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Posted in: 6 killed in Germany shooting, suspect arrested See in context

Strict gun control measures do not prevent mass shootings.

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Posted in: U.S. Senate passes North America trade deal; Canada still to approve See in context

Another big victory for President Trump. MAGA!

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Posted in: Over 2,000 migrants enter Guatemala with Mexico in their sights See in context

They won’t get into the US. There’s a new sheriff in town.

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Posted in: U.S., China tiptoe around holes in new trade agreement See in context

Huge win, again, for the Trump administration and the working class in the US.

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Posted in: Mark Hamill quits Facebook over dishonest political ads See in context

Leftists want Facebook to censor Trump ads because they still can’t admit the real reasons they lost in 2016.

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Posted in: Pelosi to vote on Wednesday to send articles of impeachment to Senate See in context

I wonder if Pelosi noticed the rousing ovation President Trump received at the football game last night?

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Posted in: Democrats say measure to rein in Trump on Iran will pass Senate See in context

It’s shameful to see the Democrats taking Iran’s fascist government’s side in this dispute.

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Posted in: Questions abound about Harry and Meghan moving to Canada See in context

Meghan has been nothing but trouble for the British monarchy and it would behoove Canada to refuse them residency.

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Posted in: Pentagon chief denies U.S. leaving Iraq; Tehran crowds mourn commander See in context

LOL, instead of appeasing the terrorists this administration is showing them who’s boss. What a refreshing change from the Obama administration.

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Posted in: More details emerge on Ghosn's escape from Japan See in context

I wonder how much it cost him to charter those two planes and the private mercenary company to execute the plan?

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Posted in: From punchline to political star: the rise of Boris Johnson See in context

Just a few months ago the mainstream media was ridiculing Johnson and now he will be PM for five years with a yuge majority government.

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Posted in: Trump says US, China have reached deal; Sunday tariffs off See in context

President Trump keeps delivering on his promises. Best President since Reagan.

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Posted in: Johnson calls for closure over Brexit divisions See in context

Great victory over globalist socialism.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to 28 years over 2006 random killing of woman See in context

Would Kuronuma’s parents still be in favor of giving him the death penalty if they were required to pull the lever that hangs him?

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Posted in: Protesters vent their anger as U.N. climate talks stutter See in context

LOL, what a fiasco.

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Posted in: Elon Musk cleared of defamation over 'pedo guy' tweet See in context

Defamation suits are hard to win.

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Posted in: Pelosi rebukes reporter: 'Don't mess with me' See in context

Pelosi is sounding a trifle touchy and defensive. I wonder if it might be because the “impeachment inquiry” has been a huge clown show?

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Posted in: Substitute teacher lectures Utah child over his 2 dads See in context

BigYen, as Dave Chappelle said recently, “You are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people.”

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Posted in: Melania Trump booed at Baltimore youth event See in context

The misogyny on the left towards women who are strong, independent thinkers and doers like Melania is astounding.

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Posted in: Victoria's Secret to cancel annual fashion show See in context

Did profits or social justice wackos kill the show, or both?

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood seeks to restore Atlanta bomb hero's legacy See in context

The mainstream media is still doing what they did to Jewell like the recent Covington Kids example.

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Posted in: Airlines' fuel practices feed doubts over climate commitment See in context

Airlines would be better off doing what’s in their best interest instead of kowtowing to the global warming hoax.

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Posted in: 3 dead in Oklahoma Walmart shooting See in context

A good person with a gun did stop it. The shooter killed himself after being confronted by an armed bystander.

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Posted in: U.S. angers Palestinians with reversal on Israeli settlements See in context

Good to see the Trump Administration taking yet another stand against leftist anti-Semitism.

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Posted in: Democrats invite Trump to testify in impeachment inquiry See in context

The process is a sham.

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Posted in: UAW members ratify Ford labor agreement See in context

The reason the Union went on strike is because President Trump’s economy is so strong they felt now was the right time.

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Posted in: Roger Stone trial closes with dueling versions of motives in 2016 Trump campaign See in context

So, there’s no evidence Stone was involved in hacking the emails? So, why was this even prosecuted? President Trump will likely pardon Stone quickly.

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Posted in: Election gift for Johnson: Brexit Party stands down in Conservative seats See in context

Although disappointing for Brexit supporters, Farage probably is doing the right thing to make sure globalist Labour doesn’t retake Parliament.

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Posted in: Spain's repeat election fails to break deadlock See in context

Why does the globalist media keep calling populist parties “far right?”

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Posted in: Spain's far right doubles seats in hung parliament See in context

We will see right wing populist revolts against progressive globalism more often in the future. It’s inevitable.

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