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Posted in: Bert and Ernie a 'loving couple' claims writer; 'Sesame Street' disagrees See in context

Stan and Oliver used to sleep together in the same bed. Just saying.

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Posted in: Princess Ayako to marry on Oct 29 in traditional ceremony See in context

Is this the Japanese equivalent of UK's Princess Eugenie's wedding? ie nobody cares. Hell, Prince Andrew is trying to get a TV deal for his daughter's wedding. And they're trying to invite stars. Like I said, nobody cares.

Strictly speaking, neither Kate, Meghan, nor Diana are/were princesses actually. That would be for daughters or grand-daughters of monarchs.

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Posted in: Trump comforts storm-ravaged Carolinas with hot dogs, hugs See in context

Any mushrooms in those hotdogs?

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Posted in: 70-year-olds and above account for 20% of Japan's population for 1st time See in context


Cricky, politicians are not smart, many of them can't even read math books.

Forget math. Some can't even read basic kanji (Aso), or even pronounce the word I.T. (Mori).

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Posted in: Needles found in strawberries in two more Australian states See in context

Japan: been there, done that!

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Posted in: New compact plastic umbrella See in context

Who cares if it's transparent? I'm not interested in looking at the sky when I'm walking in the rain.

I got a sturdy foldable umbrella from Amazon. Same price, but it also doubles as protection from UV (special fabric) and has a light in the handle that can be used at night time.

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Posted in: Woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct comes forward See in context

matt hartwell:

I would tell my daughters and grand daughters to go to the police ASAP, not wait 30 plus years.

I'm guessing you were never molested or raped. So you know what goes on in a victim's head? Don't tell me, you're a psychiatrist.

You would tell your daughters and grand-duaghters to go to the police ASAP? And what if they didn't tell you until 30 years later? Rape victims don't like to brag that they're victims.

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Posted in: How to rob an idol singer otaku: Look up the birthday of his favorite idol See in context

One of my Japanese friends used his birthday as the PIN. Somehow he lost his wallet (or pehaps it was stolen). It must have contained his birth date, because his bank card was used at an ATM succesfully.

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Posted in: Russia trip keeps Abe in spotlight, but key issues remain unresolved See in context

More photo-ops and PR, but no results. Abe's even looking like a really old man in that photo.

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Posted in: Three different types of mystery meat fill the latest Cup Noodle flavor See in context

Just looking at the number of ingredients in these type of 'food' really scares the bejesus out of me. I can understand why people would eat this crap if there were nothing else after a big earthquake has struck. But if someone has access to a kitchen, why on earth would they eat this, apart from laziness and ignorance.

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Posted in: Japanese sweet potato frappuccinos from Starbucks See in context

Can someone make a healthier version of this? They always seem to be loaded with fat and sugar.

More plastic waste polluting our planet, more plastic straws doing untold damage to our environment.

Plastic pollution is a serious problem now. I see Japan doing sweet FA.

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Posted in: Porsche explodes after crash on Kanagawa highway See in context

Speeding in slippery conditions. Why do I not feel sorry the guy has lost the car? He is damn lucky nobody else was hurt.

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Posted in: Abe planning talks with Iranian president See in context

Did he get permission from America?

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Posted in: Woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct comes forward See in context

burning bush:

I think 90% of the boys in my high school were guilty of something similar

90% of the boys in your school tried to rape a girl? Jesus, I'm sure glad I didn't go to your school. That is sick.


When I was a young teenager,groping and being groped was part of growing up.

I'd say this was more than groping.

What is it with Trump's swamp creatures. Paedophiles, molesters, philanderers, racists, misogynists, liars.

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Posted in: Pop singer Amuro gives final performance in Okinawan hometown See in context

Anybody just looking at the photo would be forgiven if they'd thought the people were attending a funeral.

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Posted in: 28 suffer food poisoning at MOS Burger restaurants See in context

Not again.

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

Some of the officers visited her home and asked her if they could look inside,

What the heck are they looking inside people's homes for? They should be looking outside, on the streets, in bushes, etc. Just how many houses were they going to search and how much time were they going to waste?

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Posted in: Trump, Pompeo bash ex-Secretary of State Kerry on Iran talks See in context


Kerry is and was a total idiot and emberassment in office and out. I wish he would just stop trying to act like an expert on anything as he is not.

I think Kerry, like McCain, served his country in more ways than Trump will ever. He never claimed to have bone-spurs, and is now trying to do some good. He's not sitting on his backside reading manga and watching anime all day.

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Posted in: What’s Japan’s least appealing big city, and why did it get stuck with that title? See in context

In the list of least appealing cities, I actually agree with the top three. Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka was just plain boring. But the others shouldn't even be in the top ten. I quite like the ports of Japan - Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki and Hakodate. They have scenic spots, a lot of history.

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Posted in: WADA to reinstate Russia after doping suspension See in context

I don't see Russia changing one bit.

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Posted in: Edano looks to lessons from Sanders to win youth support See in context

I don't think Japan does grass-roots. It does apathy, though.

Having said that, I do wish Edano the best. If only he could expand on his ideas. But when you talk politics to young folks here, it's like talking to a brick wall. Politicians have to have something to offer, and people need to be interested in the future of their country. I don't see things changing anytime soon.

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Posted in: Sapporo expected to drop out of 2026 Winter Olympic bid race See in context

Yeah, why bankrupt yourself in 2026 when you can have a 4-year reprieve and bankrupt yourself in 2030 instead?

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Posted in: Trump leans on shaky numbers to shape reality See in context

This man-child lies without thinking things through.

Big numbers. Small numbers. Imaginary people (you know, all those parents who wanted Trump to bring back their sons' remains from North Korea - yeap, lots and lots of people well over 100 years old in USA).

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Posted in: Whenever you say or hear someone say "the good old days," do you think the "old days" really were good in some sense or is it false nostalgia for a past that never really existed and that we are remembering pleasant experiences and filtering out bad ones? See in context

Yeah, the GOOD old days. When housing was affordable and most people could fulfil their dreams of owning their own home.

And the GOOD old days, when my eyesight was a lot better!

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Posted in: Manafort pleads guilty; will cooperate with special counsel See in context

But but but, Manafort's a good guy. He would never stab Trump in the back. A real loyal guy.

Over to you Trump. Any comments?

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Posted in: As Trump threatens election meddlers, Russia says 'so what?' See in context

President Donald Trump is finally making moves against foreign election meddling

That horse has long bolted. Two or three years too late.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

danny bloom:

Haitians are also very delighted to see Naomi in the spotlight,

I noticed there were lots of Haitian flags in the stadium that day.

The good thing is that because English is her first language, you can get great, fun interviews with Osaka. Check out her and Ellen on Youtube just after her win. You're not going to get anything like that in Japanese shows. Plus, no annyoing tarento on the top right corner of the TV screen, and praising her Japanese language skills and what-not.

Having said that, she needs to gain more confidence in speaking (in English, that is), and also open her mouth more when doing so (a big complaint from French people who think native English speakers just mumble). And being shy and cute won't work for a woman on the international stage. Might work in Japan, but the rest of the world admires strong, assertive adults. Players like Steffi Graf were painfully shy, and had to adapt. Good luck to her.

As for the player who said it was difficult to approach her (Hibino) because she doesn't speak good Japanese and was so different from the other Japanese players - well, that gap has widened even more, now that Osaka's won a GS. Damn, some people wished it were Nishikori. It will be interesting to see whether she'll still stick with Japan in two years time.

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Posted in: Abe says isle dispute with Russia must be settled before peace treaty can be signed See in context

Well then, no peace treaty it is.

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