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Posted in: Japanese police urged to take 'light-touch' approach toward fans at Rugby World Cup See in context

I just hope the pubs have enough beer to keep the punters happy...Kumamoto and Oita are in for rocking good time!

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Posted in: New Zealand face stiff challenge to win 3rd straight World Cup See in context

Lots of contenders for this one, not putting money on but If Super Rugby and Six nations is any gauge of what to expect, the Blackness might be pushing the proverbial .. uphill..bad run of injuries ,but..Let’s see how the Rugby Championship plays out especially against the Saffas, that will be the litmus test..

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film titled 'The Rise of Skywalker' See in context

Star Wars buffs will suck it up, JJ Abrams is no slouch and he will prolly deliver a pretty good "product" for for bargain bin shopping for latest releases, by the time this hits the shelves for thrifty punters you'll be on the pension...

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Posted in: All Blacks' Sonny Bill out for six weeks with knee surgery See in context

I think Maa Nonu could be the comeback kid if SBW doesn’t come right...

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Posted in: China's premier meets New Zealand PM amid 5G dispute See in context

The National Govt set up a lot of deals for the Chinese when John Key was in power, now Labour has to follow through on these one sided transactions...Hope Jacinda plays hard ball & throws some Human rights issue concerns into the fray..

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Posted in: Japan's Sunwolves to be cut from Super Rugby after 2020: SANZAAR See in context

Supersport dissapointed with Sunwolves ratings

Maybe time for the Saffas to join their Northern Hemisphere friends in a new format and leave the pacific basin for rugby to flourish...Bring back the Force and keep the Sunwolves, Jaguares can come too!

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Posted in: Blues beat Highlanders 33-26 in Super Rugby See in context

Blues played well, Landers were just horrible.. Naholo lost his place already in the Blackness...

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Posted in: Japan's Sunwolves set to be dropped from Super Rugby: report See in context

Say it aint so...They’re just coming right too, even without their JP internationals..Jamie Joseph and Tony Brown have done a pretty good job this year..No pastings of late (Sharks game, Nah) and very slim margins when they lost, historic win in NZ..

Shame Hong Kong didnt get more games,hard to imgagine Singapore getting on the Rugby bandwagon.Sanzaars money grab didnt work, poor form really...

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Posted in: Super Rugby team Crusaders open to discuss name change following NZ mosque shooting See in context

Each Super Rugby team has its own namesake that represents the predominent history, culture or natural phenomena of the franchise's area. I hail from Dunedin, a city built on the blueprint of Edinburgh therefore the Highlanders, Christchurch (A name in itself!) follows an English design and of course named their team the Crusaders and so on. Back in the mid 90's, I remember going to the original Super 10 and Super 12 games at Carisbrook, nothing flash, no fireworks or night games or fancy gimmicks, just footy, never paid too much attention to the names.. In those days, NZ was still on the outer rim of the world with a very very small ethnic population of muslims and immigrants from Central Asia and Africa. I'm sure at the time of brainstorming a name for the Canterbury Super Rugby franchise, the name was a logical decision and no offense was made or taken, then...Fast forward twenty three years and things have changed dramatically and political correctness is the order of the day..As Goldy has pointed out, its up to the Crusader management and the people of Christchurch to make that decision. All I hope for is people to remember what has happened, show some respect and humility and lets get back to Rugby...

On a lighter note, why did they name Aucklands team the "Blues" ? :)

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Posted in: Crusaders game canceled; Lions, Reds win in Super Rugby See in context

The most anticipated game of the year so far but common sense prevails...Good decision by Landers and Saders management to call this one off. Kia Kaha

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Posted in: Hurricanes edge Highlanders 25-22 in Super Rugby See in context

Thats what NZ derbys are about! Blues and Chiefs, Crikey sort it out...glad Im a Landers fan. Sunwolves are pumping it!! Almost 2 in a row in Godzone...

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Posted in: Gov’t plans to use facial recognition system to help prevent gambling addiction See in context

Proverbial banging your head against a brick wall applies here. One thing that is suprising is the lack of suburban uprisings that say "Nah, don't build that monstrosity in our neighborhood" or maybe there is but all I know is there is a new 5 story monolith with a frkn lion on top with LED eyes that pierce the night looking at my balcony

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Posted in: Sunwolves score historic victory as Crusaders extend win streak See in context

All credit the the Sunwolves but sheesh, the Chiefs really suck this year! That was no close scoreline and the Wolves played for a lost brother, more fuel to stoke the fire!

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Posted in: Pacific players suggest World Cup boycott over league exclusion See in context

Greed & Money, its a Johnny Cash song right there...

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Posted in: Watch the game or have a pint? World Cup fans may face a choice in Japan See in context

I call Fukuoka home ( Well..second home) and there are several sports bars around town that are dedicated to keeping the punters oiled and well fed, Fish and Chips, pies and general pub grub, all located within walking distance of each other. Surely the Rugby village will be the kicking off point for getting on the waste bro!

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Posted in: Okinawa base referendum may deal nationwide electoral blow to Abe See in context

yeah, nah

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Posted in: Highlanders beat Chiefs 30-27 in Super Rugby opener See in context

Landers get out of Jail! Suck that tronsters!

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Posted in: The battle for rugby’s greatest prize See in context

Wouldn’t mind Manu Samoa getting a look in, after all, they provide most top tier teams with many a good player...

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Posted in: Tickets for all Japan games at Rugby World Cup sell out See in context

Got tickets to the Blackness in Oita, will have to work weekends for months as I forked out ¥44k for two tickets :)

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup 2019 general ticket sales set to begin See in context

I hear your pain Ange, Missed the ballot last year, queued for 15 hours last night, Credit Card processing didn’t go through and had to queue again for another 5 hours, by then everything was gone but managed to get ABs in Oita, B section only available so ¥45,000 for 2 tix...most money I’ve ever spent on a footy match and it’s only a pool game :( but pretty excited nonetheless...I’ll be wild if I see empty seats at venue I applied for in the ballot...

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers focus on filling stadiums See in context

Fingers crossed for the 1st in best dressed option on Jan 19th. All I want is 1 measly ticket to the Blackness in Oita. If I have to sell hot dogs in the stadium to get in, I'll do it!! :)

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Posted in: Phenomenal demand for Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets as final ticket ballot closes See in context

Stupid me never got tickets at the beginning of the year, missed out on the ballot for All Blacks in Oita yesterday, what do do??

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Posted in: England bench features captain Hartley; Wallabies dump Beale See in context

Han Solo: "Ive got a bad feeling about this..."

Hopefully Oz keep it reasonably contested...

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Posted in: JAL apologizes for canceling overbooked Tokyo-Fukuoka flight See in context

Probably due to sound restrictions and typical Japanese red tape having the Airport close at 10pm. Fukuoka Airport is pretty much located in the city... but I'd be steaming if I had to be at a wedding Fri morning..

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Posted in: All Blacks boss Hansen to announce future plans before Christmas See in context

I'd be pulling out all stops to get Schmidt, and give Wayne Smith a call, one year contract!

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Posted in: Ireland topple All Blacks 16-9 at home for first time See in context

Not a big surprise, I would’ve put money on at the TAB against the Blackness on this one.Good on Ireland ..

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Posted in: Japanese ships leave for 'research whaling' in Antarctic Ocean See in context

Steer clear of NZ captain, you may find yourself in a whole lot of trouble entering the EZ there bro...

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Posted in: All Blacks hold on for 16-15 comeback win over England See in context

Oh yeah, that's gotta hurt...

The Blackness might not be so lucky next week, should be another cracker (Hope it doesn't rain!).

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Posted in: Germany attempts to make it to its first-ever Rugby World Cup See in context

I’ll be in Oita for that one! A -Z teams? don’t time..looking forward to it!

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Posted in: Second-string All Blacks crush Japan 69-31 See in context

Both NZ teams played each other, one in Red, one in Black and Black won.. a Japanese water boy was seen on the sidelines...

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