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Posted in: Trudeau urges some U.S. flexibility in NAFTA See in context

When you have a weak hand you can be reduced to begging your opponent for mercy.

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Posted in: Canada's Trudeau under growing pressure to get NAFTA deal done See in context

Lol, just a few days ago the media was portraying Trudeau as having the upper hand in the negotiations. I guess it was just more fake news.

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Posted in: U.S. again slashing number of refugees it will accept See in context

As soon as the other affluent countries in the Middle East accept their share, then maybe we can take a few of them.

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Posted in: Obama's return: Good or bad for Democrats? See in context

It’s funny to see Obama trying to take credit for the hot economy after he previously told the country not to expect more than 1.4% growth.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump adviser Flynn could be sentenced as soon as Nov 28 See in context

Hopefully President Trump will pardon General Flynn and give him a prominent role in his administration. Flynn is a based patriot.

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Posted in: Serena cartoon fuels debate about 'racist' Australia See in context

The liberal media is doubling-down on the “criticism of Serena is racist “ narrative but most are aware enough to see through it.

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Posted in: Trump vents anger over book; Woodward says Kelly, Mattis denials of quotes untrue See in context

I believe Mattis and Kelly.

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Posted in: Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains See in context

The media always labels anti-immigration groups as “far-right”, which doesn’t appear to be accurate.

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Posted in: Arguing, booing overshadow Osaka's U.S. Open final win over Williams See in context

What was really shameful was at the press conference afterwards when Serena said she was acting like that in order to be a strong woman. That hurts all women who, unlike Serena, act with integrity and honesty.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

President Obama did a great job in killing BinLaden, but otherwise his policy of congenial non confrontation with other countries put the US at a disadvantage. So, that’s why we Americans elected Trump to put a balance back in things. Lesson for the ages.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices in having first grand slam champion See in context

Her tennis ability is incredible and I look forward to her dominating women’s tennis for years to come.

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Posted in: Arguing, booing overshadow Osaka's U.S. Open final win over Williams See in context

I’m American and I’m embarrassed by the poor sportsmanship and disingenuous emotional manipulation shown by Serena Williams and her supporters. I think she should be suspended until she apologizes.

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Posted in: Twitter permanently bans far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones See in context

Leftists and their censorship fetish.

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Posted in: Republicans ask Trump to declassify Russia probe documents See in context

I suspect President Trump will wait until mid-October to declassify the documents related to the spying on his campaign by the Obama administration.

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Posted in: Kaepernick ads spark boycott calls, but Nike is seen as winning in the end See in context

Schools will stop using Nike because they don’t want to offend parents. I think Nike sales will go down 10-20%, same as NFL since kneeling started.

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Posted in: Stung by critics (and low sales), Eminem releases surprise album See in context

Yup, get woke and go broke.

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Posted in: Lost at sea: Thousands of dead migrants never identified See in context

The death toll from open borders globalism is going to be in hundreds of thousands if not millions by the time it’s fully discarded. Thank Merkel, Soros and the rest for the carnage.

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Posted in: Trump warns of violence if Republicans lose fall elections See in context


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Posted in: Rotten Tomatoes takes steps to diversify critics pool See in context

So, if I decide to be a film critic I’ll need to identify as part of a “marginalized “ or “oppressed “ group in order for RT to list my reviews?

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Posted in: Trump accuses Google of promoting negative news articles, hiding fair media coverage of him See in context

President Trump is right. To see an example of the bias, do a search on identical political terms in Google, DDG, Bing, and Yahoo. The Google returns will favor more leftist media than the others.

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Posted in: Woman gets suspended term for fatal bicycle crash involving smartphone See in context

If the dude doesn’t get the same sentence as her then women are getting preferential treatment in the justice system.

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Posted in: U.S., Mexico reach NAFTA deal, turning up pressure on Canada See in context

President Trump continues to honor his campaign promises. Fixing NAFTA will help US workers, especially African-Americans.

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Posted in: Woman killed in 5-vehicle pile-up in Chiba See in context

Looks like her load crashed through the cab.

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Posted in: Nursery school head, ex-employee to be charged over child’s death in swimming pool See in context

Unlike the movies, drowning people don’t usually thrash and scream. It’s more of a circular motion with their arms as they struggle to keep their face above water. If the supervisor isn’t trained in what to watch for, it’s easy to miss.

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Posted in: S Africa hits back at Trump over land 'seizure' tweet See in context

There have been horrific massacres of white farmer families in S Africa which the western media has chosen to ignore.

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Posted in: Trump cites woman murdered by illegal alien at West Virginia rally See in context

Build the wall to prevent more Mollie Tibbits. #SaveOurDaughters

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Posted in: Madonna gets no respect for Aretha Franklin VMA tribute See in context

To their credit, I remember that MTV actually did play Franklin videos back when they were a video music channel.

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Posted in: Cricket hero Imran Khan sworn in as Pakistan PM See in context

“Believes feminism has degraded motherhood.” He would have my vote solely from that statement.

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Posted in: Japan must do more for WWII 'comfort women': U.N. experts See in context

Butt out, UN, unless you’re willing to call out all who have or are doing it, including S. Korea and Middle Eastern countries.

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Posted in: EU hits back at Italian gov't over bridge disaster comments See in context

Looks like only a matter of time until Italy leaves the EU.

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