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Posted in: Myanmar police fire on protesters in ancient former capital See in context

Sanctions do not work. Gorilla tactics do. Learn from Vietnam

Sanctions usually do work. I support them, and also Myanmar citizens rising up and mounting a guerrilla campaign targeting military, police, government and public servants. It may take a couple of years, but people power will win in the end. Myanmar needs a fresh start, without the Military or elderly Suu Kyi in power.

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Posted in: BOJ Gov Kuroda spotlights climate change as key theme to guide policy See in context

Anything made / manufactured in china gets copied and replicated with or with out your permission, agreement or consent, the minute they get their hands on the design its already sold on to a bunch of manufacturers.

Well argued. Any foreign company that sees Communist China as a way to make short term profits is going to regret things long term.

TESLA are dreaming if they dont realize Commie China is going to steal all their tech and then start selling cars with the same specs, for half the price. They have done it in EVERY other industry. Show some leadership and intelligence, TESLA, untangle from totalitarian China.

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Posted in: BOJ Gov Kuroda spotlights climate change as key theme to guide policy See in context

@ Wise Person - I like TESLAs. I really do. But the problem I have with them is they are moving to have the bulk of their biggest seller - Model 3, (except for Performance Model) - built in Communist China.

I think that this expansion of production lines in Communist China is a business model built on quicksand. The evil totalitarians running that place can dictate terms. There is no such thing as a 50-50 partnership producing in Communist China.

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Posted in: U.S. trade deficit with Japan shrinks 25.9% in January See in context

Trade deficit will shrink further once Tesla takes over the automarket.

Not convinced about that. TESLA sold just 2000 cars in Japan last year. They have cut the price for the "cheapest" model 3 from ¥5.1 million yen to ¥4.3 million, but it will have to come down much further if TESLA is to dominate and take overtake sales of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki models.

Toyota Prius is about ¥3 million, kei cars which dominate about ¥2 million, so TESLA have to drop their prices a lot more if they wish to "take over" the market as you say. Otherwise, they will remain a small niche.

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Posted in: Blinken, Austin to visit Japan, South Korea this month See in context

Will you bring up the fact to South Korea that they are Not part of Quad alliance and have refused to do so?? Important if you want to balance China.

South Korea is NOT WELCOME in the QUAD military alliance, and not trusted by the members. Why would the nations in there want SK? They are far closer in alliance to Communist China than they are with the leading democratic powers of the region.

I hope and trust Blinken reads crooked Moon and SK the riot act, and gives them an ultimatum : stop bullying Japan for political reasons, bringing up the dead and buried "comfort women" issue, or you are no longer considered an ally of the US, and the US will withdraw all troops and no longer protect you from the Commies to the North.

Having SE Asian nations like Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Phillippines join the QUAD is a sensible idea. NOT South Korea.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing police officer, security guard in Toyama See in context

Weak decision. The scum should have been hung. I hope the Prosecution appeals.

Rest in Peace to the two poor innocent men.

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Posted in: Legend of Honda See in context

Awesome! Way out of my price range sadly. I cant think of anything better than jumping in a self-driving car after a long day, telling it to drive home, then kicking back and necking a few cold ones in luxury.

Ultimately the tech will filter down to even compact cars, cheaply, and none of us will need to physically drive any more. Much, much safer for all.

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Posted in: EU to extend COVID-19 vaccine export controls as AstraZeneca shipment blocked See in context

Meanwhile Russia has put geopolitical rivalries aside and has been exporting it's highly effective Sputnik vaccine to countries that need it.

No-one in the free world wants shoddy Russian vaccines. Russia cannot be trusted.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault, robbery of visually impaired woman See in context

Very normal to not lock doors in Japan. Lets not suggest this has anything to do with this unforgivable crime. People like this young woman are entitled to live in a society where one does not need to lock their doors.

Trash like this rapist should be eliminated from society.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault, robbery of visually impaired woman See in context

Only a deadbeat coward would ever do this. A true psychopath who can not be allowed in society. I wish him a very short and horrible future.

I hope the poor woman can somehow recover and trust people again.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

Time to think about permanently moving the Olympics to Greece?

Bit unfair to dump it on Greece. They are on their knees financially, and last time they held the games in '04 it was a financial disaster. Their facilities and stadia are now the home to wild animals.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

Pains me to say it. Worst Olympics ever.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

I hope the Taylors like miso, rice and tofu. Its all they will get for 2-3 years. Their Japanese skills will improve rapidly, since no english will be permitted in prison.

Ive said it all along, they should have stayed in Lebanon permanently with their $Millions and lived like Kings. Bad mistake.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

I have contacts, acquaintances, and friends around the world. Not one of them from outside the United States marks themselves with a continent, country, religion, or race before telling them where they come from.

Are you suggesting the likes of Mr Cung should have advised their attackers of their nationality to prevent an attack? He was attacked from behind, his kids eye and face slashed with a knife. Get real.

There is NO imperative or requirement to let these scum know where you are from. The imperative is on the scum to not be racist psychopaths. If they cannot manage that, lock them away forever.

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Posted in: Attacks against Asian Americans in U.S. intensify a year into pandemic See in context

Absolutely despicable and unforgivable racism. Physically attacking and stabbing innocent chikdren simply because they are Asian is the work of pure evil. I truly hope this Gomez animal is locked away for life and endures the worst US prison has to offer every day of his worthless life.

The US had better sort out this anti-Asian racism fast, or risk being seen as a violent and racist failed state. I know countless people who used to want to visit the US, but are simply too terrified to go for fear of being attacked or killed.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

 I wouldn't get your hopes up about any change to this policy.

Well in that case China can expect close to zero tourists and business visitors from Japan. What they are doing is sexual assault, it is designed to intimidate and humiliate, but what would Commie China care about rule of law.

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon says Tokyo Olympics may be chance to revitalize diplomacy See in context

Japan, and the entire free world, cannot trust anything that South Korea says. This "diplomacy" nonsense is just a ploy by crooked Moon to try and look good. Well, it wont work. Expect mass rallies all through Korea when the Games are on, protesting against it and trying to take the focus away from Japans time to shine before the world. Koreans will be jealous.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

Just when you thought that Communist China couldnt lower the bar any more. This is despicable. They have no right to treat Japanese visitors this way.

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Posted in: 70-year-old nurse assaulted, robbed after finishing night shift in Kawasaki See in context

I hope they catch this vile human trash. He deserves 10 years in solitary, and endless misery until he (fingers crossed soon) expires.

I just hope the poor nurse recovers fully.

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Posted in: Republican calls grow for U.S. to boycott 2022 Olympics in China See in context

EVERY nation with any sense of morality and ethics, who believe in human rights and oppose ethnic genocide, MUST boycott the Beijing Games.

Communist China's policy of ethnic genocide and concentration camps containing muslim Uighurs must be stood up against. Anyone who does not is supporting it. Simple as that.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

I hope all those $Millions you made are worth it, Taylors. Being in a Japanese prison for a few years will be like living in hell.

At least they will become fluent in Japanese.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bill to ratify RCEP trade deal including China See in context

Terrible move.

Just when the world should be actively moving away from Communist China, "free trade" deals are being signed with them. All it means is other nations being flooded with more shoddy Chinese goods and produce, China becoming stronger, and less jobs.

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Posted in: Father may have attempted murder suicide with children in car: police See in context

I know plenty of people will sympathize with him, and make every excuse under the sun. But he is an animal. Killing chikdren is inexcusable. Period.

Execute this child killer.

Fly high, three little Angels.

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Posted in: Japan to begin allowing foreign Olympic athletes' entry next month: Nikkei See in context

Oh, one other thing, what happens if their "accommodation" is the Olympic village?

Then they must stay only in the Olympic village, or the venue they compete at.

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Posted in: 3 children found dead in Kyushu; father attempts suicide See in context

If this animal is found to have killed these poor kids, he has to be executed. No ifs, no buts, no excuses.

Rest in Peace to the poor little Angels.

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Posted in: Japan to begin allowing foreign Olympic athletes' entry next month: Nikkei See in context

Olympic athletes from Sudan have been living here for one year.

Weird. Living for a year and a half in another country just so you can compete for 1-2 days when the Olympics comes.

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

Perfectly acceptable for any sovereign nation to defend her sovereign territory against uninvited foreign arrivals. This is not an anti-China thing as some are wrongly arguing. The Senkakus have also been illegally entered by Taiwanese nationalist flotillas before, and dealt with by water cannon. They got off lightly.

This announcement by the Japanese government gives notice to ANY nation - the JMSDF can and will shoot live rounds at boats illegally entering the Senkakus from here on. They have been warned.

Japan must erect structures ANY structures be it a lighthouse a weather station or even outhose on the Senkakus IMMEDIATELY

Japan has already contructed a lighthouse on the Senkakus.

As I said before, this problem can be handled automated. An AI missile launcher, positioned on or besides the Senkakus.

Agree 100 percent. But the Defense on the Senkakus should be manned 24/7 by a group of JMSDF.

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Posted in: Sweden steps up pandemic restrictions in bid to avoid third wave See in context

Swedens handling of Covid has been a disaster. Even the King has stated that the government failed. Their death rate is over 10 times that of their neighbors, Norway and Finland, and 3 times that of Denmark. Swedens socialist-leaning government deserves to be punished at the next election for not showing duty of care toward their citizens. Shameful government.

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

Good to see that there is rule of law in Turkey. Turkey is very friendly with Japan, and the Turkish government wanted to impose a big sentence to maintain great relations.

The Turkish pilots who smuggled out Ghosn have been convicted and the American father and son who masterminded his escape are being extradited to Japan. Now it’s your turn, Carlos Ghosn.

You may not yet be aware, but Lebanon has no extradition treaty with Japan. Lebanon has stated they will not return Ghosn to face his charges. It is possible that Ghosn can be tried for his offenses in Lebanon, however that is unlikely.

The US father and son who smuggled Ghosn will probably be in prison in Japan for 2-5 years, waiting for a trial and then after sentencing if found guilty. I hope their $Millions was worth it and funds their retirement!

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Posted in: Top Chinese official outlines plan to ensure 'patriots' run Hong Kong See in context

Despicable, but this is no shock to anyone. Every Hong Konger with half a brain is right now in the process of applying to emigrate while it is still legal, either to the UK if they are over 24, or elsewhere if younger.

Make no mistake - HK is now effectivly a Communist, anti-democratic state. Anyone who visits, trades with or deals with HK and their disgusting government supports authoritarianism, hates freedom and despises human rights.

Boycott HK - Boycott China.

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