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It's a well-known fact that Rugby fans are generally much better behaved and more gentlemanly than soccer fans. Never heard of a rugby hooligan.....

Dunno about 'gentlemanly' but probably less aggressive, confrontational etc.

Re manners let's be honest rugby folks are no angels. Fair bit of swearing, may occasionally take a dump in urinals ( at away games/bars) but only when our team has been harshly or unfairly refereed. No red card no dump, simple.

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@ rocket, imo the jrfu could/should have done more to lift rugby's profile within the J sporting landscape (school and general public). Too many ppl still know F all about the game, how/where to play & watch etc.

A few of my clients went to the Japan vs AB game a couple of months ago... they all supported the kiwis, had bought the nz jersey etc! Was all about the haka.

Anyway hope the brave blossoms do well and qualify for the ko rounds. I think/hope they'll put 30-40 points on Russia.

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In rugby, it is the players that tend to drink to excess,not the fans...

Often one and the same. Many rugby fans are former players (amateur leagues obviously).

Agree with CC re tix prices, started at around 2,000 yen for games involving so called minnows. Not bad.

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The insecurity on this and other recent rugby-related thread is quite hilarious. Not the first time I see this tbh; Japan's (& Asia's) long-term gaijins tend to feel threatened by other (in some/most cases more successful -career-wise, 'bigger' etc) westerners (tourists, relatively new comers...).

My only concern re beer & rugby folks is how they're going to manage nomihodai during the rwc. Still remember the sweet smell of puke, stale piss/beer at 'nomihodai' Spanish bars/clubs in the 90s.

This could get ugly/interesting!

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The Welsh players have been amazed by their welcome.

They all have tbh. They were all made to feel very welcome by J fans. Nagasaki's kids Flower of Scotland (my fav 6N' anthem) was pretty special:

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Have a funny feeling the Springboks might surprise the All Blacks (and everyone) with an upset win.

Wouldnt be that much of a surprise tbh. Boks drew with the AB in welly a couple of months ago and are peaking up nicely. They're my co favs (alongside AB) followed by England then Ireland who didnt impress me much in Aug - poms did (pre rwc friendlies are different though). Wallabies, the welsh, argies and french an outside chance for a sf spot then who knows.

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"Even to Trumpian standards the Hulk comparison is infantile," he tweeted. "Is the EU supposed to be scared by this? The British public impressed?"

Ouch! Thing is he does impress the deluded & gullible. Show of superiority & bravado to mask his/their massive inferiority complex. A substantial number of brits (20-30%, perhaps more) actually believe this 'they fear us because we're stronger than them!" bs that's why he keeps spruiking the same rubbish.

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Haha well spotted! Only the french would drink from a ladle/glass that everyone else uses! zero F given lol

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Posted in: Sam Smith announces new pronouns of 'they' and 'them' See in context

More nonsense coming from the uk this week (bojo, cameron, now smith). What's going on!? Americanisation of the uk right before our eyes. Reminds me of Prince when he wanted to be called 'symbol'.

Vince Clarke, Andy Bell, J Sommerville & the many other gay/bi british singers of the 80s/90s never came up with such utter nonsense.

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In the 5-2 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers, Chelsea became the first ever team to have 11 straight league goals scored by players aged 21 or younger.

Not only that, they're all english players & all from chelsea's academy. how to make the most of a transfer ban.

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Posted in: Why do some people mock others' taste in music and dismiss groups that they don't like as being crap and having no talent, etc, as if they were an authority or arbiter on musical excellence? See in context

Ppl have the right to express their opinion even if that means telling others that Aqua (barbie girl), Abba, akb etc are 'crap'. Same with books, food, sports, all forms of arts etc. That's not necessarily snobbery.

'crap' taken wayyy too literally imo. Ppl get their feelings hurt so easily these days.

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They have been named the "Team No-Side," a Japanese rugby term corresponding to the English "full time."

Hmmm ok. I have a different take on this; 'team no-side' means/could mean that all volunteers will assist & help ALL supporters and do not support any specific NT. ( as opposed to Team US, Team Japan etc, we are 'team no-side/all sides'. sides/teams, sports lingo).

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Posted in: U.S. beaten by France 89-79 in basketball World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Absolutely spot on, lostrune (your post's basically an article in itself.)

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Posted in: UK court: Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament unlawful See in context

@simon, oh ok, fair enough. i didnt see it this way.

For whatever reason i thought zichi was talking about JT's americans, not the us as a whole, my bad. (I dont think JT's americans really care about/like/or even hate europe or the uk tbh, they're just winding brits/euros up, which is fine i guess)

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Japan over 'outdated' rape laws See in context

Because asking a woman a direct question and getting enthusaistc consent in the form of "yes, I'd love to have sex with you" is impossible, eh Strangerland?

Not a fan of the 'direct question' thing tbh. In my world lovers kiss, caress, fondle, take each others clothes off ('will keep me socks on, thanks luv'), sometimes talk/whisper 'should we go to your room', 'what time's your flatmate coming back' etc but no 'would you like to have sex with me right now' type of question. And it works just fine.

Re this article, the laws in question arent 'outdated' they were always wrong. Incest & pedophilia, no thanks.

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Some people, Americans, want the total destruction of the EU regardless of the cost of that.

Surely you mean 'destruction of the uk' right? No doubt the EU would take a financial hit from a no deal brexit (short term) but they'd be fine (as in 'ok') mid-long term. The UK on the other hand...

I keep reading (from eng pundits obviously) that a 'no deal brexit is as risky for the EU as it is for the uk' but it's not! The uk needs the EU more than euros need them, that's why the vast majority of uk businesses, ceo, bankers etc are against brexit let alone a no deal B and why many of your pollies (on all sides) have finally realised how far up shyt creek they are & are now doing everything possible to -at the very least- take no deal off the table.

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Posted in: U.S. beaten by France 89-79 in basketball World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Was always going to be close. All french players have nba experience and/or play for big euro clubs. Top euro NT such as spain, greece, france, serbia, lithuania, italy etc are basically mid-table nba teams with a european touch (a perhaps more fluid game). Same with aussies & argies (minus the euro touch but they do bring their own flavor). A US D perhaps E team was always going to struggle against these guys.

Gotta say kudos to the us team & Popovich for taking the loss like a champ. No excuses, no blaming the ref, was all 'we lost against a better team, good luck to the french etc' stuff. Pure class. Euros, aussies, brits, saffas, kiwis and pretty much everyone else in all/most sports listen and take notice.

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Posted in: Team play: Get out of the office to boost dialogue See in context

Never been a fan. Might still work with youngish, naive/brainwashed staff ( say... J workers!?) not so much with more experienced, perhaps slightly blase, ppl imo.

In fact I think in most cases team building exercises can/will be counter-productive. Toxic employees (there's always one, or 5) will be even more annoying and insufferable, am talking about the 'me,me! I know, I know!' blokes, the ultra-competitive/win-at-all-costs dh, the over-assertive, over ambitious would-be leaders etc.

And managers will invariably look 'too corporate' and may even lose their team's respect.

Definitely not for every team/industry/managers.

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Domino’s is asking 2,800 yen for a medium, 3,399 yen for a regular, and 3,900 yen for a large

Never understood Domino's pricing strategy in Japan (not saying it's not working, probably does).

Just don't get that Domino's more expensive than local Italian restos. Used to get a D pizza for a fiver in oz on Tuesdays, $7-10 on other days. That's 400-700 yen.

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The French are making noises like the last time about it, but they may be for French voters and not reflect what they are going to do.

I think you and a couple of others on here are reading wayyyy too much into what was a simple, direct answer. I’d like to believe than any euro – and ideally Brit, remainer/leaver- with a modicum of intellectual honesty would have given a similar answer. What else could he say?! “sure, why not. Only been doing this for the last 3 years, mate. Yeah we already granted them an extension but it was a short one, only 6m so it’s understandable that our british counterparts may just need some more time hey’. Arent you guys tired of pollies’ convoluted bs?! Embrace directness and stop being a victim ffs! And stop being so paranoid, the ‘we know euros esp the french don’t like us and they’ll do everything to derail Brexit etc’ excuses are getting tiresome and quite frankly embarrassing tbh.

Get your lot to sort out a mess of their own doing, put pressure on your govt so that euros/brits (ppl, workers, companies etc) can get on with their lives & EU/uk govts can spend money where it really matters.

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The EU won't agree to an extension without a GE and/or a referendum or other 'promise' that british pollies have finally decided to stso.

"In the current circumstances, it's no!" French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told a Sunday political talk show in Paris. "We are not going through this every three months."

This is exactly what the uk has been lacking in the last 3 years, some good old euro bluntness/directness and a clear direction. The brexit circus gets more surreal each week, with no end in sight. Absolutely disgraceful.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Did he just want to try sleeping with a foreign woman?' See in context

he even became aggressive like laying his head on my breast, kissing my neck and ears, kissing my lips, and showing other signs that he wanted to have sex with me. So I stopped him before it went too far.

Unsolicited and unwanted attention?! Then things have already gone too far. (hope it's just a made-up/fake tabloid story and that ET's not a real person. Otherwise she's one confused woman with very low self esteem).

Blokes get slapped for less than that in the real world (at least in europe/oz) and rightly so.

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Posted in: Seoul, Busan pass bill to boycott 'war crimes' Japanese firms See in context

I don't think govts should get involved, very much a personal decision.

Do you guys think 'oh am about to give my hard-earned cash to the nazis' when you buy a $50 coffee table at Ikea (swedish founder was a nazi recruiter)?

How about Bayer who produced zyklon b, always tell your doc ' no Bayer drugs, thanks' when you get a cold?

At some point you gotta move on with your life ffs.

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Posted in: Trump displays incorrectly altered map of Hurricane Dorian path See in context

As he held up the poster board to give the journalists present a better view, it became clear the map had been edited: Dorian's cone had been extended with what appeared to be black marker to include the state of Alabama.

This was so cringeworthy, couldn't believe he was actually holding a map (primary school, 80s type) in front of dozens of journos. That was truly bizarre. Bloke has some serious insecurity issues.

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Here's a bold prediction: There will be no Brexit. 

Looking more and more like it. Re-admission (sort of) talks will/would be interesting. Expecting/hoping for tough/strict conditions:

formal apology

cover all brexit related expenses incurred by the EU

promise to do better/try harder (as a EU member)

no special status ( re schengen, the euro etc). You're not that special and no, you're not Norway/Switz.


Not bothered whether the brits stay/leave the EU but if they do stay I want them to abide by the same rules & stop acting like a spoilt brat. You're either fully in or out. Is it too much to ask for?

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Posted in: Johnson's Brexit plans in crisis after 3rd defeat in 2 days See in context

I think we're seeing the limits of direct/western style democracy here; we the ppl don't really decide the laws, what we want for our country & how to do it, we elect ppl hoping they'll do what they said they'd do should they get elected.

The dutch & french also got shafted in 2005 when they voted against the euro constitution; euro govts went ahead, changed the wording, called it treaty rather than constitution and basically ignored the results of the referendums.

Same is happening here, we're told 'in the interest of the nation', the greatest good for the greatest number etc, which may well be true but it's still pretty pathetic and imo unethical, whatever that means in politics these days. Saying NO to a GE means that the brexit referendum was never about democracy, 'taking back control' (lol), sovereignty etc. Just one big farce.

Don't think anyone should be celebrating right now.

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Posted in: As with adults, no easy way to address weight with children See in context

Guilt and blame are not good motivators for change," 

Fair enough, doesn't mean parents shouldn't tackle the problem head-on and tell the kid he's eating too much crap, not exercising enough etc.

The 'parents shouldn't be too direct' fluffy approach is imo part of the problem. If mum and dad don't feel comfortable addressing the pbm who will?!

Stop buying his/her fave cookies, peanut butter etc and start running, cycling, playing footy etc with the kid.

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To my surprise the few J ppl I know had very high expectations before the comp and thought they'd at least qualify for the 2nd round. Bit of a reality check.

Rui or not, Japan's still a second tier team.

They didn't know that basketball's massive in Europe (arguably the 2nd most popular team sport on the continent, played in all schools, quality domestic and euro leagues etc) especially in the Balkans, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, turkey, Russia and the former Soviet republics even Germany.

Turkey and the Czech were never going to be a walk in the park.

Add the us, oz, Canada, the argies and a couple of others and you get that Japan never stood a chance (media hype around Watanabe and Rui perhaps?).

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Posted in: Johnson threatens election ahead of Brexit battle in parliament See in context

Can the whole world stop laughing at us here in the UK please? 

Who cares what the whole world thinks? The only opinions that truly matter are those of Brits, Irish and euros. Others are just observers (and most of them know very little about Europe, Britain & the EU.)

Euros are as divided re the EU as you guys are over brexit. I just feel genuinely sorry for the good ppl on both sides who love both their country and Europe (perhaps not this EU) and are being taken for a ride( by their pollies.)

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Posted in: Do you remember when you first sent or received email? What was your reaction? See in context

Got my first email in the late 90s (quite late, i know. always been a late bloomer when it comes to technology) when i went backpacking around the world. Couple of months into the trip, Indian bloke told me eudoramail 'were the best, everyone's got one etc' so i got one; turns out nobody knew/used them! Did the job though.

Thought it was pretty cool/handy and a great way to stay in touch with ppl while traveling.

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