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Steven C. Schulz comments

Posted in: Germany refuses World War II reparations talks; Poland turns to U.N. See in context

It's a waste of time. Any international forum is going to say that the treaties between Germany and Poland ended any claims. And if those treaties were invalidated, then it reopens the question of German territory east of the Oder-Neisse line. How much is that worth?

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Posted in: EU vows 'final push' in UK trade talks but fish rift threatens deal See in context

It's stupid for a trade deal to be stopped by fisheries, especially since Britain doesn't have the fleet to fish its waters.

But they are British waters, and any cut to the EU's access is certainly better than the 0% they'll have without a deal.

Could be good for the fish, I guess.

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Posted in: Questioning of Abe stirs LDP concern about Suga's fate See in context

Please don't let us have rolling prime ministers again...

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Posted in: Tech stars quit Silicon Valley as politics, pandemic weigh See in context

HPE aside (re-spun Compaq returning to Houston), this is a list of billionaires who are either prominent Republicans (e.g. Ellison, Thiel) or have a combative relationship with California's government (Musk). And even then it's only a matter of changing post office boxes. They're not actually moving their workforces.

And ironically, unless your company is ExxonMobil, Texas isn't as corporate-friendly as most people imagine...

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Posted in: Erdogan says U.S. sanctions an attack on ally Turkey's rights See in context

Cry me a river. Turkey has used its NATO membership to undermine its allies for decades. If there was way to expel a member, Turkey would be gone.

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Posted in: Biden, McConnell talk after top Senate Republican acknowledges his election win See in context

McConnell has only ever been interested in preserving his Senate majority, so he likely stayed silent up till now to drum up support in the Georgia runoffs.

Of course, he likely hurt those efforts by allowing Trump to delegitimize the voting process itself. No one is going to vote in a system they think is rigged.

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Posted in: Erdogan says he hopes France gets rid of Macron See in context

Considering Macron's main challenger is Le Pen, I'm not sure Erdogan knows what he's asking the French people. Ironically though, this row may help Macron.

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Posted in: English ad in Japan has some seeing a command to stay infected with coronavirus this Christmas See in context

That's a perfectly fine English phrase. Only pedants and troublemakers deliberately taking it out of context could have a problem with it.

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Posted in: Future of Japan's imperial dynasty rests on shoulders of 13-year-old See in context

I remember when he was born. God I'm getting old.

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Posted in: British PM to suspend parliament before Brexit; opposition denounces 'coup' See in context

Steven she is endangering harmonic future and well-being of British citizens months from now, when the separation happens. I could not care less for this pathetic political spectacle once cunning Britain is suffering right now. But I do care about the fall-out from the irresponsibility of "leading" politicians, which once again will be felt by ordinary citizens. Who are not doing great by the way mind you.

If the Queen intervened every time the people's "harmony and well-being" were threatened, she'd be an absolute monarch.

Requesting such a long suspension is unconventional, but expecting the Queen to respond by breaking an arguably more important convention is outrageous.

The British people made their bed when they gave Cameron his majority, and didn't give May hers. And they'll have another opportunity soon, this year probably. If Brexit happens before then, well, that's the bed they made.

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Posted in: British PM to suspend parliament before Brexit; opposition denounces 'coup' See in context

Just like with Japanese Emperor, British Queen is supposed to be a merely symbolic existence. This move symbolically puts a stain on her whole "clear" record which will be remembered both by the loyal subjects and everyone else.

Actually, in legal theory, the Queen still has the discretionary powers of the Tudors and Stuarts - near absolute power - and it's just by convention that it's never used. That's a far cry from the Emperor, who has been constitutionally neutralized. Of course, the British monarchy would last about an hour if she ever used those powers.

As it is, she is bound by convention to accept the advice of her chief minister. She hasn't taken a side, and anyone complaining about her for that are as dangerous as Johnson.

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Posted in: Biden apologizes for touting past work with segregationist U.S. senators See in context

Yeah, because God forbid programs like Medicare exist if it means working with those vile segregationists.

It's one thing not to call them out; it's another to put virtue signaling above the public welfare.

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Posted in: Tehran fumes as Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker over Syria sanctions See in context

This is an act of piracy. The EU (and US) has no business telling other countries who they can and cannot trade with. It doesn't matter whose waters the ship was sailing through: aren't we told all the time (particularly by the US with regard to the South China Sea) that freedom of navigation is essential?

This happened in the U.K.'s territorial waters, the waters within 12 nautical miles of the mainland or habitable islands. A country has absolute authority in these waters. Waters beyond that are international, although exclusive economic rights are given in the form of EEZs.

Most of the Strait of Gibraltar is the former; most of the Strait of Taiwan and the South China Sea are the latter.

Suppose China were to impose sanctions on Taiwan and then seize all third party ships heading there: would that be OK?

If those ships entered China's actual territorial waters, China would be well within their rights.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles after protesters trash legislature See in context

The British and colonial Hong Kong flags were raised in the legislature. That's how upset the protesters are with Mrs. Lam and the LegCo.

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Posted in: Two Japanese mobile carriers postpone release of Huawei phones See in context

Meanwhile, ARM has reportedly stopped selling chips to Huawei, which, if true, would pretty much keep them from making phones at all.

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Posted in: More foreign companies in China handing over technology in exchange for market access See in context

Handing over technology is stupid.

These companies' Chinese partners will eventually use their market dominance to crush them with their own technology.

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Posted in: Japan in celebratory mood as Reiwa era begins See in context

Thank you, Heisei.

Welcome, Reiwa.

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Posted in: Biden's 2020 bid reshapes White House race See in context

I can't wait for either to name AOC as their running mate.

A vice-presidential candidate must meet the same qualifications as a presidential candidate.

Since she'll not be 35 by Jan. 20, 2021, she's ineligible.

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Posted in: Biden's 2020 bid reshapes White House race See in context

Biden was always going to suck the air from the room, and deflate the candidacies of his primary opponents. It'll likely come down to Biden v Sanders for the nomination.

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Posted in: Vulnerable House Democrats tread carefully in wake of Mueller report See in context

Even 18 months away, the House committees' subpoenas won't even make it through the courts before the election, let alone conducting the investigation, leaving an impeachment trial at best, at the same time as an election campaign.

The time for impeachment is past, at least if and until Trump is re-elected.

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Posted in: Biden expected to launch presidential campaign next week See in context

It's time for the millennials to step up.

Most millennials aren't yet old enough to be president.

AOC, for example, won't even qualify for 2024.

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Posted in: Polanski asks court to restore his film academy membership See in context

As much as I think Polanski is a vile person, I agree that his rights were violated; not only by the process, but the idea that crimes not directly related to an organization or its mission can be a cause of action for expulsion.

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Posted in: Do you consider what Wikileaks does to be journalism? See in context

Journalists would never

A) Put never even potentially pit people in danger of physical harm through their reporting,

B) Deal in stolen property.

Wikileaks is guilty of both, so they are therefore not journalists.

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Posted in: Okinawans urge Japanese, U.S. gov'ts to scrap base relocation plan See in context

Lie in the bed you make.

It stays in Futenma then.

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Posted in: Skateboard whizz-kid Brown chooses Britain in Olympic blow to Japan See in context

Good on her for knowing what she wants and what will make her skate at her best. Best of luck!

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Posted in: Kremlin says talks with Japan over territorial dispute could take years See in context

Probably another 75. Relinquishing territory is never popular, no matter how small that territory is.

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Posted in: Huawei sues U.S. government, saying ban on its equipment is unconstitutional See in context

Will likely be summarily dismissed.

The power of the purse is plenary.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi jet starts test flights in U.S. to gain safety certification See in context

I'm happy for Mitsubishi and Japan for making the effort.

That being said, does Mitsubishi have a business plan for competing with Bombardier and Embraer, or are they simply betting on localism to capture the domestic market? (Neither Airbus nor Boeing make any plane that small).

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Posted in: 50 years on: Concorde: technical feat, financial fiasco See in context

It's pretty fitting that two of the most important planes in the history of air travel first flew within one month of each other.

And soon, the 747, on its last legs as a passenger liner, will join the Concorde in the flight museums.

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Posted in: Okinawa holds referendum on controversial U.S. base move See in context

The majority of Okinawans do not want the US bases,yet,there they are-democracy Japanese style......

In 2017, more than 25 million people voted for the government parties, whose platform includes relocation.

It would be anti-democratic to let 1 million Okinawans dictate policy for the whole of Japan.

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