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Posted in: How much money should you give children for New Year’s 'otoshidama'? See in context

Money is not a gift. It is something you earn.

That is training for the salaryman mindset.

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Posted in: Satellite images show China built mock-ups of U.S. warships See in context

By the time the Chinese figure out how to sink them, the U.S. will have made an entirely new drone fleet.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

The few controlling the many. Time to wake up world or you get what you deserve.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

That's what happens when a "joke" of a government tries to turn Australia back into a penal colony.

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Posted in: Man arrested after menacing Tokyo subway passenger with awl See in context

oh brother........

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Posted in: George Clooney asks media not to publish his children's photos See in context

Who the hell cares. This is not news.

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Posted in: Train attacker says he targeted Tokyo in hopes of increasing kill count See in context

Seems like it didn't work.

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Posted in: California makes it illegal to remove condom without consent See in context

So much for the movie business.

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Posted in: U.S. closes part of Texas border; begins flying Haitians home See in context

America needs a political revolution or America as we know it will be over.

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Posted in: Hundreds arrested, police injured at anti-lockdown protests in Australia See in context

Australia once again demonstrates why it is the laughing stock of the world.

Hopefully, you mean Australian Authoritarianism.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

6th wave starting to swell real soon, covid loves the stupid

Covid doesn't care if you are stupid or smart.

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Posted in: Japan considering vaccine passports for commercial activities See in context

These passports are overwhelming supported by the majority. 

It does not overwhelmingly support. It's a little over half of the population. The passport scheme was designed to push the un-vaccinated to get the jab. It will be difficult to convince them.

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Posted in: Japan orders 150 million doses of Novavax COVID vaccine See in context

Posters are watching too much CNN.

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Posted in: Gov't plans lifting alcohol ban even under state of emergency See in context

The government probably needs the tax

Spot on has nothing to do with covid.

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Posted in: Uber Eats Japan halts hiring of foreign students for food delivery See in context

The foreign students are much better than Japanese UBER delivery workers.

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

The metal particles would remain in the liquid left in the vaccine vile and are larger in size than what gets into the needle.

Where is the proof of that?

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Posted in: More than 30 California children still stuck in Afghanistan See in context

Biden says the mission was an amazing success, then why does he constantly blame everyone for the mission?

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Posted in: Gov't considers extending state of emergency by 2 weeks See in context

Japan gives new meaning to the phrase "State of emergency".

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Posted in: Moderna says COVID vaccines sent to Japan contained stainless steel particles See in context

"The rare presence of stainless steel particles in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine does not pose an undue risk to patient safety and it does not adversely affect the benefit/risk profile of the product," the statement said.

Stainless steel particles injected into your body seems pretty dangerous to me.

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Posted in: Nike’s newest addition to ISPA sneaker line blends Japanese tradition and contemporary style See in context

Nike employs a lot of slaves to make their products. Think about that next time you praise the swish.

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Posted in: Kabul airport attack kills 60 Afghans, 13 U.S. troops See in context

Just shows how you cannot exchange metoo for burkas. Religion and faith have proven more valuable than building a new California in Mesopotamia.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Do people really believe this nonsense?

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

@Zichi Trump''s Taliban deal was a bad one with the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners who returned to fighting. 

The Majority of Americans Left and Right Supported Trump’s Deal With Taliban to End Afghan War.

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Posted in: Number of severe COVID patients in Japan hits record for 4th day in row See in context

rational people understand that no drug or treatment ever has been 100% effective,

I believe anti-vaxxers are the rational ones by rejecting something that has not been proven safe. Just because 10 people say it's safe and 3 people are saying I am not so sure about that, they are the enemy Anti-vaxxers??

The results will be in soon enough but until that time people should question everything they are told about being vaccinated. It is called informed decision making, not forced decision making.

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Posted in: Olympics now ended, Suga pinning his hopes on vaccinations See in context

just hope not too late to prevent a realistic worst case scenario of suddenly climbing deaths.

A worst-case scenario is playing out before our eyes because of a lack of leadership.

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Posted in: New York Gov Cuomo resigns over sexual harassment allegations See in context

CNN has probably offered him a prime time show!

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Posted in: Weary U.S. businesses confront new round of mask mandates See in context

Who wrote this ridiculous story? The media have really gone off the cliff with this one. Living in Los Angeles, maybe 2 percent of businesses have any type of sign outside. The vast majority of people do as they please, wherever they please and are respectful of others. Most people wear masks inside an establishment and very few complain about it. Life is very close to the way it was before Covid. Do not believe the media, they are lying to you.

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Posted in: Virus cases jump 1,200 in South Korea amid slow vaccination See in context

Just a question, are vaccines really the answer? Seems you get vaccinated only to be told a new variant of covid is around the corner and the vaccine might not be effective. Something just doesn't sound right. Meanwhile, nobody talks about influenza anymore.

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Posted in: White House reaffirms support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Yes, they will pay their medical bills.

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Posted in: White House reaffirms support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

You want to talk about mixed messages! 

The United States:

DO NOT travel to Japan!

We support the Olympics fully!

Choose one America!

They did, Do not travel to Japan is for the general population of the U.S. while the Biden administration just doesn't have the B@lls to agree with the CDC and the .gov website. It's called saving face.

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