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Posted in: Japan climbs to 9th in world rugby rankings See in context

if A Rugby player has Japanese citizenship, surely they are Japanese....

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Posted in: If the cool summer weather drags on, the economic pickup could possibly be less than expected. See in context

The summer hammer is about to fall with typhoon #5 out of the way, temperatures about to go loco...instances of airline turbulence above normal??

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Posted in: Surprises in store as World Cup casts shadow over Rugby Championship See in context

Im very keen to see how the Rugby Championship plays out. Always a good indicator of how teams are matched up at this point of the year but in no way is it an indicator of how they’ll go at the RWC...Overshadowed?yeah nah...

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Posted in: Barrett re-signs with All Blacks; moves to Blues See in context

Both Australia and New Zealand are guilty of fleecing Island talent but when was the last time you heard of French or English clubs dealing directly with Samoa, Fiji or Tonga on a large scale. Auckland has the largest expatriate Polynesian population in the world so they have a massive pool of potential players to choose from but Its a catch 22, ARFU, NZRFU and private schools do lure players to their shores, coach and direct them into local comps with the end result of becoming a National player. If youve invested your resources into an investment, then of course you have to protect that investment. With the abundance of talent, some will miss out, but thats what contracts are for right???

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Posted in: South African rugby wing James Small dies at 50 See in context

Tough competitor with a bit of lip to go with it, too early to go out...condolences..

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Posted in: Federer beats Nishikori to set up semifinal clash with Nadal; Djokovic to face Bautista Agut See in context

Whilst Wimbledon rolls on, Cricket,another great English tradition is being played at the same time. Does The Cricket World Cup get any coverage on JT??

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Posted in: New Zealand bans single-use plastic bags See in context

Lawson or 711 needs to be educated on this...a plastic bag for each item, hot, cold etc. quite ridiculous. I refuse ( pardon the pun) any bags offered...

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Posted in: Japan rugby coach Joseph defends Sunwolves policy See in context

Top leagues players coming through, yeah right...more like the gravy train for 30 somethings coming to finish off careers with their Japanese retirement package

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Posted in: Sandy Sunday See in context

The person pictured is very wise...I went to the sand dunes during GW, very busy and long waits as expected, very impressive though, well worth the hard yards...

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Posted in: G20 agrees to aim for fair trade without anti-protectionism pledge See in context

They came, made merry,mouthed stuff , they're gone.

Did local businesses receive any compensation for closing their shops for the duration of the summit??

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. affirm alliance after Trump revives security treaty criticism See in context

Looks like a Madame Tussauds promo....

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Posted in: Japan hails Hachimura's NBA selection as new era for sport See in context

Kudos to him, nothing much to cheer about in Japan anymore except tourism, TVs and anything Japan was good at previously is on the back burner. Quasi nationals are doing well to bring the nation to fervour, analytic presentations on morning shows are my flavour of the month!

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Posted in: Russell says Abrams' new 'Star Wars' script made her cry See in context

The Last Jedi was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

> Nah mate, that honour would have to go to the Phantom Menace, that's just painful....

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Posted in: Highlanders bullish on Smith return for Crusaders clash See in context

This game will be a cracker, Highlanders have the goods to pull it off and give pretty much the entire team a good send off! Go Landers!!

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Posted in: Bulls dash Lions hopes of reaching fourth straight final See in context

The Lions must be pretty salty. Highlanders! What way to go out for Bender getting into the Quarters!! Hope he plays..

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Posted in: Highlanders fight for playoffs with 49-12 win over Waratahs See in context

TBH, horrible season for the Landers with some injuries and just plain bad decision making game time. Thank you Bender for services rendered, all the best !!

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Posted in: Chiefs storm into Super Rugby playoffs See in context

Fur sure Risky, add the sugar to the mix, Cane and Retallick and all systems go...

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Posted in: Drunkenly operating a drone becomes a crime under new law See in context

I bought my second drone recently, at the price I paid I’d be very reluctant to fly whilst under the influence for fear of losing the investment and secondly, the areas where I can fly without permits is off the beaten track so would be very difficult to police anyways...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup trophy arrives in Japan; to tour host cities See in context

Got a feeling the quest for the 3 peat might be a bridge too far for the Blackness this year...

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Posted in: Delays and long waits as Japan residents rush to buy Tokyo Olympic tickets See in context

Remarkably similar to the Rugby World Cup ballot, that was a bit of an excercise in futility and got nowhere fast. Took 20 hours to get a pool game ticket for Oita. Very frustrating,hopefully both events go smoothly...

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Posted in: Highlanders thrash Sunwolves 52-0 in Super Rugby See in context

Sunwolves basically the last two years were more or less flicked off by the JRFU, Jamie J and T Brown got it working but to make it work, you had to bring on the foreign talent an jettison the local crew...As for Japanese Rugby, the World Cup win in '15 against the Saffas will go down as a gobsmacker ,but who scored the winning try? Down at the pub banter, watching Japanese Team and the Sunwolves play is like " Where are the Japanese players"?

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Posted in: Japanese police urged to take 'light-touch' approach toward fans at Rugby World Cup See in context

I just hope the pubs have enough beer to keep the punters happy...Kumamoto and Oita are in for rocking good time!

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Posted in: New Zealand face stiff challenge to win 3rd straight World Cup See in context

Lots of contenders for this one, not putting money on but If Super Rugby and Six nations is any gauge of what to expect, the Blackness might be pushing the proverbial .. uphill..bad run of injuries ,but..Let’s see how the Rugby Championship plays out especially against the Saffas, that will be the litmus test..

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film titled 'The Rise of Skywalker' See in context

Star Wars buffs will suck it up, JJ Abrams is no slouch and he will prolly deliver a pretty good "product" for for bargain bin shopping for latest releases, by the time this hits the shelves for thrifty punters you'll be on the pension...

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Posted in: All Blacks' Sonny Bill out for six weeks with knee surgery See in context

I think Maa Nonu could be the comeback kid if SBW doesn’t come right...

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Posted in: China's premier meets New Zealand PM amid 5G dispute See in context

The National Govt set up a lot of deals for the Chinese when John Key was in power, now Labour has to follow through on these one sided transactions...Hope Jacinda plays hard ball & throws some Human rights issue concerns into the fray..

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Posted in: Japan's Sunwolves to be cut from Super Rugby after 2020: SANZAAR See in context

Supersport dissapointed with Sunwolves ratings

Maybe time for the Saffas to join their Northern Hemisphere friends in a new format and leave the pacific basin for rugby to flourish...Bring back the Force and keep the Sunwolves, Jaguares can come too!

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Posted in: Blues beat Highlanders 33-26 in Super Rugby See in context

Blues played well, Landers were just horrible.. Naholo lost his place already in the Blackness...

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Posted in: Japan's Sunwolves set to be dropped from Super Rugby: report See in context

Say it aint so...They’re just coming right too, even without their JP internationals..Jamie Joseph and Tony Brown have done a pretty good job this year..No pastings of late (Sharks game, Nah) and very slim margins when they lost, historic win in NZ..

Shame Hong Kong didnt get more games,hard to imgagine Singapore getting on the Rugby bandwagon.Sanzaars money grab didnt work, poor form really...

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Posted in: Super Rugby team Crusaders open to discuss name change following NZ mosque shooting See in context

Each Super Rugby team has its own namesake that represents the predominent history, culture or natural phenomena of the franchise's area. I hail from Dunedin, a city built on the blueprint of Edinburgh therefore the Highlanders, Christchurch (A name in itself!) follows an English design and of course named their team the Crusaders and so on. Back in the mid 90's, I remember going to the original Super 10 and Super 12 games at Carisbrook, nothing flash, no fireworks or night games or fancy gimmicks, just footy, never paid too much attention to the names.. In those days, NZ was still on the outer rim of the world with a very very small ethnic population of muslims and immigrants from Central Asia and Africa. I'm sure at the time of brainstorming a name for the Canterbury Super Rugby franchise, the name was a logical decision and no offense was made or taken, then...Fast forward twenty three years and things have changed dramatically and political correctness is the order of the day..As Goldy has pointed out, its up to the Crusader management and the people of Christchurch to make that decision. All I hope for is people to remember what has happened, show some respect and humility and lets get back to Rugby...

On a lighter note, why did they name Aucklands team the "Blues" ? :)

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