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Posted in: Netflix 'actively' working on ad-supported subscription See in context

They feel that they have to do their best against Disney and Amazon Prime's impressive advertising campaigns.

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Posted in: Google's new California offices bank on in-person work See in context

Work areas are divided into "neighborhoods" with homey touches and even "courtyards" with cozy furniture.

Such details are important especially for people working in this industry.

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Posted in: Sony launches PC gaming gear, expanding beyond PlayStation See in context

Gaming phones are becoming more and more popular. Why Sony doesn't consider uniting PlayStation brand with Xperia? I know that it sounds strange yet that's just an idea among others.

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Posted in: Power crunch averted as record heatwave scorches Kanto area See in context

Apparently, this will be a long hot summer -not exclusively in Japan. Record temperatures proved to be bothersome in France as well. Climate change is very real and very tangible for most people wherever they live.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to cooperate on moon landing by Japanese astronaut See in context

Moon landing is based on Newtonian physics. Namely, the principles are very simple. Yet, that's expensive. So, international cooperation is good idea

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Posted in: Nearly 60 mil people internally displaced worldwide in 2021 See in context

Migrants will decide for the future of the Planet. Their adventures will shape our global philosopy. That's inevitable.

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Posted in: Biden to highlight U.S. chip production — in South Korea See in context

Hopefully, Yoon Suk Yeol will pass beyond age-old prejudices of South Koreans.

I was once shocked to find that Samsung phones don't have Japanese language support.

Closer to Japan, South Korea will feel far more secure against their Northern neighbour, I think.

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Posted in: N Korea's low death count questioned amid COVID-19 outbreak See in context

Apparently, the North has discovered that pandemic restrictions can be used to justify the strict social rules that govern a totalitarian society - like China!

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Posted in: Final refrain for iPod as Apple stops production See in context

Sadly enough, mp3 technology made considerable harm to music industry (Copyright issues, etc). It's not a pleasant experience when people started sharing and downloading ART without any respect for the musician who maybe has spent long years to compose something highly refined?

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Posted in: First image of black hole at Milky Way's center revealed See in context

Located 27,000 light years from Earth, its existence has been assumed since 1974'

Indeed, 27,000 'units' away would be far more accurate. Because our perception and measurement of temporal distance is still very earthbound and limited, I guess?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU push for open internet amid rise of authoritarianism See in context

Bbc has resumed short wave radio broadcasts to Ukraine and Russia. Any effort is much appreciated to reach behind the Iron Curtain of Cold War era.

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Posted in: ANA forecasts return to profit in FY2022 amid recovering demand See in context

"It will take about two years for demand for international flights to return to normal, Shibata said"

Two years, If everything goes alright.

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Posted in: Google parent suffers 1Q growth slowdown, profit decline See in context

Too much adds is only distracting and don't have much influence on customers/future customers.

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Posted in: Voting opens in France runoff between Macron and Le Pen See in context

France can choose to make a change with LePen, that's still a possibility. Would-she become more flexible and tolerant as president?

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Posted in: Putin is an extreme pragmatist, and fundamentally, he believes in power. I'd say he's like a Sengoku (Warring States period) general. For example, if you told Oda Nobunaga to respect human rights, it wouldn't work at all. See in context

@Ercan Arisoy - the answer to the question at the end of your comment is simple. Why did the Russian leader literally destroy 'the Russian dream'? He's nuts. Totally fruity.

Thank you for your comment,


I think that there's a sudden shift (as if something very unexpected happened) in his decision-making, right after he met Macron in Moscow. And wonder why?

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Posted in: Putin is an extreme pragmatist, and fundamentally, he believes in power. I'd say he's like a Sengoku (Warring States period) general. For example, if you told Oda Nobunaga to respect human rights, it wouldn't work at all. See in context

He probably made this remark before the invasion of Ukraine? Most people thought that Russian leader was a good chess player. Russian federation was making progress with meaningful moves. Their network of oligarchs was working like a Swiss watch. Sputnik news was on the air all around the globe from Japan to UK. In spite of what they did in places like Syria, the West was more or less accustomed to this regional power dreaming big with their Soviet legacy. To make a long story short, they were doing fairly well politically and economically. By no means, they needed to react the Nato and EU attempts of Ukraine, ferociously. A good chess player would wait and act more strategically. Russian leader literally destroyed 'the Russian dream'. Why?

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Posted in: Voting opens in France runoff between Macron and Le Pen See in context

That's really hard to decide between the two. If only LePen didn't receive credit from Russian banks.

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Posted in: Russia's standing in G20 not threatened by Ukraine invasion See in context

G20, United Nations, etc versus the Conscience of humanity. Russian army may advance in Ukraine but Russian culture won't make any progress in coming decades. Finally, political or military power is not enough. Nations also need prestige.

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Posted in: 33 killed in Afghan mosque bombing See in context

An attack on a Shiite mosque in northern Mazar-e-Sharif

Indeed, that's another bloody attack to Shiite Sufis. Taliban wing doesn't like them yet they promised peace and security for everybody in Afghanistan when they came to power.

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Posted in: Russian-run restaurant in Chiba looking to hire Ukrainian evacuees See in context

So sad to say, this conflict smells 'enemy brotherhood' - a puzzling and deeply rooted cultural polarity. Ukraine's about to become a real black hole that will swallow Russian raison d'être in the end (from Culinary art to Music and Poetry, so sadly, anything good and valuable about Russia). Nothing will remain of them except soldiers asking themselves why they are here and whose war they're fighting.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson arrives in India for hard sell on anti-Russia action See in context

Ah, beautiful Devanagari writing on this photo, what means Svāgatam in Hindi?

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Posted in: Latest apps promise fast service but can they deliver? See in context

“It's instant gratification"

This is true, but at the expense of socialising that's also a vital human need, I guess. I still prefer to go to restaurants and markets for the simple joy of daily living.

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Posted in: Japan, Switzerland agree to keep tough sanctions on Russia See in context

He said Switzerland, which does not belong to the European Union, fully backs EU sanctions against Russia and implemented a fifth round of measures last week. But that does not mean his country has abandoned its policy of neutrality, he said.

In the middle of Europe, Switzerland is one of the richest and most expensive countries of the world. It's very exceptional for Zurich to pass beyond the age-old Swiss principle of neutrality.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils first electric vehicle since RAV4 EV in 2014 See in context

What an aggressive overall design! EV but still a Toyota, this one.

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Posted in: Honda to spend ¥5 tril over next decade on EVs See in context

In Japan, a market dominated by gas-electric hybrids, Honda will start with small commercial vehicles, such as delivery vans

Ah, those delivery vans are cute and look so environment friendly!

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Posted in: Nissan plans 'game changing' electric car batteries See in context

Apparently, it will take some time before we can get really accustomed to EVs. That's a necessity to make them more convenient for everybody.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

Good luck to them, compared to refugees going to countries near the Ukraine these guys got the golden ticket

It sounds so true. Starting over in Japan is indeed a privilege. Yet, we also have to remember the great sacrifice made by Ukrainian people in the name of the West with their brave defiance against the cruel. The effect of this would be worth following in near feature.

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Posted in: UK government plan to sell TV's Channel 4 draws criticism See in context


So sorry, certainly Channel 4 is separate from Bbc from a legal perspective. Yet, that's also a British public broadcaster that works more or less with the same principles. In my understanding, they do represent the same spirit of free press of a model European democracy. Thanks a lot.

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Posted in: Watchmakers tinker with new materials to draw new buyers See in context

Surprisingly enough (at least for an average customer like me), some companies turn to luxury products in difficult times. Maybe that has to do with higher profit rates?

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Posted in: UK government plan to sell TV's Channel 4 draws criticism See in context

Channel 4 is indeed crème de la crème not only in UK but in English speaking world as well. They shouldn't do this to Bbc.

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