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Posted in: Cheap, abundant renewable energy powers cluster of Quebec data centers See in context

The key word is “cheap.” Renewable energy has to be economically viable or it does more harm than good.

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Posted in: Samsung SDI and Stellantis announce vehicle battery deal See in context

Where will the battery factory in the USA get its materials? There is currently only one functioning lithium mine in the US and zero graphite mines.

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Posted in: First female to head Japan labor union vows to empower women See in context

Forcing equality of outcome doesn’t work.

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Posted in: Austrian chancellor threatens lockdown for unvaccinated See in context

Or, Austria could do like Peru, India, and Mexico did and make Ivermectin more widely available.

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Posted in: The dark side of ramen See in context

What are “antisocial elements?” Is that code for gangsters or eta?

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Posted in: Sheriff: Alec Baldwin fired shot on movie set that killed woman See in context

Baldwin is an anti-gun rights liberal so he may not have had the same respect for gun safety that gun owners have. You never horse around with guns, even if they’re supposedly loaded with blanks.

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Posted in: New Zealand sets 90% vaccination target to end lockdowns See in context

Will they use coercion, such as threats of job loss, to reach that goal, as Big Brother is doing in the US?

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Posted in: Ex-Minneapolis cop to be resentenced over death of 911 caller See in context

This case is an example of what happens when leftist politicians impose “diversity” quotas on the police. The defendant should have never been in that uniform.

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Posted in: Singapore says healthcare system risks being 'overwhelmed' as virus surges See in context

As pointofview says why is there a serious outbreak when they are 82% vaxxed? I suggest they pursue an alternative treatment that actually works.

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Posted in: Disney delays 'Indiana Jones 5,’ ‘Black Panther 2’ releases See in context

Disney’s recent releases have been bombing because they have too much woke left-wing political nonsense. If Disney is smart it will rewrite and refilm its upcoming blockbusters.

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Posted in: Italy's president criticizes violent COVID-19 pass protests See in context

Italy’s globalist leaders are falsely, and ironically, claiming that the protesters are “fascists.” This only strengthens the resolve of the freedom fighters.

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Posted in: U.S. panel votes to authorize J&J Covid vaccine booster See in context

The circus continues.

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Posted in: Tuberculosis deaths rise for 1st time in years, due to COVID See in context

We’re going to hear more stories like this because of the counterproductive, unnecessary covid restrictions from authoritarian, autocratic governments. Tragic.

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Posted in: Artist sues newly freed Bill Cosby over 1990 hotel encounter See in context

Cosby was railroaded by the systematic racism in the criminal justice system. He’s free now for a reason.

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Posted in: Canadian firm reveals plan for $2.8 bil North Dakota gas plant See in context

Looks like this would raise fuel prices.

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Posted in: Asian shares rise after technology-powered rally on Wall St See in context

The 3rd quarter is usually the best for corporate earnings but Biden-flation is casting a long shadow over the market.

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Posted in: Americans quit their jobs at a record pace in August See in context

The economy has really slowed since January. What changed?

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Posted in: Asian shares mixed after muddled day of trading on Wall St See in context

Big difference in the stock market since January. What changed?

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions See in context

Kim is basically saying that he doesn’t like or respect Biden.

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Posted in: Asian shares fall as rising energy costs fan inflation fears See in context

Leftist governments around the world are pushing expensive “green” energy and the common man is bearing the brunt of higher gas and utility costs. Not a good situation.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Rome to protest workplace vaccine rule See in context

Italy’s globalist leaders try to depict the protesters as Neo-fascists” but when you look at the photos and videos it’s obviously not true.

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Posted in: French prosecutors seek to dismiss rape case against movie mogul Luc Besson See in context

Looks like Besson may survive being me-too’d. Good to see.

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Posted in: U.S. jobless claims fall to 326,000, first drop in four weeks See in context

Workers fired for refusing Big Brother’s vaccine mandates don’t qualify for unemployment insurance so these numbers are misleading.

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Posted in: Pentagon climate plan: Fighting wars in hotter, harsher world See in context

Talk about charging windmills.

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Posted in: GM, GE look to develop rare earth materials supply chain See in context

There is only one functioning rare earths mine in North America. So, what is GM’s plan to increase or change that?

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Posted in: Surfers sidelined as California races to clean up oil spill See in context

Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s transportation Secretary, has yet to explain what he’s doing to reduce congestion at the port to avoid accidents like this.

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Posted in: EU unveils strategy to tackle rising antisemitism in Europe See in context

The article neglects to mention why anti-Semitism is rising in Europe. Hint, it’s related to anti-Israel sentiment in a certain religion.

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Posted in: J&J asks FDA to authorize booster shots of COVID vaccine See in context

The boosters need to go through the three stage clinical trial same as any other experimental drug. I will volunteer for the control group.

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Posted in: New Australian state leader sticks to reopening from lockdown timetable See in context

Good news for residents of NSW that the new premier is less of an autocratic authoritarian but he needs to open the economy to everyone, not just the “vaccinated.”

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Posted in: William Shatner, 90, will fly to space aboard Blue Origin rocket See in context

I already know what’s going to happen. An alien menace will incapacitate the crew and Shatner will take command and with shrewd, cool, yet dramatic action, save the ship.

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