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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Like his father-in-law, he left New York real estate to become one of Washington's most powerful political players.

That's a bit of a stretch. True he's been given 'some' responsibilities and yes 'power/authority' but i don't think he's a powerful/influential political player yet, in Washington or abroad. Still very much DT's sil/puppet.

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

Faux outrage and moral indignation are First world's new favorite pastimes.

Dunno who are the most pathetic though, the Korean-American sanctimonious snowflakes who researched/discussed the mural and came up with their silly 'not only do we not like it we also find this mural extremely offensive' com or the local Californian authorities/govt who bent over/accepted to remove the artwork?

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Posted in: May urges EU to help get Brexit 'over the line' See in context

The schadenfreude I initially felt over brexit has now been replaced by genuine (sort of) sadness and 'wth/who are those clowns' feelings.

Never thought i'd see the day when a British PM would beg EU leaders for help (to basically help them stso) and English journos/intellectuals(?!) would ask euros 'please tell us you love us/want us to stay' in their column. smh

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'The guy I met online wants to go on a trip together. Should I say yes?' See in context

Or get this, maybe she's not a dinosaur born before the internet, and therefore doesn't have the same biases as the old fogies, and rather just found someone that she meshes with really well.

Exactly. Funny that ppl who -back in the good old days- indulged in one night-stands with men/women they'd just met at the pub and knew nothing about, now think all men/women you meet online are players/massive creeps! Reeks of insecurity & inability to discern good/bad (in situations, ppl etc).

When you've been chatting/video calling someone for weeks you should know if the bloke/woman is 'ok' (unless 'curious girl' is 16-18, has never dated anyone etc). Doesn't mean she should let her guard down; she should imo trust her instincts & give him/them a chance.

If you can’t book your own accommodations for that night (or he doesn’t show you a proof that he had booked separate rooms as per your request before you go)

Has to be one of the most un-romantic dating advice I have ever heard! "can you pls fwd to me a copy of the itemised receipt of the booking? ta"

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Posted in: What is rape? Despite #MeToo, few really know See in context

According to a study it published on Thursday, one in three people polled said if a woman was pressured into sex but no physical violence was involved, it would not equal rape.

A third of the men surveyed said a woman could not change her mind once sex has started, and a third of men also believed that if a woman flirted on a date, any sex thereafter would not be counted as rape even if she had not consented, it found.

2 & 3 are no brainers; she/he can change her mind at any time & flirting doesnt necessarily mean 'am up for it'.

The main issue with n1 is that 'mild forms' of sexual coercion have been (still are?) ok'ed by society. A "drinks at mine?" at 2am is imo perfectly fine, 'you sure? it'll be fun' after an initial 'no' is probably still ok but anything after and you're entering dangerous territory. Reckon it's the type of discussions mums/dads should have with their sons (& daughters).

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Posted in: Salah sends Liverpool into Champions League last 16; Moura rescues Spurs See in context

Inter only have themselves to blame, gotta win at home against an already-eliminated psv side! England 4/4 though! Didnt see that coming.

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

Pelosi, who told reporters she thought the Democrats had left things "in a pretty good place," said she had prayed with Trump during the private portion of the meeting, recounting the biblical story of King Solomon asking God for wisdom.

What a weird thing to say (or do if you ask me) at a presser.

Openly seeking God's guidance when you run a nation is a sign of weakness/incompetence/desperation imo.

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Posted in: Rugby Australia to decide on Cheika's future by Christmas See in context

Don't think it's a coaching issue tbh. Oz rugby simply doesn't have the cattle to win big games on a consistent basis.

Reckon they've been over achieving for quite some time tbh.

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Posted in: Another Brexit referendum is a terrible idea See in context

Nah, we don't need another referendum. People know that politicians on BOTH sides were dishonest, and if there were another referendum, they'd be dishonest again.

Exactly. Since when do all/most pollies tell the truth anyway!? I find the 'oh but we were misinformed' crowd particularly naive/childish. Up to voters to get informed/not trust bs spruiked by mainstream media/parties.

Truth is the vast majority of ppl have become incredibly gullible/intellectually lazy. They've no idea who/what they're voting for.

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Posted in: Language skills remain major concern for foreign nursing care workers See in context

@goodlucktoyou, no one's disputing that. Reality is, Japan desperately needs foreigners to look after its elderly. Beggars can't be choosers.

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

Seems to be exactly what the arrogant and corrupt Eurocrats want. They can't afford to have the UK leave as that would destabilise their whole house of cards - if they leave it might give other countries the same idea. Especially if it went smoothly. So help to foment instability in the UK and if possible force another referendum with the fear ramped up to such a level that the Brits will be terrified of ever trying that awful independence thing again.

At the same time as making an example of the recalcitrant UK, all those less powerful continental states that were getting itchy feet better just sit down.

LOL. As bad as eurocrats are - and they sure are- they have nothing to do with brexit. You've got to own it mate, the brexit fiasco is yours and only yours (provided you're a Brit which may not be the case as you seem to know very little about euros). UK pollies from both sides have been in 'omg what have we done' mode since brexit.

Am against a 2nd referendum (too risky, too undemocratic, too childish/amateurish etc) and I hope Britain can be successful outside the EU (although i have my doubts). syso guys.

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Posted in: Paris under siege: Tear gas, fury on the Champs-Elysees See in context

As much as i sympathize with the yellow vests, i think they're failing to address the elephant in the room, the French welfare system itself which is too complicated, too expensive and yes too generous. Pretty much everyone in france is on social benefits meaning everything is free or near free. Free healthcare, free education, generous housing subsidies, child benefits, unemployment benefits and other 'social services' payments etc. That's millions of entitled ppl living off social benefits (that's why the unemployment rate has always been around 10%, why work when you can get more $ staying home!? Biz are closing cause they can't find workers ffs!) Being unemployed in france doesnt necessarily mean 'looking for a job'.

Imo most french - including the yellow vests- still don't get that the current social/financial system is unsustainable; less taxes (most taxed country in the world btw) means less social benefits, is it what you want, yes or no?

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Posted in: EU countries step up fight against anti-Semitism See in context

That’s not true, it’s not about Bannon, the movement is way bigger than the man and anti-Semitism has always been around and never left, it was there throughout my entire years in Europe as a kid, more subtle, but definitely and always present.

Spot on bass, had the exact same experience. Anti-semitism is ingrained in many european cultures & languages (definitely not as widespread/prevalent in the anglo world)

Great post BigYen. Re Europe antisemitism, bit of an egg and chicken situation though i.e both euros & Muslims are 'enablers'.

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Posted in: Egyptian actress questioned over revealing dress at gala See in context

"If I had known, I would not have worn this dress," she said. "I want to repeat my commitment to the values and ethics we have been raised by in Egyptian society."

Never apologise for your curves or fashion sense.

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Posted in: If you go and see a psychiatrist in Japan, because they’re so inundated with the number of people, they’re not really able to do therapy with you, so it’s treated very much on a medication basis. While the medication is really important, patients are not really learning coping strategies or understanding how to get better. See in context

Let's keep in mind that Japan has a relatively low number of psychiatrists per capita (compared to other developed nations), hence 'they’re inundated with the number of people, they’re not really able to do therapy with you' etc

The other issue (imo) is that Japanese GPs (well 'specialised' GP really) arent trained to diagnose/treat early stages of depression, anxiety etc so J psychiatrists have to pretty much handle most if not all mental health issues on their own. In the West, most anti depressant/anxiety treatments are initiated by GPs and only the most severe cases are referred for psychiatric consultation (hospital/private practice). That's why antidepressants arent overprescribed in Japan the same way they are in the west especially in the anglo world.

As an aside, it would have been interesting to know the most common reasons for consulting a psychiatrist in Japan (depression, bipolar/schizophrenia, anxiety etc)

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Posted in: U.S. radio stations pull 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in wake of #MeToo See in context

Good. They should remove all Christmas music except Christmas in Hollis and Ramones' Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight).

Haha, am with you RM. Would add The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl's "Fairytale of New York" though. Best xmas song ever!

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Posted in: Super Rugby shrinkage reports 'speculative,' says SANZAAR See in context

Hong Kong? really? since when? That I'd go and see.

Played a game there this year vs Stormers (and won)

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Posted in: Super Rugby shrinkage reports 'speculative,' says SANZAAR See in context

JRFU begged to join and promised so much, 

It was a two-way thing, sanzaar desperately needed J money (dwindling crowds & tv viewership etc). 15-20 years ago we were getting 30k in Sydney, same in Pretoria, Cape Town, brizzie etc. Now 15k is the new 30k.

No doubt JRFU are clowns though, should never have accepted sanzaar's conditions I.e ' you guys will have to play half of your home games in hk, Singapore etc ok!?'. What a joke.

Sanzaar is run by greedy/clueless ppl just happy to please their federation and NT. They couldn't care less about the SR product. They want to copy the yanks (NBA, nfl model), cut franchises, add some etc but don't have the business brain. Bunch of amateurs.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

Beginning to look a lot like a personal vendetta.

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Posted in: Macron makes U-turn on fuel-tax increases in face of protests See in context

Had a look at their 'grievance' list. Some interesting measures:

a minimum (eur 1,500/month) AND a maximum (eur 15,000) salary

higher taxes for big multinationals, less for 'artisans' and other independent workers

reinstatement of the solidarity tax on wealth

zero homelessness

more help for legal migrants (french/civic classes etc) yet deport all illegal/undocumented/rejected applicants

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Posted in: Spurs fan arrested after banana skin thrown onto Arsenal pitch See in context

Racial undertones? Definitely. Proper racist? Only he knows.

Not condoning what he did but the bloke might have had the same reaction if kolasinac had scored who knows. (apparently he didn't bring/eat the banana just picked it up/threw it. Not an act of 'premedidated' racism but still poor form though).

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Posted in: Modric wins 1st Ballon d'Or to end Messi and Ronaldo's reign See in context

Not an undeserving winner but not sure he had a much better year than say Hazard or de Bruyne who also performed well at the WC. Then you still have the 2 freaks messi/cr7, the french lads who won the wc etc. Pretty interchangeable top 10 imo.

Modric's wife though, absolutely stunning.

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Posted in: Name your 7 favorite TV comedies of all time. See in context

"Only the British and Americans can be like that. Us Japanese, Germans or others take ourselves too seriously."

Disagree, pretty sure many/most countries make decent tv comedies.

Humour doesn't always translate well though hence it's pretty normal that most of JT -mostly- anglophone readers have never watched/understood/liked/been exposed to other countries' tv comedies.

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Posted in: Argentina coach Ledesma pushes back against scrum rule change See in context

@nanda, do you think it's time we ditch the scrum (like they do in league)?

Dunno what to think tbh, still thinl that scrummaging, tackling etc IS very much part of rugby but we can't ignore the fact that concussions and scrum/tackle injuries are becoming a real issue. Today's players are just too big/strong/fast.

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Posted in: Name your 7 favorite TV comedies of all time. See in context

The Mighty Boosh, IT crowd, Office, extras, Life's too short, Plebs (uk), stupid stupid man & very small business (oz).

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Posted in: Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea win on dramatic day See in context

The ball bounced on top of the crossbar not just once but twice, firstly off the fingertips of Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Time seemed to stand still as the ball dropped down to Liverpool striker Divock Origi to nod into the net from a meter out to secure a 1-0 win in extraordinary circumstances.

I think 'massive' and 'blunder' are missing. What was Pickford thinking ffs!!?

Reckon the epl needs VAR.

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Posted in: Paris assesses injuries, damage after worst riot in decade See in context

Don't think the situation (social/economical) is 'that' bad in france tbh, i mean compared to other developed nations.

That said, like in most other countries, the french are tired of being shafted by govts & elites and/but unlike others (who are perhaps resigned to their fate & culturally less 'vocal'), they 'need' to express their discontent once in a while, even/especially through violent political protest. Happens pretty much every year.

A very good, in-depth article on the subject

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Posted in: I wish they would treat all single parents equally. It doesn't make any sense that I am ineligible for the tax deduction simply because I was never legally married. See in context

Agree with her. It's about time ppl realise that marriage is not the be all and end all of a man/woman's life. Too often unmarried ppl are discriminated against.

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Posted in: Thousands of Australian students skip school for mass climate protest See in context

Did you forget how you were at 13 ? They are not pressure driven...they are scared, because their future looks like a bunch of natural disastear one after another, with an animal kingdom consisting mainly of rats...

Come on most kids are followers and rarely resist peer pressure i.e they do/say what their mates do/say.

Look am fine with teens getting involved (we've all done it) but let's not kid ourselves most teens who took to the streets today know/understand and, more importantly, DO very little about climate change. How many of them ask their parents to consume/spend/waste less (including/especially FOR THEM), share, walk, use energy more wisely etc. 5-10%?

Let's hope today's some sort of 'climate change/anti consumerism awareness day' for quite a few (and their parents).

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