Entertainer Tashiro found guilty over drug use, possession


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No surprise exercise. That sentence was a foregone conclusion.

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Ain’t got any bigger fish to fry? yawn.

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Japanese entertainer Masashi Tashiro was found guilty Wednesday of using and possessing illegal stimulants last November.

The Sendai District Court sentenced Tashiro to 30 months in prison, six months of which were suspended for two years with probation for rehabilitation purposes.

Why even post this if he committed a crime and he's not going to pay for it? Is it even a crime? Or is it because he is a, as they put it in the first line of this story, "JAPANESE ENTERTAINER"?

He was the same day.

Oh, was he?

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Really an adult can't decide for themselves recreational use. I see there was no theft no violence no negative impact for anyone? Yet jail? Can somebody please explain to me his actual crime? Other than relaxing without a Chu-Hi.

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In Japan, drugs used to be seen as exclusively a "foreigner" problem. Hopefully not anymore.

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63 years old and still doing party drugs? Seriously? I guess the statement about Japanese men never growing up is true!

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That's a really harsh penalty for a victimless crime, especially so when we often see sex-crimes go unpunished or with very light punishment in comparison. As for the hotel worker that narked on him - what a very 'small' man...

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That's a really harsh penalty for a victimless crime

Yes and no. According to this article (link below) he "has been convicted several times for violating the stimulants control law". Doing that anywhere is going to get you in some serious trouble. It looks like he's been treated with considerable leniency until now.

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The 50-year-old singer was arrested on Feb 13 for having 0.083 gram of a stimulant and 64.2 millimeters of Rush in 2018

Can somebody explain why we are left in the dark about the nature of the "stimulant" (cocaine? Meth? Caffeine?) but we get the brand name of the other stuff he was using?

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sir_bentley28Today 09:05 am JST

The English here isn't the best, but he is getting imprisoned for 24 months. Six more months can be imposed if he breaks his probation. He is going to "pay for it".

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Misleading heading still calling this dude an entertainer is


Former entertainer is what he really his. The reporter is trying to sensationalize.

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I had to google the name to find a picture. I still don't know who he is. Send him off to jail. See ya!

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Who the hell cares.

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Photo please. No idea who this person is.

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Moral of the story, stick all of your beak up your hooter before you leave the hotel.

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what a pathetic and archaic over reaction to this non-event

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0.083 grams? Rush? That wouldn't even qualify as a good night out in many places.

And what kind of stimulant are we talking about? I'm assuming meth, but why does the J-media have to act so coy about it?

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