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Posted in: Russia slams sanctions; seeks to blame West for food crisis See in context


You're quoting the Washington Post? Dear lord, who are you going to quote next? The BBC?

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Posted in: Russia slams sanctions; seeks to blame West for food crisis See in context

Despite these sanctions, it's the west which is going to suffer. They don't always work the way you intend them to work. USA has sanctioned Cuba for decades - and which country has free healthcare and higher education? You want wheat? Then ask USA. They seem to have solutions for everything. Just don't ask for baby formula.

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Posted in: Trump loses appeal; must testify in New York civil probe See in context

I just don't like the fat guy, but I also hope Clinton gets what she deserves. This Russian collusion theory seems to be unraveling - people deserve to know what the truth is.

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Posted in: BBC to cut 1,000 jobs in digital transformation See in context

They make great science and natural history programmes, but let's face it, when it comes to international news, it is a very biased institution. I never trust them as a source of foreign affairs - they always have an agenda, and it's great to see them being put down on live TV when guests call them out unexpectedly. Also has a very sordid history with a certain Mr Saville.

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Posted in: Ex-minister convicted for receiving bribery from egg producer See in context

This guy just ended up with egg on his face. Oh wait, suspended. OK, slap on the wrist, naughty, naughty boy.

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Posted in: Kishida sees need for dialogue with China's Xi See in context

This follows on from typical backstabbing behavior from the 'alliance'. Talk nasty and threaten, then ask for dialog? Like USA threatens Venezuela and demonizes them, then asks nicely for oil. I thought Maduro wasn't the legitimate president, so why ask him and not Guaidó?

Has Kishida finally realized China is a major trading partner? China has become a punching bag for people wanting to take out their anger due to their own mistakes and misfortunes.

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Posted in: Alcaraz saves match point to remain in French Open See in context

Alcaraz has a bright future. And he's coming at the right time just as the Big Three are about to retire. Well, Federer is already done.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

The west doesn't have the money. All the money they looted from China and India has been spent.

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Posted in: Australia's ousted conservatives eye China hawk as leader See in context


what many may not understand ,Australia's Liberals are actually classified as the right while Labor is the left.

Yep, just about as liberal as Japan's LDP.

Warmonger at the very least.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson blamed for lockdown parties but won't quit See in context

Countries get the leaders they deserve.

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Posted in: Australia's ousted conservatives eye China hawk as leader See in context

In other words, this guy is perfect as leader of the 'Liberals'. He's even got that James Bond villain look. Blofeld?

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Posted in: Japan economic report drops mention of coronavirus for 1st time in two years See in context

Recover? As in a smaller GDP decrease?

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Posted in: Indo-Pacific alignment against China still elusive despite Biden trip See in context

With Biden, America might as well stumble around blindfolded. He's offered NOTHING new but just upped everything Trump has done, and worse. And THIS is what America has to offer? Crazy to think that after him, USA can only offer Kamala and Nancy. Jesus Christ.

We also find out that the Russia collusion story was pushed by Hillary. Now she wants to turn Ukraine into Afghanistan II.

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

And just how long will it take to process these visitors at the airport? Japanese tourists with no connection to UK come swan into Heathrow, go through automatic gates without giving their fingerprints or lining up for more than a minute and be out in a few seconds. Faster that PRs returning to Japan even before the pandemic.

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Posted in: China wants 10 Pacific nations to endorse sweeping agreement See in context

There's a reason why these nations are keen to have closer ties with China. They've all been colonized by western countries and have seen absolutely no benefits or results during and after colonization. The west's intention is to keep to nations poor and subjugated and these nations know it. Just watch for more coups instigated by NED , "NGOs" funded by the west, and talks about China helping out......but at what cost? "But at what cost" is the go-to phrase. And talks of perpetual debt. If you want debt, go to the IMF.

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Posted in: Osaka's mental health discussion resonates at French Open See in context


Whining and complaining at someone with a mental health condition is as irrational as the behaviour of the person in question.

Many people develop such conditions because they're under pressure to feed their families or are in a sticky situation they can't get out of. Many can't even get help. Osaka is not being forced to stay in tennis. She's earned more than enough to not work for the rest of her life but she chooses to stay in the limelight and 'suffer'. She has the money to get help. I'm so tired of listening to millionaires' problems.

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Posted in: Why are there different counters for animals and people in Japanese? See in context

Sorry to spoil things but these counters exist in the much older language called Chinese.

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. would respond militarily if China invades Taiwan; announces IPEF members See in context

Biden shouting out aloud as much as possible before his party gets slaughtered in the mid-term elections? Or is he mad he wasn't able to get a well-paid job for his son in Taiwan?

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Posted in: Ukraine: 200 bodies found in basement in Mariupol's ruins See in context

US journalist explains a certain aspect of Ukrainian history after WWII:


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Posted in: Japan tops world tourism ranking despite COVID restrictions See in context

Not one single tourist was allowed into Japan in 2021. Irony not lost?

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Welcome to the land of the free.

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Posted in: Medvedev cruises at French Open as Paris struggles to escape Wimbledon shadow See in context

Oh, so Medvedev is the one that caused all the deaths in Ukraine? I don't remember seeing Brits and Yanks banned when Iraq was illegally invaded.

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Posted in: Osaka's mental health discussion resonates at French Open See in context

For god's sake, nobody is forcing them to play tennis. I feel more sympathy for people struggling to make ends meet.

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Posted in: Japan says China, Russia jets flew nearby as Quad met See in context

American jets are constantly flying extremely close to China. I remember one had to land in Hainan. China was nice enough to hand back the junk to Amerika.

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

Did they choose these 7 for their particular look so no one knows they are foreign? Diversity and inclusiveness please. Lol

Just testing the waters. Step by step. This way, they don't frighten the locals. Next test, they will get them to speak loudly in English. If all's well, they'll start introducing one or two caucasians.

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Posted in: NHK can now pester you through your mail thanks to new service from Japan Post See in context

I've already received so much 'junk mail' from NHK, asking to sign up and pay. They can talk until they're blue in the face because I don't own a TV. Selling mine was the best thing I ever did.

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Posted in: Biden urges N Korea to right 'historic wrong' of abductions of Japanese See in context

Photo ops. Words. Promises. Kitchen sink. Everything but action.

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Posted in: Osaka loses in 1st round of French Open See in context

What the article didn't mention is that Osaka is now thinking of skipping Wimbledon because 'no ranking points are on offer'. Convenient. And Wimbledon's cancel culture has backfired on itself.

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Posted in: Osaka loses in 1st round of French Open See in context

Mr Kipling:

Look at photos of her 3 years ago and now.... Notice the difference?

She needs to hire a nutritionist to her team. Those extra 5-6 kilos cannot be helping her movement.

It's called embracing oneself. (And eating your exceedingly good cakes).

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Posted in: Thiem out of sync, out of French Open with 10th loss in row See in context

Thiem isn't the only one out. Our dear Naomi is out too, in the first round. Now, she's thinking of skipping Wimbledon because there are no ranking points on offer thanks to Wimbledon's idiotic cancel culture. How convenient. No doubt we'll read more of this on JT tomorrow.

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