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Posted in: Fukuoka man arrested for stealing used tennis rackets because he liked their smell See in context

“I was kind of with him until they said ‘men’s’ tennis club.”

Either a straight man or a lesbian.

Anyway, rather this than soiled knickers.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context


Depending upon the situation I do not see how being asked to speak in Japanese and not another language as being discriminatory, if one is at work, or dealing with customers

I don't know whether anyone has called you out on this (too many comments to read), but did you really read the article properly? The example given was not about two Chinese colleagues gossiping with each other next to Japanese colleagues. A Chinese customer was asking the staff member a legitimate question in Chinese and since they are both native speakers, it makes sense to respond in Chinese. I've seen it happen in my local supermarket (the customer wants to know where the chocolates or beef, etc is). I don't whether the customer, who looked like a tourist, spoke any Japanese, but I had no problem with them speaking in Chinese. Not my business.

How are you going to communicate with most tourists from abroad if you only spoke Japanese all the time?

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Posted in: Party PM See in context

I suppose when your popularity is unsteady surround yourself with pretty girls

Poor Akie.

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Posted in: Doing it for themselves: Female shows take TV by storm See in context

Yawn... what about tv shows where men have to deal with no-good, murderous women?

Oh wait no, that wouldn't work

They did that at the cinemas. It was called Fatal Attraction. Oh, that poor bunny.

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump in Africa to promote women at work program See in context

Looking for new cheap labour for her new shoe factories? You know that every Trump administration's visit abroad involves making money for the family.

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Posted in: What do you think about the habit of "manspreading" on trains? See in context

There is an anatomical reason why I do not comfortably sit with my knees squeezed together.

If you're sandwiched in between two people, then you're just gonna have to suck it up.

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Posted in: What do you think about the habit of "manspreading" on trains? See in context

Hate it. Also hate perfume spreading.

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Posted in: UK pressured not to overlook Swedish claims to Assange See in context

Very strange that Wikileaks doesn't have anything against Russia or Trump. Hmm...

I would not put Snowden and Manning in the same group as Assange. For one, I don't think the former two ever smeared dirty things on the walls.

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Posted in: Brazil president raises eyebrows saying Holocaust can be forgiven See in context

O Trump brasileiro.

Both ugly inside and out.

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Posted in: U.S. House panel chairman gives IRS April 23 deadline on Trump taxes See in context

Mnuchin got completed owned by Maxine Waters in a recent hearing about the man-child's taxes. Called his bluff. And she wasn't about to let anyone tell her what she should do with the 'gravel'!

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Posted in: Party PM See in context

A great picture of a great leader leading a great nation.

Well, I wouldn't say Ikko is that great.


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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

I find it strange that, out of all the stuff leaked by Wikileaks, practically nothing reflects badly on Russia. Just saying.

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Posted in: Emperor's abdication stirs female succession debate See in context

They've been discussing this for years on end (as we found out recently), all the way up until the boy above was born. And they'll force his future wife to have kids and kids until it's a boy. I find it so suspicious his mother was pregnant with him when the imperial agency were getting really desperate.

The Japanese really are their own worst enemy. So many monarchies and even muslim nations have been led by women.

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes goes for record ¥500,000 at season's first auction See in context

Gimme a South Asian or Thai mango any day of the week.

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Posted in: Trump's Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen resigns See in context

I hope the predecessor to this department also made sure Trump's father entered America legally. You know, Fred was born in Germany, although Fred's father was Swedish.

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Posted in: Banned from internet or not? Does Ghosn's tweet violate bail terms? See in context

For two wild minutes, he suffered from Trump fingers!

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Posted in: What do you think will be some of the biggest challenges that Crown Prince Naruhito will face when he becomes emperor on May 1? See in context

One of the biggest challenges he'll have is distancing himself from a certain politcian who thinks he's the saviour and real emperor of Japan.

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Posted in: Odd translations found on English websites for tourists in Japan See in context


OK, I'll narrow it down for you:

who's fault it is.

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Posted in: Odd translations found on English websites for tourists in Japan See in context

I wish there was some freelance job translating these. Easy money, and I could with some extra cash. There's a lot of work to do, but whether they have money to pay you is another thing.


Depends. I use google to translate people's comments written in languages I have no knowledge of. I know it's not accurate but gives me enough hints to guess what they are saying. It's a valuable tool. I am not interested in learning those languages; I am certainly not paying anything for it.

You'd change your tune if you needed it for your own company or job. That is the whole point of this article. Who cares if someone is wearing a T-shirt with grammatically wrong English or French? Their jobs or lives don't depend on it.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context

I have no intention of viewing that video.

That 'art' in the photo looks very amateurish, at best.

Ghosn treatment?

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Posted in: Panama connection See in context

Great, throw more money out of the country. What was that about 30% of young Japanese?

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Posted in: France beats Japan in Women's World Cup warm-up See in context

Has the nadeshiko wilted already, even before summer has approached?

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Posted in: 30% of young Japanese say Diet not helping people's lives See in context

This is what happens when you get self-entitled old relics who were born with silver spoons in their mouths and whose only purpose of clinging on to their jobs is to line their own pockets. These people have no clue as to how the ordinary person's life is like and are very dismissive of complaints from little people struggling with everyday life and money.

It's must be nice knowing that their main supporters in the rural areas have votes worth five times that of urban-dwellers.

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Posted in: 'He hugs everybody': Women divided over defense of Biden See in context

The videos of him stroking women and girls' hair and whispering sweet nothings is creepy.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

the 31st has always been a Bank Holiday.

I've never heard of a bank holiday in Japan.

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Posted in: Singapore minister puts Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande on 'offensive' playlist See in context

I enjoyed my visit to Singapore, but I did find it very sterile.

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Posted in: Gov't says official translation for next era name Reiwa is 'beautiful harmony' See in context

This smells of Abe.

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Posted in: Democrats to prepare subpoenas for full Mueller report See in context

Trump won't mind. He said so.

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