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No Tales of the Unexpected?

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This is the right decision. I can't help thinking she was forced into participating in the Olympic Games. Either that, or the money under the table was too much to resist. I will never understand how she was able to make so much money from sponsorship deals or how she was so popular. She doesn't have much appeal outside of Japan, has alienated Americans by renouncing her American citizenship (in public, anycase), cannot connect with the Japanese without a common language and really doesn't have that special charisma or personality.

Younger players like Raducanu and Fernandez are watching and learning from this circus show.

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Posted in: Quad leaders to oppose attempts to change status quo in East China Sea See in context


That was 100 years ago, this is now.

I take it Tibet and Xinjiang are also off the menu then. And you've accepted that they are a part of China? Or do we only get to criticize China only?

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Quin: Is that your bed for tonight?

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Posted in: Trump sues niece, New York Times over Pulitzer-winning tax story See in context

The fat guy most probably breaks one of his toys whenever he sees his niece on TV exposing yet more sordid truths about him.

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Posted in: Quad leaders to oppose attempts to change status quo in East China Sea See in context

he rest would be right there. Yes, I think Japan would commit out of fear of what happens next (invade Okinawa)

Ironic, considering the Ryukyus were once an independent kingdom with good relations with its neighbour to the west until Japan invaded and annexed it. I also love how America colonized other countries all over the Pacific, and don't get me started on the British empire.

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I keep repeating myself "kangaroo justice that only belongs in banana republics

It does. Hence, you see what you see.

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One of the worst misogynists are the female politicians within the LDP. Many have fascist tendencies, judging from their involvement with people from the ultra far right and pro-Nazi groups, and are the first to heckle at other women who want equal rights, eg the right to keep their own names after marriage. These women really should follow their own advice and stick to the kitchen.

Everything about Takaichi makes me sick. Never trust people with horrible teeth - that's why the teeth of these crooks in posters are always photoshopped.

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Let's get one thing right - these were not immigrants. Immigrants have to be invited by the government of that country. They were, at the very least, illegal immigrants, and at worst, invaders.

There seems to be some parallels with the English invading Ireland and African countries like then-Rhodesia but I don't think the British government ever used germ warfare or biological weapons.

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Posted in: U.S. lifts post-Fukushima import restrictions on Japanese farm products See in context

Rather you than me.

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Sanae Takaichi, who joined the session through a video message, said she will "consider creating an organization for effectively promoting children's policies"

Key word: consider.

Real meaning: she'll do sweet FA.

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Posted in: In your experience, which bank in Japan do you think is most efficient for internet banking? See in context


Prestia is pretty good for me. Not a lot of locations but you can do simple banking with SMBC.

I'm quite shocked at how oversimplified logging on is with Prestia. Just a simple log-on name and password, and then you're through. Luckily I've never had any problems, and I'm glad that I get an email everytime I use the ATM to withdraw money, but with the banks back home, I have to enter at least two different passwords, and then I either receive a code on the phone or I need to put my cash card in one of those calculator-like gadgets to receive a code.

Playing around with foreign currency is fairly simple with Prestia. That's one way to make some money - can't rely on the ridiculously low interest rates.

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the Resident:

UK won't even require PCR tests prior to travel from October 4th for those vaccinated. Just a pre booked 2 day test post arrival and the Location form online. Rules will not change for those unvaccinated

I wonder whether the airlines will require a PCR test prior to boarding. It wouldn't make much sense, considering the passengers would have been allowed on a packed train going to the airport.

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agency has its hands full with the move by the emperor and empress into the imperial palace during the month of September

It's a race between this and the wedding. Talk about glacial. The throne changed hands ages ago. Throwing Trump's toys out of the White House took less time.

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Posted in: New Japanese gadget is like a toaster for instant food pouches; gets you fed in a jiffy See in context


I forgot the question mark.

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Posted in: New Japanese gadget is like a toaster for instant food pouches; gets you fed in a jiffy See in context

Jesus, are people really THAT lazy.

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Posted in: Starbucks unveils new Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino in Japan See in context

Well then just eat a sweet potato. I love it as a healthy snack. I really shudder just thinking how much sugar is in those drinks.

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Posted in: 'The Crown,' 'Ted Lasso,' 'Queen's Gambit' top Emmy Awards See in context

Spitting Image was correct. Olivia Colman is everywhere. I'm worried that when I lift the toilet seat to do my business, she's going to appear out of the toilet pan.

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Posted in: Noodle fans charmed by clever way Japanese ramen shop designates its restrooms See in context

Thank god they wrote Women and not Lady's. I hate that spelling.

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Posted in: ANA introduces new eco-friendly way to cool in-flight meals and beverages on domestic flights See in context

Can't this ultra-coldness that is as eco-friendly as you can get in some way be harnessed instead of convoluted refrigeration techniques?

Yes, come to think of it, that's a fair question.

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Same here. I started off watching Japanese dramas to try to improve my Japanese when I first came here. But soon, I found them (and Japanese TV in general) completely boring and I stopped. For a while, I found myself watching Korean dramas instead, just by chance. The Koreans know how to do cliffhangers much better, and the characters are more expressive in comparison - there's a lot of bitching, back-stabbing, hitting, cussing, arguing which makes for better TV viewing.

At the end of the day, acting in East Asian drama is terrible, especially Japanese. Just had a quick look at the video above. Stopped halfway. Over-acting and immature characters.

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Posted in: Soup Stock Tokyo to curb food waste by selling frozen near-expired soup online See in context

Frozen and near-expired? But still at THAT price?

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Posted in: U.S. closes part of Texas border; begins flying Haitians home See in context

Ted Cruz, Haitian children need your help!

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens its first-ever cafe at newly revamped Ginza store See in context

The locals are Asian.

Geography 101. Oh dear.

and now, as the world begins to slowly open up again,

Not in East Asia. Have a look at Japan, China, HK, Taiwan, etc. Borders are still closed to foreigners and quarantine rules are as strict as ever.

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Just as z reminder, France has over 11 million km2 of maritime exclusive economic zone just behind the USA (11.4), and far ahead of third Australia with 8.5 million km2.

Jesus Christ. After that it's Russia, UK, Indonesia, Canada and then Japan at number 8 with 4.5 million km².

China comes at number 33 with less than 0.9 million km². You'd think that China had twice the size of France's EZZ, what with all this fuss. If you included disputed areas, even that only comes to 2 million km². But hey, gotta keep that Yellow Peril threat in people's minds.

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Even today the people of Hong Kong have more say in their government than they ever did under the British.

That's the irony of it all. And Chris Patten was given the leadership role of being the last British governor of HK as a consolation prize after losing his seat of Bath. That's how much the Brits thought of HK, a top financial city of the world. Real elections didn't materialize until after 1997.

Foreign permanent residents in HK can participate in voting (and they may also become lawmakers, I think). I've certainly seen foreigners in high ranking positions within the judicial system and police. I'm saying all this because some people seem to think certain other countries are a LOT better and more foreigner-friendly.

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Posted in: Hong Kong elite selects powerful new 'patriots only' committee See in context

Which is it? No one has ever tried to compare HK and Japan until you.

Oh boo hoo. If the LDP are kicked out of power anytime soon, I'll take back my words. Until then, the opposition in Japan are merely for looking at.

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

Ha. I guess when the anglophones left without France, the French said Filer à l’anglaise!

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Posted in: Raducanu back in Britain and in demand after U.S. Open win See in context

Mr Kipling:

Exceedingly well said.


And don't forget Rupert Murdoch's other son, Piers Morgan, who is now claiming responsibility for Radders picking herself up from Wimbledon and 'not quitting'. He'd know all about quitting. A disgusting man who used disgusting tactics during his past journalism career at tabloid newspapers.

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