minster he also did little or nothing to change an economy burdened with state intervention and high unemployment.  Look at the alternatives though?

The first round could present the surprises, or shock and awe, either way  only two will progress through. Could descend into  a political form of Russian roulette, with two extremes progressing to the final round, ok unlikely, however theoretically  Le Pen and Melenchon, could slip past on the rails. My money (literally) is on Macron and I am hedging Fillon.

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Word around the camp fire is the new iphone will retail at $1000. At the moment I have a Samsung s5, and carry around a second hand updated Fujitsu Lifebook SH90/T faster ram, 2tb ssd drive. I am tempted to return to Blackberry because I drawn to the keyboard.  S8+ in UK will retail at around £730.

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Shame about the price....around $840....allowing for costs of manufacturing and country tax regularity regime the profit margin is a around a cool 60%.

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Families are not feeling the so called positive effects of free trade through globalization. The integration of the European monetary system has not heralded higher standards of living.

Corporate tax exemptions and increased tariffs mean the cost of living have risen, stalling or decreasing household incomes. Where are all the promised benefits and opportunities for small medium sized business?

Only a small number of countries benefit, with the ability to work the system through currency, monetary measures ensuring millions of people are excluded. Greece is a case in question.

All these Ministers and Bank Governors are blatant in hiding there failings concealing poor economic policies, appalling levels of governance, weak or nonexistent structural reforms. Is it any wonder when given the opportunity at the ballot box the electorate are seething with rage?

What a smug, conceited bunch all oozing that self-congratulatory sense of superiority and entitlement. Any group that expresses a difference of opinion, or dares to question al the inconsistencies is dismissed as a sneering populist.

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Hard pressed families are not feeling the effects of globalization in any improvement in their standard of living.

Wages are depressed because widening income inequality, a direct effect of huge conglomerates that take cynical advantage of counties with the lowest income levels and lack regulatory employment/social restrictions.

This is compounded when comparing consumer purchasing power against financial institutions, banks and investors being able to expand their activities geographically yet dismantle controls and vital tax revenue growth on cross border flows of financial investment. As in the case of race to the bottom corporate tax incentives.

A issue the World Bank and IMF conveniently bushes aside.

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Hi Attilathehungry, A conundrum multiculturalism presents.

A fundamental dilemma that Ethnic, religious communities, with conflicting cultural, values, are require to integrate within a society that values freedom of expression, gender equally, sexual toleration and Gay/Lesbian marriage.

This is the why, one is totally incompatible with the other, and fanatical Islamic fundamentalists are adapt at indoctrination to incite hate through division and intolerance. The question who ultimately must shoulder responsibility politically, for propagating the policies that various ethnic and religious groups can share the same space and at the same time tolerate cultural diversity?

The families of 230 victims would like that question answered.

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Condolences to the Police officers family. This cold, calculated, callous slaying, alongside the malicious wounding of two other officers, is a cowardly act.

The timing of this atrocity, to coincide with the French Presidential Elections will undoubtedly test the people of France resolve. Especially so, the candidates, and their campaign teams temptation to extract political capital, and leverage to swing public opinion. This killing is a blatant attempt to turn communities against each other at a crucial time in the democratic process of election. Most of all to incite vengeful retribution against law abiding members of the Muslim community.

I hope the French political establishment and the people of France can rise about this wicked cynicism and unite in contempt at this brazen act of terrorism

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As Finance Minster, the question Taro Aso needs to fully address is his role in financial reforms whilst his policies reveal government spending is way in excess of the revenue it receives. The Aso effect is unproductive since his policies neither adds to the wealth of the forty percent working poor, nor enables SME's to enlarge their production capacity. A change in government spending or taxes reform is secondary to maintaining unsustainable government budget deficits.

What is more telling, Taro Aso put all his eggs in one basket, relying on TPP to cure most, if not all of Japan economic woes. With the TPP multilateral agreement magic carpet pulled out for under Taro Aso economic and monetary policy, exposed is Japan agriculture, and food and beef markets, all at the mercy of direct uncompromising competition, an inescapable factor of the bilateral FTA agreements, it's two-way, or no-way.

There is no avoiding a bilateral free-trade agreement, not with Wilbur Ross, United States Secretary of Commerce circling overhead and the promised renegotiation of Nafta looming.

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This survey/research smacks of a underlining social political agenda. People life choices are not driven to fall back on living with Mum and Dad. There are emotional factors at play. There is no distinction presented here between managed and planned independence, the rather nasty and offensive sneering insinuation behind the term, middle-aged 'parasite singles', home carers, and a wealth of single though no fault of their own shy away for the close contact of relationships. The finger point focus is vile, and directed at 'parasite singles'

I feel very sad and sympathise totally with Akihiro Karube, 53, his disability has left him a broken man.

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This UK General Election will be won and lost in a social media driven digital theatre, through that oblong monolith ninety percent of the electorate upper limbs are constantly attached too. Polls have been replaced with sophisticated relational-political database management systems to compile a strategy to engage in every form of active and passive measure to encourage political involvement and influence outcomes right to the point the pencil draws a X on the ballot paper.

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Prudence demands that Theresa May will tap corporate donors to finance survey research. This research is eye wateringly expensive. For an entire campaign, £10m plus. The electoral commission will need to on their toes. History has prove through social media, pin pointing groups, then tailoring directing ads to focus manifesto pledges influences the outcome of elections.

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I did support leave. I believe and am still convinced that the EU needs reform, plus more thought given to political union. What I have been viewing in detail is part of the the EU commissions negotiating position, nothing which requires non disclosure agreements. It is alarming how EU budgets have slide out of control and have been allowed to threaten the stability of monetary union that will effect the entire block.

I believe this will become increasingly apparent as the exit process begins.

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I am not totally convinced it is a done deal. I agree that the UK has voted to leave the EU on the 23rd June last.

After forty odd years of regulatory integration and some unfortunate, for want of a more apt description, economic circumstances. The foundations EMU is being supported on are wafer thin. There is no escape from the consequences, no pulling up the drawbridge in ignorant contempt.

It could all come down to political expediency, and presentation. Betrayal can be overcome if transparent and convincing membership criteria can seen to be beneficial to all. The conclusion must be arrived at through natural methodology.

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