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Posted in: Bet my life? See in context

Is he in front of Las Vegas?

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

All this data is about the old economy, I hate to burst your bubble, but a new economy is growing and doing very well. Educate yourself, be open to new ways to earn a living and stop thinking the old ways of the government will take care of you. Take responsibility for your life and thrive in this new economy, If you don't see it you're looking hard enough.

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Posted in: Fan outcry over K-pop star's date highlights 'harsh' industry rules See in context

They sign contracts before they are ever promoted. They know exactly what the rules of the game are.

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Posted in: U.S. conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson says he will interview Putin See in context

The fascist’s favorite boi takes his bow tie to Moscow! Someone is desperate for some attention since being fired from Faux “news” for spreading wanton lies.

It's a free press in the United States of America. Journalists can interview whomever they want.

Barbara Walters interviewed Fidel Castro back in the day.......

Watch the interview then decide for yourself, or better yet THINK for yourself.

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Posted in: U.S. companies are picky about investing in China. The exceptions? Burgers, lattes See in context

Yes, no burgers or coffee for China.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks expected to reach new highs in 2024 despite strong yen headwinds See in context

"If the U.S. economy cools more than expected, the dollar could briefly plunge to the 120 yen zone in the first half of 2024," he said.

This is a dream and will not happen.

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Posted in: Biden, Trump unpopularity buoys third party hopes for 2024 U.S. election See in context

Trump is a loudmouth, and so is Biden.

Biden doesn't want the job, he doesn't have the energy for it. It's obvious.

People voted for Biden because they hated Trump's personality.

Most people have no idea what both President's policies even are.

They are both egomaniacs, However, I feel Biden is in it for himself and not for the USA

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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

And speaking of Biden, where is he?

Persona non grata

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Posted in: Why Musk's 'X' will struggle to become a Chinese-style super-app See in context

It’s all BS and anti-Elon by the media. I’m sure he’s doing just fine.

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Posted in: BOJ eases grip on ultra-loose monetary policy See in context

The Yen should be more like 180 to the US

dollar. There is nothing happening in Japan at the moment. A lazy country riding on the coat tails of the United States.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

Luck was definitely on there side.

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Posted in: Ukraine pleads for more weapons as defiant Russia warns West See in context

It seems like a race between the tortoise and the hare, sad to say we all know who will win.

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Posted in: Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs; tells employees to return to workplace or quit See in context

Rock on Elon!

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

Back to being island people eating fish and soba and tofu. That is the core of Japan. Maybe it's time to stop competing.

Sounds good to me.

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Posted in: Coachella's return brings big business to California desert See in context

I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers there. Great show!

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Posted in: Pet food makers eating up wild game meat as demand falls at restaurants See in context

Vegan activists are, strangely enough, remarkably coy about explaining why humans have evolved with canine teeth and stereoscopic vision. 

Contrary to popular belief, human canines are not for tearing and ripping meat. Instead, our ancestors used them to fight male rivals for mating rights.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

This will end badly for putin, this is the beginning of the end of putin’s rule!!!!

Biden is also finished.

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Posted in: U.S. hits Russia with sanctions, shifts troops to Germany; 137 reported dead in Ukraine See in context

The US and the EU had no right to offer Ukraine membership in NATO and had no right to send them weapons on the border of Russia. They fanned the flames for too long and now Russia answered and got it done in a day.

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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

Take a deep breath and accept the fact that border restrictions, doing business in Japan and travel will never go back to "normal".

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 20,679 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 103,791 See in context

Why not just say the entire population tested positive.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 20,679 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 103,791 See in context

Come on man! This testing has to be stopped. Stay safe and get your booster whether its your 3rd, 10th or 100th.


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Posted in: How much money should you give children for New Year’s 'otoshidama'? See in context

Money is not a gift. It is something you earn.

That is training for the salaryman mindset.

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Posted in: Satellite images show China built mock-ups of U.S. warships See in context

By the time the Chinese figure out how to sink them, the U.S. will have made an entirely new drone fleet.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

The few controlling the many. Time to wake up world or you get what you deserve.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

That's what happens when a "joke" of a government tries to turn Australia back into a penal colony.

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Posted in: Man arrested after menacing Tokyo subway passenger with awl See in context

oh brother........

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Posted in: George Clooney asks media not to publish his children's photos See in context

Who the hell cares. This is not news.

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Posted in: Train attacker says he targeted Tokyo in hopes of increasing kill count See in context

Seems like it didn't work.

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Posted in: California makes it illegal to remove condom without consent See in context

So much for the movie business.

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