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From the BBC News website:

When Tokyo-based event organiser Murayama was revealed as the only bidder - and therefore the winner of the 176m yen contract - for the state funeral, eyebrows were raised as it was the company Mr Abe used to host an annual cherry blossom party where he faced allegations of cronyism.

The contract was 176M yen. The most recent bill is 1.8 BILLION. That's 100 times more than the contract promised. And it's all going to the crooked firm that crooked Abe was cosied up with for decades, before being divvied up in brown envelopes to the usual larcenous LDP old boys in hostess bars.

Abe must be smiling from beyond the grave. "That's it lads. Bilk those taxpayers any way you can. That's what they're for".

They're not even trying to hide their contempt for us.

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Posted in: Strong earthquake in Taiwan traps people, derails train See in context

Does anyone know if the fault which runs close to Taiwan has any connection to the Tokai fault?

We got quite a jolt in Chiba this morning.

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Posted in: Did anything you learned at school prove useful for you in the adult world? See in context

I studied chemistry for five years. I remember two things:

1: The first ten elements of the periodic table, which I can rattle off even now, forty years after Brother Nicholas told us on Monday that any boy who had not memorised them by Wednesday would be given a beating;

2: You don't muck about with Brother Nicholas.

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Posted in: Father swung 2-year-old daughter upside down, hitting her head against table See in context

This sounds like one of those stories where the POS gets a talking-to and maybe a suspended sentence, then three years later there's a dead toddler.

I hope the cops handle this appropriately. Bang this b*stard away for a long time.

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Posted in: Kishida's support slides to lowest since he took office See in context

64% of poll respondents said they could not accept the prime minister's reasoning.

Which matters not a jot. The boondoggle state funeral will go ahead, the current 1.6 BILLION yen price will go up to at least double that, Dentsu, Aso, Mori and sundry other parasites will get their slice of our money, and the hostess clubs in Ginza will be in for a bumper weekend's business.

Then the 64% of poll respondents who "could not accept" this heist will vote LDP again at the next election.

Of course the LDP will continue its corrupt and seedy malfeasance. Why would they even consider not stuffing their pockets with our cash? They get away with it every damn time.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori questioned over Tokyo Olympics corruption See in context

Former PM Mori is "accused" of corruption?

More like the clear evidence of corruption is so massive and undeniable that even the LDP can't find a way to hush it up.

Lock this bloated, parasitical ghoul up.

Or, alternatively, watch him say "I have no knowledge of this" and walk free, with the news story disappearing in 10 days.

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Long Live the King.

I wish King Charles health, wisdom, happiness and long life.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 See in context

Thank you, Ma'am. You have been a nation's inspiration for 70 years.

God Save The King.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

the LDP will urge its members to ensure that they will never have relations with the group.

Oh, that's all right then. When the LDP "urges" or "makes sincere efforts to do" something, it always happens, doesn't it?

That's why Abenomics was such a rip-roaring success, and we all got the pay rises Dear Leader "urged" Keidanren to provide to stimulate the economy, which one can only assume is in a tremendous state at the moment.

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Posted in: Turning Japanese convenience store ingredients into gourmet sandwiches with a sandwich press See in context

Buying a sandwich is the height of laziness. How hard is it to shove something you want to eat between two slices of bread?

At least that way you can know for sure that what you're eating doesn't just have a sliver of the filling in the middle of the bread so it looks full when presented with the cut edge facing outward, but when you get it out of the wrapper you've got three-quarters bland tasteless bread with nothing on it, one quarter sandwich.

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Posted in: Japan reports 129,793 new coronavirus cases; 13,568 in Tokyo See in context

No mention of how this compares to last Wednesday - anyone remember the figure then?

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Posted in: What is your definition of virtue signaling? Can you give some examples? See in context

Bob FosseToday  08:31 am JST

ted cruz announcing his ‘pronouns’.

Correct - only one of which was a pronoun, in order to cement his hold over the rubes and schills who fall for his sheeyite.

The man who jetted off to the Cancun Ritz, leaving his state - and even his own dog - to freeze, then blamed his weakness on his own daughters. The man who dedicates his life to spitpolishing the tiny syphilitic membrum virile of the man who called his wife ugly makes a point of showing the world he wears cowboy boots and expects us to consider him a rootin' tootin' cowpoke.

All show and no substance.

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Posted in: What is your definition of virtue signaling? Can you give some examples? See in context

American politicians heralding their own self-diagnosed Christianity whilst simultaneously enacting laws entirely antithetical to what Christ taught.

They're the modern-day equivalent of the Pharisees and Sadducees whom Christ publicly reviled.

The same with Televangelists, preying upon the gullible to fund their private jets.

"And He said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves."

Wrapping oneself in the flag as an alternative to having any meaningful position beyond stuffing your pockets and those of your Eton/ Ivy League buddies with taxpayers' cash.

LDP lawmakers poncing through Yasukuni on our dime with the clear intention of riling up Japan's neighbours, so that they can say, "You see? They hate Japan, so you must keep voting for us, since we are patriotic".

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

Well gee, ain't that a surprise. You can double that again for the real figure.

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Posted in: Arrested ex-Tokyo Olympic exec may have been asked to favor Kadokawa Corp See in context

For "may have been asked to", read "definitely got paid to".

Then he paid no taxes on the bung.

Because the whole Olympic boondoggle is nothIng more than organised crime.

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Posted in: Ex-NYPD officer gets 10 years in prison for Jan 6 attack See in context

I remember very clearly during the Republican Primaries in 2016, Ted "run away and desert my dog when it gets cold" Cruz announcing that anyone who kills a police officer has signed his own death warrant.

But that was in the same meeting when he badmouthed Trump, for whom now he can't seem to do enough.

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Posted in: Ex-NYPD officer gets 10 years in prison for Jan 6 attack See in context

"Webster, a 20-year NYPD veteran" is not going to have a very nice time in prison.

He may well suffer some intestinal trouble. Every night at lights-out, and again in the shower block.

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Posted in: Arrested Tokyo 2020 sponsor exec says he gave cash to Japan's ex-PM Mori: report See in context

No doubt Mori declared this gift for tax purposes?

Because if he didn't, he's a crook twice over.

And we all know nothing will come of it. It's SOP for these SOBs.

I'm old enough to remember when former PM Ryutaro Hashimoto got busted for accepting a brown envelope stuffed with millions of yen from the Japan Dental Association. When asked about it, his defence was "Oh, I don't remember. Lots of people give me envelopes with cash in".

Then he stepped down and continued his life of luxury.

Mori has already stepped down and sleeps soundly on a bed of our money every night. There will be no penalty for him, and there will be cash exchanged over tabletops in Ginza tonight. Because why not? There is no penalty, and greed, for want of a better word, is good.

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Posted in: Pretax profits at Japanese firms hit record high in April-June See in context

So, Mr. Kishida, how about urging these companies wallowing in money to increase wages, so people can actually afford to buy stuff? That always works so well.

Just kidding. Keep those brown envelope donations rolling in from Keidanren, and the drones can like it or lump it

What are they going to do? Vote for another Party?

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context

in the process one of them inadvertently pulled on the trigger of his weapon, discharging it.

This doubtlessly venerable elder has no business being in charge of a weapon. Ownership of a weapon requires discipline and training, not just the coincidence of being born a long time ago and having nothing else to do with his time.

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Posted in: WHO director in Asia accused of racism, abuse indefinitely put on leave See in context

Goodness me - I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say - to learn that a 60-year-old Japanese bloke thinks the Japanese are some kind of master race.

I will also be shocked to learn in a couple of weeks that this bigot is on full pay while on indefinite leave. Because nothing teaches you a lesson like putting your feet up and watching the yen keep pouring in.

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Posted in: Have you found that your smartphone has gotten you into the habit of spending more time checking work messages or reading work-related materials or emails in your “off” time at home? See in context

My idiot boss tried telling me that he expected me to be reachable 24/7.

I told him that as soon as he started paying me 24/7, we could discuss it.

Work phone goes off the minute I leave the office, and doesn't get turned on again until my arse touches my chair at work the next morning.

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Posted in: What are some fondly remembered TV shows from your youth? See in context

Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as Doctor Who.

Rolf's Cartoon Club - it broke my heart when we found out he was a wrong'un.

There is a mystifying quality about Little and Large. They were prime time Saturday night TV for at least ten years, but I didn't understand then, and I don't understand now, how they got away with it. If I'd paid for a children's entertainer for a four-year-old, I would want my money back. The simple fact that they got away with it for so long is mesmerising.

It's just baffling.

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Posted in: Opposition CDPJ asks Kishida to explain Abe's state funeral See in context

The public is split over the decision to hold the state funeral 

The public is not split. The public does not want a state funeral.

The LDP does not give a tinker's toss what the public thinks. There's money to be made out of this, so it will happen.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

Abe's already had his commemoration ceremony, hosted by the Unification Church.

The controversial state funeral for slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe next month is going to cost the Japanese government around 250 million yen


The controversial state funeral for slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe next month is going to cost Japanese taxpayers around 250 million yen, who will then see consumption tax rise next year because there's suddenly not enough money.

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Posted in: Long live laughter, and long live laughers See in context

Better stay away from the JTV "comedians", then.

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Posted in: Handsome butler shopping services being offered by Japanese boutique See in context

I see a couple of skinny long-haired sissy boys, and sad women with too much money to spend.

29K per hour? I'll take a slice of that, certainly.

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Posted in: No dogs culled in Ibaraki Prefecture, but issues remain See in context

I have never met a dog I didn't like.

People I can take or leave, but a world without dogs is not a place I want to live in.

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Posted in: No dogs culled in Ibaraki Prefecture, but issues remain See in context

If you are in Tokyo or Osaka and want to adopt a pet, get in touch with ARK.

They fixed me up with my best friend six years ago, and although we're both getting long in the tooth now, I can't imagine life without him.

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