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Posted in: Ontario enters harder lockdown; police get more powers as COVID cases soar See in context

Complete fascism. Hard to believe that people are willingly going along with restrictions on their freedom.

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Posted in: Australia to continue review of COVID vaccinations See in context

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Posted in: Gucci heirs worry over family depiction in Ridley Scott film, starring Lady Gaga See in context

They shouldn’t worry. No one watches Hollywood movies anymore. They all stink.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic swimmers may miss out on COVID-19 vaccine See in context

The shot is more dangerous to those swimmers than the virus itself. They should refuse it anyway then defy the fascist quarantine.

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Posted in: Germany, U.S. call on Russia to pull back troops from Ukrainian border See in context

Putin is obviously not the least bit scared or respectful of the Biden administration.

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Posted in: J&J COVID-19 vaccine in limbo as U.S. panel delays vote on resuming shots See in context

The COVID-19 “vaccine” skeptics have been vindicated. The shot is more dangerous than the virus.

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Posted in: Loud and Proud: Shake Shack's recipe for an inclusive workplace See in context

Group identity politics has been a central tenet of authoritarian political movements such as Communism and fascism since their beginnings. This way of thinking is very destructive.

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Posted in: Australia rules out adding J&J vaccine to inoculation plan See in context

The shot is more dangerous than the disease.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern says border workers must take COVID-19 vaccine after new cases See in context

You cannot mandate a vaccine, especially one as dangerous as this one. It’s fascism.

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Posted in: EU drug regulator says it is up to countries to decide how to handle AstraZeneca See in context

The AZ shot is poison.

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Posted in: MLB officially moves All-Star Game to Denver's Coors Field See in context

Colorado’s voter laws are more restrictive than Georgia’s.

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Posted in: Restaurant owners clash with police in Rome lockdown protest See in context

Restaurants should defy the fascist lockdowns and stay open.

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Posted in: Sanchez racially abused online; Tottenham offers support See in context

Try ignoring it. You know you can turn off Instagram.

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Posted in: 5 women arrested in southern France in suspected attack plot See in context

According to CNN or BBC, these four women must be “White supremacists.”

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Posted in: UK logs 30 blood clot cases after AstraZeneca jabs See in context

Blood clotting is the short term effect. What about long term?

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Posted in: Belgium police clash with partiers amid virus restrictions See in context

You gotta fight for your right to party, especially against the Covid commies.

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Posted in: Macron orders COVID-19 lockdown across all of France; closes schools See in context

Lockdowns don’t work. You need herd immunity.

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Posted in: G Gordon Liddy, Watergate mastermind, dead at 90 See in context

He was a man among men. Liberals were terrified of him.

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Posted in: Canada suspends AstraZeneca vaccine for people under 55 See in context

All the shots are dangerous, not just AZ. They were rushed into production.

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Posted in: France tries to avoid another national lockdown See in context

Don’t do a lockdown, it won’t help in the long run.

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Posted in: Australia's Queensland warns of more COVID-19 cases; Easter travel plans on hold See in context

There is zero herd immunity in Australia because of their excessive lockdowns. Failed strategy.

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Posted in: Maritime traffic jam grows outside blocked Suez Canal See in context

Because of naturally occurring global warming, the Arctic sea routes are currently open and provide a safe alternative to the Suez and Horn of Africa routes.

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Posted in: Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force See in context

Is it a coincidence that China started being more aggressive after Biden became President?

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Posted in: Japan beats South Korea 3-0 to claim soccer bragging rights See in context

The Koreans usually play dirty against Japan but the Japanese players have gotten used to it.

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Posted in: Philippines deploys more navy ships to disputed sea amid row with China See in context

The Obama Administration promised the Philippines that they would help protect its sovereignty over those islands but then did nothing when China moved in. It’s not a coincidence that China has resumed the aggression as soon as Biden took office.

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Posted in: New Zealand Olympians to get early access to COVID-19 vaccine See in context

I wonder how many of the athletes’ careers will be shortened from taking that poisonous, experimental “vaccine?”

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Posted in: 'Nomadland' wins PGA Award, cementing front-runner status See in context

I agree. It’s ok, but nothing special. Hollywood has really gone downhill in the past 5 years.

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Posted in: Seattle Proud Boys leader pleads not guilty in Capitol siege See in context

Of course he pleaded not guilty. The actual leader of the demonstration was John Sullivan, an Antifa leader and Democratic activist.

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Posted in: Asian Americans seek greater political power in U.S. after shootings See in context

The Democrats have made it clear that discrimination against Asians is fine by their admissions policies at Yale, Harvard and other elitist schools.

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Posted in: French COVID-19 cases accelerate despite new lockdown See in context

Lockdowns don’t work. It’s political theater only.

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