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Posted in: Naomi Osaka adds voice to protests over police brutality in U.S. See in context

Good for Naomi. More celebrities should speak out. It's time to call out US Police for what they are - racist men and women of extreme violence, who stick together and refuse to condemn those in their ranks who kill. They MUST be defeated in the coming days, if the USA is to have any chance of ever recovering.

Power to the protesters - down with the police! Justice for George Floyd!

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Posted in: Minneapolis overwhelmed again by protests over Floyd death See in context

Good luck to all people there - black, white, asian, everyone - fighting back at the brutal thugs known as "police". I hope they win their battles, and teach them a lesson.

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Posted in: Frontline health workers in Japan continue to face discrimination over virus See in context

Discrimination is not the root of the problem. It's unnecessary fear whipped up by media hype. The worldwide average age of those dying from the virus is 75-80. 

Yeah, it's so lucky there are hardly any people in Japan in their 70s and over.


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Posted in: Frontline health workers in Japan continue to face discrimination over virus See in context

being told by family members not to come home, being shunned even by staff from other wards, and being subjected to abuse when making house calls.

Disgraceful. It will be a shame if any of these scumbags need the help of these medical professionals one day, and the ambulance arrives too late. A real shame.

Medical workers are heroes.

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Posted in: What could losing U.S. 'special status' mean for Hong Kong? See in context

Short of military action, economic sanctions are really the only strong action the free world can take against Hong Kong- a puppet of Communist China. The fact that HK schoolchildren are now being arrested for protesting on the streets against these outrageous bans on freedom, cannot be accepted.

Democratic nations should pull their banking/finance arms out of HK, and governments should order all airlines to no longer use HK as a travel hub. Starve the crooked Carrie Lam administration economically. Furthermore, democracies should offer asylum for HK freedom fighters and those sought by the corrupt HK govt and Communist China for trumped up "crimes" against the State.

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Posted in: U.S. police officer who kneeled on black man's neck charged with third-degree murder See in context

The UK, Australia, France and Germany must ask the UN to convene an emergency session to condemn the killings of African Americans by the police in MN and other parts of the USA.

How about Japan? They also must condemn the US police behaviour in the strongest possible way.

I have just seen footage in of police in NY pushing an unarmed small black woman to the ground. She was injured, and is now in ER. (Footage is on Twitter). It is lucky that protesters are so far showing incredible restraint against these coward thug cops.

Hopefully cops all over the US are going to be taught a big lesson in the coming hours and days, and the protesters push back at them with everything at their disposal. Power to the protesters!

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Posted in: U.S. police officer who kneeled on black man's neck charged with third-degree murder See in context

How about arresting the other 3 scum police that were at the scene? Absolute lowlives. I have seen footage of dozens of police cars fleeing their police station like cowards, as the protesters encircled them. Not so tough when they are outnumbered.

I stand with the protesters. Go after the Minnesota police and teach them a lesson!

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Posted in: U.S. cuts WHO ties over virus; takes action over Hong Kong See in context

Good move. Start up a rival WHO - one that is democratic, transparent, and has the nation of Taiwan as the Chairman. The members of WHO are crooked, and the West will now refuse to listen to a single word Tedros and his gang say.

As for HK, very promising. It is to be hoped the West and Japan follow suit and treat them the same as Communist China. Seeing as the government is simply now a Communist China puppet. Everyone should boycott travel to HK, unless you support Communism China and want to line the pockets of HK authorities.

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Posted in: S Korean lawmaker-elect denies wrongdoing over 'comfort women' funds See in context

This woman Yoon and President Moon need to be booted out at the election for corruption. Stirring up hate against Japan is despicable. These things happened almost 100 years ago, let it go already.

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Posted in: Civil unrest rages in Minneapolis over racially charged killing by police See in context

Reports are just now coming in, the protesters have captured a central Police Station in Minneapolis and are setting it ablaze.

The police dont seem so tough anymore.

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Posted in: Pandemic hit to Japan's factory, retail sectors deeper than expected; jobless rate up to 2.6% See in context

2.6% unemployment is better than expected. Most other nations would love to have that figure. In some places, unemployment is over 20% now due to the disaster.

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Posted in: Looting erupts during Minneapolis protests over black man's killing by white police officer See in context

There is absolutely no doubt this murder of an unarmed black man was a racist attack. I have viewed the entire disturbing attack. It was heartbreaking to hear the poor victims' cries for his mother, while the coward scum police officer snuffed his last breath.

I don't support looting and attacking innocent civilians. But I 100% stand with the protesters - black and white - targeting police in that city. Anything that happens to the police, they have no-one to blame but themselves. Hit the police, and hit them hard.

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Posted in: Japan remains world's top creditor at end of 2019 See in context

Really promising news. To make it clear for people with no economics background - essentially Japan is a lender. Japan - traditionally - does not like to borrow. There is no need to be concerned about any domestic debt - be it 300% or 1000% of GDP. Japan - having the ability to print her own money and issue Bonds - can repay her domestic debt whenever she chooses by printing more Yen.

And Japan is earning interest in the $Billions from overseas debtors like USA, which is keeping the economy ticking along nicely in a downturn.

The United States was the biggest net external debt holder with 1,199.38 trillion yen, according to the ministry.

The USA had want to get her house in order ASAP. Things look grim for the USA, sadly. If they start defaulting on loans, no other nation will lend them money, or even trade with them.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll from coronavirus passes 100,000 See in context

The US response to this disaster will be used for centuries as a textbook example of what NOT to do in pandemics.

The US govt should take a lot of blame, they've been far too slow to act, and denied that the deadly virus was a problem at all. But equally a lot of US citizens have been really poor at dealing with the pandemic, compared to the discipline and orderliness of other nations.

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Posted in: Koike to announce candidacy in June for Tokyo gubernatorial election See in context

The problem with Koike is - apart from her sudden grandstanding about Covid-19 only after the Olympics was cancelled - she cannot decide whether she is in the LDP or not.

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Posted in: Japan's new stimulus package to be worth ¥117.1 tril See in context

The Japanese Govt can absolutely pay for this - or any stimulus - by simply printing more yen, or issuing it electronically. For the 100 000 yen every citizen receives, they will order the Central Bank to print this money.

the problem is the bone-crushing govt debt in an aging sluggish economy exacerbated by the recent COVID situation. the debt is going nowhere but up.

Japan virtually has no foreign debt. The govt can pay back domestic debt by printing more yen and issuing Bonds to local investors. Macro-economics is not rocket science, to be honest.

Of all the OECD nations, because of the strong, "safe haven" yen and lack of debt worries of other nations like the USA, Japan is one of the best equipped to bounce back rapidly after the worldwide disaster. They will be eyeing the 2021 Olympics to further stimulate the economy.

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Posted in: Police arrest suspect in Kyoto Animation studio arson attack that killed 36 See in context

If found guilty, it would be more punishment to force this individual to survive for the next 2 or so 3 decades, rather than the mercy of hanging him by the neck. Perhaps he will get a tiny sense of the pain all these families will go through forever.

Rest in Peace to the poor the 36 innocent victims.

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Posted in: Japan aims to revive tourism industry by subsidizing people to go on vacation See in context

I don't need these vouchers, I need for me and the kids to get a vacation.

Give us some holidays, drop the highway tolls and we'll tour the whole darn country.

@ Burning Bush - you've been banging on for months about how desperate you are for things to "open up", to "escape this lockdown" in Japan and get back to work to earn money to avoid "starvation and poverty".

Now you want a vacation to tour all around Japan?!

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Posted in: Hotels, university offer free stays for foreigners stranded in Japan See in context

Good for Japan for doing this. That's real omotenashi customer service. I am sure these tourists will never forget this kindness of Japan!

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Posted in: Ending coronavirus emergency raises hope, sparks some concern See in context

If China behaved correctly about the virus from the beginning, we never need to discuss about Lockdowns and Reopenings.

No intelligent person or government leader assumed Communist China would "behave correctly". Only dummies believed that.

Smart people and governments operate on the assumption that Communist China wont behave correctly - look at SARS and countless other examples - and are ready to protect their citizens. Governments like the USA and UK who sat on their hands are seeing the result sadly.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

@ Hiro - the US and UK took a gamble on Communist China over the friendly, democratic ROC. They gambled that Communist China would "open up" to democracy, and become free and fair like the West. They backed the wrong horse, sadly.

It is not too late to untangle this mess, switch to ROC in terms of diplomatic relations, and ban ALL trade with Communist China. It may take 3-5 years for stubborn companies like Apple, Boeing, Nike and GM to be encouraged to leave China (ie taxed out of existance If they refuse) - but where there's a will, there's a way.

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Posted in: Russia proposes shelving jurisdiction issue in isle talks with Japan See in context

Russia is willing and completely open to the transfer of the Kuril islands, but their one non negotiable stance is that US military personnel cannot be stationed on the islands. Japan has continuously refused time and time again.

True - this has been a sticking point. The realistic way I see this situation going forward is a Japanese undertaking - in consultation with the USA of course - that no US bases will be stationed on the Kuriles. Instead, a Japanese SDF base can be the only military base (If any) set up there.

In a practical sense, there is almost a zero likelihood the US has any inclination to set up a base in the Kuriles - Misawa is just a stone's throw away in northern Tokoku. The cost for the US setting up a base in the Kuriles is prohibitive for them going forward. This stuff can be worked out if the Russians are serious.

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

Wise move by ANA. Certainly one of my favorite airlines. I expect all foreign carriers to now adopt the mask policy. I guess exceptions will be made at times ie passengers wish to eat or drink.

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Posted in: Russia proposes shelving jurisdiction issue in isle talks with Japan See in context

Promising news. It seems the Russians have finally come to their senses. Joint sovereignty for 10 years. Then, the islands revert 100% back to Japanese control. After which, the residents can choose which citizenship they want. If they did choose Russia, they are permitted to stay on as "Special Permanent Residents" of Japan. Most will probably choose to be Japanese.

Japan can clean up and develop the islands as year-round "eco-resorts", pumping thousands of tourists and billions of yen into the island economies. Win-win.

After all, Russia has no basis in international law to claim these islands, and have polluted them terribly.

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Posted in: Hong Kong security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as Taiwan promises assistance to people See in context

The Communist China-supporting government of Hong Kong, public servants, police and pro-China citizens are ALL traitors to democracy, and fair game for Hong Kongers fighting for their freedoms. If anything does happen to them, they've brought it all upon themselves for selling out to Communist bully China.

Hit these freedom-hating terrorist cowards hard with whatever means you have, freedom fighters!

Along with Taiwan, I stand with Hong Kong!

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing concrete blocks from bridge onto expressway See in context

Despicable. Innocent lives could so easily have been lost. Put a sack on them and throw these little rats off the same bridge. No one would care.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

What are the lesser leaders of the world and regular people supposed to do? I’m genuinely interested.

There are many things. Boycott China and all Chinese goods. If you live in a democracy, put as much pressure on ALL parties to act against this outrage, or lose your vote. Support asylum for HK political prisoners. Speak to HK citizens and ask how outsiders can support them. There are likely hundreds of ways.

If you sit on your hands, that's your right, but remember : if democracies do nothing and turn the other way as Communist China tramples the rights of millions - who will they come for next?

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

Are you going to ‘stand with them’, whatever that means?

Ridiculing those desperate cries of freedom coming from those brave HK citizens, standing up to big bully China, is not a nice reflection on you. This is literally the fight of their lives and people of the free world have a duty to help in any way they can.

At least we know which side you are on.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

Hong Kong police are simply paid puppets of Communist China, as is the government of HK. Hit them hard with everything at your disposal, freedom-loving Hong Kongers, because they sure as hell will be firing at you even if you're unarmed.

Liberate Hong Kong! Stand with Hong Kong!

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

It is all over the Japanese press that she committed suicide. Nobody really seems to question that.

@ gokai wo maneku .. .Are you hinting at another cause of death? On what basis are you questioning it after reading the reports which all clearly point to suicide?

Rest in Peace. The poor girl clearly had major issues - being in that awful reality TV environment magnified them.

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