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Posted in: Biden hails U.S. pandemic recovery as employment surges See in context

Biden is a one-term President.

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Posted in: Biden hails U.S. pandemic recovery as employment surges See in context

The resilience of the US under actual leadership is impressive.

I would love to know who the leader is.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for sending hundreds of nude selfies to woman in her 70s See in context

This is not funny, it’s sexually harassing an old woman.

I think there is much more to this story than the reader is being told.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

It really doesn't matter why in the end because this is not a political trial, if it were, Trump should be very worried, but this will end in an acquittal and while I agree these people are not that good, in the end, it really doesn't mean anything.

That is correct and the reason he is on the golf course every day.

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Posted in: Trump lawyers say Democrats urge supporters to 'fight,' too See in context

The hypocrisy is mind-blowing. The Dems and Repubs have morphed into the same party set out to just confuse the people.

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Posted in: Biden seeks to go big, fast and alone on COVID relief See in context

Too much talking, Just do it already!

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Posted in: COVID-19 infections in Tokyo may have jumped nine-fold, antibody survey shows See in context

It’s a pandemic of positives but not of serious illness.

Just tell that to the 105 million cases worldwide and the 2.29 million deaths to date about the seriousness of the situation.

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Posted in: Republicans signal deep resistance to Trump Senate trial See in context

The trial will fall apart after Biden gets tired of dealing with everything Trump.

I think that's true. Biden doesn't want to deal with the Trump diaries anymore, he wants to put all his effort into the pandemic.

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Posted in: Biden arrives for inauguration with big plans, big problems See in context

Maybe Biden is new to the world, but he is an old relic to citizens of the U.S.A.

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Posted in: Late-night hosts react with shock, anger to Capitol attack See in context

Now if we can just get rid of those idiot, self serving late night hosts maybe the country can begin to heal.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

The man needs to be impeached, convicted and removed from office within days to restore the US. This Trump insanity has to stop.

He was impeached and he lost the election. This took a long time for America to get to this point, it will take a long time to reverse course.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 1,591 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,001 See in context

Get out while you can! It’s just the beginning. Japan is always late to the party.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 856 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,571 See in context

Not bad for last Saturday's results. Japan is doing everything right.

I disagree, I think Japan is going about it all wrong. Waiting to see what happens is not a plan, being forced to act is not a plan.

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

Republican's not accepting the election is an embarrassment for the GOP.

It baffles me that statements like this are even made. What do you expect the Republicans to do? How corrupt is the DNC with all the nonsense that has got on over the last 4 years. The DNC is a dangerous puppet party that deserves what it will eventually get. The US will fair no better under Biden, you will see.

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Posted in: What’s in store when the Electoral College meets See in context

Election 2020 is clear testimony to how fantasy US democracy works — ordinary Americans with no say over how the nation is run and by whom.

It’s also more evidence of dominant media mass deception, supporting election fraud over a free, fair and open process.

Sad but true.

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Posted in: Biden calls for action on virus as he introduces health team See in context

Somebody tell me why restaurants must close but supermarkets/wholesale stores can with mobs and mobs of people?

Because the powers that be have no idea what they are doing. California is fed up and civil discontent has taken hold. It will snowball throughout the entire country and the politicians will be forced to change course.

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Posted in: Nissan pulls out of Trump emissions fight with California See in context

I don’t think the U.S. cares what Nissan thinks or does, more Americans are driving new Korean cars anyway.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 449 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,442 See in context

There is obviously alot going that is not revealed to the public, the mainstream media can't be trusted so no hope of knowing what is happening.

Just understand what is going on all over the world. Japan is not immune to this pandemic. People be proactive regarding your health and for heavens sake, trust nothing the Japanese government says to you.

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Posted in: Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons on way out See in context

I believe every President has that right. Even if you don't agree with his choices.

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Posted in: Osaka raises coronavirus alert level to red See in context

Tokyo will follow soon enough.

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Posted in: U.S. expects 100 million people to be vaccinated by February See in context

What about the other 2/3 of the population?

They won't be able to fly.

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Posted in: Less contact, short trips: Tokyo Olympics organizers set out rules See in context

Less contact, short trips: 

Who will participate?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 314 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,519 See in context

Take the figure and multiply it by about 10. That is probably more realistic

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Posted in: Flower family See in context

That may be the uglyist thing I've ever seen outside a war zone.

What a sad comment, artists are the saviors of the world.

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Posted in: No evidence of lost or changed votes: U.S. election officials See in context

Repubs put THAT in your pipes & smoke it!!!

They are.

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Posted in: Trump files new election challenge in Michigan; Georgia announces recount See in context

As an independent, I think the Democratic Party are really doing some wicked Shenanigans to undermine our elections. They wanted everybody to mail in their ballots early then they want to extend the cut-off times for the votes. Seems like it gave them plenty of time before and after to manipulate data. I also believe media should never call an election until it is final. Projections and polls don't work anymore. The media makes it much worse than it really is.

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Posted in: Biden-Trump counting presses ahead 2 days after Election Day See in context

American Politics will forever be changed. Both Biden and Trump should go away. The people should also stand up and fight against big tech polluting and brainwashing the minds of the people.

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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context

Why are they even featuring that second photo? Shameful.

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Posted in: Warm drinks and fluffy pancakes arrive at Tully’s to keep you warm this winter See in context

Starbucks blows them away!

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Posted in: Debate commission says it will make changes to format See in context

Biden was a very slow old man with no plan, Trump acted like a high school bully. The people of America lost.

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