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Posted in: Japan opposes Russia's plan for tariff-free zone on disputed isles See in context

the second negotiation topic then is the remaining open territorial package consisting of the rest of all Kuril Islands up to Kamchatka plus the southern part of Kurafuto / Sakhalin

Japan is not claiming and has not claimed any part of Sakhalin for a very long time. The maps and info you have is horribly outdated.

The issue is simply the four islands.

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Posted in: Iron curtain falls on Hong Kong cinema as censors demand cuts See in context

@ GBR48 - so you approve of giving money to Terror States? You realize a significant part of all foreign revenue for HK goes toward the HK puppet Communist govt, and is used to finance state-sponsored surveillance, abuse and detention of the citizens, dont you?

Boycott Terror state Hong Kong.

Boycott Communist China.

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Posted in: Japan opposes Russia's plan for tariff-free zone on disputed isles See in context

Russia needs to return all 4 Japanese islands, which are inalienable Japanese territory.

Then, and only then, Russia and Japan can talk free trade deals.

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Posted in: Tensions grow as U.S., allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement See in context

With Communist China increasingly warlike, stealing territory and oppressing millions of people, who can blame the U.S. and Allies from expanding their activity and defenses in the region?

If China keeps pushing and making constant war threats, they are going to regret it, make no mistake about that.

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Posted in: Iron curtain falls on Hong Kong cinema as censors demand cuts See in context

Hong Kong is a Communist terror state.

Boycott Hong Kong, and all movies and products from there.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea affirm cooperation on N Korea See in context

Give up them evil nukes, Little Rocket Man. Stop playing with fire. One wrong move and QUAD will flatten you and your nation.

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Posted in: Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal days after China See in context

Mainland will break up into all its ethnicity areas anyway and it should.

Im not convinced Communist China breaking up into smaller ethnic states (with little or no democracy) would be much better than now. The Soviet union splintered up into some awful States and the world is not necessarily more peaceful now.

Without democracy and freedom, nothing would change.

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Posted in: Osaka withdraws from Indian Wells tournament See in context

Wow, there are some real nasty Naomi haters here! Very regrettable to see. Wheres the venom for the countless male players who smash rackets, hit balls angrily at ball kids and abuse umpires? Im old enough to remember the now much loved J. McEnroe threatening the life of an umpire!

Get well soon Naomi. As long as it takes, get the head right and the tennis will follow.

She could retire tomorrow with her $ Hundreds of millions, and forever be the Japanese GOAT.

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Posted in: Quad leaders to oppose attempts to change status quo in East China Sea See in context

Taiwan should run the steering committee of this group.

Taiwan cannot do that. They are not a member of QUAD.

In the long term future , 5-10 years, I'd love to see Taiwan in QUAD, along with Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines as they modernize and strengthen their militaries. The more peace-loving nations militarily pushing back against the Commies the better.

As the worlds strongest power, the USA is the rightful leader of QUAD.

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Posted in: Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal days after China See in context

Excellent news! I have no doubt the 11 nations will unanimously endorse the application of Taiwan. It is a peace-loving, free and fair democracy, supported by all democracies in the world.

Hopefully all 11 block Communist China's devious attempts to join the free trade club.

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Posted in: Quad leaders to oppose attempts to change status quo in East China Sea See in context

If Communist China try anything against Taiwan, they can expect the QUAD force to hit them like a ton of bricks. China is the enemy, lets stop dancing around this fact. The US and allies can reduce them to rubble, back to the Stone Age, if push comes to shove. Fact.

Back off China, and leave the region in peace for free and fair nations if you know what's good for you.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for burning toddler to death with hot water See in context

Rest in Peace to the poor little boy.

The only justice for the animal who did this is execution. The pain and torture this innocent boy went through means there is no more heinous crime. The child killer scum has permanently lost his right to live in society, and not a single tear would be shed when he hangs.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening ‘massacre’ at vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Another sanity-challenged anti-vaxxer.

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Posted in: Afghanistan girls soccer team given asylum in Portugal See in context

Good for them, and well done Portugal! A nation that supports women, democracy and freedom, unlike Afghanistan.

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Posted in: China has submitted an application to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal? Do you think they should be accepted? See in context

A big NO!

Communist China has no right to join this group. Look at the damage they have done to the world - including trade - in the past few years.

Let free and fair nations in this region enjoy the privileges of free trade in the TPP, and no - the UK is not a Pacific nation.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman out on bail over son's murder, arrested for killing sister See in context

If found guilty of these TWO murders, this evil woman will hopefully get a short piece of rope and a trapdoor floor.

Rest in Peace to the poor victims.

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Posted in: Melbourne shuts construction sites after violent anti-vax protest See in context

Violent protests by drunken, brawling anti-vaxxers? Attacking reporters and spraying urine on them, throwing their beer bottles...even kicking a dog?

Par for the course for these losers.

The entire world would be better off banning these scum from all aspects of life.

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Posted in: Mother asks public for help in finding daughter missing since 2019 See in context

Katsuji Saitsu, a construction worker, posted multiple messages on Facebook from Oct 22 to Nov 16, 2019, in which he told Ogura, "I know you’re the culprit. Hurry up and turn yourself in. I'm going to kill you."

A construction worker, no surprise there. Only shock is that he is able to use the internet himself. Scum. Hope he gets a long prison sentence.

Heartbreaking story that will not have a happy ending. I hope Misaki-chans family will one day have a resolution.

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Posted in: COVID has killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 flu See in context

Nations like the US, Brazil, the UK and much of the EU have handled this pandemic in the worst possible way. Not just govt, but regular people. Denying the virus exists, refusing to practice basic hygeine, refusing masks, refusing the vaccines, deliberately infecting others...the list goes on.

There is a long, horrible winter coming up in America. Things are going to get worse than they are now. Fact.

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Posted in: 107-year-old Japanese twins certified as world's oldest See in context

Congratulatuons to the twins! Both have lived amazing lives, and seen off numerous wars and Emperors. They must have had an excellent diet of probably strictly traditional Japanese foods to have lived so long. Would be nice for this story to describe their daily diet.

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Posted in: New Hong Kong electors decided with only 1 opposition member See in context

Terror-state Hong Kong revealing itself to be a sick, freedom-hating, one-party Communist China puppet.

Boycott Hong Kong.

Boycott Communist China.

Boycott the Genocide Games 2022.

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Posted in: Seniors account for record 29.1% of Japan's population See in context

Good for Japan.

So long as those seniors keep active and fit in retirement and continue eating a balanced Japanese diet, and some of them working part-time if they wish, I can't see any major issues. A 65 year old Japanese is probably fitter than many Western 35 year olds.

Japan is attempting to show the world that societies with older populations can be run very successfully. Population growth and constantly having more young people is not necessarily the best model, despite what Western governments argue.

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Posted in: Aid groups in Japan vow to continue support for Afghanistan See in context

Good for them.

Afghan people like Japan, and do not distrust them like they do Western people. Japan does not have a history of warring with Afghanistan.

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Posted in: 5-year jail term finalized for 90-year-old over fatal crash See in context

Should have got longer. Sickening recklessness. 90 year olds DO NOT drive vehicles. End of story. No exceptions.

Rest in Peace to the poor mother and daughter.

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Posted in: Hong Kong elite selects powerful new 'patriots only' committee See in context

Hong Kong is a filthy sewer, a backwater of China. A place with zero freedom, zero democracy, corrupt leadership and where people who show any dissent at all are rapidly "disappearing" off the streets and never seen again.

"Patriots only" = COMMUNIST ONLY.

Boycott terror state Hong Kong.

Boycott Communist China.

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Argentina 36-13 See in context

Nice dancing! The All Blacks should get an extra 10 points just for that!

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested over theft of ¥13 mil watch on 'papa-katsu' date See in context

Not all of these relationships involve intimate sex.

LOL. Yeah, Im sure a 37 year old man would take a teenage girl he just met to a love hotel for a conversation!

Could be masturbation

Still a sexual act.

Not judging at all, I couldnt care less, but it is prostitution.

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Posted in: 19-year-old woman arrested over theft of ¥13 mil watch on 'papa-katsu' date See in context

Moral of the story to Japanese execs hiring prostitutes : wear your Casio on the night, not your $120,000 watch.

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Posted in: Japan household assets hit record-high as cash, stock prices rise See in context

With Japanese households cashed up with assets and stocks in a record way, things sure seem to be ticking along very well in Japan. Good to see Japanese save rather than spending unneccesarily on items like TVs, cars etc that dont need replacing. Hope this becomes a worldwide trend.

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Posted in: IOC urges Olympic teams to ask for more vaccines See in context

Boycott the Genocide Games 2022.

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