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Posted in: Biden pushes unity two days before taking over; Trump considers 100 pardons See in context

Lock 'em up, lock 'em up.

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Posted in: Japan finds COVID-19 variant in 3 people with no record of travel to UK See in context

Ask that Japanese guy who returned from the UK and ignored quarantine measures to have dinner with friends outside.

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Posted in: Kyrgios calls Djokovic 'tool' after quarantine demands See in context

I don't wash my own hair. I've never washed my own hair.

Oh you poor thing. I hear the hotel is lending out its dishwashers to act as hair-washing machines.

Not that much of a fan of Kyrgios, but he sometimes sure says what's on all our minds.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

Some men just don't want to go home to their families

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Posted in: Britain invites G-7 leaders to Cornish resort for June summit See in context

Cornwall breathes a sigh of relief as the fat guy won't be coming. The only joke will be Johnson.

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Posted in: 'No special treatment' - Australia rebuffs tennis stars' quarantine complaints See in context


There is only one good reason to allow them out of quarantine and it involves a journey to the airport.

Or to intensive care!

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Posted in: Japan's envoy to Britain appointed as Supreme Court justice See in context

I wonder which average term is longer - Japanese PM or Japanese ambassador?

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Posted in: FSA to offer English assistance to foreign firms entering Japan See in context

Ha! It will take more than English assistance to attract businesses. For starters, you'll have to throw out the xenophobic attitudes. But with people like that aso at the helm, I don't think things will change anytime soon.

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Posted in: Drinkable cheesecake See in context

Coming next: drinkable butter.

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Posted in: Records show Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot See in context

These are traitors to their own country. They won't go unpunished. At the very least, their careers should be over. Not one more cent should be flowing toward these people like Rafael Cruz or Josh Hawley. The first one humiliated himself by acting as a sycophant to the guy who called his wife ugly and said his dad killed JFK. The second pretends to be "one of the guys" when he's actually one of the "elites" and couldn't wait to move out of Missouri once he was elected there! These guys have no self-pride and are just in it for the money.

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Posted in: Watch out for terrorists See in context

Japan is so insignificant on the international stage that terrorists don't even bother with this country, except for home-grown terrorists.

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Posted in: Betty White marks 99th birthday See in context

Happy birthday, Rose! The only surviving golden girl. I'm sure there's a Swedish joke somewhere.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st unlicensed tuk-tuk taxi case referred to prosecutors See in context

I can't believe how stupid his was. A Tuk-tuk sticks out like a sore thumb.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles to deny reports that Olympics cancelation possible See in context

What, so cancellation is impossible? Shall I give you this hat to eat later, just in case?

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

Or learn to cook.

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Posted in: Disarray as 47 players affected after positive tests on Australian Open planes See in context

A preview of what to look forward to if we have the Olympics this summer.

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Posted in: Reeling from coronavirus, Asia's poultry farmers battle bird flu outbreak See in context

This is one of the many reasons why I refuse to eat meat.

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Posted in: U.S. state capitals on edge for armed protests as Trump presidency nears end See in context

The Enemy From Within. China and Russia are laughing.

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context


Caught off guard? Yabaru exactly how can you be caught off guard after a year.

Exactly. They've had close to one year. You'd think they would have learnt some lessons from that Yokohama cruise ship disaster or even looking at how authorities dealt with the situation in HK, Taiwan, China and South Korea. Or even 'poor, money-strapped' Vietnam. But no, just urging people to do this, keeping the number of tests low à la Trump, prioritizing the Olympics, and basically putting their heads in the sand and asking people to eat cake while politicians themselves were enjoying dinner parties.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for prosecution of any Congress members who might have helped pro-Trump siege See in context

And little Marco too!

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for prosecution of any Congress members who might have helped pro-Trump siege See in context

Rafael Eduardo Cruz should be ashamed of himself. This guy doesn't even have any self-pride. The fat guy calls his wife ugly, says his father killed JFK and basically shamed him into make phone calls to get votes for the fat guy on national TV. And yet, there he is, pretending to be his best buddy. He'd stab his own mother in the back if he thought it would further his career.

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Posted in: Trump plans to depart Washington the morning of Inauguration Day See in context

I hope he doesn't leave because I'd love to see soldiers go in and throw his backside onto the curb.

And fumigate the whole house!

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Posted in: Kono calls U.S. Capitol riot shocking; yearns for 'good old days' See in context

People suddenly opening their mouths now while saying nada before. Too little too late.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

They should have done this ages ago. I wonder, any punishment for that Japanese guy who came back from the UK, ignored quarantine measures, had dinner with friends which resulted in 10 people getting the new strain.

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Posted in: Top recommendations for heat-and-eat curry in Japan See in context

Compared to most curries served in the Indian subcontinent, the Japanese one is thicker, and most people eat it with rice

Not to mention, really sweet and totally lacking in spices. And always with meat. I don't think it's occurred to many here that curry doesn't always have to have meat, just as sandwiches don't always have to have ham and eggs.

Give me a vegetarian south Indian or Thai curry anytime (with basmati or Thai rice).

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Posted in: 7-Eleven Japan now has plant-based vegetarian steamed 'meat buns' See in context

Nowhere does it say plant-based on their website:


In fact, beef, pork and chicken is listed in the list of food allergens

I really am not surprised - the expression plant-based is being used very very loosely in Japan,

unlike in countries which takes these things seriously and where plant-based basically means vegan.

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Posted in: Why do you think government leaders wear work overalls at press conferences ad meetings during crises like the coronavirus? See in context

Imagine if they had to visit an accident scene in a sumo stable.

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Posted in: Team GB 'hugely confident' Tokyo Games will go ahead See in context

This guy obviously has no clue as to what the heck is happening in Japan.

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Posted in: Man confuses plastic food samples for the real thing; gets arrested for trying to steal cash See in context

Punishment - eat that plastic sample!

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Posted in: Green tea strawberry dessert sandwiches: Today’s reason Japanese convenience stores are awesome See in context

I'm going to go out on a limb and say those strawberries are placed right at the front edge of the sandwiches. Open up the sandwich, and it'll look mostly empty.

Call me old fashion, but I prefer to eat strawberries without all the bread and margarine.

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