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Posted in: Israeli forces kill dozens of Palestinians in Gaza strikes; battle Hamas in Rafah See in context

As to the question, when will Palestinians rise up against their Hamas controllers? : Well, you have to ask yourself how many in the population actually support Hamas and its campaign against Israel? Many of us would like to think it’s only a small number, perhaps 10%. But some surveys indicate a different picture - of perhaps 60-70%, or even higher. And many of these sympathize with the Hamas attack of October 7th, which can lead you to conclude they would approve of more “October 7ths”.

Keep this mind when you consider whatever course of action Israel should be taking.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney becomes UK's first billionaire musician See in context

People on here criticizing McCartney for being so rich are presumably just as angry for Taylor Swift achieving that much or more, and comparatively overnight. Well, are you?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for indecency on Tokyo Disneyland field trip See in context

It’s a short news article. Reread it and ask yourself, “How is this even possible?” How does a man, supposedly looking after children, manage the time to take his pants down and take out his genitalia? And, of course, presume he will get away with it? It is just totally crazy.

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Posted in: Eight arrested after climate activists breach German airport See in context

Arrested them, and?…And then what? Put them in jail? Fine them? What?

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Posted in: 2 men suffer knife wounds after being attacked in Osaka bar See in context

So many knife attacks!

Is it not against the law to carry a knife? Why does a person carry a knife unless they’re looking to use it?

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

They’re always talking about this. But nothing really changes. Bicycle riding is dangerous to pedestrians as well as dangerous to the riders themselves. One of the dangers to riders is - other riders! Do you see them piled up together at traffic signal stops? ( That’s IF they stop ) As far as riding on the road, we’ll good but that’s also dangerous because roads are too narrow! So, if you’re a rider, you’re always under stress from a car driver coming perilously close to you.

It comes down to the usual problem of Japan. Of having dug itself into dilemmas from which there simply is no escape.

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Posted in: Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial See in context

It’s no joke, that crowd at a Trump rally, and you know it. And if this trial gets cleared away, and Trump is back on the campaign trail with rallies, people will be shaking in their boots. You know it.

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Posted in: Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial See in context

I SAW the crowd on YouTube. A lotta people. Wearing red hats. In New Jersey, a blue state.

Ask yourself, how many people would Biden get for a rally in a red state? Actually, ask yourself how many would he get in a blue state? Actually, ask yourself how many would he get to get out of their chairs to greet him when he walked in a restaurant? A few, sadly.

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Posted in: Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial See in context

Trump rally had over 100,000 people attending in Wildwood, New Jersey a day or two ago.

New Jersey! A Democrat state. 100,000 people out there for a Trump rally. What does that tell you?

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Posted in: Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial See in context

Dershowitz says Trump has committed no crime in this case. Check the Dershowitz cast.

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Posted in: Osaka plays solidly in her opening match at Italian Open See in context

Will Japan media please give up the fandom for this woman every time she manages a first round victory? Save it for when she does something really significant, okay?

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

So, how exactly is dementia to be defined anyway? Like absent mindedness? Short term memory loss? A lot of people have that problem when they’re in their 20s. But then if they have a “dementia test” when they’re old, they’ll get written off for the way they just always were. Like a joke.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

Japan is not so stupid as to ignore the crime problem in the United States.

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Posted in: Rap feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar explodes See in context

Drake is a Toronto guy and I often wonder if his influence moved young gang warfare from the northern suburbs into the downtown club area of the city.

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

I have to admit that I feel a knee-jerk bias when I see the word “truck driver”.

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Posted in: Japan says it will respond appropriately to disorderly yen movements See in context

Instead of using terms like “excessive fluctuations” and “speculative”, why don’t they just say “wrong direction” and “one-way street”?

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

I have mixed feelings about the specification of “Brazilian food store” and of “seemed to be foreigners”. On one hand, yes, it does seem obvious indications are being made. However, I often wish western media would be more like this and indicate the perpetrators more clearly. In the west, they are so afraid of being accused of racial profiling. Readers are left to make their own conclusions.

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

He should have put up a fight

Really? With his daughter in the back seat of the car? I don’t think that would be a good idea.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

Transportation is still expensive in Japan. Tourists can at least get a discount, but foreign residents can’t. I’d travel around here in Japan by train, but it’s just too costly.

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Posted in: Cool Biz campaign begins across Japan See in context

Think of it: 28C ( 82-83F). Working at a desk. No opening of windows possible for ventilation.

And don’t think Cool Biz means “casual”, like American TGIF ( loose jersey, shorts maybe). No, it means a crisp short sleeve shirt with a dress-up look. And don’t forget to wear an undershirt, you know, in case you sweat - which inevitably you will.

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Posted in: With or without official word on intervention, weak yen may persist See in context

Article does mention - briefly - that it’s not just a case of the U.S. dollar. The yen is weak to currencies all over the place. A short while ago, Japan was talking with South Korea about their mutual concern about their currencies to the dollar. But when you check, no, the Won is not suffering like the Yen. And Korean tourists know it, obviously by the way they pile in here the same as tourists from EVERYWHERE.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department' hits No. 1; experiences largest streaming week ever See in context

How come the semi-pornographic photos to sell a record? About the struggles of ( super rich) “poets”.

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Posted in: Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise See in context

I guess it’s good. Just make sure I can walk in the woods around Kyoto without worrying about bears. Thanks.

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Posted in: Baby-crying sumo contest See in context

Blacksamurai I guess you’re equally defensive about criticisms of American “old customs” ( or whatever western country you’re from).

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Posted in: Australian prime minister describes domestic violence as 'national crisis' after rallies See in context

It’s time for Australian men to take responsibility

Yes. Who are these Australian men, by the way?

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Posted in: Baby-crying sumo contest See in context

Some customs in Japan, when compared to Western cultures, are merely interesting. But some show a deep disconnect which is disturbing even to long timers in the country.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York See in context

One has to ask: What things could happen in the future to enable the yen to strengthen again? For example, people talk about the collapse of the U.S. dollar in the future. But does that translate to a stronger yen in relation to it? So I wonder, what events in the future could return the yen to being a stronger currency?

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Posted in: Wendy’s releases Pretzel Roast Beef Burger aimed at foreign tourists in Japan See in context


Yes, there is Wendy’s, but it’s strangely different from the Wendy’s I remember in Japan many years ago. Some kind of joint company fusion I think.

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Posted in: On first day of Trump hush money trial, prosecutors say he corrupted 2016 election See in context

Not necessary. Because the jury doesn’t have to interpret the law

Right. So we’re back to the issue of bias. And they (jurors) are likely full of it.

And as for Japan, well America has the Supreme Court in which matters of great importance are left to them. Japan just starts that consideration earlier.

In a matter like this, I am reminded again that it’s ridiculous for a group of people of no expertise to decide

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Posted in: On first day of Trump hush money trial, prosecutors say he corrupted 2016 election See in context

So how do you suggest alleged criminals are dealt with?

As near as possible by professional court justices. As in Japan.

Remember, the jury system was likely started in America when the jury members did not have such news access to the person on trial. ( Consider internet! )

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