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Posted in: Chiefs, Stormers remain unbeaten in Super Rugby See in context

on ya Kepo, Landers going to have a tough year... big points right there..

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Posted in: Joseph caught in middle of spat between World Rugby and JRFU See in context

Dokshin, Sanzar looks after Super Rugby and Southern Hemisphere Comps, Sunwolves being the only team accountable from Japan, and they haven’t really done too well recently have they? Crowds in Singapore have been abysmal, wooden spooners year in year out...theres your reason for the chopping block right there...

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Posted in: Springboks explore move to Six Nations: Daily Mail See in context

To be honest, I’m a bit sick and tired of hearing about this rubbish..If teams want to go to the North,buggar off...Let the Anzacs and the Pacific Basin have their fun along with the Argies, unless they’ve been drawn into the allure of home union rugby...

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Posted in: France beat England 24-17 in Six Nations See in context

Viva La France, 2 losses in a row for the Poms... Jeez the blackness were awful last November...

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

Kind of reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption, get busy living or get busy not dying ...but sitting in a Japanese Jail for most of your life even if innocent...

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

Most cars have AV units with built in TVs, most peeps I see in traffic are watching TV whilst driving after having the brake switch disabled, very grey area that one...

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Posted in: Expect Boks to do what they do best in Rugby World Cup final See in context

Faf De Clerk will kick possession away as usual... England World Champions...

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Posted in: Job not done yet, warns England's Super Maro See in context

Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere Final but England playing all the rugby...Get ready for Swing low, sweet chariot next week!

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Posted in: Hansen leaving with legacy intact, despite All Blacks horror show See in context

“Got to wear the big boy pants” Hansen awesome in defeat, Eddie a gracious victor...but Farrell could do with a slap round the ears...

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Posted in: S Africa edge Wales 19-16 to reach World Cup final See in context

Yesterday was a one sided game for the ages, today was box kick vs box kick, hardly up there with best games ever. Poms will crunch this final for sure...

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Posted in: Faf de Klerk stands by Springbok aerial assault See in context

If I had a dollar for every time Faf kicked the ball, I'd be a millionaire!

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Posted in: Jones says someone filmed England training; piles pressure on NZ See in context

16 years and all that money and still only one year on the sleeve.Just put your team on the paddock bro!

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Posted in: Peyper sidelined over photo; Owens to referee NZ-England semifinal See in context

Common sense gods smile on us! Still trying to figure out Matt Todd’s yellow card tho...

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Posted in: Gov't funding for imperial ceremonies sparks rare dissent See in context

Id like my Tax coin put into rugby development so we can celebrate the brave blossoms wins more often!!

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Posted in: Japan in line for more Tier One games See in context

The Sunwolves had several national members of their team away training for most of this years Super 15 season to prepare for the World Cup. They had some good starts and inevitably fell short most games but they did manage to beat the Waratahs in Sydney and took the Hurricanes the full 80 minutes. The annual participation fee was a hefty one billion yen and only the Sunwolves were asked to pay it, Basically Sanzaar showed them the door right there. Making it a Team to represent Asia and setting up Singapore as a home venue was a failure. Who knows, the people that have jumped on the rugby bandwagon might give them some support for the 2020 season??

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Posted in: Winning streak See in context

His World Cup is over....

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Posted in: England reach quarterfinals as red card cripples Pumas See in context

Kicking is part of the game, a tactical ploy bro..anyways This game was over from the first 1/4, gutted for Argentinian fans and a bit of joke really, poms made to look fairly average even when playing against 14...

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Posted in: All three Barretts to start for All Blacks against Canada See in context

Rain forecast in Oita tomorrow evening, won’t be as easy as everyone thinks. Hope Rieko brings it, he needs to find his Mojo again

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Posted in: Kiwis bristle as beloved haka cops Rugby World Cup flak See in context

How about we ban Fiji's, Tonga's & Samoa's Hakas at the same time? Im sure the fans will love that. While were at it, why not ban the singing in the stands, that's an unfair advantage that intimidates teams...

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Posted in: Fans allowed to bring food after shortages at Rugby World Cup venues See in context

All about the beer...

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Posted in: All Blacks beat Springboks 23-13 See in context

Go you good thing..

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Posted in: Bars brace for Rugby World Cup surge in beer drinking See in context

The Fan Zone in front of Hakata Station in Fukuoka has listed Heineken as ¥700 per handle, somewhat steep so I plan to preload at the Lawson next to the pavilion before the Blackness take on the Saffa's in the unofficial World Cup Final :)

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Posted in: 'Miracle of Brighton': Upset that put Japanese rugby on the map See in context

I also wonder how much of the improvement is down to the coach? Sure, the team has a high percentage of “Foreign Born” players but they’re Japanese nonetheless. Take a look at any major team these days and you’ll see the same thing. Bundee Aki, the great Irish centre is about as Irish as Doraemon but he got a Green Jersey...

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Posted in: 'Miracle of Brighton': Upset that put Japanese rugby on the map See in context

I watched the Japan/All Blacks game in Bloemfontein in ‘95, bit of a mismatch and went to the stadium bar at halftime but my oh my they’ve come along way since then...Im hoping to hear the stadiums erupt when the BB’s get a David-Goliathesque win against a top fiver!

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Posted in: Japan eyes beer boost from Rugby World Cup See in context

A 2 billion dollar contribution is a bit rich, I think those accountants from Ernst and Young have been drinking the profits already...

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Posted in: Japan climbs to 9th in world rugby rankings See in context

if A Rugby player has Japanese citizenship, surely they are Japanese....

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Posted in: If the cool summer weather drags on, the economic pickup could possibly be less than expected. See in context

The summer hammer is about to fall with typhoon #5 out of the way, temperatures about to go loco...instances of airline turbulence above normal??

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Posted in: Surprises in store as World Cup casts shadow over Rugby Championship See in context

Im very keen to see how the Rugby Championship plays out. Always a good indicator of how teams are matched up at this point of the year but in no way is it an indicator of how they’ll go at the RWC...Overshadowed?yeah nah...

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Posted in: Barrett re-signs with All Blacks; moves to Blues See in context

Both Australia and New Zealand are guilty of fleecing Island talent but when was the last time you heard of French or English clubs dealing directly with Samoa, Fiji or Tonga on a large scale. Auckland has the largest expatriate Polynesian population in the world so they have a massive pool of potential players to choose from but Its a catch 22, ARFU, NZRFU and private schools do lure players to their shores, coach and direct them into local comps with the end result of becoming a National player. If youve invested your resources into an investment, then of course you have to protect that investment. With the abundance of talent, some will miss out, but thats what contracts are for right???

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Posted in: South African rugby wing James Small dies at 50 See in context

Tough competitor with a bit of lip to go with it, too early to go out...condolences..

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