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Posted in: Japanese automakers' global output rises 2.7% in October See in context

Super promising news. Anyone would be nuts to buy a non Japanese car. My Toyota still ticking along well with almost 300,000kms, the Mrs' Honda at 240,000kms.

You can keep your fancy Teslas, BMWs and Benzes. Japanese cars will never be beaten!

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Posted in: Couple arrested after infant’s body left in refrigerator See in context

These two are sub human. I can only hope for their execution.

Rest in peace to the poor child.

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Posted in: Nikkei extends rally to 4th straight day; another 29-year high See in context

Just because the Nikkei and other indices are coming out with record highs, the worker-bees, here and abroad, arent getting squat!

I disagree. With interest at or close to zero, there are huge incentives for those "worker bees" to take out bank loans to start investing in the Nikkei. There has never been a better time. Up 13% this year, should finish conservatively up 15%, and one could project a 25 % increase in 2021.

A lot of people can and will actually quit their jobs and trade from home full time. Beats being a worker bee!

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at new 29-year high driven by high-tech stocks See in context

You told us the Chinese economy was in free fall not long ago

Give it time. We simply cannot believe any of the "growth" figures coming out of Communist China. And if they keep pushing to take over HK, we will see more and more companies continue exiting China due to political instability.

I would not risk any investments in Communist China or poor HK going forward after this years alarming events. We cannot any longer look the other way, the risks are just too high.

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Posted in: Abe's office suspected of discarding receipts for hotel functions See in context

Lets remember the principles of Justice: innocent until proven guilty. Ex-PM Abe will vigorously defend these tabloid allegations.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at new 29-year high driven by high-tech stocks See in context

You could do a lot worse than invest in Japan. all time highs will soon be met.

Well argued. Nikkei up 16% in past 6 months, Dow 24%. Both Japan and US ticking along beautifully this year, and both will break records next year. Just my opinion.

There is a lot of confidence in the Suga gov't following the boom-inducing Abenomics mix policies, with QE to continue, super-low interest rates...and the Olympics just around the corner which should generate enormous profits for Nikkei listed companies. Plus the recovery from Covid should prompt a lot of rebuilding and huge consumer spending.

Im tipping both markets to test 40,000 points in '21. And make a lot of people very, very wealthy! Time to start borrowing to purchase stocks...

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end higher on Wall Street rally but gains pared See in context

Market is booming this year - up by over 13% already. 2021, with the vaccine out, economy soaring, the nation and world being rebuilt after the pandemic, and Olympics further pushing confidence, Im tipping a ~ 25% gain in Nikkei 225.

My tip? Nikkei to hit 35 - 40,000 points by the end of 2021.

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Posted in: Thai police revive royal defamation law ahead of protest See in context

Cant criticise the excesses of the "Royal" family? Madness. I have seen footage of the so-called Thai "king" forcing his concubines kiss his dirty feet. Sicko.

Im starting to think its time to boycott Thailand and Thai goods until they remove the dictatorship and install democracy and freedom.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting mentally disabled boy in park toilet See in context

Absolute scum of the earth. I wish that this perverted animal is fully castrated before being locked away for minimum 50 years.

I hope the poor disabled boy recovers mentally.

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Posted in: 'English nouveau': a young red to rival Beaujolais See in context

I hope its better than Beaujolais Nouveau. It'd have to be, that stuff is barely good enough as a cooking wine.

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Posted in: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained for illegal assembly See in context

Sickening behaviour from Commie China. I have grave fears that this democratic hero Wong will not be seen again. ALL Hong Kong citizens over 23 should take up the UKs offer of Citizenship. Those under 23 will sadly be at the mercy of the Commies if no other nation takes them.

Boycott Hong Kong and China NOW.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 391 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,165 See in context

Cases (PCR positives) don't worry me at all.

Selfish attitude. Medical professionals - the people at the coal face - ARE worried.

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Posted in: Woman gets 9 years over starvation death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

Disgustingly light sentence. There is no other case that is more deserving of hanging than this child-killing woman, and her deadbeat boyfriend. I truly wish them a lifetime of misery, pain and rejection. Complete sterilization of the woman, and castration of the male, please.

Rest in Peace to little Angel, Kotori-chan.

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Posted in: 2 more Japanese astronauts scheduled for long missions on space station: minister See in context

Its a real astronaut boom in Japan these days. Great inspiration for tens of millions of Japanese kids who dream of exploring space in the future!

The Japanese government must aim to have a Japanese man walk on the moon before China does.

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Posted in: U.S., Taiwan step up economic cooperation in new dialogue See in context

Hopefully this is the start of Taiwan receiving FULL diplomatic status. If the US grants free, democratic Taiwan diplomatic status, Japan will follow shortly after.

Who cares what them Commies say!

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

Despicable crime by an evil, horrible monster. He has forfeited his right to be fed, clothed and sheltered by honest taxpayers. Hang him, please.

Rest in Peace to the poor woman, her life and death was unfair.

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Posted in: Japan aims to expand regional free trade pact as UK, China eye membership See in context

Fun fact

U.S.A and the rest of the world choose mailand China to recognize as the official China.

Japan also chooses to diplomatically only recognize PRC over democratic Taiwan. Which is wrong. This has to change.

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Posted in: Japan aims to expand regional free trade pact as UK, China eye membership See in context

Are you laughing?? Taiwan is a FREE, DEMOCRATIC

Yes. Taiwan is a free, democratic nation that follows rule of law and fair trade. Unlike the China Commies who will NEVER be accepted into the exclusive club of the CPTPP.

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Posted in: Japan aims to expand regional free trade pact as UK, China eye membership See in context

NO Communist China thank-you. And the last time I checked, UK was not in the Pacific region, so a big NO to them too.

How about free, democratic Taiwan instead?

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's personal apparel collection underscores star power See in context

Sad to see all the negativity and haters, just like those who hated on another proud Black sports star recently - Lewis Hamilton.

Keep speaking up for what you believe in, Naomi-chan. Proving on and off the court that Black Lives Matter.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka's personal apparel collection underscores star power See in context

Good for Naomi-chan! Great to hear she is now the highest paid sportswoman in history, another decade at the top and she will be sports first woman billionaire!

She definitely inspires me to buy Nike now.

Go Naomi-chan!! Win that next Major!

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Posted in: Elementary school group rescued from sinking ship in western Japan See in context

Amazing rescue and outcome! I think the fact most Japanese elementary school kids are mature beyond their years, and strong swimmers, kept the situation calm.

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Posted in: Cram school operator arrested for holding 6-year-old boy upside down, causing eye injury See in context

I hope the scum who abused this little boy loses his business and is bankrupted. He must have traumatized so many kids over the years.

May the boy recover fully, he deserves a long break from juku.

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Posted in: Taiwan talks up trans-Pacific trade pact after exclusion from new deal See in context

Its criminal that the free, democratic nation of Taiwan was not included in the RCEP. All nations that signed it are scared of Communist China. Taiwan absolutely must be permitted into the CPTPP, as they are an example to the world in strong, democratic leadership, quality hi-tech goods, and world-leading response to Covid.

I would like a third Trans-Pacific partnership to be founded - this time one with Taiwan and any other free, democratic Asia Pacific nation - India included - but NO Communist nations permitted.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 29-year high; nears 26,000 mark on Japan's GDP growth See in context

Things are ticking along nicely. Big growth, lowest unemployment on record, vaccine about to be distributed and hopefully Tokyo 2021 just around the corner. Im calling it - Nikkei 225 will test 40,000 points some time in 2021.

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Posted in: Lewis Hamilton: The world champion some find hard to like See in context

Racism, fear and ignorance is alive and well.

Reminds me of when a talented kid wanted to play golf 30 years ago. "Get off the course, boy!", they said. "Go and eat some fried chicken and watermelon!".

That young man was Tiger Woods.

Or another kid who was told he couldnt practise on the indoor tennis courts at his high school, because he was Black.

That kid was Arthur Ashe.

Lewis is fighting for all those Black kids, who keep getting told they cant follow their dreams because of their skin color. Go Lewis, shut the racists up for good!

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Posted in: Lewis Hamilton: The world champion some find hard to like See in context

Well done Lewis! Absolutely the GOAT now he has won more races than Schumacher.

First and only Black man in F1. He had to overcome so much, fighting prejuduce all the way. There will always be bitter twisted haters who attack him simply because theyre racists, and dont want Blacks in the sport. Lewis showed through his support of Black Lives Matter that a sportsman can also have a conscience. Well done, LEGEND!

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Posted in: Hamilton clinches record 7th F1 title See in context

Well done, Lewis, amazing performance! Against all odds, a Black man has become the GOAT of motor racing. Fittingly, in a car Lewis had his team paint all in black in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lets hope Lewis' unbelievable achievements open the doors for many, many Black kids to enter the sport in the near future.

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Posted in: SpaceX with Japanese astronaut aboard blasts off for space station See in context

Successful launch, well done Elon Musk and TESLA, well done Japan! Hopefully Noguchi-sensei's amazing journey to Space inspires millions of Japanese kids to want to do the same. This proves that humans can do anything!

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Posted in: Hamilton blasts 'terrible' Istanbul track as Stroll grabs pole See in context

Well done, Lewis, well done! Now officially the G.O.A.T. We will never see a greater driver in our lifetimes. No wonder he is loved so much in the UK! Yes, haters gonna hate, but thats pure jealousy and even racism.

Lewis proves every time he gets in that race car (that his team painted black for him) that Black Lives Matter.

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