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It takes months/years to organise arrange legitimierte referenda, the proposed question, eligibility to vote, registration of the vote public, polling criteria, independent over of the vote.

Of course a bogus vote takes just days and week, down the barrel of a guns.

And now more threats nuclear retaliation?

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If Truss is destined to be forced out of office, how would this be achieved?

Well one way could be to change the party’s leadership rules. It would be brutal/ruthless, the plotting grey men, would avoid another long-winded leadership race and manoeuvre the perceived safer pair of hands, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak runner up into office.  

Such and act would drive a coach and horses through any semblance of respect or democratic mandate of/too conservative party membership.  

Unless Truss is privy to economic mystic meg insight to the direction of fiscal and monetary global changes, Truss tenure in office could be measured in weeks.

The one political primacy Boris Johnson could always be relied upon in office was his ability to dither, do little/nothing, hope for the best., or throw a party.  

Rachel Reeves shadow chancellor, is one of the most economically and politically competent MPs in the commons. Reeves hatchet job on Truss government is structured to hit the target audience dead centre.

Labour will not waver from putting the UK economy on secure ground

When the BOE bond buying program winds down 14th October, interest rate will need to rise. If not before. As the price of energy, food etc works it way through the system.   

Plotters within the conservative party rarely turn the other way.

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Before I burn Truss and Kwarteng at the stake of fiscal and monetary incompetence, November 5th, Guy Fawkes night will soon be upon UK, wondering who or what effigies will be taking center stage on the bonfires up and down the country?

The tax cuts are a interesting gamble, Truss roll of he dice, the middle ground tax player £150,000 - £300,000 would benefit, how that would tickle down is a complete mystery though.

The so called serious wealthy, say yearly over £1,000,000, employ accountants, tax lawyers, wealth structuring, ,the provision of instruments to divest liability, the sorcery of private trust companies/family investment companies, wouldn't be concerned, or take advantage of changes to the higher rate of income tax.

Example Gary Lineker.....channels freelance earnings though a personal service company, Gary Lineker Media,

Perfectly above board, Lineker also is holder of directorships in a number of other companies.

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Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng actually thought that borrowing large amounts to splurge on unfunded tax cuts would go unnoticed by the financial markets.  

Borrowing costs has been flat for a decade, so subsequent governments have been filling their boots.

George Osbourne 2010 to 2016 borrowed to bail out the UK banks from global financial crisis. However, Osbourne brutally cut government spending, the then labour opposition, to this day refers to as tory austerity.

No one can for a moment suggest they didn’t see this coming. Did homeowners that took out mortgages for property at interest payments hovering at 1 - 2% seriously believe would remain at such a level indefinitely!???

At the same time holidaying on their flexible friends? Car loans? That new conservatory?

With a global economy wallowing, no drowning in cheap as chips wonga, money, money, money equalled borrow, borrow, borrow, of course it is free!!

What a load of old nonsense.

Like a credit card delinquent, sooner or later the bailiffs come knocking.

Then the pandemic struck, more borrowing.

The one person that warned Truss, former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, on the Conservative leadership campaign was howled down. By both his own party and the labour opposition.

The danger of rampant inflation was clearly evident in early 2021 as global supply chains started to buckle and production cost started to rise.

With the war in Ukraine and the Putin’s strangle hold on the energy market a perfect storm of economic misery is upon us.    

That is Europe as a whole, inflation in Germany, Holland is advancing faster than the UK.

The run on the pound has been brought under control for two weeks tops, as the BOE gilt/bond buying program runs it course.

Central banks sat on there hands instead of raising interest rates to counter the inflationary pressures. The US FED didn’t and took remedial action straight away

Labour, in the polls is sitting on, what appears as an unassailable lead.

The electorate seriously believes Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner will make the slightest difference. They won’t not for a moment, just fall back on past pledges of future gold at the end of a green new deal rainbow.

A wealth tax on the middle classes, and a windfall tax on the energy companies they will be relying upon to support there green new deal. None will there shareholders will see to that.

The Damage was complete a long time before economic dimwits Truss and  Kwarteng came stumbling over the horizon.

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All the music industry can hope is that Bruce Springsteen the boss

Does not venture down the musical path that ......Well ......

Rolf Harris - Stairway To Heaven - Top Of The Pops - Thursday 11th February 1993

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The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The man responsible for its rebirth was a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who presented the idea in 1894.

And in all intent and purposes should have remained.

In 21sr century the modern Olympics, is just a monument to commercialism, broken, a withering spectacle of a once great glorious monument of sporting achievement.

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A timeline of Russia’s state-sponsored Olympic doping scandal

Recent Russian doping controversies at the Olympics

The Russian government has routinely made a mockery of every Olympic ideal

The three values of Olympism are excellence, respect and friendship. They constitute the foundation on which the Olympic Movement builds its activities to promote sport, culture and education with a view to building a better world.

That is before that same government invaded Ukraine, and subjected its population to war crimes.

IOC president Thomas Bach has shown his leadership to be focused on commercial priorities over the ideal Bach was installed to protect.

(i) To draw attention of the world to the fact that National programmes of physical training and competitive sports not only helps in developing good health of young people but to create better citizens and promote development of their character and personality.*

(ii) To create in them a sense of loyalty, companionship and team-spirit, to enable young people to be more useful in life.

(iii) To stimulate the fine art by the organisation of exhibitions and similar displays in order to broaden their outlook and make life happier for them.

(iv) To inculcate among all sportspersons the concept that sports is a pastime and not an instrument for material.

(v) To create a spirit of international amity and goodwill and to contribute to better understanding among people and nations. Based on these well-defined ideals the two fundamental principles of the Olympic are that: in Olympic family there is no distinction of caste, creed, colour or race and all the competitors have to be amateurs.

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Emmanuel Macron France is at the mercy of the same predicament as the UK government, the US Federal Reserve board and there ratcheting up of US interest rates to curb inflation.

Euro to Dollar 0.97.

And to add to the pain ECB is about to raise rates.

Monetary policy decisions

Germany and the Northern member states will resist Russian energy cap leaving France and the southern states in a impossible predicament.

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Putin will annex whole swathes of sovereign Ukraine.

To save face and justify his war.

It will be cowardly appeasement, an outright betrayal of the Ukrainian people, many dead from barbaric atrocity.

A signal to the tyrant in china that genocide prevails over freedom of life.

This must never be allowed to happen.

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There is a clear tactical managed agenda, timed to coincide with Russian governments intention to Annexa Ukrainian sovereign territory after a bogus referenda.

It is classic Putin, such action designed to cause maximum terror to Europe, and at the same time up the threats to persuade the free world that Putin would stop at nothing, even the first use of nuclear weapons.

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Whether or not Russia was behind the Nord Stream blasts, little was at stake

But the fact remains that two undersea pipelines have been ruptured in a 24-hour period. They are designed to be tough: each section of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the company’s literature says, has a steel case 27 to 41mm thick, in turn surrounded by a concrete coating of 60 to 110mm.

One of the explosions measured 2.3 on the Richter scale, which Danish experts described as in line with a powerful bomb from the second world war. It is not therefore an entirely trivial incident, whose consequences were tellingly being talked up by senior Russian figures on Tuesday.

From the analysis above both the pipelines are damaged.

The result forced spot gas prices to rise by 19%.

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And the Russian Government knew from day one Europe's is at its most venerable when starved of its addition for Russian Energy, oil, gas etc.

Merkel Government was warned time and again to deal with its dependency of to Russian fossil fuels.

Merkel recklessly ignored all warnings.

The Russian Government is behind this economic and soon to be ecological catastrophe, knowing full well Europe, its people will freeze to death, the old, the most vernable, this cold winter.

Another atrocity to add to the ever growing list.

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The 2024 General Election will hinge on UK economy,

The worst case scenario, homeowners could start to default on there mortgages in significant numbers as interest rates rise, and inflation takes a hold, the doom loop, Wage increases required to keep pace would add to inflation, as strikes, industrial action becomes a common occurrence.

Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng failure to lend full transparency to publish the numbers and clear policies to how these tax cuts will ultimately be funded, causes the very uncertainty any government would wish to avoid.

In many respect Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng are the definition of neoliberalism, especially monetary fiscal, deregulate, free market, low tax. The philosophy or theory if you wish that a growing economy, an abundance of jobs with taxpayers keeping more of their hard earned incomes.

The cloud on Labours horizon, is Keir Starmer and deputy Angela Rayner are politically/ideologically poles apart, Andy Burnham is another thorn in Starmer side waiting to pull the rug from under him.

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I have returned home, my neighbours view  Shinzo Abe/the LDP as the saviours of the whole agricultural community regardless of any political economic legitimacy.

The whole ceremony, a vigil for a politician, a former Prime Minster, is cemented to a past that refuses to step back and create a prosperous future, to deal with depopulation, the struggles that so many of these elite take for granted.

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Among the crowd were Kosei Yamamoto, 16, and Teppei Katsuno, 15, who said they came because Abe had been prime minister for so long.

"I felt close to him as he dressed up as Mario at the time of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and it was sad to see the attack" that left Abe dead, said Katsuno.

I wonder why Japan is obsessed with seniority over merit, over proven skills, over the ability to innovate?

Coupled with extraneous irrelevance of cosplay.

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My neighbours invited me to there home to view the ceremony. We are drinking a very good sake. The occasion is solemn and respectful. Some shed tears.

Maybe later they will shed some light on the cultural significance.

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LIVE】安倍元首相「国葬」映像ライブ The State Funeral for Shinzo Abe (Full Live stream)

The Courtage is on its way.

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Of course this state funeral would always have to prevail.

Will public opinion change at the ballot box No!

A significant number of the electorate 18 to 25 eligible to vote, registered, refuses to register that vote at the ballot box. That is walk into a booth a mark their card.

Whilst elder member of J society vote in, time after time a ruling government.


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There is a self inflicted political storm brewing.

To deploy political shenanigans on the inauspicious belief, dressed up as funeral diplomacy on the fridges of a commemoration of sorts to the legacy of Japans longest serving prime minster is erroneous when J tax payers without consultation have to pay.

This without doubt will come back to haunt the LDP ruling government, if on the day of Funeral wide spread demonstrations take place.

The underlining curse of a cult Moonies infecting every level of ruling government is front center. The very modus operandi of the alleged assassin.

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'condolence diplomacy' unseemly, unworthy, demeaning, cynical even, to the memory of former Prime Minster assassinated in the street.


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antiquesavings, i believe this war is unwinnable, honour and trust has evaporated.

The EU/UK economies are racked with uncertainly, energy prices have or soon will condemn families into fuel poverty. It is surely a bleak mid winter on the horizon.

The only way this war will end is through a negotiated settlement, how such a scenario will be achieved could well amount to wishful thinking.

How Crimea's Complex History With Russia Dates Back to the 19th Century

Crimea is a case in question? Crimea is not some trinket that can be taken bargained or handed back.

A 1997 treaty with Ukraine allowed Russia to keep its Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, under a lease that has been extended until 2042.

The Russian separatists will need some form of autonomy, a settlement could be thrashed out under the stewardship of the EU Commission with the backing of the ECJ.

However the Russian Army would have to withdraw, from the separatist regions as an act of goodwill to be replaced by an agreed independent peacekeeping force.

That would entail a total ceasefire, a buffer zone created, and a withdrawal of all heavy weapons. All of which would have to be independently verified.

antiquesavings I will only offer a honest opinion, always, as a humble opinion it is not given to be correct.

I just want this war to end.

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Maybe it is all propaganda, Antiquesaving

Russian conscripts sent into Ukraine with RUSTY AKs: Civilian reservists forced to join Putin's war machine are handed worn out weapons before heading to frontline

It would not be the first time, if it isn't these young men have been shameless betrayed. and left to die needlessly cruelly alone on some foreign battle field.

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Forward he cried from the rear

And the front rank died

And the general sat

And the lines on the map

Moved from side to side

George Roger Waters, Richard William Wright, Us and Them

These so-called mobilized recruits, reportedly handed rusty AK47's, are front rank cannon fodder, young men forced to give there lives for a cause none believe in.

The tyrant dictator at the rear, a deranged ego, screaming forward, will sooner or later be held accountable if there is any justice left in this god forsaken world

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Cleo I messed up from day one, I foolishly believed that political debate amongst the next generation, at least in my close family has any relevance to there futures.

My fault,

They are more interested in my vintage pinball machines.

I have learnt patience though. They struggle at Maths and Sciences.

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Cleo, I have always suspected that to be the case, however when I have politely asked younger members of my family they shut me down and insist they did not register.

Aunt rock'n'bore is about to lecture on politics.

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theResident. I am willing to bet that most of the protesters will huff and puff, but at the next election will vote for the LDP ruling party.

That is the way it is, I have learnt to just, shamefully, to refrain to mentioning politics at social gatherings any more, silence is golden.

My family don't want to pay for this state funeral. in fact every one of my neighbours was less than happy.

I mentioned we could compose a letter to our MP, silence, a polite letter I countered, the de facto community leader whispered no!

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If any are seriously suggesting that this LDP Government after inviting world leaders, Fumihito, Crown Prince Akishino and family, are suddenly going to cancel Shinzo Abe’s state funeral, you living in cloud cuckoo land.

The most effective way to protest is at the ballot box, the only way to force change.

That, has to date, never happened, has it?

Why? for a start 18 to 25 year olds fail to register to vote, let alone make to the ballot box.

This protest is meaningless, it a hissy fit, without cause to create political movement.

I asked my neighbours if they knew how to lobby there Diet representative?

The answer was simple, why would we want to?

That cuts to the heart of the matter. It is to late to cancel

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Any cancelation of Shinzo Abe’s state funeral state funeral would represent a national humiliation.

It would also could be construed as a loss of face for the people of Japan.

Let alone the hurt this would cause to Shinzo Abe family, Widow

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida cabinet failed to engage public opinion on the political nuances of tax payer funding for such and event. All unnecessarily opening a can of worms on whether Shinzo Abe premiership was disserving of a state funeral.

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I have never had the acquaintance of a politically belligerent or aggressive Russian, mostly IT specialists are calm, with a infectious dry sense of humour.

If they are fleeing, to avoid fighting in a war with there neighbours they want nothing to do with at the very least listen to there pleas.

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Or forced sent to War.

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