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Posted in: Cathay woes pile up as passenger figures dip again in September See in context

I've never had a bad experience with Cathay Pacific. They're one of the best airlines I've ever used.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit areas brace for more floods See in context

Is my memory failing me, or are typhoons in mid-October a new thing?

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

We'd better still get the day off. I've got a fridge full of beer to shift.

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Posted in: Pence, Giuliani will not cooperate in U.S. House impeachment inquiry See in context

Yeah, because that's what you do when you're innocent. Can you imagine the pearl-clutching and shrieking we'd have got from the Trumpistas if Hillary had refused to cooperate with the Benghazi hearings?

And - let's just get this straight, once and for all. No vote is required to begin Impeachment.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

"I ask the people of Japan to remain vigilant against landslides and flooding rivers."

And the winner of the most pointless public statement by a rich man who has never spent a moment in danger his whole life goes to...

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Posted in: Typhoon makes landfall on Izu Peninsula; one dead, at least 50 injured See in context

This is looking like a real bobby-dazzler. I've got plenty of food in, Netflix cued up and fridge full of beer, so I'm just hoping the power stays on.

I do hope that, just for once, our octogenarian cohorts will stay off their roofs.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup, F1 and typhoon: What could happen? See in context

Two things about typhoons every year:

1) The bizarre delusion that a 300 yen umbrella serves any purpose other than as a ruined tangle of sharp metal spokes (see picture above);

2) The irresistible attraction men in their 80s feel towards their own roofs in 90 kmh winds.

Why don't people ever learn?

I just wish this thing was 24 hours earlier, so we could get a day off work.

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Posted in: Japan labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers See in context

Taran Tan Kitaoka - Just google "Rengo Union"

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Posted in: Japan labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers See in context

wished I would of know that.

I'm biting my tongue here.

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Posted in: Japan labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers See in context

I would strongly recommend every worker to join a Labour Union. My former employer decided, after 18 years of one-year contracts, to shut down my section and throw me on the scrap heap the day before Abe's Five Year Rule would have made me eligible to the same protections of Permanent status they give to Japanese staff on Day One.

Without my Labour Union, I would have had no idea what to do. With my union, we're suing the b@stards both in Court and via Labour Commission, and looking at a very hefty payout.

Seriously - join a union.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited deal on agriculture, digital trade See in context


It's part of his job to stand behind that Seal, just like it was Obama's job before him and every president before him.

That's true, but when we had a real president, they were often able to act like a grown-up without the use of props. Trump needs the shiny stuff to make himself feel important. He's a hollow, ludicrous, man of straw.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan sign limited deal on agriculture, digital trade See in context

Let's see if a single yen of these savings make their way to the Japanese supermarkets.

And Trump just LOVES standing behind that Seal, doesn't he? Like sitting behind the Big Desk - makes him feel like a Big Boy.

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Posted in: Japan's consumption tax raised to 10% amid swelling welfare costs See in context

This never stops irritating me. "We need to increase the tax to be fiscally responsible".

Then suddenly - wallop! The bill for the Olympics quadruples in size. Return to non-viable commercial whaling, subsidised by tax revenue. Fukushima keeps sucking up "recovery tax" and decanting it into the pockets of yakuza shell organisations.

Then two years later, it's "Whoops, we need to be financially responsible, and all the money's gone. Cough up, Mr taxpayer, do your civic duty. There's a hostess bar in Ginza with the cabinet's name on it".

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Posted in: Exasperated Trump's strategy: Flail at Democrats, attack whistleblower, tweet like crazy See in context

In the transcript of the phone call, it's there in black and white. Trump openly solicited help from a foreign power to get dirt on a political opponent, in order to affect the result of the 2020 election. He included Barr in the plan too. He made the call THE DAY AFTER he thought Mueller exonerated him.

This buffoon needs purging from the White House.

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Posted in: Khashoggi murder 'happened under my watch,' Saudi crown prince tells PBS See in context

"under my watch", or "While I was watching"?

And to think the orange buffoon has committed the US military to fight and bleed for this thug.

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Posted in: Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun,' says Japan's new environment minister See in context

"Let's Heartful Eco!"

What a bag of cack.

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Posted in: Tour company Thomas Cook collapses; global bookings for more than 600,000 canceled See in context

Maybe the board of executives shouldn't have paid themselves £20 million in bonuses as the company was losing money over the last 2 years, then, eh?

Standard robber-baron economics...plunder a company then let the taxpayer sort out the chaos.

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Posted in: Make climate fight 'sexy' and 'fun,' says Japan's new environment minister See in context

Is anyone else surprised that he omitted "cute"?

What a bunch of vapid ballspillage this is. Let me know when the LDP comes up with a plan for renewable energy, given that we are sitting on a geothermic, windy, sunny, ocean-wave-surrounded island.

Standard LDP words-equals-fact sh!te.

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Posted in: What are some skills that members of the older generation (say, over 60) have these days that younger generations lack? See in context

The ability to focus on a conversation for longer than 5 minutes without checking their s0dding phone.

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Posted in: Typhoon may bring heavy rain, strong winds to western Japan See in context

Hope it flits over to Tokyo - I could use another day off. And you certainly won't find me jammed into a station waiting for a train that isn't coming.

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Posted in: Court rules TEPCO execs not guilty of professional negligence over nuclear crisis See in context

Well, what an amazing surprise. A despicable mockery of justice.

Also, can we stop saying "TEPCO has paid xxx billion yen" - the money is coming out of OUR pockets.

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Posted in: Anger at acquittals of TEPCO execs in Fukushima case See in context

Well, what a remarkable surprise. The Old Boys' Club living by a different set of rules to everybody else. in Japan - whoever would have imagined?

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Posted in: Trial of TEPCO executives over Fukushima disaster heads to conclusion See in context

Trial of TEPCO executives over Fukushima disaster heads to total exoneration and a nice fat package of taxpayers' money to apologise for inconveniencing them. There - fixed it.

Come on - we can't expect the Old Boys' Club to be accountable for anything, surely? Let's remember where we are, people.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

I hope every second of those eight years is spent with her cohorts reminding her in vast spectrum of ways what a despicable, unworthy, evil failure of a human she is.

May every mouthful of food she tastes be fouled.

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Posted in: 73,000 households still without power in Chiba 1 week after typhoon See in context

Now...if power cables were buried, like I suggested two weeks ago, would this chaos have happened? Pylons were blown down. It's pretty tricky to blow something down when it's underground.

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Posted in: Test marathon gives Tokyo a taste of what to expect at 2020 Games See in context

Wonderful. Here we see again the great Japanese tradition of putting on a pantomime of something so we can pretend we are prepared.

Run on a mild day - look! It's OK! There is running in mid-September - please refrain from remembering what it was like six weeks ago, which are the real conditions that people will die in next year.

We ran a disater drill two weeks ago with our Divine Leader Abe in overalls, so please don't think about the hundreds of families in Chiba still without power or transport links a full week after Typhoon 15.

And don't get me started on preparations for if a lion escapes from its enclosure:

The Noh drama must be performed. Busy doing nothing is the same thing as preparation.

People are going to die in droves at next year's Olympics.

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Posted in: Suspect who used toy gun to rob 3 convenience stores arrested See in context

WilliB: Police suspect that Hijikata, wearing a black business suit and sunglasses,

So must be psychic!

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Posted in: TEPCO struggles to restore power after typhoon See in context

@cleo underground cables are much more difficult to maintain and fix when an earthquake messes them up. 

That's what they like to tell you because it's an easy excuse to do nothing and keep unsightly cables overhead like it's 1950. And when you ask them how emergency vehicles are supposed to get through when a major earthquake brings those concrete poles down across the roads and live wires cut through wood-framed houses, they tell you you don't understand because you're not Japanese.

Japan is the only advanced country not to bury overhead cables. Why? Because the poles are made of concrete, I guess. Can't get enough of that stuff.

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

Well, what a tremendous surprise.

And of course, somehow the bill for this most basic of processes will be hundreds of millions of yen.

Money down the drain. What an utter disgrace.

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Posted in: 11-year term prison sought for mother over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

That photo always brings tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful, happy girl, not yet knowing the horrors waiting for her. Locked outside on Christmas makes me weep. RIP little one.

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