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Posted in: UK calls seizure of ship a hostile act; Iran releases video of capture See in context

Awesome post san miguel, calling it like it is. No deflecting blame, no "but it's Trump's/the EU's fault" excuses etc. We need more Brits/posters like you on JT!!

Have noticed that many/most long term 'expats' (in Japan/SEA & esp on a site like jt) tend to be touchy & defensive about their own country. Always the first to criticize/blame/ridicule others though.

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Posted in: Knife crimes soar to record in England and Wales See in context

Don't think it's a uniquely English pbm tbh. From what i have seen, heard and read, there's a similar phenomenon in europe (mostly in germany, sweden, france, the neth/belgium etc) where young ppl shoot/kill each other (often, but not always, gang/drugs-related).

The only noticeable difference is that in England knives/machetes are the weapon of choice vs guns/ak47 on euro soil.

Re 'who's involved/responsible', reckon this is valid for most (north/western) EU countries & the uk:

"Most of the shooters and victims are unemployed young men with immigrant backgrounds, under 30 years of age, living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and often without a high school diploma."

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Posted in: Springboks choose 8 black players in team for first time See in context

There are also three blacks -- winger Dillyn Leyds, prop Lizo Gqoboka and lock Marvin Orie -- on the bench.

Dillyn Leyds isn't black, he's mixed-race (fka/classified as 'coloured' in SA). Same as Damian de Allende who has spanish/portuguese ancestry and was/is classified as coloured by the SARU. quotas & politics.

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Posted in: Record 16.6 mil foreigners visited Japan in 1st half of 2019 See in context

Many countries/cities around the world are getting record numbers of visitors pretty much every year.

More cashed up chinese, euros, thais, americans etc, cheaper airfares, longer/more frequent paid vacation etc means more tourists.

The only market/group who's probably not traveling in significantly higher numbers than they were say 20-25 years ago are the Japanese.

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Posted in: England win Cricket World Cup after Super Over drama See in context

@luca, haha fair enough!

Have been to a few cricket games and i loved it tbh; lying on the grass in the sun at north sydney oval, drinking/watching women play cricket are some of my best sports/life memories.

@bigyen, just melbourne hipsters mate ;)

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Federer for 5th Wimbledon title See in context

I feel for Novak in a way. Perhaps the greatest player ever, yet he gets no love from crowds.

I think it's mostly an anglo thing tbh. Non anglo crowds do love/support/respect Djokovic.

Same thing happens in women's tennis; wimbledon/NY/melbourne love serena & co and hate non flashy (esp if they're euros) players. Look at what happened to Hercog when she played the new 'tennis sensation' Cori Gauff last week; some of the cheering of hercog's mistakes was pretty embarrassing.

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Posted in: England win Cricket World Cup after Super Over drama See in context

I still can't support the Aussies in cricket, though - they're arrogant in victory, whiny in defeat. And their supporters are even worse.

But aren't all cricket fans, am talking about 'purists' here as in cricket-only fans, arrogant, cocky, defensive (esp when you tell them cricket's a minor/commonwealth-only sport etc), insular etc? I have quite a few union/cricket or afl/league cricket aussie mates and they arent too bad tbh (i mean defo not worse than saffas, poms etc).

Cricket fans are a weird bunch.

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Posted in: Former bar host arrested for prostituting his girlfriend in Osaka See in context

Reminds me of South Park's 'butters bottom bitch' episode, if you know what I am sayin'.


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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

Don't think it's a Hokkaido/ Japan vs gaijins thing tbh. Truth is, ski resorts all around the world attract hipsters & entitled dic*heads. They have the same pbm in north am, the Alps etc with 'locals' i.e city slickers from california, paris, london, berlin, rome etc.

Many/most ppl just don't give a toss about following local rules when on vacation (or as temp residents). fact!

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Posted in: Cheddar in a souffle? French chef rages at Michelin over lost star See in context

Veyrat, 69, took particular umbrage at inspectors "daring to say that I put Cheddar in our souffle of (local) Reblochon, Beaufort and Tomme (cheeses).

Ouch! English cheddar makers: "nah, not bothered. fancy another pint?'

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Posted in: Japan midfielder Abe to move to Barcelona See in context

Abe is expected to play for Barcelona's B team to start with, Japanese broadcaster NHK said.

'To start with'!?

Attacking midfielder? He'll be 'competing' against dembele, coutinho, rakitic, messi, griezmann, suarez, malcom, rafinha and a couple of others (possibly neymar) for a starting/bench spot.

Imo should have joined a much smaller club, got a few games under his belt & learn/adapt to euro football. Talented 20yo need game time (at the highest level) to progress.

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Posted in: Barrett re-signs with All Blacks; moves to Blues See in context

Its a point of criticism for me. The Italian national football team are another poor example, refusing to pick anyone who plays outside Serie A, in a free market business.

Hmm you sure about that? Verratti, Balotelli??

The Blues claimed the last of their three titles in 2003 and have not made the playoffs since 2011.

The 2003 Blues are probably my fav SR team ever. Caucau, king carlos, rokocoko, howlett etc what a squad they had! I think it's a great/ballsy move.

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Posted in: West, Japan rebuke China at UN for detention of Uighurs See in context

The English language media's monopoly of information is creating two classes of nations, the winners and the losers. If you want to be part of the winners, you better behave and do what we tell you, or else.. If you are a journalist working at CNN or Reuters, you probably feel like god.

Would agree with this statement 99% of the time but not in this case though. Not an 'anglos vs rest of the world' thing imo. A few respectable (mostly) independent journos, travelers etc including/especially non-anglos have been there & heard dozens of such stories; arbitrary detentions, disappearance of thousands of Uighurs, torture etc and it's been going on for decades. Don't think Uighurs are all manipulative liars & attention seekers tbh.

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Posted in: In a divided Washington, British ambassador was a bridge See in context

Trump is right to tell the ambassador to take a hike.

I think it's a little bit more complex than that tbh. By all accounts Darroch's a committed europhile & many brexiteers (incl boris) wanted him out the door asap. Asap meant now as soon as his comments were leaked & his position became untenable.

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Posted in: Soccer star Rapinoe says she's a proud American See in context

I find those kind of celebrations are more common in grudge matches or if the crowd is trying to wind a player up. I’m not sure if either or both is the case here, but who cares anyway.

I think it was just 'polite banter' tbh, bit of friendly rivalry between the us & eng 'u eng fans enjoy a nice cuppa' stuff. Made me smile and chuckle when i saw it tbh, thought it was 'cute', funny and also a bit 'lame/goofy' in a way, nothing malicious. If i were eng would've thought 'is that all you got u %$^'? Just harmless banter imo.

As you know euros, aussies and yes, brits & Irish, have a much stronger and often nastier banter/sledging culture than say north americans, saffas, asians etc.

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Posted in: Morgan scores and Naeher saves in 2-1 U.S. victory over England See in context

I’m honestly not denigrating a fine run by England, just as I didn’t denigrate what the men did last year.

Tbh sounds an awful lot like those 'fans' who support their team until they lose then complain/bag them or, even worse, play the 'am not bothered/didnt really care' card (although they really are 'bothered', embarrassed, hurt etc).

You might be one of the few exceptions though (have my doubts tbh ;)

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Posted in: Soccer star Rapinoe says she's a proud American See in context

Anyone offended by Morgan's tea sipping celebration should lighten up & get a life.

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Posted in: Morgan scores and Naeher saves in 2-1 U.S. victory over England See in context

I think some of it is partly pure dislike and I partly understand it.

Maybe a bit. Reckon it's a ego/pride thing more than 'we don't really care/like our NT anyway' tbh (all sports). Many eng fans love their NT/country & are extremely patriotic (Eng supporters club, stadiums full of st george flags at away games, tens of thousands of supporters at wc/euros football, rugby wc etc).

I think (well i know) that many eng fans are hurting & got tired of losing crucial games at major international tournaments. When eng ppl tell you 'mate am sick of being let down by our nt, we're just massive bottlers" etc you know they are hurting.

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Posted in: Morgan scores and Naeher saves in 2-1 U.S. victory over England See in context

Lots of disgruntled English fans taking jabs at their team (well all team sports NT men/women) on social media calling them perennial bottlers etc. Bit harsh.

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for forcibly kissing 10-year-old boy See in context

Jt's crime threads never fail to 'entertain' (especially sordid stories involving teens, single mums, J losers/pervs etc.)

Some of the comments on here are so wrong/bizarre/creepy that's not even funny. Japan's a magnet for Western weirdos no question.

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Posted in: Millions celebrate LGBTQ pride in New York See in context

When does a gay person say, this is going too far?

Well, when ehh...i mean....oh, i see what you did here!

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Posted in: New Zealand bans single-use plastic bags See in context

If you are serious about the problem of plastic waste, you need to go to the source(s). Most comes from China, Indonesia, Africa, etc. Countries where there is basically no recycling, indeed no waste collection at all. 

Africa's actually at the forefront of trying to fix the plastic pbm. Over 30 African countries have already banned plastic bags, bottles etc (Rwanda did it 10 years ago!).

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Posted in: Millions celebrate LGBTQ pride in New York See in context

Still waiting a carnival to celebrate pride for romantic attraction between persons of the opposite sex.

Funny how ppl are often jealous of what others have or do! Never attended a gay pride event & wouldn't attend a 'hetero' parade either, just not my thing.

Sydney's gay pride parades often coincide(d) with waratahs games (rugby) and oxford st is literally a few hundreds meters away from allianz stadium. Wouldn't say it was rugby fans' fav game of the season tbh (cause it was such a hassle to get there i mean, not because of the blokes wearing leather g strings & cop hats or that lgbt ppl may venture into 'our' pubs after the game, nahhh ;).

All good though, whatever floats your boat.

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

Nothing wrong with this 'impromptu' meeting, thought it was a great idea.

My main grievance with Trump is that he keeps talking himself up always trying to convince ppl how great & decisive he is and that the world was/would be a much worse place before/without him etc. A moment like this sells itself, no need to spruik how great you are ffs.

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Posted in: Crusaders beat Hurricanes 30-26 in Super Rugby semifinal See in context

What a game that was! Neither team deserved to lose, both played some outstanding rugby.

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Posted in: Putin says liberalism 'eating itself,' migrant influx wrong See in context

@jimizo, some/many brits do tbh (on social media, the ones i know etc. perhaps they -my eng mates- arent nearly as cultured/erudite as you are ;). Imo, liberals are often mistakenly confused with lefties in north am & -perhaps to a lesser extent- britain and the terms 'lefties' & 'liberals' seem to have become interchangeable (again, in eng language).

The vast majority of ppl (and am not only talking about the us & uk here) do no know what liberalism, socialism, communism etc mean anyway.

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Posted in: Putin says liberalism 'eating itself,' migrant influx wrong See in context

Liberalism as it is being defined in the US and much of the west (i.e. radical statism) is indeed destructive.

Nope. The word 'liberalism/liberal' often refers to 'economic liberalism' in most euro/non anglo countries (i.e usually centre-right, pro EU/globalism/free market parties/ppl etc). Same in oz btw.

Mostly/only yanks & poms call liberals lefties.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince feted at G20 despite criticism elsewhere See in context

America supports Saudi because of their America weapons buy. 

And so does the UK, tories have sold £ billions of weapons to the saudi in recent years.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince feted at G20 despite criticism elsewhere See in context

Teresa May has more spine than all of the other 18 put together.

Lol, yeah nah. May's line-up of meetings for the w-e: Bin Salman, Putin and Erdogan. SA, Russia & turkey, that's a grand slam of murderous dictators.

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