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Hi Jimizo, Honesty sorry, I avoided to your question. I do not feel faith schools policy of exclusion is justified.

My opinions around social mobility and inclusion are key to raising standards. Any admission policy that divides students into what could be construed as filtering out potential winners and rejecting so called losers I frankly abhor.  High performing schools cream off successes before the starting gun of UK ghastly lottery of a school and education system has even begun.

Faith Schools just add to the problem, however if all schools irrespective of any religious selection process where compelled to admit children even if those families were agnostic could be the basis for a compromise. The UK school system is at breaking point. The successes that pass entrance tests, I use that term because a increasing minority of parents can afford prep school and private tutoring where the vast majority cannot.

Muslim community schools are another issue altogether. Some have been at the forefront of gender discriminatory practices that fail to provide even the basic national curriculum. This and the instances of schools run on strict Islamic principles is where confrontation to bring about change has to begin. However the first step in breaking through the entrenched mindset of these closed communities.

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Hi Jimizo, Closed communities that fester an extremist form of Islamism are incompatible to Great Britain core beliefs, culture, customs and values. I believe that this needs to be accepted, understood.

The question is how far and how soon Great Britain as a nation confronts this fact. Freedom, gender equality, even western style parliamentary led democratic Government seems unable to exist or occupy the same space as Islamic fundamentalism.

Moderate British Muslims have been able to tolerate cultural difference and integrate, diversify. Some younger Muslims have succumbed to the doctrine of extreme Islamic militancy.

I gave been brought up in the Roman Catholic communion, staunchly, refraining through choice close intimacy until marriage. However my beliefs, faith and religious self  identity is a personal matter that I have never seen fit to lecture or burden my colleges, family or friends. This tolerant approach cannot be said of other faiths and cultures where intolerance to western cultures has allowed resentment to fester, leading to hostility and ultimately segregation and hatred.  

M3 makes a point about confronting reality, I believe that point has been reached. Humbly, UK political leadership have failed the people, putting careers before convictions, not having the courage and honesty to follow up on taking the difficult decisions.

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UK politicians have failed in their basic duty of care to protect the people of Britain from terrorist atrocities planned and carried out in the name of Islam .

Governments past and present have lacked the political will, courage, to engage with Muslim communities, may I suggest to confront the consequences right in front of them.

To confront religious intolerance, segregation both in education and society in general. Integration, or the lack of it, at the very least in the multicultural sense has lead to racial/cultural intolerance to the very principals Great  Britain beliefs and values are founded and on.

Reports although unconfirmed by government , suggest up to 20,000 Jihadists in various stages of radicalization could be active and hiding within communities in UK towns and cities. The honesty to admit that leaks from US intelligence sources, allege a level of prior knowledge of imminent danger. Strategies failed to be implemented, alerts failed to be acted upon. Only the innocent have been the victims here. Politicians for all parties are quick to pounce on the sound bite and the cliché from the safety  of round the clock protection.  

Government the political establishment must be head accountable.

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That is the challenge communities have to face. Short term, the scope for security services is clearly defined in the 2005 Prevention of Terrorism act. Article 76 deal with control orders.

Beyond this, medium/long term is integration and  tackling segregation. Especially in schools and the education system. The acceptance of core British values that define UK society as a nation. Free speech, the democratic rule of parliament, freedom of expression, law and order, tolerance/equality.  etc

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Hi kurisupisu, This defines the necessity that without fear or favour communities and government must act and accept that segregation has fueled resentment and to find consensus for change. Failure to react positively will have tragic consequences. Community leadership is key to construct a unified approach. One has to differentiate between clear failures on the enforcement of law and order through political correct agendas and fanatical extremism      

Extremist fanaticism and ideology transgresses beyond historic past grievances and perceived NATO support of Syrian rebels factions. An incendiary mix of pious dogmatic ideological indoctrination is key to radicalising these so called crusaders.  

The contemporary geopolitical process is a means to cynically provide interdependency. That one is automatically to blame for the other. This position defines the politics of conflict.  A strategy of perpetual  hostility.

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It is important not to make direct comparisons to Muslim communities that have established peaceful coexistence, who recoil in abhorrence at these extremists.  There must be clear separation, dissociation that defines a course of action that isolates Jihadist extremism within communities .

Revulsion, aversion must aid the identification of fanaticism, zealotry, ultimately leading to the identification of the extremists before atrocities occur.   

The diverse origins of Britain's Muslims....

The first mosque in Britain is believed to have been opened at 2 Glyn Rhondda Street, Cardiff, in 1860, although this is disputed.

Manchester Arena attack: Muslim leaders condemn ‘horrific’ suicide bombing - Community figures insist that ‘barbaric terrorists’ will not cause division

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Trying to find a solution, building confidence through trust within communities, starting with the education system.  However this cannot be achieved when beliefs are so diverse that conflicts are assured when cultures and values are so incompatible. Firstly government will need to recognize accept this.  The who/why/how is through unanimity and leadership.   

The question zichi, is how the bring that cycle to an end.

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There is genuinely a case for political independence from Westminster. There is an mountain to climb economically though. The UK referendum resulting in Independence from the EU has only exasperated and antagonized the SNP. The breakup of the union might not be convincing enough for a majority Scottish voters to accept First Minister Nicola Sturgeon  "strengthen Scotland's hand against an extreme Brexit that will put tens of thousands of Scottish jobs at risk."....

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The aim is to wreak torment and abhorrence, killing societies most venerable, children teenagers ruthlessly without conscience. The perpetrators want to fan the flames of conflict without end, a continuous cycle of hate, provoking communities to appoint scapegoats.

Society must root out the extremists, not lash out.

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An atrocity, a suicide nail bomber, detonated to maximise the panic, massacre, and carnage as families with their children were vacating Manchester Arena, from Ariana Grande concert.

This act is beyond barbarism, it is monstrous and unholy, wicked in it targeting the most innocent and venerable. The terrorist ultimate diabolical agenda is to turn communities against each other in vengeful hate and recrimination.

The only effect method of retaliation is  to unite and identify the radical fundamentalists that are hiding within UK communities.       

Thoughts are with the victims Families.

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Minutes ago, choose my stationary from Quill x

Hand written is a caring personal touch, something extra.

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A spectacle of  unbridled extravagance, even by so called society wedding standards. Nuanced refinement over ostentatious glitz. Maybe a tad disingenuous after all should be wishing the couple well.

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How long before members of the UN security council accept that North Korea's latest ballistic missile programme will eventually reach an end game?

The point that towns and cities across mainland Japan are directly targeted ? With North Korea nuclear capability, time to take military action. The peaceful solution has run its course, and failed.

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The city of London, the manner in which clearance houses handle complex currency-denominated instrument/derivative trades, the bespoke regulation, the English legislative structure basically London manages over 70% of all currency denominated clearance.

The Euro is just one of many currencies that London handles. The management of credit risk in the event of a default, the laws are in place to deal with that eventuality. As important is a foundation of confidence that this standard applies globally. There can be no protectionism or exceptions to this rule. Any changes and the Euro status as a global reserve currency would be questioned. The CME Group would mount a legal challenge. There has to be balanced trades no favouritism towards EU institutions. The ECB financial transactions tax is an insight to how finical institutions will react. Market retraction.

All this huffing and puffing from France, Germany, the EU parliament could have severe repercussions on the cost of sovereign debts to all 27 remaining member states. When the red mist clears, it will be too late for blames games.           

CME Group: Futures & Options Trading for Risk Management

So Seiji Nakata, I would tread carefully, your customers/shareholders won't thank you for failure to understand fully the implications.

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A female stork, a species designated as a special national treasure....

This act of gross negligence must have severe consequences for the perpetrator. What part of, make absolutely certain you can positively identify your target and what is beyond it, didn't this hunter understand or comprehend.

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WikiLeaks ,"If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ case."

Whether Julian Assange made this pledge or not. Even if Barack Obama clemency of Manning falls short of conditions to that undertaking. Manning alleged testimony insinuating that Assange colluded/steered in identify classified documents to leak, could well see Julian Assange face trail in the US on yet to be publically briefed charges or extradition requests. Julian Assange arrogance has assured imprisonment indefinitely at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.   

Every occasion Assange stands howling from that balcony strengthens the US authorities resolve.

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Yusaku Maezawa is clearly overjoyed. Enough to have parted with $110.5 million for the 1982 artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I am struggling to appreciate Yusaku Maezawa sense of humour. The noughts and crosses look suspiciously like my nephews and nieces wandered up and doodled.

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Hi borscht, I read Kei Komuro is employed at a Solicitors chambers in Yokohama. I am sure cupid arrow has worked it magic.

Excited for both Princess Mako and Kei Komuro. There is nothing like a wedding to realize fully who and how many relatives one has.

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Hi Madverts, yes I do feel utter disgust and contempt for Hindley and Brady, and admittedly I would have wish both ill will.

The manner in which Myra Hindley manipulated Lord Longford proved what a wicked sinister scheming murderer Hindley was. Brady had nothing but merciless contempt for the families of his victims, who suffered a life of unrelenting desolation and despair.

Dangerous liaison

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If the man molested this woman judicial process should be observed.

Up until that point this man has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  It follows that he should be treated with respect and dignity. 

Did he panic though guilt or through fear that summary justice was about to be dispensed? His death, the sorrow and loss to his family is beyond doubt the most unjust consequence of all.

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Ian Brady, detained at Ashworth Hospital after being diagnosed insane in 1985, was tormented by his guards.

Kept alive through force feeding. Being hospitalised allowed the Ashworth psychiatric staff to sustain life.

Brady was determined to end his life. I am thankful this monster that tortured and murdered children, in many cases recording his depraved and despicable acts with willing accomplice Myra Hindley, for half a century was forcefully denied his death wish.

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The government of Germany will not countenance anypolicy or reform that looks remotely like debt, tax/fiscal mutualisation/consolidation.

Euro-bonds and a comprehensive reform programme will be under the total control of the Bundesbank. The ECB, as presently will just be a front. Underlying monetary and fiscal policy will focus solely on the competitiveness of and for German economic interest.

The influence of the Bundesbank within the Euro system and the ECB is undeniable. Economic and monetary policy is heavy focused on the German financial model.

France's new President Emmanuel Macron must be aware of this fact, after all he purports be an investment banker. Surely he cannot believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to agree to any form of Euro-zone budget, EU wide corporate income tax.

France cannot compete with the industrial strength of the German economy. German financial weight, and the ability to force down wage growth with competitive tax cuts play to the advantages of the single currency.

France will have to find a way of withdrawal from the Euro to even keep pace.

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Hi fxgai, the UK privatization of the utility companies did not result in service improvement or competition.

Rail, telecommunications, energy, etc etc, has been a bitter disappointment for investment and customer service. I could moan about British Telecom until I turn purple with anger. Our business had to lay and commission our own fiber/switch network to the local exchange because BT made preposterous financial demands. Then tried to prevent the business from selling our excess capacity to local technology companies.

Raising taxes will never solve underlining flaws in economic policy. Government spending has not provided long term value. The countries road infrastructure is woefully inadequate and freight services unreliable and costly.

The UK government will not invest in accredited IT programs in schools relining on importing the skills from overseas. This is a incredibly short sighted policy. However it is within the NHS that failure to provide investment to train the next generation of clinicians is the most concerning.

The United States has a totally different approach to innovation and enterprise. The EU and UK at this moment just cannot compete, as has been the case in social media, and tech start ups.

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Hi fxgai, That has been the issue within the Euro-zone. It is simple to work around. German bank just needs to set up a office in Singapore, or Hong Kong. All the EU member states have welfare states, social costs. They have regulatory authority to match and bludgeoning sovereign debt. Without G20 agreement or consensus it is a non starter, as the EU commission has found.

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Hi Jimizo, The UK has a lopsided taxation system of direct and indirect taxes. Some are capture all blunt instruments. But it is the behaviour of local government that I find intolerable and again has not been an issue debated at this election at all. Local authorities are serial wasters and hide failure behind a blame game at their contractors door. Policies on waste collection is an example to a culture of denial, unclear roles and responsibilities, and refusal to change. Brighton & Hove council fails constantly to carry out its basic statutory duties.

I agree with labour policies on the Gig economy and zero hours contracts. However without any semblance of unity within the party and a leadership team that fails to maintain discipline. Diane Abbot is excruciatingly hapless.

My dustbin of history referral was to Labours spending commitments, they have to be clearly costed out. John McDonnell cannot rely on tax, spend, and borrow. Real growth in the economy needs to be sustained especially when the UK is running a large budget deficit.

One demographic that vote is the over sixties, the bungalow Meg and Bill types. They are fiercely protective on their triple lock state pensions guarantee. In the local elections they wasted no time in staging a protest vote in Labour natural heartland.   

Another issue is EU membership?  

Hi zichi, I listen to his stories, there was a bar in his exchange building. They used to drive at lunchtime and climb into a van. He spend two days a week on gardening leave. But there could have been change with the right management and a new culture. Sometime confrontation is the only way.

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Hi Jimizo, The tax contribution from the UK financial services sector 2016 was around 11% of the UK's total tax receipt. some £70bn. A financial transaction tax across the equities and bonds markets would certainly raise additional revenue to the exchequer.

However there is a number of work abounds, an example, I set up my UK banking operation in Hong Kong converting my sterling/euro to yen then selling to a US hedge through my off shore trust in the Grand Cayman.

For a transaction tax to be effective there needs to be a global regulatory body backed up by consensus. A more direct route for additional taxes could be levied on tangible assets. A more efficient way to collect on banks' profits.  I do think that indirect taxes in the UK are grossly unequal, especially VAT, and the way national insurance contributions are levied.      

Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, presented a clear agenda on how consensus can be reached on taxation. This is where I would agree that financial transaction tax could be implemented effectively.

Hi zichi, One senior family member was a Post Office strowger engineer spent all his working life with the company.

Privatisation of UK utility companies was a political act of recklessness. It was never intended to improve services or start a public share owning democratic revolution.

The Post Office (GPO) was sold off by a Conservative Government through incompetence, never undertaking a process to realise the GPO auditable assets, before embarking on a investment programme to implement a new national digital telephone exchange system.

When a research assistant, in my first year at college early 2007, I wrote a  dissertation summery into the costing/auditing for AXE10 switch migration from documents dating back to 1981.

Margaret Thatcher government privatized the GPO because they foolishly failed to realize it full value and potential. One valuable asset was a fledgling company called Cellnet. Some of the mobile phone technology developed by BT Martlesham laboratories was revolutionary. The civil servants had no idea of its commercial value.

I am dreading the outcome of this election. No country should be lumbered with a ruling government that cynically called an election to smother democratic accountability.

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Actually, putting the UK dysfunctional essential services and utilities companies under the political spotlight in this 8th June general election, is paramount.

UK transport infrastructure (rail/roads) are a national embarrassment. Theresa Mays conservative government should hang their heads in shame. The NHS is in a state of crisis, government minsters and senior health trust managers have no long term strategic plan to reverse a worrying decline in the performance of major hospitals.

In all regions, delays in life saving cancer treatment is appalling, one health trust has an 80 day delay to start treatment.

This election has focused on political insults and character assassinations instead of producing sound coherent consultation processes so the electorate can assess before planned implementation. Worst of all Theresa Mays government is not being held accountable for failure to address the lack of social mobility in the countries education system.

UK political elite, in government and those faceless unaccountable civil servants/mandarins, a cohort of shoo-in gold plated pension honours list entitlement have no wish or understanding for a inclusive decision making process. It is a anathema to them for the public at large to be able to clearly see how and why decisions that effect their lives are made.

Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell propose and present a political/economic paradox from a past that should, for good reason, remain long forgotten. Consigned quite right to the dustbin of history. It is extraordinary that the leader of an opposition cannot convince his own parliamentary party to support or back his election manifesto.

The UK has spent far too much time concentrating on the forthcoming EU - UK negotiation process, when present critical economic challenges are far closer to home.

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Japanese finance minster Taro Aso is impeccably dressed, and clearly enjoying the climate in Bari, Italy. Shame about the gathering economic storm clouds, President Trump pending re-negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and a bonfire of financial regulations.

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Hi JeffLee,

A sector based analysis framework defines the relationship between private surplus and government deficits. (S = I + (S – I), look at me Nobel prizewinning winning economic Yoda's won't shut up about theorizing the meaning.

The practical reality is the upper six form, or entry level year algebraic finance and economics module debate to understanding sector financial balances and plot derivation of national income accounting. 

However the reality, in the here and now, is finding front/center political and economic consensus at the G7 finance ministers/central bankers two day meeting in Italy.  President Trump administration has policy proposals that could stall or even reverse the march of globalization in trade and commerce. At least in scale.

Many question Donald Trump moral fortitude with good reason, but President Trump has a valid point where rampant globalization is concerned and the entities that benefit.

My business is dependent on be able to seamlessly deliver products and services to all G7 countries. So the consumption sector variable is diverse. The supply driving growth model is reliant on the principal of open economy.

My humble opinion is the simple principal, I borrowed and persuaded investors to lead me money. I presented a business model promising to reward their belief and confidence with profit. I have to deliver. Now why can't we demand the same from our politicians and government? I think that is a just and fair question to ask.

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Just a level playing field, genuine recognition that promotion and opportunities are rewarded through hard work, experience, fairly and equally.

Does this really need a Global summit in Tokyo discusses women's empowerment to make this happen? It all sounds irritatingly condescending. "Beyond Womenomics: Accelerating Access," what does this mean beyond a predictability banal platitude with all the overtones of a film sequel.   

The forum presented this year's Global Women's Leadership Award to Abe, who has made female empowerment a major pillar of his economic growth strategy as Japan faces a shrinking workforce and aging society........

In 2015, 56% of all female employees were in non-regular employment, so did 2016 herald an improvement?

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