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Posted in: Pence rebukes EU; rejects Merkel's call to work with Russia See in context

"We cannot strengthen the West by becoming dependent on the East," Pence said.

What a silly thing to say. Pence's still stuck in the past (who would have thought!?), overplaying the West vs East divide.

Pence (and Trump) shouldn't expect euros (and others) to always side with the us vs 'the East' -whatever that means in 2019-, doesn't work like that anymore. The world has changed, countries like Poland are now part of the EU/the West, ppl like Merkel who grew up in the East has been the leader of a western nation for 15 years. As strange as it may sound to some, many ppl -americans or non am- do occasionally feel that they have more in common with 'ppl from the East' than they have with blokes like Pence and their silly/outdated world/moral views & values (the 'Pence rule' anyone?).

A President Pence is a reason I'd rather not have Trump impeached.

Haha, totally agree!

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Judging from the votes, very anti-Brexit (presumably local) crowd here! Very different from those who live in the EU, who are very divided, and not just in the UK.

Agree, but they're divided about 'going solo or not', not about 'this' badly planned brexit; Italian, French, Swedes, Dutch, German etc would-be It/Ger/Neth/Frexiters as well as brexiters themselves quasi-unanimously think that 'this' brexit isn't what they want/wanted, that it was poorly planned/executed/negotiated by a bunch of amateurs.

Many have now realised that the 'let's take back control' mantra was a lie, same with 'reclaiming our sovereignty'. What does that even mean? Reclaiming sovereignty from Brussels? Or from the many immigrants who've moved to the uk (& most euro countries) in the last 50 years, or both? Does it mean more/less capitalism, more support/money for 'ordinary' ppl or a us-style 'free entreprise' system? Brexit/leaving the EU means different things for different ppl and no one, in the uk or elsewhere (all fka eurosceptics), has offered a decent/workable alternative yet.

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Posted in: Man cons woman out of ¥6.35 mil in romance fraud See in context

How is this considered fraud when women use men for free meals, money, and gifts all the time.

They only use gullible, insecure, needy, desperate etc blokes. Most women I know work and are more than happy to split expenses or even support their partner financially if need be.

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Posted in: Trump bets re-election on immigration, socialism See in context

What many Americans (and a few non-am i have to say) still do not understand is that socialism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive and in fact complement each other. There's no such thing as a 100% 'pure' capitalist/socialist country in this world.

Miseducation of the masses is to blame here.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

That escalated quickly!

Although I get that Tusk & co are frustrated with brexiteers' (in my case, unexpectedly) high level of incompetence & amateurism, I think this was totally uncalled for and counter-productive.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup See in context

I am not fooled at all, the japanese go at length to impress foreigners who know little of japan or japanese.

Possibly but we can't blame them for being 'too' polite, clean, nice can we.

Better than having guys take a dump in urinals or trash the visitors locker room.

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Posted in: Father suspected of forcing daughter to lie about abuse before her death See in context

Sorry but heads gotta roll here.

Exactly. The child welfare services, govt and police should be brought to account by the media and the nation as a whole.

I still remember hundreds of thousands of Belgians marching in the streets of Brussels to protest against police incompetence following the Dutroux scandal in the 90s. Wake up Japan!

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Posted in: State of the Union: Trump vows to build border wall, warns Democrats against investigations See in context

If you're serious about reaching a bipartisan consensus on the wall you don't insult the other side in front of the nation/world.

Shows it's all about Trump, he couldn't care less about us safety & interests. The bloke will never understand that there are times when you need to bite your tongue ( in biz, politics etc).

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Posted in: Liam Neeson denies racism after hunting black men to attack after friend was raped See in context

> There doesn’t seem to be any racial intent here. Just a misled desire to enact revenge on a group rather than an individual.

But would he have targeted 'any midget/ fat bloke/ punk/ skinhead ' etc if his friend had been raped by a dwarf, skinhead...?

Would be simpler if the 'was he black?' had been followed by ' ok, was he small/tall, did he have a fro, dreadlocks, what was he wearing etc' questions.

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Posted in: Shoe sniffer admits sexual kicks motivated theft spree See in context

Bloody pheromones!

I know quite a few women (and a few blokes) who don't mind/like bad b.o, smelly dreadlocks etc (I don't).

The -imo- really weird thing here is that it's not men or women specific. Would be interesting to know if he's bisexual or if it's just a weird fetish//fantasy ( I mean sniffing both men/women shoes).

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Posted in: Former part-time teacher arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

That's one reason why it's truly best to wait till marriage before having sex. It is a guaranteed way to avoid such messy situations

Yeah, nah.

I guess nothing short of asking for proof of age would be needed in this situation.

Exactly so why didn't he do it then? I mean you're just about to have sex with a young-looking prossie I.e there's nothing romantic here, then why not ask to see her Id?

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Posted in: 'Giri' (obligation) chocolates seen as power harassment; more Japanese companies ban practice See in context

True, it's both silly and insincere, bit like sending business xmas cards to build (well buy) customers' loyalty, something which is still very popular in the west (especially in the anglo world).

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Posted in: Liverpool held by West Ham as title challenge falters again See in context

But a Liverpool side devoid of much attacking flair did rely on the referee missing a clear offside — and having no access to video review — to score its only goal in east London.

Thank God VAR will be used next week in the ucl! Not perfect but still better than the status quo i.e refs favouring big teams.

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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

My 2 cents: thinly-veiled insecurities/jealousy expressed through wry 'humour'. In other words, just another older woman jealous of a younger, relatively successful/attractive woman.

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Posted in: Aso retracts remark about people who don't have children See in context

 He must have the backing of those who agree with what he says.

He sure does. Tbf, many parents don't particularly like nor understand those of us who've chosen not to have children (we're selfish, irresponsible, unproductive, we don't contribute as much etc). Childless taxpayers are good for one thing and one thing only: pay for others' kids education, healthcare etc.

That's why blokes like Aso know they can intentionally take a jab at childless ppl, 'retract' - sort of - & get away with it. Let's not pretend Aso's the only dinosaur.

Plenty of hypocrites on this thread lol.

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Posted in: Notorious Finnish ski jumping ace Nykanen dead at 55 See in context

Aptly nicknamed The Flying Finn. Nykanen's the reason many euro kids watched ski jumping in the 80s. Back then, Rosberg, Vatanen & Nykanen were household names all across europe.

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Posted in: Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world See in context

Nothing wrong with J beef as such I guess but I'm often disappointed with J steaks' (or should I say 'slices') thickness; far too thin imo.

A top quality, tender steak should be at least 3-5cm thick. j-style paper-thin steaks/slices are a nightmare for those of us who like their steak very rare/blue.

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Posted in: Japan-EU free trade pact enters into force See in context

I agree - most Japanese probably don't consume cheese daily , as I guess most Europeans, North Americans, Australians etc. 

Don't think we should put 'westerners' in one big category though. Many euros do eat cheese everyday, anglos don't. (top 15 countries that consume the most cheese: all euros & israel at 15 ). When it comes to cheese-eating habits it's very much a europe vs rest-of-the-world thing.

Personally, i don't think we should expect Japan to import various types of cheese (as seen in the above pic). Not their culture, which is fair enough. Camembert/brie/softish cheese (i.e any soft/creamy 'accessible' cheese) at a reasonable price would be nice though (125g at 800 yen is a joke/rip-off).

It appears people here are urging because they are drinkers and they want cheese when they drink wines.

Although cheese & wine do pair well, cheese & good, fresh, quality 'real' bread (not sliced-bread) go hand-in-hand.

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested after walking naked on snow-covered street in Aomori Pref See in context

30cm of snow? Let's hope the bloke doesn't have short legs and/or noticeably low-hanging testicles and/or an abnormally long penis (although...).

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Posted in: Verbal abuse is an infringement of the human rights of students, who are thoroughly under the control of teachers. This essential concept has yet to be understood. See in context

Nothing wrong with a good old half-time spray though. Depends how it's done I guess. Still very much the norm in pro rugby, league, football etc (cheika, laporte, Ricky Stuart, mourinho come to mind although mou probably overstepped the mark with Shaw)

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Posted in: What do you think about Naomi Osaka being asked to comment in Japanese by Japanese reporters at news conferences? See in context

Why is it that nobody bats an eye when Nishikori or your average Mongolian sumo wrestler gets pelted with questions in Japanese?

But Nishikori grew up in J and all/most Mongolian wrestlers moved to J as teenagers i.e they do speak the language. J journos do not expect guys like Wimpie van der walt or Derek Carpenter to speak fluent J yet they both represent Japan (rugby). It's all about discernment & a little common sense.

Osaka, van der walt and a few others only speak rudimentary Japanese (for now) and that's fine.

@that person, spot on.

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Posted in: A boozy, coffee-soaked dessert awaits you with a tiramisu See in context

Eggs, mascarpone, sugar, lady fingers, rhum/amaretto, espresso ( i/o 'strong brewed coffee' & espresso 'powder'!?) and cocoa powder is all you need.

The one in the pic is -imo- overly soggy (too much weak coffee, heavy cream perhaps?)

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Posted in: Qatar reaches Asian Cup final against Japan, routing UAE 4-0 amid insults See in context

@TTD, until recently Qatar had the (imo) very bad habit of naturalising foreign players (in all major team sports and also athletics, not only football) to boost their NT. Their handball NT in particular was/is a joke.

Not sure about their current asian cup squad though, haven't seen them play.

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Posted in: Japanese women encouraged to give boyfriends sexy underwear and loaf of bread for Valentine’s Day See in context

Interesting ad, not sure they're only targeting women here!

Definitely a bold/risque move to have (imo not-so) thinly veiled homoerotic undertones in your Valentine's ad. (I mean, the product itself i.e small/low rise boxers with 'digital' hearts, the bloke etc).

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Posted in: What do you think about Naomi Osaka being asked to comment in Japanese by Japanese reporters at news conferences? See in context

Agree with RM, 'reasonable' indeed although J journos should use their common sense and a little thoughtfulness perhaps: English at major, international pressers (for now) and only a few, simple questions in J in a more relaxed environment. No need to bombard her with questions she doesn't fully understand (again, for now).

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Posted in: Overcompetition, demographics hitting beauty parlor trade hard See in context

The low-end is dominated by chains, possibly because they can be ruthless enough to make it work. There's only so much service you can provide for 1000 yen, and I wouldn't be surprised if well-intentioned hairdressers would feel embarrassed at cutting back their service to that level. 

Fair enough but don't you think hairdressers & co have been overcharging/taking the p for far too long? 3,000-4,000 yen (or equiv) for a bloke's haircut (15-20min job) is often the norm in the west, x3 or 4 if you're a woman, same at most nail/beauty salons etc. Don't want to sound patronising - but i know i will- but they're hairdressers, nail 'artists' etc not docs/lawyers etc.

I pay 1,500 yen at my local hairdresser's and i think it's about right.

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Posted in: UK grocers, fast food warn of major disruption from no-deal Brexit See in context

Beans on toast it is then!

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Posted in: Osako's 2 goals send Japan to Asian Cup final See in context

Well done Japan, definitely peaking at the right time! Great to see plenty of Iranian men & women (veiled or not) together on the terraces.

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

I suggest something like a Japanese Las Vegas. A new city where anything goes away from TOKYO! In my mind, Kyushu would be a good location.

A city of lust and decadence? I like it!

Let's be realistic though, you need more than a smallish, family -friendly casino to attract Macau's high-rollers.

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

My very own top 10

1 Estonia

2 Norway

3 Denmark

4 Latvia

5 Sweden

6 Lithuania

7 Iceland

8 Hungary

9 Slovakia

10 Belarus

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