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@Farmboy: Avoid running, jumping, shot put, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, and watching exciting TV shows

Twenty-something years in here, and I've yet to see an exciting TV show. Infuriating, certainly. Exciting? Nope.

Maybe that should be the Public Health announcement? "Come for the Olympics. Recover from your heatstroke watching our unutterable sh!te on telly."

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"Stay out of the sun and hot places" says the fan.

So that would be "Give Tokyo in late July a miss", then?

What a shambles. They knew 55 years ago that Tokyo in summer is no place for people to be running around and jumping - that's why they shifted it to October. And it was a success.

This is going to be a total disaster, and my grandchildren yet unborn will still be paying for it.

Anyone still spouting the party line about how "Olympic is good for economy" needs a boot in the nads.

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kurisupisuToday  06:50 am JST

The Koreans know that making this a big issue will embarrass Japan.

Kurisuoisu - MAKING this a big issue? Mate, this has been a big issue for 8 years. It's woefully evident that the J-Gov / TEPCO cartel is a rotten house of cards, with no clue as to how to deal with the chaos their negligence has unleashed, and is planning to commit ecological vandalism on an industrial scale.

Japan should be embarrassed. Remember "Don't worry, it's only steam"? How about "Fukushima is completely under control"?

Generations of lies, greed and complacency have reaped a radioactive harvest. Japan will - will - discharge this lethal cargo into the ocean. Anyone on these islands who is neither ashamed nor furious should turn off the NHK propaganda channel and read something.

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Why did it take so long to find him? The dashcam footage must have recorded the registration number-plate of this @rse's car, and from that the rozzers could have run it through their system and pulled up an ID within seconds. If it was a rental, the rentacar joint would have had his records.

We've had the same footage on the news every morning for at least five days now. I don't understand the delay. If I'd been driving like that, they'd have copped me a lot faster, I suspect.

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Posted in: Man, woman found dead in hotel toilet in apparent joint suicide See in context

Oooooh, haunted hotel room. That could get certain people I know going.

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I just read that, while the Medical Examiner was at lunch yesterday, Epstein cremated himself.

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CrazyJoe - hear hear.

I read he was under consideration for the role of the has-been mentor figure in the 1976 remake of A Star is Born. Can you imagine how great he would have been in that?

Thanks to Parker, the part went to Kris Kristofferson.

IMO Parker has Elvis' blood on his hands. The reason he worked himself near to death in Vegas was because Parker was gambling away the money faster than Elvis could make it.

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Posted in: Tokushima’s famous Awa Odori festival kicks off See in context

I'm with BeerDeliveryGuy - Yosakoi in Kochi is just tremendous.

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Well, isn't that great?

And so it begins. People of Tokyo, behold the way it's going to be from here on in.

"You know that big party we said was going to fix the economy? Well, we've got no money left now, and the sponsors have taken their tax-free hamper of your cash out of the country, so if you could just pretend this massive recession was inevitable, that'd be great. No fireworks, no pensions, no nowt. Oh, by the way, we're going to have to increase the consumption tax to 25% , so we regret any inconvenience."

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I'm with the posters above. This is disposable plastic garbage which will be landfill before the leaves turn red.

Reusable freezer gel bags are the way to go. One in my panama, one wrapped in a light cotton scarf around my neck, and one wrapped in a cotton hanky nestled under my nads - ecologically-justifiable bliss.

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But it's all absolutely under control, right, Shin-chan? Like you promised to the world?

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But because of missteps such as last year's admission that it had not removed everything except tritium from the tanks

Wait - they removed the harmless, but difficult-to-remove stuff, and left all the deadly stuff in there?

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A panel of experts will meet on Friday for the first time in eight months

I wish I could not turn up for work for 8 months and still get paid. Like everything the Japanese bureaucracy gets its snout into, nothing happens for as long as they can milk our tax money for, then it's regrettable that the cheapest option costs way over the market price, and all the amakudari get a slice.

And we have to swallow a tax hike because there's no money.

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"After adjustment for inflation, the average monthly income of salaried households with at least two people was up 3.5 percent from a year earlier to 880,805 yen, following a 0.2 point fall the previous month." 

Shonanbb, Sam Watters, I think what this is supposed to mean is that if a household has two people working full-time, both pulling in an average 440K JPY, the total income for the household works out at about 10.5 M.

Although it's badly written, I don't think the article is suggesting 10.5 M is the average salary for your Taro on the street.

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I remember when binge drinking was just called "drinking"

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

The Tokyo Olympic Marathon has been rescheduled to start at 6am, "when it's cooler".

I was walking my dog at 6 am today, and it was already boiling hot with vast amounts of humidity. If I'd had to then run for two hours along concrete-lined asphalt streets, you'd be reading about me in this article.

A lot more people are going to die next summer.

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Vernon: Truth is, bad things happen, that's life

That's true. The problem is that this particular bad thing happens in the USA so very, very often. You've had over 250 mass shootings this year alone. Aren't you twigging something?

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Posted in: How much water have you been drinking a day during the current heatwave in Japan? Are there any other drinks you prefer to quench your thirst? See in context

I've decided to quit drinking this month, so I'm going to stick with water and cinnamon tea.

An ice pack tucked into my Panama works miracles too.

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What a nice propaganda piece this is. Now I assume we are all expected to believe that thousands of tons of deadly irradiated soil and water aren't stacked up in flimsy containers which weren't designed to last eight years and are leaking their contents all the time?

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HBJ - hear hear. Throw water on the ground, let it evaporate, hey presto! More humidity.

Let the trees grow tree-shaped, throw water on them, you've got some shade and you've not wasted any water.

But, as you'll know by now, the rule here is "People used to do this years ago, so we must continue doing it, regardless of how pointless it is."

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I'm with Zato. Stop hacking the trees back to chopsticks and let them flourish. A bit of shade is so easy to achieve and makes so much difference.

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Posted in: Trump praises North Korea after missile tests rattle region See in context

This bloated, pampered wannabe autocrat is a stain on American history. It's outstanding how insecure he is that he has to talk about himself in the third person, using his official title. Look at how he loves sitting behind the Resolute desk: it makes him feel like a big boy.

"There may be a United Nations violation, but Chairman Kim does not want to disappoint me with a violation of trust,"

Pathetic. "Look at me, look at me, I'm the boss!"

How anyone who loves America can even consider this man-child fit for office baffles me.

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I'm waiting for the annual "85-year-old dies working in a field at 12 noon" story, where we're all expected to pretend the tragedy wasn't entirely avoidable.

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My wife works as a carer for the elderly, and she assures me that quality of life certainly outweighs duration. For the majority of her charges, hers is the only face they see all day for weeks on end.

I'm not going out that way. Once I start needing a nappy, it's a bottle of brandy and a whole bunch of pills for me.

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Smith - I usually agree with you on pretty much anything, but I have to take a different view on this occasion.

If someone's feeling suicidal, the rational arguments you make - which make perfect sense to someone not in the throes of total despair - mean nothing. There is literally no other thought in the mind than the need to end the situation which has driven the sufferer to such a desperate state of mind. The very concept of continuing to live is unbearable.

I speak with some knowledge of these things, as I fell prey to suicidal depression a couple of years ago, when my company closed down my profitable department rather than follow Abe's brilliantly-thought-out Five Year Rule, leaving me, aged 51 with a family to support, unemployed for the first time in my life. I gave 18 years to my company and they didn't even pay me out to the end of my contract. I was literally worth more dead than alive. And alive didn't look like much fun any more. Clinical depression is an opportunistic disease.

For about 6 months, when the logic side of me was telling me that people were depending on me, and the British stiff upper lip side was forcing me to go through the motions of daily routines, literally all day every day - and most of each sleepless night - was filled with calculations of how best to cease. Every tree, every train, even the hardware store was a temptation.

By the grace of God, the love of my wife, and the highest dosage of antidepressants allowed by law, I got through it. This poor chap wasn't so lucky. Depression is just as much a disease as arthritis is, but we don't judge an old bloke for having cracky knees and a stoop.

Yes it's an inconvenience when your train gets delayed. Yes, it must have been awful for the driver and the other commuters who witnessed this. But the poor bloke obviously needed help and couldn't get it, and the disease of depression made him make the wrong move.

Don't judge the poor sod. He must have been in hell.

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KakukakushikajikaToday  09:22 am JST

Is there a valid argument against same sex marriage?

Haven't they suffered enough?

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This is going to be a catastrophe.

"We feel it is necessary to discuss how to deal with various medical cases in coming months."

That's the spirit. Clock up those hours sucking your teeth in meetings, agree on an action point of "We intend to make sincere efforts," do bugger all about the manifest problems, then just hope for the best.

Then when people start dying, pretend it was unforeseeable and do a deep bow with teary eyes and it'll blow over.

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Kobe White Bar Owner: "he was a Burlington club member"

Burlington Club? I think you mean the Bullingdon Club, membership of which should instantly preclude anyone from entering public life.

In December 2005 Bullingdon Club members smashed 17 bottles of wine, "every piece of crockery" and a window at the 15th century White Hart pub in Fyfield near Oxford.

The Bullingdon Club are a despicable demonstration of white males flaunting inherited wealth, with outright contempt for anyone who actually works for a living.

Don't let Johnson's buffoonish pantomime fool you. He's a nasty piece of work.

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Sod that. I've got places to go. This is guaranteed to generate more of the REAL problem, namely people gawping at their smartphones in crowded places.

A problem, incidentally, which is not solved by putting up posters saying don't look at your phone while walking. The people who need to see the posters are looking at their phones. Waste of time.

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Posted in: If the cool summer weather drags on, the economic pickup could possibly be less than expected. See in context

It's not the cooler weather that is to blame for the fragile economy. It's the seven-year total failure of Abenomics.

If people know they're going to get shafted with a further tax hike in a couple of months, and the economy is going belly-up once the bills arrive for the Olympics fiasco, people are going to watch their pennies.

I have no objection whatsoever to this cooler weather. I do object to people trying to find excuses for Abe & Aso's sh@tshow.

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