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Posted in: Mass testing, empty ICUs: Germany scores early against virus See in context

In other words, Germany is very precise and only people who die that actual had the virus get counted in the figures while Italy is sloppily including a whole bunch of natural deaths in their figures. Italy’s numbers are inflated, Germany’s are accurate.

Why would Italy want to inflate their figures by including non Covid-19 deaths in their figures?

Absolute nonsense, from someone who claims Covid-19 is "just a bad cold" and "completely exaggerated" and "all hype".

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

RIP. Perhaps people will now start taking this unprecedented seriously, and stop going to restaurants, bars and izakaya. Lets hope so.

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Posted in: Virus cases spike after Australia cruise ship stand-off ends See in context

Will these dozens of cruise ship infected by counted as numbers in an "International conveyance"?

From this point forward, ANY person of ANY age should be refused insurance as soon as they set foot upon a cruise ship. Period. This reckless industry is truly awful, and has cost the world billions of dollars and untold deaths.

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Posted in: N Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan See in context

This is a coward act by Tiny Kim. Threaten the region when all neighbors are already terrified in an unprecedented crisis. The world wont forget this, Tiny Kim.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

More sub-human filth that needs to be put down. I hope and pray the poor baby recovers fully and never has contact with this animal for the rest of her life.

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Posted in: Man arrested for delaying flight by saying he has coronavirus See in context

Yet another sociopath. Throw the old dropkick in prison along with the loser who did the same thing in a drugstore.

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Posted in: 92 from Chicago let in at Narita airport without being asked to self-isolate See in context

Complete and utter stupidity. Some WILL be infected, guaranteed.

Ministry of Health officials should lose their jobs and pension over this - but they won't.

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Posted in: Non-alcoholic matcha beer mixer makes debut in Kyoto See in context

I love beer. I like matcha tea. I see absolutely no reason to combine the two. Just enjoy them as they are!

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Posted in: Virus-striken Diamond Princess leaves Yokohama Port See in context

Cruise ships are nothing more than giant disease incubators.

Well said. It is beyond belief that even after the horror of the Diamond Princess , people have continued boarding these death traps. And now these passengers are insisting they are allowed to dock, unbelievable.

JSDF cleaning this ship found that the virus was still detected on surfaces 17 days after the room had been vacated.

Scrap the ships and scrap the cruise industry.

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

The only logical decision. So much for Bach - and some posters here mind you - stating until very recently that a "postponement was impossible", "Schedules for 2021 have been locked in", "The athletes village will be taken over by the owners in September 2020". Impossible, they claimed.

It was ALWAYS possible - and the right thing to do.

A Vaccine should be ready early 2021.

I hope you are right. I really do for humanity's sake. But I have not seen any researchers claim this is likely. Most are saying a 12-18 month time-frame.

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Posted in: Olympic flame to be carried by car instead of torchbearers See in context

This is just dumb.

Why not just run all the Olympic events with the athletes inside cars in the stadium.

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Posted in: Warnings fail to stop Japanese crowds from viewing cherry blossoms See in context

These people are dummies, lets not mince words. Listen to authorities. They have zero concept of social distancing in the midst of the worst pandemic in 100 years. Do they think they are immune?

Enjoy sakura in non-crowded areas, you dummies.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to proceed as planned See in context

Madness. Waste of time, and if crowds are involved a good way to spread the deadly virus.

Will they stage another one for Tokyo-Sapporo 2021?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

It seems that wise heads will now prevail. As I have always stated since this awful pandemic broke out, Summer 2021 is the best time to schedule them. IOC has suddenly now realized this.

The party next year when hopefully this pandemic is well behind us (after a vaccine is discovered) will be unprecedented. They will be dancing on the streets of Tokyo and Sapporo non-stop for 3 weeks!

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Posted in: Why haven't the Tokyo Olympics been postponed already? See in context

Why haven't the Tokyo Olympics been postponed already?

Money and greed - the two most important elements of the Olympics.

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Posted in: IOC chief rebuts growing calls for Olympic postponement See in context

Seriously, this dumb old fool Bach needs to be ousted.

Shut down Tokyo 2020 NOW. Postpone them until a later date - perhaps 2021 or later - when this war is over.

If madman Bach forces them to go ahead, they will be the WORST olympics of all time.

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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

PRC credibility = ZERO.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man beaten to death with concrete block on street in Hyogo Pref See in context

No coincidence these random and violent crimes are happening more often these days.

@ Old man. Wrong. Statistics prove that crime is decreasing in Japan and has for many years .

RIP to the poor pensioner. He did not deserve to die like this, bludgeoned with a concrete block until death for no apparent reason. I hope they catch the evil, violent killer.

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

Well, at least he doesn't have to be imprisoned now, as so many of us were hoping for.

I just hope the poor workers at the izakaya and snack are OK now.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan at historic low in 2019 but more teens kill themselves See in context

The suicide rate edged down to 16% per 100,000

I am not sure if this statement is correct.

Anyway, positive news. More should be done on youth suicide.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic Committee deputy head has coronavirus See in context

And there are still dummies who wish to hold Tokyo 2020? Madness.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing estranged wife on Saitama street See in context

Coward and violent scumbag. I really hope he gets hung.

Rest in Peace to the poor woman.

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Posted in: Doubts growing in Japan over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Its off. Zero chance Olympics will run. Anyone still promoting the idea of Tokyo 2020 is a reckless fool.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for killing 19 disabled people at care facility See in context

Excellent news, and the only possible sentence. This animal has shown no remorse and has lost his right to live in any society.

Rest in Peace to the poor innocent victims.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

Why do these reports always include the cruise ship people? They are no longer in Japan.

The majority of them are Japanese and are in Japan.

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Posted in: What would an Olympics cancelation cost Japan? See in context

Japan is a country up to its eyeballs in debt...

This is misunderstood by some. Since almost ALL debt is owed to Japanese creditors - citizens, corporations and banks - all the Japanese gov't needs to do is order the Reserve to print more money when they choose to pay back that debt. Its no problem at all.

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Posted in: Premier League may not finish, says FA chief See in context

Liverpool will be awarded the title, with an * next to it.

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Posted in: Fukushima brewers look to push sake globally See in context

Aizu-Wakamatsu sake has always been outstanding, nearby in Inawashiro there is a great beer brewery too.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Tokyo 2020 is finished, it is clearly impossible now. Its just a matter of when the announcement is made. Sooner rather than later is best. Leaving the decision until late April is reckless.

Tokyo-Sapporo 2021.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing 2-month-old daughter See in context

Imprison the filthy coward child abuser that did this, for a long time, and prevent her from ever contacting this poor girl.

I just hope the little baby recovers fully.

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