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Posted in: Tokyo sees record 18th straight day with little sunshine See in context

I couldn’t agree more with ClippetyClop. I’ll take the sunny 35C weather of August over 25C with rain any day. The recent weather is fine if all you want to do is stay home. I prefer to get outside. Summer can’t come soon enough!

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

Here’s an idea. How about all women just stop wearing high heels? What are their employers going to do? Fire them all? Probably not.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

BTW you don't need to have a Japanese passport to go through the immigration lines at Japanese airports if you have permanent residency status here.

Actually you do have to wait in the immigration lines even if you have a permanent resident visa. Not only do I have to wait in the line for non-Japanese passport holders, but my wife and daughter, who are Japanese - not dual citizens - have to wait with me and the foreign tourists. It’s happened twice in the past two years.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

Why are they expanding as the region gets safer?

Because this is what Donald Trump wants, and Abe & Co. will do anything to please him.

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Posted in: Foreign travelers begin returning to Japan after natural disasters See in context

While the extreme weather and natural disasters may have deterred some travellers, I’d imagine that so many Asians who can afford to travel have been here already and are now exploring different countries.

I seem to recall in about 2013 that the government target was set at about 20 million visitors by 2020.It’s crazy to think than they’re now targeting 40 million! I really hope that they take the chance to explore Tohoku, Shikoku, and other places off the beaten path!

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Posted in: A reminder of why you shouldn’t be quick to judge who’s sitting in Japan's priority train seats See in context

When my wife was pregnant and commuting to work in Tokyo, she was never offered a seat. Although she never flashed her pregnancy badge, her very large bump made it clear she had a baby in her tummy. Weekends were a different story, with people (usually men accompanied by their family of girlfriend) regularly offering her their seat.

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Posted in: High school volleyball player beaten by coach, teammates for violating no-dating rule See in context

kicking him in the chest repeatedly and striking him on the back when he toppled over

If I did this to someone in public, I think I'd be arrested for assault. So when are the cops going to come knocking on this scumbag's door. And it they don't, when is the boy's father going to inflict a similar punishment on the coach. I can think of a few things I'd like to do to the person who hurt my child!

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Posted in: Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families See in context

This is a very sad and troubling story, and I feel awful for those families. But I honestly can't understand why anyone seeking asylum would come to Japan. Why not go somewhere more accepting, like Australia, Europe, or Canada?

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Posted in: More than 90% of vehicles don't stop at crosswalks without lights despite presence of pedestrians See in context

This isn't surprising at all. One of the things that surprised me when I moved to Hiroshima in 2003 was that drivers didn't stop at crossings. I now live in Yokohama, and it's the same. One evening last week, I was waiting at a crosswalk with about 4-5 other pedestrians. I counted four cars that passed by us without stopping before I stuck my arm out and stepped out forcing the fifth car to stop. He stopped but looked extremely annoyed.

There are so many traffic laws that get broken every day. The police could make a fortune in fines if they took the time to issue tickets!

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for sexually molesting 8-year-old girl See in context

was quoted by police as saying he doesn’t remember the incident.

Gee, I haven't heard that one before! Hopefully the police got the right guy so Tokyo's streets will have one less paedophile.

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Posted in: Becky remains secluded at home following enforced leave from show biz See in context

So Becky, an unmarried woman, has a relationship with Enon Kawatani, a married man. The relationship is exposed, her career is ruined and is just continues as if he's done nothing wrong, despite cheating on his wife.

Something is wrong there, and I feel bad for Becky.

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Posted in: Man sues solar panel plant over glare, heat from reflection See in context

I feel bad for the guy. Imagine you owned a home and were living peacefully in it when a development like this went up and caused this much trouble. It'll be hard to sell a home next to a solar power plant, and Japanese homes have such a low re-sale value that it'd be a financial loss for him. I'd be frustrated if I were in his shoes.

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Posted in: Tooth found in stew at Tokyo hotel restaurant See in context

had a silver filling.

This was on "Sukkiri" yesterday morning. It looked more like a silver-capped tooth rather than a tooth with a filling.

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Posted in: Don’t want to pay your NHK TV license fee? Beat Takeshi agrees with you See in context

I used to get regular visit from NHK collectors until about 3 years ago when I decided to answer my door. They had been interrupting me 2-3 times in the evening while I was having dinner or watching a movie.

When I answered the door, the woman let me know that I had to pay a fee of ¥2,900 per month. I said I didn't watch NHK. She responded, in the way an adult would to a child, that everyone had to pay and if I didn't like it, I could take NHK to court. I said that I felt the price was too high and suggested that NHK show commercials to raise money. I also told her that I knew people who didn't pay but never received visits from NHK collectors, so the collection system is hardly fair. Her response: "Atama warui desu ka?" ("Are you stupid?" or something like that.) She then went off on a rant for about two minutes which ended with "Kuni ni kaere!" or "Go back to your country!" My wife, who was listening from another room, said she couldn't believe how rude the collector was.

They stayed away for about two years, and have been back 2-3 times in the past year. But I just avoid them now. I pay ¥2,900 a month for J-Sports and ¥1,000 for Hulu, and that's all I need. Why the hell would I pay ¥2,900 for NHK? They'll never get a single yen from me.

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Posted in: Ex-Yankee Kuroda returns to Japan for 80% pay cut See in context

He could've found a job in the Majors, but not for 16 million. He most likely would've got a one-year deal in the $5-8 million range. But he wanted to come back to Japan and finish his career where it started with the Carp. The amount of love he'll receive from Carp fans, myself included, this season will be priceless. We're thrilled to have him back!

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Posted in: Japan's old flip-phones soldier on while smartphones shrink See in context

There are plenty of cheap smartphone plans out there if you don't mind changing service providers. I pay ¥2900 a month for my iPhone plan with Docomo. I'm able to surf the net, send a few texts, watch YouTube videos while I'm on the train. But most of my calls are made through Line, which is free. They were giving away 16GB phones for ¥1, but I opted for a 64GB one.

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