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Posted in: Trump says he has 'absolute right' to declare emergency See in context

The article doesn’t mention that President Trump’s predecessor also used executive emergency powers. Anyway, while it’s being decided in the courts, the administration can also reappropriate some funds to get things started.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

Hopefully, the DNC won’t secretly undermine his campaign this time so he’ll have a fair shot, although it appears they have already decided on K Harris.

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Posted in: Europeans reject Trump's call to repatriate Syria jihadists See in context

Yup, Europe still wants the US to clean up the mess for them.

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Posted in: Does U.S. President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

For his work with N Korea alone he deserves it.

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Posted in: Trump emergency declaration faces uncertain fate in coming court fight See in context

It should be in front of SCOTUS before the end of this year. So, construction on the yuge concrete WALL should start by this time next year.

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Posted in: Chicago police release 2 men questioned in Smollett case See in context

Now that this predictably turned out to be a hoax, watch the media drop it like a hot potato. Anyway, Smollett needs to be prosecuted for filing a false report.

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Posted in: Amazon drops New York headquarters plan amid protests See in context

I’m not a Bezos fan but it’s good to see him stick it to New York Democrats and their anti-business attitude.

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Posted in: Trump to sign border bill, but also declare emergency seeking wall funds See in context

Democrats caved and gave 55 miles of wall. Remember when Pelosi swore she would give nothing? Big victory for the President.

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Posted in: Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan See in context

If the dolphins aren’t endangered then nothing wrong with hunting them if people are willing to eat them.

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Posted in: Face tattoos: A trend that is here to stay? See in context

Tattoos are ok on men, but look terrible on women.

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Posted in: U.S. job openings jump to record high of 7.3 million See in context

Thank you President Trump! More winning.

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Posted in: No-deal Brexit could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide: study See in context

Globalist propaganda.

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Posted in: Separated migrant families demand millions from U.S. agencies See in context

Illegal aliens have no legal standing in cases like this.

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Posted in: German director defends horror flick against #MeToo criticism See in context

I agree with Akin that political correctness should not be used to censor art, but I’m not sure that I would pay to watch a movie about women being raped and tortured to death.

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Posted in: Cold wave grips Hokkaido See in context

Hokkaido could use some of that global warming. Quick, give them some carbon!

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Posted in: Trump adviser Stone: I'm not Kim Kardashian, don't need gag order See in context

Roger Stone is the man.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

The Green Deal appears to be a socialist initiative.

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Posted in: From Gucci to Prada, fashion mistakes evoke racist imagery See in context

Companies need to stop caving to SJWs and other leftist loonies.

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Posted in: Top Virginia Democrats imperiled by blackface, sex assault scandals See in context

By Democrats standards, all three need to resign.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Sorry EU, you’v been dumped.

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Posted in: Is Kim Jong Un really ready to make a deal? See in context

Ironically, Democrats are hoping the summit fails. They’d rather risk a nuclear war than for President Trump to have another win.

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Posted in: Trump introduces World Bank critic David Malpass to lead it See in context

Classic Trump, nominating an anti-globalist to lead the top globalist cabal.

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Posted in: 2018 was 4th warmest on record, but next 5 years could break records See in context

Are temperature measuring stations spread evenly across the globe? I suspect this prediction will be as wrong as all the others unless they fudge the numbers.

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Posted in: House Democrats examine ways to reduce gun violence See in context

The Democrats are trying to find a cure for the wrong problem.

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Posted in: Hansen mocks 'Mickey Mouse' Wallabies rival: report See in context

Be careful, Hansen, Mickey Mouse is copyrighted and doesn’t have a sense of humor about it.

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Posted in: Snow in San Francisco? Mild cities don't escape winter storm See in context

I thought, because of global warming, that this winter was supposed to be warmer than usual?

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Posted in: Blackface scandal spotlights deeply embedded racism in U.S. See in context

Northam heavily used accusations of racism against his Republican opponent in the campaign. Was it projection on Northam’s part?

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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

Looks like the comments were more classist or elitist than racist. I’ve noticed this seems like a growing trend with urban, affluent, progressives.

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Posted in: Officials arrest rapper 21 Savage saying he is in U.S. illegally See in context

Deport him and ban him permanently from the US.

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Posted in: London mother guilty of mutilating daughter in landmark FGM trial See in context

Feminist groups have been strangely silent on this lately.

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