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Posted in: Convenience stores want you to be honest and request to pay higher sales tax rate See in context

What a mess. Why is absolutely EVERYTHING so bara bara in Japan. It's just impossible for things to be straight forward and clean - streamlined. This economy is starting to choke itself to death.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

If people dont like to be discriminated there

Then go somewhere else.

That's only a simpleton's way of thinking. For many foreigners, it is impossible to just pick and leave. Families, careers, real estate, business. Same as it it difficult/impossible for the Japanese living the good life overseas to just leave.

You're going to have to think a little harder, my friend. Or just refrain from commenting unless you have something of substance to say.

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Posted in: Japan ramps up efforts to help expats land U.N. jobs See in context

"We are open to everybody -- we do not discriminate and we would love to have everybody on board who believes in the mandate of the United Nations,"

I'm skeptical that the average Japanese man (because we know it will be men) shares the same values as the UN. They have grown up immersed in propaganda and tatemae, taught from a young age not to think but just defer decision making to whoever is older. The UN needs more lateral thinkers who are willing and able to speak out against moral corruption when they see it.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

No attorney present, no recording of questioning the court accepts "confessions" even when the accused says they were forced. And the confession written by the the prosecution.

It's really disappointing that international pressure from organizations like The UN have not commented nearly enough (or better yet, acted upon it) on what is obviously a 'justice' system and way of thinking that does not belong in the civilized world. An incredibly embarrassing facet of Japan that leaves much mud on its face.

This suggests to me that he could be like many senior Western managers who come to Japan, even long term, who have only a superficial understanding of the culture and language [...snip]

And yet, assuming that you are remotely right in your rash judgment of him (and your stereotype of westerners in general), he took Nissan from the brink of bankruptcy and made it profitable again...

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Posted in: Father rescues toddler from dingo's jaws on Australian tourist island See in context

It's a beautiful part of the world.

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Posted in: English level at Japan's secondary schools falls short of gov't target See in context

It is the culturally entrenched negative attitudes toward English and 'making a mistake' (due to the nature of shaming over petty details and cultural trait of bullying) in Japanese public schools that will see Japan to continue to waste time and money on its never-ending quest for English proficiency. You could add katakana to that list, also.

Other nations are leaping ahead of Japan! Maybe those in education should sincerely inquire as to why those nations are doing so much better...

Or if you are up the ladder in your teaching / education career, you could perhaps not rock the boat with meaningful 'change' so as to hold on to that cushy position with a big office and get that golden parachute in a few years time... it won't be your problem for much longer, after all...

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

I was assaulted by a Japanese guy who attacked me from behind as I was walking home causing permanent injuries.

Where I am from, you would have a lot of people on your side to help you find justice. Possibly be mentioned in the news (a sickening racially motivated attack). The community would be outraged, bar the few redneck racists in it - which are minority that meets stiff opposition.

I used to spend a lot of time and energy speaking for the Japanese nationals living in 'my country' - making them feel like a welcome and equal, valued member of society. Many of those Japanese were employed in good jobs, with opportunities open to them the same as citizens. It's illegal to discriminate based on ethnicity or nationality - and those laws are well ENFORCED.

How many foreigners are able to get good jobs here outside the stereotypical teaching or IT related jobs? How many foreigners become seishain? I'm talking about foreigners with skills and experience. Another incredible waste of manpower in Japan...

The small-minded attitudes and micro-aggressions add up and can become quite de-humanizing after years of it. A lot of this is fed by the media. If you have only been here for a short time, you are probably not yet aware of it. Perhaps you still believe people are nice to you because they like you...

It will dawn on you yet.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

How many times have you been seated on a busy train and the seats next to you remain vacant?

This is considered racism? Come on, grow a thicker skin.

Interesting. I wonder why people would consider this almost daily routine to be 'racism'. Now why would that be? Hey, why not think a little harder about it... or even a lot harder because ya still got a wayz to go...

I've been told to go home a few times. Refused service/entry. All of the above, and more. I don't have the facility, or lack of awareness, to pretend that Japan is not highly discriminatory.

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Posted in: Customer information stolen from popular luxury cruise train's site See in context

Let me guess, the password on the Windows XP computer holding the information was 'himawari' or some such..?

I'm guessing this is an outside attack because Japanese would never do this kind of thing...

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Posted in: Geoffrey Rush wins defamation case against Sydney newspaper publisher See in context

There were hordes of people on this very forum condemning him when that slanderous story came out...

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Posted in: Nissan shareholders to vote on removing Ghosn from board See in context

I would just like to reiterate at this point that this man had not been found guilty of ANYTHING as of yet...

Japanese justice, and many facets of Japanese society and politics, are corrupt to the core! The world is starting to see just how deep it goes.

NB: if found guilty in a fair trial would expect that him (and all parties involved) to be punished accordingly. Not before.

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Posted in: Ichiro turns down Japan's prestigious People's Honor Award for 3rd time See in context

I will be real disappointed and angry if this is a kind of snub of the Abe Government.

Then be angry and disappointed.

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Posted in: Ichiro turns down Japan's prestigious People's Honor Award for 3rd time See in context

He probably knows full well that the award is just propaganda. Too many years living in freedom.

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Posted in: Ghosn's detention extended until April 14 See in context

Seriously is there any part of the J government that isnt rotten at the core!?


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Posted in: 30% of young Japanese say Diet not helping people's lives See in context

Factor in the cultural tendencies that a) the Japanese are taught not to question or scrutinize authority, and b) wouldn't even know when they are being screwed over as they don't have a baseline to understand any form of 'freedom' - the real numbers of dissatisfaction are far higher. The proof is in the pudding.

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Posted in: Police warn public as scammers cash in on new era name See in context

Blind trust placed in perceived authority figures opens you up to scams like this. Hashtag thinkforyourself

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

 I personally think most Japanese companies are completely legit and safe to work with, but you never know...

You can't possibly be serious.

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Posted in: Japan launches new visa system to bring in more foreign workers See in context

The people spoke against this whole idea from the start. And Abe and his cronies didn't listen to a word. They rammed it through regardless of all the warnings. Garden variety dictatorship.

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Posted in: Japan decorates ex-U.S. Vice President Cheney for boosting alliance See in context

Him, Bush, Bush-Daddy and a few others really did more damage to this Earth than is measurable. Japan needs to check its head if they think he is worth pinning any award on.

This also proves my point about Japan not being socially ready to change their constitution. The leaders here still adore war-mongers and war-criminals. It would be a bad idea remove the safety.

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Posted in: Japan sees record number of domestic violence cases in 2018 See in context

Disillusioned - exactly!

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Posted in: Kamakura passes ordinance against eating on the go See in context

Un-be-lievable. Only in Japan...

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Posted in: City in Shiga Pref to use AI to help teachers detect signs of school bullying See in context

This is happening right now! How is it a solution? Staff, teachers, parents, everyone, sees it, but has not the wit to understand what they are witnessing, or are unwilling to admit its happening, thus not their problem!

And herein lies the true problem...

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Posted in: S Korean union calls on ex-Japanese civil servant to apologize for brawl See in context

According to the ministry, he was replaced as head of the Wage Division last Wednesday.

With muppets like this in charge, it's no wonder that reform never happens in Japan. And to think a Japanese government official would be yelling anti-Korean hate-speech in a Korean airport..! With history taken into account... FFS! What a sick joke.

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Posted in: City in Shiga Pref to use AI to help teachers detect signs of school bullying See in context

How about just opening your eyes? It's right in front of you if you care to see it.

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Posted in: 50% of home care providers have experienced harassment: survey See in context


Yep, the generation that put the younger Japanese in a dire economical situation is the one now demanding to have its rear wiped while they grab at the carer. Sad part is, the patients actually have reason to complain... go to any hospital / aged care facility and see how understaffed they are and how the oldies are ignored while they repeatedly call for help for most of the day. Not even kidding.

It's all just a by-product of a society that was taught to ignore the suffering of their countrymen since they hit junior high school.

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Posted in: Can Japan end its love affair with plastic? See in context

And Japan is the victim of drifted wastes from China and Korea

Exactly this. Japan actually ships its plastic off to China for disposal. Japan loves to delude itself to thinking that it is environmentally conscious but the truth is far from it. The world falls for the crack that Japan speaks about environmental responsibility every time they have a summit. Remember the Kyoto Protocol? Ha!

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Posted in: Record 2.73 mil foreign residents registered living in Japan in 2018 See in context

The number of foreigners illegally staying in the country rose by 11.5 percent to 74,167 as of Jan 1, the ministry said.

One way to cut down on this number would be to send out visa renewal reminders... assuming they want this number to come down, that is...

It'd have to be a high-tech automated system with a little assembly that can rapidly stamp documents with a hanko, but I have faith in Japan's unique tech abilities. I think they could do it.

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Posted in: Nissan unpicks Ghosn legacy of 'high-handedness' and 'wrongdoings' See in context

There is no evidence of Ghosn benefiting from the decision...

... but we will try to use it to smear his name anyway.

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Posted in: Japan to send SDF members for peacekeeping operations in Egypt in April See in context

So there you have it. Japan doesn't need to change the constitution to send troops to help allies at war.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Missiles are flying over Japan, threats of nuclear destruction, hundreds and hundreds of incursions in Japanese territory/airspace by aggressive neighbors, some still stuck in the past with revenge and hate on their mind when it comes to Japan.

Now, why would they have revenge in mind..?

I'll say it again. If Japan had taken a more diplomatic approach with its neighbors and showed that it had changed, Japan would not be so hated by its neighbors. But Japan revises its history, lies to the world. That's why Japan should not be given a gun, but instead forced to look at itself and walk the road of proper diplomacy and humanitarianism. Giving Japan the easy way out with weapons would spell disaster.

Let's leave mass-destruction in the last century where it belongs!

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