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Posted in: 'Women, go back to the kitchen' command election banners seen in Okinawa See in context

Those banners are false flags to make Yara look bad.

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Posted in: Right-wing opposition sweeps to power in Canada's oil region, setting up fight with Trudeau See in context

Good to see Canadians waking up and trashing leftist lunacy and the cult of global warming.

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Posted in: Japan's 2017/18 CO2 emissions drop to 8-year low See in context

Nuclear energy saves the planet.

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Posted in: 4 dead after shooting in Canada; 1 male suspect in custody See in context

This shouldn’t be possible with Canada’s strict gun control?

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Posted in: Trump suggests he's moving forward with sanctuary city plan See in context

Do it, Mr President! MAGA!

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Posted in: Japan asks Britain to minimize negative Brexit impact See in context

C’mon Japan. There will be no negative impact from Brexit. Stop listening to globalist propaganda.

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Posted in: Finnish Social Democrats and nationalist Finns Party nearly tied in election See in context

Another country in Europe about to be taken over by economic nationalism.

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Posted in: UK pressured not to overlook Swedish claims to Assange See in context

Does Sweden torture its prisoners? If so, Assange should be sent to the US.

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Posted in: Journalism or not? WikiLeaks' status in media world complex See in context

It’s interesting that journalists on CNN aren’t coming to Assange’s defense. Probably because they think he cost their preferred candidate the election.

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Posted in: Assange held in London jail ahead of long legal fight See in context

C’mon, Assange, tell us who killed Seth and we’ll let you go.

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Posted in: Trump weighs sending 'unlimited supply' of immigrants to sanctuary cities See in context

LOL, President Trump is savage. Those progressive havens will go further bankrupt clothing, housing, and dealing with the increased crime.

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Posted in: Vunipola stands firm after 'liking' Folau's anti-gay comments See in context

Looks like people are more willing lately to publicly stand up for their beliefs in the face of authoritarian political correctness. Why would that be?

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Posted in: Chicago sues actor Jussie Smollett for police costs See in context

The new mayor may withdraw the lawsuit after Smollett calls in a few more favors.

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Posted in: Rugby Australia terminates Folau's contract after anti-gay comments on social media See in context

So, the only protected group on Folau’s list are homosexuals?

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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

Seeing Assange dragged out of the embassy was hilarious. Because he skipped bail last time, I expect the UK to keep him behind bars as his extradition appeals process over the next couple of years. He can end it anytime by just revealing who killed Seth Rich.

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Posted in: Former Obama lawyer Craig charged in Mueller spin-off probe See in context

Mueller just took down his first Democrat and it wasn’t even mentioned on CNN’s front page. I wonder why? Looks like Podesta will be next, LOL.

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Posted in: Palestinians condemn Airbnb about-face on delisting Israeli settlements See in context

The Palestinians have no moral high ground because of all their acts of terrorism.

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Posted in: Geoffrey Rush wins defamation case against Sydney newspaper publisher See in context

The woman who made the false accusations also needs to be held accountable.

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Posted in: Aum Shinrikyo spinoff group Aleph ordered to pay ¥1.03 bil to victims See in context

The plaintiffs should now be able to seize Aleph assets to pay the judgment.

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Posted in: Israelis go to polls with Netanyahu looking for record reign See in context

This election is a microcosm of the cultural conflict in Judaism between Reformist and conservative Jews.

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Posted in: Google disbands artificial intelligence ethics board See in context

A lot of leftist fascism going on at Google. Not good.

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Posted in: Chicago will sue actor Jussie Smollett after he refuses to pay for police overtime See in context

The new mayor may drop the charges which won’t get her off to a good start with the police.

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Posted in: 'He hugs everybody': Women divided over defense of Biden See in context

The DNC has picked Kamala Harris so they’re trying to take out Biden.

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Posted in: Amazon's Bezos, ex-wife reach biggest divorce deal in history See in context

I think Bezos got off easy. I was hoping his wife would get the Washington Post and change it back to a respectable newspaper.

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Posted in: Japan bans fencing coach for bullying athletes See in context

Sounds like the Japanese team has improved under the harsher coaching.

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Posted in: New Zealand holds national memorial service for mosque massacre victims See in context

The shooter said in his manifesto that he wants the government to ban guns. That’s why they don’t want anyone to read it, because they’re giving the terrorist what he wants.

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Posted in: Trump backs off proposal to cut Special Olympics funds See in context

Private charity and church groups should be funding that, not the federal government.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to shut Mexico border, again See in context

Shut it down, Mr President. MAGA!

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Posted in: Trump calls Smollett case embarrassment; announces review See in context

Unfortunately, there isn’t much the Feds can do. The people of Illinois need to show their displeasure at the ballot box.

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Posted in: Chicago prosecutor defends dropping charges in Jussie Smollett case See in context

Looks like gay black men have the most privilege in the US right now.

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