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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

He should've been booed. He's a disgrace.

Look, am no Trump supporter; i just think there is a time and place for everything. Today was about sumo and Asanoyama, not DT/Abe. Ppl come to sumo to enjoy the event and not to hijack/politicise it. J ppl and others are more than welcome to protest about Trump before/after the tourney, tmrw in Tokyo etc.

Pretty sure Asanoyama - who was obviously understandably nervous- wanted it to go down this way.

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Posted in: Trump attends sumo; gives President's Cup to winner Asanoyama See in context

Gotta 'admire' or at least respect J crowds; so well-behaved and gracious. Anywhere else in the world Trump would have been booed. Ditto Abe i.e most pm/presidents get booed when they attend a footy game on home turf.

Thought the whole thing went well and that DT/Melania certainly enjoyed the occasion.

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Posted in: In Asia, Trump finds more than ever he's among friends See in context

"The Europeans, in my opinion, completely mishandled the Trump phenomenon. By responding to his public rhetoric or his Twitter tirades, you only created a vicious circle," Buchan said.

But that's continental europe/euros in a nutshell i.e standoffish, blunt/direct, in your face attitude etc. Don't think they 'mishandled' Trump tbh, they've just adopted a different, more confrontational approach, something you can do when you're the largest economy/trading block in the world.

What works for some may not work for others.

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Posted in: Johnson stakes leadership claim as Brexit brings down May See in context

@wipeout, I don't disagree with anything you wrote. Meant ''fine' as in 'understandable' (as a non-brit).

The uk will always be a 'reasonably' attractive option for foreign businesses/workers, English being the international language, which is a massive advantage for the UK economy. Doing biz with them is the easy option and that won't change after Brexit. A weak pound may not be a bad thing either (will boost manufacturing exports).

Having said that, I don't believe that leaving the EU was the best option (unless Brits are happy to scale things down, make less $ and become Western Europe's warehouse). Just making things so much harder imo but that's your call (leaving the largest/wealthiest region in the world makes little sense to me).

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Posted in: Johnson stakes leadership claim as Brexit brings down May See in context

A no deal brexit is pretty much inevitable now and that's fine; no one should be forced to stay in a union. The EU has fully prepared for a no deal, time to cut the umbilical cord. Whoever gets the pm job should just get on with it, no fluffy/indecisive type pls!

Johnson's a boor and might actually suit euros blunt/direct style.

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Posted in: Empress Masako conducts 1st official duty in new capacity See in context

I still feel angry about this - she was pressured into the marriage from all sides, she had little choice, She was forced to abandon a happy and successful life and a good career. Let's not forget she turned him down at least twice, but he had to have what he wanted.

Are you saying she was 'married off'/forced to get married against her will? I agree in essence with what you say but she is the one who ultimately said 'yes'. Biggest mistake of her life imo.

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Posted in: Stop it! Anti-groper app becomes smash hit See in context

Vic police (oz) recently launched a 'call it out - active bystander' campaign. Love this ad

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Posted in: N Korea state media hits out at 'imbecile' Biden See in context

@jimizo, Haha true. I think it's the mix of old world eloquence, 80s schoolyard banter and total nonsense I love most.

"What he uttered is just sophism of an imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being, let alone a politician."

I mean, that's pretty good :)

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Posted in: N Korea state media hits out at 'imbecile' Biden See in context

Gotta love NK media schoolyard insults/banter.

That's what total isolation does to you I guess.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Will never work, the viewers expect first name, last name and that is what the media will use.

Tbf, i think most westerners/non J, korean, chinese etc struggle to identify north east asians' first and last name. Kono Taro - Taro Kono, KJU - JUK, reckon most ppl simply repeat what they're told/what they read, so it would/could 'work'.

Sounds like a trivial, symbolic-only request to me (after what, 100-120 years?!), not worth wasting one's time & energy but the J govt obviously thinks differently.

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Posted in: Brexiteer Farage splattered in latest UK milkshake attack See in context

Nonsense. Read a history book, the UK has a long record of civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience, flag waving marches vs revolutions, uprisings etc (on euro soil). Look at the Revolutions of 1848 (across europe); not much in the uk. Same with the anarchist movements of the late 19th & early 20th century again mostly on the continent.

Just not on the same scale, sorry. (must have hit a nerve; not saying that Eng ppl are cowards; they're just more obedient & loyal to their govt than euros, which is not necessarily/always a bad thing, look at ww2).

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Posted in: Brexiteer Farage splattered in latest UK milkshake attack See in context

Too bad the population has been disarmed, there can be no revolution

Why's that? Plenty of revolutions and rebellions on euro soil I.e Russia, France, Czechoslovakia and other eastern euro nations, Germany, Spain etc. Brits are far too docile (and their pollies know it, hence they've been mucking around over Brexit for the past 3y).

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Posted in: Doctor suspected of sexually molesting 4 women during health checks See in context

women go to a gynecology clinic and do it at the same time they have their yearly PAP exams. There is NO medical justification for a general practitioner to touch a woman's breasts - it is not done.

Not necessarily. In many/most euro countries as well as in Oz plenty of GPs do offer pap smears, PV etc. They'll only refer you to a gyne if they're unsure about something (or there's something wrong).

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Posted in: Resolution submitted to rebuke lawmaker over Russia war remarks See in context

@cricky, was just correcting lucifer's typo/mistake ('cut some flak'). No worries

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Posted in: Resolution submitted to rebuke lawmaker over Russia war remarks See in context

Well this guy should be cut some flak, he erred and has apologised.

*slack. he's copped enough flak.

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Posted in: Man City need to win Champions League, says Guardiola See in context

They lost to Monaco in the last-16 in 2017 and exited in the last eight to Liverpool last year and Tottenham this season. "In this club, the points record and the domestic competitions is incredible," he said. "But the Champions League we don't win quite often compared to the other ones because the teams are so good, the competition is so demanding but we want to win it."

Shows other euro leagues are quality too (at least in terms of tactical awareness, skill level, raw talent etc). Just too negative & anti football for my liking.

Ajax was this year's monaco from 2016-17 & their players will be poached by big clubs too (or cashed up pl bottom/mid table sides). monaco 16/17: mbappe, mendy, lemar, moutinho, fabinho, bernardo silva, bakayoko all gone. what a side they had!

Still think it was city/guardiola's best chance to win the quadruple. top euro sides will be back next year.

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Posted in: 13 teen boys caught peeping into girls’ hot spring bath during class trip See in context

The saddest thing about all this is that in the world/era we live in, 'this' is considered newsworthy.

Just teens testing boundaries ffs (re authority/rules/girls etc), nothing more, nothing less. Sexual assault?!! smh

Went to summer camps as a kid/teen and it was an extremely common occurrence (girls peeping at us in the changing rooms/showers etc wasnt 'that' uncommon either).

Back then, girls knew how to stand their ground, they knew they had the right to set their own boundaries & they sure did! Where/when did it all go wrong? Soft/bad parenting? Empower your daughters & teach them to fend for themselves! The euro girls i grew up with in the 80s would have emasculated these J boys.

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Posted in: Australia's ruling coalition wins surprise third term See in context

Quote of the night: "I'll burn for ya!" lol, only in oz.

Am no fan of morrison but i have to say I liked his victory speech.

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Posted in: Man City completes sweep of English trophies with FA Cup win See in context

More than $1 billion has been spent on transfer fees alone since 2008 when Sheikh Mansour bought a team that was more accustomed to playing in lower leagues than lifting trophies.

Unnecessarily nasty dig. Do ppl really think that united, arsenal, liverpool, real, juve, barca, bayern etc won all their trophies by spending no money? Did puskas, di stefano, maradona, platini, ronaldo, romario, stam, elber, robben/ribery, figo, zidane, vidic, henry etc come for free? It's always been about money, old/new doesnt/shouldn't matter.

No need to be salty about it (ask your billionaire owner to spend more, and more wisely on players and coaches who actually give a *)

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Posted in: Employment rate of Japan's university graduates at 97.6%, near record high See in context

Of the jobseekers, some 10,700 students were unable to find a job, according to the survey, which covered 24 national or public universities and 38 private universities.

Guys, take a gap year, travel, see the world, volunteer/work, learn english/chinese/thai etc and yes 'have fun'!!!

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

Tbf, Bill Shorten's a dud. Not pm material, never was, never will be.

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

ABC live coverage

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Posted in: Europe's far-right wooing the young See in context

I think there's a bit of 'old europe nostalgia' among young euros these days; they (well, some) fear they're losing their cultural identity, traditions/uniqueness, i.e what makes them italian, french, hungarian, catalan, norwegian, 'unique/different' etc.

I don't think they're necessarily anti-migrants or anti-others though; they just don't want their culture to get 'too diluted' by globalism, anglo-american cultural hegemony (& dumbed down culture) and yes uncontrollable immigration.

There's also -imo- a sense of melancholy about 'what could have been' if euro pollies/the world had been different ( re globalism), if immigration had been better controlled, if the EU had been more about euro cultures/individuals and less about $, if, if, if etc.

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Posted in: Health insurance to cover new cancer therapy worth ¥33 mil See in context

Great news, well done Japan.

One of the most important piece of info is missing from this article though: J got a very good deal/price! In comparison, "Kymriah costs $475,000 for those with ALL and $373,000 for DLBCL" in the US. (Kymriah's approved for 2 indications i.e ALL mostly kids & young adults & DLBCL adults ).

This reuters article has a much more thorough explanation than JT's

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

"To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God," Ivey said in a statement. "To all Alabamians, I assure you that we will continue to follow the rule of law."

Sounds an awful lot like some sort of Christian shariah law to me. Christian fundamentalists spruiking such utter bs in our so called 'civilised' western world is pretty disturbing.

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Posted in: Daly turns PGA Championship into ridiculous sideshow See in context

"I think walking is an integral part of being a pro golfer," six-time major champion Nick Faldo said during a conference call to promote CBS's coverage of the event. "I'll leave it at that." Sir Nick is right.

Sure. By this logic, pro golfers should also have to carry their own bags (i mean, being that golf's sport and all).

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over remarks about possible war with Russia See in context

Nothing like a few glasses of sake & vodka on Russian soil to give you Dutch courage.

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Posted in: Britain, NZ failing on children's rights: global survey See in context

'who cares about bloody children's rights, education and literacy when you have 4 teams in the euro cup finals!?' are probably thinking our English friends (and they're right, sort of)

More seriously, as much as I would like to believe that euros and aussies (all in the top 20) are much, much better than the poms & kiwis when it comes to humans/kids' rights etc, am pretty sure (well I know) it isn't true.

(good on the Dutch for publishing 'this' though, too damn tempting, I know)

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Posted in: Americans victorious at World Relays in Yokohama See in context

Relays are always fun to watch. Not sure what to make of the mixed gender relays though. In the mixed 4x400m the last Italian runner (female) was well ahead going into the last leg (60, possibly 80m) and chased by 2 (a canadian & -i think- a kenyan) blokes; they both caught up with her with 50-60m to go! Spectacle rather than sport imo.

Thought Poland winning womens 4x400m was the highlight of the championships. White girls can run!

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Posted in: Man City prolongs Liverpool drought by retaining EPL title See in context

Both sides have been superb but for football’s sake, I’d like to see the gap between these two sides and the rest closed.

Same here. No longer a big 6 imo; more like a massive 2 (city & x depending on the season), a big 4 and the rest just there to make up the numbers. I know it's pretty much always been like this (in the PL and other euro leagues) but it feels like there's now a gulf between teams (huddersfield, fulham & cardiff were really, really poor, way behind mid table teams like bournemouth or watford).

Glad city won it tbh, 198 pts over 2 seasons ffs!! Have to say i was gutted when spurs knocked them out (reckon city ARE the best/most complete team in europe).

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