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Posted in: Auckland starts clean-up after flash floods; 2 dead, 2 missing See in context

my Prayers are with the people of Auckland that are underwater now...

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Posted in: Argentina beats France on penalties to win World Cup See in context

Maradona will be rubbing his hands with glee upstairs!

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Posted in: Man rides motorbike into lobby of Fukuoka police station; demands they crack down on rude driving See in context

They do have a way about them down South. It's kind of endearing actually.

Yeah just like Kanto and Kansai, very enviable and desirable to live in...

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Posted in: Japanese construction firms hoping to attract talent from eSports to operate machinery See in context

I don't think e gamers would fit in well on the building sites around the country considering the background of some of these construction companies. Bullying and harassment, yeah watch this space...

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Posted in: Japan to play All Blacks in Tokyo in October See in context

This could be a good chance for Japan to get the score to a respectable outcome if things keep going the way the are with AB results and predictably…Not looking forward to the Northern Hemisphere tour one iota but is needed to blood new players…Maybe Ian Fosters masterplan for next year fooling everyone into thinking the blackness have lost their mojo ( Or they just have :) )

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Posted in: Springboks win 26-10 to pile pressure on All Blacks See in context

Hard being an ABS fan these days, the rest off the world has figured out the playbook and NZ not coming up with ideas..The Irish got it quickly, just smother the first receiver from a fairly onside position and shut down the backs...

Let the Public Enquiry begin!!

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Posted in: Scotland beats England 20-17 in Six Nations thriller See in context

Lang may yer lum reek Scotland..

Forget the score, look at the maskless crowds and the sheer size of it all, the Uk doesn't care care... beautiful!!

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Posted in: Airbus A321LR to enter service for first time in Japan See in context

My in-flight comfort would not be drastically altered by a USB port, screen yes, USB meh..

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Posted in: Aichi Police refund over ¥1 mil in fines to drivers who violated a misplaced traffic sign See in context

My favourite is the pedestrian crossing waiting game. I've had numerous occasions where I've waited to cross to my sons kindergarten on a busy road, at a pedestrian crossing, hand up in the air ,usually around the 20th car will stop...

On the other hand,my friend was fined for not stopping at a pedestrian crossing recently ,where a woman was waiting, with the police standing next to her ready to pounce on this kind of perpetrator, first time I've ever heard of that.. This place does my head in sometimes..

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Posted in: Irish hand Pumas record 53-7 loss with another Lavanini red See in context

Its been a long long road for the Rugby Championship teams, on the road for an extended amount of time and in travel bubbles- Im sure the Argies, SA, Oz and the All Blacks will be glad to hit the Sth Hemisphere summer soon...Well done to the Northern teams...

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Posted in: Ireland knocks over All Blacks again 29-20 See in context

And to add to my previous comments, people talk about Rugby mercenaries..Well check the player roster for yesterday's game and although not as bad as Scotland or will find several Kiwis fast tracked into the Ireland squad to bolster their team.. James Lowe was turning out for the Chiefs and even the Maori All Blacks not so long ago, couldn't get into the big time and boom, he's an Irishman now in less than a year! Maybe Im a Sore loser..yeah nah yeah...

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Posted in: Ireland knocks over All Blacks again 29-20 See in context

I think the Haka being a "Funny Dance" is both disrespectful and ignorant. If you were to visit my local Marae in New Zealand and be greeted with a Powhiri and experience a Haka, would you laugh at that too??

Maybe Fiji, Samoa & Tonga should stop their funny dances too??

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Posted in: Australian reporter refused Hong Kong visa in latest media blow See in context

Any international company that hasn't moved out of that dump doesn't deserve any sympathy for what will happen to them.

That's a bit rough, fair nuff international companies not getting out but labelling HK a dump is a bit heavy handed for HongKongers still there busting theire bums off working for those international companies..

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Posted in: Ireland thrash below-par Japan 60-5 See in context

Nz beats Italy 47-9 and its their worst game of the season according to the scribes and I concur, bit of a shambles.

SA just beat Wales and Ireland blow Japan off the park...Next week should be the Litmus test for the Abs v Ireland but shame Abs couldn't play the poms!

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Posted in: All Blacks run in 7 tries in 54-16 rugby rout of Wales See in context

Congratulations BB, truly a quality player...Must say at 30 yo, lost just a 1/2 yard of pace..Will Jordan... boom..

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Posted in: Wallabies beat Japan 32-23 in European tour warm-up See in context

It's embarrassing, I'm getting emails from New Zealand saying "Hey that guy went to school with my son at Otago Boys High School and he's turning out for Japan"... Jamie Joseph has stated that to be competitive Japan needs bigger players to compete but c'mon, now it's not Just Top League where you can earn your pension, it's also at international level...

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Posted in: Peach introduces one-month all-you-can-fly pass for under ¥20,000 See in context

And only 150 passes available...

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Posted in: South Africa edge New Zealand in Rugby Championship thriller See in context

Cracker of a game, test match rugby at its best!!

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Posted in: New Zealand reports 1st virus vaccine death See in context

Like Akula said, the mandate is to get to 80% then get people thru the turnstiles..

Sorry, meant Nonu..

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Posted in: New Zealand reports 1st virus vaccine death See in context

Aotearoa relies heavily on tourism and needs that sector to stimulate the economy. Even mainstay farming has been hit hard because of the shortage of foreign workers coming into help out. Like Akula said, the mandate is to get to 80% then get people thru the turnstiles..

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Posted in: New Zealand cancels Springbok tests amid COVID-19 lockdown See in context

Apparently, the ARU only found out about the cancellation via social media.

And they weren't too happy about it were they...

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Posted in: New Zealand to accept alleged Islamic State militant, 2 kids See in context

Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Road Knights to name a few, will do more harm than his lady in the short & long term...

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Posted in: Nishiya, just 13, gives Japan sweep in street skateboarding See in context

That was Legitness!

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Posted in: Ireland edge Japan 39-31 in 9-try thriller in Dublin See in context

Love the Blackness but it was a sham. Mt Smart Stadium to appeal to Sth Aucklanders but stadium half empty, Tongan players paying for MIQ themselves, hard to get worked up for that one :(

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Posted in: Japan coach tells players to express themselves against Lions See in context

Look at his Jersey , Glaringly obvious hes eligible to play for Japan. Take the blinkers off mate and get used to the fact Japan doesn't produce physical specimens to match the bulk of a lot of international teams, but in saying that Himeno had a cracker season for the Highlanders!!

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Posted in: Barrett scores 25 for Suntory in rugby Top League romp See in context

This is turning into a farce, buy the best players possible and totally shaft the weakest opposition who don't have resources to match this obviously well oiled and Cashed up machine. Sad state of affairs for the little man just starting his rugby in Japan, work you bum off in the Japanese system, then a truckload of foreign rugby players decide to take up Japanese citizenship and deny you your spot you've worked half your life for...just sad..

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Posted in: Crusaders overpower Highlanders in Super Rugby Aotearoa opener See in context

Crusaders on course to break yellow card records, great being the champions isn't it... Moody found a way to circumvent closed fist policy, hit with the bottom of your palm instead, Awesome!!

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Posted in: Japan to launch new professional rugby league in 2022 See in context

Japan has more registered players than some of the home Unions particularly Ireland, Wales & Scotland.

I agree with Mr Kipling and have always been been frustrated by the need to introduce foreign players to bolster the ranks at the expense of promising local players. That mindset of acquiring big names on their off contract is more common place these days and quite unfair to local talent. Something needs to change in Japan as the pension plan for semi retiring Intl Rugby players., the system is just getting used and has become a joke imo and even players have gone on the record to say Japan is an easy out and paycheck...easy on the body good for the wallet...

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Posted in: Pumas post historic win over All Blacks after 13-month layoff See in context

Good on the Argies, poor showing from the blackness, not looking too good is it??

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand make changes for 4th Bledisloe test See in context

Too late, too slow, in the showers you go Blackness

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