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Derek Grebe comments

Posted in: Public warned to beware of coronavirus scams See in context

price-gouging for face masks.

Like pretending the little granny masks the Dear Leader is giving us all cost 200 yen each to produce?

40 billion yen on useless pantomime. Does anyone else want to see which firm is given the contract to fill this order, and how much of a kickback the LDP is getting?

That must have been one hell of a brown envelope.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

So that's why Abe has been wearing that ridiculous granny mask for the last few days?

I wonder which LDP donor got the contract for this little bit of pantomime.

Ludicrous. Typical Japanese crisis management. Pretend there isn't a problem, then do pointless ceremonies to demonstrate the concept of action rather than actually taking action.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

NIce to see the Dear Leader in his Granny Mask- a useless strip of gauze with another strip of gauze folded up inside it.

Who cares that it's utterly, utterly pointless? Perform the Ceremonial Rites! Keep pandering to the oldies who vote LDP every single time.

And I know I should be past this by now, but every time I see these useless, scavenging parasites sleeping on our dime in work hours, I start shouting at the screen.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context


Koike is the Governor of Tokyo. She absolutely has the legal ability and responsibility to call for a lockdown.

Gee, you mean someone who is happy to accept all the benefits and privilege of a "leadership" role in Japan is avoiding all responsibility and making excuses for not taking urgent action?

Well, that'd be a first, wouldn't it?

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

 Japan has so far managed to avoid the kind of outbreaks that have ravaged parts of Europe and the United States

Correction: Japan has taken great care not to test, count, or report on coronavirus numbers because they realise they might have to do something beyond sitting tightly packed in ceremonial meetings, performing a pantomime of dealing with this.

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Posted in: Free wagyu beef is Japanese politicians’ latest coronavirus response plan See in context

There is one hell of a brown envelope involved somewhere in this scheme.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

"We fear a situation where severe patients start dying when the medical system collapses"...Kato, the health minister, said

1) Surely that should be "if", not "when"?

2) People are already dying. Japanese crony leadership at its best.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers eye July 2021 for start of Games: reports See in context

Great. So even if the pandemic is over by then, we will still get hundreds of heatstroke victims.

I would love to know how much we are paying the Olympic Thinktank to sit around in meetings and restaurants until the decision to do exactly the same thing on exactly the same dates exactly one year later is announced.

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Posted in: Organizers set up task force to deal with Olympic postponement See in context

“Additional expenses are going to be quite massive we assume,” Muto said.

Well, for a kick-off, we are going to have to pay for this herd of oyajis to have their snouts in the trough of taxpayer money for another 12 months before they decide to exactly the same thing on exactly the same dates 12 months later.

It's going to be a bumper year for the Ginza hostess bars.

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Posted in: Trump struggles to adjust to crisis presidency See in context

Serrano -

I remember Trump assuring us all about exactly a month ago that "when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done".

That was Feb 26th.

Today's US figures: 69,223 infected, 1,054 dead.

I'm not sure even you would be able to class that as a "pretty good job".

The man is a clown, waaaay out of his depth, and every time he opens his ignorant mouth he makes everything worse.

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

One old dear in my local supermarket with two baskets full of perishable goods which she clearly can't eat - there are just her and her stick-thin husband at home. Gave me a nudge and said "My refigerator is already full hahaha!"

As if there was something funny about someone whose wisdom I am supposed to revere filling the cupboard with fish and oranges she's going to have to throw out within a week, which other people could have eaten.

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Posted in: Cancel them! For Olympic opponents in Japan, a delay isn't enough See in context

The amunt of money that has already been p!ssed away on this folly would probably have come in useful to help the Japanese people recover from the economic effects of the virus.

But no...much more important to have people running and jumping for 3 weeks so Coca-Col and McD's can soak up all the "sponsor" money.

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Posted in: 'Humor is healing': Laughter soothes nerves during COVID-19 trauma See in context

Japanese TV had a whole panel of "comedians" on most of the day yesterday, standing closely together, touching each other's faces and smacking each other on the back of the head.

It was like New Year's Day TV. I nearly opened a vein.

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Posted in: Olympic flame to be carried by car instead of torchbearers See in context

And in other Futile Gesture news...

Face it. The Olympics aren't happening this year.

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Posted in: Daughter of former SMAP star Takuya Kimura becomes a model in Japan See in context

Shortest book ever: "My Struggle" by Koki.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

"Further" cooperation?

What is she talking about? The K-1 drew 6500 people together only a couple of days ago, and pics on this very site show hordes of people gathering for hanami or just because it's Friday in Shibuya.

When this wareware immune desu mentality starts to crumble, this country is going into 28 Days Later territory.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to proceed as planned See in context

Let me check I have this right.

Mori was exposed last week?

He was denied a test?

And he is still allowed to flounder about, shouting his spittle-flecked pipe dreams to anyone who has the misfortune to be near him?

This is madness.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan may not have enough new virus test kits See in context

Despite Japan's efforts to carry out more testing for the new coronavirus,

I almost stopped reading right there. Start your article with a demonstrable falsehood - great plan for credibility.

"In the first place, we believe there is not so much need for testing in Japan (as in other countries),"

And there it is. "The We Japanese are unique" school of epidemiology.

We've had it, folks. There are still swarms of people milling about at Shibuya Scramble, Hanami parties, the lot. This is going to blow up big style in Japan, and we aren't the least bit prepared. Got to cling to the Olympic White Elephant, when all rational evidence shows it's not going to happen.

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Posted in: Fukushima farmers looking forward to Olympic torch relay See in context

Well, I was worried about there being a global pandemic killing thousands of people every day, but now I've been guilt-tripped into feeling sorry for a by farmer who overcame the 3/11 hardship and is now looking wistfully forward with anticipation to Olympic athletes drinking his milk, I suppose that's not important any more. Let's Heartful Olympic!

The North Korean Politbureau couldn't do a better job of state propaganda.

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Posted in: New Harajuku Station building opens in Tokyo See in context

Glass walls for the concourse allow for plenty of sunlight and give the building a bright, modern feel

So when the sun blazes through them once summer hits, the place will be a damn greenhouse.

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Posted in: Trump keeps talking during market hours; stocks keep tanking See in context

How the once-great Republican Party allowed itself to be hoodwinked by this fatuous, blustering incompetent - and why, even now when his grotesque inadequacies are demonstrably exacerbating the effects of COVID-19, will be a very awkward question for a generation. Much like Germans in the 1950's tried to pretend they knew nothing about what was going on.

This time they don't have that excuse. We have hundreds of hours of this addled buffoon unable to speak coherently, swaying about like a crack-demented pimp during the National Anthem, throwing tantrums when he gets even softball questions that need him to act presidential, and tanking the market when every word that dribbles out of his painted face is proof positive of how far out of his depth he is.

Trump, shut your mouth and let the grown-ups take over. You are abject in your inadequacy.

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Posted in: Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic See in context

The man's not even a good liar. He can't keep his stories straight from one day to the next.

Totally unfit for office. Anyone defending this buffoon now deserves whatever they get.

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Posted in: Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic See in context

What a baby this painting buffoon is.

"Say nice things or I will call you names"

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Posted in: Expert panel discourages large gatherings, recommends reopening some schools See in context

A: Avoid large gatherings

B: Return to school, and spend the first three days in assembly ceremonies.

Great job, Oxymoron-Man!

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Posted in: IOC reviewing Games scenarios; cancellation not among them: Bach See in context

"This ship can't sink!"

"Mr Ismay, she's made of iron. I assure you, she can"

I'm awaiting the Olympic anthem 2020 - Nearer, My God, To Thee

Clinging to this folly is the most monumental hubris.

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Posted in: Inspiring women: U.S.-raised entrepreneur nurtures work–life balance See in context

What a very beautiful woman.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics chief Mori attended meeting with official who now has coronavirus See in context

Mori, who is 82 and has lung cancer, has not been tested because he has no symptoms of the virus and does not meet testing requirements

And that, ladies and gentlemen, that right there is the reason we have so very few reported cases of COVID-19 in this clutching-at-straws-for-an-Olympic-miracle country.

Is the pandemic passing us by due to some mystically unique resilience to hardship only wareware nihonjin can understand?

No. It's the standard head-in-the-sand @If I pretend I can't see it, it doesn't exist" mentality.

Japan is treating this pandemic like your average salariman treats a pregnant woman who needs a seat on the train. Don't look, it will go away...

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Posted in: Japan eyes scaling back crown prince's April ascension rituals See in context

Yeah, I think we have other things to throw money at now. Like saving the whole economy. The royals can dig into their own pockets if they want a party. They've got plenty.

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Posted in: Some schools in Japan resume classes after virus-prompted closures See in context

 along with many others who were wearing masks.

For absolutely no reason other than ceremonial display. Mask is to virus as crucifix is to vampire.

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Posted in: CDC recommendation suggests lengthy sports shut-down See in context

I bet I know one major sporting event our Dear Leader won't be keen on shutting down.

Better not test anyone, then we can say no confirmed cases = Safety Japan.

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