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A quiet weekend at the beach, sort of.

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Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn said Trump's views on climate were "evolving" and that he would ultimately do what was best for the United States.

That's part of the problem. Trump fails to understand that what's "best for the US" right now & jobwise (only) could/will very well harm/impact the US (and others) in the very near future.  

But other leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Emmanuel Macron, had hoped to sway the president at his first major international summit since entering the White House four months ago.

Good luck with that. Very hard to change someone who lives his life with blinkers on.

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The good old 'come on, it was taken out of context ffs!' excuse.

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Have to say Brazil has never been very high on the list of countries I wanted to visit, for all the reasons mentioned in the article but not only.

Maybe it's just me but most Brazilians I have met in my life were fairly shallow and superficial (both men and women) and didn't have much to offer/talk about besides getting a tan, dancing, looking 'hot'. They weren't particularly friendly either. Am sure there are many interesting, honest and very decent ppl in Brazil but they may live in a fairly inaccessible part of the country i.e along the Amazon, in isolated villages/towns etc. 

That's the Brazil I would love to see but again I would like to do it Bruce Parry style which is almost impossible if you don't have the 'right' connections.

Give me Peru, Bolivia, Chile and all other SA countries (and many more) any day.

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Posted in: Professor concerned that female soldiers would be naked after bombs blow off clothes See in context

What a creepy, deviant thing to say. Almost sounds like he is fantasizIng about it happening (or some sort of wishful thinking).

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If I hadn't read the article or, more importantly, if it wasn't Japan, I'd think they are taking the mick out of 'real' idol groups.

Not a bad effort.

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As much as I appreciate a "thank you very much" in such situation, I don't think politeness and civility should be 'enforced' as such, not by coppers I mean.

In this case, if cops have to ask owners to say 'thank you' then it's already too late. Has to come from the owner not rules/cops.

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The problem with a bloke like DT is that his antics always take centre stage. He has no manners nor class, dunno when to shut up and listen, step back etc

Probably doesn't really matter in some countries (the new world perhaps) and/or with some folks (Duterte) but other nations and cultures do mind and still value substance over form which, in Trump's case, is poor form anyway.

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Imo one of the best things about Japan. I just love how diverse izakaya are i.e proper drinking holes, family run homey restos, old school, trendy etc.

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The gangsters, aged 52 and 59, reportedly tried to steal 198 items including a watermelon, rice, eel, and prepared dishes, in the company of their gang boss, the Asahi and Mainichi dailies reported.

Sounds more like a prank or some sort of (bad) initiation/ rite of passage. In any case, demystified!

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1. If he’s just a friend, I won’t have sex with him. (29%)

True, but one sometimes has to sleep with a friend to realise that he or she was a/just a friend after all, b/more than a friend, c/not even a friend. Happens all the time.

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As much as I dislike Trump and see him unfit he is not responsible for the leaks. The leaks are being published by the NY times etc.

True, but it seems US intelligence are the ones who leaked the info/photos to us media, something they should never have done. Then the NY times or any media have editorial decisions to make and unfortunately most if not all of them would publish anything that will bring $ to their organisation, the creepier the better.

US intelligence or anyone who leaked these pics were imo both extremely unprofessional and morally wrong. As for media publishing it, they simply lack morals and decency but nothing new here I guess.' What? A pic of bloodied dead bodies, nails and bolts? Front page, please!'

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Trump at first did not plan to stop in Rome during his visit to Europe, which some in the Vatican saw as a snub. When he changed his mind, the Vatican squeezed him in at 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, an unusual day and an unusually early time.

Wasn't a snub, Trump's brigade probably didn't know Vatican City is actually in Rome. Photo op all aimed at Trump's evangelical vote, 'see, even the Pope loves him'.

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Posted in: Newlywed Rei Kikukawa’s husband in hot water over multiple affairs, out-of-wedlock children See in context

Find it weird that adult men/women who, apparently (at least the dude), only wanted to have fun did not use any contraception, not even the old time fav 'coitus interreptus' (or perhaps he/they did but got the timing all wrong).

As for Kikukawa, she is either very open minded or extremely naive.

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Nutjob, madman, losers... Trump has to be one of the worst presidential orator I have ever heard. Yesterday's post-Manchester speech was cringe-worthy, especially the 'I don't call them monsters' bit. Embarrassing.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s green tea beer garden gives you all-you-can-drink matcha and 'hojicha' beer this summer See in context

Hope ppl can try small samples first as am not sure all green-tea beers are 'that' great?

3000 yens for a 2 hour session is pretty good though.

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I would agree that completely withdrawing from the middle-east could ease the symptoms of Islamic terror, but it wouldn't cure the disease.

Agree M3. I don't think terrorist acts like the ones we have been witnessing post 9/11 are solely due to Western presence (and interference) in the M.E. It sure doesn't help but I think the problem has much deeper roots both ideological I.e Terrorists (or potential ones) reject us and our values' and social I.e some migrants feel they were never given a fair chance to integrate in their new country etc. (rightly or wrongly, what matters here is that it's how it's perceived by some).

i think posters who think 'they (Europe) just need to do this and that, problem solved' are having a laugh and grossly underestimate the depth of the pbm. No easy fix am afraid as pretty much anyone's (recent migrant or not, Muslim by birth or recent converts etc) a potential terrorist.

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Posted in: 15-year-old arrested over forcing classmate to eat insect, dog feces See in context

The police said there are witnesses who have also seen the victim eat an earthworm and gecko on the suspect's order.

If I were the dad of one of the so called 'witnesses' I would be extremely disappointed and embarrassed that my son/daughter didn't intervene. Parents have to teach their kids that not doing anything in such circumstances is nearly as bad. What a sad, sad world we live in.

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I think pretty much all non-work related 'distractions' help reduce stress i.e neck/shoulder massage, music, tv, coffee break etc. Not sure about having cats wandering around the office all day/every day though (too much of a disruption, unclean, allergies etc). 

Basically, would most def welcome the idea if I were an employee, not so much if I were a/the boss.

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Posted in: At least 19 dead, 50 injured by blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester See in context

Different from Paris in that no suicide bombers, no guns, no cars, no drive-by shootings, well, no reports so far.

US intelligence sources actually mentioned the possibility of a (or more than 1) suicide bomber and a few witnesses talked about bolts, nails, screws etc.

Re why Manchester, why Ariana Grande etc I don't think they were targeting AG fans or Manchester ppl specifically. Imo it's all about opportunity i.e if terrorists see a gap and/or window of opportunity at some event they'll exploit it, regardless of who/where/when/how old etc.

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About time. Less densely populated countries have been doing that for decades, would make a lot of sense in an overcrowded country like Japan.

At the very least, split Tokyo metro and Kansai although ideally 3-4 geographical areas would be great. Start/end the school year at the same time but spread other school holidays.

To naysayers, 'splitting' doesn't mean 'extending' so stop bringing up annual leave and other irrelevant, albeit real, issues.

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Reckon Wenger is already preparing his FA cup victory and 'it's been a tough season but have decided to stay put and win more trophies for the club ' speech should his boys beat Chelsea on the weekend.

As for Lukaku, only watched a handful of Everton games this year and have to say wasn't impressed. IMO he is in Kane's league, they do well vs weaker opponents but struggle against stronger opposition.

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there will be an innovative judging process whereby elementary schoolchildren across the country will select the winning set of designs from a shortlist.

I like it. Always good to bring in a fresh pair of eyes (or, in this case, thousands). Good idea.

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Anyone who has a go at Iran yet praises Saudi Arabia has zero credibility. An ignoramus like Trump would never have been elected in a country like Iran.

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Agree jimizo, watched the first half of the Liverpool game and you could tell they were pretty nervous. Initially thought they were lucky not to concede a penalty (and a red card) at the 20min mark (Lovren if I remember well) but on replay it probably wasn't a penalty.

Talking about penalties, have a look (if you haven't yet) at the Jordi Alba dive during the Barca v Eibar game. An absolute joke and a new low For Barca. The bloke deserves a lengthy ban.

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@triring, was wondering the same. I only know 2 kind of ciders, what I call the 'Anglo' cider which is your 'strongbow', 'Monteith' etc that you find in oz and the uk and the French 'cidre' that the French drink when they eat crepes.

In my experience, 'cider' is much stronger (alcohol wise) than cidre that all French kids drink by age 6-7.

As for J apple growers, reckon money's in the 'cider' market, especially on tap (never seen 'cidre' on tap at the pub). Decent alternative to beer especially in summer or if you're a woman (or a wimp ;)

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Posted in: Female stork shot mistakenly by hunter in Shimane See in context

Assuming the local hunting group had been informed that storks inhabited this area (and are protected), the hunter at fault should take full responsibility for his 'mistake'. A fairly heavy fine and the automatic suspension (1 year, 2?) of his hunting license seem appropriate to me.

Nothing against hunters per se but they have to understand that the govt is serious about wildlife protection & preservation (which is mostly funded by taxpayers).

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I agree that undercover female police is the best approach.

Reminds me of South Park's "Butters' bottom bitch' episode. Now that was some 'extreme dedication' to his undercover assignment!

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Washington will be buzzing while Trump's away. Now that Comey has agreed to testify I actually think Mike Pence & co will start preparing for life after Trump. Could be his first and last o.s trip as potus.

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"This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" added Trump.

Possibly yes but who's to blame? Trump's actions and thoughts are often disconcerting, absurd or even contradictory and it's just impossible not to occasionaly call him out on those inconsistencies. Personally, the more I know/see him the less I understand him.

I think DT has been surrounded by ass kissers all his life (as most CEOs do in the corporate world) and he's struggling to handle adversity and criticism. Some serious persecution complex issues too (I see a bit of david Brent in him).

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