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Kobuta Chan comments

Posted in: Here come 'smart stores' with robots, interactive shelves See in context

I hope French store owners will deploy Robot shop attendants instead of hiring human shop attendants in their stores.

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Posted in: TVs grab spotlight at CES gadget gala See in context

LG LED TVs are only last for over a year and gone. How long that wallpaper thing OLED TV will last?

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Posted in: Infiniti QX50 Concept to make global debut in Detroit See in context

Infinit's all cars' model designs are awful backward design and not attractive whatsoever. Also Infiniti logo was bad design and upside down means not good fortune for Infiniti.

The technology in Infiniti's car was good but car design was not classic or modern appearance design. The Nissan has to change Infiniti cars' design and car Logo if Nissan wants Infiniti to success like it rival Toyota's Lexus.

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Posted in: Bitcoin nears record high as it becomes 'safe haven' asset See in context

BitCoin becomes "Safe Heaven" as asset?

Where and who you're going to ask your money back when technology glitch but it becoming permanently disappeared all transaction of BitCoins on all bitcoin Exchange providers?

The secret hidden software in Bitcoin software that will erase all BitCoin transactions was activated on certain date and erased all BitCoins transaction from the all Bitcoin wallets. It is silly thinking but it’s very possible scenario for the imaginary money generated from Computer technology.

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Posted in: French police search forest for body of Japanese student See in context

Moonraker: He sounds like one of those possessive, jealous and abusive types. Don't get mixed up with such guys, ladies. It is not love nor care they display no matter how much they try to spin it that way. And there are many around.

How can you know that guy was possessive, jealous and abusive before you have falling in love with him? The modern young peoples are very easy to love and living together as well as break up. Some peoples do not accept when they break up. They can not let it go and they do silly think like this story. I hope she was still alive with that guy and treating her well regardless of isolating from society for while.

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Posted in: American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy See in context

He should have ordered Marijuana Oil instead of Marijuana if he wanted to use it as pain release. There are many pain release medicines available by prescription in Japan. Why he didn't go to see GP?

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Posted in: Police investigating dolphin escape in Taiji See in context

I'm against killing Dolphins because Dolphins are very intelligence creature and able to interacting with human. You can say Dolphin as sea-dog for our human. They are like our best friend dogs in the sea. We should not kill any kind of Dolphins and they should not live in captivity. Please, release all Dolphins from captivity worldwide.

I do not against hunting Whales because the Whale meat was Japanese peoples' diet for thousand of years regardless of some Japanese said they don't eat Whale meat. Children born after the war was relied on protein from Whale blubber. Dolphin should not be hunting for meat. Please, do not hunt and kill Dolphins.

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Posted in: Nobel judges still can't reach Dylan See in context

If he doesn't want it then please donate money to Public Hospital.

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Posted in: Honda to build new factory in China See in context

That means Communist Chinese Government can be more able to blackmail Japan.

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Posted in: China to launch manned spacecraft on Monday See in context

Good luck and safe voyage.

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Posted in: Seething Hamilton snubs media in Japan See in context

Why did he come to press conference if he wasn't prepared to answer the questions?

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Posted in: German town sends refugee bus to Merkel's office See in context

Merkel is trying to dictate Europe with her ideology like former war time leader.

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Posted in: Yamaha appeals against Rossi's penalty for collision See in context

Obviously, Marc Marquez was purposefully disturbing Rossi race. Marc Marquez has faster bike then Lorenzo and Rossi. He was fastest in morning practicing section. Marquez deliberately going wide and let Lorenzo passed him and then he playing with Rossi to slow down and created gap between Rossi and Lorenzo. Marc Marquez plans was he will finish before Rossi in the end and Lorenzo will finish 1st or 2nd.

Marc Marquez action was unsportsmanshp behavior and to destroy chance of Rossi 2015 Moto GP championship title. It's dirty game and unacceptable. Marquez was not broken the current FIM's rule but now FIM must think changing rule for someone purposefully destroyed another rider's Championship title hope.

Also Honda needs to warn Marc Marquez about his unsportsmanship behavior at Malaysia GP because Honda should have been one two finished in Malaysia if Marquez didn't do stupid thing. I have lost respect for Marc Marquez and as well as Lorenzo.

The penalty imposed on Rossi was too harsh and now Rossi will lose his 2015 Moto GP Championship to Lorenzo. I believe deducting point penalty was enough and Rossi should not be relegated to back.

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Posted in: Abe, speaking at U.N., pledges $1.5 bil for Middle East refugees, peace See in context

The UN has missed the important point in Syria war. Fighting against ISIS will take time. How about Syrian peoples? Where majority of Syrian refugees have to go and live?

As I wrote in international Medias’ websites, US, EU and UN must create safe heaven inside Syria and build villages for Syrian refugees. That Safe Haven Zone will be protecting by ground troops and air force by international military. Build the apartment building for Syrian refugees' family in Safe Heaven with International donors' fund and individual donor like Egyptian Billionaire Telecoms tycoon Naguib Sawiris. He has offered to buy Island from Greece and want to build Apartments for Syrian refugees' family. If US and UN can establish Safe Heaven zone inside Syria and then he doesn't need to buy Island for $ 100 Millions and he can build permanent apartment buildings for Syrian refugees' family in that Safe Heaven Zone. Later, they can build Schools and Hospitals in there. The Safe Heaven zone should be border area with Turkey because usually border towns have created job opportunity for both sides of peoples.

I think Japan Government should suggest this idea to UN. This $ 1.5 billions can build apartments, Schools and Hospital for at least 50,000 Syrian refugees' family.

The war will not be end in two or three years. These Syrian refugees have nowhere to go to live. The whole country was almost completely destroyed by war. If you can establish Safe Heaven Zone and build new Villages inside Syria and then they don't need to rush to go home. Rebuilding ruined cities and towns will take long times and very expensive. Also Refugees permanent resettling in Europe will cost at least 50,000 Euro per person. Also the culture crash between host peoples and Muslim refugees will be next problems for EU member's states.

The best and right thing is giving temporary visa to all refugees and later relocated to newly built refugee villages in Safe Heaven zone. It will stop Syrian refugees risking their lives for to reach Germany and Europe. Also it will reduce weight on Germany and other EU members. The costs of long term looking after to refugees will be costs tens of billions of Euro to Germany and other EU member states. Those tens of billions of Euro should be using to build new villages, Schools and Hospital for all Syrian refugees in Safe heaven zone.

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Posted in: Australian PM urges Beijing to cool tensions in South China Sea See in context

PTownsend. Will you vote for LP knowing Christopher Pyne will be Prime Minister if LP won the Election?

Voters do not have opportunity to elect Prime Minister in election in Westminster system but voters knew the Party leader will be Prime Minister if Party won the Election. Last election Australian voters have voted for LP with Tony Abbott as Party leader and he will be next Prime Minister of Australia if LP won the Election.

The Party room chooses their leader before going into election and let voters know who their Party leader was and he or she will be Prime Minister if their Party won the election. Otherwise, why don't we bother about Party leader's policy and his personality before election? The Westminster system Parliament democracy was suck. All good policy were screwed up by minority Independent Senators in Upper House. You can not fulfill your promised and commitment unless you have majority in both Upper House and Lower House.

After all, you can remove elected Prime Minister from Office by force by using Party room ballots. They don't respect voters at all. Julia Gillard had rating high when she back stabbed Kevin Rudd. Former Premier Denis Napthine had also personal rating up after he dethroned Premier Ted Baillieu. In the end, both State and Federal Government have lost election. Australian public do not like disloyal peoples. I'll wait and see whether Turnbull his wealth will make exception or not in next election.

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Posted in: Bickering in the Balkans: Officials clash over migrants See in context

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shouldn't force East European EU members to accept Muslim refugees. If they don't want to host Muslims in their country and then let it be. We don't want another Balkan war in future. Muslim refugees should be resettled in Muslim countries and give money to host Muslim countries.

I'm very much respected to Chancellor Angela Merkel for her compassion but she must understand why other European countries do not want to host Muslims in their land. The free movement of migrant in Europe won't be end soon. There are many Pakistani, Afghani and Bangladeshi peoples are selling their apartment and belonging and borrowing money from relative for to go Turkey and then Germany. I've watched on TV news. There are hundreds of Peoples are cuing for passport daily in Pakistan and Afghanistan. If I were citizen of third world country and then I'll test my luck to go Turkey and then Germany. I don't blame Muslim migrants who are trying to reach Germany. Anyone wants better life.

Whole Muslim populations in Third Word country are preparing to come to Europe for Germany. Hundreds millions of Muslims from all over the world will come to Germany if Germany and EU offered permanent resettlement for Muslim refugees. Once they arrived in Germany and then you can't remove them by force. They have nothing to lose. They will get shelter and allowance. They can save money from allowance and send some money to back home.

If you give refugees temporary protection Visa 3 or 5 years and then you can stop some economy migrants. The best solution is creating permanent villages for refugees in their own country and protecting by International troops. It will help all refugees population. Resettling cost for every refugee will cost $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 in Europe. If you spent that kind of money in created Refugees Village and then you can give shelter and look after one thousand refugees.

UN has no true leadership and just demanding for to resettle refugees in Europe and somewhere else. UN has no interesting or no idea about long term solution for refugees from war torn Countries. Wealthy Arab Countries are ignoring their fellow Arab Muslims refugees from neighboring countries. The wealthy Arabs are only interesting in young girls for pay sex and Muslim Imams are helping wealthy old Arab men with fake wedding. UN Chief does not dare to speak out against wealthy Arab Governments.

Why Western countries and their citizens have to shoulder all Muslim refugees' problems in first place? UN must find long term solution and not just talking.

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Posted in: Russia deploys 28 combat planes in Syria See in context

Shut up Obama! What's the matter with US? Obama has failure to act against ISIS in beginning of ISIS emerging in Syria. Now he doesn't want Russian fighting ISIS. He doesn't want to send US Combat troops into Iraq and Syria. Obama you can't stand in the middle of the road. You need shut your big mouth for sake of Syrian peoples.

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Posted in: American Muslims fear a new wave of Islamophobia See in context

Muslims should become Atheist and leave their ridiculous Islam religion. The Islam religion will send Muslims to the hell. Islam religion was created by Satan. Satan had recruited Moses for his disciple but Moses refused to be his disciple. Later Satan had successfully recruited Mohammad and started his evils work by Mohammad. With his evil work, he encourages Muslims to kill Muslims. Satan lied his followers with imaginary reward for who carry his evil works. Actually there's no beautiful Virgins and they all go to hell for their sin. Some Muslims converted to Buddhist and Christian after they visited to Mecca. They said they lost trust and believing Islam because nothing in Mecca except black stone. Why Allah created and not intervene Muslims killing Muslims for differences within Islam? They said they will go to hell and there's no heaven for Muslim who obey Allah and Allah is Satan and Satan is evil. Muslim peoples should be thinking logically about Islam religion and whether it was work of Satan (evil) or God.

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Posted in: Australian PM urges Beijing to cool tensions in South China Sea See in context

Who cares? China will not listen to such as weakest person Turnbull. Turnbull has no right to tell someone what to do and what not to do because he has done stupid thing himself and no one will respect what he said.

Now Australia Government has no right to denounce and criticize Military coup in Africa or anywhere in the world because the Turnbull was becoming PM by coup and not by elected. So Turbull should shut his mouth.

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Posted in: VW rocked by emissions scandal as prosecutors come calling See in context

VW – AUDI has sold more than 11 Millions diesel engine cars in world wide and 500,000 cars in US. However, there are other Companies which used VW TDI diesel engine and how much those Companies sold cars with VW TDI technology was unknown yet.

Land Rover, Holden (GM) and Skoda have using VW TDI Diesel engines technology in their cars. The VW TDI Diesel cars scandal will pass the record of Toyota recall and Takata Air-bag scandal and many times expensive than any previous recalled and fixing. The TDI engine cover up with software started from 2009 to today.

Car drivers and passengers are traveling on toxic machine and breathing toxic gas. Car owners will launch class action law suit against VW in US and other countries in near future. Also the car Companies which use VW TDI diesel engine in their cars will seek compensation and may need to recall their TDI diesel Engine cars.

This time VW has really screwed up German Technology. Peoples are criticizing Japanese car industry management style and practice in Toyota's unintended acceleration scandal. Now VW TDI Diesel Engine cars emission cover up is bigger and worst than Toyota's unintended acceleration scandal. Toyota problem was poor communication and managing problem and not technology problem. Toyota problem was not worldwide and complaint by only US drivers. Even technicians from NASA can't find any problems in Toyota cars' ECU. Toyota has paid heavy price for its North America stupid Company officials.

VW scandal was technology cheating and it's criminal offense in US. Also, I can see VW stock share owners will launch class action law suit against VW for misleading and seek compensation for their lost in VW share.

Toyota Car Company was wrote and read in the Medias as biggest scandal and expensive recalled in car industry history but they have to change it soon. VW and Audi cars owners were cheated with TDI Green Clean Diesel engine technology by VW for 6 years.

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Posted in: Asia's millionaires to become world's richest group See in context

They should add unofficial Multi-Billionaire from Burma. Burmese peoples are talking about former dictator Gen Than Shwe family wealth as close to hundred billions. It's possible because his family incomes from business in Jade mine and Ruby mine alone worth tens of billions of dollars because Than Shwe family doesn't need to declare or show all they get from Jade mine and Ruby mine. Burmese Ruby and Jade are world best quality Gems. Than Shwe family was mining in best location where product best quality of Jade and Ruby. Also other business ventures with International Corporations where former dictator Than Shwe family received free shares from International Hotel chains, Gas and Oil, mineral mining, illegal land confiscation, buying expensive and most exclusive residential lands by pressure. Also there's rumor about Than Shwe' daughter and son in law had involved in murdering of adopted daughter of Mogok Ruby land) wealthy well known Gems merchant and mines owner from minority ethnic Lisu. Than Shwe's daughter has borrowed Diamond necklace from wealth family who live in University Avenue as Burmese Democracy Icon Su Kyi. They ignored to return the Diamond Necklace when owner has asked to return because Diamond quality and size was top quality and they can't buy from international market.

They brought hit men from Thailand and murdered whole family except husband and one child who were not at home when killers broken into their home.

Also other former Generals and their cronies are also filthy rich. There are more than 20 individual Multi-Billionaires and hundreds of Multi-Millionaire who have assets and cash over 50 Millions Dollars in US.

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Posted in: European carmakers race to catch up as Toyota shows off new Prius See in context

VW and Audi have problem with US authority for cheating in their Diesel cars. Previously VW claimed its Diesel cars are lower emission than Hybrid car. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has asked VW to recall 500,000 cars in US. The agency says the cars emit nitrogen oxide up to 40 times above the limits allowed under the federal Clean Air Act. Nitrogen oxide is a major component of smog and has been linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. It's outraged the VW and Audi cars have emitted 40 times above the limit. The effected car models were cover up with software during the emission test.

VW has lied to the world and lied to its customers by telling them its cars are environment friendly and less emit poisonous gas than Toyota Hybrid Technology. I believe that's why VW had refused to transfer its technology to Suzuki and VW only wanted Suzuki's technology to fix its cover up problem.

The cars, sold in the U.S. between 2009 and 2015, include such popular models as the Jetta, Beetle, Passat and the Audi A3. The EPA has ordered Volkswagen to fix the cars at its own expense, and could impose an $18 billion fine on the company, which equals $37,500 for each recalled vehicle.

How much will cost to VW Coporation to fix all defective cars world wide?

Will VW will offer to fix its defective cars worldwide or just in US? I will wait and see how VW will sort it out.

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Posted in: Universal drops damage claims against 3 ex-employees See in context

Who they have paid bribe? Is there any action on bribery in Philippine?

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Posted in: New York stages topless parade with 60 cities worldwide See in context

I'm big fan of GoTopless Pride Parade.

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Posted in: Toyota employs pedestrian collision avoidance system for SUV See in context

Who will be responsible for killing pedestrian if the car with Safety Sense P system involved in accident and killed pedestrian? Driver or Car Company?

I got the feeling the Safety Sense P system will become scapegoat of reckless American drivers. Driver will say "it's not my fault and it was car fault. Car was supposed to be avoiding hitting pedestrian".

Also car suddenly speed slow down on the middle of the road can be inviting other unwanted accidents on road. For example, the car follow behind your car can hit your rear when your car speed was suddenly slow down.

I don't want computer take control my car and my life. I'll rather buy car without driver assistance system than car equipped with latest advance technology driver's assistance system. I think car should be sold with basic model and upgraded model. If customer wanted car with Safety Sense P and then he can upgrade car with Safety Sense P. Some technologies are good and useful but not all advance technologies for car are good and useful.

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Posted in: Netizens support foreign comic after Japanese man’s discriminatory remark See in context

I agreed with Kabukilover the Japanese guy was probably drunk if Jason Danielson was racial discriminated by Japanese guy in the toilet but I doubt it was happened.

Does he tell the truth? Does he have footage of shouting him as "Japanese only"? I don't take serious words come out from entertainers especially come out from American. They make up the story everyday for publicity. So why I have to believe it was trued?

I really doubt about Jason Danielson’s Tsukiji toilet story. It’s made up story for publicity.

In Tsukiji Fish market, they don’t like all tourists regardless of White or Yellow or Black because they try to touch fish, disturbing activity and take selfies when they were busied. Peoples should think with their brain whether that story was made-up story or not before commenting on net.

His “Why Japanese people?!” was real offensive and making joke about stereotype of ethnic group was quite offensive and racist in Australia.

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Posted in: US regulator approves first drug made with 3-D printer See in context

gokai_wo_maneku. Can I print Ice with 3 D printer? Gee, every Bikie gang members will want it if 3D printer can print out Ice.

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Posted in: Trump says he can't recall using insults; then attacks Kelly See in context

Someone needs to ask Trump truth about his hair.

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Posted in: Record heat for world in June: U.S. scientists See in context

I don't buy it at all. We have -0 in Melbourne and -5 in Canberra. The Climate change scientist still claiming the earth was cooking up by CO2.

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Posted in: EU fails to reach migrant settlement target See in context

If EU has resettled all Asylum seekers in Europe and then EU should prepare to host for a million war refugees and economy refugees in 2015. I'm happy for war refugees and I'm sorry for peoples of host country because they don't want it. EU human right commission is encouraging peoples to use human traffickers and risk their lives at sea and land.

I also hope EU human right commission will look after social welfare of refugees who were resettled in Europe. I want to warn to refugees don't expect too high and resettled in Europe country was not heaven. The NGO and Government can not feed them forever and they have to feed themselves by working in firm or construction site. There’s no opportunity is waiting for them.

The human traffickers will be using EU’s Asylum seekers resettlement program as their selling point and attract to peoples who want to go to Europe for better life.

I honestly believe EU should send Ferry to Libya and brought Asylum seekers rather than rescuing at sea. It will be save many peoples from drowning at sea. I don’t see it’s as impossible because EU human right commission is generous organization and champion of human right protector. Also EU needs to prepare to host and resettle for several millions of Asylum seekers from Africa and Asia otherwise, EU must start thinking about sending Asylum seekers back to their country.

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