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Posted in: Guatemala says it has not pledged to accept U.S.-bound asylum seekers See in context

It appears that Guatemala is willing to house Honduran and Salvadoran asylum seekers as long as the US pays for it. Seems like a good deal to me.

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Posted in: Defiant Semenya to IAAF: Catch dopers, 'not us' See in context

So, Semenya is going to allow his narcissism to ruin women’s sports as well as set back transgender rights. Thanks!

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Posted in: U.S. troops, civilian defense workers get political reminder See in context

This article isn’t entirely accurate (as usual). The DoD statement is primarily in response to the USS Wasp crew wearing “Make aircrew great again “ patches.

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Posted in: Trump an impolitic guest on trips abroad See in context

The writer of this story is exaggerating somewhat but, nevertheless, this is why we elected Trump. We want him to be like this.

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Posted in: Gunman out on parole kills 4 in Australian city of Darwin See in context

Wait, I thought Australia had strict gun control???

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Posted in: Toyota, other automakers says Trump's Mexico tariffs would cost billions See in context

If Toyota doesn’t want to pay the tariffs, they can move their factory to the US and employ Americans, or put pressure on Mexico to stop the illegal flow, or help pay for the Wall.

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Posted in: Former sheriff's deputy charged for lack of response in Florida school shooting See in context

I think the guy is a coward, but is there really a law against that?

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Posted in: Mexico draws red line on asylum before talks on Trump's tariff threat See in context

If Mexico doesn’t want to house Central American asylum seekers, then it needs to block their entry at the southern Mexican border.

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Posted in: Private border wall construction halts after New Mexico town protests See in context

So, President Trump’s Wall is being built. Great to see patriots stepping up to help make the country safer. MAGA!

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Posted in: Mueller says probe did not clear Trump as Congress weighs impeachment See in context

Hopefully, Democrats will continue the Mueller histrionics until Election Day 2020. MAGA!

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Posted in: EU tells Britain: There will be no renegotiation of Brexit deal See in context

Good. UK and do a no deal exit and tell the Socialists in Brussels to take a hike.

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Posted in: Rapper Chris Brown skips Paris hearing over rape accusation See in context

Chris Brown is smart enough to recognize when he’s being railroaded by a Duluth Model court process.

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Posted in: Sri Lanka announces port deal with Japan, India See in context

Sri Lanka made a huge mistake financing their port expansion with Chinese loans.

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Posted in: Air New Zealand orders eight Boeing long-haul jets See in context

Good news for President Trump and the US. Great economy.

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Posted in: Hokkaido and other parts of Japan are experiencing their highest temperatures for May on record. What's your view on climate change? See in context

The theory of human-caused global warming is a pseudoscience.

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Posted in: Divided pro-EU leaders open talks after tense election See in context

The media is trying to spin this but it was a huge defeat for the globalists.

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Posted in: Japan gripped by heat wave; mercury tops 39 C in Hokkaido town See in context

Hotter summers mean snowier winters because heat causes precipitation. Should be some epic snowboarding in about seven months.

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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

President Trump puts supreme importance on personal relationships for deal making and Abe, to his credit, appears to understand this better than most other national leaders.

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Posted in: Melania Trump colors fish with kids at digital museum See in context

The First Lady is very classy.

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Posted in: Appeals court upholds 'Black Widow' death sentence See in context

When’s the last time a woman was executed in Japan? She will die in prison.

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Posted in: Australian actor Geoffrey Rush wins record defamation payout See in context

So, how much does the actress who made the false accusations owe him?

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Posted in: May hangs on after Brexit gambit backfires See in context

We won’t know for four days, but if the Brexit Party does well, then either Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage will become PM and the UK will finally get a clean Brexit. Making UK great again!

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Posted in: Avenatti indicted for ripping off Stormy Daniels, extorting Nike See in context

Was’t this clown a big hero to the “resistance?”

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Posted in: 50 children saved after police bust pedophile website: Interpol See in context

One of the most unpublicized successes of Trump’s administration has been the arrest and prosecution of hundreds of pedophiles, both domestic and international. For whatever reason the previous administration hadn’t put as much priority on it.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' reaches its end, with one or two shocks left See in context

Good show. The last episode was anticlimactic but I don’t know how they could have done any differently.

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Posted in: Australia's conservative coalition secures parliamentary majority See in context

Again the article isn’t mentioning the salient issue, which is immigration restrictions. That’s a big reason Labor suffered such a huge defeat.

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Posted in: 'Miracle' win offers Australian PM authority and government stability See in context

The liberals’ promise of strict immigration limits plus violence by Labor supporters were major factors in Morrison’s historic victory. MAGA!

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Posted in: Merkel calls for Europe to stand up against far-right parties See in context

Populist parties are not “far right “ but I think the media is aware of that.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Polls are often wrong nowadays because conservatives and populists don’t want to risk attacks from social justice warriors and “tolerant” progressives. So, not surprising that Labor is doing worse than expected. Making Australia Great Again!

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Posted in: China's economy shows further weakness as retail sales struggle See in context

Looks like a bad time for China to challenge President Trump on trade.

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