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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics cost ¥150 bil less than expected See in context

Let us not forget that the bid, on which this heist was based, was JPY 8.5 billion. $75M USD.

That's documented fact - and, one suspects, the last bit of documentation we, the taxpayers who are paying the bill, will ever see.

Half the cost of the failed 2016 bid of 17 billion, 5 billion of which was "spent" on the failed bid, and for which then-Governor Ishihara promised to show where every yen had gone, then never mentioned it again.

But the successful (?) bid was 8.5 billion JPY.

The final figures officially released was 1.64 TRILLION.

Gee, I wonder how the price could possibly have increased so much?

This whole fiasco was one big heist.

Don't tell me we saved money when taxpayers will be paying the bill for the Yamaguchi-gumi for decades.

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Posted in: Strong quakes jolt areas near Mt Fuji, Wakayama See in context

My good lady wife, a geologist, is expressing concern that this could be time Fuji-san wakes from her 300-year nap.

It might be a good idea to get plenty of supplies in.

With a bit of luck, you'll have 'em for the future but won't need them right now.

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. to ground fighter jets after tank dumping case See in context

Some would argue that the Japanese government, having decided (regardless of protest from the fishing industry and our neighbouring countries) to dump hundreds of tons of untreated radioactive wastewater straight into the Pacific Ocean, might be well-advised to not make a scene about how dangerous dumping one thing is if you're foreign.

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Posted in: Nihon University chairman arrested for tax evasion See in context


You mean the chap who FIVE YEARS AGO was pegged by Western media as a known Yakuza associate isn't squeaky clean?

I'm shocked - shocked - to learn that the man might be a crook.

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Posted in: Survey shows 60% see drinking with colleagues as 'unnecessary' See in context

I will never forget the time when my idiot boss told me, two glasses in and red-faced that I didn't know how to use chopsticks.

I pointed out that a) I did know how to use them, b) had known how to use them since I was 8 years old, and c) was currently using them.

His response was to berate me me, because had I been granted the good fortune to have been born Japanese, I would have been able to use them "more elegantly".

As he said the "g" in "elegantly", a bolus of semi-chewed rice flew from his slavering lips and landed on my trouser leg.

I did not ask for his advice on elegance again, and never spent a single moment longer at a compulsory works event. The colleagues I like, I can go for a beer with anytime, I don't need the company hanko on my expectation for a good night out.

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Posted in: What do you think are the good and bad points about the subway systems in Japan's cities? See in context

The trains themselves, I have no problem with.

I would like to know why so many stations still, nearly two years into the pandemic, do not have soap available in restrooms.

And, in my fourth decade here, it still infuriates me when seated passengers develop selective paralysis when people much more deserving of a seat are left standing. I had to tap two people on the shoulder last week to get them to register that standing right in front of where they were pretending to be engrossed in their phones on the "courtesy" seats was an elderly gentleman who seemed to have survived a stroke and his 80-something year-old wife, who was trying to keep him upright, despite needing a stick herself.

The subway system itself, is exemplary, particulary when compared with the disgraceful set-up in my own country.

The people who ride it need a swift course in manners.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games uniforms for 28,000 volunteers remain unused See in context

Why, it's almost like ploughing ahead with the Olympics when 80% of the taxpaying public didn't want to shows a total contempt for the taxpayers.

If I didn't know better, this would look like a heist with corruption at every step, right up to the hghest levels of government.

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Posted in: 2 women waiting at bus stop die after being hit by car driven by 71-year-old man See in context

Don't tell me - he mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal?

How many times is this going to have to happen before there is some kind of action?

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Posted in: Joaquin Phoenix, Mike Mills on sincerity in 'C'mon C'mon' See in context

When I saw the headline, I thought this might have been a very ill-advised Gary Glitter biopic in the mode of the Freddie Mercury & Elton ones.

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Posted in: Lineup for end-of-year Kohaku song contest 2021 revealed See in context

The thing that baffles me most is that sitting joylessly in front of this all night is considered "celebrating" New Year.

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Posted in: Lineup for end-of-year Kohaku song contest 2021 revealed See in context

Oh dear. Looks like Commander Bond will be on duty again in my neck of the woods.

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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured after SUV plows into Christmas parade in Wisconsin See in context

Five will get you twenty this was a MAGA-hat-wearing cultist.

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Posted in: Kishida outlines record ¥56 tril stimulus package to fix ailing economy See in context

And how much of this is going to "struggling businesses" like Dentsu?

One hopes for - but doesn't expect - some transparency in how this money is disbursed.

Can anyone else smell pork?

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe to visit Malaysia as special envoy See in context

Malaysia is well-know to be among the most corrupt governemnts in the world. Perhaps Shin-chan Kaki-botti is there to get a few tips? Or even deliver a masterclass.

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Posted in: TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal See in context

I'm old enough to remember 3/11, when TEPCO announced that the explosion we all saw on television was just steam escaping and there was no chance at all of a meltdown.

You'll forgive me if I maintain a healthy scepticism.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 79 See in context

Remarkable good news! Let's hope this trend continues, and we can get back to life!

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Posted in: Do you think children of past generations had better manners than kids today when it comes to gestures like saying "please," "thank you" and showing respect for their elders? See in context

"The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise"

Socrates, 470-399 BCE

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Posted in: Do you think children of past generations had better manners than kids today when it comes to gestures like saying "please," "thank you" and showing respect for their elders? See in context

Also, why young people should be expected to show respect to drunk oyajis, who often display contemptible lack of courtesy, escapes me.

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Posted in: Do you think children of past generations had better manners than kids today when it comes to gestures like saying "please," "thank you" and showing respect for their elders? See in context

When I see someone hawking and spitting in the street, it's not a young person. It's an oyaji.

When I see someone on a train standing to offer their seat to a preganant lady, or someone with disabilities, it's not an oyaji. It's either me (a barbarian) or a young person.

When I see someone feigning sleep, manspreading over two seats on a crowded train when other fare-paying pasengers need to sit down, it's an oyaji.

This constant blaming of younger generations for bad manners on;y displayed by Japanese men over 50 is tiresome projection.

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Posted in: 'Cells At Work' collaborates with Japanese gov’t agency for Anti-Microbial Resistance Month See in context

Wobot - are you serious? I've had doctors here try to prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection. It's their go-to response: Give'em some pills so it looks like we know what we're doing.

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Posted in: Billy Crystal plans his Broadway return in a familiar role See in context

Crystal views Laurel and Hardy with the highest reverence as being two utterly unique, innovative comic geniuses.

And for that fact alone (although I have rarely laughed at Billy Crystal films), I respect him a lot.

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Posted in: Kishida retains cabinet lineup; says Japan is in 'precarious' situation See in context

Is that Private Godfrey from Dad's Army at front row right?

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing and injuring about 100 cats See in context

A suspended sentence.

In other words, no punishment at all.

That'll teach do it again.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 107 See in context

Can we assume that the number of deaths, such welcome news yesterday, is not also zero today?

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

I wonder how many tens of trillions will be going to Dentsu?

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Posted in: What do you think of TV commercials in Japan? Seen any that impressed you over the years? See in context

Unadulterated garbage, the lot of them.

Screeching, overacting, infantile dancing and a head turn to the camera with "Eh?".

And what's the deal with a woman leaning forward, puttin one hand genteely to the side of her mouth like she's letting us in on some kind of secret?

The last decent advert I saw here was Yuri Ebihara getting a sweat on running through a jungle in some kind of animal hide bikini. I don't know what it was advertising, but it didn't half get my juices flowing.

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Posted in: 2 arrested for suspected abuse of 450 dogs in Nagano Pref See in context

Anyone who makes an active choice to cause dogs pain needs to be kept in a cage with his own faeces.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 158 See in context

Fewer than 1,800 tests yesterday, but this is still a very encouraging sign of a consistently downward trend.

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Posted in: New anorexic patients up 60% among young people in Japan See in context

I used to have a girlfriend who suffered from this awful disease. Despite everything I and her parents tried to do to help, we watched a beautiful, vivacious young woman starve herself to skin and bones. She's no longer with us.

Anyone being flippant about it should shut the eff up.

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Posted in: Japan ruling bloc on course to keep lower house majority: exit polls See in context

Well, what an eye-popping surprise.

The 21st-century feudalism gets another seal of approval from their loyal subjects, and there's no amount of corruption and mismanagement heinous enough to make them think otherwise.

Elections here are purely ceremonial.

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