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Great pic and great work JT. Comments finally working on home laptop and much, much better layout. Awesome.

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Bass, i don't think it's a matter of pro vs against death penalty here. What shocks me most is the reason given for rushing these executions. 

"It's cause our drug's about to expire' is not and will never be a satisfactory reason to rush - or cancel - an execution.

A 'sorry ma'am, we couldn't execute your child's murderer cause we ran out of stock' would imo be as unprofessional and pathetic. Shelf life and stock, please.

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M3 and zichi, she hasnt resigned per se, she has temporarily stepped down as head of the FN till election day.

In doing so she tacitly admits that her party can't win the election, which is probably true. It's a PR coup as MLP is the FN as much as FN is MLP but she has no choice, bit of a desperate move to distance herself from her own party and the stigma attached to it.

M3, i think you're spot on about le pen's anti eu approach costing her the election. I actually think it's her 'let's go back to the french franc' silly position that's hurting her big time. Even the most nationalistic frenchman doesn't mind the euro. It's imo this kind of symbolic/nationalist nonsense that will cost her the W, not her position re immigration or national security.

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Classic! What are the odds she'll bring home a 120kgs Leeds united fan brought up on fry ups, football (or worse, league) and lager!?

Edinburgh would have had a more royal feel about it but i like that she is venturing out of her comfort zone. Good on her and her parents. Season ticket holder i say!

She is stunning btw.

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May 3rd debate should be interesting. Both are erudite, eloquent, witty and smart and this could be one of the greatest pre 2nd rd debate we have had in decades.

Also love the fact candidates' private life, kids, partner etc aren't at the centre of the campaign.

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Wouldn't happen as often if ppl had access to assisted suicide. Dying with dignity, especially in an ageing society like Japan (ageing world, actually) should be a fundamental right all have.

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I like Xi's cool-headed approach. Although a 6th nuclear test would obviously be far from ideal, this would not warrant a US/SK attack on NK.

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@jimizo, agree Macron is undoubtedly favorite yet first round abstentionists as well as 2nd round ones shouldn't be dismissed. Many in melenchon's electorate are ideologically closer to le pen than they are to Macron.

My 2 cents is that roughly 1/3 won't bother voting while the rest may prefer MLP to ENA educated macron who reeks of wall street, cac40, Brussels etc for their anti globalist nostrils. I still don't think that'll be enough to send her to the elysee but if we get over say 35% abstention and at the same time melenchon's folks rally behind the other anti globalism candidate well it may be closer than expected, 55/45 perhaps?

Also depends on Fillon's electorate, (who may feel they've been betrayed) will they listen to their leader and vote for a former socialist minister? Not sure.

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Le Pen isn't a 'traditional' populist - far right candidate like we have in the anglo world. She is more of a national socialist & anti globalist who appeals to ppl who do not want to live in a world exclusively dominated by banks, markets and bosses on mega bonuses.

Dont think she will win but reckon the overwhelming majority of french anti globalist, socialists and communists may think twice before they vote for Macron who represents $ and big corp in their eyes. Paradoxically (for some), a french immigrant factory worker on 1,200 euros a month has more reasons to vote for her than say a french born/bred bloke on 5k/month. 

Her only chance is to portray Macron as another pro globalist tycoon, markets' puppet etc but even in a country like france i dont think there is a majority of ppl who want to go back to french francs, christian values they got rid off 230 years ago (she is not secular/republican enough for france) even if it means sovereignty, independence from Brussels etc.

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For Macron it's a bit like facing real, bayern and barca in the pool stages knowing the final would be against a lesser opponent. Sunday will be his final, don't see him losing in the 2nd round (should he make it).

Can't wait for the first us-french summit. 70Yo trump and his 40 something wife alongside 40yo macron and his 64yo wife. Only in france can a bloke who met his wife when he was 15yo (she was 39) run for president.

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Great posts zichi. No one expects CEOs, lawyers, teachers, tradies or truckies to resign after admitting they've had an affair. Why should politicians be held to different standards?

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For the last 24h have been unable to view or post any comments on any thread when on my laptop (other devices work fine). Can read the article all right but no comments section underneath. Was starting to get used to the new format though!

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@jimizo, you're probably right if you're only talking about multiculturalism through integration of other cultures into society. The french model was more about assimilation I.e 'they'll eventually become like us' but I still see that as a form of multiculturalism.

In any case, I think the fren h have realised, the hard way at times, that one cukture/society couldnt fully assimilate other cultures and that they had to meet others somewhere in the middle. So yes imo france is a very multicultural nation although a different multicultural than say the uk, us, oz, canada etc.

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Agree with others, Le Pen is very unlikely to become the next french president. Don't think her immigration policies are the main reason for that though but rather her frexit approach. The french are/feel more european than the brits and most don't want to go back to the french franc.

Reckon a pro EU yet anti immigration, more secular (she is too religious/not secular enough for a country like france) le pen would have been the favorite. This latest attack won't hurt her score though, that's for sure. She already has the youth vote and this may help her with older voters who are still behind fillion.

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Yep, largely agree TTD although I still think a couple more English players & possibly Scots will make the final squad (there will be injuries in coming weeks no question).

Launchbury in particular is extremely unlucky. High work rate, best tackler of the last 6N, can play 4 and 6 yet Gatland preferred a bloke like AWJ!? That's bias all right. Same with Halfpenny and Biggar, cred/CV rather current form at club/NT level.

Still a quality squad but imo too conservative at 9/10 (laidlaw/russell vs a.smith/barrett would have been interesting, at least for test 2 if things don't go Lions way in the first game).

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My post obviously starts at 'Fair call', apologies. Still have to master the new 'quote' button.

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The "457 visa" allows businesses facing skills shortages to employ labor from overseas, but has been slammed by unions amid claims that bosses were abusing it and local workers were missing out. Fair call. Used to work for a CEO who misused 457 big time. I (as dept manager) and HR had a list of criteria and skills we had to systematically include to the job description justifying the need for 'skilled' (sort of) overseas workers. Why did we do this? She (the ceo) reckoned the turnover was lower with young euro workers (which, in all fairness, was true) as most wouldn't/couldn't leave their job if they didn't have a new one lined up (they are basically tied to the job). Also less absenteeism and perhaps more eagerness to work/learn than locals. She also liked the feel of a 'truly' multicultural work environment (although we were 95% caucasians which is quite weird in oz).

Yesterday's article mention $; in our case, this wasn't a financial decision at all as 457 workers' award (i.e salary) was higher than locals' one so we were basically paying foreigners more to do the same work.

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Funnily enough, both narratives (US and NK) are largely interchangeable i.e "careful, we don't want war but we are ready for it if you guys want/start it, capisce?!"

Would almost be funny if millions of south koreans and japanese ppl weren't in the mix anxiously waiting to see which one of these 2 bozos draws his gun first.

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Thought this was the perfect opportunity for JT to upload a high quality photo of the stolen undies to illustrate the story. Com' on guys, make good use of new site's high res pics! (better than Mike Pence and his missus)

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Good initiative, although giving women equal work opportunities in the workplace is one thing, ensuring they get as much respect as men is a totally different story.

Let's just hope J army does better than most Western countries where male soldiers often abuse, bully or even rape their female counterparts (as well as 'weaker' men) with total impunity.

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Tough yes but not suicidal as most SR sides will be without their AB. The Hurricanes without the 2 Savea, Beauden Barrett, TJ, Coles and a couple others (possibly Jordy Barrett) are not the same side. Still plenty of quality (enough to beat any NH team - on their day) but any Lions 2nd XV side with a bit of quality in it should/must be competitive against these guys. Different story for the first 2 games as both the Blues and Crusaders will be with their AB.

Just think 6 games before the first test is probably a couple too many.

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Still very open. One thing is certain though there will be no socialist candidate in the 2nd round. Macron v Le Pen the most likely although Melenchon and even Fillon are still outside chances.

Reckon Macron supporters will be secretly barracking for Le pen who's a much easier 2nd round than the other 2. Melenchon in particular would get a lot of support from socialists and anti eu voters. He's my bolter.

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I liked the old design better. I have the impression the new font is huuuge, same with pics, titles etc. Feels like am at the large print books section at my local library.

A more compact format like the previous one (with more on it) is better for those of us who read about politics, sports, national J news etc i.e a quick look is enough to see what are/were today's news.

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"Chicken, whale, cow all the same despite the "cuteness". Is that all you can say? That's not even an argument. And do people really think whales are cuter than chickens, cows, pigs?

Cute is probably the wrong word, majestic would imo be more appropriate and yes I do think a fair chunk of the love ppl have for whales is related to them being majestic creatures (nothing wrong with that, they sure are) rather than endangered species per se. So yes it is an emotional love.

Naysayers/anti-whaling folks who aren't 100% vegans/fur-free etc are imo hypocrites. Sure it probably takes longer to kill a whale but livestock-loading onto trucks, trains etc isn't particularly human either and probably even more stressful.

I eat (or have tried) all types of meats from rabbit to kangaroo, croc, horse, shark, duck, boars etc and although I have never tried whale meat I know I'll never bag ppl who have them on the menu. It's a personal choice. We are all Barbarians I guess.

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He probably didn't know Mike Pence was on his way thus we are ALL safe (for now) yeahhh! Seriously what a weird, ignorant call.

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most Japanese people think of plastic-wrapped, square packs of sliced cotton-wool when they think of 'bread'.

A bit like anglos who grew up on sliced white/sandwich bread?

Bread may not be at the heart of Japanese culture (yet), many J ppl have developed a passion for it in recent years/decades, that's why there is now a sizable bread market in the country and yes, some quality independent bakeries.

As for the 'bread vs wagashi' debate, what a waste of time/money/energy! Will they also change textbooks in which J kids play football or baseball to sumo, judo etc?

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Erdogan seems to be the kind of leader who does not ask a question without being 'pretty' certain of the answer/outcome i.e a 'yes' camp victory.

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At international level it has to be Trump no question. He's a political novice (dare i say "Apprentice") with very limited knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. That's why he did a 180 on Syria a week ago and completely changed his mind on Assad.

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Saw that Kim Jong Un suited up for the occasion. Heels, white shirt & white tie and one of the worse (well THE) suit I have ever seen! Those pants, seriously!

That's what happens when no one has the balls to tell you 'mate, you look like bozo' in fear of being executed. Lightened up the mood though.

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A U.S. State Department official said later Friday the U.S. was aligning “all elements of national power” to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

As much as I would like to see a nuclear weapons & missile-free NK I think it's unrealistic to expect them to disarm, not in today's international political climate I mean. Why would they? Don't even think China or the UN could negotiate some kind of 'genuine commitment' to do so (i.e disarm) in exchange for $, supplies, medicines or anything else. Been tried, didn't work. They know a weak, unarmed NK would mean the end of the nation as we know it.

Let's face it, NK's relations with the rest of the world can not be normalized with the current regime and am afraid the current NK-USA/West standoff is realistically the 'least bad' scenario for now.

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