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Posted in: Highlanders beat Chiefs 30-27 in Super Rugby opener See in context

Landers get out of Jail! Suck that tronsters!

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Posted in: The battle for rugby’s greatest prize See in context

Wouldn’t mind Manu Samoa getting a look in, after all, they provide most top tier teams with many a good player...

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Posted in: Tickets for all Japan games at Rugby World Cup sell out See in context

Got tickets to the Blackness in Oita, will have to work weekends for months as I forked out ¥44k for two tickets :)

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 general ticket sales set to begin See in context

I hear your pain Ange, Missed the ballot last year, queued for 15 hours last night, Credit Card processing didn’t go through and had to queue again for another 5 hours, by then everything was gone but managed to get ABs in Oita, B section only available so ¥45,000 for 2 tix...most money I’ve ever spent on a footy match and it’s only a pool game :( but pretty excited nonetheless...I’ll be wild if I see empty seats at venue I applied for in the ballot...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers focus on filling stadiums See in context

Fingers crossed for the 1st in best dressed option on Jan 19th. All I want is 1 measly ticket to the Blackness in Oita. If I have to sell hot dogs in the stadium to get in, I'll do it!! :)

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Posted in: Phenomenal demand for Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets as final ticket ballot closes See in context

Stupid me never got tickets at the beginning of the year, missed out on the ballot for All Blacks in Oita yesterday, what do do??

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Posted in: England bench features captain Hartley; Wallabies dump Beale See in context

Han Solo: "Ive got a bad feeling about this..."

Hopefully Oz keep it reasonably contested...

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Posted in: JAL apologizes for canceling overbooked Tokyo-Fukuoka flight See in context

Probably due to sound restrictions and typical Japanese red tape having the Airport close at 10pm. Fukuoka Airport is pretty much located in the city... but I'd be steaming if I had to be at a wedding Fri morning..

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Posted in: All Blacks boss Hansen to announce future plans before Christmas See in context

I'd be pulling out all stops to get Schmidt, and give Wayne Smith a call, one year contract!

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Posted in: Ireland topple All Blacks 16-9 at home for first time See in context

Not a big surprise, I would’ve put money on at the TAB against the Blackness on this one.Good on Ireland ..

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Posted in: Japanese ships leave for 'research whaling' in Antarctic Ocean See in context

Steer clear of NZ captain, you may find yourself in a whole lot of trouble entering the EZ there bro...

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Posted in: All Blacks hold on for 16-15 comeback win over England See in context

Oh yeah, that's gotta hurt...

The Blackness might not be so lucky next week, should be another cracker (Hope it doesn't rain!).

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Posted in: Germany attempts to make it to its first-ever Rugby World Cup See in context

I’ll be in Oita for that one! A -Z teams? don’t time..looking forward to it!

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Posted in: Second-string All Blacks crush Japan 69-31 See in context

Both NZ teams played each other, one in Red, one in Black and Black won.. a Japanese water boy was seen on the sidelines...

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Posted in: Rugby lesson See in context

And why is everyone referring to Maori culture in respect to tattoos , all indigenous groups, ethnic minorities and majorities have tattoos..Mullets too! Just let people suck it up and enjoy themselves next year!

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Posted in: Rugby lesson See in context

Half of this tattoo conundrum has come about from the onsen dilemma.As the All Blacks will play in Oita (Beppu) , the need to remind foreigners to be aware on bathing regulations has hit feverish proportions.. show your ink people and be proud...just not when your naked..

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Posted in: New Zealand snatch dramatic win over Boks See in context

Test rugby is back between two old rivals! Nail baiting stuff. Saffa's are really playing well, NZ very lucky to get that one, but jeez..exactly the same amount of points in the last 2 games between em, uncanny..

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Posted in: Carter sparks Steelers to big win on Japan debut See in context

Shame he wasn’t kicking for the Blackness tonight....

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Posted in: Volunteers arrive in quake-hit Hokkaido town to help during long weekend See in context

Yep, allocate time and resources to a forklift in the mud...getting the water and food to the pensioners just up the road from the photo spot would be appreciated...

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Posted in: All Blacks say Sonny Bill a possible starter against Springboks See in context

Not wanting to knock SBW and for what he brings to the game and Shag is looking at experience for this match Imo, but he hasn't played for an age and if this match is going to swing the way punters think it will, why not blood a new inside centre, give someone a sniff before they get the call from Toulon and bugger off :).

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Argentina 46-24 See in context

Oh a 20 point margin is digging deep? The Blackness were never going to lose even runnin the B team, get a grip bro..

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Posted in: JRFU still hoping big crowd will watch All Blacks, Wallabies in Yokohama See in context

And for once in my life I disagree with the 3pm kickoff... I would have come from Fukuoka to see this one if it was a nighter....

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Posted in: Scorching heat continues for much of Japan See in context

Every city has one, in Fukuoka its the Sunshine Pool. Kids love it, go early enough to bet the crowds, stay longer and you'll get whiplash from inflatable tube frenzy from all angles not to mention the lovely kicks to the mid section from over zealous JHS kids thrashing their way through the throng...

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Wallabies 38-13 See in context

Mounga vs Barrett. B Barrett had a fairly good night imo to keep this argument on hold after a mediocre start , he left a lot of potential points on the park from kicks though. Eden Park will be a tough nut to crack for the Aussies, but anything’s possible, nearly pulled it off in Dunners last year...

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Posted in: Injuries hit Crusaders as Lions showdown looms See in context

It will be a big ask for the Lions to pull this one off...good luck to them. Even as a non Cantabrian, Id be going for Red and Black. Highlanders robbed this season lol!!

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Posted in: Crusaders need to lift intensity, execution to beat Hurricanes See in context

Nah, they didn’t. Just played like they have all season and they booked the final..Easy peasy Japanesy...

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Posted in: Death toll in heat wave tops 30; more than 10,000 taken to hospitals See in context

I’ve told my sons Japanese Rugby coaches about how it’s a Winter code and is played from March thru August for schoolboys in NZ,it fell on deaf ears and the stupidity rolls on, the sidelines look like an infirmary most days... The amount of heat genareted in a scrum during a game here in July could thaw your frozen eda mame quicker than a microwave! Rescheduling games to late afternoon is a bit of a sham, no sun but still almost the same temperature ...time for a rethink on JHS club activities in summer? Yeah nah...

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Posted in: Heat is on Tokyo 2020 organizers to combat high temperatures See in context

Most sports throughout the World are seasonal right?? Traditional codes such as Rugby, Football, American Football & Basketball are played in their respective hemispheres in Winter, why are they pushed through summer here especially in Junior High School activities? Ive had my son go through 2 bouts of heatstroke already in rugby training..

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Posted in: Hurricanes coach fires parting shot at Super Rugby format See in context

Yeah, its a hard nut...I used to love the numbers when they were lower ;) Super 10 12 14. Boyd is right, quite unfair when you are the team with higher points but get the long end of the stick...Im sure with the rumors swirling around that the Saffas want out, they're (SANZAR) will have to come up with something more easier to follow for your average Joe on the street...

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Posted in: Unprecedented demand for Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets as priority ballot sales close See in context

I’ve been lazy as and haven’t done anything to procure tickets, live in Fukuoka and want to see the Blackness play in Oita..need to get A into G.. give me some odds on getting those tix gents...

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