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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan top 3 mil for 3rd straight month in May See in context

Mythical Japan is allways fascinating!

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. military presence in Japan impedes any peace treaty with Tokyo See in context

Does Us really need all those expensive military bases in 21st century? Donald Trump may come with brand new ideas soon.

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Posted in: Japan to sign deal with NASA on cooperation for moon exploration plan See in context

Cooperation is always good idea in space exploration.

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Posted in: Missile attacks across Middle East raise Gaza escalation risks See in context

The only feasible solution is two state solution, here. Freedom to Palestine ☹️

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Posted in: Starlink helps communications in quake-hit central Japan See in context

The real problem with our cutting edge technology (cellphones or customary Internet connection) is that it gets desperately stuck when most needed. It's same wherever you go ☹️

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Posted in: South Korea's Yoon renews hopes for improved ties with Japan See in context

Grudge confines people in the past and can even make us unable to interpret today's requirements incorrectly. Healing can only come when we find courage to understand history with a sense of noble resignation. We cannot grow otherwise. Here, I believe, what's true for individuals is equally true for societies.

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Posted in: Japan to launch pilot program for issuing digital yen See in context

Paper always had a special place in Japanese culture -from culinary art to textiles. Now, everything's becoming digital and very clearly the central bank wants to catch up others who already started pilot projects. Yet, the good old banknotes, I believe, will persist in spite of everything.

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Posted in: Taiwan sees China learning lessons from Russia's Ukraine invasion See in context

'Russia-Ukraine war has brought great lessons for the them - they will definitely seek speed," Chiu told reporters on the sidelines of parliament in Taipei, referring to China's military'

I think that Taipei's observations is accurate, too risky, too risky, too risky!

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Posted in: Game on: Sony re-enters VR headset fray See in context

But one aspect of the Sony gadget that will not revolutionize the market is the price -- weighing in at $550

No surprise, Sony products always have been slightly more expensive throughout decades. from Sony walkmans to Xperia phones & we still miss them.

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Posted in: Japan seeks G7 endorsement on discharge of Fukushima treated water See in context

Hopefully, they'll agree on this phrase. Otherwise, this operation may become subject to endless polemic and may be abused by Beijing or Pyongyang against Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese startup unveils space viewing tour on balloon flight See in context

'an otherwise astronomically expensive experience down to Earth'

I believe that we have to admit that space travel can be also very very uncomfortable. Traveling at a reasonable altitude is indeed a favorable alternative. Good idea, in my opinion

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Posted in: China tells Japan it is troubled by Tokyo's military build-up See in context

Beijing is anxious and just shows up without any clear intention. Diplomacy just to weigh out the ground that takes a new shape after Ukrainian invasion.

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Posted in: Gov't to screen Japanese-language schools to ensure quality See in context

"A certified Japanese-language school needs to meet standards on the number of teachers, facility's space and educational content"

Educational content can be very problematic, I guess, because the requirement of different departments also vary a lot.

Personally, I can say that all my Japanese teachers were very tolerant once they decide that you're doing your best and you're sincere.

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Posted in: Russian ambassador to Japan to leave post See in context

Renowned for his excellent Japanese skills even among Russian diplomats who are experts on Japan

No surprise, Russians are very good at learning new languages and they have excellent apps for learning/practicing Kanjis. I'm writing this as someone who still ask how such a culture turned to war and invasion of Ukraine, when they had so much to share with the world with all their cultural background. Really, still asking this question very sincerely.

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Posted in: Tokyo inflation hits 40-year high in October, on energy, feeble yen See in context

Can-we now say that one of the most expensive cities of the world, Tokyo, is steadily becoming even more expensive? Indeed, quite difficult for anybody trying to make a living here.

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Posted in: Japan, Finland pledge unity against Russia over Ukraine war See in context

Countries like Finland are getting accustomed to Japanese diplomacy -probably for the first time. Quite interesting developments and new experiences that would contribute shaping the near future in democratic world.

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Posted in: Asian shares sharply lower after wobbly day on Wall Street See in context

Tokyo's Nikkei 225 index sank 2.1% to 26,020.56

Here's the one that I follow carefully. Very fragile indeed before what's happening in New York or London.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles on eve of Harris trip to Seoul See in context

Kim Jong Un urgently needs a partner to go further. Putin is simply too much for him. Then, all that he can is such extravagant shows supposedly with some symbolic significance.

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Posted in: Autonomous beverage and snack car now testing in Chiba See in context

Once I encountered a talking vending machine, greeting you with a very funny voice. Such details are important and one now expects this kind of innovative nuances in all big cities.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel to propose another record minimum-wage hike See in context

This winter will be a little difficult not only in Japan but also everywhere, so we'd better get ready with wage increases and all other support measures for working people.

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Posted in: Hot dogs - and cats - get wearable fans to beat Japan's scorching summer See in context

Right kind of diet is also needed, I believe. I'm not suggesting 'water-fasting' yet a very modest diet would also help the species with no sweat glands on their body. Namely, lots and lots of water and simple things easy to digest would be meaningful.

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Posted in: Japanese government urges businesses to raise wages on par with price hikes See in context

Clearly enough, Ukraine crisis and its implications related to oil and gas, has changed the plans of many countries. Germany, for instance, had decided too early and now, doesn't know how to face the coming winter with an unreliable business partner like Russian Federation. And this issue is so important that it can even influence the fate of Ukrainian war.

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Posted in: Kishida says restrictions unnecessary despite record COVID-19 cases See in context

That's the real difference between Japan and China. At a point, Japanese people take full responsibility of the risks and start acting with a respectable self-discipline. Very good, very accurate attitude against new waves of pandemic.

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Posted in: Japan to give 92.9 bil. yen subsidy to Kioxia-Western Digital chip plant See in context

Semiconductors are vital, we understood this during the Pandemic years. Why really importing them when one can manufacture at home with relatively acceptable investment costs?

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Posted in: Japan defense minister had help from Unification Church in elections See in context

Honesty will lead all of us in the right direction. Noone knew such relations would bring tragic consequences.

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Posted in: World's first bioplastic vinyl record launched in UK See in context

Interesting combination of the old and the new -when there's a small but stable vinyl disc market in Europe.

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Posted in: Facebook gives users new way to see all their friends' posts See in context

Facebook made lots of money with political advertisings and according to some, its algorithms turned simply manipulative in many countries. This wasn't ethical at all.

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Posted in: Europe burns as heatwave breaks temperature records See in context

Hopefully, those who didn't care about environmental forecasts are now ready to face the matter a little more sincerely.

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Posted in: 2.5 seconds: The security lapses that sealed Shinzo Abe's fate See in context

Abe's killing in the western city of Nara by a man using a homemade weapon shocked a nation where gun violence is rare and politicians campaign up close to the public with light security.

It should have been really tragic for citizens of Nara. Meeting face-to-face great names of politics like Abe Shinzo in such campaigns was traditionally one of the most pleasant things about elections in Japan. People liked these informal gatherings so much.

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Posted in: Rattled and uncertain of its future, Twitter stumbles on See in context

Mr. Musk has an intuitive talent to stay popular. Were all those news part of one of his impromptu advertising campaigns ?

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