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Posted in: Japan pledges to launch new dialogue on nuclear material ban treaty See in context

Is Pledging a particular Japan politics thing, or translation related or is it something everyone does worldwide?

JP leaders are pleding something every day I feel like.

(Hopefully Koike pledges to protect the jingu mae trees/park)

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Posted in: Godzilla awaits See in context


Hehe - does his eyes look a bit strange though, perhaps just this angle?

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Posted in: Kishida apologizes for LDP political funds scandal See in context

Not enough

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Posted in: Zuckerberg discusses AI risks with Kishida See in context


Always pledging something.

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

Oh, surprised my comment caught quite a bit of attention.

Fair and interesting points everyone, and thanks for the response!

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

I believe Aomori is the snowiest city on earth (google it) and handle snowfall incredibly well (along with Sapporo, etc etc).

Meanwhile Tokyo cannot handle some slush, I don't get it.

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Posted in: U.S. public health agency CDC sets up office in Tokyo See in context

Good news everyone! Soon we can be told what to think and do without time zone challenges.

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Posted in: Japan Inc opens door to more women directors, but managers remain rare See in context

@AsiaMan7 - I hear you, and fair points.

There are downsides and many factors not making it ideal as well.

One being a person's salary may be less than one realizes. Salary is not bonus for example (which is given up completely with paternity leave) etc. There are also upper maximum caps on the income from paternity leave, etc.

Life is good but it is also very expensive in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan earthquake survivors battle unsanitary conditions with no running water See in context


Good Lord - it’s been 30 days and these poor people are still living in squalor? What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?

What do you mean? Kishida-san visited like 3 weeks after it happened and took some photos. He did all he could.


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Posted in: Kishida says gov't will do 'everything possible' to boost household income See in context

"..do everything possible" does not go in line with the culture here of conservatism, consensus and risk apetite.

More like "do as little as possible"

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Posted in: Japan to launch electronic immigration entry stands at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

I wonder if Permanent Residents still need to take a photo and scan their fingerprints every single time they land as well.

Guess it's never going away.

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Posted in: World's richest five men double fortune since 2020: Oxfam See in context

Giving more power to central governments in the name of hammering rich people would make things worse, not better.

It must not be an absolute choice - we can be very critical of both.

Stay Free

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Posted in: World's richest five men double fortune since 2020: Oxfam See in context

Let's not get distracted by wealth and such. Money should not be our concern when considering other far more important matters. (yes, I know - the rent doesn't pay itself etc, but still).

I'm just waiting to get further instructions from Mr. Bill Gates on how I should live my life and what I must do.

Hoping WEF, WHO, Mr Gates and other billionaires will guide us towards enlightenment.

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Posted in: Japan plans legal revision for quicker deletion of defamatory posts See in context

Japan stuck in the middle ages.

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Posted in: New York Times essay speculating over Swift's sexuality sparks backlash See in context

Wish I too had a father willing and able to risk/invest 300K USD like Taylor Swift did to buy me a career

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Posted in: Prosecutors make first arrest in LDP political funding scandal See in context

Theatre as usual.

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Posted in: Inflation, weak yen hit appetite for holiday spending in Japan See in context

Spending - the government's favourite metric.

You can only squeeze so much out ot a (broke, minimum wage) lemon.

We have some serious underlying challenges :-(

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Posted in: Ex-minister Nishimura questioned over LDP's political funds scandal See in context

@Yrral: As you say, we need journalism in Japan more than ever, but the culture works different.

It's always about pretend theatre and facade than the truth.

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Posted in: Japan, UK and Italy formally establish joint body to develop new advanced fighter jet See in context


:-( Gomen.

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Posted in: Japan, UK and Italy formally establish joint body to develop new advanced fighter jet See in context

Hey, what's wrong with floppy disks? if you can think of a better way to store up to 1.44 megabytes of crucially important data, I'd like to hear it!

Can't argue with that Joe - good call! I think it's best we get Mizuho involved to advise.

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Posted in: Japan, UK and Italy formally establish joint body to develop new advanced fighter jet See in context

I don't mean to sound negative, but I hope Japan is not involved with the IT portion of this project.

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Posted in: Japan to issue 3 new banknotes See in context

All 3 quite cool looking dudes

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

Japan is uber corrupt and needs a dose of real journalism.

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Posted in: Google CEO defends paying Apple and others to make Google the default search engine on devices See in context

I'm glad we have CEO Sundar who definitely wants the best for us - a real man of the people, looking out for us.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese technology trends for 2023 See in context

This has to be a joke right?

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Posted in: Onitsuka Tiger now sells shinkansen sneakers that cost more than a trip on the bullet train See in context

The shoes look like they have nothing to do with Shinkansen...?

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Posted in: ANA Group launches NFT business See in context

Innovation in Japan: Always at least 5 years too late

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine See in context

I mean, it's hard to not laugh hearing any US leader talk about anything related to criticizing another nation's war related actions.... tidy up your own yard before speaking perhaps (ie, Iraq invasion).

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Posted in: Japan suspects China flew 3 spy balloons over territory in 2019-2021 See in context

Look at US drone airstrikes in foreign territory killing innocent families instead of this distraction.

Far more concerning than a passive balloon.

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Posted in: Airline, hotel elite status: Harder to get (or keep) in 2023 See in context

Related: I wish ANA actually had any miles awards available. What's the point of miles if you can't use it?

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