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Posted in: Sports let their guard down; COVID makes a comeback See in context

Most of the players testing positive aren’t displaying any symptoms. So, the best course is to only test players showing symptoms. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Salt Lake City sizing up bid for 2030 Winter Olympics See in context

I thought SLC was banned from hosting another Olympics because they gave out so many bribes the last time?

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Posted in: Iran nuclear talks adjourn; Europeans say pause disappointing See in context

Trump had this issue fixed.

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Posted in: Qantas forecasts $1.1 billion loss in 'worst' half year See in context

Maybe the airline shouldn’t have complied with the government’s excessive covid restrictions?

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Posted in: France says 110,000 fake health passes in circulation See in context

Resistance against tyranny is inevitable. The human yearning for freedom cannot be crushed by authoritarian government.

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Posted in: Britain and Australia conclude free trade deal See in context

Britain will really benefit from its wise decision to exit the authoritarian EU with bilateral trade deals like this one.

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Posted in: Canadians urged not to travel abroad over Omicron See in context

Canadians are well-advised to ignore anything that the Trudeau government says.

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Posted in: Biden picks Caroline Kennedy, Michelle Kwan for ambassadors See in context

I wonder if Belize was where Kwan wanted to go?

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Posted in: Asian shares shed gains ahead of Fed policy statement See in context

The article was very careful not to mention Biden’s name when talking about inflation, but he is the main reason for it.

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Posted in: Justices won't block vaccine mandate for NY health workers See in context

Move to, Florida NY health care workers, you will have freedom there.

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Posted in: Austria ends lockdown restrictions for vaccinated people See in context

The resistance is working. Keep it up!

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Posted in: France: 400 investigations into fake COVID-19 health passes See in context


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Posted in: Thousands protest in Prague against COVID vaccine mandate See in context


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Posted in: Brother of N Korea abductee Yokota heads victims' families group See in context

President Trump was helping make progress on the abductee issue because North Korea respected him. It’s disappointing that the effort has now been set back for the foreseeable future.

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Posted in: Anne Rice, author of gothic novels, dead at 80 See in context

She was a good writer, but also famously litigious. She threatened to sue anyone who tried to start “vampire tours” businesses in New Orleans.

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Posted in: New UK mask rules start as Johnson under fire over parties See in context


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Posted in: Accuser says Maxwell and Epstein violated her at age 16 See in context

Prosecutors in this case are being careful not to drag in all the high-profile Democrats who were involved with Epstein. I wonder why.

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Posted in: Pandemic, diplomacy: Germany's new government takes charge See in context

Germans should be prepared to have their freedoms drastically curtailed by this new authoritarian government.

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Posted in: Blinken faces global challenges in round-the-world trip See in context

Worst Secretary of State in US history.

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Posted in: Attorney says Meadows won't cooperate with Jan 6 panel See in context

Resist political persecution, Mr Meadows.

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Posted in: If Roe falls, some fear ripple effect on civil rights cases See in context

Abortion is like some religious stand-in for leftists. It’s weird.

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Posted in: Israel announces completion of security barrier around Gaza See in context

If the Palestinians don’t want to be walled in, then maybe they should stop attacking Israel on behalf of Iran.

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Posted in: Canada proposes treatment over jail for minor drug crimes See in context

Treatment is already provided to inmates.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Iran with new sanctions for human rights abuses See in context

It would have been easier if the Biden administration had stayed with Trump’s Iran policy as it was working well.

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Posted in: On the web and on the streets, COVID protests get nasty See in context

Every generation fascism reappears in a different form and covid authoritarianism is the current variant. We have a moral obligation to resist it.

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Posted in: Major outage at Amazon disrupts businesses across the U.S. See in context

It affected me because I had trouble accessing my Vanguard brokerage account. I hope they ditch Amazon in response.

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Posted in: Serena Williams not on January's Australian Open entry list See in context

Is Serena unjabbed? That wil certainly trigger some people if true.

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Posted in: Toyota to build $1.3 bil battery plant in North Carolina See in context

Again, the article fails to mention where the factories will get their battery metals. There are very few aluminum, nickel, graphite, and lithium mines in North America.

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Posted in: Israel stops plan for contentious east Jerusalem settlement See in context

Israel won that land fair and square and can do whatever it wants with it.

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Posted in: Hawaii mountains to see snow after rare blizzard warning See in context

Global warming?

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